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tv   Attorney General Sessions Criminal Sentencing Recommendations  CSPAN  May 13, 2017 12:49am-1:04am EDT

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-- ahead of his own family and interests, because that is what jackson did for most of his presidency. 8:00 easternht at on c-span's "q&a." >> the white house will interview candidates for directors,i including andrew mccabe, alice fisher, michael garcia, and senator john corrine -- john cornyn. today, senator -- general downs inannounced cut drug enforcement. this is 10 minutes.
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>> good morning, everyone. my name is ed mullins. i am the president of the sergeants benevolence association. attorney general sessions, it is a distinct privilege for us to be with you today. the sergeants benevolent association of new york city is one of the largest independent labor organizations in the nation. formed in 1899, the spa currently represents 13,000 active and retired sergeants in the country. we are the fifth largest bargaining unit for officers in the united states. the great men and women we represent are on the frontlines of the largest media support police departments. they make tough decisions on the streets, in real time and under circumstances that few in this room, at city hall or in the
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, general public can comprehend. they treat their oath to uphold the law and protect and serve as a sacred pledge. during national police week, we will honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice. as we honor these heroes and their families, we recommit to do whatever we can to ensure our brothers and sisters will not end up as names inscribed on the wall of remembrance. this is also a time to give thanks for the colleagues, citizens, and public officials who have our backs when things get tough and dangerous. today, we are here to honor one of those public servants, attorney general jeff sessions. we live in a time when politicians and the top brass do not always have the courage to put the interests of innocent citizens and officer safety ahead of political correctness
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and reelection ploys. that is why we are so grateful to have an attorney general who projects such cynical behavior. we saw this most recently when the attorney general took a stand against mayors and police chiefs who kept local law enforcement and federal partners from collaborating to remove dangerous criminals. this is a continuation of a lifelong commitment that attorney general sessions has made to putting public safety ahead of politics, political correctness, and the special interests. as the united states senator, the attorney general defied silicon valley billionaires and they're all me of largely us -- their army of lobbyists, and public relations firms. he stepped up when they tried to line their bottom lines with interests that would have impaired law enforcement's ability to hunt child predators with social media wraps and
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protections. when we saw a spate of mass shootings, then senator sessions did not just give speeches. he championed changes to ensure officers around the country can get the training they need to respond to active shooter incidents. he also approached changes to the officer safety's benefit program to expedite assistance to the family of officers killed in the line of duty. and throughout his tenure in the united states senate as attorney general of alabama, jeff sessions has worked hard to cultivate strong, collaborative relationships across the federal law enforcement community. such collaboration is more than critical as our country faces unprecedented threats from international terrorist organizations and transnational criminal gangs. attorney general sessions, on behalf of all the men and women
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of the sergeants benevolent association of new york city, it is my privilege to instill upon you and honorary membership in our union in recognition of your commitment to doing what is right for our communities and having the backs of law enforcement officers across this nation. we present to you this plaque in honor of the sergeants benevolence association. because the certificate to be signed by the presiding officers on this date. thank you. ag sessions: thank you so much. that is fabulous. i will cherish that indeed. i want to thank all of you, your 13,000 members who walk the streets every day and put their lives on the line, and the association that you have together. i respect that association and the work you do to make your
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city better and safer. it is an honor for me indeed to be here, and i am proud that the rank and file consider me a friend of the police department, and all of the other brave officers and law enforcement personnel around the country and in other departments. you know how much i respect you, and the groundbreaking work the new york police department has done to reduce violence in your city. it is truly a national leading team. and i have long expressed my admiration for the successes you have achieved here, you and your members. there is no doubt that the last few years has been tough for law enforcement in america. morale among law enforcement officers has fallen. the fatal shootings of officers went up last year. most americans i ever know, know that our officers enjoy the
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highest confidence of the american people. that is because they see you every day on their streets and in their neighborhoods doing the duty that you have been given. you do not do this for recognition. you certainly do not do it for the money. you do it for lives saved and streets made safer. the bad guy brought to justice. you can choose this work to serve and protect us all, and make our country safer and better. there is a sense of satisfaction indeed. i have always felt from doing one's duty to see that justice is done. as we begin the national police week, i want to thank every law enforcement officer in america. thank them for this. we honor your service, we remember the sacrifice of your brothers and sisters who have fallen in the line of duty, and we are grateful that you keep our communities safe. we here at the department of
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justice will continue to remind all americans what a noble calling this is. so other good people will answer the call just as each one of you did. i would also encourage all americans this week to find your own way to show your gratitude to the people of law enforcement. bring a home-cooked meal to your local precinct. go to a national memorial service. or simply shake the hand of a police officer and say thank you for your service. under president trump, this department of justice will have your back. we will do all that we can to keep you safe and promote public support for honorable officers in your dangerous work. i call on everyone to remember that it is not the privileged communities that suffer the most from crime and violence. regardless of wealth or race, every american has the right to
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demand to live in a safe neighborhood. and we will do our part. today, i am announcing that i have sent a memo to each of our united states attorneys, establishing a sentencing policy for this department of justice. our responsibility is to fulfill our role in a way that accords with law, advances public safety, and promotes respect for and consistency in our legal system. and in the work that we all do. charging and sentencing recommendations are bedrock responsibilities of any prosecutor, and i trust our prosecutors in the field to make good judgments. they deserve to be in handcuffs -- on handcuffed and not micromanaged. they must be permitted to apply the law to the facts of each investigation.
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let's be clear, we are forcing the law that congress has passed. that is our fundamental duty. going forward, i have empowered our prosecutors to charge and pursue the most serious offense as i believe the law requires, most serious readily provable offense. it means we will meet our responsibility to the law with judgment and fairness. it is the right and moral thing to do. but it is important to note that unlike previous charging memoranda, i have given prosecutors discretion to avoid sentences that would result in an injustice. this is a key point of president trump's promise to keep america safe. we are seeing an increase in violent crime in our cities in particular. in baltimore, chicago, memphis,
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and milwaukee, st. louis, and many others. the murder rate has has surged 10% nationwide. the largest increase in murders and we know drugs and crime go hand in hand. drug trafficking is an inherently dangerous business. if you want to collect a drug debt, you collect it with the barrel of a gun. in 2016, americans died from drug overdoses. according to a report from the new england journal of medicine, the price of heroin is down. we want to reduce this trend. if you are a drug trafficker, we
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will not look the other way. lyingl not be willfully to your misconduct. we are talking about a kilogram of hillar heroin. kilograms of marijuana. and newe drug dealers, drug dealers are going to prison. working with integrity and professionalism, attorneys will meet the high standards required of the department of justice and together, we will win this fight. nk our brave men and women in uniform for your service. and the society of new york for this honor. >> to believe that the fbi
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director has lost the confidence -- >> are you going to recuse yourself on the decision over mr. comey? >> this week on newsmakers, chuck grassley on president james comeyng of and who should be the next head of the bureau. join washington journal on monday as we visit the offices to learn about this news organization start up and hear from their editors and were
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orders on the news of the day. during us will be the cofounder covering the leadership. watch "washington girl" -- jopurnal" on c-span. >> former first lady michelle obama discussed childhood obesity. she also criticized a recent trump administration decision. announcer: ladies and gentlemen,


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