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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  May 18, 2017 8:05am-8:35am EDT

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daily. in 1979, c-span was created as a public service by america's cable televisiocoans, and broug to today by your cable or selte provide >> "washington journal" contue a half hour we are geinyour thoughts o robert mll bng chon head a speal counsel intthe russian iestigaon at the department ojuic the presidentwein about e potmt,r at let the larr sue of the vestigation. sayingitall the iegal as cntonook place in t caaign and the oma ministration, therwas never
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a spiacosel aointed. profiseet jrn" bert mailer -- rober mueller host: thaisomofis ckound. when it metohe investigation itself, and what ces muler, the mechanicare discussed -- theanguag -- as fbi director he diouraged les by surdinates, and -- host that is from the
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dertment of justice. e post alsgoes on toay that- st n news rorng yesterdait was indeed paul manafort and micha flynn at e nt oinvestigations to rusa's iolme ithe 2016 electns. sean. u'rep rst. gohead. ller:owre you doing today? host: fin thanks. call: i think ts ecl prosecutor i needed to g t thtruth. the truth is goingo t out - its just a matter of tim
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whatever t truth i expos t bewe alleserve to know it. do know if you go back t 24 their eleio and russianterfered in tt, we nd spiarocutor to derstand what ppedndow we can pve ts om pping inhe fute. we also need to undeta how and whyusa cho to support na trump and theeplin agenda. whave questions concein they would do that. is the rublica agea le withheussian agenda? what is e difference between a american ptoat and rsi oligarchs? caer tnkou for taking my ca. in t forget a few this e st administration that seemed to go ovevery light forhat administration okt at happened with
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merkelit germany, netanyahu th israel, the operaveit th btish working with r gornnt- there are several things that are far more serious anhe russians with edee back it up,nde ve thg t th the rusans to prove anwrongdoing its a witchht. that is all i haveo y. ank you. ho:hiisamie. alsoromaland. dendent ne caller good rning. we will ha t wait to see h thgs play out, so i n' diret muelr bore he eve begins, but thk i, kind of, likehedeof anndendent counl,etr thanhe idea of at is going on the. host: why an iependent couns over a special cnsel? caller: wl, know they are similar, but i jthi that ndendent couns iless
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likelyo ve pits really interfereithhis, do u know what i an en with a special counl, it just seeik somim, ofntes, they stillav o side or thotr. li iaid, i tried to puth in the bacofyintoive th guy and honest chce. i will watcho see how this play out, and pefully he really put eryinon the foritherdoe't side. and anhethg i wanted to blindt azi how peop a once theyommit to any system - wth iis system of relionor stem of polic oanhi. th will onlyid with thei thed't re to see e cts. you kno when i he- st kehehiit benaz with hlary clinton they
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brought atp 40 diffent amecata dollaron thawhe ing, and stlork unclassified, but because peopleuestion the trk presidenc they don' want tgo through ppe investatn. --et's ar from arlotte, north carolina. decrs line. caer:ood mornin i just wand say ihink there e meerus problems gog on in this cntry. a lot of peopl -it has to be so kdf mental illssor somethin bause 'm shocked toinousoandemocrats osd er to republic t vote for tmp. it makes no sense. st: for thepeal counsel, wh dyo think autha and wh it might produce? caller: ihink we need a ecl counsel, and i he that it procethe resul tt should he enomg in my opio produced mohsgo.
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thk they have enoughn m to impeach him, and -- to impeach him. host: such as wha caller:e sone so man thgs -- all s eso ss, and everyonen s binet that has ties to russia. it is ridiculous isountry could be taken er russia beree ow it. host: the ediris t papers taka okt the pointment of robertueller d give commentn . "whingtopo" this morning a welcomepeal counsel. his j inot to
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ho: if you go to the editoal section t "wall street journal" this mornin -- speciacose mista," the authors write. host:e's hear froeaer
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ellico cy,arand. decrs ne. caller thanks r ki m call. i am reallylathey have pointea specialrocur becae i think he become so partisa that is thenl way are gngo get a fair evuaon ofhisiation, t al wt to say- because i ha hrdom callers sd presentrp did'tean to saynyin to directoromey, that the was no inten the, t iss atapns when we elect a presenwi no politica expens whether he intend d anhi f wronginor not, heust hasin this mte-- has eerncin thimaer u t ow if there will ban outcome of impeament onot, bui n kw we can just t that slide and use as an exsehat hdoes n have perience and wha tchk up to tk between politicians.
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i think we, as a count, should hold our presinto a higr standardannoju ge an exsef an experiencfor thgs like this. host from ohio. this is william. llm,o ead. u e t rublican line. ll: yessi thank you for takingy call i would like to say i agrewi . um th ia tcun mt assudl with theollusion baraba when w ithe white house. look ahiar clinton. lo athe secretary state, the secretary dense -- e entire secterces --icall- theyre all eyerinolsion wh spying a wetpi odonald trp,nd his aintrio , and he did
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th tt i treasonou a hillarcltohas bld her ha srting from benghazi o anberehat. ou cre psint, whi i our president as an america habeenn cgress for a little over 100 days, and they are abouto t and fth hi ifeople don'gethr act toth in th country, baar g theil civiwa a y people don't nthat. you knowotng about combat. you know nothi about what will anspiren this country yohave no id what you are bringingn us. weret work, ppl it is time wco tetr and art acng like american cize withomeni and workintother aone people ho: earlier in the ogram show you the tughts representative agreen when it
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mes to the top o impehmt, calling forn theou floor imes" from "shingt ot severalemocraan onof thoseeople eaking out impeachmenwaadam schiff, ranking memberf e hoe dencoite d oke onheop yesterday. [videoli presentative adam schiff: opertypent in osecutg impeachmt sen the sena of a fer jge it ia ry serious undtang when it involves lete potmentn e court. its whe other ord of the to do d are talking about e esenof thenited at. the ga questions of ether the psident's ient in ain coy dp the ce was a inrupt or illicit ient
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tes pving a case of obstructn, but then there thprtical estion forll the mbers of congresanthe dihae tiruties whetr is ris tthe level requiri removal fm offi. matter,as practal inrder for tt me tbe appropate, the cntry has t believe the sioness of the couc isuch tt is president caot continue in fi. it cannot be rceived as an fo tnullify the eleion byth means the dayis of a practical st of that. because it is such an extraordinary an wrenching redy it is n something i beeve pplshould wisfor, whheyou li or dislike th pridt. i thk we ought to dertake oucotitionalbligatns to find the eviden, folw e idence, and if the i anotheronstitutional obligation that folls om , but thkere i
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we are a lonwafrom kwing th factser host: wn it comeso t tic of the special cns, e of thpeleecded in the dk coded as quoted -- quoted in e paper, o othfew lawmaks to oer caution about mll's appointment. although meadows cald a prudt ve, he said -- the "read moref atn washington pt"himorning. clevan ohio. brenda. democrats line. call:oomorning. they4 havg . -- thankouoraving . i'm extremely ppy abt e ecial prosecutor. itas been muted since before
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the election. the person in the whithouse s cmitted tasonous acts ma, manyim, d it is not right. op wt to tk aboutbama -- he did this, and he did at he nev did anything closto at is going on with trump. i' sorry, ever sce he cided to run, people he been eating him witki gve because he is n aoliticn. amor authat. sul'have run he knew thg. he would talk about his heth care bill - hge elect, and he jt says x . heoes not gi a directions, or anying. ani am sry, i n't believe anodot f him after all tt. st joh york, pennsylvania, independent line. caller: good morning. nice tbe here and lten in to everybody else i ink the a loto cover
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abt is, and as you pointed t earlier in e owitmr. muelleitas issues th one his clientsithis previous iw firms -- i am gd there an invtiti, but also i thk need t keep -- ntinuously keeou government'shecks and balances place, peally with some people doingei acts d everythi le at. it is go tt rounders pu into place a good check and balae system. anyou for having me on. o you thin the house and senate suld keep on with tir investigation onopf what is ing done athe justice department? caer: i thi it isooto have other insights within i because there ghbeome pieces thamit missed, you ow its, sort of, like getti a few diffent things done all at ce, and then conuding
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iastherf therere two ying there was colsi, one idea that there was oy cousn, th whave three fferenpions, a it is like havg thrediffert judges decide upon somhi. so, i think it ia oddea. d in nt i columbia, kentucky. democrats ne caller: yeah. invesgaon goi on is all ghas long as trump sta ouoft, b he can't. he c't stay out oanhing. thdecrs are doing their b, and think tru ohto quit tweeting peach m, and be done with him. i have said all of tm is not for americ hs r russ. ielve that with all my het.
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dona tmp is no good for america. i saidhat from the time he was running till now, and he proved t me day after day. ha aooday. host: milwaukee county erf viclk being reported b other rk times" and outlets that he is taking a meland security job. reporti tt the sheriff who said host: we will hear that from
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joe, and joe is in pennsylvania. republican line. caller: hello. host: you are on. go ahead. caller: thanks for having me on. i want to say i worked in the newsroom of "the baltimore sun post quote as an editorial assistant, and i worked in the the baltimore sun" as an editorial assistant and i worked in the media and other places. the one thing i want to say if comey made a note, the question is did somebody see him enter that note, or at a certain time -- is there a way to prove it wasn't something he did later? secondly, the thing about us -- people meddling in our affairs -- we did the same thing. this country did the same thing
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in, like, the cia would go into south america, for instance. they would influence an election. that was out in the open that we did things like that, and when someone else does it to us, we play so, like "oh, man, this is terribly shocking." that is all i have to say. host: the deputy attorney general announcement of robert mueller leading the investigation yesterday. he will be on capitol hill today. a closed-door briefing been planned with all the senators to hear about the russian investigation, especially in light of this new news of the last 12 hours. again, that briefing will take place today. it is a closed-door briefing. we will not have access to camusso anything like that, but we will probably see stories, from that hearing, or that meeting as well.
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adam, pensacola, florida. independent line. caller: thank you, sir before taking my call. i would like to say to all of the people out there who have their panties in a bunch over this, one of the pundits brought up how comey testified under oath two weeks ago that nobody has tried to impeach on any of under anyigations time that he has been in the fbi. note, or trump's little -- i'm sorry -- trump's little meeting he had happened, like, two months ago, so it doesn't really even matter? so what is comey going to do? is he going to go and lie and come up with a note now, or say what he said under oath just a few weeks ago? comey will be caught in a bind
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here -- so komen is to come on and say something -- comey needs to come out and say something. host: steve. wyoming. caller: how are you doing? i have a comment about comey -- meeting that he had with loretta lynch. nobody really cares about that now. -- chicagolinois runs illinois. state blue.ed hillary clinton is from illinois. every governor would have had, almost, is -- has been in prison or is in prison, and obama and the going which were trying to sell their seat. nobody remembers this. democrats are acting like thugs -- far-let democrats, and it is getting out of hand. hisar as comey goes, he got
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hand caught in the cookie jar, and he is going to go down for it. host: as far as what the special the "l can investigate, new york times" saying host: dorothy, hampton, virginia. , crestline. go ahead. -- democrats line. go ahead. you are next. caller: good morning. i would like you to pull out three statements that came out when donald trump fired comey.
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the first one was from rosenstein. the second one donald trump tweeted. the third thing was when donald trump was talking to lester holt. would you please pull that up so america could see? said was thing was that he was fired because of hillary clinton comey -- hillary clinton. then donald trump came out and said he was fired because of that russia think. could you -- thing. could you pull that up so the american people could see what he is doing to america? ist man thatlying- we have ever -- host: i'm sorry. excellently cut you off. one more call -- earl. caller: i don't believe in a special counsel. there should have been articles of impeachment filed already. host: on what grounds?
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caller: he has obstructed justice with the fbi director. thiss tried to intimidate individual. it has been proven he tried to intimidate him. he fired him while he was in california, and attempt to go through his office and secure his files. it is obvious he colluded with russia. there may never be evidence to tie into that because russia is a sophisticated nation -- they have expense in doing these things. they will not find evidence to connect him for collusion, but he has praised for vladimir putin, praise for russia, everything they do in russia. he had an interview on fox news and he said the united states also has killers in defense of r putin after he killed journalists and other -- vladimir putin after he killed journalists and other people. he does not have america in his
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heart. he is at the precipice of white supremacy and tribalism. this is not about the united states. this is about the global entity of white supremacy. this is not about the people of the united states. it is about the institution of white supremacy. host: perl, you made -- earl, you made your thoughts. i will show you one more thing -- "time magazine," and its artist's depiction of the white house and the kremlin been merged as one. you can see it more online. we will change topics and talk about the topic of brexit over in the united kingdom. matthew elliott, the former head of the vote leave campaign will join us to discuss the effort and the impact brexit continues to have on u.s.-transatlantic relations, and then later on, california congressman brad sherman, the senior democrat on the house foreign relations committee. he will join us to talk about first overseas's
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trip. more of that when "washington journal" continues. ♪ >> join us this weekend for our cities tour to trenton, new jersey. with the help of our comcast partners, booktv and american history tv feature that history and literary culture of the capital city. we visit the state library's rare book connection -- collection. temporary printing press was set up in burlington, new jersey, to print paper money , and alleges that you wanted it close so they can receive the printing of the money, and at the time they did that, they also did this book. so, this is the first, known printed book within new jersey.
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>> and a conversation with the author of "crossroads of the revolution -- trenton, 1774 to 1783." >> washington spent more time in new jersey than any other state in as revolution, and his army spend more time here. the important thing to him was to keep the army in the field, and i believe new jersey in general, and trenton in particular, was very instrumental in helping them accomplish that goal. >> and sunday at 2:00 p.m. on american history tv, we tour the new jersey state capitol building, which houses one of the oldest legislatures in the country, followed by trenton, new jersey's impact on the revolution with a look at some of the most iconic bridges in the nation. >> they are part of the fabric of what makes trenton trenton.
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you see the sign. cities tour of's trenton, new jersey, saturday, at 5:00 p.m. eastern on c-span2's booktv, and sunday at tv0 p.m. on american history , working with our cable affiliates across the country. "washington journal" continues. host: join us for a conversation on brexit and u.s.-transatlantic relations, and former head of vote leave, matthew elliott. good morning. guest: good morning. host: could you remind viewers of vote leave when it comes to brexit, in your role in it. officialere was an leave campaign and an of


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