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tv   Senators Warner and Schumer on Special Counsel for Russia Investigation  CSPAN  May 19, 2017 6:51am-7:01am EDT

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are up to the special prosecutor. i am not presuming that anyone is a target including the president of the united states. there may be others. others that may not be known at this point. >> did the deputy attorney general give the commitment that robert mueller will have the resources that he need. -- that he will need. >> he did. i said the special prosecutor ,as to have the independence the resources, and the unlimited mandate to follow the evidence wherever it may lead. >> we just completed an hour and a half session with the deputy attorney general.
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i think it helped inform a lot of the members that may not be on the intelligence committee. the biggest take away for most members was that the appointment of robert mueller as the special counsel, special prosecutor. that the deputy attorney general is going to give him very wide consequently did not answer specifics on virtually any question that was asked. in terms of questions about the memo or otherwise. i will just leave it at that and take one quick question. >> senator blumenthal has just told us that this has now become a criminal investigation. is that your takeaway? >> as someone on the intelligence committee and perhaps open to much more information than many of the other members, i do not want to comment on that. >> a follow-up on the timing of
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when rod rosenstein knew that director call me was going to be fired. comey was going to be fired. where we are on our investigation, i do not want to comment on that. >> are there concerns that robert mueller's investigation well swap yours? i made a the things very strong, to the deputy attorney general about was that we have different purposes and different standards. we are looking at counterintelligence. the justice department looks more at criminal. and they have a much different standard. there may be factual collaboration that falls short of full legal collusion. ismany ways, our purview
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broader than the justice department might be. >> will you have trouble getting access? >> that is a great question. ofhink the responsibility the confliction -- of deconf lication has been placed on robert mueller. early nexts that week, we will be able to sit down with him. comey toequest for jim be at an open session. >> i have no information that would indicate -- let us realize what has happened. the deputy attorney general has appointed a special prosecutor
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which i called for to make sure there was further independence. that special prosecutor will take over what was already happening at the fbi and at the doj. and i would be very discouraged if somehow this new rector was -- if somehow this special prosecutor was going to come -- was going to preclude jim comey from testifying in front of our committee. i believe it is his intent to testify. nothing has changed. the scope of the investigation is the same if not broader. i could see -- i could not understand why there would be any reason why a few days ago, jim comey's intent was to testify and now that we could not have that testimony.
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if the opportunity presents itself, i would like to have it done as soon as possible. -- senator: that is my hope. we are going through the normal course. i cannot think of anything that i was not -- that i would not clear on my schedule for robert mueller. >> i am going to make a very brief statement and that will be it. first, if one thing is clear from the meeting we just had, it is that mr. robert mueller has brought and wide-ranging authority to follow the facts wherever they go. and that gives me some
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confidence and should give the american people some confidence. he is a man of great integrity and experience. second, after this meeting, it is clear as ever that the intelligence committee in the senate has to continue its work and it should continue full throttle ahead. and, the need for former director comey to come testify in public soon is as great as ever. thank you. that is it. >> this morning, a hearing on u.s. space assets and national security threat. we will be live with the house armed services committee on strategic forces starting at 8:00 a.m. eastern on c-span3,, and our free c-span radio app. to be aer you are going
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arizona state university, tempe, senator elizabeth warren at the university of massachusetts amherst, and senator rob portman at ashland university in ohio. this saturday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span and seized on -- and live, today on c-span, "washington journal" is next. at 9:00 a.m., the u.s. house returns. off the floor members are invited to a classified briefing deputy attorney general rod rosenstein on the firing of fbi director james comey. up in 30 minutes on "washington journal,", congressman jim himes of connecticut, ranking member of the intelligence of committee on the nsa and cyber security, on the latest issues into the russianand -- into the interference. and representative kevin cramer from north dakota, on the future of the paris climate agreement
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and other international efforts to reduce climate change. ♪ host: good morning, it is friday, may 19. here are your morning headlines. the washington post reports that james comey made numerous efforts to keep his distance from the president. he expressed concerns that the president did not respect the agency's independence. though stories are on the heels of the president's news conference yesterday, where he denied pressuring james comey to drop the investigation into its former national security adviser, michael flynn. the president calls the entire probe ridiculous and says it is dividing the country


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