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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  May 19, 2017 8:38am-9:00am EDT

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years of war, the untold story of darpa, the pentagon agency that change the world. at 1:15, craig shirley on reagan rising, 1976 to 1980. at 2:15, sidney blumenthal, author of wrestling with his angels, the political life of abraham lincoln. at 3:15, sally mark freeman on , a missingbrothers naval officer in the pacific and his family's quest to bring him home. watch our all-day coverage of the gaithersburg, maryland book festival saturday at 10:00 a.m. .astern on c-span2's booktv >> "washington journal" continues. host: we are back in open phones. your thoughts on any debates happening around the country, we will go to chris in maryland, a
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democrat. what is on your mind? reeling from just what the congressman was talking about in regards to public land to was talking about and how we need to exploit public lands as needed to grow our localities economically. i think that is a little shortsighted. it is a clever play of words that he used public land and he talks about how these are lands that are ripe for the taking. it is important to note that whenever he is talking about public lands, he is talking about our national parks and monuments. in north dakota, and in the western states, there are a lot of those areas, said those folks are upset because they cannot benefit economically from the lands, assuming the folks in the east coast can, but areas out west were protected for a reason because they recognize when he talks about harvesting these
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areas -- when he talks about exploiting public land, he is talking about mining and harvesting those lands. he is talking about it doing it responsibly and that is a misnomer because the reason they are protected is you cannot harvest and mind these areas and manage them in a quote, unquote responsible way, so these areas are basically wild lands are maintained as wildlands. they are there in america these days. back too maintain them the wild state is an impossibility. figured out how to actually do that. i think that is it wild misnomer and a clever play on words for him. it is clever for republicans in the midwest or they are trying to take advantage of that extra public land that we purposely, as a country, put aside so future generations could enjoy wildlands.
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host: tyler in washington state, republican. the money. caller: -- good morning. caller: i think we need to move away from wind and solar and clean coal. i want to talk about how in --8, when the undertaker host: walter in new jersey, walter? good morning. thatr: yes, the caller just talked about the national parks and all that stuff, he is 100% correct. drilling, ifshore think that would be shortsighted. it seems that the republicans are trying to turn this country into the hypocrisy. host: that was walter in new jersey.
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here is the headline that washington is waking up to -- the washington post, moeller's work on probe may complicate the other inquiries. that is the investigation in the house and senate, and there is this in the washington times, takes takes -- mueller russian case as terminal investigation. he told them that he wrote that ,emo, justifying comey's firing but he knew that the president plan to fire him before he wrote it. and there is this in the wall street journal this morning -- probepushes back as a expands. they say the investigation isexpanding beyond excepting weather associates of trump's campaign colluded with russian officials. berand subpoena was this to did for the houston district of virginia and reviewed by the
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wall street journal showed that federal prosecutors are focusing a onn i -- focusing on an in for michael flynn's work in turkey. this also on the new york times, michael schmidt, who has been breaking stories this week, comey wanted the president at a distance and he reports the president called the fbi director james comey weeks after he took office and asked him when federal authorities would put out word that mr. trump was not personally under investigation. mr. comey tilde president if he wanted to know details about the notstigation, you should contact him directly but follow the proper procedures and have the white house counsel send inquiries to the justice department. then on the front page. there is the story about roger ailes, the former fox founder, and in the business day section of the new york times, with this picture, died at 77 years old due to an injury at his florida
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home, where he fell yesterday. ownedll street journal, by rupert murdoch, their editorial for him right's about his legacy. if ronald reagan was called the great commuter, roger details, who died thursday, has to be creatored the greatest of communicators in the history of politics or television. it goes on to say that he accounted for the high numbers of fox news. ailes told us it was simple, nbc, cbs and cable competitors gained their programming at audiences on the east and west coasts. he programmed for the country in between. they write than his career ended in talks amid allegations of sexual harassment but it is hard to overstate his legacy. he rebalanced that she rebalanced -- he rebalanced, but
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ned the playing field. -- he built a powerful television network with abuses power. he will be remembered for the powerful network people but the women he victimized and two were courageous enough to make them accountable for his misconduct toward them. below that, jeffrey jones, he says -- no single individual has done more to harm. post-truthin the society do a drumbeat of fear, anger and hatred. he turned citizen on citizen, he helped craft distressed the team people in the news. created donald trump as politician. stephanie, democrat. good morning. caller: good morning. i just wanted to comment on the russia-trump situation.
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i think that we need to get together as american people. it is scary what is happening. chessk russia is playing with the united states to take over and use our energy, the greed of our politicians or what have you and businessmen against them. i think it is bigger than trump and i do think they need to follow the money. thank you. host: john, michigan, independent. good morning. caller: i wanted to comment on your last test. he and his republican colleagues are this assemblers -- are disassemblers. the whole point of granting of the pipeline was to make america energy independent and then he is bragging about how we are selling their oil to asia, etc..
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in michigan, the gas prices since trump became president have gone up 20 cents a gallon. paul ryan gets on tv yesterday and says, he is -- his plan is to do everything for the american working people and it isn't true. these gaselping companies make more money. that i guess is my comments. host: on a lighter note, some of au may have seen a tweet from senator go viral and it shows him outside of the senate office holding talking with senator cotton and senator schumer. holy moly, it looks like senator schumer and i are smoking reefer outside of a wedding. that prompted responses and the caption contest. senator heidi heitkamp
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participated. this is her caption -- not only forget tohe intern, wear a suit again, but he spit in my copy twice this money. another saying, no leaks, this is how we know we are a real family here. that is referring to the story about kevin mccarthy joking that president trump was being paid by vladimir putin. chuck schumer had a response saying, that escalated quickly, referring to how senator ben sass' -- sasse's tweet went viral. a new talk, a democrat, good morning. >> my opinion on president trump businessman, his unpredictability for the u.s. is and what we need. is tooust -- he unpredictable and it is like a power trip.
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i think you should be impeached, the sooner the better because he is in good for the u.s. to leave todayut for a nine day trip overseas, his first. what are your concerns? do you have any with him representing the united states and negotiating with other world leaders? caller: you cannot believe anything he says. he says one thing and does something else. he is a liar. incomenot disclosed is tax returns. everyone has done that. that right there tells you -- what is he trying to hide? said earlier,uy when you do not disclose, people's imaginations run wild, right? host: here is the itinerary for president trump's first overseas trip. first, saudi arabia. then jerusalem, the for him. he will meet with israeli
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officials and the palestinian leader. then he is out to rome, where he will meet with the pope. then he is on to brussels, where the head of the european union is and he will talk to officials and have nato meetings. finally, he is in italy for the g-7 summit. he will be speaking to u.s. troops stationed in italy. about his trip overseas, hearest is the washington times with this headline -- saudi arabia leaders working to dazzle trump. they will attend the summit, the president's first stop. in the new york times about u.s.-saudi arrays -- relations and the president son-in-law -- president trump son-in-law jared kushner welcome the high-level delegation of saturday's to a gilded reception room next door to the white house and delivered a pep talk, let's get this done today. he was referring to a $100 billion plus deal via
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mis-direction hope to seal it saudi arabia in time to announce it-- deal in a hopes to seal with saudi arabia in time to announce it. host: new york times goes on to say they are expected to frame the deal as a symbol of american minute commitment to security in the persian gulf. thatr officials point out
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president obama, whose arms billion, had $115 already approved several weapons in the package. check, -- chuck, independent. caller: this call is concerning trump's alleged interference in the investigation of russia. host: ok. caller: i think the democrats are trying to get comey in jail. host: say that again. caller: i heard him testified there was no, under oath, that buddy trying to get him to stop the investigation, so he must have lied under oath according to the democrats. host: are you eager to hear what the former fbi director has the same in public if he gets a chance to testify again? caller: he testified in public and said no one tried to stop him. host: put to the question -- caller: under oath. host: to that question, if the is asked about an earlier
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testimony and now these memos we are learning about? caller: if he changes his testimony, that means he lied under oath. host: in georgia, independent, california, hi, sam. caller: i have brief comments and they are random because i have been trying to get through for some time. important,s the most but the first is on national i find conspicuous by the discussion on that -- if you say we had the richest nation on earth, but we'll $20 trillion, how are we the richest? if i own money, i am not rich. host: here legally, so are you -- so -- host: are you still there? i'm not sure what happened to sam. in maryland, democrat caller, go
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ahead. caller: i would like to comment about the trump administration and the intervention with venezuela. the a complaining about the russians intervening in our collection and we are talking about intervening in another country. are we going to go back to the old days where the u.s. government does whatever they want to? to what is referring the president had to say about venezuela. if you miss that, go to to find it. here's a headline in the hill newspaper, the state department refuses to release tillerson communication on russia. they are allegedly refusing to release the document related to his interactions with the department about russia during his time as the ceo at exxon mobil. they said in a need to protect internal deliberations as a need
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to withholding the information. it was made in response to a freedom of information act request and by the network in december. times,rom the new york it is related to the former congressman anthony weiner. -- the that he will former congressman, whose sexting scandals ended his career, is to appear in federal court in manhattan today to enter a guilty plea. the information hasn't been made twoic but it was related to people who have been briefed on the matter and asked not to be identified. withll be facing charges united states attorney office in manhattan. when of the people said he surrendered to the fbi early this morning. -- one of the people said he surrendered to the fbi early this morning.
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josephine, you are on-there. caller: good morning. my biggest concern today is the respect that people do not have put the news media. they keep saying the liberal media. 90% of the liberal media is owned by republicans. we are talking rupert murdoch. he just had sinclair, who just bought tribune, you have clear channel, i heart. when i used to be able to listen to the radio, and i live in the new york area, i would hear different opinions. not anymore. it is all conservative. i cannot find one station that has a differing opinion. host: do you have a phone? you have apps? caller: do i have worked? host: apps? caller: i do not use that. host: you can get the free
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c-span radio app where you can hear different opinions. caller: i do not have a smart phone, but i am trying to point out in the old days, you used to hear opinions from one point of view and then someone else on another point of view. we are so my optic, it is tragedy. a good example, they complain about the liberal media. ellersupposedly, we had mu appointed, when you go to breitbart, it said the president appointed that attorney general. that isn't true. truth, youalk about better be careful about what you read. do your research. this idolatry to a man is in rights. i respect the office of the president. i respect the office, but the man has to stand up to that standard. i do not think he is doing that. host: the president leaving on
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his first overseas trip today. while he is gone, the administration will release their budget proposal for 2018. wall street journal front page this morning -- the plan relies on cuts, the report. for over 10 years, they have cuts to save the -- to safety programs. de la torre overhaul that speeds up the nation's economic growth rates. they said the president's budget, due for release tuesday, will spare medicare and social security. also on the president's budget, the washington post reporting that the president's proposal will include paid family leave. more details to come on that next week. an international news this morning, the iran election is today. the financial times international section of abundant with headline -- iran itadliners show jangled for
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would be to more conservative islamic values. in britain, they launched their campaign ahead of the june 8 election. the prime minister announcing her party's manifesto. you can listen to what she had to say, as well as the labor party leader, jeremy corbyn, earlier this week launched his campaign. you can find their speeches on her website, the house about to gaveling for their morning session. they are starting early. normally 10:00. they will be getting underway any minute at 9:00 a.m. eastern time. our gavel coverage on c-span. our several committee hearings this weekend. you can find a programming on we will bring you live to the house


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