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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  May 24, 2017 7:00am-7:35am EDT

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of the tea party patriots on the president's 2018 budget request. and at 8:30 a.m. more on the budget with congressman ted loop. ♪ is wednesday, june 24, 2017. we will discuss the president's trip overseas as well as a busy day yesterday for the congressional investigation into russia interference into the 2016 election. we begin with the budget proposal for the 2018 fiscal plan that report -- relies on sharp cuts. this morning we want to hear your reaction to that spending plan released by the trump
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administration. democrats, (202) 748-8000. republicans, (202) 748-8001. independents, (202) 748-8002. you can also catch up with us on twitter and facebook. good wednesday morning to you on this may 24, 2017. want to hear your thoughts on the budget plan for 2018. you can start calling in now. beginning with this article and the washington times -- trumps lofty budget heads for a crash landing. story is by sa miller and stephen dinan who knows that the budget calls for a total of $4.1 trillion, up about $50 billion compared to this year. thanks to a rising economy and growing revenue, mr. trump and
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visions that deficit shrinking and steadily decreasing until the budget produces a surplus in 2027. cutting nondefense spending by 2% each year and predicted 3% economic growth, that analysts say will be tough to sustain. his top lieutenants will be headed to capitol hill today to talk through some of these budget plans and answer questions from those who control the purse strings, beginning with omb director mick mulvaney. you can watch it on c-span3 or, or listen to it on c-span radio. education secretary betsy devos headed to capitol hill 11:00 this morning to talk about the education budget before the house appropriations, labor, and
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education subcommittee. we are showing that online at steve mnuchin will be on capitol hill before the house ways and means committee. also showing that online at at 2:00 p.m. at 3:00, the homeland security secretary john kelly will be before the house appropriations homeland security subcommittee to talk about the dhs buzz it just budget. -- budget. join us all day long on c-span. we want to hear your thoughts now on the president's budget. georgia, linejoe, for republicans. good to hear you. caller: love c-span, been calling for 30 years. we have got to cut spending.
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we have got to cut out all porkbarrel in always. ginger howard is leading a program here to educate millions of young people and oscar boone is helping, and we will educate them about the importance of calling their congressmen and senators. we have got to cut spending and we are really excited about working with young people, to motivate and excite them to call their congresspeople. although the stock market is doing great, i think trump is doing a great job as president and i really like mulvaney. a lot of the democrats will say we cannot do it, but for the future of our children and grandchildren we must cut spending. host: what do you think about a plan that says we will have a badge it -- balanced budget 10 years from now? atler: the stock market is an all-time high and that is a
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reflection on trump. i think trump can do it. i think we can get 3% to 4% growth and that will allow to balance the budget in the next 10 years. i am totally in support of people like trump and steve mnuchin. we have got to cut spending, cut taxes, and we will have a booming stock market like we do know. host: that is joe, a longtime caller. patrick is up next in florida, independent. .aller: good morning let me first say, i really messed your family values -- missed your family values crowd last year before the election. he did not bring any of them out. hello? host: i am listening. steve mnuchin,ed .dic was in the 40 thousands
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we have had six or seven financial bailouts. to not mention a word about that, of course. i noticed you had the oklahoma guy on yesterday talking about states' rights. i wish i had a dollar every time i heard states' rights. i would be a poor man -- a rich man. you did not ask the oklahoma guy , texas, oklahoma, in california, we see the most fema payments in -- year in and year out. go to your state or go to a private insurer and get your money, not the federal government. thanks for taking my call. host: patrick murphy referring to a segment yesterday, patrick cockburn was on yesterday talking about his new book and
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by push for an article convention. you can watch that segment, we are talking about the $4.1 trillion budget proposal for fiscal 2018. edward, lawrenceville, georgia, line for republicans. go ahead. caller: can you hear me? host: yes, sir. caller: we have to quit spending like we are spending. the democrats have really put us in a bad way. 1934, a lot ofin people listening do not even know this, in 1934 the democrats confiscated all the gold in the united states and made the price of gold raise up. host: bring us to 2017, edward. in 2017 we have got to
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stop spending like we are spending. i think the trump budget makes more sense and i think pelosi is senile. thank you. host: judy in bismarck, north care -- north dakota, democrat. caller: i would just like to say that i am listening to everything that comes out of donald trump's white house, and i am horrified by this budget. i have watched many people struggle with health problems and situations of that nature. the trump budget, which will take away money from medicare and social security programs and things that are considered entitlement when they are just civil rights. host: one of those federal spending areas that is considered one of the losers in the president's 2018 budget
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according to the financial times , $12.7 billion less for help funding in the 2018 budget. ,ducation also in the column $9.2 billion less. defense, $53.8 billion more. the washington times with the chart going through some of president trump's choice cuts for the budget. including $612 billion from reforms to medicaid and the children's health reform program , $200 billion to welfare. $450 billion to replace obamacare. billion from farm subsidies and agricultural reforms. toworks better in your mind see it by agency, they break it down by agency as well. the budget for the defense
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department, $574.5 billion in this budget plan. that is up 10% from current spending levels. , about $5.7et billion, down 31.4% from current spending levels. , down and human services 16.2% from current levels. homeland security, one of those areas that would see an increase would be funded at $44.1 billion, up 6.8% from current spending levels. we will go through that chart a little bit more as we go, at reminder that this is the president's budget proposal and it is congress that controls the purse strings. we will take you through some of the reaction this morning, but we want to hear your reaction as well. democrats, (202) 748-8000.
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republicans, (202) 748-8001. .ndependents, (202) 748-8002 rick is in idaho, independent. caller: one of the programs you have not mentioned is called order code 98-19. identify howpages much money we spend on foreign aid. the grand total turns out to one trillion $770 million. that means we have an annual average of $26 billion per year. some oft that and move those federal dollars that we have been paying since 1946 to the programs that were recently cut so we have something to work for with infrastructure. i know my time is up. thank you for listening. i appreciate you bringing
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up that topic. we will have a member of the foreign affairs committee in the house, congressman ted lieu later on in our program at about 8:30 this morning so we can ask about foreign aid spending in the president's budget. the state department and international programs would be funded at $28.2 billion, a 29.1% decrease from current spending levels. james is in new mexico, line for democrats. your thoughts on the budget. caller: my thoughts are first, thank you for letting me speak to you. i watch c-span frequently. i really like your program. my thoughts on this budget is, it will really hurt working people and poor people. elevator upe, their
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there in washington, whoever typed this budget up, i do not think their elevator stops on all floors because i think it really stinks. i cleaned up my language a lot. well, iit is just, can't describe what i think of it over the air. i think it stinks. it just helps the really rich people and the working-class people and the poor people, i think they are getting the shaft real good. thank you for letting me speak and have a nice day. host: the program known better as food stamps is the supplemental nutritional assistance program and would take a bigger hit and the fiscal budget of $190 billion over 10
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years. said it is toor get able-bodied adults off the program. conwayerts and michael released a statement supporting the economic growth goals but added they will fight to make sure farmers have a strong safety net when it comes to food assistance and the president's budget. cheryl is in navarre, florida, independent. caller: thank you for c-span. i want to say that this budget breaks my heart. those at the bottom are the ones who is going to suffer. i do not understand why we are subsidizing oil companies so they can keep making record profits when we have so much oil we cannot use it all. i want to know why we cannot increase the minimum wage so people did not even qualify for these entitlements.
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people that work deserve a decent wage so they can hold their heads up and be proud. low income people do not invest in the stock work it. -- market. why are we paying the heads of these corporations so much money and they are just accumulating wealth and sitting on it? there is so much need in this country. nobody can survive without clean air and clean water. that will affect everybody whether they are rich or poor. people working-class, you got a lot of rights but you have got to stick together. let's start a new party called the people's party that represents everyone. host: reactions from members of congress, starting with paul ryan. prioritizes taxpayers
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over bureaucrats while making our military and economy stronger. casey, the budget that president donald trump released today is a direct contradiction to his campaign promise, drastic cuts to social security and medicaid. yesterday, the ranking member of the senate budget committee, senate bernie sanders -- senator bernie sanders slammed the effects of the budget on the poor and working-class. >> in other words, this is a budget that provides massive tax breaks for billionaires and corporate ceos and massive cuts to programs to tens of millions of struggling americans depend upon. when donald trump campaign for president he told the american people he would be a different type of republican, that he would take on the political and economic establishment, that he
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would stand up for working people, that he understood the pain that families all across the country were experiencing. sadly, this budget exposes all of that verbiage for what it really was, just cheap and dishonest campaign rhetoric that was meant to get votes, nothing more than that. at a time when a very rich are already getting much richer while the middle class continues to shrink, this is a budget for the billionaire class, wall street, or print ceos, and the wealthiest people in this country. this will make it harder for our children to get a decent education, harder for working families to get the health care they desperately need, harder for families to put food on the table, harder to protect our environment, and harder for the elderly to live out their retirement in dignity. this is a budget that is immoral
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and will cause an enormous amount of pain for the most vulnerable people in our nation. this is a budget that will be rejected by the american people and must not see the light of day here in congress. host: senator bernie sanders yesterday. we want to hear your thoughts this morning. harold and florida, republican debt in florida, republican -- in florida, republican. caller: i have several's -- several thoughts. one is this isn't a full budget. i have a good friend who is very once hownd i asked him we felt about the republicans coming into power. to my surprise he said he was glad, and here is his logic. he said, i kind of like it when the adults are in charge sometimes.
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i thought about it that he understood sometimes you need people to act adult like. that is what this budget does. there is a reason that if you cater to many small groups, nothing big gets done. go from fulle us employment to part-time work everywhere, where people could not get full-time, meaningful jobs because then the little company would have to provide health care. things like that are going on everywhere in the economy. this budget turns it around and basically says, we want people to work, pay taxes, and be able to support their family. host: what about the growth expectations that this budget is based on, the fact that they are higher than what many independent analysts expect over the next 10 years? caller: nobody would have
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expected what trump has done about providing jobs since the moment he became the president-elect. he has gone around the country, helped corporations survive and save jobs. he has done a lot that nobody would've expected and i think that is where we are at. you have had a president for eight years who basically got rid of jobs. whereu are in a position you have a president who has done nothing but be a businessman. he is going to get jobs. let me give you one example. everybody said, why don't we give the money here and there and give it to the people who want to do art and make a nice building? remember the depression. there is a reason why in the mid to late 1930's everybody else in the world was out of the depression except for america. we did not get out until world war ii started.
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we kept in it because we took all of our money and gave it to unproductive causes. it is good to help people, yes. it is good to have a safety net, but if you take all the productive money that go to productive people and employ everybody, take it away from them and give it to where it can't do any good, you are not getting out of depression. host: harold from florida on the underlying expectations in this budget. jason fairman writes about it today in the wall street journal. he was chairman of the white house council of economic advisers during the obama administration from 2013 to 2017. he writes that president trump has outdone ronald reagan in one respect, unreasonably rosy forecast for economic growth. assumes long-range growth of 3%, 1.1 percentage
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point above the prediction of them nonpartisan congressional budget office. the magnitude of his stretching is breathtaking. under the 24 budgets produced by bill clinton, george w. bush, and barack obama, the long-term growth never exceeded the blue-chip consensus by more than one percentage point. the headline -- trump is more optimistic than reagan and that's not good. gloria is in bowie, maryland, democrat. caller: thank you for c-span. trumpty-dumpty nonsense, it is important that the american people have one place to raise their voice and get feedback. the one man who just spoke, i do
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not know where he is getting his information. out of a comic book somewhere. --ck obama took the nation barack obama took the nation from one of the worst financial disasters in the nation. did he do everything perfectly? no leader does that. thisou cannot destroy president's amazing legacy by logging it out of existence. donald trump, his health care proposal is social genocide. his budget is one of the most unpleasant attacks. he is a shameless big it and his isbigot and his bottom line robbing the needy for the greedy. nearly 80. i am
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i live so far below the poverty level, but i love god, i love this country, and i believe america will survive even donald trump. host: brent is in searchlight, nevada, the line for independents. caller: a longtime listener. i have heard joe before. this time i have to disagree with him. things aren't going great in america. host: do you usually agree with joe in georgia? caller: yes, i usually do but this time he got a little carried away. this is going to affect millions .f people that need we have kids that need their education. this is donald trump's big thing, education is great.
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we are going to go into these communities and help their schools. cannot do that with this budget. people on social security disability, like this younger man said earlier, get the factories going and put people to work. i am 73 years old and long pass that, -- past that. i have one neighbor whose son --nt two two wars in vietnam tours in vietnam. he is 58 years old. how is he going to go out and work? the v.a. will not give him no money so he is on social security disability insurance. what is he going to do? are his children going to let him live with him in georgia? i do not think so. these are programs that do not need to be touched, and the
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republicans had better see that. ain't that far away. host: thank you for the call. released,budget is plenty of stories about a variety of several programs and how they are impacted. one page of the washington post, the headline -- proposed health and science cuts draw sharp criticism. story,hat, one more trump administration is aiming pair food aid. here is one headline that the liberal website the huffington post chose to focus on. trump's budget would cut planned
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parenthood out of all federal budgets. it will limit funds to study micro regressions and build robo squirrels. we want to hear what has picked your interest -- piqued your interest. tom is waiting in rio rancho, new mexico, good morning. caller: i believe the budget is dead on arrival. mccain said it right. i think the problem is that congress does not understand history. , thearticular constitution independence was all a compromise. if you cannot compromise in congress you cannot get anything done. as far as the budget is concerned, you have got to get the democrats and republicans to work together on a budget. if you only have one party doing all the talk it is not going to happen.
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that is why it is dead on arrival. host: let me ask you about the 2017 omnibus bill that came together to avoid the shutdown. what did you think about that process? caller: first of all, i said it is a compromise. companies have got to get together and work out a situation where you can never shut down the federal government. host: did you see compromise in that omnibus spending bill? caller: i think there was some, because they realized the problem is if he shut down the federal government and do not provide what is needed for everybody who works for the federal government, and those individuals who rely on the government for work, it creates a problem. they should never even consider that. they need to get together, work out a budget that make sense so that everybody is covered for their further needs.
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as far as taxes are concerned, there should be a different way of having people able to pay their proper payments, and that we understand that certain individuals around the united states are willing to pay taxes for clean water, clean air, infrastructure. they are willing to pay for these kinds of things that you cannot get congress to work unless they work as a compromise unit. host: when president trump tweeted out earlier this month that the u.s. "needs a good shutdown," that is something you disagree with? caller: absolutely, absolutely. republicans are going in the wrong direction. are need to understand they talking to their constituents and listening to the people. they are not listening to the people of the united states, those who voted for them and those who did not. host: keith in fargo, north
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dakota. caller: good morning. i have been listening to all of this. i have been on disability social security since i was a little kid because of meningitis and i'm epileptic. the food stamps that i get nowadays is nothing. i used to get like 100 some dollars and i do not hardly get any of that. they later on put me on social security disability because my mother went on disability. they put me on my dad's disability. i am in north dakota, my dad was in minnesota. i was getting 800 some dollars a month. , i'm tired ofget people thinking we are living so freely. i am sitting here now today,
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handicapped in my legs for some reason. we don't hardly get food stamps. they go by our income of our social security. i get $1000 and some of months. they make me pay quite a bit for rent. how closely do you watch this federal budgeting process? what was released yesterday, does that concern you? caller: i do not remember what it was yesterday. i have a short term memory problem and i have a long-term where i can remember better. because of meningitis when i was a baby. is why i am on social security disability. that is why they switched me from social security disability to my dad's, because the way the
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government is changing things around. so the government does not have much. as i am tired of people thinking we are living so great. we are not. host: appreciate you sharing your story. our last caller in this first segment of "the washington journal," that we will have more time to talk about the budget release. investigation took center stage at multiple congressional hearings yesterday. we will sort through it with katie bo williams. later, jenny beth martin will talk about the president's fiscal 2018 budget request, all happening this morning on "the washington journal." ♪ weekend oniday
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booktv on c-span2, saturday at 8:30 p.m. eastern, former u.s. secretary of state condoleezza rice looks at democracy around the world in her book " democracy, stories from the long road to freedom." >> americans in particular were blessed with founding fathers who understood and institutional design that would protect our liberties, our right to say what we think, to worship as we please, to be free of the secret police at night, to have the dignities of those who you are going to govern you have to ask for their consent. if we were blessed by that, and we believe we were in doubt by endcreator -- and out -- owed by our creator. back,his book "talking
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talking black." >> we need to get comfortable saying black people have a slightly different sound because they often spend more time with one another, just like white people. that is true of all human groups. that is not racist, it is just true. eastern, at 4:30 p.m. george w. bush on his book "portraits of current." >> the first guy i painted was major chris turner and we were at a dinner and i said, why are you here? he said, i cannot get out of my mind seeing anybody of mine buddy of mineng a killed. as i am painting turner, i am thinking about what that is like in his mind. >> for more on the schede,


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