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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  May 26, 2017 9:38am-10:01am EDT

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against them or vote them and then bring a bill to the house and the senate and let it. vote on we've done that in the past. we've done it with republican democratic nd presidents. when we do, the voice of the american people is heard. we simply rubberstamp something, the voice of the american people heard. >> "washington journal" continues. ost: phone lines are open for your calls. let us know what is on your mind. democrats, 202-748-8000. 202-748-8001. independents, 202-748-8002. joe is on the line from sarasota, florida, on the independent line. hi, joe. say that when to recent republican politicians, gave tax breaks to the run for e when they governor, hether a
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senator, a president or any office, who do you think they people in the millions, that 1%, that is why. the americans, cut social ng to security, medicare, medicaid. well, covered, so that means half of that, at least borders and the their cans talk to representatives and they don't the i don't know why this, vote for and republicans, them, mention, half of they are going to be sick and a to of people, they are going -- whether in a big
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city, a small city. think about ed to that. host: okay. what take a look at senator ron widen, who is ranking member of the finance committee said wednesday about cdo score on the republican's healthcare plan. finally, the next 10 days, we be crucial.going to senators and house members will memorial day he recess. i have five town hall meetings scheduled for oregon and what going to be doing, using that time to make sure we can in its tracks any urther effort here in the senate to maybe put another cosmetic change or two on the bill and pass it. the basic frame is still alive republican caucus. i'm going to close with this, hundreds and e is
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hundreds of billions of dollars the most s for fortunate in america and undreds and hundreds of billions of dollars in medicaid cuts for the most vulnerable. next 10 days, we are going to be all over this to educate people about what is at issue. lot of edicaid issue, a people still think focus on loafing ande kind of not working. two out of three people on working, soe in fact those are the messages we're going to be getting out and that going to make sure all of america understands over the senate days if republicans come back, try to ut a cosmetic change or two on it and then senator murray points out fast-track it, the senate, we're going to be stopping it cold and
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cdo information gives us a big boost. burleson,the line from texas, on the republican line. hi, tony. doing? how are you host: i'm good. what is on your mind today? think it's sad, but i one of these days, the american people are going to realize that politicians are really doing nothing, but stabbing the american people in the back and not getting the job done. what they work politicians arey for everyday and totally accomplish nothing. they ask for a vote and we need the st get rid of politicians, they are a huge list to the american people. me ask you this, you are calling on the epublican line currently, both houses of congress and the white house are under republican control. hat would you like to see the folks there do that they're not doing now?
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unfortunately, as you're going to see, we all seen t before, it's only going to how the corruptness of show the corruptness of the republicans and the democrats because they are purposely still not going to get nothing done, they're going to pretend like somethingrying to get done and blame it on everybody and not do nothing for the american people and the american people need to wake up and wise up, these people are not working working for the op dollar people, they are killing us, you know, i don't get it why people are so don't see at they what they are doing to our education, to our healthcare, to living.yday they are destroying it. do you understand? host: okay. judy is calling from california, on our republican line, good morning. caller: hi. thank you for taking my call. leaks, rn is the especially concerning the leaks
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own information intelligence committee. to england and britain, it is just not being news. about enough on the and it is really concerning and i feel like there is so much on in this administration that it is not i ng seriously looked at and just don't feel it is fair and i want to know what is going on. judy, do you agree with the president, the president has said not only ordered the f.b.i. not only investigate the leaks and prosecute if possible, that news who believe organizations should be punished for publishing information that comes from leaks, what do you think should happen next? caller: absolutely. agree with that. too much of the information media, there is no source and especially after this coming out, you know, thinking it is coming from
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is coming ouse, it from our own intelligence committee. how much information is coming intelligence committee? is he being set up? to be more of ed an investigation and i agree with president trump. host: okay. richard is calling in from line.g, on the democratic good early morning to you, richard, good morning. good morning. host: what is on your mind today? my question is: people waiver and we also have people with special healthcare needs that go to and when we look at trump's budget, it cuts a lot of those programs and what are we going to be doing, building these peopleto put back in? most of them can work part-time still have income, pay taxes, all that working.
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mean, we need to give these people a chance to get out on their own and make something of themselves. host: is there some concern, richard, that these programs are safety nets to help prevent people from slipping maybe peopleracks, might slip through the cracks in the process of cutting back on programs?he caller: well, it is kind of like with my situation, okay, i would off of try to get disability, but my disability $1023.s well, for me to get off of that full-blown insurance, $2000 or $3000 in edication tis impossible, i have four to five seizures per month and i see other people issues, same disability i mean, that is a benefit i years to pay 13 and true, we borrow money from
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fund, but we never put that money back. my question basically is, what we do with those people who have disabilities that are falling through the cracks and make it on their own? host: okay. calling from austin, texas, on the independent line. raj. caller: hey. host: what do you want to talk about today? i am very frustrated at he budget that trump just released and you cannot just cut that much from the poor, the the sick and ren, simultaneously give like a defense budget increase and then say, oh, we're going to use the rest of money for cutting taxes the rich. is that is just wrong in so many ways and i know like the budget
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up by the house and september, but even if this then i am very afraid for this country because hen that means a lot of the resources will be diverted away from the people who actually and government will not work for me because i'm the majority. for whoever the whoever the ower or hell happens to be rich or get fortunate enough in this country, rather than like out for the oking less fortunate or people who help.lly need and i think it is unethical, opinion.nethical in my host: okay. and during joint news conference british foreign secretary in london, secretary state rex a question swered bout relations with that intelligence leak. let's take a look. >> with respect to the release
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information inappropriately, information that was released by someone. vital to an hat is ongoing information, information vital to capturing those this heinous event. certainly we condemn that and he president has been very strong in his condemnation and has called for an immediate prosecution ofnd those who are found to have been responsible for leaking any of to the public.n we take full responsibility for that. we're obviously regret that happened. fix the of how to relationship between the u.s. and great britain, this special exists betweenat our two countries will certainly ithstand this particular unfortunate event. host: carol on the democratic louisiana, good morning, caroline? caller: good morning. to make a couple of points. of state makesry
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some valid points about the the , but let's be clear, deflecting ut and it. overseeing rump is was ehavior while he walking around and looking like and the whole being iring issue was highlighted. so, now they are deflecting away from that issue nd how more and more information being relayed that is go og hat financially, as well as how he the election. so now all of a sudden, there is with -- piggyback and
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good.themselves look it is a joke, it is have and budget and they are rying to do population control worldwide. that is happening, they are killing people. host: all right. some other headlines today. resident trump is not the only american president who is traveling abroad, his redecessor, president obama, traveled overseas, different treatment of the two trips from different newspapers on the page of "u.s.a. today," it says a cold shoulder and warm barack obama and donald trump appeared in public at the same time in europe on thursday. reactions could not have been starker, the former president received a rock-star his successorlin, received a bewildered looks from
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european leaders in brussels, among the issues that could lead fractioned relationship between the trump administration and europe. there.were issues on the front page of the washington times, it is also a -- y about the president's the two presidents traveling. it says trump eclipses obama on agenda. it says with former president barack obama niping at his heel europe, president trump near the end of his first foreign trip thursday, largely agendaing transformative more ambitious than anything mr. his tried overseas during 1st year in office. different takes on the trips by trump this bama and week. vicki calling from rapid city, south dakota, on the independent line. hi, vicki. there? vicki, are you host: all right. we're going to move on to emma, springfield, ohio, on the republican line. hi, emma.
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question is, y people that's making this what are their interests in it? and includes congress senate, not just the president decisions.e host: so what would you -- what do you think about the budget president released? are you happy with it or hoping congress makes changes when it puts forth? caller: i hope they make changes, in springfield, a lot have jobs, some due to immigrants coming in. 300 jobs at dole foods and we don't really have any job training programs here. but no job lege, training programs to retrain people, they end up working at for minimum wage down.the place closes caller: okay, calling on
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republican line. as that a big issue for you when you voted last year in the presidential election, wanting programs like that? caller: yes, job training people into et higher skilled jobs and higher as much asl not need social programs, financial programs. ost: ago, pensacola, florida, hi, barry. caller: hello, good morning. host: morning. thatr: i would like to say every time there is a deficit, to pick on the people who don't make as much all right. ell, we're paid by the people that are more -- let's say income and they we build wages and their cities, we build their
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hospitals, their courthouses. us oren they're done with when we're not able to do away.e, then we're thrown nd they move to the next group that they can use to build their ives and i think it is very unfair for them to -- for the udget to treat us in that manner, all right. and that is all i have to say about that. think donald trump should remember, after he's gone from has tote house, he still live here or move. all right. other. the he's an american, just like we treating us as and we don't have the same bravado and i guess what and ther europeans have there is a drastic difference in between the way we feel about
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and law and order and peace than they do. to fight really hard because they are smaller than we are, all right. this is something they ought to think about and i ought to at really rethink what they are doing to that they ed poor keep poor, especially in the to h and that is all i have say about that. hank you much and i appreciate your being here for us. host: okay. washington post" editorial today was critical of the president's budget, as well. it says, there is structural gap between the nation's financial need and policy priorities, long-term hreat to financial stability. more immediately limits respond t's ability to to situations with new policies. we're stuck in an unending fiscal f short-term eadlocks and fiscal fixes in
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this context president trump's budget serves as value if unintentional purpose to demonstrate how utterly rir this ideology is for solving the problem. illinois, on the democratic line. hi, john. sorry, i apologize. caller: that's okay. irst to the lady from ohio, that she said that the illegal our jobs, are taking but it is the companies who are hiring them that are giving away jobs. i wanted to say to all trump especially low ncome, just think for a minute because everything that you think that donald trump is -- ou elected him to do, he's doing the opposite. his budget is going to take away take away and also your food stamps.
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depend on now. he promised you he wouldn't do that and he's doing it. asking all those people, just wake up and think about happening. host: okay. carol from west virginia, on the independent line. on your mind today, carol? caller: hello. i'm just -- i just, i'm rustrated, i don't like the budget, either, but i really middle class, 'm i've worked, i get disability, have to look and can i , well, what really, really do without to country balance its budget? maybe somebody else, you that middle think class should be paying for also don't but i
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think something, you know, shouldn't be trying to help the country, either. needs to look in the mirror and say, what can i do or do without to help nstead of being like the democrats and the republicans in ashington, just going to their own little corner and saying, no, it's my way or the highway, can't have nope, that, can't do this. host: okay. maine, on the republican line, just a few seconds before we go to the mind? what is on your caller: actually, i wasn't on the republican line, if i was, i i'm actually independent. registered democrat because a friend wanted me to vote for him time, i'm a democrat the way i think.
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host: 10 seconds, wanda, what is your mind? caller: trump said we weren't going to have to pay for the was running his campaign. now it is supposed to be in the udget, that is going to hurt programs or people that really also, if they would close the loopholes of the eople that are making billions of authorize, then that might help some people that are poor, actually m not hurting, i'm living on social -- rity, but i did host: okay, wanda, we have to leave it at that, the house is gavel in for pro forma session, we will take you there, from c-span. the clerk: the speaker's rooms, washington, d.c. may 26, 2017. i meash appoint the honorable act as . simpson to speaker pro tempore on this day. signed, pd.


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