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tv   Governor Synder Delivers Adrian College Commencement Address  CSPAN  May 27, 2017 11:49am-12:06pm EDT

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re without telling each and every one of you how much you have made me proud, how proud you have made the faculty, and how proud you have made your state. the hope and promise in this room is awe-inspiring. you are going to go on and you incredible things. you will be artists, healers, builders, leaders, but be new exicans first, last, and always. that is all we will need to never lose hope in you. thank you for having me here. good luck. i look forward to seeing you all do incredible things. 2017!ss of [applause] >> republican governor rick
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snyder recently gave the commencement address at adrian college in michigan. governor snyder was first elected in 2010. you is currently -- he is currently serving his second term in office. this is 10 minutes. [applause] snyder: thank you. it is wonderful to be with you. faculty, staff, friends, and family, it is a special honor to receive this honorary degree. i have had the opportunity to be here multiple times. i was sharing the fact earlier that i had been to this campus more than any other time i have visited other institutions in our state. we should be proud of the colleges in michigan. they are part of the innovation and excitement going on. adrian college is truly a leader in that effort. it is amazing what has been
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accomplished in the past few years. veryath to the future is bright. you know it will be right when you look at these young people. as commencement speaker, let me share a few thoughts with you. do not worry. i will stay away from talking about michigan statistics as i wanted to stay awake. one thing i will share with you is that, first of all, i hope you stay in michigan as you are our future. so, i have a brief commercial about that at the end, but, outside of that, i want to share some thoughts about the opportunities that you have in front of you today. some challenges you may face, and how you can make good decisions down that path. i know you are on a great path, but maybe one of these points could be of some value to you. the first thing i would say to you is create a vision for your
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future. that is not an easy thing. think about where you would like to be when you are 40 years old, 60 years old, or even 80 years old. think about what things you want to accomplish. you cannot know all the answers, but you can say where you want to be in life. what do you want to say you want to have accomplished? what goals do you have? where in my in my professional career and with my family? these are important, because if you have goals then you can hit them. i did that in my own life. you heard about my educational background, but it was based on coming up with a vision. my vision was to have three careers in my lifetime. a private-sector career where i could go out and work, learn how the real world works, and have an opportunity to raise a family
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and do well in that capacity. my goal was to do that through ages 40 or 50. after that, i hope to step back and say i could do well enough to do public service to give back to people. it was not about running for governor necessarily. in fact, i have been doing a lot of economic development work around the state to build jobs in our state and how to innovate. to spend 10 years or 20 years in that process helping the public sector. believe it or not, i still have an aspiration for a third career when i'm done with this one, and that is to teach. to go back and help people on a smaller scale. to share knowledge and growth. so, these things can -- can make a difference. the second thing i would say is to be good at something. be the best at something when you come out of school.
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aspiratione an someday of running a company or doing something exciting or creating artwork. it may take time to get there. a half, you find that first position -- quite often, in getting their, you find that first position and you excel at it. mine was very exciting. i started as a tax accountant. , can see you are very excited and i can see the smiles on your faces that say you wish you could be a tax accountant, too. life, inple later in the last 10 years, i met someone named stephen ross, one of the most successful real estate managers in the world. it started as a tax accountant in the same job and same office i am -- i was in.
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chrysler -- of fiat chrysler started his career as a tax accountant, and he is now running one of the largest companies in the world. it is all because we started with the focus to be great on something to begin with. the third thing i would say is to find something you are passionate about. something you love. find something that gives you excited. find your passion and let it. -- and live it. life is short. go for it. the fourth thing is the question of taking risk in making decisions. manage risk, do not avoid it. at this point in your life, experiment and try new things. you can do that. "i worst you can do is say, cannot decide what to do."
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when you say that, you are making a decision to let events take you in a direction rather than you taking a direction yourself. be proactive and go for it. number five, learn from mentors. mentors have been an important part of my life starting with my parents. you have had great faculty and staff here at adrian. it was wonderful hearing of the given to someone who has worked hard to help students. differentntors from points in your lifetime. as i have mentored people, i told him there is only one thing i ask -- give back. mentor someone else at another point in your life.
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sixth, treat others right. quite often when you are working someplace, you treat that customer with great deference, and then you might see someone in the organization who might turn around and yell at someone just because they work with them. that is not right. everyone should be treated as a customer. everyone deserves courtesy and respect. that will pay dividends throughout your lifetime when you have that approach that you want to treat everyone the way you would like to be treated. number seven, strike a balance of family and career. i was a workaholic. you summit educational background. i went into my -- you saw my educational background. the best thing that happened to me was that i met a wonderful woman who became my wife, and she brought alan's to my life.
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you will be bettering -- brought balance to my life. you will be bettering your career by having balance. having kids was one of the greatest things to happen to me in my career. when you stop and think about it , what i learned was that when you come home from work and you have a two-year-old child -- when they come running up to you holdying, "daddy, daddy, me." that is the most important focus in the world than anything. that is better than having the best day at work and it puts life in perspective. enjoy it. notice, in that order i gave, family was first. finally, have fun. life is short. enjoy it. ornot worry about credit
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blame, just solve problems and make the world a better place. we live in a polarizing world today and that is not a healthy thing. we need to come together and solve problems together. you do that by saying what is the problem, what is the solution, and let's go. and have fun doing it. weree those comments successful -- were helpful, because i am excited to be here with you today. i know michigan has a bright future, because i am looking at it. it is incredible to see what you have achieved, but know that there are decades to come with new achievements coming, new innovations that we cannot imagine in my age group. you will make those things happen. as you look for a place to go, there is no better place tahn -- than this state. what a place to live, to work, to play. so please, consider our state. if you go away, come on back.
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because i knowe, with you here we are on a path to a bright future. congratulations, and thank you so much. [applause] said,john f. kennedy once not all of us have equal talent, but all of us should have an equal opportunity to develop our talent. for thousands of citizens facing discrimination and disadvantage, austin college has been a sanctuary -- boston college has been a sanctuary for hard-working, readable people who just needed an opportunity people-working, capable who just needed an opportunity
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and someone to believe in them. i have learned in my own life that education is the single greatest source for equality in the world. nce learned about the power of education in the story of my grandfather. utah, alabama. one day, he decided he was going to get book learning, and so he asked in the parlance of the day were a colored man could go to school. you was told about a presbyterian college about 50 miles down the road. and so, he saved up to pay for his first year's tuition. after his first year, he did not have any more money. and they told him he was going to have to leave school. college administrator how the other boys were going to
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school, and he was told they have a scholarship. a presbyterianbe minister, and you can have a scholarship, too. he told him, that is just what i had in mind, and my family has been college educated and presbyterian ever since. [applause] >> this holiday weekend on american history tv on c-span3, tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern time, the 1977 documentary made of bronze about the all-black infantry regiment known as the harlem health fighters in world fighters inlem hell world war i. off.hnson fought them and swu and he cursed, rifle around.
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body, 21 wounds in his but he refused to die. womener, an author on the telling -- telephone operators of the army signal corps. >> it meant that a local operator had to speak with a french operator. most of them did not speak french, so they had to get bilingual american women to handle this job. so, they did not begin recruiting women because they were as good as men, but, because at this job, they were better than men. >> on monday, we visit the national world war i boreal and museum in kansas city, missouri memorial andi museum in kansas city, missouri.
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>> what we seek to do here is tell the story through the lives of ordinary people who volunteered from all sides. >> for complete american history tv schedule, go to trump has ended his first overseas trip. his schedule earlier today included meetings with g7 leaders. of thecluded the topic paris climate change agreement which the president reportedly refused to place his support for despite efforts from members of the g7 to convince him otherwise. he knows that he would make a final decision on the paris accords -- he announced that he would make a final decision on the paris accords next week.
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[inaudible] >> after the g7 summit, the president had one final stop in sicily before heading back to the u.s. a short time ago, he attract military personnel -- he spoke with military personnel and enable air station. this is just over 30


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