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tv   Climate Agreement Announcement Sights and Sounds  CSPAN  June 1, 2017 3:02pm-3:30pm EDT

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the job done. thank you very much, everybody. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] >> eight months ago, president obama announcing that the u.s. had agreed to the framework convention on climate change, what is called the paris agreement. live here at the rose garden, tosident trump is expected announce that the u.s. is withdrawing from the climate change agreement. the administration this afternoon informing members of congress of their plans. we are expected to hear from president trump momentarily here in the rose garden, saying that,
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according to those who have been briefed and actually there's some documentation on some of the things they are trying to convey with the president's commons this afternoon, the ap says the president will argue that the paris pact is a "bad deal for american workers and was poorly negotiated by the obama administration." is associated press says that the white house insisted on anonymity. it could be longer. ,here has been an explosion possibly an attack in manila, in the philippines. thisspicer treating afternoon that the president is aware of the situation in manila and being provided of dates by his national security team. but no word on whether those updates are delaying it this afternoon. we will have it live here on c-span and c-span radio and look forward to your comments after the president's remarks this afternoon. we will take your calls and
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tweets. you are watching live coverage here on c-span. ♪
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business leaders and other government leaders, the associate press saying that leaders of five nordic countries had written the president the , urging himletter to make "the right decision" on climate change and keep america signed on to the pat quinn accord. but reports -- on the paris climate accord.
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news organizations have been briefed on the president's plans. we will stay live in the rose garden and wait for the president. also look forward to your reaction, too, after his remarks.
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in the background, the sounds
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of the marine jazz band, waiting for president trump to come out and talk about the prayers climate -- the paris club change -- the paris climate change agreement. advisersama's mentioned in the comments a short while ago, he was one of the key advisers on the agreement, he tweeted that paris entered into force on november 4, 2016. can completetrump
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exit is november 4, 2020, i.e., the day after the 20 20 election. trump is expected to announce that the u.s. will pull out of the paris accord, saying the deal is a bad deal for american workers and was poorly negotiated by the obama administration. following his remarks, we will hear from you and your thoughts on the decision today. we will take your phone calls and tweets as well.
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>> there is gary cohen and national security adviser h.r. mcmaster and the treasury secretary steve mnuchin. we are waiting like to hear from ,resident trump on his decision reported decision to withdraw the u.s. from the paris climate change accord. democrats on twitter. garamendi of california saying i strongly oppose the president's decision to withdraw from the paris or agreement. this provides vital protection
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for our health and environment. we look for your comments on twitter as well. we will follow-up with your phone calls. live coverage from the rose garden here on c-span.
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>> the most brilliant and one b in washington after a long-range spell. we are live in the rose garden as we wait to hear from president trump. the cnbc white house correspondent tweets i just spotted grover norquist walking into the rose garden. he flashed me a thumbs up and seems pleased with what we are about to hear. politico reporting on some of what we are about to hear. some talking points. some bullet points on the president's comments this afternoon on the paris climate change agreement, saying a couple of things. undermines competitive jobs. the deal was negotiated badly and extracts meaningless commitments from the world's top polluters. they also say one of the bullet points is the u.s. is already a clean energy and oil and gas
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later. we can reduce -- gas leader. we can reduce our emissions without the paris accord. ae agreement funds a u.s. -- climate/fund by u.s. taxpayers. and when of the points is the deal accomplishes little for the climate. that we await to hear more from president trump and hear from you as well after his remarks. we will take your phone calls and tweets. ♪
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>> steve bannon and reince previous -- reince priebus arriving, in the front row. is expected to announce that the u.s. is withdrawing from the paris climate change accord. ♪
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>> news this afternoon the president is expected to withdraw from the paris climate accord. we are waiting to hear from the president here in the rose garden. of the paris agreement is the global target of keeping global average temperature from rising two degrees celsius, compared to temperatures preindustrial revolution, by the end of the century. beyond two degrees, of the paris agreement we risk
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dramatically higher seas, weather patterns, food and water crises, and a more hostile world . the associated press reports that those who have been briefed in the president's decision in his comments, he will argue that the paris pact is a bad deal for american workers and was "poorly negotiated" by the obama administration. we should do the comets of president barack obama back in october of last year. you can find those on the president was set to come out 25 minutes ago. we are expecting him shortly. after the president's comments, his speech this afternoon, we will take your reaction by phone and also on twitter. c-span, if you would like to send us a tweet.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, the program will begin in 60 seconds. >> you probably heard that. the announcers said the program is set to get underway in under 60 seconds. president trump expected to announce the u.s. is withdrawing from the paris climate change accord. following his comments, we will hear from you by phone and twitter. , if you would like to send us a tweet.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, the vice president of the united states. [applause] >> good afternoon. secretary mnuchin, secretary ross, scott pruitt, members of congress, the stingers guests. on behalf of the first family, welcome to the white house. [applause] you know, it


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