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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  June 4, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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the upcoming british elections. as always, we will take your calls and you can join the conversation on facebook and twitter. host: good morning. for the third time in three months, great mea britain is dealing with an active terrorism. prime mr. theresa may said, "enough is enough." these are some of the scenes described as eight minutes of fear as three attackers struck pedestrians on the london bridge been stabbed randomly in the area known as liberal market -- the borough market. the death toll stands at seven, nearly 50 injured, and the three attackers killed by police. this comes three days before british electors go to the polls. president trump saying it's another reason for a tougher u.s. travel ban. we will begin our first hour
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with a very latest on what has been happening in london and get your calls and comments and reaction. 202 is the area code. (202) 748-8001 is the line for republicans. (202) 748-8000 is for democrats. if you are an independent, (202) 748-8002. join us on social media by sending us a tweet at c-span wj or we will get to your calls and comments in just a moment. first the story from "the washington post" pointing out the witnesses describing the rampage that left a trail of bloody bodies on the bridge in the adjacent borough market. it was a low-tech but high-profile attack. joining us live on the phone is the contributing author of the story today at washington he is the reporter in london. thanks for being with us on what i know is a busy morning. guest: thanks for having me on your show. host: for those who have not
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been following the developments of the last 12 hours, what me through how this unfolded. guest: what we know so far about how this unfolded is that three intokers drove a white van a crowd of people on the south side of london bridge around 10:00 p.m. local time. that is when the pubs here are very busy. people are leaving with lots of people on the pavement. the attackers got out of the vehicle and then started to stab people, making their way to borough market, a popular bar area. of a were initial photos body of one of the attackers shared on social media that showed canisters wrapped around his body. there were fears that those might be explosives. that turned out to be a hoax. police are now investigating the incident of whether there might be other people who have been aware of the planning of that attack.
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we do know there has been at least one police raid in connection with the attack. the incident has also put authorities across europe on alert because there have been a number of similar previous incidents in recent months that were very similar to it and showed a similar pattern as well , using easily available tools like a van or a knife to kill as many people as possible. experts saying it's very hard to stop them. host: you write this morning in your piece at washington that it was a low-tech but hope fo high-profile incidet overnight. guest: that is correct. the islamic state has urged its supporters in europe and elsewhere to deploy exactly those techniques, to rely on knives on vehicles to kill people, not to obtain weapons that could draw the attention of the authorities. you also have to remember that
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police here in london are better prepared than almost anywhere else in europe. borough market is right next to the tallest holding in western europe. there's a lot of security there, especially on a busy saturday night. that explains why the three attackers were killed after only eight minutes after the incident started. host: the backdrop to all this -- first of all, every on the grande is holding a concert to pay tribute to those killed and attacked in westminster. there is an election thursday in great britain in which voters decide who will become the next prime minister, whether theresa may will retain her position with the conservatives or jeremy corbyn with the labour party. how does this impact what will happen on thursday? the labour party and the conservatives are aware that they should not be perceived as exploding the attack to win over voters.
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theresa may said there is too much tolerance of the extremism that the counterterrorism strategy needs to change. traditionally britain has not had a lot of armed police officers and theresa may has said that needs to change. experts say that won't be enough to meet the other changes as well, for instance better prevention programs. host: finally, you are walking the streets of london, talking to british residents, especially in the capital city. is there a renewed sense of fear or his life going on relatively normal even after what happened last night? guest: there is still a police cordon around the area where the attack happened. it is very called here. a lot of tourists have refrained from coming here. what i saw at night as i walked home from the attack, people
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were partying and moving on with their lives. he wouldtness said return to the restaurant where he nearly died to finish the meal. a lot of residents here in london do want to show the islamic state and terrorists that they cannot win. , a reporteroack based in london, on the very latest with the terror attacks in london. thank you for being with us. guest: fix for having me on your show. host: we are going to get your calls and comments on the terrorist attacks in london. 202 is the area code. (202) 748-8000 is the line for democrats. (202) 748-8001 is for republicans. (202) 748-8002 is for independents. this program was carried live on the bbc parliament channel. send us a tweet at c-span wj. this is from becky who says the
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following, "when will it end? they keep attacking us. we keep attacking them. you cannot bend anyone's will." times" isork reporting on the latest in london. " for the third time in less than three months, britain was a really from a major terrorist attack after three knife wielding assailants unleashed a horrifying late-night assault on killing at least seven people and injuring dozens of others in the heart of london. the attack came just days before the national election this week and the british government had downgraded the threat level from severe to critical. it was raised again to the highest levels. today earlier today. today. theresa may and jeremy corbyn announced they were briefly suspending campaigning for
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thursday's parliamentary elections." we have heard that campaigning will resume tomorrow. the voting taking place on thursday. john from bridgewater, new jersey, republican line, good morning. caller: glad to hear theresa may come out strongly among other things, saying things have to change. that they should let the custodial -- whatever that means, presumably before something happens. things just can't go on. also, the cyber issue is important. donald trump is right. people hate to hear that, but donald trump and le pen are right. these people, we just can't let them in. sorry about that.
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host: john from new jersey, thanks for the call. this is the headline from "the new york times." "attacks from london bridge involved swerving van and three men wielding knives." all three were killed by police. al, your next. caller: i wish you would give me a moment here. i come from an italian background. my grandfather came here. when he came to america, he never followed mussolini. that is the problem i have with the left in this country. they refused to believe that america has its issues, but we have also been a blessing to the world and we need to look at the good in this country. if people are coming here, they need to be a part of who we are. know who george washington is. know what that american flag represents. instead of trying to tear down this country. these acts never happened before. we do bush warned us if
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not fight them over there, we are going to fight them over here. prior to that statement, we never had a text like this before. it's not going away. george bush knew this wasn't going away. it's an ideology. we beat back an ideology in germany in world war ii. we beat back an ideology in japan in world war ii. they are not sending, causing airplanes after us. this countryone if will unite and stop its politics and do what's right for the country. thank you. host: thanks for the call. -- "britain has a serious problem they need to do with. as theresa may said, embarrassing and difficult conversations need to happen." come as aacks hardly surprise until they stop savages from coming to the u.k., it continues." this is a tweet that donald trump is inviting an attack on
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america with all physics limits were taught. his inflammatory talk. some headlines to give you a sense of how this story is playing out in great britain. from the sun, "london bridge terror." let's go to gary. caller: good morning. in regards to these terrorist attacks, this is going to have to involve some action from the muslim religion itself. they are going to have to renounce the practice of jihad. and sharia law. they will simply have to renounce it. as a historical pretext, look at this country in the 1800s where you had the mormon religion, when they were practicing polygamy. there was violence in illinois and missouri. the mormons moved to utah. the territory of utah wanted to
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become a state. 1870's through 1890's, the u.s. congress said utah will not become a state until the mormon religion renounces polygamy. and then that ended. that ended the violence. a similar philosophy is going to have to be used with the muslim religion here. host: gary, thank you for the call. this is from president trump last night. "we need to be smart, vigilant, tough. we need the courts to give us back our rights. we need the travel ban as an extra level of safety." trump.from president he tweeted his condolences and support to the residents of great britain and london in particular. doris, your next. caller: good morning. i think it's sad what is happening. related tocould be
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ther elections, just like stuff with russia was related to our election. they want a right-wing extremist to be elected over there. that's just what they are planning and they will probably get their wish when you are listening to some of these callers. we have our own domestic terrorists here. you have seen that escalated with the election of trump. you saw portland. marylou saw and. you saw new york where the young white man went to new york looking for black men to kill. we had that same thing going on here. host: doris, thank you. nigel farage, one of the great britain officials has this tweet. "we cannot suspend the campaign and normal life indefinitely. we want real action from our
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leaders, not handwringing." jeremy corbyn and theresa may did suspend campaigning today. the election is on thursday. andre is next from missouri, democrats want. caller: hi. wholen issue with the terrorist thing is that people want to equate religion with violence and terrorism. no. terrorism has nothing to do with religion. that needs to be established. terrorists -- i mean, they are just -- it has nothing to do with religion. it's just violence and terrorists are false prophets. terrorists do not believe in the muslim religion or the koran.
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they don't do the holidays or anything. that man last year in san that inno, he did all the hospital. that was during the holiday last year. that proves that these terrorists have nothing to do with muslims or religion or anything. host: thanks for the call. another tweet -- "how do you ban homegrown terrorists?" you can send us your tweet at c-span wj. the british prime minister, theresa may come issued a statement outside 10 downing street. she said "enough is enough. things have to change." this is from "the london daily mail." "there has been far too much tolerance and extremism in the u.k. and warns of a new trend in the threat from islamist terrorism after attacking when
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in london." alberto, good morning. caller: good morning. i just want to say this. a lot of people don't realize what do these people want? what do they want in syria, libya, all these muslim people want? they want the same thing we want. they want the same thing that we vote for, we protest for, and we talk about. they want affordable housing, jobs, education. they want a job with money left over to say. ve. they want love and security like we do. there's too much injustice going on and we don't talk about that. we go over there and bomb these people and blow up their families and children everything else. when they do it to us, we get mad and angry. you're not supposed to do that. we do it to you, but you cannot do it to us. that's wrong.
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you say that all this. will stop. no justice, no peace. , political, social economic justice, there will be no peace. host: your reaction to what happened in london and potentially what it means to the u.s. and elsewhere? caller: good morning. it's been a long time since i've been able to get on. the lady who just called is exactly right. i'm 80 years old. the first bombing of a building i heard of was in birmingham, alabama. we cannot talk about what's happening over there unless we straighten up here. we have the so-called white supremacy in this country. they are killing and terrorizing african americans. terror in this country is where much of it begins. when the united states brings soldiers out of those countries
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and the rich people are getting resources from those people, if they had the weapons we had, they probably would not be doing the kind of bombing they are doing. they would be bombing from their. let's stop all the bombing. let's stop all the killing and the guns. people over here so so many weapons to people over there. that is one of the industries of the country. we must stop that. host: thanks for the call. the house and senate are both returning after memorial day recess. the senate intelligence committee will have live coverage of the testimony of former fbi director james comey, getting underway thursday morning. you can listen to it on c-span radio and watch it on our website, streamed live at, or on the c-span television networks. we will be getting reaction during the course of the afternoon. a busy week as lawmakers return and also discussions on the debt
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ceiling and a number of key nominees moving through the senate. we will have all that live for you on c-span networks. tamura, your next. caller: good morning. how are you? it is sad with everything happening over there. it's really sad, but i'm reminded of months ago when they were showing refugees pouring into europe and most of them were all fighting aged men with beards. refugees, i'm sorry, what do you expect? there were thousands of men pouring into these countries and i do not see many women or children. i'm wondering if anyone else noticed that? host: john from pennsylvania, your next. caller: the gentleman from the it from alabama, he stole everything i was going to say.
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i feel the united states has no room to talk about hatred and terrorism. bombed ale, 1963, they the ku kluxg th klan bomb at a church and ill them a an innocent children were killed. in 2001, so-called terrorist bomb new york city. other than numbers, what is the difference? the united states has no room to talk about terrorism or hatred, no remit all. room at all. i will listen to the right-wingers respond to that. -- "whenther comment will we admit that trump is right?" send us your tweet at c-span debbie j. wj. the president saying it's time chairman of the travel ban. that is what "the washington
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post" is reporting. favorent trump arguing in of his controversial travel ban law as london authorities response to a string of attacks saturday night. earlier this week, the trip and ministration asked this "immediately reinstate its ban on travelers from six mostly muslim countries and refugees anywhere in the world. the initiation argues that the u.s. will be safer the policies put in place. lower courts have blocked the trump policy. that legal fight pits the president's authority over immigration against what lower courts say is a policy reported to be about national security but was intended to target muslims. that's the story this morning from "the washington post." back to your calls. welcome to the program. caller: good morning and thank you for c-span. i want to say that every day dozens of people get killed all and we area, africa, all guilty to some degree
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because our tax money is paying for those killings. i just want to say that if we left them alone, they would leave us alone. with a wholeheartedly couple of your previous callers. there was no mention on your program at least of who were the men that were killed. where they homegrown or imports? host: the short answer is we don't know. we monitored the news conference from scotland yard and metropolitan police in london. the three claimed this was for allah. they were wearing fake belts that some initially thought were suicide bombs, but they were fake. information about who these three men are still remains unclear at this hour. that is why we have not talked about this part of the story. caller: basically the point i want to make is that we kill so
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many people and it makes -- it gets very little mention on the other news programs. maybe in passing, but it's unfortunate. some people get killed in europe and of course it's unfortunate. they make such a big deal of it. like a so, if we leave them alone, they would leave us alone. we have no business being over there and most of these countries. host: over where? caller: the middle east, syria, yemen. i think we have soldiers in yemen. it is our bombs that are killing people over there. afghanistan, you have had dozens of people killed just as previously over there. those are innocent people. we are no better than they are. we are no better. their families and everything. -- they have families and everything.
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in order to get one probable terrorist, we kill whole family. come on. i'm glad some people are starting to wake up. like a said, i called in a little late. -- tuned little late in a little late, but some of your previous callers were right on. host: we will go next to hugh in washington. good morning. caller: good morning. this is entirely about religion. qumran,ead the if you are not a muslim, you are in th and infidel. they will rape, murder, and steal from you unless you are muslim. the people there killing in the middle east are christians. don't tell me it's not about religion. host: john, you are next from massachusetts. to take on all this -- your take on all this. caller: good morning. listen, this country is the
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greatest determinant -- determinant of peace in the world. we go to other countries and tell them what to do and how to do it. we push democracy on them. when a country is in strife, who do you look to? you look to the leaders. we are hypocrites. sufferingople and all sorts of violence in this country. who do you look to when the failure of a country happens? you look to the leaders. this country has got to stop es.lying the others countri we go into these countries with one thing, under the guise of abusing human rights. that's just the guys to get corporations to go into these countries, put up their businesses, and have cheap labor. this country is just nothing but hypocritical. that's all i wanted to say. host: john from massachusetts.
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"the london guardian" has more photographs from weather last night. this took place after 10:00 local time and word broke here on the east coast. were quick to send messages of support for the u.k. even as the full extent of the events was still unfolding. the president of france said his nation was more than ever at the side of u.k. canadian prime minister justin trudeau tweeting about the awful news in london. not all leaders and their messages were greeted warmly. u.s. president donald trump was accused of political opportunism after tweeting with the london attacks helped build the case for a muslim travel man. the president said we need to be smart, vigilant, and tough. we need the courts to give us back our rights. we need the travel ban as an
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extra level of safety." peter is joining us from pennsylvania. good morning. caller: i want to bring up a fact that a country like china, which keeps a larger military uniformshas all their and military in china. they do not have military bases all over the world like us agitating these countries. we are doing this and doing that for them. by don't they aggravate them and take it out on us. china has no problems like this. they have no troops in the far east. they have no troops in the philippines. they have no troops anyplace but china. that's the problem with us. we have our troops all over the world pushing argenta and making -- our agenda and making them do what we want to do. we never had this problem before before all this military
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spansion. why don't we stay in our own country and worry about her own country like china is doing? one day china will be the major country of the world. it will happen because we are making it happen. i'm sorry, but that's the biggest problem we have. host: we will go to mike in pennsylvania. caller: good morning. thank you for c-span and thank you for taking my call. i cannot believe the number of people who are calling in who are saying all this is our fault. first of all, it happened in london not the united states. secondly it is happening in france and all over the world. it is caused solely by muslims. this is a muslim problem. it has been happening since 600 a.d. when islam was formed by mohammed. these kind of things, they have to have a reformation of this religion. they have to get the terrorists out just like donald trump told them on that mission.
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on his foreign mission. that they just have to stop all this. the have to nip extremist in the buds. stop blaming the united states for everything. without the united states, you not have some of the freedoms we have in the world today. the last thing i'm going to say is those people should have guns. somebody in that crowd should have a gun so that they can protect themselves and not act like they are sheep being slaughtered. that is my call. thank you for taking my call. host: for a listserv nurse -- our listeners, it's the bottom of the hour in the east and we are getting your reaction to the terratec's in london. -- the terror attacks in london. the death toll stands at seven and three suspects were killed eight minutes after the incident
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began to unfold on the london ridge in an area known as the borough market, popular for shops, restaurants, and pubs. the british prime minister has to spend campaigning today along with jimmy corbyn. -- has suspended campaigning today along with jeremy corbyn. thursday is a busy day along with james comey testifying on capitol hill. we will have that live for you on c-span. this is a tweet from one of our regular tweeters, saying banning travel gives us freedom? religions it is about and the hate exudes from all sides. the war of choice in iraq is just another in a long line of crusades. ariana grande is holding a benefit concert tonight. she posted on her instagram page to pay tribute to those injured and killed at her concert last month.
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you can see some of the photographs she has posted as d some ofwitnesse the victims. she is calling it one live manchester. john is calling us from crockett, texas, democrats line. caller: first, they need to stop making all those weapons. trump just signed a big deal with saudi arabia. more weapons, more stuff to fight with. that's all it amounts to. hear he is. rich people are getting richer by the day. they don't care. they send old poor country boys to fight and get killed. protect our borders and protect her own country. quit worrying about countries in the middle east. that when finding since the beginning of time. they are going to keep on fighting. wet: this tweet -- "if
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withdraw our troops, the islamic terrorists will have reason to engage in terrorism." william from murfreesboro, tennessee. your thoughts on all this? caller: good morning. host: you are on the air. please go ahead. i am from one of the countries put on the travel ban. i am from south sudan. it is my country. the thing is we don't do terrorists. i'm not a muslim. i'm a christian. news, all thisis narrative feed the and they call of the group they don't like.
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when is america going to sit the congressman and the news people that put out the news? it is the 21st century and all the people in the worldwide news , if you see what you don't like, you go out and add to it. people need to take this one seriously. to talk tods themselves and stop calling people out. the muslim ban is a muslim. ban. host: "the sunday london times" has this editorial by the way. "democracy will prevail. l."reads as it reads as follows. the that's the editorial from
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"the times of london." us.e is joining caller: good morning to you. to say that there is a parallel relationship between radical islamic terrorists and christianity, extremism terrorism also. they are both on the rise. i don't know what the issue is. lose religion.
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it just don't work. that's all i have to say. host: carmen in new jersey. caller: good morning. i really like the show. my comments is i really don't think theresa may has the leadership skills. this is three times in a month. how much more bloodshed are we going to see? i think she needs to take a little bit of help from donald trump and maybe we could work this out. host: what kind of help do you think she needs? he hung up. the skill to john next in connecticut -- let's go to john next in connecticut. caller: good morning. host: we are going to get a delay if you do not turn the volume down. go ahead. we will go on to john in beaverton, oregon, democrats line. caller: this is john from
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beaverton. , there is a misunderstanding about jihad. in a primary sense is an inner struggle. in terms of this is religious, one of the things that people are not listening to their religious leaders. 2003, pope john paul ii had over 230 religious leaders that out of their gathering they had a document called the pledge for peace. in one of those, they all said they denounced terrorism in the name of religion. and then finally, here in , whatnd, on our max happened? it was not a muslim being slas
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hed. it was catholics and others who stood up for someone who was a muslim. host: john is up early in beaverton, oregon., on the prime minister theresa may saying enough is enough. she spoke outside of 10 downing street 2.5 hours ago. [video clip] >> we cannot and must not pretend that things can continue as they are. things need to change and they need to change in for important ways. first, while the recent attacks are not connected by, networks, the common networks, they are connected in one important sense. bound together by islamist extremism that preaches preaches separation,
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and promotes separatism. human rights are incompatible with radical islam. is an ideology that is a perversion of islam and a perversion of the truth. defeating this ideology is one of the great challenges of our time. but it cannot be defeated through military intervention alone. it will not be defeated through the maintenance of a permanent defensive counterterrorism wevertion, ho skillful its leaders or practitioners. it will only be defeated when we turn people's minds away from violence and make them ,nderstand that our values pluralistic british values, are superior to anything offered by the preachers and supporters of hate. host: her comments outside of 10 downing street earlier this morning, responding to the attacks not too far from where
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she lives. in a statement issued a moment ago from president donald j. trump following a phone conversation that he had with theresa may, it reads as follows. trump spokeald j. minister of the united kingdom today for the . the president offered his condolences for the brutal terror attacks on june 3 in central london. the heroic response of police about the first responders and offered the full support of united states government in investigating and bring those responsible for these heinous acts of justice." caller: president trump wasn't even an office three month before he went to go to war with several countries. we need to just mind our own business like some of the viewers that called them. it's not about religion.
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let me get this out. think about this country here. people learn to be terrorists from the country we live in. what about the 40's and 60's where black people for just being black were bombed? host: let me stop you there. you're the third or fourth caller that has called in on this. have we not moved on? caller: look at the white policeman killing black guys on the street. these guys be standing up with their hands up in the air running away. no, sir. history repeats itself. this is still going on right now. black men are being killed. i'm not trying to make this a racist thing. black men are being killed here right the united states and what happens? all the police have got to do is say i feel intimidated. host: i understand that point. can be seriously draw the connection to what is terrific
7:41 am
in chicago and elsewhere to what we see from these claiming islam from the london killings and elsewhere? caller: one person is just as important as a thousand. host: i agree. caller: when one person gets killed for doing nothing, for going to the store and mighty their own business, it's just as bad as five or six in a different country. let me say this before you cut me off. right now, let's a set, you cannot look over history. history is here. this boy down. , he went toolina that church and talked about religion. these were christian black people in a church praying, monday may business. what did this one white boy do? go in there and shoot them. you don't think that is horrific? host: no question about that. you mentioned what happens in the 50's and 60's. i'm wondering if we has a country had moved beyond that major you moved your
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point. caller: if you see people getting killed for being a certain religion or color, how can we move on? the matter race, creed, or color, you can walk out on the streets and be safe.that is moving on . you can't be safe. i'm not going to predict anything. right now, if the police was out here and a black man was walking thistreets and he decided black man was a threat to him, he can shoot them. you have looked and seemed what i've seen. you have seen black men getting killed all of this country and why? what do they do? that's not horrific? unless you walk in these people shoes, you cannot understand what i'm saying. host: let me ask you this. how do we as a society move beyond random killings because
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of race or because of one's religious beliefs? how do we do that? caller: how do we do that? you look to god and say everybody on this earth, all around this world, god put them here. everybody has a place in a position here. or group ofnality people should tell other people what to do. especially america. -- can we tell people other other people how to be upright when people this country are not being treated right? we talk about isis. people talk about isis is barbaric. you don't think what is happening in this country is barbaric? host: kathleen, thank you very much for the call. carol has this tweet. "i don't understand where all the hate toward our own country is coming from. one of they just leave the u.s. and see how they like it?" gary is next. caller: yes, this wave of
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terrorist attacks has become quite cyclical. we see the same standard responses. pray for london, pray for paris, more love, more diversity. it doesn't seem to be working, does it? maybe we have had our fill of diversity. maybe people are starting to think that your daughter having a knife plunged in her chest is not sufficient. it is overly costly for some people. madison andread grant. this was all predictable. the lady there that just called about african-americans being killed in the streets, well, the arab slave trade far exceeded the atlantic slave trade. arabs had blacks in chains for several centuries longer than whites did. you can go to libya now.
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go to libya today. in the muslim world, openly selling slaves. not your phony oppression in the west about a police officer being mean to you. slave trade in the muslim world. host: gary, thanks for your call. president trump with a series of tweets in the last 12 hours, initially exposing his condolences for the terror attacks in london, and then turning his attention to the travel ban. this tweet was issued a short while ago by the president. you can follow him at real donald trump. it reads as follows. that is from president trump earlier today. at from claremont, kentucky, good morning. are you with us? we will try one more time for
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ed. i think we lost you. i apologize for that. patrick from carnegie, pennsylvania, good morning. caller: good morning. how are you? host: fine, thank you. caller: the american people need to wake up. the present of the united states signs of multibillion-dollar military package with the saudi arabian government. let me be very clear. its front and center in the global support of the system. is a system that is proliferating the extremist ideology that is now destroying the entire western world internally. when you send out billions upon billions of dollars to produce s, designed specifically to indoctrinate children in this insane ideology, and the a make
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and people allow our government -- the inner good people allow allow ourpeople government to accept bribe money rather than shutting them off. moderate islamic governments around the world cannot even compete with this. what the saudi arabian government does is send out billions of dollars to produce institutionsigious and then they require their clerics from saudi arabia to come. 17 of the 19get hijackers from saudi arabia -- came from saudi arabia. all this was covered up conveniently because of military contracts and sovereign debt that the saudi arabian government is holding over the united states. this insanity -- the american
7:48 am
people need to put this to a halt. host: let me share with you some tweets. -- "take aways the imagery of god and religion and what excuse does anyone have to kill other human beings?" this -- "how many debt from the u.s. due to gun crimes in the last 12 months?" buys president following up on president trump's tweet -- vice mike pence following up on president trump tweet. patrick from carnegie, pennsylvania, good morning. caller: how are you this morning? it is absolutely insane what we are dealing with. the saudi arabian government signed this incredibly huge military contract in order to take control over the geopolitical narrative with united states and to ensure that nothing is going to be done when
7:49 am
withare front and center the global expansion of islamic extremism. they send out billions of dollars to nations all over the ross to produce these much adrasas and temples to indoctrinate children. let's be clear. 17 of these hijackers on 9/11 were saudi arabian. we need to end all relations with the saudi arabia government and be very clear and make this happen. host: let's get back to some more stories. this is from "the london sun." eight minutes of terror, three terrorists dead after shouting "this is for allah." you can check pictures out on the website to give you a sense
7:50 am
of what it looked like as the scene was unfolding. this is another one just outside of where the van was k locate. they stormed the bridge in a van and hopped out and began to use their knives, killing many of those in the pub and restaurant district next to the london bridge. is good -- let's go to george in college park, maryland. caller: i think a lot of the anger is due to no reconciliation by the colonization that one on. that of people seem angry this blanket we should forget about statement or idea that we should get over everything. it seems free hard for a lot of people, especially in areas where they are still suffering from the ramifications of colonization's and the continued involvement from nations now.
7:51 am
it's kind of hard for them to just get over it. host: from "the sunday telegraph," carnage across london as terrorists strike again. our next color is jeff. caller: think you for taking my call. call as to this a islamic extremists, at least president obama avoided the term because it has nothing to do with islam. islam is under the biggest threat from mistreatmen extremis like isil. theirs not there wer religion. is the best position of it. g tosame things happenin christianity. christ says i wash the sins from them. the biggest danger we face from this country is the rise of the alt-right. that is the two close claims political wing.
7:52 am
their extremism is based off christianity, but we do not refer to it as extremist christianity because it's not christianity. is a bastardized nation of christianity. they are leaving good christians slaughter. -- they are leaving good christians the slaughter. they think the government sends are there since. if you read the bible, it's not my religion. it's yours. jesus says ilo and saves the sins -- i alone save the sins of others. religion is the problem. host: "the london daily mail" says terror strike london bridge. your take on all this? caller: good morning. my name is joe. host: go ahead, joe. presidents,of our john quincy adams, he has a good
7:53 am
saying what he says, "patience and perseverance has a magical effect before which does the difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish." we have to practice kindness toward our fellow u.s. citizens and we have to be more united and we will overcome this difficulty. new yorkm "the ar times," the piece reads as following. these are some of the scenes courtesy from getty images. british prime minister theresa may saying "enough is enough."
7:54 am
she and the labour party leader saying they have suspended campaigning until tomorrow. crystal springs, mississippi, good morning. caller: how are you? when are people going to realize that we have got to have a travel ban here in the united states? this is exactly what's happening over in europe right now. they are letting these people come in. thousands of thousands of people coming in all the time. also, why did the black skid calling in about this freaking thing happening six years ago? why can't they accept the fact that we moved on from that and they continue to bring up that crap every freaking morning? it's always about whites being racist of blacks. if she would look out the corner of her house, she would see blacks killing blacks every single day and all they worry
7:55 am
about his police. gottene card's go old. host: from north myrtle beach, democrats line, good morning. caller: how are you doing? host: fine, how are you? caller: doing great. -- wantedy one to say to say that i believe along with the internet and stuff like that that the radicalization is starting at home. they have some of these young .ids that go around and stuff and all thatnd stuff -- my gosh, people. why weren't the christians banned in europe during the crusades? you know, hundreds of years ago.
7:56 am
it starts at home. i hate to see what happened in london. i hate to see what happened in belgium and all these other places. and i will tell you something, like i said, it starts at home. it's the radicalization of -- justhat i don't know want to be part of something. that's exactly what it is. host: thank you for weighing in. from "the washington post," president donald trump arguing in favor of his controversial travel ban as london authorities respond to reports of an attack saturday evening. the trump administration asked the supreme court to immediately reinstate its ban on travelers from six mostly muslim countries and refugees from anywhere in the world. the administration argues that the u.s. will be safer the policies put in place. lower courts have blocked the trump policy.
7:57 am
the legal fight pitting the president's authority over immigration against what lower courts have said is reportedly about national security but is intended to target muslims. from great britain, this headline from "the observer" as the twin terror attack striking london on the eve of the election. kathleen, good morning. caller: my comment is this here. as an american citizen, i know that we would not be welcomed anywhere in the world that we welcome people here. we have boundaries here. we have rules and regulations just like every other country in the world. i don't understand why they are not observed. that is one of my comments. another, but keeps bothering me over and over again and a lot of the politicians do not put this forward as the lady that was on before, she is disparaging the police officers. i like to know she is concerned about all the killings that have pastgoing on over the eight years, especially with president obama in the white house, in her home state of
7:58 am
illinois, chicago. we have all the killings that go on in baltimore, all these minority communities that no one is rescuing these people. as a police officer they put their lives on the line every single day. they don't go out in the morning and say i'm going out this morning and i'm going to be dead by the end of the day. there are rules to follow and i don't understand why it's not projected over and over again. when you are stopped by law enforcement, you put your hands up. they don't know what's going on in your mind or what you are going to be doing next. they have families to go home to. enough is enough with what's going on in this country. we as americans need to stand up for this country. we go around defending everybody in the world and there's no one protecting or defec defending u. host: our last caller is from vermont. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call.
7:59 am
i've to brief statements. the coverage i see often regarding terrorism doesn't necessarily address the concept that sometimes motivates the terror attacks, being honor killings and essentially the understanding of the people initiating these attacks feel that for whatever reason they are benefiting, whether it is their god or people in general, by killing the people that they are targeting. i feel like that is not often something that is localized. second, just regarding president trump, i have a heart for that man in the sense that i don't think you can really obviously please everyone no matter what choice. if you did not air on the side of caution and try to initiate youtravel ban, i feel like would be much more harshly criticized for not trying to take any action. i feel like those are two
8:00 am
prominent pieces. just a lot of people vocalizing and watching these comments, i need to focus on our country. to initiate that, i feel like terrorism is a piece of that. that we choose not to address, regarding things like chemicals, toxins and food, and injustice with poverty and those things. i feel like there is such a broad spectrum in our country that we don't address, and i think terrorism is one of those pieces. those are my comments, thank you for taking my call. andrea, thank you. we turn our attention to the elections in great britain with labour and the conservatives. up next, bill press, his radio talk show runs coast-to-coast, and terry jeffrey will be joining us at the bottom of the hour, a syndicated columnist and the editor of cns news.


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