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tv   Washington Journal Steven Erlanger Discusses British General Election  CSPAN  June 4, 2017 9:06am-9:15am EDT

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conversation, we will take care calls, tweets and questions on literal career. watch it live from noon to 3:00 p.m. eastern today. ♪ c-span, where history unfolds daily. in 1979, c-span was created as a public service by american television cable companies. it is brought to you today by your cable or satellite provider. >> "washington journal" continues. host: the headline this morning from the sunday telegraph, the carnage in london as terrorists strike again. the death toll remaining at seven, 28 others injured. joining us live from london is steven erlanger on a busy
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sunday, thank you. guest: you too. host: 12 people have been arrested from scotland yard and the metropolitan police in london. we heard from the prime minister earlier saying, and not is enough. how is this story unfolding over the last hours? guest: it has gone very quickly. from the time the police got the emergency call, to the time they killed the three assailants was about three minutes. it was a night of great confusion. and in the middle of an election campaign, which is important for theresa may, where the polls have been narrowing. she has had to balance this carefully. she met her security committee she came outand
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with aggressive statements in the name of the nation saying that britain had coddled radical, islamic extremism for too long and she wanted to redeem britain counterterrorism strategies. she praised the rapid work of the emergency services of the police, which was extraordinary, and i'm sure saved many lives, but she argued that there is too much safe space for radical islam x -- islamists recruiting on the internet and within communities in britain, and she wants to work to minimize that space. host: you and others have been reporting on what they refer to as low-tech but high-profile attacks. we sell it happened in manchester, england, last month, and westminster as a car plowed down the street, injuring and killing many more. is there anything that
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law-enforcement officials can do to prevent this? guest: well, they work pretty well here. spent the march episode, when this guy throw down the westminster bridge in what seemed to be the model for saturday night's attack, but they found five and disrupted the plots, and two more gotten through. ae one in manchester was pretty sophisticated suicide bombing. this one was different. it is hard in britain to get guns, ammunition, and these three men had more than nine and it could have been much worse. what connects them seems to me at least is the kind of do-it-yourself model, using what is at hand, but we do not know that much about this group of people yet. host: we are talking with steven
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erlanger via skype with "the new york times," let's turn our attention to the election. jeremy corbyn, the head of the labour party, and british prime minister theresa may, both announcing they will suspended campaigning and it will resume tomorrow. the polls are tightening in that race great what can you tell us -- grace. what can you tell us? guest: the polls are all over. there is no question she called it three years early, it was a snap election, and people are upset with the voting here. her approval rating has gone way down. she has had a terrible campaign and a very edgy campaign, and jeremy corbyn, who some people have regarded as a left-wing nut has had a good campaign. and he has calm,
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appealed to voters with a left-wing platform, which promises to attack the relatively rich and upper-middle-class, and make for new socialy benefits. since that got cold, the suggestion of the conservative lead range from 12 points down to one or two points, and in britain, the electoral system, the national vote total doesn't matter. 650s the system in each of constituencies, but trying to judge from where we are is difficult, given the polls, the turnout, and it looks like theresa may is still on course thein, but not with overwhelming landslide she thought she would get when she called the election. it is hard to say. host: let me ask you about your
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piece inside the new york times befor labor, a mild loss may involved for jeremy corbyn -- explain the premise. guest: it would not be bad for jeremy corbyn because there are a lot of people who are collected for the labour party, do not like of them jeremy corbyn and tried to oust him. they were defeated by a couple labour party memberships. leftbelieve he is too far and tools, and to dr. neher to bring labor back to power. some of them were hoping if this election went badly, it would prove that a hard left labour party would never go to empower and they could use this to get rid of mr. corbyn and his supporters. i think partly because of theresa may's weakness and he
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has had such a good campaign, even if the labour party loses, it will not lose so badly that it will decide this great battle going on inside the party between those who really want it to be a more hard left social movements, and those who want to throw it back to the center, the way tony blair did, to try to get back to downing street. host: final question, how much interest is there in this election? you said voters are growing tired of constant voting, so what are you sensing across the country? guest: there is a lot of interest among young people, who tend to be in favor jeremy corbyn. old people tend to be in favor of theresa may. a lot on social media tends to be younger people who are much more passionate. we will see what the turnout is like. theresa may is arguing it is all
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about samhsa, -- all about , you have -- brexit to trust her to get the best deal when it leaves the european union. corbyn is less and the length. the people who tried to push another referendum on brexit has had little traction. it is a little hard to tell. a certain amount of exhaustion and theresa may has tried to make this into some sort of existential choice but i do not think the british people are buying it that way. host: you have had a busy day in half, we appreciate you spending time with us and we will look to your reporting online at and why and -- at thank you for being with us. guest: thank you. host: we went to welcome charlie r


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