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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  June 4, 2017 9:41am-10:01am EDT

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happen on thursday? i/o my diplomatic career to not making irreconcilable -- i owe my diplomatic career to not making irreconcilable forecast, but i agree with stephen are longer that -- with steve or longer -- steven organizethat they will the government and i think her steadfast support, as i have said, channeling her in a margaret thatcher, is in this they of tragedy will help her in that regard. host: thank you for stopping by. with the grandow corporation serving as the international vice president and a representative in a number of countries, including grace. the story from london -- the death toll at 7, 48 others
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injured, and the associated peopleeporting that 12 have been arrested. we want to get back to your phone calls on the terror attacks in london. 202 is the area code. 748-8001 for republicans. (202)-748-8000 for democrats. if you are an independent, the number to call is (202)-748-8002 . the british prime minister speaking to reporters earlier today, and last month after the terror attacks in london, she had this to say. [video clip] weresa may: these images hold in our minds should not be those of senseless slaughter that of the ordinary men and women who were concerned about their own safety and put it to one side and rushed to help, or the men and women of the emergency services, who worked to bring comfort, to help and to save lives. solidarityages of and hope of all those who open their homes to the victims, for
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they are the images that embodied the spirit of manchester and the spirit of britain, a spirit that to years of conflict and terrorism, has never been broken and will never be broken. of thehe comments british prime minister, that was last month after the terror attacks in manchester, this is the third to hit britain in a couple of days before the election for this thursday, polls showing that race is tightening. reaction toet your the events and what it means for the u.s. and u.k. we have been hearing from the president. this is a story from the guardian, world leaders were quick to send messages of support to the u.k., even as the events were unfolding. emmanuel macron, which france sharedly shared its own of terror attacks, said his nation was more than ever at the side of the u.k.
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canadian prime minister directing canadians in need of support to official channels. not all leaders were greeted warmly, u.s. president donald trump was accused of political opportunism, after tweeting the london attacks helped to the case for a muslim travel ban. the president tweeting overnight -- we need to be smart, vigilant and tough, we need the court to give us back our rights, we need the travel ban as a next her level of safety. that is from the guardian newspaper. let's get to your phone calls, outcome in arizona, good morning -- malcolm in arizona. good morning. caller: good morning and thanks for taking my call, in response to what the president spoke of regarding needing a travel ban, i object to that and thought it was inappropriate at the time, especially with what was going on. what i do suggest is renewed more tolerance for our neighbors
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and become more of a global citizen. breakingour president these important alliances that have been important to our democracy, our foundation and our friendship with these other countries is somewhat weakening our stand in the world. that is my comments. host: thank you, malcolm. this is the headline from the washington post -- the death whole is seven, theresa may insisting things need to change, adding enough is enough. the story begins with the death toll rising to seven halloween the latest terror attacks to strike britain, with prime minister theresa may blaming what she calls the evil ideology of islamist extremism. the police commissioner confirming seven people were killed and began with a man that that mode-- a van down pedestrians.
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the told by the latest not include the three who were killed by police. -- the death toll is not include the three who were killed by police. from illinois, good morning. welcome to the program. caller: good morning. my heart goes out to the people of england in regards to the current bombings that have occurred. i am looking at a broader picture as we try to understand what the pattern would be in having the bombings in france right before the election and now the bombings in london before the election, and wondering, have we taken a deeper dive to see how they are planning on how to sway these elections and what the purpose of swaying them would be? i would like someone to comment on that. host: thank you for your call, , the london bridge
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terror, those in the van were traveling at 60 miles per hour, and then moving along with knives to injure others on the way. good morning from virginia. caller: thank you for taking my call. i extend my condolence to those unfortunate people in england, but being an american citizen, i have not heard anything from the trump administration republican party about the act carried out by the hate group that support donald trump a couple weeks ago, when those two young ladies on the us and a couple people lost their lives for that. in the a lot of problems united states, and i didn't hear anything to condemn those terrible acts. donald trump, all he does is divide us and create tapes. we need to start looking at actions at home. thank you for taking my call. host: vice president mike pence
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with this tweet -- our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, the first responders and all the people of london. president trump said -- we are with you. byron is joining us from tennessee. good morning. caller: good morning. on the wondering, how come they don't have this problem in china, north korea, they do not have this problem with islamic radicals, why is that? host: we will go on to kevin from london, england, watching us on the bbc channel, terror strikes the london bridge, that is the headline from the london journal. how far away where you, kevin? caller: about one mile. host: tell us what you heard or saw. caller: i saw lots of police cars in that direction and i could hear helicopters throughout the night.
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and watching the news, we knew what was going on. -- we are not terrified. we are shocked, disgusted, upset, but we are not angry at the muslim community. when that irony -- when the ira hit london a couple years ago, everyone knows i am irish, and no one said to me, go home. i am not telling my muslim neighbor to go home. every terrorist attack we have had has been committed by homegrown muslims, not from other countries. if you say for them to go home, you are telling them to go home in england. these all of us do not hate the community, that is not the way to go. host: do you think what happened last night will have an impact on the boat thursday in your country? -- on the vote thursday in your country?
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, they maye right-wing gain some votes, but i hope that these parties suspend campaigning to the day. we have heard enough politics as it is. would suspend the campaign now and quietly wait for next thursday and we go quietly to the voting booths and both the democratic way and let's get on with it. host: you are about one mile from london bridge, are things calmer or what are you seeing? caller: sorry? host: now that it is midafternoon in great britain, are things calmer? thisr: i was at mass morning, and people were quietly taking in what happened yesterday. there was no sense of panic, everyone is upset and
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distressed, because it was a brooding attack, and knowing is time to say it wasn't, but no one is running around in fear. business as usual, in a way, our hearts are bleeding for these good people, but we are not cowards. host: thank you for the call. we got a tweet from mary, beautiful call from the u.k., dutifully said, kevin. from bristol, england, good morning. caller: how is it going? host: fine, thank you. how are you doing? caller: not bad. very quick because i know there's is not much time in the show, idolater and grandchildren live in london, so i am concerned about them. i graduate in go to school, so there is this deep concern on their safety. having said that, we had the election this week, it will not,
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in any way, influence the way in which i vote. i intend to go out and carry on with normal, everyday life. that is all i can say. host: thank you. virginia next from pennsylvania, good morning. caller: i am concerned about the fact that every time president initiate safety regulations on the country, the democrats fight back against him. i was wondering, do they live in an ivory tower that they think they're immune to terrorism or are they got stupid that they -- are they that stupid that they do not realize countries all over the world are under attack? it does not make sense to me why they keep fighting our president. host: thank you. i want to follow up because we had an earlier caller that made
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reference to what happened in oregon, claiming the president did not respond to that grade we want to be clear and have between to show you, he responded saying, "the violent attacks in oregon on friday are unacceptable. the victims were standing up to hate and intolerance. our prayers are with them. we wanted to put that -- i with them." we wanted to put that out there. our next caller is from london. caller: i agree with what donald trump was saying, that we need to stop eating politically correct. this is the third incident in months. theresa may the same the same thing essentially. london today, but i changed them because i do not feel safe. host: she said earlier, enough is enough. but in the british government -- what can the british government do that they have not done so far? back to what the
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guest was saying earlier, that that is just the british stance. i grew up in america but i live in london now, and it is one thing to say enough is enough, but unless you put something strategic and change things, then these things continue to happen. host: i want to share with you from the times of london, and editorial available on its website that reads in part -- terror came appallingly close to the sunday times last night. we watched in horror as emergency vehicles swarmed in and reports of injuries and possible patella days reaching us on our doorstep. members of our own staff were witnesses to the attack in our chief editor had to leave out of harms way. he was not hurt. it is possible timing was no coincidence, coming on the eu of theconcert, mourning victims of the manchester
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bombing, and only five days before the general election, our the merchants of death is that britain will not be cowed and democracy will prevail. caller: first, i went to say i am sorry -- i want to say i am sorry to everybody in the terror attacks in london and europe. whynnot understand everybody wants to blame president trump everything that is happening. if people would just understand -- i understand there is a lot of good people that come over and are refugees. who do theirple mandy moore, and -- that team -- more, we would not be
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having this problem, and a lot of people want to step up and blame president trump for their problems. president trump has nothing to do with what is going on with all the bombings and all the terrorism. like here in the united states, the ban, i am 100% for the ban. he wants to protect the united states. people like that would do the same thing and a lot of the terrorism would stop. forgetnother tweet -- we that terrorism is something the u.k. and eu has been doing with far longer than we have. iana grandee about ar has posted photos of her meeting with the victims last month. next is the owner from london -- fiona from london, england.
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caller: hello, i would like to note the professionalism and speed of our emergency services. related to that, we talk about the ideology. do you feel that some of these platforms, like facebook, that allow this vile propaganda, should that not beer upon -- should that not be responsible in some part? host: what is your message? london is open for business. i am happy to go out tonight. i live here. we have had that things in the lm, carryis keep ca on. to your president, i would say -- i could say many things, but i do have this feeling that some of these big internet giants responsibility for things that if they were
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published, they would be actionable. host: john, you get the last word for missouri. if you could be brief. good morning. caller: i would like to point s are sittingain ducks. if a truck is bombed, you cannot do much, but if people are stopping people, if citizens of carryn were allowed to guns, like we are in many states here, it is very likely [indiscernible] the gun control in chicago has got the strictest gun-control in the country and it also has the most shootings. there is a direct relationship, or guns, less crime. arethe residents sheeplike. i feel sorry they got hit with this. host: we will leave it there. gave you to all of you who
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us your comments on a busy day. a busy week ahead as congress returns. tomorrow, two reporters on the frontlines of covering washington, will be here to talk about congress and the hearing that will take place with the former fbi director. haveour money segment will anthony clark, author of the last campaign, that is tomorrow morning, live on c-span. also, on c-span radio. "newsmakers" will becoming up next. we hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. have a great weekend. ♪ [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017]
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>> text, newsmakers with arthur brooks. trump's announcement that he is withdrawing the united states from the paris climate change agreement. debatehat, a free-speech on campus. >> is the resident of the nearly 80-year-old american enterprise institute. he is the author of 11 books. his latest is "the conservative heart." i am pleased to have at the table mark fisher, senior editor of "the washington post." and the


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