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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  June 5, 2017 9:40am-10:04am EDT

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>> c-span, where history unfolds daily. was created as a public service by america's companies and n praut to you today by your cable provider.te >> "washington journal" continues. host: and it is open phones end the program at 10:00 this morning. we want to hear from you about on your c policy issue mind. democrat consist call in at 202-748-8000. 202-748-8001. independents, 202-748-8002. as you are calling in, breaking news story this morning, here is about a ews story police investigating a shooting multiple monday with fatalities, according to story noting orange county sheriff office responded to a shooting in the
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road, the sythe scene has been stabilized. dead.ple people week before the anniversary of massacre.nightclub there is more updates over the minutes, the next 20 we'll bring you that. phone lines are yours. we want to hear from you. up first in wakefield, new hampshire shire, line for democrats. morning. caller: good morning. i appreciate you taking my call. i enjoyed your reading of the few months ago on c-span and one thing i think, mistaken, it says the president shall uphold the laws states.united and with -- i consider the cartel, ting like drug washington, colorado, etcetera, sessions he get jeff to crack down on these guys, issue indictments and maybe some of these governors, that , state legislators
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are openly breaking federal law? n the constitution, if he's supposed to uphold the law, i don't see wiggle room for him to get out of that. the united states, not just for a couple states that are the united nt to states. i'd like to see some discussion nd maybe you have some panelists to discuss this ecause it is never being discussed on c-span. host: let me ask you, talking i assume.juana laws, why -- what concerns you about country laws in this and where this ends up going, what track we're on when it comes to marijuana use in this country? pediatric rican has said that shouldn't be allowed. and it is against federal law, no known drug with benefit. i just don't understand. if it is a federal law, the
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should uphold that federal law. the united states is more than california and washington, a few other states, but it never seems to it never seems to come up for discussion. originally, it was for glaucoma, chemo patients and of course transformed into just walking around smoking pot. that is a great use of approximation. host: fred with his thoughts this morning. va ughan is up next, line for democrats. good morning. are you with us? caller: yeah, hi. host: go ahead. just think that this whole immigration thing is america is based on every culture is a busy and keeping muslims out, t is ridiculous, muslims are valuable as humans and contributors to the world.
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extremists are different, have nothing to do with islam actually ople should read the koran, because it is valid religion, just liketremists are extreme christians, insane nothing to do e with islam or anything like that, you know. ahead, didn't mean to cut you off. ridiculous. host: the president tweeting this morning about efforts to ban. travel he wrote just before 7:00 this morning, people, the lawyers and it what they l want, i'm calling it what we need and what it is aa travel ban. the justice department should have stayed with the original ban.l the justice department should ask for expedited hearing of the before down travel ban the supreme court and seek tougher version. tweeting again just before 7:00,
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any event, we are extreme vetting people coming into the united states to keep our country safe. are slow and political. just a few minutes ago, the president with another tweet morning. tweeting at fox and friends this morning saying, democrats are aking forever to approve my people, including ambassadors, obstructionist, want approvals, is what the president wrote. that is on the president's mind morning. dale up next, line for independents, what is on your mind? yeah, hi. i was hoping to get you on memorial day. about the all volunteer army and encourage people to write their senators and d encourage them to have honest discussion about whether democracy should have all-volunteer army. voluntary army is fine for first it reminds me of days you could buy your way out out of eb t or scription. three reasons, one, it is
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undemocratic. two, when you are only have a of less than ut wealthy people, you don't have the same response from congress. a hink if we have regular-draft army that unlike thanam, no exception other for health, we wouldn't have been spend it would go years in humvees in iraq and afghanistan because there would have been outrage that had effect, not outrage. army, y, all volunteer using reserve for second wave, like we did in iraq and afghanistan. have reserves, you're using reserve for regular replacements and i think when we went to iraq, we should have draft to have real reserve and couldn't change as stuckary instead of being where we're at. i'll let you respond. ost: dale, if there is mandatory service, how long should it be? service d be mandatory
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for? caller: mandatory service should e for -- well, doesn't have mandatory peacetime. i would like from my personal iew, like to see any time they deploy more than 5 or 10,000 into a new conflict, they should immediately initiate draft and start training their just in case things don't go well, shock and awe it?'t go well, did host: men and women? caller: men and women, yes. thing, i don't think -- there is no reason for people like ng haliburton to pay for meals for guys. is atizing the military waste of taxpayer money and undemocratic. combat, i'm kind of and i combat, that depends what combat you are talking about, talking about infantry, that should be
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all men because i want somebody big and strong to carry me off battlefield. talking about fighter pilot, helicopter pilot, if women are to do that, fine. ut all these jobs being filled with private contractors are mostly jobs, probably could be by petite people if it had to be. host: dale in maryland, thoughts phones. we want to hear yours. democrats, 202-748-8000. 202-748-8001. independents, 202-748-8002. phones for the next 12 minutes until the program ends morning. michael in d.c., line for democrats. go ahead. aller: i voted for trump, democrat. something that surprised me, culture impact that has on policy. t is shocking we can drop illegal immigration by 50 or 60% without passing any huge
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bills that would do that. so i wanted to know if you had a comment on the effect culture of the president has on the bills the laws or even on and effectiveness of that. you so, michael, what do continuing has been from resident trump, what are you crediting? guest: i don't know, trying to figure that out. the law itself, hasn't been vast change to the law, ust a cultural change in america. host: my question, explain the cultural change, as you see it caller: i feel like america is sending more stronger message we don't welcome illegal immigration, not as much as in the past. immigration, both sides are trying to communicate immigration, egal but i think the trump side is really trying to communicate longer immigration is no welcome here. i'm a little shocked how effective it has been to culturally g that
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without sign anything real legislation. so -- host: michael sthere another area of public policy that cultural communication, you impact, as have well? think there is a lot of opportunity for moral when it comes to military. when it opportunity comes to looking at food stamps and public, the way we're public people with assistance. i if any culture or if change in culture can have this impact without signing legislation, hen perhaps trump should look at using culture in other ways to get people off food stamps, unemployment without actually signing the dotted line hat forces people off the systems. my question, are there cultural that the pact the way .s. works, the way our laws work and not actual like bottom line policy signatures, bottom
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host: michael, you're a donald , you voted for trump. like about the democra democrats? caller: i know, i've been a democrat my whole life. this is the first time i crossed the line, took a lot of heat on both sides really. you know, a lot of people on the right thought that i waited too on the a lot of people left thought i was out of my t democra democrats? caller: i know, i've been a democrat my whole life. this is the first time mind. democrats are trying to get back grass-roots of helping the blue collar guy, the faster they get back, the faster they vote again. host: john in goose creek, south carolina, line for independents. morning. caller: yeah, good morning. yeah, i would like to agree with that called from maryland as far as draft goes. you think back during vietnam, you didn't see a lot of attention paid to getting out of until the college kids were getting drafted in large numbers. started, then you had biff and lance's mom and dad scared their little boy was
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going to get shot over there and they put an end to it. to remind ike everybody that in 1942, on this we were in battle of midway and a lot of decent, people died so that we could call on the phone and it.e devil about host: john, did you serve in the military, john? was in the 17th calvary, during the age of nixon, long ago. it wasn't real popular then, but that everybody can serve. if you don't want to carry a gun, you can drive an ambulance, truck, you can assist in all kinds of ways for support. don't have to be on the front line. i think everybody should have skin in the game, i really that.e host: how long were you deployed, john? deployed, i was lucky enough that i fought the of fayetteville, i didn't
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go overseas. creek, south oose carolina. oan rochester, line for democrats. caller: good morning to you. one thing that i remember hearing on t.v. just in the last several months was bannon said would -- the united states into the ground. i think he's doing a good job. i believe that he's the puppeteer and trump is the i think that trump is wonderful and doesn't realize he is being used unpleasant and undemocratic and unpatriotic country.r this i think people need to wake up and trump needs to wake up, this is not his friend and he is not a friend of the united states. e is a fascist, and things are
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not going as well as american people prefer and i think everybody needs to take a good that.t i thank you for letting me comment on that. the president tweeting this morning, just a few minutes ago, doubling down his criticism of the london mayor. president's tweet from 9:49 this morning. pathetic excuse by london mayor, who had to think fast on his no alarmed statement, the main-stream media is working hard to sell it. beginning his criticism of the london mayor in of the terrorist attack over the weekend. second y, this is his tweet on the london mayor in the past 24 hours, there is a picture of him there. john in west chester, pennsylvania, line for republicans, go ahead. caller: hi. i have questions, i never hear talking about what to do to reduce
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the debt. do, : what do we need to john? caller: pardon me? host: what should we be doing? caller: well, what i've when i gotther times through was the only people that have money are the corporations reason we have such big collecting topped in 2006.orporate tax it is time to reinstate that and retroactive to 1/1/16, money in the bank. host: ken neth, buffalo, new york, line for democrats, go ahead, open phone. go ahead. hello. just wanted to add my support to the previous callers concerning the all volunteer army. i'm combat veteran of the korean believe that it is too
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to wars end troops off when they are mercenaries, like a ly for somebody dodger t who is a draft and it is also the cost. what it must e cost to put soldier in the field when i was in to the army because we did ourselves. for we cooked our own meals, washed etcetera.lothes, democratizingreat experience. everybody should have to go in the army and learn to live all people who come from different parts of the country that's all vito say. i know it will never happen, but agree with the previous
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callers, i think it should happen. host: got your point. just a few minutes left in open phones. one story remind you of, story will be hearing about this week. panel wants comey to hell his headline in the "u.s.a. today," previewing james appearance, former f.b.i. appearance before the senate intelligence committee, thursday, 10 a.m., we will show it live on c-span will show it on that morning.s we'll talk ahead of it this week. mitch up next, line for democrats, good morning. morning.good my only comment is that there political issues implicated by terrorist attack like this. is, gun control and the big tree general
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against islam. if you notice, he has tweeted in the wake ofgs advocated for funs are not that bad, look what can happen with a knife. he basically dug himself pretty own lawyers a deep hole by tweeting, we need a igger travel ban because this behavior, him manifesting true ban tion beyond the travel will come back to bite him if it s revealed none of the terrorists were from the countries. what incompetent fool that, is my statement. the president now with 11 those nt tweets since attacks in london over the weekend. gain, his latest criticizing the london mayor, this story from the hill yesterday after he first tweet criticizing the london mayor. the headline, i have more
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to do than ings respond to trump's ill-informed tweet, statement from the london spokesman. virginia.llpepper, independent, go ahead. caller: i'm in the green party. one of olicy, i think the first things we have to do act because atriot it is unpatriotic and unamerican. antidemocratic, it's privacy our right to and other constitutional rights. i'm concerned for the fate of our nation. i think above all, we have to anderve the right to decent the right to protest because as study showed a couple years ago, this is no longer eally a democracy, it is a corporate tocracy. my bumper sticker says, this is democracy, it is oxen. most politicians are sold off to highest st bidder, the
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corporate donors. host: and b.b., before you go, attack in london has sparked online socialbout media sharing sites as places extremist groups can communicate or share probganda on the to push back areas. are you concerned about that in london? of caller: you know, these groups going to communicate however -- i don't want to clamp down on social media. i mean, the cia and nsa is media,ring all the social they have hundreds of thousands of people monitoring it, so going to stop that. people are going to communicate people's right to communicate. yeah. b.b., point you to the op
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ed page of the "wall street journal," lead editorial there this morning. jihad returns to britain, ditorial board argue nothing part in that op ed, that in the wake of this attack, it is all the more reason for governments revive use of big data and surveillance to prevent attack intrusion in e civil liberty. it is in the "wall street journal" today. b.b., the last caller today in "washington journal." we'll be back tomorrow morning eastern, 4 a.m. pacific, in the meantime, have a great monday. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] [captioning performed by the
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national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] tweets from some president trump this morning on the blocked executive order on immigration. "the justice department formally asked for the ban to be put in place could the president's tweet read, "the justice department should have stayed with the original travel ban, not the water down politically correct version basement did to the supreme court. the justice department should ask for an accident at hearing of the watered down travel ban before the supreme court and seek much cover version -- tougher version! in any event, we are extreme getting people coming into the u.s. in order to keep our country safe. the courts are slow and political!" the supreme court almost always has the final say when a lower court strikes down a presidential action. also on c-span, discussion of
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climate change and the national-security implications, less than a week after the president assad to withdraw the u.s. from the paris climate -- president decided to withdraw the u.s. from the paris climate agreement. james comeyirector set to testify before a senate committee investigating russian activities in last year's election. live coverage on c-span3 thursday at 10 i talk a.m. eastern, followed by your calls and comments on social media. you can watch the hearing live on or listen live using the c-span radio app. defense secretary james madison talk about the threat of death james madison talked about the -- defense secretary james mattis talk about the threat of north korea's nuclear activities and to questions. ladies andattis: gentlemen, my primary reason for being here is to listen. my goal is


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