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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  June 6, 2017 9:32am-10:09am EDT

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e-marie: the world of state to state relations is still very important, and i think of it as world because it is the world of how do we essentially be our adversaries, and we think about a move and we try to anticipate what moves they are going to make, and that world is there, and it is very important, but equally important is what i call the world of the web, that world of criminal networks, including terrorists but also armed traffickers and drug traffickers, the world of business, increasingly great network supply chance, local corporations, and the world of nongovernmental organizations. i think of all those actors as well actors as increasingly important actors, but we don't have strategies for how to bring them together. words," son and i and i don'tlike p.m. eastern on c-span2's--
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booktv. >> "washington journal" host: continues. host:(202) 748-8001 for republicans, (202) 748-8000 for democrats, and (202) 748-8002 for independents. you can also send us a tweet@and on our -- you can also send us a and find us on facebook. richard wall saying, "the challenge comes when a man convicted of armed robbery in michigan and ohio, whose cell 2,898 records release 1 points of location data."
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host: that was the opinion of american civil liberties union attorney nathan reed wessler. if you go across on the page of "usa today," another matter of -- spring, voting rights in supreme court, voting rights in north carolina. saying -- host: this is open phones.
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our first call from delaware, democrat line, pat summitt go ahead. you are first up. yes, i had to turn the tv up, my comment is about the faa and the organization of it. i think that would be one of the biggest mistakes that was made since we had screening by private companies in the united for airlines, baggage, and all that stuff you see what happened there -- we had 9/11. i am not a fearmonger. i worked with the faa over 40 years as a pilot. i think they do need to clean up their act. there are situations where we sent them out to be the principal operating inspector at a foreign country like saudi arabia. i was there for seven years, and this guy was there for seven years also.
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they have got stuff that they need to clean up. they do spend a lot of money, and then they take -- we were going to improve all of the airports with a tax on gas, and all of a sudden that becomes part of their general funds. so they have a lot of problems. there is no doubt about that. i think you need may be one of the airport centers to go in and take over that like they have taken over homeland security with the marine corps and this stuff. privatized that you it, and it is not going to be any better. i do not think there is any way president can make that stretch. headstrong shuttle does not work anymore. privatization does not always work, especially in our country. from tom's hear command , manchester, new hampshire. good morning. caller: i am a retired air
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traffic controllers my comments on your previous guest. the problem is the system is already privatized. because of happen the contacts were certain things, the only way that the companies can do that is do that in make money is by reducing staffing. i worked in a number of facilities where they worked alone, by themselves, eight hours extended for days on the end, really. shiftks the entire themselves. that is how the government made money -- by reducing the staffing. the second factor is when you make something not a government agent the, it is not concerned safety.bout as federal controllers, we were only concerned with what worked and what was safe. there were mistakes come as your previous caller said, and they were addressed and should be
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continue to be addressed, but when you talk about airlines on the board of directors, you introduce other factors other than safety, so how it impacts the bottom line, what can be done to make the system work better for the users commit all of those things from an air traffic control stamp are kind of irrelevant. -- standpoint are kind of irrelevant. we are concerned with doing the best work we can do. gets if the privatization into place, will it affect the working hours of air traffic controllers? iller: absolutely because -- worked with a number of people who had come to the federal system from the privatized system, and their experience was contractors the made big money -- if the faa maintains everything, all the contractor does is to quietly worked for us, so the federal government will continue to maintain facilities, provide the
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oversight of the rest, all of those things will still be paid for by the federal government. the only way these contractors to make money is by reducing staffing, and i do not see how it is possible to avoid making it less safe when you put less eyes on the job. host: ok, that is tom in manchester. again, you can comment on the last segment coming can comment on anything in open phones. take a minute video of yourself, your name, affiliation, and your thoughts. in about 20 minutes, you can squeeze one in if you want to say something on the front. a couple of tweets from the thisdent on topics morning. "first and foremost, sorry, folks, but if i have to rely on the thickness of cnn, abc, nbc, cbs, "washington post," or "new york times," i would have had zero chance of one of the white
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house." "during my presenter to be middle east, i think that there can be no longer funding of radical ideology. leaders pointed to qatar -- look!" "so good to see the saudi arabia visit with the king and 50 countries already paying off. they said they would take a hard line on funding." arizona, republican line, johnny is up next. caller: hi, pedro. host: hello. caller: i have been trying to talk to you. you were asking about fraud and medicaid. i used to be a quoter, insurance, for the hospital. someonewith medicaid, can start their own business, and with medicaid, there is no fees. there is no fee, so anyone can do it, and what they do, if
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anybody has a hospital bill, you know they double bill. and what they do with the double anding is they star that, then they put in a fun, and no one collects it, well, let's have a party. when they do is go ahead and submit a claim, vegas but his identity, and it does not go by social security, name, or address. what isby the form, your billing account number? andt goes months and years, if no one claims, they never see it. our problem is not in washington, d.c. our problem is in the building right there in your town and the administrators that are running that building. host: daniel from reynoldsburg, ohio, democrats line. daniel? you are on, go ahead. i just wanted to
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say as an air traffic controller that privatizing the whole system probably is not the best idea. we already do have privatized air traffic control airports that are already in the united states. at thoseem is that places, they maintain a workforce that is far lower than what is a current air traffic control station that is ran by the faa. that is pretty much all i wanted to say. host: ok. sal from massachusetts some independent line. you are next up. caller: hi. hello? host: go ahead, you're on. caller: i want to make a comment about when donald trump went to the arlington cemetery to honor the dead soldiers, he is a draft dodger. he made me very upset that a. being a vietnam veteran
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myself. i also want to make a comment on, if he can get 200 countries to agree upon anything, the united states decided not to participate, i think that is disgraceful. this donald trump is psychotic. thank you. host: off of twitter, someone adding about the privatization settlement we did last hour, "it corporateother capture of a government agency that works well." the senate banking committee kevinwill interview hassett. "the white house has been operating without someone in the most senior economic post since donald trump's inauguration in january."
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he has "consistently made widefort to reach out to a range of people from across the ideological spectrum both to promote economic dialogue and to collaborate on research and proposals."ership thursday, former fbi director james comey will appear before the senate intelligence committee. watch that live on c-span3 at 10:00, and you can also monitor it at jerry from maryland, republican line. good morning. caller: just on the faa, anytime the government gets involved, as a private pilot, i am a little afraid that -- private pilot
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right now have a pretty good deal. public airports do not have landing fees and such. i feel i could you get involved in the airlines of lobbyists and you have these larger corporations involved in lobbying and getting involved in the funding, the odd man out is probably the private pilot flying the little cessna 172, you know, on a short little two-hour flight. i just worry about power imbalance between large airlines and small, individual pilots. host: susan, fort myers, florida. caller: good morning. thanks for taking my call. i have teedo short things. one thing i am really concerned about and questioning is the extent of the executive privilege of the president. i really try to be neutral. i stand back and look and compare without giving any
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labels, and it really scary because it reminds me of a dictatorship. we go through the process of voting in all of that, but in the long run, there is one person who decides what everybody has to do. where is congress, and where are the rights of the people? i am not happy with both sides right now and have not been for a while. single politician, when they are interviewed or are campaigning, think about our children and grandchildren. well, folks, stop and think about these statements. pushing 74. i parents for the same thing, heard the same thing, my children are now hearing the same thing, my grandchildren are hearing the same thing. i wish they would get that out
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of their speeches about our children and our grandchildren the children will be fine, too. host: susan camilla we ask you about your original point about executive privilege or power -- is this your concern over the current administration? because others have used this, too, in various ways. or is it about the current president? caller: just in general. point, is because it is so emphasized now in the behavior of trump. it is really scary. in fact, yesterday, i watched a short little documentary on north korea about a doctor doing cataract surgeries, and they showed some things with the dmt, if you thinking, "wow,
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don't put a label on it, trump dictator."ike a he is behaving like an authoritarian dictator, and he is building up the military. stalin --nin, look at i can't help thinking about that. host: ok, susan in fort myers, florida. we will next to bernic, new york, crestlinee -- democrats line. caller: i never believed trump wants to be the commander in chief. i think his basic purpose was to -- bannon, andnd bannon controls the house and senate -- to change the world order. i do not think this man gives a hoot about the country.
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i just believe he wants to change the world order and build his brandy, and he is allowing all kinds of people in on our national secrets who are a part of after his cap and his administration is covered with all kinds of covert people. who are willing to throw our country into all kind of turmoil for the world changing for america. host: which of the cabinet specifically does that? caller: i believe because of congress, the senators not speaking up, i think they are part of this contract with trump. they do not have a contract with america, they have a contract with trump. host: we have got to move on to the next call. richard in maryland, republican line. hi, richard, go ahead. caller: hi, pedro.
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thank you for taking my call. there are a couple of things over the few months that i have been listening to, especially the mainstream media. it is pretty disappointing. i was a fan of cnn. i got all my news from cnn, however, anytime you put on cnn, the only news is trump. they are -- some of them is true, probably all of them is true, well when you keep on putting negative news about think whethers me -- is this the way the country should go on? keep on listening to negative news? so the people on the left are encouraged by this news, and that is why we have all the
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riots and chaos and freedom of ,peech being interfered with like the university of berkeley. so my suggestion to the mainstream media is once in a while, please put some of the positive things that the trump administration has done, and that would certainly -- because as of now, i think he is going to winning another four years, if you only listen to these people try to prevent constantly, that is going to have a rough affect, and that is my comment. host: ok, we go next to chicago, independent line. hi. caller: good morning. i was curious about this travel is it a so-so series
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now compared to when we was a task before, like why is it so serious, and what is going on because i really don't understand this either. i would like to be informed about this child and who all does it affect -- this travel ban, and who all does it affect? host: the supreme court could hear it at decide on itself as far as the ability for the trump administration to administer it. that is the short answer. there is a lot more to it. what is it specifically that got banabout the man itself -- itself?into the countries involved , the ban itself -- caller: it is the countries that are involved. that is what i am concerned about. host: because why? caller: it is a lot that is -- basically, is he
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pointing at a certain type of people, or is it just different countries? host: there is a debate on that topic as well going on depending on who you listen to or talk to. we can get you a list of the countries before we are done today. alabama,to tim in democrats line. good morning. go ahead. caller: good morning. i was listening to the news the other day come and i heard about the contractor that released some information in an essay -- the voting, i guess hacking into the voting booth, it it was classified information, and i guess she is going to do time for that, but i do not understand -- what is so classified on the type of information that she released?
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be a hero, should letting the public know the depth of what was going on during the election, and they kept this information, i guess not in the nsa, they kept this information from the public. i do not see why it is so classified. alabama.t is tim in "hill" has an article about the story he mentioned. they charge 25-year-old government contractor reality leigh winter with sharing top-secret government information with the media. host: details of the report
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published by the intercept suggest it was created in may 5, 2017, the same day, prosecutors say, the material winner is charged with sharing were created. a justice or a spokesman declined to comment on whether winner is accused of sharing the report published by the intercept. host: glenda, republican line, you are next. caller: hi. c i am curious about something. justify before the senate, and i am excited about that, and as the top cap, he has a lot to say, but he is an attorney, still a member of the judicial system and court, and he is down but i. -- bound by that. the democrats are going to hammer -- actually come everyone is going to hammer. going to be able to say anything. what does he expect to get?
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new reports a part of this will be an open hearing that you can see live on c-span, 10:00 in the morning on c-span3 on thursday, at both bethe open part of aired. he will talk in a closed session ye,now about from public e away from the press in a closed briefing, but the open briefing come agency thursday, 10:00 on c-span3. , idaho.t falls caller: good morning. i want to talk about the coverage i am getting on a daily basis. i watch all of the networks -- i am retired. it seems like we have a war propaganda going on against freedom in this country. , the talking, talk points are the same on every
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channel, and it is disgraceful that cnn is allowed to be on the air anymore. staged protests are not there to continually move the progressive agenda forward, and it is disgusting. i do not know what to do about it, i do not think there is much both partiesut it, from a not just democrats come and republicans, looking to absolutely anything to take the power away from the man come and they will say anything, and they were completely eviscerate his character whenever possible, and they will push this narrative day after day. thank you. host: democrats line, herndon, virginia. john glenn your next. caller: -- john, you are up next. caller: when the president is handling this is outrageous.
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you look at london, and he keeps attacking the mayor. he has plenty of time attacking people without a problem. he is not even focusing about what is going on in this country the health care that right now obamacare is being repealed, and he is not doing anything -- he is talking about so many things that he does not know what to do with. i think this president, what he does is he is always watching tv, and he will immediately respond with a tweet. this is not a presidential thing. he needs to act as the president, and the problem with the country -- people are divided. it is the president who brings tsople together and accep the mistakes that he makes. people will always find their side, because people are fighting, democrats and republicans, we know this president will be here for years. democrat,vise every
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instead of complaining, we have to find how to win an election. that is what the election is all about. let's go to william in claremont, florida, republican line. go and jump right in. caller: yes come on james comey, withlast interview he had his fbi agents in a closed room, notetaking porter, she was not -- no tape does this recorder, she was not under oath, who does this? agents had to sign a nondisclosure agreement. why? meetingrmation in that was pertinent to prosecuting her come and she is not even under oath? that is not right. comey ought to be asked about that tomorrow or whatever his hearing is. host: thursday, 10:00, if you want to catch it for yourself. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] [captioning performed by the
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national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] archie, go ahead. caller: i was an air traffic controller four years in the air force, and 30 years faa. inemember vividly the strike august 1981. we had quite a few problems during that year. of time and i'm -- during that period of time. as i understand it, a federal employee cannot strike but when it comes to a private company, they will have the ability to negotiate the strike. to create chaos again, that is my main concern. host: warren from new york, democrats line. caller: i was just on a road trip and i noticed in the middle of texas when we went to a
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restaurant, somebody did not know how to speak english. it was amazing to me because when i came to this united states legally the first language i learned was english and that is why i can speak it. it just amazes me that people , how peopletention from other countries do not want to learn the language of where they go and where they work in. like that guy on 60 minutes, i saw he got deported. after 20 years in this country he speaks spanish only. i guess he does not want to become a citizen of the united states. st: taking a look at the department of homeland security, it legit, and cans -- its budget, and concerns about that. back to this program at 7:00 tomorrow morning but for now, we will take you to that hearing.
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>> and we are live on capitol hill on this tuesday morning as the senate homeland security holds a meeting on the budget request. secretary john kelly to testify before the committee shortly. a quick reminder that we will have more live hearing coverage later this week. tomorrow, the heads of the intelligence agencies will testify about the intelligence laws. we will hear from the director
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of national intelligence dan coats, admiral reich roberts -- mike roberts, and rod rosenstein. coverage gets underway at 10:00 on c-span3. former fbi director james comey will be testifying before the senate intelligence committee investigating russian activities during last year's election at 10:00 on c-span3. we will be taking your calls and looking for social media comments. you can also listen to it on the free c-span radio app, and we will re-air the hearing at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span two and later on that night on c-span.
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