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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  June 10, 2017 9:30am-10:03am EDT

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at these schools for two years to three years, what this law is state'so address is for the vastools, in which majority of the students are -- in these latino schools, these schools have a high concentration of ineffective teaching. you could look at almost every academic outcome as to test scores, if kids are going to ollege, etc. at these schools, states are trying to figure out how to best intervene. that is what this portion of the law is trying to affect. what is being drawn into this is around the teacher evaluation because in order to address this effort, you have to start answering questions, such as how do we define what an ineffective
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teacher is question mark how do we define -- teacher is? how do we define test scores, etc.? how do we give every child access to a quality education, state's most constitutions, these are questions we have to address. host: joyce is calling from cleveland. you are a teacher. good morning. caller: good morning. i wanted to just say i think this is a very helpful program and discussion you are having because you are considering so many of the subtleties involved in teacher evaluation, and education in general. it should not be just a blank program with one-size-fits-all, especially in teacher evaluation.
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i think it is important to remember that accountability is important, sometimes it becomes a political football, and some groups just feel they need to have their needs addressed and ignore other aspects of curriculum. i think it is important to have some curriculum standardization but not necessarily the same for .very state and every area regional differences need to be considered and individual differences of students, and the teacher in the classroom is maybe the best person to be aware of particular student needs. ok, i will give him the
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chance to respond in the few seconds we have left. guest: this was the points of the every child succeeds act, to shift power back to the states. ofis dramatically based off demographics, etc., and the challenge is place matters. where a student lives, where a student attends school can dictate their entire educational career, so i think we are challenged -- the challenge for states is to consider those nuances. there are no silver bullet answers, but it is a real challenge. the: daarel burnette second, a state policy reporter, you can find his article and more at their website. thank you for joining us this morning. guest: thank you. host: up next, we will be taking your calls. republicans can call
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(202)-748-8001. democrats, (202)-748-8000. independents and all others can call (202)-748-8002. first, c-span's "newsmakers" interviewed congressman steve stivers this week. you can see the full interview tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. here he is talking about his advice to potential candidates this year in politics. >> what advice are you giving the candidates to handle the intense interest in the agenda in politics now? >> there is an intense interest in the law that a motion around what is going on in this country right now. that emotion is active on both sides. it is our job as policymakers to elected representatives keep our cool nomadic what happens. my advice to our members is to keep your head, keep your cool,
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and work are to represent your constituents because if we do not keep our cool, we make mistakes, and those will cause us at the ballot box and the trust of our constituents. it is important to keep our cool. i was proud that great jew forte giaforte made a direct apology to the reporter he assaulted and made a contribution to the reporter's fund, whatever the group is that keeps freedom of journalism and supports journalists out there. i thought that was a good gesture. i know he still has legal consequences that have come as a result on when he did, which was wrong, so i feel like he is trying to do the right thing and
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trying to apologize and he is apologizing and trying to make it as right as he can and i hope he has learned his lesson and talk a lot about the people that we cannot lose our cool. many of our members have been subjected to death threats, violence area i had on twitter people threatened violence against me and my family. that is also inappropriate. we need to bring civility back to politics. >> "washington journal" continues. host: we are taking your calls this morning. republicans, (202)-748-8001. democrats, (202)-748-8000. and independents, (202)-748-8002 . dave is calling from virginia on a republican line. caller: how is it going? host: what is on your mind today? caller: just curious on these accusations against trump. they are trying to make them
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into obstruction of justice. when obama was in office, during the first election, 2008, that black panther party was blocking polls, yelling at white voters, and now you are going to see what it is like to be under a black president. they went to trial, there are prosecuted. they did not show up for trial andthey were convicted, when obama came in, they overturned the entire thing, so how is that not obstruction of justice if what they are going to say against trump is obstruction of justice? earlier, do you think it is a good idea for the president to testify under oath since we saw former director coming testify under oath? -- director comey testify under oath? caller: you should be allowed to tell his side of it. believe know if comey i
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one time testified and is not interested in investigating leaks. could it be because he is doing the leaking himself? if the fbi is leaking, it sets an example of the rest of the department that it is ok. trump is not even being investigated. for how many months had they been reporting he is guilty of colluding in the media? it sounds like the media has opened themselves up to what should be a lawsuit for libel really. outrageoushas been when has been done to trump. beyond belief. host: joe is calling for miami on her independent line. caller: that was perfect because he pointed out the media bias in regards to the fact that comey
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ordered thet the obstruction of hillary clinton seamount server. loretta lynch or someone ordered the destruction of the server after it was subpoenaed, therefore, she destroyed evidence. that is a fact. she had done his job, she would have been precluded from running for president area that would have been the end of the run and the democrats would have been forced to put the more viable candidate, which i've easily defeated trump. therefore, comey interfered with the election and the result was donald trump. for all you democrats, the about that for a minute. that is it. host: other news today, across the pond, theresa may held on to power barely in a snap election she called their. -- she called there.
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after her gamble from an early collection went wrong and they prepared to pounce on her weakness to try to stop the prime minister from pursuing a "hard brexit." simulated mrs. me was as builders refused to give her the "strong mandate" she sought to negotiate a divorce from the eu, leaving her scrambling to form a government with 10 pro-u.k. mps from a northern ireland party and facing a new conservative civil war over europe. that is election news from across the pond. frome have a caller sterling, virginia, on a democratic line. good morning. caller: i think it is interesting when happened in the u.k. recently because the initial instinct was to group with a more conservative party to create a minority government. what we saw voters doing the
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votesas lose conservative and moved to the labour party. i think she can lose a lot of their mandate by shifting to the right and makes sure she has both of confidence. in regards to polling, this is telling that even in the u.k., the polling has been wrong in predicting voter behavior and we have to reevaluate how we predict how voters will behave that polls if we want parties to make educated decisions like this not election. host: thank you. on polling,t polling being increasingly difficult to track on issues from this election in the u.k., so the vote on brexit and u.s. election, wall street journal takes a look at that. pollsterssults show still need help after most fail to predict a winner in thursday's british parliamentary
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election, the latest in a series of pulling misfires. one consensus emerged -- the polls stink. have lown to say they response rates, samples too small, or demographics do not match those of voters in how the u.k. and u.s. went on to examine their polls. they found that -- the american study wanted to look at why u.s. polls erroneously predicted hillary clinton would win. the british council looked at white was incorrectly showing conservatives and labor parties running neck and neck when conservatives won by a big margin. andtical strategists possibly the end result of the .lection we have mary elizabeth calling from new york city on a democratic line. good morning. caller: good morning.
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i wanted to respond to two earlier, a, gentleman called in, raising the fact that "barack obama was not a black president, he was biracial," and i really think people should read more and understand the history of this country because barack obama and africany nephew americans born in this country are hybrid people. we are a combination of african, european, and native american. when when this "one , he rule" was established is an african descendent person. he is not biracial, as our most african-americans in this country. we need to educate ourselves about this constitution, this government under which we live.
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most people do not understand who we are and what those founders, with all of their liabilities and the fact that many of the people who were wonderful and educated and idealistic people, they created the documents, the bill of rights, thinking of the future and the whole idea is to make this country a more perfect. you -- a more perfect union. you cannot listen to what people have said. you have to come out of your group that reinforces your negative opinions about either side. you have to understand that this democracy, this wonderful experiment that was devised 250, tilde 40 years ago is unique -- 240 years ago is unique in the world. i would like for you to go to to look at what i
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have a say about it. thank you, have a good day. keeping open mind. our democracy is at stake. host: let's take a look at how some of the headlines today are addressing president trump's remarks yesterday, calling into question former fbi director's testimony before congress and the pioneer press out of st. paul, minnesota, the headline -- no collusion, no obstruction, that is what the president said yesterday. have the talent bazookas that -- the gazette, which started with the question we begin the program with, who do you believe? the boston globe in massachusetts, they started -- they had covered the front paper with trump fights back, says comey lied.
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the president's response to the testimony this week of former fbi director james comey topping the headlines in the nation. newspapers this morning, mike is calling from california on a republican line. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. and gooding, c-span morning, america. i truly believe in a president trump and i believe comey is continuing to life to cover up for hillary and obama's crimes in office. i challenge any news media officer or any person to prove that our president is lying. give me some facts, not just innuendo, but give me some facts. if you look at comey's testimony yesterday, it was all on circumstantial evidence, and his word against the president's.
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logbook, if it was a logbook, it would be different, but these were notes taken, and i do not believe in comey. .e is too wishy-washy all of the answers were double-sided and split. have my own reasons for releasing the memos and then he went on to give another definition of why he released the memos. i just do not believe in him. i think our fbi is in trouble. it has been in trouble for 30 years to 40 years now. i think our intelligence agency has been going down since jimmy carter chopped the legs off of the cia, and that truly believe that obama was at the top of the trifecta of terrible, the most terrible presidents we ever had. i thought at first it was jimmy
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--ter, the clinton, and now bill clinton, and now i know barack obama heads the trifecta for the worst presidents and the yingest presidents. host: let's take a look at other headlines. the washington post reports president trump is critical of environmental reviews that are required for some projects. it says that with members of congress in his administration, federal workers, business leaders heated before him. the president went through a says white binder that he was from an environment to report for a maryland highway, which he said cost $24,000 for page. then he dropped it on the floor thata dramatic thud july after menopause. laughter and applause.
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could beders on stage replaced by just a few simple pages, trump said. that was donald trump speaking in support of his infrastructure plan, which was to be the focus of this week before the testimony of james comey. ron is calling from jasper, florida, under democratic line. caller: good morning. i hope everybody is having a good day. this is one of the worst times i have ever seen our country going through, and i thank god james comey had the sense to get out and say what needed to be said. the conversation has started. it should have started a long time ago, and we have been remiss in our duties. he has showed us the truth of what he had and what he
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had known for himself. he has a reputation that goes back years. donald trump is just a showman, and if you do not think that men would like to ask, i think we are all kidding ourselves. you all have a good day and think about it. host: let's take a look at an exchange between former fbi director comey and dianne feinstein on thursday. >> talk for a moment about his request that you pledged loyalty and your response to that, and what impact do believe that time. >> -- you believe that had. >> i do not know for sure because i do not know the president well enough to read him well. our relationship did not stand up to a great start given the conversation on january 6. this did not improve the relationship because it was very awkward. something andfor
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i was refusing to give it. i do not know him well enough to know how we reacted to that exactly. host: we are taking your calls the rest of the show. republicans, (202)-748-8001. democrats, (202)-748-8000. and independents, (202)-748-8002 . one of the items in today's headlines, former vice president joe biden is encouraging mitt romney to get back into the political sphere, encouraging him to run for senate. joe biden on friday encouraged mitt romney to launch a senate bid. he said probably should continue to run for the upper chamber during a closed-door parents with the 2012 gop presidential according toah, politico. the audience at the annual donor conference hosted by romney applauded in response, sources told the newspaper, the romney simply smiled. the former republican candidate for massachusetts.
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dorothy is calling on our independent line from pine bluff, arkansas. say that just want to i am glad you are on. we are having a good program, but i want to say is history will prove obama was one of the best presidents with a scandal free administration. now, what we are having is a pathological liar consistently lying to the public. james comey was outstanding. i mean outstanding. in showing the truth about this president, and it is time that we acknowledge this president is a liar and he wants people to do underhandedly and james comey did not fall for it. i am very proud of james comey's testimony yesterday. ta from newve reai
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york state and a republican line. what is on your mind? caller: in reference to the polls and why they are so off , there is one group of people in this country right now totally free and to radical -- tyrannical and that is the media. this country is being torn apart by the media. you turn to fox and you hear one world and you turn to cnn and hear only another world, nothing else. it is incredible to me and really fearful that they have gotten so much power, the media has gotten so much power, that truth no longer tell the from fake news. even when the fake news does
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come out, as with the story of , that cnn went berserk over, there was no apology, no retraction, know anything about it. they have absolute power, and absolute power corrupts. the people are being duped into an agenda, and the agenda of , not the agenda of the people, and they refuse to believe that and so do the pollsters. host: in some other headlines, a headline about former governor mitt romney, it says that bill clinton encouraged him to consider becoming secretary of state, according to politico, it says that mitt romney revealed friday -- i'm sorry, hillary clinton encouraged him to consider serving as president's
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and bromley state, said he reached out to clinton last year after getting a phone call from then president-elect mike pence, informing him he was on the short list. romney said he was shocked to receive the overture throughout the campaign. statemer secretary of democrat encouraging the republican to consider that same post. judy is calling from virginia beach, virginia, democratic line. good morning. caller: good morning. i just wanted to make a couple truth ands about the trump. has, according to research, liedast 400 plus times since he became president.
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agencies 17 different report that russia was involved in the elections, so how can you trust what he says? when some people talk about certain issues, i do not think they do enough research. i tried to go to at least three sources before i make a decision on if i believe something or not. -- let med me ask you ask you, former fbi director says the president was concerned about the russian investigation and he wanted it to go on. he just said he seemed to be pressuring him on the issue of michael flynn but not the greater russian investigation. does that change her mind about the president's views? caller: what he has said is a
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porsche did it -- it russia did it, or the chinese did it, or something about a 400 pound person calling or doing something, no, he still is denying that there was russian involvement. he is telling comey, do an investigation, but when he speaks, he says he really doesn't believe russia was involved, probably because he feels he is an illegitimate president. is he his major problems does have a personality disorder. he is a narcissist, he thinks about himself, he fits the category if you go through the list of all of the narcissistic personality disorder, dsm code. host: peter is calling from roseville, california, independent line. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my
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comments. i have a short comment in regards to the tapes. in not providing a tape may cause problematic impressions of the president's behavior. number one, he does not tell the truth. number two, he is an intimidator. , number three, but he gave years are detrimental to the presidency. thank you. host: calling in from california on the democratic line, high, or rochelle. caller: a few things, number one, i have a ba degree in journalism, so i'm responding to the caller who said that cnn is doing fake news. interfere news did with our democratic elections through the russians. let's step back here because everybody is getting all upset
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, but theferent issues fake news is what made them had into our system. -- made them hack into our system. donald trump is our man, i did not vote for him, however, he thought he could run the country like a business. he did see that he could not, however, he is still going around acting as though he is a ceo and he is not. he is president of the united states. comey, i admire him for getting in there and justifying because -- and testifying because even though i was upset about him, what he did to hillary, i had to step back for a minute and thought, he is doing his job, but i did not know that all that -- what we had today, i did not know that was the real issue. host: that will have to be the
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last word for today on "washington journal." tuned in tomorrow, where the harrison foundation will discuss the testimony of former fbi director james comey regarding the russian investigation and his conversations with president trump. also, michael thomas p this asky discusses his latest article and middle east institutes gerald feierstein discusses rising tensions between last -- after last week's terror attack in iran. we will be back tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. have a good saturday. ♪ [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017]
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>> coming up today on "c-span," homeland security testifies on president trump's 2018 budget request, followed by a senate hearing on foreign surveillance with national intelligence surveillance director, acting fbi director, and deputy attorney general. later, retired military officials discuss the impact climate change has an national security. -- has on national security. >> this weekend, booktv's life from the 33rd annual chicago tribune lit fast in chicago. our coverage starts today at 11:00 a.m. eastern with author mary dearborn and her book. at noon, 2016 national book award winner and his book
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"stamped from the beginning." follow that 1:00 by michael eric "tears we his book cannot stop, a sermon to white americ." and michael blumenthal. on sunday, our coverage continues that 11:00 a.m. eastern with heather and thompson -- heather ann tho mpson. at 2:00, author jeffrey stone. then at 3:00, former congressman with his book on a true story of weird politics, money, madness and finger food. and at 4:00,


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