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  Presidential Weekly Address  CSPAN  June 10, 2017 6:20pm-6:25pm EDT

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c-span's washington journal, live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. sunday morning, the heritage foundation will discuss former fbiimony of director james comey and his conversations with president trump. are joined about it author who will talk about his new republic article. can elliott liberals learn to embrace middle america? talking about raising temporary -- tensions between the gulf states following last week's terror attacks in iran. join the discussion. in his weekly address, president trump discusses his administration's infrastructure initiatives. wyden of organ delivers the democratic response, talking about health care legislation. americans, we are
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the nation that the golden gate bridge in four years and the hoover dam in five. now it takes as much as a decade just a plan a major permit or a major infrastructure or anything even remotely major in our country. that is ridiculous. it is going to change. this week i laid out a bold and exciting new vision for the infrastructure in america that will make our country faster, safer, and wealthier. ourkly, it will make country greater. for too long america has spent trillions and trillions of dollars holding up other countries while our own country decayed and our own people suffered. our highways and railways and airports and seaports have all been neglected and it is holding our economy back. now our economy is starting to roar. it is time to rebuild our great nation.
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we have to think big and think big again. will generate $1 trillion in infrastructure investment. we will give states and localities more power to decide what projects get built and how they are funded. we are going to get government out of the way by massively cutting the federal approval time for infrastructure of a major nature so that america can build again. we will also revolutionize air travel in america. time when every passenger has gps technology in our pockets, our air-traffic controllers rely on technology so out aided it is no longer manufactured. our controllers do a great job with the technology they have, but all the flight delays and inefficiencies still cost our economy $25 billion every single year. we are proposing to move our air-traffic control system to a
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new self financing nonprofit organization. any taxpayereed money and the faa will still be in charge of safety. the results have been absolutely incredible. next we will revitalize the 12,000 miles of inland waterways. our agriculture steel and energy producers all depend on these carders, and a single towboat can hold the same load as 1018 wheelers. system of locks and dam so american producers can get there products to market quickly, reliably and efficiently. outline additional projects to rebuild american infrastructure, all of which can be achieved through my vision as a new partnership between washington, states and the private sector. skill, andlent, drive of the american people,
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there is no doubt to the beautiful future we can create together. all it takes is a bold and daring vision and the will to make it real. america will build again under budget and ahead of schedule. thank you, god bless you, and god bless america. >> hello, i'm senator ron wyden of oregon. americans across the country are heading into the dark days of summer. the kids are getting out of school, vacations are being planned and families are firing up the grill. would blameobody people who are feeling a little exhausted by politics. the fact of the matter is there are critical, life-changing decisions being made about americans health care right now in the united states senate that should have americans on high alert. came to the senate, i cofounded a senior citizens group in organ known as the gray panthers. what i learned then is that