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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  June 11, 2017 9:38am-10:02am EDT

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denis mcdonough, former white house chief of staff in the obama administration. >> we knew that there was a s and stateate threats. today if you think about north korea or iran or china and russia, that world of state to state relations is still very, very important, and i think of it as the chessboard world, because it is the world of how do we essentially beat our adversaries. we think about a move and we try to anticipate what move they are going to make. that world is there and it is very important. equally important is what i call the world and the web, the world of criminal networks including terrorists would also drug traffickers. , which isof business increasingly a big network supply chain, global corporations, and the world of nongovernmental organizations.
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i think of all of those actors actors, increasingly important actors. but we don't have strategies for how to bring them together. "after words," tonight at 90 5 p.m. eastern on c-span2's booktv. >> "washington journal" continues. host: a chance to hear what you're thinking our remaining 25 minutes on "washington journal," and you can send us a tweet or share a comment on the facebook page. back," based on his news conference on friday, and "the washington post," jeff sessions agrees to testify before the senate intelligence committee. that will take place on tuesday. the question is whether it will be open or closed. that is the story from "the washington post" and here are the details. "in early march, the washington post met that jeff sessions met
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twice with russian ambassador kislyak during the campaign ended not disclose us of the senate judiciary committee during his confirmation hearing in january. the next day, sessions recused himself from the russia investigation and said it would be overseen by the deputy attorney general, who appointed a special counsel to handle the .robe he said, 'in light of reports recentng mr. comey's testimony before the senate select committee on intelligence, is important that i have the opportunity to address these matters in the appropriate forum. the senate intelligence committee is the most suchpriate forum for matters as it is in conducting an investigation and has access to recent, classified information.;" good, independent line,
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one. -- good morning. caller: i want to talk about russian interference in elections. and i felt a booth hand on my shoulder, and i turned around and looked, and it was a russian technocrat, and he told me he wanted me to vote for trump, and i told him i had no interest in your opinion. he grabbed my arm interested in and said, "i will break your arm if you don't fall for trump -- vote for trump." i pushed him away and i went in and voted could when i got out, i noticed a security man escorting him out. i can understand why there is so much pressure by russian efforts to turn our election. host: can anyone verify your story? caller: of course not. it is authentication. -- all fabrication.
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host: ok, we will move on. caller: first, i want to comment on the 95-year-old man who served in the army and said president obama was a disaster. that is the problem with washington. there are too many people in washington at his age. we needed new young people who do not care whether you are black, white, green, for purple. i'm 78 years old, born in greenville, south carolina. i remember going to the stores with my grandmother and the lady would be waiting on her, and a white lady would come in and she would stop waiting on my grandmother and wait on the white lady. at the time, i saw that was happening but i didn't know because i was so young. i feel i feel like that is what the countries tried to go back to now with trump and his type of people. for the gentleman who said thank god for his service, he should thank god for letting him live that long, 94 years. that is remarkable.
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anothereeds to get different thought of mind. host: betty from illinois, thanks for the call. headlined his money from "the --ladelphia inquirer," headline this morning from "the philadelphia inquirer," as the trial continues for comedian bill cosby, and next to that, jeff sessions to testify before the senate coul. theresae telegraph," may, following the loss by the conservatives, writes the following, "theresa may was left isolated and undermine on saturday as the resignation of failed toof staff stop the furious tory backlash over the election. the prime minister has been told by cabinet minister she must overhaul her leadership style
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and change economic policy if she wants to remain in power. callsay made a flurry of in an attempt to stay in number 10 in the hours after a disastrous election night that saw the tories lose seats." daniel in england watching on the bbc parliament channel. do you want to comment on what is happening in your country? caller: no, i want to comment about terrorism. sons, for example could the first sign inherited business forgets -- the first son inherits a business or get the job, and the younger sons have trouble getting employment. ,f you look at the muslim world it went up 600% in the last six decades. when europe had the high 1915, we from 1500 to had world wars where we lost 70 million citizens. to sending ad
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lot of these people to america to colonize and fight indians and so on. the terrorism in these muslim lands has a lot to do with high fertility. in my view, donald trump is doing the correct thing. in such an atmosphere, all you can do is try to stop the evil men who use the young as cannon fodder from doing that, and you have to make deals. although his policy looks a bit haphazard to most viewers come he is trying to do something about the problem. there's not much you can do. that was like, on terrorism. thank you. host: thank you for the call. the headline from "the new york "shrinking turf, wider reach." from our twitter page, there is are. from trumpc
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isiberals think that trump in trouble all the time. you just keep thinking that, you liberals." "we have found evidence of election meddling. her name is loretta lynch." caller: i was an independent and briefly during the election i became democrat because i couldn't not get on board with statements trump has made. forame in what's best statement was with regard to the -- my statement was with regard to the comey investigation. a gentleman said something about comey's credibility. what is the purpose of the investigation, and is it moving anywhere, or is it someone who just got fired and wants to come back and say something against trump? host: jackie, thank you. "theresa may facing mounting pressure to step down," headline
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from "the washington post." "noror when deaths, racial bias." morning, welcome to the conversation. caller: good morning, sir. how are you? host: good morning. caller: because it is a human rights issue, the new york court system, they have the best policy for those individuals who does not speak english. in moree translators than 100 languages. pakistanis, bangladeshis, they are hired. the problem is minimum education. i should have 10 years in school and 2 years in college.
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indian punjabi and pakistani punjabi are different languages. they are written in different alphabets. but what the translators are doing -- i request that every person who goes, if the translator is wrong, it hurts the english-speaking also, spanish-speaking also, because every case is not between indian and pakistani. that is 99% cases. english speaking, spanish-speaking, and other languages, and the indians. they should go to the information center for non-english-speaking users and they can get all the details. host: thanks for the call. "steve, please read some non-right-wing pro-trump tweets." "more americans disapprove of trump." good morning.
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caller: good morning, how are you? host: fine, thank you. caller: this morning you had on akovsky and he made it directly. and. host: what did he say? caller: the first he said that president trump had not asked comey to close investigation into general flynn. verbatim from the testimony, angus king, "the president responded no no, next question. is that an accurate statement? comey: i don't believe it is." it is the direct opposite of what spakovksy stated. thatd, spakovsky stated comey conclusively closed about
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whether trump colluded. let's look at the underlying issue, russia's backing of the e-mails and releasing them, and the allegations of collusion. do you believe donald trump colluded with russia? : that is a question i don't think i should answer in an open setting. that is a question that will be answered by the investigation." who some mayy, know from his so-called voter fraud investigations, made 2 completely false statements. our urge viewers to google "comey testimony." you can find it verbatim -- host: the whole hearings on our website. you some like you are a lawyer. caller: these are lies. host: from this cover story on "time" magazine out this week, " how the d.c. outburst became a deal makers paradise for
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diplomats, lobbyists, and insiders." "l.a. times" reporting about attorney general jeff sessions testifying on tuesday. "former fbi director james comey telling senators that the fbi was examining whether the attorney general had a third undisclosed conversation with the russian diplomat last year. sessions may have held a private encounter with surrogate is now kislyak at the mayflower hotel, when sessions was the senator from alabama." the story goes on to say that according to an official familiar with the briefing, sessions denied speaking with him at the hotel and it is the latest to suggest a widening series of investigations into russian meddling in the 2016 election and whether there is any nexus between the trump campaign and
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authorities in moscow. a special counsel is reviewing comey's claim that trump asked him to "let go" of the fbi administration. decatur, georgia, democrats line. caller: hi, this is josie. host: you are on the air, we are glad to hear from you. caller: ok, i'm going t concerning one of the callers regarding president obama. obama wasn't a failure and he wasn't a disaster. this is a disaster. the president you have now is a disaster. he says things that demean people, and you still go along like it is nothing. people need to stop and think. this man does not have what it takes to be president of the united states. because your him
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didn't need someone in there, but you have to know and he makes you look that could doesn't make me look bad because i didn't vote for him. i didn't vote for the man. the man is a disaster. dan, you are next. republican line. caller: my name is dan. i'm calling about the comey testimony. if that man is lying, and i don't think he is, that is one hell of a story. he came across knowledgeable, sincere, accurate. -- i votedrump's got for the man, but i'm telling you, i believe there is something going on with russia. he needs to be investigated, family members, people from the campaign. it all needs to come out. that is just the way it is. host: we will be talking about employer-based health insurance among our guest -- tomorrow. , and then wests
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will take a look at the week week in congress, and cameron easley and hunter walker . also carry light on c-span radio. -- live on c-span radio. republican line. what is on your mind is morning? i turn on the cable news networks and my eyes glaze over because the stories they are talking about have absolutely no relevance to my life. there are a lot of important issues out there that we could be focusing on, which, if they were addressed could improve our lives and benefit the country, like tech support for health reform,orm -- tax health care reform, upgrading our infrastructure. but the media is obsessed with these stories that have absolutely no relevance to the
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lives of most americans. it is almost as if they've even ruled a world that is totally removed from the rest of us. you would think come with their approval rating at rock-bottom -- there would be some introspection and self examination on their part, and yet they just continue accessing over these stories -- obsessing over these stories that they pretty much invented. they are totally oblivious to what matters to most americans, which means that they are basically becoming nothing more than background noise in the lives of most people out here. host: thanks for the call. you may not like this story then, from "the new york times." associates linked to russia," and a look at jared former, michael cohen, campaign manager paul manafort, carter page, and roger stone.
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democrats line. open phones this sunday morning. what is undermined? -- on your might? caller: i think america got what he deserved.
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one other thing. beauty is skin deep. so this color. host: a couple of tweaks and president along those lines. "i believe the james comey leaks will be far more prevalent than any other -- than anyone thought possible. totally illegal and very totally illegal and very cowardly." immigrantse from " have no message, not on economics, not on taxes, not on obamacare.
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they are only obstructionists." the northern irish party could play a big role in a coalition government in great britain. another story we're following this morning in afghanistan -- three army rangers are dead, one injured. an afghan soldier began to fire on the rangers could story from the fox news channel. jerry from north dakota, good morning . caller: good morning. but as what i'm calling i used to be a democrat and i voted for my senators when they were in office. i watched both of them leave. i've now become an independent. wasn't very happy with a lot of barack obama's ways. i ended up voting for mr. trump, although i really have problems with him. but i've got it for you, i'm so disappointed with the newscasts we see. i watched entirely, the entire comey thing.
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when i took out of it, we got a man who is disgruntled because he was fired. his story don't add up. and he seems to be made the biggest leaker that we have. he seems to have gone and done things for the obama administration by talking with -- towing the line, so to speak, when it came to hillary, and was willing to make the decision on hillary that she wasn't guilty. but when it came to trump, he wouldn't release it. i have a hard time what is going on with the newscasts of msnbc, cbs, cnn. i watch it and i'm so disgusted that i turned it off and i end up having to go to fox, which i , getting oney like point of view comes like a back-and-forth. but i find myself leaning more and more towards republican because i cannot find the truth in anything i read in the others. i watched when they did that
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report, and anybody who watched it who is of a sound mind, in my i will let that be the last word. thank you for your call. a reminder, we focus on health insurance and employer-based health care tomorrow morning with james gelfand. an in camera and easily and hunter walker of yahoo! news. we hope you can it tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. eastern. newsmakers is next. thank you for joining us on this sunday. enjoy the rest of your weekend. we hope you have a great weekend. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] ♪
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>> here on c-span, newsmakers is next with republican commerce been steve stivers of ohio. in testimony from former fbi director james tommy, to appear before the -- james comey, to talk about the russian investigation and his private conversations with president trump. that is followed by reaction from the president's personal attorney, marquez alerts, and the president himself this book about the hearings at a joint news conference with the romanian president. ms. swain: our guest on c-span's "newsmakers" this week is steve stivers, republican from ohio. representing that states 15th district. he is heading the national republican campaign committee, which is to keep republicans in control of the house. as we get started, i want to tell you about our guest. both his graduate an mba, and had financial


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