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tv   Australian Parliament Question Time Wrap  CSPAN  June 12, 2017 5:29pm-6:03pm EDT

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senator lee is interviewed by former actor solicitor general. >> when you're on the lookout for them therk come to you gradually. ask friends, other people i knew, who they thought should get more credit than they get. and in the case of him, this is an iroquois indian chief. he understood the principle of federalism because they lived it for centuries before we were our own country. i was intrigued by that from the outset. because it's not a name that most americans know anything about. and yet he had a profound impact on our system of government. he's the guy who enabled benjamin franklin to learn about federalism. and benjamin franklin was the conduit for which this information flowed to the rest of the founders. made its way first into the articles of confederation and in a more perfect way into the constitution. >> watch after words sunday night at 9:00 eastern on c-span2's book tv.
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the most recent session of the australian parliament went from may 22 through june 1. here's an update on what happened during the session from sky news australia political reporter. tomlinson: welcome to question time wrap for the australian parliament. the terror attacks in manchester certainly had an impact all the way down here in australia. the prime minister asked about his thoughts, including keeping australians safe. >> thank you, mr. speaker. my question is for the prime minister. will the prime minister update the house on the manchester terror attack? what the government is doing to keep australians safe, including in my area. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i thank the honorable member for his question.
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mr. speaker, i spoke with the prime minister of the united kingdom, teresa may, last night. and conveyed to her the heartfelt sympathies, the condolences of the australian people to the people of britain and to the victims of this shocking criminal attack and their families. i reaffirmed to her the resolute solidarity of australia with britain, partners now as we always have been and always will be in freedom us a cause. -- freedom's cause. and prime minister may thanked e and thanked this parliament. for the solidarity we showed as we spoke in unionson, united in our solidarity, our sympathy for our friends in the united kingdom. this was a shocking criminal
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attack on innocence. at least 22 people have been murdered, 59 injured. many of them children, as we know. this was a children's concert. this attack was designed to kill children. what could be more vial, more -- vile, more reprehensible, more criminal than this crime? it was committed by a coward. and brave men and women, australians and britains alike, will not be cowed by terrorism, wherever it occurs. we will not change our way of life and we will continue to fight together as the prime minister and i reaffirmed last night.
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to defeat this scourge of terrorism in our homes and around the world. now, the director general of security, mr. speaker, has advised me that australia's threat level remains at probable. they do not appear at this stage to be direct links between the attack in manchester and threats in australia. at e must remain vigilant home always, where the threat remains very real. the threat level is probable. now, today the new south whales coroner handed down his report into the lint cafe siege. our heartfelt sympathies go out nce again to the families of catrina and tori, as well as all of the hostage, the brave hostages who survived that siege. their lives were changed forever. the government will consider the recommendations carefully and continue to strengthen arrangements where needed. mr. speaker, our first priority
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is to keep australians safe. our agencies with whom i and my ministers are in constant touch are constantly upgrading, reviewing, adjusting our response measures. we must be more agile than those who seek to do us harm. we will always work tirelessly to keep australians safe and we do that by destroying daiish in the field, in the middle east, and by destroying their networks here at home. we will keep australians safe. we have the best agencies, the best intelligence services in the world. there are no guarantees, of course. but since september 14, when the threat level was raised there have been 63 arrests for terrorism offenses, another one just this week. 12 major plots have been disrupted and we continue to
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use every avenue available at our disposal, providing additional resources, whether they be financial or legal, whether it relate to signals intelligence or human intelligence or hard power, we will do all we can as we always have to keep australians safe, to defend the liberty that this parliament is established to preserve. tom: the foreign minister also strongly condemned those attacks and mentioned that ere is an upgraded travel the united kingdom. >> the member for north sydney. >>nk, minister of foreign affairs. on what the government is doing to ensure the safety of ustralians at home and abroad. >> mr. speaker, i thank the member for his questions. the australian government
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condemns in the strongest possible way the horrific attack in manchester that was calculated to kill innocent young people. while we have no information to suggest that any australians were among those killed or injured, it will be some time before all the victims are identified. we should remember that around one million australians visit the united kingdom each year. and that at any one time there are about 130,000 australians who are resident in the united kingdom. mr. speaker, i can confirm that the australian government has updated our travel advice for the united kingdom. and i will quote from that advice. the united kingdom government has increased the united kingdom's domestic threat level to critical. the highest of the u.k.'s five levels. threat
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u.k. prime minister may has also announced that armed soldiers will be deployed in u.k. cities to assist police with security. continue to avoid the area surrounding the manchester arena, and anticipate significant transport delays in the manchester area. expect an increased police and security presence across the united kingdom. be vigilant with your personal security. monitor the media and follow local authorities' instructions on safety and security. in light of the united kingdom's increase to its threat level, we now advise you to exercise a high degree of caution in the united kingdom. and i can advise the house that the -- advice the house that the threat assessment means not only is an attack considered highly likely, but that a further attack may be imminent. mr. speaker, we are in contact
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with british authorities who have confirmed that a police investigation continues to find all the perpetrators who have may have been involved in this attack, for thrast concern that this attack was the work of a wider terrorist cell with links outside the united kingdom. as the prime minister said, the australian government will do all that we can to keep australians safe at home and abroad, and our security measures are under constant review. mr. speaker, we have boosted our counterterrorism efforts to protect australians at home and abroad with an additional $550 million in this most recent budget. mr. speaker, we have canceled or refused to issue passports of over 205 australian citizens who seek to travel to the middle east to support or work with terrorist organizations including isis. mr. speaker, there are 200 australians under active investigation for seeking to support terrorist
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organizations. we are unrelenting in our efforts to seek out those who wish to do us harm. tom: amidst this heightened security threat, one person wanted to know what was being done not just at international airports but the rest of the airports around the country. >> prime minister, the australian federal police were withdrawn from the airport in 2014. even though the 2007 glasgow airport attack forewarned us of the vulnerability of attacks at second tier airports. moreover, your government concedes, especially after manchester, that homegrown terrorists and soft targets are pressing concerns right now. in other words, the risk isn't diminished for noninternational airports. so, prime minister, now that you've increased the a.f.p.'s budget by over half a billion dollars, will you urgently remedy this alarming situation and reinstate the airport? or will your government
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continue to treat as it mainians as second class citizens? -- tasmanians as second class citizens? >> the prime minister has the call. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i thank the honorable member or his question. mr. speaker, the office of transport security is responsible for the categorization of security at controlled airports. and it was determined as the onorable member said in 2014 that the threat environment did not require the presence of a.f.p. officers there. that risk assessment was based on the advice of the a.f.p. and intelligence agencies. i've spoken today again to the deputy commissioner national security of the australian federal police and he's advised me that the risk profile has not changed. the tasmania police provide community policing and crime prevention support at the
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airport in the same way that they provide services at other ail australian airports. mr. speaker, the a.f.p. has a presence in tasmania and works seamlessly with the tasmania police and all of our law enforcement and national security agencies. those men and women are in the front line keeping us safe. they put their lives on the line. they are the best in the world. mr. speaker, on monday we saw in cleveland the tragic murder of senior constable brett fort. a police officer, who like too many before him, lost his life in the line of duty. our condolences and our love go to his wife, his children, his family and his colleagues. mr. speaker, the threat of islamist terrorism, the threat f this extremist violence is
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here at home and it is right around the world. we saw last night a young 12 -year-old australian girl killed by a terrorist attack, an isil attack in baghdad. she was visiting baghdad with her family during ramadan. to see her grandfather. another innocent killed by this violent tendency, this violent terrorist movement that is gnawing away, seeking to estroy and pervert and blasphe me one of the great religions of the world. now, our police officers and our intelligence agencies are on the front line of keeping us safe in that battle. and our allies, our best collaborators, our muslim leaders, both at home and abroad, like the president in
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indonesia, who remind us and say repeat lid and stand for -- repeatedly and stand for an islam that is moderate, that is tolerant, that is democratic. that is their commitment. they are our best allies in this battle. but in the forefront stand those police officers and those intelligence agencies and we have given them and are giving them more support, both in law, legislation, and resources, than ever before. and we will continue to do so, to keep all australians and all tasmanians safe. tom: also a focus of a tragic case of a young us trailian girl killed during a visit to iraq. she was visiting a relative at an ice cream parber -- particle when are an explosion went off. >> will the minister outline for the house why the largest military buildup in our peace time history is vital to defeating our inmies abroad so we can be safe at home?
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>> the minister for defense industry. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i thank the member for his question. as members are aware, there were two heinous attacks in baghdad overnight and we express our deepest sympathy to the people of iraq and to the family of an australian girl who was mentioned before in question time, who was killed in one of the attacks. i.s. has claimed responsibility for the attack. we condemn these attacks in the strongest terms and reaffirm our commitment to defeat i.s. in iraq and to prevent its spread throughout the world. defeating i.s. abroad will ensure the safety of australians at home. that's one of the reasons for the government's commitment to our largest military buildup in our peace time history. the government will ensure, including through our record, $200 billion investment in defense capability. we can continue to apply lethal force required to defeat terrorists abroad. australia continues to make one of the largest contributions to
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the campaign in the middle east. up to 760 a.d.f. members are currently deployed, including 300 members in the task group. including providing advice and assistance to the iraqi counterterrorism service, 300 members of the task group conducting air strikes in iraq and syria, and 55 members imbedded in coalition positions in iraq. since october, 2014, there have een more than 2,300 a.d.f. air strikes over iraq, delivering 1,900 weapons into iraq and syria. let's not forget, mr. speaker, that it was this prime minister who altered our approach to targeting enemy combatants in syria and iraq, so that our forces are empowered to act against isis in iraq and syria, no matter where they are or where what they are doing. so long as they belong to the group of terrorists that we seek to eliminate.
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in response to a nato request, the australian government has agreed to increase the australian defense force's mission to afghanistan by 30 personnel for around 270 do around 300. these additional personnel will further development the long-term capabilities of the afghan security forces as part of our current train, advise and assist mission. they will not be in combat roles and we remain in discussion request nato officials -- with nato officials. an increase of contribution to the resolute support mission is part of australia not just being a supporter of the war on terror, but being capable of taking part in it. in an effective and meaningful way. i thank the opposition, the leaders of the opposition, and the shadow minister for
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defense, for their continued bipartisan approach to these matters, in support of our a.d.f. serving overseas. tom: despite labor having now committed to basically the full sweep of the coalition's measures on border patrol, the coalition, now that it's in government, is still keen to point out labor's failures when it was in power. >> my question is to the minister of immigration and border protection. will the minister update the house on the importance of maintaining australia's strong an consistent border protection policies and is the minister aware of any alternative approaches? >> the minister for immigration and border protection. >> thank you very much. mr. speaker, i want to thank the member for his question. thank all of the colleagues on this side of the house for their consistent support in backing a strong border protection policy. mr. speaker, the australian public knows that the terms of government has not only stopped those but we are determined to keep that policy into the future because the threat of
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people smugglers has not dissipated. it's now been 1,0349 days since the last successful boat arrival. but us a dwrail is still burdened on so -- but australia is still burdened with the legacy of border's labor protection policies. all australians know that people came on boats and 1,200 people drowned at sea. 8,000 children went into detention. i don't think all australians know this, mr. speaker. so far to date, labor's policy failure on boats has cost the australian taxpayer $13.7 billion. but it doesn't stop there, mr. speaker. because the meter is still running. it is costing the taxpayer of australia today $1.9 billion every year and it will take us years to clean up labor's mess. now, mr. speaker, you would have thought that labor had learn the their lesson. but the reality is, they have
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not. because when you consider those people on the front bench of the australian labor party today, they are the people in government that presided over the decisions that resulted in this policy outrage. we know, for example, mr. speaker, the member for watson, en 83 boats arrived carrying 6,634 people, and 1,103 children, was under his watch. we know, mr. speaker, that the member for gordon was minister with 184 boat on his arrival and those boats carried 12,8 hub people, and -- 12,800 people and 2,000 children went into detention under his watch. the member from mcmahon -- this man who wants to be the treasurer of this country, he presided over the watch. but his greatest work as the minister came as immigration
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minister, 25,000 people arrived member oats, when the was a minister for immigration. but worse than that, mr. speaker, over 4,000 children went into detention. he can pretend to be in conversation with the member from sydney. the reality is, mr. speaker, we need bipartisanship on the issue of boats policy and stopping people coming into our country illegally. the fact is that the labor party, mr. speaker, has not learn the their lesson. there is no bipartisan in this country when it comes to boat policy and labor has not learned their less non relate to recent mistakes -- in -- lesson in relationship that recent mistakes. tom: there was a scare in australia's skies as well. a flight taking off from melbourne having to return there, was meant to go to the malaysia. a mannion board said he had a bomb. this turned out not to be the case but did put a focus on
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security when it comes to those types of situations. >> thank you, mr. speaker. my question is also to the prime minister. would the prime minister update the house on measures that the government takes to keep australians safe and our transport system secure? >> the prime minister has the call. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i thank the honorable member for his question. and acknowledge the honorable members -- member's long experience in service in our police forces. mr. speaker, members will be aware that a man attempted to gain access to the cockpit of malaysian airlines shortly after takeoff last night. the passengers on the flight bravely put themselves in harm's way to restrain the man and the incident is now resolved with all onboard safe. the australian federal police is working with victoria police to determine the exact circumstances of the incident.
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i can confirm the matter is not currently being treated as terrorism-related and i'm informed that the man has a criminal history and has previously been treated for mental health issues. the government, as it should, takes aviation security very seriously indeed. and we have a comprehensive and strong transport security system in place. it is constantly being reviewed to ensure it remains effective and proporpgs at to the risk environment. we do everything we can to ensure aye australians fly safely and security. our transport security system designed to keep australians safe, prevent acts of unlawful interference, include the screening of passengers and baggage, hardened cockpit doors, training cabin crew so they can handle suspicious passenger behavior, and respond to threats to security. t involves plain clothes in-
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flight security officers and ensuring that unauthorized items are not placed onboard aircraft. in april the government implemented new security arrangements for in-bound flights from abu dhabi, dubai and doha. passengers are now randomly selected for explosive trace detection tests prior to boarding the aircraft. mr. speaker, the number one priority for my government and every government must be to keep australians safe and protect our way of life. and that is why we're investing an additional $321 million to ensure the a.f.p. has the specialist capabilities it needs to address the criminal and terrorist threats in the future. it's the largest single funding boost to the a.f.p.'s domestic policing capabilities in over a decade. we recognize that law enforcement must be equipped with the resources to respond to new and emerging criminal threats. mr. speaker, so far this year we've seen the a.f.p. and its
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partners intercept record shipments of cocaine, 1.4 ton, d meth, these have sbn intercepted because of the resources, the training and the professionalism that they have. our police and security agencies, as honorable members know, have brought us 12 major australian-based terror plots since september, 2014. they're on the front lines. we're supporting them and they're keeping us safe. tom: the world has reacted to donald trump deciding, yes, he will pull out of the paris climate accord. australia won't do so. but labor was keen to highlight fact that some coalition members of the government were hoping that would be the action >> thank you, mr. speaker. my question is to the prime minister. i refer to reports that president trump is policiesed to withdraw from the paris climate agreement.
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just before midnight last night in response to those reports, said, have the champagne on ice. john howard pulled the united states out of kyoto when george w. bush rejected it. chao anyone have confidence that this government won't do exactly that with the paris agreement? >> the prime minister. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i thank the honorable member for his question. and, mr. speaker, i repeelt today what i said on the 16th of november when the treaty was ratified. when australia makes a commitment to a global agreement, we follow through and that is exactly what we are doing. we are committed to the paris agreement and we are on track o meeting our targets. we are committed to ensuring that australia has affordable and reliable energy and achieve
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that while meeting our global commitments for emissions reduction. that is our commitment. what we are doing is taking real and practical action to get that job done. the deputy prime minister talks bout the commitment, the largest commitment to storage, to support renewable energy in the southern hemisphere. that is a viable project. the labor party, especially in the honorable member state, it allows renewable energy to be rolled out to such an extent that it can provide well over 100% of his state's electricity. the next minute, zeeo. no storage, no plan. no backup. the labor party -- [inaudible] -- to go through the roof on the east coast and we have had to take the steps to bring them down. the decisive action that i took as prime minister to ensure
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that we would limit exports so as to be confident that gas demand was met on the east coast of australia has already the wholesale price come down and it ought and as it needs to do. mr. speaker, that's our commitment. affordable, reliable energy, and meeting our emissions reduction targets in accordance with our commitment to the paris treaty. mr. speaker, if i may, because the honorable member is from south australia and the school from a member of sydney asked me about earlier was from south australia, can i say that the -- our lady school will receive an extra $3.9 million over the next 10 years. and the contributions from the commonwealth, on the government's estimator, will go 41,390 in 5 to $
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2027. once again, the member for from sydney set out to mislead the house with claims of cuts that are simply not true. tom: despite that, the u.s. and australia don't see eye-to-eye at the moment on reactions to climate change. the two countries are still very close on the defense and strategic element, as was highlighted by the recent osman talks. >> my question is to the minister for foreign affairs. will the minister update the house on the australia united state hsh australia-united states foreign affairs and defense minister's meetings next week? >> the minister for foreign affairs. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i thank the member for his his interest in this very important meeting. next week the defense minister and i will host in sydney u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson, u.s. secretary of defense, jen jim mattis --
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general jim mattis. for the annual australia-u.s. ministerial confrontations jmin. as aus it has been a principle forum for our bilateral consultations for about the past 30 years. and this ministerial meeting will be the first formal ministerial meeting with the new trump administration. it follows on from the very successful visit to us a dwrail by vice president pence -- australia by vice president pence, the prime minister's meeting with president trump in new york, and indeed there have been 13 ministerial visits to the united states since the inauguration, all high level, all targeted to mats that are will benefit the australian people. mr. speaker, -- matters that will benefit the australian people. mr. speaker, ausmin builds on the strong foundation of this long standing bilateral relationship built up over 100 years and formalized in 1951 with the signing of the treaty
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y my distinguished predecessor , the prime minister and u.s. secretary of state. mr. speaker, defense minister payne a wide range of matters of concern particularly security issues regarding north korea, cooperation in afghanistan, iraq and syria, how we work together on countering terrorism on defeating isis. our intelligence sharing for the benefit of our citizens and our region. and including apec and i'm glad to hear president trump will be at the summit in manila in november. you few countries can claim to
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be as close as australia and the united states and more countries are more important in defense partner. the source of the greatest amount of direct investment and indeed the united states as our second largest trading partner. we work for the peace and stability of our region. and provides a very valuable opportunity for the defense minister and the foreign ministers of the united states and defense ministers to share perspectives and share insight not only for the benefit of the australian citizens and the citizens. thanks son: -- and on for watching. >> u.s. house debated a handful
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of bills dealing with hydroelectric power. votes live at 6:30 eastern. more international programming. canadian foreign minister speaks before the house of commons on canada's relationship before the world. we'll watch as much as we can as we wait for live coverage of the u.s. house. [applause] >> mr. speaker here is a question. is canada an essential country at this time in the life of our planet? most of us here would agree that it is but we are called to explain why and we are called to consider the consequences of what we must view as a consequence. international relationship seems immutable. for 17 years they are being called into question from europe to asia to our own north


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