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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  June 17, 2017 9:30am-10:03am EDT

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point when they want it to be there. it depends on the size of the drone and they are coming in all shapes and sizes. there is a global hawk that can take off and estate over the atlantic ocean, stay up for a long time. noa uses them for hurricane hunting, they are jet powered drones, the reaper and predator are of that mold. then there are smaller quad copters and a switchblade can be fired, so you carry that into combat and you shoot it into the air and the wings come out and they can do reconnaissance for a small unit. they come in all shapes and sizes. if you put a small warhead on a
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switchblade you can drop it on a sniper position. or you can create a bigger version and have a drop on a tank. be, do not be, do not judge a drone based on the small ones that come out, or the large ones, there is really every kind you can imagine. they are lighter than air, unmanned, that can service communication or surveillance platforms. so if you can think it, it is unmanned at this point. one step further a lot of demand alot of the manned aircraft will have the options of flying empty. it is in the way that people understand the technology and we may have to start rewriting the terms to encompass what the weapons systems actually do.
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host: we have jeff on the line for independents. caller: good morning. about 12 years ago i was in arizona, and a friend of mine was a service technician for microwave towers and systems. when he was up on a tower he noticed, he thought it was a dragonfly buzzing around him and that it fell. it was a drone and you took it to an engineer and they looked at it with a microscope and found no fewer than eight and nnas into thee wings and body of this thing. apparently it was refueling itself by, it was electrical
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powered and it would circle a microwave tower or fly along the powerline three charge the batteries, which would give it a very long range really, and lifespan. and uh, it had three cameras, extremely small cameras, i mean almost nanotechnology cameras and one -- he took it to a university over there, the engineer where he got his degree from, but word got out that they had and military types came and snatched it up unapologetically. joe: no offense to the caller, as crazy as this sounds, and i'm not saying the story is true, but every piece of what you are talking about is being researched. there are drones so small you
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would confuse them for an insect. that is being researched. flying them near a building or pay much anywhere is actually extremely difficult. you go back to this ability, having something that small and expendable and infusing it with too much technology does not make a lot of sense, but when you want to get into somewhere, client side somewhere and you -- fly inside somewhere and do reconnaissance something that small does not have too much range but it does make sense. repowering or recharging from the power lines, that has been researched as well. you can actually perch on them or fly nearby and they have docking stations in the civilian market now or you can put your phone down and it will recharge just being close to the charger. it sounds like science fiction, but it is based on real research. very small cameras, absolutely.
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that is part of it. small antennas, that is part of it. put it all together and you either create a great conspiracy theory story like this or stumble onto actual research. in my experience, it is not a lot of military research happening outside of test ranges, so that part of the story may be does not make a tennis sense. all of the technology -- ton of sense. all the technology existing in the story does exist. is anjoe pappalardo author at popular mechanics. thank you for spending time with us. coming up, open phones. your turn to weigh in on what we have talked about today or the news from this week. republicans, 202-748-8001. democrats, 202-748-8000.
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.ndependents, 202-748-8002 we are also on twitter and we are taking your videos. and we are also on facebook at newsmakers at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow, we have interviewed the top democrat on the veterans affairs committee. he talks about what is going on with the veterans choice program, a program that allows better and see it health care through -- to get health care through private doctors as opposed to the hospitals. now itt stands right will run short of money before we budget again and it will be an interesting debate if you will, of do we give them more money, allow them the freedom to move things, will the argument be made this is the back door to privatization -- all those things are on the horizon for the summer. they are coming to the end of
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that money, we just reauthorize them to use what is left. it sounds like to meet, i cannot confirm this, but i can give you a candid assessment, it sounds like we will be done somewhere in august with the money. so the question is, if we expand care into the community we need to have an idea of how much it will cost. we do not know why more money is going out. it could be that they are delivering like we originally thought. it could be more people are using it. it could be sicker people are using it and we have more cancer treatments going on. my concern is, you cannot make a wise decision and a visionary decision if it is haphazard without that data. , am still continuing to ask that is what we have to get to bed in response -- have to get toprint in response -- have get. candid, ie, i will be
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am a little bit irritated it has been over the last couple days and it sounds like to me it is finally official that the secretary said it. we did not know they were running that short until recently. my question, i have to be candy, when we reauthorized choice a short time ago, i am questioning whether they knew it at the time. which they should've told me. >> the washington journal continues. host: we are picking up some news that has been percolating a week. new york times, donald trump acknowledging the inquiry. a deputy attorney general -- catching reaction here from capitol hill. reaction was swift, dianne feinstein of california the ranking democrat, said she was "growing increasingly concerned donald trump would try to fire rosenstein.and mr. if the president thinks he can
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fire mr. rosenstein and replace them with somebody that will shut down the investigation he is in for a rude awakening. even his staunchest supporters will balk at his effort to get around the law. " those close to the president said he is in a firing state of mind. while he has left open the possibility of dismissing mr. mueller, he began considering it shortly after the special counsel was appointed, his anger has largely been trained on mr. sessions and mr. rosenstein, who as executors of water rather than salaried staff. we have robber calling from hattiesburg, mississippi on the line for independents. good morning. caller: hello. host: you are on the air. good morning. caller: yes. can you hear me? host: we can hear you just fine. what is on your mind?
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caller: i wanted to ask if there is a probability of somebody coming up with an intercontinental drone. host: from our last segment? what do you think about that? i imagine they can fly at that range. caller: all they have to do is put enough, fill it up with enough fuel to go 3000 or 4000 miles and we have an intercontinental drone, right? host: that would be the case. we will go to gary from orangeville, california. on the line for democrats. good morning. caller: good morning. i would like to make a brief atments about the shooting the baseball practice a couple days ago. that there has been very little said about the shooter. as far as i can tell he was a radical, kind of a guy that was fedthat up with stuff.
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i think there should be more commentary on that. i mean, this was almost predictable. they are trying to take away our only national healthcare that we've ever had know, people are upset about it. host: gary, there is reporting from -- caller: i think it should be looked into. host: gary, there is reporting from nbc that says investigators do not know, they are reporting he had a list of lawmakers' names in his pocket. they do not know what it means. members of congress have been briefed according to officials that spoke with nbc news. it included the congressman from arizona, alabama and one or two other names officials would not reveal. that he was intent on targeting members of
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congress, what do you think about that? caller: like i said, i think it is almost predictable. if you take away people's basic rights to medical services and you keep taking away their wages, and you make the middle class slip more and more every year, then there will be reaction. i'm not saying i support the violence that happened, but i am saying i do not think it is entirely unpredictable. and i think it's politics continues -- if politics alongues are wrong - -- its rigler course there will be more things like that. host: we have deborah on the line. caller: i came in at the tail end of the drone discussion. i think the most important thing americans should be understanding at this point is that since 9/11, into our military and foreign policy, we have built in drone operations
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which essentially are nothing more than targeted assassinations in areas like pakistan, we have used them in afghanistan, iraq and yemen. they kill not only those targeted, those terrace where there is not -- terrorists where there is not a lot of evidence, but it also kills innocent people. i'm not sure people know about the fact that the air force staff sergeant and other former drone operators did a press conference a few years ago and they have at interviews and they talked about the horrific aspects and consequences of the drone strikes, because they are unmanned but they are remotely controlled. it causes great destruction. and at this press conference the air force staff sergeant bryant said killing civilians by joan is exacerbating the problem of terrorism. he said "we kill for and we
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reate 10 militants." if you kill a brother or father, the families will want revenge. so we have to talk about the 400% increase of donald trump's drove use. -- drone use. we have to start thinking about morality and maybe if we do that we can stop the blowback in america. host: ok. thomas on the line for republicans. caller: good morning. i just wanted to say that there is the civil war going on in our country, it is not very good. i do believe donald trump is trying to do a good job and i think people are fighting him. and i do believe it is a battle of evil and good. and i think the left are anarchists and they want to bring about a socialistic, communistic oneworld government,
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which is not good. i do think we should pray for our president. i'm a christian. and i think he is going to do a great job the next 4-8 years. i am optimistic, but i do believe eventually a future for america is very dark and i believe there will be nuclear war eventually, in our country, and we need to repent of our sins. we have broken the law, this country has supported abortion, which is murder. god destroyed sodom and gomorrah for that. the stateering about of play of the health care bill, politico has the answer. senate likely to miss the deadline for obamacare repeal. when they return on monday, republicans have only two weeks before the fourth of july recess to overcome divides on policy, including how to roll back
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medicare expansion and how deeply to cut the program that covers those with low income. also how to settle on bringing down insurance premiums. not to mention the issue of whether to defund planned parenthood. they have to do that and keep 50 of the 52 republican votes they need to pass it. we will go to jeff from california. caller: good morning. caller:good morning. how the understand republicans can say that donald trump is a moral person. but he issay this, not a moral person. president or not. out, thatthat came was not lockerbie entered. -- lo cker banter. he has kids by five different
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women. not haveistian would that kind of immorality. now, he can repent of his ascends and all that -- of his sins and all that, and you can forgive him, but you cannot say he is a moral president. so when you talk about democrats and liberal that or liberal this, i just don't understand how you can, how you can stand having an immoral person as our president. -- actually, let's go to sandra on the line for democrats. good morning. caller: good morning. how are you? host: great. caller: i am calling to second that gentleman that called observations,his
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or his argument on the shooting that just happened. that nobody is really focusing on, you know, the shooter. i do not think he was mentally ill, i just think he was fed up. and if you did have a list, i think that was the message to somelican congressmen that people are fed up. i am not condoning what he did, but having this oppression and restrictions on the middle class while giving breaks to allionaires and taking away health care possibility that president obama put in place, for i would say it democratic congress, that they put in place, the affordable care act really cause significant change
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in this country and there were millions of people that did benefit. and it needs to be fixed. progressives see that we are making progress and that needs, you know, the republicans come into power and they want to monkeywrench it and tear it down. host: we will go to david from georgia on the line for republicans. good morning. caller: hello. good morning. host: what is on your mind? caller: i wanted to speak on health care to follow up on the comments that were made. you never hear it discussed in the media, but health care is extremely expensive. this is a little-known study that was done in california, they are looking at doing a complete coverage for anybody that has, anybody that is a resident, they did a study, the cost is $200 billion.
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the current budget for the whole state is $200 billion. it would double the budget. and it is not that the republicans want to take away health care, it is, there is not enough money to pay for it. hepatitis c, there are 3 million people in america with hepatitis c and there is a cure. all you have to do is take medication. the cost of the drug is $80,000. i cannot do the math. that is what it would take, $80,000 multiplied by 3 million. we have limited resources and they have to be allocated and you cannot spend more than that and nobody wants to say, we just want to buy whatever we can, there is not enough money. you cannot do it. that is the hitting point. devil is in the
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details and nobody wants to talk about the details. the numbers i gave you are correct. host: the me ask you a different question, are you paying any attention to the -- near atlanta, about three or four hours north of you? caller: it is four hours north. i am paying attention to it. i think it will be a close race. i think, and i am probably a moderate republican in some ways. i do have a lot of democratic friends and i am open than my other friends. but i think the democrat will probably win it. host: there is a piece in the washington post, karen handel is the republican running in the race and it says in recent weeks tightening polls have escalated to tension for the republican, a socially conservative fixture in state politics running against a
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democrat who is a well rehearsed former capitol hill staffer who -- and a record turnout is expected. thousands of people have already voted. according to officials, nearly a quarter. for republicans who held the ist since 1979, the moment fraught with anxiety. while some voters may be shrugging off the russia questions for now, leaders are skittish about whether they will pay a price for this action. we will go to chris in michigan. good morning. caller: good morning. i would like to make a comment statement acent person made from california. about the recent shooting in washington dc. we do not condone violence.
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we are a peaceful nation, a christian nation. massachusetts, they do not run this country. we had a vote. the people in the midwest, the rust belt where i am from, we elected our president, donald trump it i am 60 years old -- trump. i am 60 years old, i am a businessman and it is very difficult to operate under extreme socialistic laws that these democrats are trying to drive. and they have a very, very strong lobby, a very strong grip on this country. but they lost. and our presidents is going to -- president is going to try to streamline this country so it gets back on an economic
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prosperity path. so we have somewhat of a decent health care system. and so we have peace and law and order. now, these people are condoning violence. hey aree so kristof -- t so pissed off hillary lost. host: we have alan on the line for independents. caller: good morning. i am calling in regards to our country. i -- with his job, regardless of who he is. he is the president and we should be -- theuld like to say relationship with america is deteriorating, the family
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relationship. we are breaking up very easily and i think politicians should look into certain things that affect american families. it is not in the best interest. second thing, i think the defense budget is too big and it is getting too big. is much of the spending going to domestic. and the president talks about the infrastructure money. lawmakersl of the need to pull themselves together and pass that bill that the president needs to sign for the infrastructure and get america moving. from --ion coming calling from new jersey. caller: i want to make a couple points. one caller said about the
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hepatitis c drug that cost $80,000, which it does in this country, it costs $1400 in india. the pharmaceutical country -- companies control a lot of the republican party. it is also $75,000 cheaper in canada. so if a democrat ever tried to do what donald trump is doing, continuously lying and blaming people and corn aided by washington -- coordinated by washington, the republicans would explode. hillary clinton, who won by almost three money and votes, if votes, if she put her son-in-law in charge of things at the white house they would've gone nuts. it is unreal. that is what is going on. this is not a christian
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country. it was not founded by christians. founded by those that did not believe in christianity. the notion of god and all this stuff is off-the-wall. thank you. host: ok, going to austin, texas. jason is on the line. caller: hey. while hillary was at the state department she -- which is a russian government controlled company. host: ok we will go to teresa from little rock, arkansas. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. i tried several times to get through. i will ask only one question. has anybody challenged the democrats are run in the georgia house seat, because he does not live in that district? i was curious. host: ok.
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let's look what we have lined up for tomorrow. newt gingrich will discuss his new book "understanding trump," detailing how his past experiences have shaped his life. and then the humane society president and ceo will be here to talk about his book "the humane economy." and then we will have financial times call must edward l -- colu talking aboutuce, liberalism and western values as a whole. that will do it for the washington journal. thank you for spending part of your saturday morning with us. we will be right back here tomorrow. ♪
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>> this weekend, c-span cities tour, with the help of cable partners, take american history tv to hyde park, new york as we explore the history and literary life of a town that has come to be synonymous with franklin roosevelt, eleanor roosevelt and the extended roosevelt family. today at noon on book tv, an exclusive interview with david grandson of fdr as he talks about his memoir, a personal history of eleanor roosevelt from his home on the roosevelt hyde park estate. >> it really was not until my grandmother's funeral that i really ashe was special person. and something of a celebrity. we never thought of her in that
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way, we never viewed my grandmother. she was only a grandmother to us. that is all she ever wanted to be. >> then an author and his book "fdr and the post office." letters in ther archives that actually credited stamp collecting of saving his life, after he was confined to a wheelchair. >> on sunday on american history tv, we tour the presidential library, the fdr presidential library, the first in the system. >> it was established by fdr. he was looking for a way to preserve the papers of his administration and also his personal papers. so he created a library on the ground of his estate on the grounds of hyde park. what he decided to do was raise
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private money to build the library. then he gave it to the government to be operated by the national archives. >> watch c-span's cities tour of hyde park, new york today. and sunday at 2:00 p.m. on american history tv on c-span3. working with our cable affiliates and a visiting cities across the country. >> this week, several senators questioned mr. rosenstein about the 2016 election. after reports president trump was considering firing robert mueller. mr. rosenstein was on capitol hill to testify on the budget request for the department of justice, in place of jeff sessions who is appearing that same day before the senate intelligence committee as part of the russian investigation. this subcommittee hearing is just over two hours. chairman shelby: the committee
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will come to the order. mr. deputy attorney general, welcome to the congress's appropriations committee, which we will hear in the fiscal year 2018 budget request. i am pleased to welcome you here to your first hearing before this subcommittee. i am grateful that you and the attorney general brought the new leadership to the doj. your input is helpful and necessary as we reviewed the priorities for the justice department to ensure that national security and law enforcement is funded appropriately and sufficiently. this is a challenging budget climate as you know. violent crime has risen and terrorists have escalated fiscal constraints. the president proposes to decrease funding at the department of justice by $630


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