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tv   President Remarks on U.S. Leadership in Emerging Technology  CSPAN  June 22, 2017 7:38pm-8:01pm EDT

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beginning. the ambition was the overriding consideration with him. it was only when compassion and ambition could inside, he realized if he wants to be president, he has to pass a civil rights bill. ut then he says, so he feeling false? not at all. all his life he wanted to know how -- >> sunday night. >> president trump met with business leaders and c.e.o.'s on technology development. it including representatives as well as drone manufacturers. this is 25 minutes. president trump thank you for being here and giving us a chance to see some of the really
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exciting new technology that you pioneered that will help improve so many millions of lives. i thank my office of science and technology and this has been a great office. they have done such incredible work for organizing today's event and bringing these wonderful business leaders and they are at the top, together, to talk about the importance of emerging technologies. i thank secretary ross for joining us together. and we just got back from iowa last night, big speech in iowa that was an amazing group of people. those people were excited as most people saw it. they were excited. wilbur has done a fantastic job. and i thank you very much. wilbur, as jeff, wilbur is just known on wall street and don't call him wilbur ross and say wilbur's involved.
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mr. vice president, thank you very much for being here. we have had some busy schedules and we have a thing called health care that you may here is on the outside as we discuss. and i think it's going to come out that obamacare is dead. totally dead. and we are putting in a plan today that is going to be negotiated. would love to have democrat support. we won't get one. but we will hopefully get something done and hopefully something with heart and very meaningful. and steve, it's great to have you here. you have done a great job. you got a hell of a lot of money for that sale. i don't think you were given. what a deal that was. too many years of excessive government regulation, we have had regulation that's been so
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bad, so out of line that it's really hurt our country. and as you see on a daily basis, we are getting rid of regulation. dodd-frank is being cut and cut very substantially. we will have tremendous safeguards and have banks that will loan money to people so they can open businesses and do what they can do in this country. my administration has been focused on removing the barriers to job growth and prosperity and formed a deregulation task force to find and eliminate wasteful, intrusive and job-killing regulations, of which we have had many. we want our innovators to dream big like the folks around me and surrounding me in this room. and we want them to create new companies and create lots of job. your industry has been incredible. your representation of your
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companies is the reason you're here, has been something that has created so many millions of new american jobs and probably jobs in many other countries also. but we are interested right now in america first. we are on the verge of new technological revolutions that could improve every aspect of our lives, create vast new wealth for america entries and open up communication. today's conversation will move america one step closer to that bright future we are talking about and longing for in your world. i would love to hear about the discussions you had this morning with our team, the white house, and get your thoughts on ways government can unleash the next generation of technological breakthroughs that will transform our lives and transform our country and make
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us number one in this field. it is a very, very competitive field. you see what's going on in china and so many other countries and we want to remain number one and go to number one in certain areas where we are not number one. and we're going to give you the competitive advantage that you need. so thank you all very much for being here. on behalf of myself and migrate vice president, it's been a meeting that we look forward to attending. and maybe if i could, i'm going to ask the group and for the media they can stay and see the folks and say your company name and yourself and brief remark because we have a lot of people and start from my left. dian everyone. >> good morning, mr. president and vice president, secretary we fly nka and jared,
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drones in the energy sector for oil and gas and today as part of the talks and very much a proponent of supporting stem, women and veterans towards innovation and job creation. >> good morning and thank you for the privilege to be here and vice president and all of the distinguished memberships of the cabinet. i represent honeywell and we play in segments, aerospace, automobile, buildings and oil and gas. very important opportunity for u.s. competitiveness that being i.o.t. >> great company. that is a great inspect. and so is yours, by the way. [laughter] >> good morning, i'm the chief operating officer of 500 tartups and invested in over
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1,800 companies where we are accelerator with 150r employees ll over the world now. >> jennifer. i'm from upstate new york, i work in underserved capital regions in the united states that need desperately more capital to support the entrepreneurs and innovative ideas that are coming out of places outside of new york city, silicon valley and boston and i appreciate the opportunity to have my voice heard today to talk about those things. and i want to encourage the administration that anything you do for venture capital will pay off huge dividends because we are the new job creators and
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have been for three decades. on that new job growth is because of venture capital funds. matthew.orge we are an industrial drone manufacturer. looking forward to spending time with you to show how industrial work is accomplished with the use of a drone and changing how the aspect of engineering and the industrial markets continue to evolve. >> good morning, mr. president and mr. vice president and members of your staff, john stratton from verizon and very well timed session today. we are at the dawn of an age of a technological revolution that will change the world. with your focus on job creation and u.s. leadership, we think this is a great time for
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public-private partnership. president trump: how are you getting along with at&t over here? [laughter] >> great. >> hello, mr. president and mr. vice president, thanks for having us, i'm nick with epic ventures, a salt lake city venture capital firm. we are known for you probably worked with us and a learning management system, software development that makes the software. and these are companies that have come out of places like salt lake city and we are involved in ecosystems including like albuquerque, phoenix, and portland. >> good morning, i'm the c.e.o.
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internet company. and so never a better time to start a company in america. glad to be here. >> great to be here. i think the subject of this is a great topic and brings companies together. and great discussion. on a slightly different topic, we closed a deal in egypt last weekend. anks to you and your team -- president trump i think we helped. you had some competition from other companies -- germany. isn't that nice? we did a good job. what is the number we are talking about? >> 600 million. >> good morning, mr. president.
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i'm a general partner with a venture capital firm and we look forward to playing our role in helping drive jobs in the united states specifically through i.o.t. and new industrial technologies. president trump thank you very much. >> good morning mr. president, i'm barry, founding partner with a large early stage venture capital firm and we have created tens of thousands of jobs. president trump very large. he is very large. [laughter] thank you for being here. >> i'm steve case, 32 years ago, 3% of people were online and only on line one hour a week. after that merger you referenced, i moved on and i started a venture capital
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company. and trying to get more capital and finding more entrepreneurs and looked to the data. add all of them up, they got 15% of venture capital. when people have been left behind. we need to get more investors focusing on the investors to make sure we level the playing field so everybody does have a shot at the american dream. president trump steve really was early. he was right at the beginning. congratulations. >> mr. president, mr. vice president, thank you for the invitation. i'm the c.e.o. of an aerospace management company for drones. and we will help the drone industry scale by providing a afe and operating environment.
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a health care fund that i founded 14 years ago and founded on the premise that through innovation we could lower the cost of health care and provide great health care. we are now in our fourth fund and half of the companies are in the midwest. and the other half are on the coast. we have treated over 3.5 million patients and created jobs in those states that we are in and turned into $2 billion to our investors. president trump you must be on pins and needles to see what is coming out about now. > at 9:30. president trump i think she is going to leave.
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>> i represent nasdaq and we are thrilled to be here today and go and it was great to be here today. >> i'm glen post from century link and one of the largest enterprising networking companies in the nation and improving the lives of people and improving companies and connecting them to the power of the digital world. i want to express my appreciation and your efforts to create an environment in which we can see there is less regulation and lower taxes, your efforts are clearly seen and i appreciate that. president trump we just had come out a poll on enthusiasm.
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it's the greatest enthusiasm in the history of this poll, which i think is 28 years old. business enthusiasm in terms of manufacturers and general business. i appreciate you saying that. we are doing well. and stock markets hit new records. never like to talk about that too much because you don't know what's going to happen when you leave. we created $4 trillion in value. that's a lot since election day. that's quite a statement. let's keep it going that way. i appreciate it. you have done a great job. -- t-mobile. am we are on the press pea to moving to 5g. and the position that the government takes is going to determine whether or not america continues to lead in technology at this time in transition. the meetings comes at an
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important time. and thank you for allowing investment to flow at historic levels. president trump say hello to my very good friend. thank you. >> hello, mr. president, mr. vice president and my colleagues yoo i'm the president of precision hawk. we are a drone company as well. we provide censors to many farmers in the agriculture space, like those in iowa as well as other industries, including construction, energy and insurance. there are a number of drone companies sitting around the table. this is actually the one industry where we need more regulation because it is limiting what drone technology can do and we need the f.a.a. and the other regulatory bodies to have more power to regulate opening up those opportunities
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to stay competitive. one of the few areas we would like to see regulation to open up opportunity. prior to precision hawk, i was a co-funder of an education company and something i'm impassioned about. i think you have asemmedbled an ingreble group of people. excitement today is more than the economic opportunity here in america. congratulations on the great job you have been doing. president trump appreciate it. co-founderc.e.o. and measure, largest he he of drones. we are hiring more pilots in the states, hiring vets and i want to thank you for gathering drone experts so early in your
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administration and bringing together a great group of people and make it easier for us to fly like sprint and remove the dangers of climbing those towers. thank you for allowing us to have a voice. president trump: thank you. >> mr. president, mr. vice president, i represent sprint. we have just created the world's largest venture capital fund. he told me to tell you -- president trump: great guy. >> we create 50,000 jobs in the u.s. we have a turn around and we have some good ideas and how the government can fight danger. thank me for being here. president trump: because you won, i'm going to invest zhrrs
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50 billion. i said is that all, can you do more? he is great. say hello to him. >> good morning. i'm with the company called airspace systems out of san francisco. we protect those who cannot protect themselves. e protect football stadiums to baseball parks. >> mr. president, mr. vice president, can you hear me? >> i'm chairman of n.e.a. and that is not the national ndowment of the arts but a large diversified venture firm but we invest across the u.s. like china, india and israel. but we have invested about our
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$20 billion in assets, a third in health care and i appreciate having this session today and i thoughtfulhad a very conversation to support emerging technologies. president trump: thank you very much. >> i likewise thank you for putting this together. we had a very good conversation this morning about the timeliness of this particular meeting. we are at a place where we have leapfrogged the world and we are leading the world and silicon valley. d as we move into a world of 5g we would lead the world for another broadband delom deployment. and people have invested more than any other industry since 2007.
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and getting this right continues this development. thatinvested right through cycle and came out the back end leading the world. most exciting time ap we are appreciative of you putting this together. president trump: the job you have done at at&t, it's like two companies you started and made very different by government and now here you are again really a top job. and i want to congratulate you. it's not easy. most companies would have disappeared and you didn't disappear. congratulations. thank you all very much. >> mr. president, we do have a couple of demonstrations for you. >> president trump: would you like to watch the demonstration? >> randall, are you the first? >> i'm second. > georgia's first.
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president trump: how do you like the health care, folks? it's going to be very good. little negotiation, but it's going to be great. . . >> today, senate debate on the newly released health care bill. then senator rand paul on his opposition to the bill followed by house speaker paul ryan. republican leaders in the senate announced their health care bill to the affordable health care act. they opposed to repeal obama's individual mandate and eliminates most of the current laws taxes. here is some of the senate debate on the bill. seven years ago democrats


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