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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  July 1, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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numbers usa about recent immigration enforcement actions taken by the trump administration. later, bloomberg businessweek's where sutton on the gender wage cap. -- wage gap. good morning. 2017 andurday, july 1, according to a gallup poll, americans level of trust in the news media is very low. only one quarter of americans have strong confidence in newspapers and fewer express confidence in television and online news sources. president donald trump and other white house officials continued to criticize media outlets for their coverage of his administration while some journalists shot back, saying the white house lack of transparency makes their work harder than ever.
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today, we ask our washington journal viewers what is your level of trust. he can also reach us on social media on twitter and on facebook. the "washington examiner" breaks down the gallup poll about the level of trust in the news media. it says the media is taking it on the chin in the area of fake news. according to gallup, less than three in 10 americans have confidence in tv news and newspapers and that is better than last year. 27% havetest survey, confidence in newspapers. for tv, it is worse. 24 percent. from a long range perspective,
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confidence in newspapers hasn't been high at any point for the past 30 years. in was 39% the 27% who have confidence this year is the highest recorded since 2011. gallup said. a little more from gallup on those numbers, gives a little explanation about what is happening. the bottom line according to gallup is despite recent discussions about fake news and suspicions about the motivations of newspapers as well as tv and internet news, americans confidence in these instant editions has been soft for a long time. they lack confidence in the media as an institution. stress in mass media is at an all-time low. what president trump himself said about fake news on russia in february. president trump: russia is fake news. this is fake news put out by the media.
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the real news is the fact that media -- people, probably from the obama administration -- because we have our new people going in place right now -- mike pompeo is now taking control of the cia. james comey at fbi. be coats is waiting to approved. he is a senator and a highly respected one. he is still waiting to be approved. our new people are going in and while you are at it -- because you mentioned this -- "wall street journal" did a report today that is almost as disgraceful as the "new york times" story yesterday. front page. director of national intelligence just put out a statement. any suggestion the united states intelligence community -- this was just given to us -- is withholding information and not providing the best possible intelligence to the president
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and his national security team is not true. they took this front page story out of the wall street journal and they just wrote the story that is not true. i will pay you something, i will be honest. i sort of enjoy this back and forth and i have all my life, but i've never seen more dishonest media than the political media. i thought the financial media was much more honest. >> talking to our viewers today, getting your views on news media. you trust it? eric, what do you think? youood morning and thank for giving me this opportunity to speak to america. about the media, it is very sad. i don't trust them at all. especially after president trump was elected.
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the fourth power in america because journalists are rooted -- opposed to report the facts but there are no more facts, it is about who they like and their political platform and some media have become activists. msnbc,u look at cnn and it is terrible the way they're treated me president, even though key is not an angel. -- i have my own opinion and new data do not believe in them. host: do you have a different opinion about newspapers than television news? caller: just a slight difference. they are doing the same. if you take the "washington post" -- the hatred they have against the president is unbelievable. there is nothing good he can say.
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the television media is worse because they have daily contact with us. the consumer. i do not see that much difference. they are still behind the ideology and they are not , onlyg about fact anymore about who they like or who they do not like. host: gary calling from orchard park, new york, on the democratic line. do you have trust in the news media? caller: i do not and let me give bitxample that is a little different from what other people are calling in to say. i will try to be brief but please let me make my point. companies, thee corporations, that purchase ads on television and in print media, they are buying editorial
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favorability. let me give an example. i travel a lot, to canada, europe, in my business. i know the feelings of the people that have their national healthcare system. they are relatively happy. what we hear on our own media in the united states is that those people hate their systems. they are very happy -- i'm happy with their national healthcare -- unhappy with their national healthcare systems, which is not true. on c-span, please let me make my case, on c-span, i have tried for years, when i got a chance to call in, all the way back to brian lamb, to say, get a hook up in canada, get a hook up in england, for example, and let's find out exactly what those people feel about their national healthcare system. it never happened. that is a fair statement.
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the reason i will make right now is that, if you look at cable tv, and mainstream tv, we are inundated with paid advertisements by the pharmaceutical industry. networks, the -- the are not about to bite the golden goose that gives them hundreds of millions of dollars a year in paid ads. host: this week, we saw the frustration between the administration and the press he at the whitep house, fox news says white house deputy press secretary sarah huckabee sanders ripped into cnn at a briefing. set someone from breitbart news, challenged her on quite the scene and retraction of a recent
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story was not sufficient enough for the president who took to twitter and said, cnn had to retract a story on russia with three employees forced to resign. what about all the other phony stories they do? fake news. storyd retracted the linking a trap adviser to russian investment fund your three journalists -- i do not know if that response is good enough, sanders said. we have gone to a place where, if the media cannot be trusted to report the news, it is a dangerous place for america. philip calling in from kissimmee, florida, independent line, what is your level of trust in the news media. caller: i grew up reading books in the library, getting information that most people do not read in terms of trying to get the facts. corporations are taking advantage of history in terms of propaganda to bring people in this country to the point of use that would highlight their
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income driven agendas. and their political agendas. most people need to wake up. and start trying to find information. they know most people are way over their heads in terms of time elements and doing what they have to do in this world to survive. the: what would you prefer -- for example, when you watch television news, do you prefer straight news? a lot of networks have analysts or pungent and give different point of view. what do you think there should be more or less up in the news media? caller: that is a good point. you guys do a good job, amy goodman does a good job of presenting news to the people and letting us see both sides of the coin. i think that is very important. most people do not have a reservoir of knowledge. because it is not intellectual,
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not factual. it is based on opinions like what they see. something, and it becomes embedded in their mind and then you think it and they divided the country, look at the wisdom of abraham lincoln who said united we stand and divided we fall. we'd need ways of coming together, though we are different. they need to bring us together. host: matt calling in from new york on the republican line. do you have confidence in the news media? caller: absolutely not. i have been following politics over 50 years and the last 20, maybe a little bit longer, it has become ridiculous. the use to report what the previous caller just said, just fax, no matter their political leanings. he can say about the straight
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news, it is still the people behind the scenes that determine what is news. for instance, this whole thing -- the so-called dignity of the white house. what dignity are we talking about? the dignity of jfk having different women, even monsters girlfriend in the white house having sex with her? for the dignity of bill clinton and monica lewinsky? or are we talking about the dignity of barack obama, which he cannot be directly tied to it, but directing the irs and that lady pleaded the fifth amendment to prevent the tea party groups from exercising their right to believe. host: on the issue of the media, you are talking about a long time, do you think the press did a better job in the past, 20 years ago or before, then they
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are doing today? any jfk time,r: the press knew about his affairs and did not report on it. they kept that from the public. before that, the press kept from the public the fdr true illness, the stuff he was going through. becoming a gotcha thing. example wasent donna brazil here to work for cnn and gave hillary the answers in the debate with bernie sanders but two weeks ago i saw her with her old cow -- pal george stephanopoulos on a sunday morning talk show. what part of that do i not understand? or then't the media
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woman from florida, the congressman that was not charged, that was also implicated, why are they getting their questions? why hasn't seen in invited donna invited- cann -- cnn donna brazil to take questions on why she did what she did? host: let's look at the exchange between sarah huckabee sanders and the executive director of the montgomery county sentinel from maryland. report onus not to stories of foreign countries trying to influence the presidential election? >> i do not think it is expected that you are not to report on actual news, if there is something there, but there are a lot of things happening in this world that a lot of people would like to hear about, whether job growth, deregulation, tax
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reform, health care, a lot of those things deserve more coverage and then they get the all we are saying, i think we should take a good look at what we are focused on, that we are covering, and making sure it is accurate and honest. if we make the slightest mistake, the slightest word is off, it is an absolute tirade from a lot of people in this room. news outlets get to go on day after day and cite unnamed sources, use sources without -- torres without sources, -- stories without sources, a story where they had to have reporters resign. >> you are inflaming everybody with those words. this administration has done that. why in the name of heaven, any one of us are replaceable and, if we do not get it right, the audience can turn the channel or
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not read us. you have been elected to serve for four years at least, no option other than that. we ask you questions and you provide the answers. you just did something inflammatory for people all over the country who say, the president is right and everybody else is fake media. everybody in this room is just trying to do their job. >> i disagree completely. ,f anything has been inflamed it is the dishonesty that often takes place iv news media. -- by the news media. it is outrageous for you to accuse me of inflaming a story when i was responding to his question. host: jeff on the democratic line, from long island, new york. good morning. do you have trust in the news media? caller: i have so little trust in the media, i am disappointed, i have been a democrat for so many years and i what from msnbc to npr, and it is a complete
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embarrassment. my party is falling apart. host: what do you think the problem is? what is it that you see as falling apart in the broadcast media outlets you mentioned? caller: they are looking for ratings and they have not been able to win an election with legitimate points. they are hyperbolic. and i have health insurance from the health exchange. i live in new york. i am paying $800 per month for one person. it is off the charts. if i continue to go like this, i will be bankrupt. for me to listen to chuck schumer, who is also from new york, to tell me and cry that people are going to die. if something does not change, people will go bankrupt.
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host: what do you think the solution is? do you think there should be -- what would you like this in your newspapers and television stations focus on more? caller: i would rather them be honest instead of paint and entertainment show. pure news is important but i do not need their inflections about -- to sell their points, just give facts, people can decipher what is best for them. calling in from san augustine, texas, republican line. caller: how are you doing? host: good, what is your level of trust in the news media? caller: i do not trust our news media, cnn, or any of the big ones. we finally have a good president who is getting things done and i
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think the news media is scared he will get more done than any other president already has. we have a president, when he says he will get something taken care of, he does it and i back him 110% because he is fighting this stuff overseas and taking care of things that we needed taking care of. as far as the russia thing, they need to drop all of that for one reason, the news media has done nothing but turn russia against us in a lot of ways. it is not right. host: if you do not trust cnn and other television networks, where do you get your news? caller: i get it off the tv early in the morning. on the today show and stuff. they are just repeating stuff cnn has reported. upt gets me is that they dig all the trash on anybody and put it on public air.
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one of the things that is destroying our society is twitter and facebook. it is common trash. it is not right. host: francis calling in from bellevue, washington, democratic line. do you trust the media? caller: i do, at least 40%. the news part i get the most from is what i see. i see some of the demonstrations. when you allow me to actually see what is going on, and i like that. i also like the editorials that i read. i could newspapers and lots of magazines -- i take newspapers and lots of magazines and i am an old woman, and i really read. i hear a lot of people -- i will
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not dwell on this, who are satisfied with the medical service they have. those are not the people calling in. the discontented people are calling in and i listen to what they say, that that is just fine. but i get my news from what our president tweets. he does a whole lot of tweaking -- tweeting. i guess that is fact. what i actually can see and certainly here analysis of it. i appreciate what the editors do. i appreciate the reporters. and i am 86 years old. i have some health issues. they are being addressed. i do have medicare. before i had medicare, i had
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insurance that i had to pay for. unlike so many people i hear, i did work. i work for 40 years. that has been a blessing for me. i appreciate that. leadership current is where we begin getting some of the accuracy from. host: a little bit more about the cnn story, whose retraction caused a stir at the white house . the washington post says the story debacle came at the worst time for the network, the network is a frequently subject of scorn by the president. the story on reported citing one anonymous source that senate investigators were looking into a meeting between a member of the presidents transition team, a wall street
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financier, and the executive of a russian -- russian investment firm before donald trump took office and advance the narrative of ties between the trump campaign and people close to russian president vladimir putin. one problem, when challenged on the story, cnn said it could not stand by it and retracted it and apologized. monday, reporters and the editor of the peace resigned from cnn. the sequence of events let donald trump to take a kind of victory left on tuesday, he turned to twitter to bash cnn and other media outlets that have aggressively reported on a his associates connections to russian officials during the 2016 campaign and before the inauguration. cindy, independent line, maryland, what are your thoughts? caller: quickly, i am getting ready to go to work.
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teenager living in europe in the very early 1970's. when i would come back to the united states for summer vacations with my family, i began to notice, this is of a very young age at 12, 13, 14, the differences of information that is being supplied to citizens. what i would see and what i would read while i looked over there was different than what was being written in the newspapers we would have from our home town every sunday. we got the paper and every wednesday overseas. i noticed that and noticed that for the four years i lived in europe as a teenager, leaving at 16. that is something i have noticed. as i talk to people over time, i describe that, that disparity
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that i noticed, even at the tender age of 12. host: how was it different, more of a focus on local news? what was different with the european news coverage? caller: this was around the time -- i am trying to think of what was going on but there was the remnants of the watergate situation. a lot of political things. in my journalism class in high school, i was studying to be a journalist, we would look at these disparities and talk about it. and look at the sources. wave hasknow when this -- i noticed decades ago, for decades ago has turned into the synonymy it is. -- tsunami it is. it has been there a long time. thenology has made
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incidences of these things more apparent, like the internet. everything has been exploded in the last 10, 15, 20 years with the internet. counterterrorism has been going on for decades. that is what a lot -- they talk about the hacking into the convention and the russia situation. these are just counterterrorism activities, going on for decades, it seems like it is a larger but because of the various issues and things do take a life of their own. there may have been a lot of other factors that have played into this but this has been going on for a long time. for somebody at the age of 12, 13, to notice usually notice the disparity between what americans are told and what is occurring, for me to have figured that out
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at such a young age. i am not that age anymore, much more intelligent. it is like the woman who spoke a few minutes ago, i take what i see and what i read, everybody who writes and who presents, brings in their own opinion. host: cleveland, republican line, do you trust the media? caller: it is not the question of trust it is a question of believing it. i would like to make comparisons to the media and let's say the news media was doing things like building golf courses like donald trump and putting up hotels like donald trump has, putting up cities like donald trump has, pitting people to work just putting people to work right on the truck passed, he is helping and takes care of himself, he is a clean finger. does not have validity, no reason to believe them. tweet,trump does not
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up,weaks to wake people more concerned about black people that barack obama could ever be and doing more for people unemployed. that the little democratic party could ever do -- liberal democratic party could ever do, he is an honest man who does not have to lie. host: where do you get your news? where do you go to for news about politics? caller: from the people that call in, that is the reality, i listen to people who call in on shows. i have no regard for the media. can you imagine mike and joe scarborough being the first lady mika and joe -- scarborough being the first lady and first man? donald trump cares about america, do we care about
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america? host: keith is calling in from chicago on the democratic line. what is your level of trust in the news media? caller: i trust the media but i think that is not the right question. full disclosure, i have 30 years experience in media relations. i have a masters in journalism from syracuse. here is the issue. i do media training. the number one thing i tell people right off the bat, the media is not a monolith. conservatives certainly trust the media -- they do not trust editors, they trust fox news, talk radio, they do not trust the media. it needs to be understood, this was a campaign started during the next and administration.
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administration as a response to the watergate, roger ailes was the media consultant f or the nixon administration, with pat buchanan. , negativity.aid planned ass hub inative information 1972. they have gone to great lengths to discredit all of the media. now we are seeing the repercussions of that. important -- in order to manipulate people, in order to
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do things, every dictatorship does this. you first have to shoot the messenger. you have to discredit all media. -- the mediat was was made illegal in germany and we are inching that way. do not believe them when they say they do not believe the media, they trust drudge, fox, infowars. studies confirm that fox audiences are the least informed, less informed that people who watch no cable news at all. host: you mentioned the watergate era. let's look at what bob woodward from the washington post during forum aboutid in a
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the media coverage of president trump. >> at the white house correspondents dinner, you made an appearance with carl bernstein, your co-author and you got huge applause for one line. you said -- mr. president, the media is not fake news. elaborate. >> that is right, it is not fake news. the point i was making is, yes come sometimes we make mistakes, but done in good faith bid -- the point i was making is, yes, sometimes we make mistakes but it is done in good faith. it is not people saying, let's make things up. >> you have a tough message for the press. you said this is no time for self-satisfaction or smugness. >> that is a giant problem.
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on television, particularly, you will see a white house correspondent deliver a report and then the white house said, then there is a smug smile. which is the correspondent undermining what the white house says. there may be grounds for that but it should be reported, it should be straight. host: getting your thoughts about your level of trust in the media. democrats call 202-748-8000. republicans, 202-748-8001. independents, 202-748-8002. kathleen calling from massachusetts on the independent line. good morning. caller: good morning. it is disheartening for me to listen to the skepticism. it reminds me a little bit of the 1980's when whole segment of
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the population was saying things like, do not trust the government. back then, it was the government that was the enemy. it was not the media. it seems like there was a certain segment of the population that needs an enemy. i travel the world a lot. all over the world, europe, australia, no matter where you go, they trust the mainstream media in this country. it is disheartening for me that there are so many americans that trust russian television over the u.s. journalists that do not have any skin in the game. they go to work every day and do their job. does not matter, left, right, center, they are trying to deliver what is out there. it breaks my heart to hear the skepticism.
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is ank that skepticism powerful tool that -- like a country like russia can use, they can spread anything they want. if someone with authority comes out and says, yes, that is true, or not true, there will be so much confusion. that is their strength. their strength is in bringing so much chaos and confusion, and separating us. that works. they know that our achilles' heel, we are a very partisan country. they know that is our weakness. host: ok. line, whatemocratic are your thoughts, do you have trust in the media? caller: of course i have trust in the media. even if you are a democrat or republican, at some point you
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will be frustrated about the media. byse days, most are driven interest but we all understand that they will always go out to bring the news and tell the people what is going on. one thing the president does not like, when he was running to become the president, he liked the media because they were making him news. now he is discrediting the entire immediate. -- media. that is a dangerous thing. and russia, no more media and we cannot get to that point in this country. russia can use that tool against us. .t is so frustrating people who say they believe any president because he tweets.
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when he says he has been wiretapped by the president and he has no proof. we have had proof over and over that the president has been lying. -- the way he lies. it is not a good thing to discredit the media in this country. that is a dangerous thing. be --e a situation will where we cannot recover because rusher will take advantage of this. -- russia will take advantage of this. today's -- the front page of the "washington post" there is a piece about the president's this pleasure with the media and says his war on the media let him play the victim. it said that donald trump spent
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the week at war with what he calls the fake news media, attacking some of the news organizations reporting most aggressively on russian interference in the 2016 election. him fresh ammunition with the resignation of three investigative journalists over a retracted story connected to the rusher probe. for donald trump and his loyalists, the media has become a shared enemy. they like him and believe in him , they have not to a large degree then shaken from him anymore the media tax him, the more it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy on the side of truck supporters who fervently believe the media treats him unfairly. william is calling in from pennsylvania on the republican line. what do you think? caller: good morning and thank you for taking my call. i would like to say about the immediate is that they are at
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the forefront of the biggest ongoing problem in america today, which nobody is recognizing or are keeping quiet about. the general fact is that this country, without a doubt, is headed for civil war and all the talk about putting this country back together again is totally implausible. it will never happen, ever. the reason is because under the democratic party, you have name brands such as progressivism, communism, socialism, fascism. under the republican party, we have progressivism and some socialism. generally speaking. i am talking about those in power, not those in the streets like us. host: where do you get your news? what news sources do you trust? caller: i trust fox news and
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like the other caller mentioned, i listen to what people have to say. i also understand what has been going on for a long time in history. through other shows like glenn beck. bill o'reilly. i do not take those word for word as to what they say is the truth. andke things as a whole formulate my own picture. the fact is that, when it is all said and done, and this is not socialism, the people who are progressive and socialist and communist have been taking over this country since the early 1900s step-by-step and it has progressed to the point where they were on the march to turning free america, free constitutional america come into
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a time in this country. or a socialist country. they were well on their way to succeeding and donald trump came down out of nowhere and block their path. he has stopped the march of socialism, at least in the presidency, hopefully for a long time. press, who why the is on board with the socialist, progresses -- progressive, fascist, that is why they cannot give him a straight deal. simply because they want a progressive, socialist, communist country. host: a report from politico about the makeup of the white house press corps, conservative outlets it more official seat in the white house briefing room. it says more conservative outlets have official seats in the white house briefing room, according to a new seating chart
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, the correspondents association unveiled on friday. conservative television networks newsmax and one american news and the british newspaper the daily mail all have spots, the one american news is shared with the bbc. other changes since the seating chart was adjusted in 2015 include the huffington post and the spanish-language univision getting shared seats while the first row remains the same, populated by major television networks and wires, usa today has moved up to the second rope, switching spots with ap radio. we are asking you about your level of trust in the news media. democrats call 202-748-8000. republicans, 202-748-8001. independents, 202-748-8002. give us your thoughts about how much you trust the news media. beth calling from north carolina on our independent line.
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what is your level of trust in the media? caller: pretty low. i would like to say the man who spoke before me, i could not have possibly said it as eloquently as he did. he nailed it with the real divide in this country here we do not want to make america great again, we want to make america america again. as far as the media is concerned, when it is revealed that more than 90% of the media, you know, voted for hillary clinton, i think there is a good reason for skepticism. skepticism is a bad word. this country was founded on the right to defense. civil disobedience is one of the cornerstones. we are to question.
7:44 am
we are not to go along blindly and just follow. skepticism is a good thing. have more media what skepticism, instead of just constantly putting out their party line. host: i was going to ask you a question. go ahead. caller: as a child, i used to think i am so lucky, i do not have to live in the soviet union. because of all the propaganda. i am 66 years old and i am like, i am living in the soviet union. host: let me ask you my question now. do you think it is beneficial for the president to spend as much time as he does talking about the media? criticism of u.s. president is not new.
7:45 am
caller: you just gave the party line. there is. the president does not spend all his time talking about the media. host: i said a lot of time, a lot of time in twitter and in press appearances talking about the press, like in the clip we showed here is that helpful? caller: that is extremely helpful. the truth is always helpful. host: jesse is calling in from muskegon, michigan, democratic line. what are your thoughts? caller: good morning. i trust the media. i used to wake up every morning and turn to c-span. it is almost unbearable to watch c-span with white supremacist calling in, ridiculous that some
7:46 am
people are so low informed. and do not think for themselves. i am 85 years old and my mind is sharp as a razor. i know this country as well as anybody and to hear these people they praise this the waythat do not know to come out of the door and do not cut me off. i listen to c-span a lot and these white supremacist: and get all the time they want. one of them starts talking about black people. give them alls the time they want to talk about black people. it has gotten so crazy. is hard to, this
7:47 am
listen to c-span anymore and i used to love to listen to c-span. these people calling in, i do not know if they have a half a brain in their head. host: i want to hear from you about your trust in the news media. what do you listen to, do you read newspapers or rely on television? how do you get your information to base your opinions? caller: i get my news from a different variety of papers. from the newspaper. i listen to democracy now. i listen to a variety of different news organizations. i do not believe that these people are living on the same planet. this man did,hat how long would he have lasted?
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these people are praising this man. they do not know what the truth is. folks,called religious evangelicals,w, whatristian, this man said he would do to women. gode people are like, he is or something, this man is the devil. so disappointing. , we had 400people years of slavery, they denied us a chance to get an education. we are more intelligent than these right wing people calling in. they do not know what the truth is. host: carl calling in from north carolina, elizabeth city, independent line, do you trust
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the media? caller: i trust some of them. i do not trust the propagandists such as fox, they have people such as sean hannity and people like that. trumps runs to him to get his news out. you have a propaganda station and it is laughable, the fellow from pennsylvania talks about getting his news from fox. if you look at fox, you know less than a person who never looks at the news. news, the biggest person that puts of the fox news is donald trump. he goes on there and lies. he goes on twitter and lies. he started the false news talking about obama was not born in the united states. host: let me ask you a question. especially on television news
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networks, we have seen an increase in the number of political operatives who are now paid analysts on networks like cnn and msnbc, and fox, is that helpful to have people who are democratic or republican operatives being a part of this conversation, along with the people who are journalists? or should be there less punditry and straight journalism? caller: i listen to them. i do not have to believe everything they say. some of them may exaggerate. i look at it and then read, go on the internet. i do not just take their opinion for it. these right wing people that are calling in, they believed anything that sean hannity or rush limbaugh, they love that. they believe it. another thing. trump believes his
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number one buddy is in russia, putin, he will not talk against putin. he loves putin. his number one buddy is a communist. host: we are taking calls about your trust in the news media. democrats call 202-748-8000. republicans, 202-748-8001. .ndependents, 202-748-8002 more from today's front page of the washington post. about the president's relationship with the media, the white house says this feud is a win. the media can serve as an easy scapegoat, although that tactic is ultimately unlikely to pay long-term dividends set a former cnn washington bureau chief who is now the director of the
7:52 am
school's media and public affairs at george washington university. he says the white house appears to have decided that one of its key talking points will be at war with the media. this is an ongoing campaign that explain the president's misfortune, rallies the base, and gives meaning to the narrative of this presidency. it may resonate with the base, or at least some of the base but utterly misguided and will prove to be counterproductive and shows both the shallowness and fundamental disrespect the white house has for the media and the free press. debbie is calling in from stockbridge, georgia on the independent line. good morning. caller: good morning. my problem is the media says what they want to but what happened to the investigative reporters back in the 1930's and 1940's, and on up to the 1960's? something happened and i appreciate edward r. murrow and
7:53 am
walter cronkite. i grew up with those men in my life and think i can depend on them to tell the truth. what has happened to our journalists? what are they teaching them in college? towardse as productive one lie after another? i do trust c-span and listen to it every day. i appreciate all the efforts they make to make the news where we can understand it. host: you talked about edward r. murrow. do you think there are too many media sources? back then there was your newspaper and the nightly news. is too much media the problem? caller: i think the opinionated people that speak on these talk shows in the mornings are pitiful. they have no idea what the real story is.
7:54 am
they just fabricate what they want to make it look like they need to get higher ratings for their tv station or the radio. disgusted with what is going on. where are the journalists? where are the real people is what i asked myself. i appreciate c-span. they at least are not opinionated. that is good for this country. i think our president is trying to do what we need him to have done for years. i wish him luck. from james is calling in my hometown, south field, michigan, democratic line. caller: good morning.
7:55 am
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the proposal would be better for the public, the white house and the press. kate on the republican line. with the you think? -- what the you think? caller: i am very skeptical of the media and telling the truth. there are a couple of things i have noticed since trump has been president. even before then, a lack of respect for the office of the president. he should be addressed as mr. president. that is the one thing the media does not do. i don't really listen to him anymore because i think they give their opinions, which are not any greater than mine, rather than save the news. sometimes i question if they are even making it up as they go along. i listen to c-span to get my ewtn and i listen to radio to get the news because they are say what is actually happening.
7:58 am
i'm not interested in other people's opinions. he would be a shame for the white house to give up the ,ublic briefings to the press but the press intern has to maybe give or show more respect to the white house. i think the white house has taken on their adversarial role because the press has brought it on themselves. i have been watching it from the beginning and i have been shocked. even some of the shows i watch in the morning, they are not even getting news. they are just bashing the president. host: freddie is coming from little rock, arkansas on the independent line. the you trust the media? -- do you trust the media? caller: where else can we get our news from? i watch cnn. i used to be a fox watch her until i realized it was to get an understanding of what they were thinking. what is amazing me is this, we have so many callers that are
7:59 am
hell-bent on dealing and accepting trump's word when he came in as a liar, continued to lie, and his whole objective -- everyone that is following him, is to do and discredit whatever 44 have possibly done. we can have 22 million people without health care. no answers. no questions at all. don't ask any questions. putin is his buddy. what we say this we are unpatriotic. we should turn all of our flags upside down. that is my opinion. that is how i feel about it. thank you very much, c-span. host: pittsburgh on the democratic line. what do you think about the media? ,aller: i think the media
8:00 am
besides fox news, i do trust the media. you have to remember president nixon said in his tapes that the media is the enemy, the media is the enemy. he said it three times. he told all of his people to discredit the media. just like donald trump is doing. actuallyald trump ruined 80 years of what we work for for our country. he has made us last in line again. he is getting rid of our allies. england is not trust us. of course germany said they cannot even count on us. he wanted to get rid of nato. host: ok. that will be the last word. waldman will be here to discho


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