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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  July 2, 2017 9:30am-10:01am EDT

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of the declaration of independence. it is fabulous. i took my family to see it. it is totally worth it. it is so fabulous. everybody should do something this fourth of july host: on our host for americans, libby. hello, i have a real challenge for you. i am speaking to you as a woman to a woman that i want to put out a catalyst for women is for change. we will piggyback on reince priebus and eventually when he represented the republican party, he set up that there was no war on women anymore there is a war on caterpillar. as a negotiator, he was referring to a process is. as a caterpillar, it can be switched. we needed to use it that
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statement as a catalyst for change. because with that, you can combine two forces and make what is essentially the butterfly effect, a small statement like that can be a big change. host: thank you. alexandra pelosi? guest: wow. that is deep. i think it is a beautiful, beautiful call to action. and, i am going to choose to just suck it in and say, happy fourth of july to you. i think i cannot over share my feelings about what is going on in the political climate because i think it will undermine my ambassador of hope that i am hoping i can bring people together and try and say that on this fourth of july, will all of the americans. it's hard to say that, women do
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not get anything in the founding documents. they gotten nothing. got something but i will not politicize these documents. i will say as a woman, sometimes it is hard to feel like you're getting your voice heard in this american political climate. that is not what we are here to talk about. we are saying, proud to be american. host: deborah you are next. caller: i have to let you know, i have been inspired. , republicans,ly democrats, independents, people who are registered, not register to come together and read the constitution. any if we do not get desperate to come together to do that that happy independence day. guest: thank you, that is so sweet.
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and the season of summer blockbuster hits, it is not the sexiest sale. hey, let's go read the constitution. i am so grateful to c-span2 hassan mead. -- i am grateful to c-span to having to me. if there's no fight and you do not take the bait on some political questions, it is hard to get attention to a project that brings everybody together. people do not want to unity because it does not sell. media in an era where the wants to divide us. it is good for it to be us versus them. that is what is so popular. unity is not popular. it is good for ratings for us to fight but not good for the country. i appreciate your call, it is true that it is hard to get people to pay attention to
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something positive and not many people want to book guests to talk positive. host: jim, good morning to you. caller: good morning for taking my call. i do take exception with some of the things mrs. pelosi is saying but let me start out by saying i lack ofly agree that civility in the political discourse is disheartening, i guess you could say. partisan, thehat partisanship transcending our american citizenship, if you will, is also disheartening. it is very sad to see these politicians just take parties stance on things. i wanted to say that first. the thing i take exception to most is you are saying, oh, we live in a democracy and a democracy is great.
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we do not live in a democracy, we live in a republican were we elect people to run the government. the government is run a democratically. congress is democratically run by majority vote. i take exception to you and others like colin powell who say we live in a democracy, the greatest ever and we do not. we live in a republic. it is more of the industry who is driven a lot of this country. -- who has driven a lot of this country. host: thank you. guest: how do i respond to that? do i have to? i appreciate your call. you're totally on something. i feel like i should visit you and we should make a movie. isolate all of these calls are the foundation for what would be an interesting documentary, paying to people or are attention and have really deep thoughts about america. i am inspired being here and by
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your criticism. protest is very patriotic. i hear you. i don't know if you could tell -grin, i amperma trying to be positive because it is sunday morning and fourth of july. , but ia lot of critiques am holding them in. i am trying to start somewhere. i feel like a country is so broken, politically. i am trying with every ounce of channeling my inner laura bush and try to be as positive as i can be. that is the best i could do for you. host: i have to you about this picture of mr. bush because it is quite an embrace. guest: i have a real bond with the bush family because of the time i spent on the campaign trail. and i want to see, george h.w. the show airing on hbo and i'm very proud of that.
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there have been rumors of his health not being, in and out of the past few months. i am proud that he agreed to participate to read at the preamble of the constitution for my show and all the living presidents participated. it is not a documentary, it is a document. it is no politics. here are the actual document. it is only 40 minutes. you just have to watch and then go off and put on your fireworks and eat your burgers and do whatever it is you do. you have to do in these forests -- you have to do at least 40 minutes of something pro-american. pelosi andture of a bush bonding this fourth of july makes everyone feel a tiny bit of patriotism, it should. everybody who performs for me in politicos about 100
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participate and i was very, democrat, republican, 50 senators, 25 democrats, 25 republicans. you may not like their political views but they are serving the public and you have to have some respect for the institution they serve. you may not. i do not have respect for every politician elected. but you have to respect the fact that they take a personal -- their families take a personal sacrifice so they can serve their country. if you think about running for office, you become such a target. think about what you heard there was a lunatic tried to assassinate a congressman. if you think about that that, it should make you feel sick in your stomach just because you are a member of congress, somebody wants to assassinate you. it has happened to people from both political parties.
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and that is congress. i understand. there are a lot of crazy people. but, congressman are not targeted for assassination and that should make you feel something about the risks they are taking to go to congress. -- should make you feel something about the sacrifices they are making. if not, i do not know what to tell you. that makes me feel something. host: actors and politicians and keith in it. troops toody of armed protecting them by a mock trial, punishment for any murders that it should commit on the habitants of these states. for cutting off archery's for all parts of the world, from imposing taxes on us without our consent and uprising us in many cases of the benefits of trial by jury.
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host: "the words that built oneica," and in a possible to answer, if the founders were here today, what would they think of the state of politics and government? --sstimate your asking me? guest: you are asking to me? i am not qualified? thank you for thinking that highly of me that you think i could have a profound answer. and also an opportunity for me to go super dark. i think what it has become, not about what american politics has become but cable television. i think the founding fathers would be rolling to their graves if they had to watch two minutes of cable news. that's my most profound. it is the tables doing road damage, not the actual -- real damage am a not to the actual politicians, the provocateurs that are exploited our worst
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moments. can i get away with saying that? host: you answered the question. what is your next project? guest: thank you for asking. i am given birth to some overnight, my show is eric. yes my show is ai -- my show is airing. let me talk about this baby. it is a you tube for free. you do not have to have hbo. the fourth of on july, you could watch of the show, the reading of the declaration of independence, the constitution and the bill of rights. you can watch it on youtube initiative and to watch it for free everywhere. we are donating it to the constitution center where people can go and see it. i hope you will take an celebrate what
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the founding fathers gave us, this beautiful gift, please. i ask you. you do not have to watch my show, but at least read it and go online and find a way to read the documents. they really are a gift. host: alexandra pelosi joining us from new york and her new documentary "the words that built america." thank you and please come back again. speaking of the constitution center, our podcast is with james rosen -- jeffrey rosen. he is the president and ceo. jeffrey rosen is the president and ceo of the constitution center in philadelphia and we talk about our founders and the words that really shaped america. it can be heard on our website at, c-span radio app and your apple podcast. we will open our phone lines. for democrats.
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democrats.-8000 for (202) 748-8001 for republicans. (202) 748-8002 for independents. >> live today, author, journalist and history professor herb boyd is our guest. >> i often draw parallels between new york and the short. look at the 1863 draft riots, a nice comparison between what was happening in new york at what was happening here in detroit, all for the same reasons. we talk about the black and irish community at each other's throats in terms of jobs and housing. 1943, onedown to the in parliament in 1943. go down tonight is extended, same kind of ink. and for the same conditions.
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-- go down into 1968 and the same kind of thing. crook says latest is "black detroit." -- the blackyou lawyers, the black doctors could live next to each other and benefit and the class was going on at that time and we could talk about some benefits of segregation. that would be one, the opportunity to have contact with people of another class. demanding of the black middle class indeed detroit. announcer: join our live three-hour conversation live today afternoon eastern on booktv's in depth. \ announcer: washington journal continues. host: our phone lines are open.
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in is the area code washington, d.c. and you can also send us a tweet or join the conversation on facebook. from the lexington herald leader, senator mitch mcconnell back in his home state during few places would lose more than kentucky under the senate health care plan according to a new study that the lexington herald has on its website. here's this from the habsburg family patriot, gerrymandering, lifting the gop, is impact on 2018. there is this from the business section of "the washington post" look at how the koch brothers do business, the largest ever acquisition of georgia-pacific offers a view into the management style. let's go to peter in pennsylvania. republican line. what is on your mind? as we come up on
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independence day, i am so disappointed in my country. donald trump is the most ignorant president i have ever seen. i mean to say the stuff he says when willay with it, republicans stand up and show courage essay this guy is wrong, he is wrong for the country? thank you. divides, ittism could unite. shouldes the partisans embrace a love of country based on a shared national memory available online at the washington post. new york, you are next. caller: good morning, steve. host: good morning. , there about 10 days ago was a woman, a transgendered woman murdered in ithaca and i
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went to memorial with my service dog and was literally forced out after being there in our -- an h our, thrown to the ground and the police sided with the management. host: why that? atmosphere,re in an like in germany, irreplaceables is the term for people are disabled. i just want to thank you and everybody behind the scenes they got all of us on every day. in reference to the previous wordsment and then to the that unfortunately, ms. poulos as much a. pelosi, she said your questions were deep for a sunday morning, our
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responses were shallow. i have been working for over 25 years for human rights courts. in 10 days time, anybody in a country can bring in somebody to protect a piece of property and put you out of your home in 30 days time? we cannot bring in a bad owner of an establishment, a bad call, of one's origin or gender because web never had a vehicle of veracity with the capacity to uphold those troops you all are created equal. that funny little word "in a lieanable"- "ina that means our rights. we do not have them from a president or prime minister.
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we do not have them from a parent, mother or father or mayor, we are born with them. what we need as brown v board of education finally put the diagnosis on our democratic society that separate but equal is inherently unequal. and wehank you very much always enjoy hearing from you. a new tweet a short while ago and we will listen if we can. that's from the president of the united states. >> what just happened? host: the president takes aim at cnn calling a friday news -- fraud news.
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jerry in arkansas. democrats line. caller: good morning. it amazes me to see that politicians sell their souls just to get reelected again. what ise decisions on going to help them get reelected or how it can help them. , thedo not make decisions right to decisions for america. they make it to get reelected. and london, --rd host: richard next in london, england. good afternoon to you. caller: good morning to you. congratulateto your great country under independence day and would like to remind all americans not all americans old it -- and know this, you did not independent of the fourth of july 1776.
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the actual date is 1781 after the victory of the battle. very good. we cover history on c-span3 american history tv and you can check up a schedule on our website at more from the briefing that took place last week with ebs major garrett -- cbs major garrett and several of the centers on the present -- sarah huckabee sanders on the president's tweeting. > the hostility of the verbal environment can create an atmosphere of violence. members of congress have said that about this particular tweet . another episode of affected the deeply.t and very do you have any reaction that
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conversations like this create an atmosphere that is either dangerous or one we needed to avoid? >> the president in a no way, form or fashion has ever promoted or encouraged violence of anything, quite the contrary. he was simply pushing back and defending himself. host: for last week's briefing, the president using twitter to save my use of social media is not presidential? he said it is a modern-day presidential. contended in a clutch of her early saturday tweets in which he argued he should keep up his twitter habits is what the story looks like. richard from spokane, washington, good morning. caller: good morning. i want to thank you guys for letting amazing what the president has two say wes out
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has to sayigible -- without hate and telling me what i heard. host: bruce in san diego. are you with us? caller: good morning. concerning c-span is self them, specifically. i appreciate if you could get rid of those in general speeches that are only one a minute of peace or two minutes -- a p iece or two minutes. for me, there is very little value. they could put on previous c-span. , we have me stop you from day one made a committee to carry the house and senate gavel-to-gavel, that is part of the process and what we do is cover what happens on the house floor so we will not change that. way of there's no
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changing or substituting? the second thing i have is concerning the cameras and the fact they do not span rather than they focus on individuals. i find that many times they focus on women. and, they should just span the audience because the idea of what it is like. host: right that to speaker of the house paul ryan because we have repeatedly asked to have our own cameras in the house chamber and those cameras are controlled by the house of representatives, the senate controls the senate camera. we would love to have them in their. -- in there. so far, it has been denied. -- caller:public no, at public forums. it seems to happen when you get the wrong camera people and they
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focus on either women or even focus on men. . do not want to see one person i want to see the obvious and then back to the speaker. host: thank you very much for the call. and, yesterday the president traveling to the kennedy center here in washington, d.c., praising those who served in uniform and having this to say. president trump: the effect of media is trying to suck -- fake media is trying to silence us, but we will not let them. the people know the truth. the fake media tried to stop us from going to the white house, but i am president and they are not. [applause]
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president trump: we won and they lost. the fact is the press has destroyed themselves because they went too far. instead of being subtle and smart, they use the hatchet. and the people saw it right from the beginning. that is honest and media will never keep us from accomplishing our objections on behalf of our great american people.
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it will never happen. host: the president last night and this headline from fox news "trump honoring veterans." caller: how are you? i am trying to keep up and those sort kind of light, happy kind of way for the fourth of july to reflect on a -- my daughter went through a presidential classroom. she was given the grand tour. i would like to thank both the democratic and republican congressman that actually opened their doors and treated her warmly during her visit. and i even got a presidential classroom sticker. i agree. there used to be a comedy group that used to be there in
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washington, d.c., are they still around? host: the capitol steps? they sure are. caller: they are still performing. if our country loses its general sense of humor, we are in big trouble. host: i will stop you there because left a move on. next time you are in d.c., stop by c-span. caller: i am a few miles from there. the last word, republican line. what is on your mind? caller: good morning. great job. unbiased manner. i am calling in favor of the president and his tweets. of course, he has a right so. -- yes the right to do so. host: what about the tweet he sent out a little bit ago? caller: some may be a little harsh and crass but i believe he
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has the right to do so. host: do you think cnn is friday news? caller: i do believe some of the news articles and news reports by cnn and some of the other msnbc reporters and the networks are a bit over-the-top and are , in some-- maybe cases, lies, in your window, false report -- innuendo, false reporting, fake news, to use the president's term. i do not believe everything i see from the network. host: joe, thank you. we are wrapping up. newsmakers is coming up. tomorrow morning, washington journal will focus on minimum wage. among our guests are david
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cooper. about securityk in federal prisons. kevin johnson of usa today who covers the justice department will be our guest tomorrow morning on "washington journal." kevin brady, chair of ways and means committee is on newsmakers. and you for joining us for hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend. and have a great week ahead. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> here on c-span, "newsmakers" is next


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