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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  July 5, 2017 9:37am-10:04am EDT

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in our system who believe that the constitution is eternal, that there is a way to amend the constitution and not legislation, it's by the amendment process that the set out in the onstitution and illegitimate for judges to amend the constitution and the resolution battle is uring absolutely vital to the future country.m in our > "washington journal" continues. host: the "wall street journal" headline notes, tensions are on the wake of north korea successful launch tuesday missile, st ballistic capable of reaching continental united states and escalating faceoff and threatening to shift the strategic balance in the pacific, that is the lead of the "wall street journal" this morning. this story taking the lead spot major all of the
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newspapers around the country today. we want to hear from you on what united states should do about it. couple options that have been including containment, 202-748-8000 is the if that is where you stand. military action, 202-748-8001, call us if you think we should go. if you want more negotiations, new negotiations, 202-748-8002. and line for other options, twe 202-748-8003. new york times" taking readers through various options in the lead story today, noting the adversary a limiting ability to expand influence as the united states did against powerful soviet union, that does not solve the problem, it's a way of living of military rms action, president trump could threaten strikes, if the united detects eminent launch of intercontinental ballistic missile.
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to negotiations, it would start, the "new york nuclear tes, freeze on test and return for american agreement to limit or suspend ilitary exercises with south korea, some exercises took place that day in response to missile firing. negotiating with the north is idea, noted, bill clinton tried in 1994 and mr. years of e last two his term. both discovered once the north koreans determine economic limited, the deals fell apart. we want to know where you stand last 20 minutes of the program. robert on the line for those who dunn, t military action, north carolina, robert, good morning. caller: yes, sir, thank you for my call on this fine july 5th. older been said by the group that you negotiate from trength, my man, we need to dust off heardware that was made back about 10 or 15 years ago.
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own a 747 with four big jets in it and has a laser prism 10 killon the front and watt green gas lacener it, you that thing up to the bord 80,000 feet, ies escorted by two f-22s and two f-16s with the jets on them that and can point up in the air they will blowup a missile at 110 altitude. would like to throw this out for open discussion as, you could hopefully wait for it to bad, if it is japan, already land that in japan and up in russia near the base. shouldn't allow another launch to take place, time to start shooting them down? shoot them down on the pad and pray to god they got all sitting lear weapons
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bastard 0 feet of that and on the pad we. go maryland, john, good morning. caller: good morning, i think we cyber war andnt a keep the russians out of this area. will only complicate matters like they did in syria and we've start now. because once the russians get will lose our ability to control issues and i know trump knows that. hank you. host: line for new negotiations, brian, woodbridge, virginia. go ahead. yes, the negotiations is -- proper avenue. on the tary conflict peninsula of korea, hundreds of on both of casualties sides that pretty much approach missile ii. and bad system, only defense against high-flying missiles, only 5% of
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peninsula on poeth side. battle would be hundreds of thousands and could approach is heavily ause it populated. north korea does respond to economic benefit. the administration had aggressive tact with them that worked. administration took away economic benefit, it fell apart. all north korea wants is to be the rest ade with all of the countries and not be isolated economically. that, you can get a nonaggression fact, that is a ar that can't be fought there is no defense against artillery. 5% of the ornaments on both sides is artillery and bad missile system is worthless against that. brian, on consequences of military action, "u.s.a. today" on this up in the story missile launch noting that
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capitol of south kore a35 miles from the demill zones, missiles and artillery could devastate south destroyed the nuclear site. the story noting 25 million vulnerable along with 28,000 u.s. troops stationed there. quoting malcomkmalcolm chaulmers. he says, even if it could be nuclearyou take out all korea capability, north has retaliatory capabilities that could turn parts of lepo, that is the fear. line for containment, if you think that is the right approach. the line in st. marie, montana. ames, how would your containment strategy work? -- thank you we
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for taking my call, by the way, t's almost impossible to get ahold of you people. we need to hit them with cyber options, same thing they are doing. they finance their weapon money by stealing electronically. e've demonstrated we can xok nuclear weapons out of the air when i'm sure people realize a military spy go, satellite coming back to earth, weapon system and we have that on just about all of our today.e combatants we need to put pressure on china. pressure on ous china. up because to step they're pretty much the only they have. sanctions, es trade whatever it gives china, that needs to be done. oft: david, what do you make
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the pressure trump administration has put on china so far? pathetic. pathetic. he said he was going to do, you them as currency soipulators and he backed up fast it wasn't funny. our m not impressed with draft dodger in chief, i'm not.y, i'm i'm service connected disabled navy vet, my son is in, my i can trace my family's military contribution to the civil war. be over there.o north korea has, i believe, the or fifth largest standing army in the world. t would destroy the entire korean peninsula. host: james on the trump the pressure and they are putting on president trump tweeting about the subject morning.nd this 7:21 a.m., trade between china 40% in the rea grew
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first quarter, so much for china working with us we had to give a try. avid is in texas, vying for other options. what do you think? caller: hello. host: go ahead, sir. caller: well, god knows wants to in the world nook america. ou got north korea wanting to san francisco -- like david, what would you to see done? caller: i'm sorry. host: what is the right response here, talking about possible military action, go back to the negotiating table, containment, do you think is the right approach? caller: all three of them. you got to negotiate, if you say, oh, suffer
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consequences. hey, you over here in iraq and -- no, we -- le david.ot your paint, earl on the line for those who support military action. ahead. caller: good morning. i was in rs old and the marine corps during the conflict and i don't any of the --a or if theysian people that go with north korea again, like korean during the conflict when i was over there, be real mean, gut they need to get somebody like the oys with the desert storm and
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have a three-day war out of it. can't trust them. host: earl, what would that mean allies?south korean are you concerned about what a shooting war would mean for korea? caller: well, i know what it was was over there. it, emember they were into too. they're over there, they are going to end up into it one way other, if they don't do omething to stop the north koreans, they are going to be into it anyway. would stay out of it. i'm 85 years old japan bombed hen
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pearl harbor, i was 10 years old and at that time, there was here on delegation over to bomb pearl harbor. host: as somebody who served over there, has it been worth commitment to the south korea and involvement in peninsula? caller: well, we need to keep commitment commitment, if we can do it hold e we do need a food over there. i don't trust them so well. said, i n't -- like i
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don't know what's going to come but it's going to end p in some type of armed conflict anyhow. host: in arkansas. our phone lines, if you believe is the right option, 202-748-8000. military action is the option, 202-748-8001. for the negotiations, 202-748-8002. 202, ther options, 748-8003. "new york oard of times" taking this up this morning. they are pushing for more saying contacts between officials of both countries should continue both seek release of three other americans that are in north korea and build a foundation for future negotiations over the north nuclear and missile rogram for mr. trump and other political leaders negotiating ith north korea is one of the
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worst human rights records, threat s have not ended and action against the north would put south americans and risk.can troops at there was a deal in 1994 that froze the north program for decade, no indication that mr. trump has a better editorial what the board writes. oo oory in fort lauderdale, those to support military action. morning, od "washington journal" family, i think we should put the fear of korea and rth strategic bombing. i know for 60 years, have ations and sanctions led up to yesterday's launch of an icbm. now i don't think any country, especially north korea and not russia would do anything about it if we bomb
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korea. i think, if you remember back, the gentleman before brought up into storm, when we went jung wenthe father kim into hiding, he was afraid during that period, he is bold boisterous before kuwait, now. what his son is doing jungnt into kuwait and kim receded into the shadows, he action. he would take we should take strategic action, not necessarily on civilian military targets of some kind, i don't think anybody will do anything about it. that is my comment. host: here is the reason for the oncern in the united states on this latest launch. it is the reach of this latest missile, perhaps as much as 4100 iles, putting it within reach
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of alaska, parts of canada, as missile was lofted to of about 1700 miles in the air, flew for 37 minutes, traveled 580 miles from its aunch point horizontally, the "washington post" with the graphic showing the potential each of this latest missile being described as intercontinental ballistic missile. st: line for other options, maryland, go ahead. caller: hi there. flabbergasted by the situation in general and i learned a lot from people that called in about facts about north korea, so my opinion is that i don't, so, you now, if we can't come to consensus on how the cold war was won, for instance, it seems difficult to try to offer some
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strategy for achieving korea, who is like far less rationale than even the soviet union. so maybe i am on the other line o the option is something like massive cyber campaign with just s subversiveness in mind. it is their plan, they love we ican television, maybe blast their airwaves with raymond" loves episodes for korea. that is really like the craziest of how that should escalate the situation. lauderdale, y, fort florida, line for more negotiations, new negotiations, go ahead. i would -- my suggestion is just if he launches missiles, we have of watching them like a football game, offense, capabilities, ng document every move, negotiating with china so we don't interrupt
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with their, about money and petroleum. as somebody rocks somebody's boat, you could have major problem f. we want to maintain economics right now, just said rump everything is good, we will have ther crisis we need to go after. i'm worried about the east coast f florida, disguising garbage barges with weapons launching into the cities, for example. my main concern is putting protection on the east west coast. host: protection from who, anthony? launch those? caller: you would have foreign countries like korea designing that are friendly, getting smart boxes, because every ship comes up the east coast is recognized by a computer, they chip.what is on the they could use that against us and sneak one in and give it.
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okay. myrna, riverdale, maryland, on support for those who containment. go ahead, myrna. caller: i'm in laurel, but it's okay. host: sorry about that. go ahead. caller: we have people calling in, talking about bombing here there. why can't we keep the peace? at this situation white house that is a new set of people there. know how to they negotiate anything. we should talk about peace long run, it will affect everyone, not only people n north korea, it will affect us in the u.s., we don't want a war iii, we don't need that, we need peace, we negotiate. this stuff coming up about trump, i don't care what trump me, trump is nothing, he's a fighter, he likes to
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fight, i'm talking about fight. e doesn't know anything about doing negotiations with anybody. people need to really wake up. please, this up, man is not about peace in the world, this man just want to do things his way and they are the wrong way. this -- these y, people that came into the white house, they are all -- so now bombing, whyg about would we be talking about bombing north korea? be in peace just and all of you people talking about bombing and the war and be not stuff, you will be happy, you will be running, too. line james in california, for other options, james, go ahead. caller: yeah, basically, the i would say is containment is not an option, that shouldn't the lines one of because we've been containing years.r 63
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working, is that what you're say something caller: we've contained them, option. not an the thing is, we didn't finish we war, after world war ii, should have let mcarthur finish it. since that didn't happen, the we're not going to take military action. ur cyber capabilities are limited and it is really not going to hurt them that much, will not be helpful, russia is already involved. i couldn't believe the guy that we shouldn't let russia get involved, they have 1950s.nvolved since the troops, d withdraw retreat to japan or whatever and basically let south korea deal it themselves. they have like the fourth largest economy in the world, one of the largest militarys in the world and we should just let them deal with
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it. got to be finished one way or the other. that's the problem. our james in california, last caller on today's program. that will do it for us today, see you back here tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. eastern, 4 meantime, ic, in the have a great wednesday. >> president trump is on his way to poland and g-20 summit in germany, he left with the first lady in response to reporters
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his morning, we're going to do very well, the president told the press who asked about north korea. earlier the president tweeted this about north korea train and north korea these deals with countries that do not help us. the president is on an eight mile start. scheduled to give speeches and made with the president of poland and croatia. the president will head to andurg for the g 20 summit meeting with vladimir putin. a look at charter schools, the liberian education minister will talk about what his country doing and look at countries around the world using something similar to charter schools.
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live coverage of 4:00 p.m. eastern here on c-span. 7:00 p.m.y at eastern, join american history tv for a live tour of the museum of the american revolution in philadelphia. the museum's president and ceo the collections and exhibition vice president will introduce artifacts and exhibits throughout the museum including george washington's war tent and a piece of the old north bridge from the battle of concord. here stories about the american revolution and you can participate in the live program with your phone calls and tweets. tv liveerican history from the museum of the american revolution thursday starting at 7:00 p.m. eastern on c-span3. congress continues its 11 date recess but when members return next week, they will have three weeks before the month-long summer august recess. even though they are physically not a capitol hill, senators
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continue to talk about the health care replacement. the congressional budget office will issue its analysis on thursday. the budget is used to set federal spending which begins on october 1. the government hits its debt borrowing limit in october and lawmakers will discuss whether to raise the limit post up congress will be back to capitol hill next tuesday. louisiana senator bill cassidy is one of the few holding town hall meetings. he talked with constituents in baton rouge, louisiana, along with state and federal officials who answered questions about flood damage and recovery efforts. senator cassidy also discussed the health care law replacement bill. the town hall ran one hour. [applause] >> we are going to talk about many things. one thing i want to make sure we address our concerns people have about recovery from the great floods of 2016.
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that said, we have folks here that have resources, or at least explanations. i want to ask them to speak first. then i will ask different people to comment. we are going to go around. if at any point you feel like you would be better off talking to fema than listening to this conversation, i will consider it more appropriate that you stand up and walk over and speak to fema because we need to have your needs addressed. also, before i go forward, is my staff around? or are they still circulating? i have three beautiful woman back there. what's your name again? genevieve? and i have sean. i have michael, who specializes in casework for flood victims. brian


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