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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  July 6, 2017 9:03am-9:33am EDT

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host: that was the house floor, rief pro forma session led by mark meadows, the house will be back in on monday at 10 a.m. you this morning on the "washington journal" until 10 a.m. today. calls, we'll do open phones here on the "washington ournal," democrats, 202-748-8000. republicans, 202-748-8001. 202-748-8002. we can talk about any public want to sue you discuss. you can start call nothing as we part of the trump speech this morning from warsaw, poland, after his meeting with the european leaders there. e discussed issues involving nato in his speech, among other
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things. trump: strong alliance of independent nations is the for our freedoms and for our interest. administration has demanded that all members of nato finally meet their full and as a result of this insistence, more have dollars begun to pour into nato. shocked, butle are billions and billions of dollars ore coming in from countries that in my opinion would not have been paying so quickly those who would criticize our tough stance, i would point ut that the united states has demonstrated not merely with ords, but with actions that we stand firmly behind article 5,
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defense commitment. this, dy has to know europe must do more. demonstrate that it believes in its future by money to secure that future. that is why we applaud poland to move forward this week on acquiring from the nited states the battle tested patriot air and missile defense in the the best anywhere world. host: that speech today in poland coming ahead of the president's visit to the g-20 summit happen nothing germany. "u.s.a. today" about that visit, the leadership roles of that visit being "u.s.a. today."
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rump/merkel vie for the showdown between germany and the united states, the story this "u.s.a. today." open phones this morning on "washington journal," talk about g-20 visit, any public policy issue you want to discuss. jim up first in maryland, good morning. caller: yes. to say people just history, the the people voted in the republicans, them the presidency and the supreme court. they do? 1929 stock y in to et crash took 16 years get the country back on its feet with franklin roosevelt and the same thing on the george bush, the presidency, the senate, the congress and the
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court.e he crashed the economy. it took eight years for barack country back the and now they done did it under trump. senate, the congress, supreme court and the presidency. hat can you expect when this country falls this time? that is all i got to say. pete, mountainview, california, line for republicans, go ahead. want to ask, obama, do ll, barack so much for the economy that people talk about. and second of all, about donald trump, yeah, he has a big mouth, this is true, and he doesn't he's saying sometimes, he talks too much, but his fight for the american people and i really believe that. forces green cial beret, you know, and i have purple tar and the '80s., i got in the
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host: thanks for the call from california. fairfax station, virginia, independent, good morning. caller: good morning. my comment is actually on and i just, i'm not in favor of the bill, i'm not in -- either. you know, when the republicans ere talking about healthcare early on, and i was in favor of his, they were talking about bringing patients in control of their own cost and that is to bring cost down and i think we do that by we need in ion healthcare is that every publish their to prices and charge the same price or everybody for the care they get. then they're incentivized to low, incentivized to not order services they don't
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the patients, that will prices,ward pressure on that is the only way to keep prices down and then make all tax deductible. that is basically getting away system, insurance except for catastrophic issues, the only reason people really when they are cost associated with it that go to beyond their ability pay. that is my comment, i wish -- host: daryl, when do you think over reforming the affordable care act, when do you think it got away from what you important e most part, the cost for individuals? caller: well, i think the issue place and ut in rammed through in the 11th hour in the first place. there is all that talk about how uch they are able to discuss prior, so that is not really true. remember, you know, nancy
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pelosi saying, you know, you got we got f what is in it, away from it after the passage, after all the policy got the ined, now really all republicans are trying to do is relabel it, get rid of some of most egregious parts and fix so s of it and relabel it, they can say they've done their job, i understand that are trying to ey placate trump, as well. also, they're is trying to show that yes, they actuality, but in once established, they predicted law, let itass this stay in place for a couple of years and we're well into it hard to dislodge. host: about 15 minutes left of open phones. then we'll turn our conversation towards the issue of north that after intercontinental ballistic
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issile test this week has gotten a lot of attention from including from the ambassador. the truth, it is not only united states and our allies that are threatened, north destabilizing efk population is a threat to all nations in the region and beyond. their actions are quickly closing off the possibility of a solution. the united states is prepared to use the ull range of our capabilities to defend ourselves and our allies. lies our capabilities with our considerable military forces. butill use them if we must, we prefer not to have to go in that direction. more we'll be talking about that in 15 minutes this morning, but it is open phones, subject you want to discuss. edward in washington, d.c., line
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for democrats. morning. caller: yeah, good morning, c-span, how you doing? c-span, i'm enjoying your program. i'm retired african american and i am phd physicist concern body our country. we're in a crisis situation. that you look at the leaders around the world and reading also not only that 'm reading the what is called atlantic magazine, a world ublication and it seems that the world leaders, it seems that -american, the leader highly confident and next coming right behind her ping, in china, and you have vladamir putin, which is ahead of donald trump. is, i am fearful
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for our country, our leader, our president, doesn't seem to topect science, doesn't seem respect the global warming. he's taken us, disrespected nato leaders and recently tried to that he agrees with the an attack nst one is against all. he didn't say that when he first went to europe to discuss with do es. our leaders have to better than that. he wants to take away healthcare, put 22 million danger of health. i'm concerned about that. stand up, need to realize, read the fact news, not the ake news and look at facts here. our country is in dire stress right angerous situation now because of our leaders. the thing, we have to respect go nce and engineering and back to the science, back to the
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our people need to vote, make sure you vote for every election. it your point about the comparison about merkel versus trump, pew g-20 rch, residents of nation have more confidence in merkel than trump to conduct according to the study. india and russia were the more ies surveyed to have confidence in president trump and the united states more have more people confidence in merekl than trump, 44%, the story in "u.s.a. today." bill in mississippi, line for openendents, good morning, phones. caller: yeah, how you doing this morning? i think c-span is probably the we have on the a airwaves these days. calling about healthcare. after 63 years of living, if you problems and ut secure problems, follow the
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money. the healthcare system, everybody fighting over cost, what they need to do is at the cost and see how much profits these are aceutical companies making and how much profit the c.e.o.s are getting for bonuses hospitals and rising healthcare cost to where none of us can afford it anymore. also, you can throw the insurance companies in there, cahoots y are in together. host: schenectady, new york, sergio, an independent. good morning. caller: yes, good morning, c-span, thank you for taking my call. comment. the republicans are always out there talking about resisting socialized , medicine, etcetera, but we do socialized medicine, it's called medicare. i don't see seniors in the pitch forks protesting against medicare. so that single-payer issue is thing. number two, i don't know if
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anyone has been able to do this, paycheck, look at my i get something taken out for edicare, something taken out for medicaid, i also have to pay or my premiums for my own health insurance. i'm looking at this big pool of money coming out of my check and don't have a problem with medicare or medicaid, they are grace of god, but has anyone ever taken a look at the money that goes to pay for healthcare in this country? we pay to like the previous caller said, c.e.o. of for-profit insurance companies and look at say, can of money and we use that money instead of lobbyists, etcetera, single lop some sort of payer system that we can use to pay for? money lastly, the third thing, the republicans are having a
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repealing ime with and replacing obamacare because it is a republican plan, it came of a republican think tank, mitt romney, a republican, did massachusetts and then obama of course took the heat obama, but it was a republican plan, i think that having a y are difficult time repealing and replacing. great.ys are thank you. countries with, in one health insurance provider, single payer exists, why not for jody says single payer is the last thing to try now that we insurance companies run the show for the last 40 years karen everything, but and says is healthcare a right or a privilege, replace the word shelter, food, oxygen, all necessary for life, slippery slope. getting your thoughts in open phones for the next 10 minutes
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or so. fresno, california, line for republican. fresno,hi, this is jim, california. host: go ahead, sir, that's you. aller: okay, talk about the 440,000 preventable deaths in by 440,000. that is 1200 per day, every day the year. that dwarfs any other deaths in world, why is it that stress because it is such a disaster? host: and jim, we did talk about on our program, i believe it was last wednesday, ut go ahead, why don't you think americans know enough about this subject? why, they advertise it in aarp, whatever, but nothing the id in regard to national level. 440,000, that is 1200 per day, more than what died in 9/11,
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3000 for a -- why is ignored in washington over the medical community? what is going on here? i go to the hospital e.r. room and i see it is dangerous in really dangerous, 440,000 deaths a year. mccoy was on the program, former lieutenant governor of new york talked all segmentsbject, on the "washington journal" available on our website kevin is in northport, florida, line for democrats. ahead. caller: yeah, couple points. we're talking about getting medicaid, money for the states and governments. live in south florida, we spend our time pumping sand on of he beaches, millions dollars and that is just monthat he could be going into the as medical ll marijuana, which my good friend
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crohn's disease and cannot eat food unless he has this medication, that is money we be putting into medicaid and the republicans want to take they don't by bit, think there is funding for it. there are so many ways to fund it. tovaris, in athens, georgia, line for independents, good morning. caller: good morning, john, how are you, sir? ahead.oing well, sir, go caller: i have four or five need 60 seconds, can you give me 60 seconds? it.: go for caller: first of all, trump has and his line, i think ie-hard supporters refuse to acknowledge the loans he's done. even talk show, conservative hosts said that he's got to stop tweeting, the tweets to i say that as a supporter,
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of ng the campaign, a lot guys i talked to, they said, you trump ecretly we support because trump is a man, he's got but all the ity, given him, he's letting it go to waste by taking the attention off what his genda is and i don't know what to say. lastly, the guys and girls that in here, have you to call educated d have an thought about what the subject matter is. you know, first off, answer the and then go into your commentary. there was a lady who was talking steve scully a couple days ago and she said he was lying. corrected her and asked her how she felt about that. and ent to something else started on obama.
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that is basically it, john, and we u, i love c-span got to get lamb back to the table doing, take something to you later. host: you did it in 90 seconds, done.ll patrick is in baltimore, aryland, line for republicans, good morning. calle caller: -- host: patrick, you with us? caller: yes. host: go ahead. calle -- er: host: patrick, go ahead with your comment. or don't. rose, galloway, ohio, line for democrats. rose, go ahead. caller: hi, good morning. we want to fixif healthcare, we need to go to universal healthcare, it will of all of it. the reason we're having such problems in the united states, who is not esident equipped to be a governor of the united states. so let's just put everything on the table, i'm waiting for the
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mueller report. thank you very much. host: one story to make you aware of this morning. n update on the condition of scalise, injured by the gunman who opened fire at baseball practice. readmitted yesterday to washington hospital intensive over concerns about infection his condition was fair.raded to serious from the hospital said that mr. calise faced new concern for infection, but didn't detail the concerns, the hospital will update today.r this story from the "new york has ," noting mr. scalise undergone several surgeries and icu june out of the 22nd. he was the most serious wounded of the four shot at the
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park. update since rst june 23rd. jeff in bakersfield, california, republicans. jeff, go ahead. caller: yeah, i was just going i can't believe how the people that come on here and healthcare he -- working honest, that care or anything in aspect, these aren't going to be -- wasting too much money, too many people in the systems. need to make revenue, that is bottom line. host: jeff, you are going in and point. think we got your ouis, virginia, line for democrats. good morning. caller: good morning. healthcare, it o is a right, not a privilege.
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we s an inalienable right, have a right to life, liberty nd pursuit of happiness, not much life without healthcare. i think eventually we'll get to it may take a while. everyone deserves basic care, if will a millionaire, you get a private room, you will have boutique services, i get is all right. but you can't deny people healthcare because of their any more than cudeny them food, you know. mcdonald's, n have not everybody can go to orton's, but they deserve the basics. that is philosophy, which the ipublicans don't buy into and don't understand that. thank you for hearing me. bradenton, line for independents. you are up next, go ahead. yes, i'm a 64-year- -- years old.s old, 64 and all my life i just can't
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what we got going today. -- i think the media, they main-stream media, fake we got him elected and got -- of the country, you got them the ones e, who believe in ufo's and bigfoot. situation that we got going today, i mean, i don't germany, i i been to i n around the world and ain't never seen nothing like this. i am embarrassed for the united states. is embarrassment to my nephews, almost 200 years of service in the military to listen to a moron. it is disgrace. a total disgrace to the united states.
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bradenton, y, from florida in a few minutes we'll be talking about north korea, missile launch talking about options for the united states, this story on the front many of the national papers in this country. ere is the front page of the "wall street journal" today, the story u.s./russia spar over pproach to north korea, the front page of the atlanta vows l constitution, u.s. tougher actions on north korea this e los angeles times morning saying trade may be kim showdown.n we'll be talking about that in a few minutes. has been waiting in california, line for republicans, good morning. morning.ood yeah, i'm a republican, but i want to say thank you to the democratic caller. i appreciate her point. do healthcare in this country if we approach it
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dental care. you go to the dentist if you have a tooth ache, they will you, you know, they will take care of that. there are basic things we can of in the medical field. but when it comes, it's like any product, there's the and plated premium version then there's the basic, we can do the basic, you know, we can do that. into e don't want to get is trying to demand that every get gold-plated coverage that, rything f. we do then in the long run, our quality of the service will go because it will just become a bureaucratic mess and we'll be bureaucrats, instead of doctors. we can do healthcare if we're all ul not to try to be things to all people. host: gary last caller in open morning.his up next, joined by heritage
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foundation bruce klinger to look the trump ons for administration when it comes to north korea. we'll be right back. >> today at 7 p.m. eastern, join american history t.v. for a live museum of the american revolution in philadelphia. the museum's president and c.e.o., michael quinn and collection and exhibition vice stevenson will introduce artifact and exhibits throughout the museum, including washington's war tent and a piece of the old north bridge from the battle of concord. stories about the american revolution and you can participate in the live program calls and phone tweets. watch american history t.v., ive from the museum of the american revolution today eastern on 7 p.m.
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c-span 3. sunday on q&a. i'm not asking anybody to ompromise value or belief, asking them to open their eyes o other people so that you can your place. mrs. gladstone discusss her book "the trouble with reality, moral panic in our ime," in which she looks at reality today and how that criteria has changed over the years. the set up the beginning of , i our biological wiring we designed w how the culture designed to validate us, nd not validate certainly not to contradict us. our ve the illusion that
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realities were water tight when riddled with re weak spots and places that would in.nch >> sunday night, 8 eastern on q&'s > "washington journal" continues. host: bruce klinger spent 20 years in the intelligence focus on the now fellownsula, and heritage foundation. how big of a leap forward is this for north korea? troublesome development, troubling in that although it's long been north koread indeed said earlier this year they test by later this year, it is a step forward. a y have had a icbm from fixed launch site, what they called


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