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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  July 8, 2017 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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and legislative action on sanctuary cities. jessica discusses her recent article on sentencing juveniles to life in prison. "washington journal" is next. ♪ host: it is saturday, july 8, 2017 and topping the headlines on "washington journal" is the first face-to-face meeting between donald trump and vladimir putin. the much-anticipated meeting yesterday on the sidelines of the g 20 summit began with president trump pressing vladimir putin on u.s. intelligence reports of russian meddling in u.s. election which vladimir putin denies. russian officials claim the president accepted the denial and u.s. officials said otherwise. they tackle a host of other
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matters from russian actions in ukraine to north korea's missile testing, to syria, including news of a newly negotiated cease-fire and the southwest region of that country. we asked you are about your thoughts on the first ever meeting between president trump and vladimir putin. democrats call 202-748-8000. republicans, 202-748-8001. independents call 202-748-8002. regis on social media. on twitter @cspanwj. videoyour thoughts or a of a minute or less and reach us on facebook at let's look at what president trump said before the much-anticipated meeting with president clinton. .- president putin >> we have had very good talks and we will have a talk now and
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that will continue. we look forward to a lot of great positive things happening for russia and for the united states and for everybody. it is an honor to be with you. times has itsyork report about what happened at the meeting. it's a president trump questioned vladimir putin on friday about moscow interfering in the 2016 election using their first meeting to directly raise what has become a vexing political issue for the white house. vladimir putin denied meddling and aids for each offered differing versions of the exchange but both sides said the leaders quickly turned to a discussion of how they could work together, including on combating cyber attacks and the escalating the war in syria. we are getting your thoughts about the meeting between
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president trump and putin. bob is calling from minnesota, democratic line, what did you think of the meeting? >> i do not think it went very well. away -- het he gave gave putin pretty much whatever he wanted. what he should've talk more that was goingng on and working together with cyber security. it is kind of a joke because the fbi is talking about the ourians hacking into nuclear power plants. to work together with russia on cyber security when that is
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going on. there is this trump-russia thing , it is the wrong thing. host: what would you have rather the president done? rather him said sanctions might come if russia does not stop or use more incentives like that to get vladimir putin to stop these actions? he should havek been a little bit more combative and not so agreeable. i think that there is a relationship between the president and russia that we do not know about. i hope that the fbi gets to the bottom of it. democracy andur it is eroding away a little at a
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time. host: more from the new york times, it said rex tillerson, the secretary of state, said that donald trump had confronted vladimir putin in a robust and lengthy discussion that putin had denied involvement in election interference. , thegn minister of russia only other official in the meeting, said donald trump accepted the denial and both sides were trying to present their leaders as having stood their ground. i call from jacksonville, florida, independent line. what did you think of the meeting? >> i was so happy to see they would meet, russia is kind of like an enemy and it is good to know thy enemy. i have something to say, if you do not mind, i will make it briefly, to the conspiracists that keep searching for the russian involvement in the elections.
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they have been trying that since 1960. to carry the absurdity further, let's say, go back in history and two when john wilkes booth assassinated abraham lincoln. saint president donald trump had something to do with that. we do not have proof but we know the evidence is there, this reduces the argument to silence. thank you. host: ronald is calling in from salem, missouri, republican line. good morning. caller: i am a little upset about the media is treating this meeting between putin and our president. it was a very positive meeting. they had a lot to talk about. all they talk about is the negatives, especially the russian connection with hacking dnc servers.
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the information we got out of that is that the dnc was cheating in their own primary. i am very upset with the media and this is another point on how they handle -- or try to spin this meeting between putin and the president. host: what stood out most to you between the meeting between president trump and president putin? >> let's start with the fact that they got along which we need to happen between two of the greatest nuclear powers, especially with his what is going on in korea and iran. we need to have them know one another and they spent an extreme amount of time getting to know one another and bringing up issues across the board. all we hear out of immediate is negative. -- out of the media is a negative. i am finished with them. host: looking at international coverage of the meeting, the
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financial times in the u.k. said the meeting signaled a thaw in ties between the leaders and says it was only supposed to last 30 minutes but stretched to more than two hours. according to donald trump, the u.s. president, his long-awaited first meeting with his russian counterpart was a success. the duration of the meeting suggests that these may now be ties may be on the mend, a development that could prove alarming for other western leaders. the fact it was four times longer than expected makes it more likely that donald trump and vladimir putin had detailed discussions on how to operate in ukraine, the middle east, which may cause concern in washington and among u.s. allies. --s the foreman 4 james long beach, california on the democratic line. caller: this is what i got to say.
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everybody remembers godfather part two where alfredo pretended like he did not know johnny. but there was a time when he confessed that he knew someplace that johnny and he spilled the beans which how michael knew there was a traitor in the family. donald trump is bragging he knew putin and trump is the traitor in the usa family and i am tired of everybody pretending like he is not a traitor. just because we cannot find evidence to prove it, doesn't mean it is not going on. they met like to thieves in the night. trump believes he can hook up with the russian oligarchs and make more money. that is his motivation. host: would you rather have them not met? caller: i would rather they have lawyers and the fbi standing there with a -- stenographic.
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the only way he should meet the russians is in the courtroom. host: bill calling in from new york on the independent line. what are your thoughts about the meeting? caller: hi did not like the fact that trump opened the meeting by saying it was an honor to meet with putin. it is not an honor to meet with someone who has murdered dissidents in his own country. bombed hospitals in aleppo and killed women and children and patients. it is not an honor to meet with somebody like that. trump mentioned weeks ago that it would be an honor to meet with kim jong-un of north korea, it is not an honor to meet with these people. trump should not have been there in the first place because he is being investigated by bob mueller on the russian collusion
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matter, so this should of been a representative from the nsa at the meeting. and their conversation should have been completely transparent and transcribed. and made available to the public as it was occurring. because trout is currently being looked out forng collusion with the russian government in the campaign. ok.: the washington post today has an , that wason the word just mentioned, honor, it reads a need to meeting but not an honor. it is an honor to be with you, president trump told vladimir putin friday as they met for the first time. down, not an honor to sit with the leader of a regime that invades peaceful neighbors and covertly interferes in the elections of democratic nations,
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and orchestrates and tolerates the assassination of domestic political opponents and journalists. the view of the washington post this morning, comments of president trump made before the meeting with vladimir putin and himself yesterday. orlando onlling from the republican line. caller: thank you for having me. i wanted to say that i was born in aleppo and i say the local word which is the greedy, how are you. i have loved ones, rare christians that resisted the islam takeover. to take over the working-class and middle-class and control the public. a lot of the crazy people took over the religion and created
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more books. it is so funny that so many brainwashed people from the and gett on the phone on these lines and say something that putin bombed hospitals but they have no idea that they were using hospitals to you -- to use mortars to fire on christian communities. we lasted 800 years, the armenian german just the armenian genocide. host: what about the meeting between president trump and putin? caller: like any other conflict between a husband and wife, if you are a gay couple, whatever couple, you have to talk, that is what you go to a marriage priest, anybody that interferes and gets you to talk. it is ridiculous that we are in
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the 21st century and these people are using some archaic caveman mentality to say that they should not talk. first of all, a lot of our politicians literally took money from the saudi arabians, what they stole from the jews and christians in the 600, 700, 50 countries now that are 90% of all muslim, you know what they did to the christians and jews and the pagans and atheists? they kill them or pressure them to convert. we want to be politically correct, are you kidding me, i live there and came here at 16 and understood what was going on. churches beingo very scared. i have been attacked for being an infidel. from brenda is calling south carolina. our democratic line.
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what did you think of the meeting? caller: good morning. i did not think it went very well because the previous color -- to callers made it -- two bit validfore had a -- had a good point, i do not understand what he met with putin when he is under investigation? the republican party does not realize it but putin doesn't mean americans any good. they did it to the republicans as well as the dnc. they have not put it out there but it will come. doing, the president is he has to have something on him or some dealings with putin. he is putting himself first and not the american people.
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host: this is the meeting of 20 thinkleaders, do you putin and donald trump should not speak at all during the investigation? caller: they should speak but there said have been somebody to represent the american people and it should have been more transparent. they should have televised it for everyone to see. they talked for 2.5 hours and we do not know what they talked about. the president's time abroad he took some time to tweet as he enjoys doing and one of his claims was that john podesta was the talk of the g 20 summit according to the washington post. a full day of meetings on friday at the g 20 summit, the president fired off one of his more curious tweets, a claim
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that everyone was talking about the role of john podesta, hillary clinton's former campaign chairman, in the last year russian email hacking scandal. everyone is talking about quite john podesta refused to give the dnc server to the fbi and the ,ia, disgraceful, trump wrote referring erroneously to the democratic national committee server that contains emails that were hacked. podesta, who is taking a cross-country trip, said he discovered during a pit stop in west virginia that the president was talking about him and fired back, calling donald trump a ack job and- whta telling him to get a grip. what did you think of the meeting? meetingi think that the could possibly be positive if donald trump was confident and
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-- competent and receptive. he is incompetent. he has not acknowledged the involvement of russia in the hacking and encouraged them to hack. he was running for president and encouraged a foreign government and asks as if he is naïve about what happened and said if it happened it was president obama's fault. he is the president, what will he do? he is in charge and cannot continuously deflect his responsibility. -- the day after the president made the comment about president obama being at fault and not sure whether russian hacking, he was firm when addressing putin directly and confronted him, according to rex tillerson in a forceful way
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about the meddling. does that stop your concern? caller: not as -- not at all because it is not consistent. you cannot walk on both sides and talk on both sides of your mouth. you are either for what is right or for nothing at all. he denies it but says he confronted putin about it. is he playing to his base? he is the president and had nobody in there from the security council to advise him. you are talking about russia and do not have anyone there to advise you about the security of interest as far as syria and north korea? this man is totally incompetent and will not change and does not have the ability to do the job and he needs to get out of office because he is dangerous. host: willie calling from savannah, georgia, democratic line. what did you think about the
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meeting between the president and vladimir putin. caller: thank you for c-span. the first thing i do every morning is trendy television on c-span. let me comment on what took place yesterday with the president meeting the russian prime minister. if you think that putin was going to say that i packed the -- hacked the dnc. if anybody thinks the russians were going to say we did that and donald trump would say let's move on, we do not know what took place in the meeting but this has got to be the most disgraceful thing to ever happen in our democracy. in the united states of america. , who knows they are not doing things to make the country more positive, it has to be the worst administration in the history of the united states
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of america and our leader gets on television and does not bring anyone from our press to be in the room to make sure what takes place. think about the last time we met with the russians and had no american reporters and their. but the russians have there's at the white house did not want to publish the situation. what do you think took place in the room yesterday? host: vladimir putin has been either the president or prime minister of russia for a very long time has have bilateral meetings with the last four presidents, going all the way back to president clinton. have bilateral meetings, president bush, president obama, what makes this different to you? caller: because during the campaign trail, president-elect of the united states of america said i want to get all the information and encouraging the
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russians to hack. this is what makes a difference. president barack obama, one of the greatest presidents in the united states of america, i said one of, we have had many, president barack obama was one of the greatest presidents the united states of america ever had. he had sanctions against russia. the man in office now, i refuse lifted his name, he has the sanctions. he likes to shake cans and show he has powers. he is the worst president the united states of america has ever had. host: let's listen to what secretary of state rex tillerson said to reporters at the conclusion of the meeting yesterday between president trump and president putin. to tillerson: with regards
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the interference in the election, the president took note of actions that have been discussed by congress, most recently additional sanctions that have been voted out of the senate to make it clear as to the seriousness of the issue. what the two presidents rightly focused on is how do we move forward? meause it is not clear to that we will ever come to some agreed-upon resolution of that question between the nations. the question is -- what do we do now? i think the relationship and the president made this clear, it is too important and too important to not find a way to move forward, not dismissing the issue. i do not want to leave you without oppression. that is why we have agreed to continue engagement and discussion around -- how do we that thecommitment
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russian government has no intention of and will not interfere in our affairs in the future or in the affairs of others? and how do we create a framework and which we have some capability to judge what is happening in the cyber world and who to hold accountable? this is an issue that is broader than just u.s.-russia and we see the manifestation of that throughout the events of last year. the president is rightly focused on how do we move forward from what may be simply an intractable disagreement at this point? host: stephen on the independent line from connecticut. what are your thoughts? caller: it is complicated. i think the president, from ollanta visions, handled himself well -- from all observations, handled himself well in the meeting. the united states congress and the president are too focused on the economy, the russian economy
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is only about the size of new york and new jersey combined. it is not a big regional powerhouse. i think, if you look at the picture, china is center. by all economic metrics, china is the largest economy in the world, larger than ours. onhink we should be focused more free trade deals. this is a missed opportunity. i may be one of the few last free traders in the united states. free trade has grown our economy year after year after year. could think that, if he -- he still has a day left, try and create opportunity for free trade and bring more trade. if you look at the class photo of the g 20, he is marginalized.
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even now, i read a german newspaper last night and all optics are he is doing the right thing. i think we are missing the bigger picture. host: on the issue of trade, what about the argument the president frequently makes that a lot of the trade is not even, there is a trade deficit with many countries and he would like to see that even doubt -- evened out. caller: he does not understand that germany has a lot of manufacturing plants in the united states. true, we havet is trade deficits with china and from other major european countries. i think we could grow our way out of this. the only way to grow our way out of a deficit is to create a
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better balance. but we need better agreements. host: ok. some economic news, on the front page of the washington -- wall street journal, it talks about job growth numbers. .ages are still staying stuck u.s. employers are churning out jobs unabated as the economic expansion enters its ninth year but the inability to generate more robust wage growth represents a missing piece in a largely complete labor recovery. u.s. employers added a 222,000 jobsjusted in june and the other employment rate rose slightly to 4.4% with more people actively looking for work. the u.s. has added jobs every month since october of 2010, a record 81 month stretch that has absorbed roughly 16 million
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workers and slowly repaired much 009the damage from the 2007-2 recession. from virginia,at what did you think about the meeting between president trump and putin? caller: thank you for taking my call and thank you for c-span. i think it was a positive meeting and it is critical to develop a relationship with russia. , two of ours greatest presidents, john f. kennedy and ronald reagan, had direct lines to the kremlin. they spoke to the russian president daily and even hourly. look at what we accomplished. i think we are tying the president's hands. we need to develop that relationship. i thank you so very much. calling in from
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dayton, ohio, republican line. good morning. caller: good morning. i wanted to say i am very glad they had a good meeting. and that they seemed to get along. what bothers me though, even as a republican, there is no proof of that conversation. that could be historic. it is only their words. the secretaries of state for each were in their but when they came out, they had a different story to tell. i am a little bit worried about things. almost like they went behind closed doors because there is something to hide. host: the meeting was initially scheduled to be a half hour. knowing that you cannot work out all of your policy differences do you get into policy,
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see this as more of an opportunity for the leaders just to meet for the first time and get to know each other a little bit? caller: yes, but why couldn't that didn't -- why could not that had been at least recorded, they did not have to do it in front of everybody and their brother but have somebody there to record the conversation. it could have been really good or really bad. the point is, no one will ever know. host: linda is calling in from michigan on our independent line. what did you think about the meeting? caller: good morning. i want to thank c-span, we all enjoyed watching the show. my point is that what the lady that was just on said. we have no recording and we do not know what was said at the meeting. there is an old saying that goes -- people who have nothing to hide hide nothing.
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that is all i wanted to say. have a very nice day. host: some other international coverage of the meeting from the uk's guardian, they pointed put it as if it were a first date between the leaders, saying neither wanted to stop. they say, it is a blossoming bromance and what one u.s. based critic called a first tender date. they talked for two point -- over two hours and there was such a level of engagement and exchange and neither one wanted to stop. rex tillerson said afterwards that several times i had to remind you president and people were sticking their heads in the door and said send the first lady at one point to see if she could get us out of there which did not work. take onthe guardian's the first ever for face-to-face meeting between president trump
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and vladimir putin. we are getting your thoughts about the meeting that happened yesterday in germany at the g 20 summit. scott calling on the republican line from lake in the hills, illinois. what did you think? caller: i thought it was ok. they had the secretary of state there. he was there to advise the president. during the meeting. he heard everything. erere is a second ear in th listening to what is going on. i was not disappointed. it was the beginning of relations with our president and it must have went well i believe. host: what about the fact that afterward, there was differing accounts of what happened? different countries have different interests but
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different factual accounts with russia saying donald trump excepted that -- excepted -- accepted that russia did not meddle in the election but rex tillerson said that did not happen. caller: i have a hard time believing anything the left has to say. we were formed as a republic. a christian, moral base. that is where i come from. when i go back and look at history, what john adams said, remember, democracy never lasts long, it exhausts and murders itself. yete is never a democracy, that did not commit suicide. i reflect at those words from john adams which formed our country. i reflect on that and go, what is the democrat saying?
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and reflect on my own christianity and decide from there. i cannot believe half of the things the left media says. host: ok. caller: unless it is live and i can evaluate it myself. host: dorothy is calling from cleveland on our democratic line. what did you think of the meeting yesterday ? caller: first of all, the first conversation he had before he met putin, how can you go on foreign soil and degrade your own country? and bring all of this about barack obama. then, with the meeting with putin, i do not know any president where they did not have a note taker or a national security adviser was not even in the room. you will bring the secretary of
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state but have him on limited duty. we are supposed to believe that -- we cannot find out what you said. putin is our adversary. to keep anarchy going where he is staying important. you are going to take a mafia led president and believe that he really has our country's best interests at heart. hetook two hours because wanted to know how he will be able to deal with trouble in the future. -- trump in the future. talksan editorial page about the russian interest in going into yesterday's meeting. it says, and mr. putin's world,
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such a meeting has one purpose, to discover if he will be able to press russian interests forward without pushback from the u.s. president. putin concluded that barack obama would pose minimal ,esistance and sees crimea invaded eastern ukraine and adopted serious boxer assad. he is still in all three places and we cannot guess what mr. pruden made of donald trump --putin made of donald trump. trump for his part in joyce's reputation for unpredictability and he confirmed this by pressing mr. pruden on russia's efforts to disrupt the u.s. presidential election. jack is calling from pennsylvania on the independent line. what did you think of the meeting yesterday? caller: thank you for letting me on.
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i would like to respond to the man who was talking about christian base. that, as aed non-right wing christian, that anybody who calls themselves a christian can look at our current president as carrying a christian standard or banner because of the amount of lies he has told. i thought christianity was based on truth, other than the truth that jesus is our savior, that we should try to retain some higher caller -- i take some higher calling, not say that the bar is so low that if you cannot reach perfection, you can do anything our -- we want, which is our president does. rex tillerson was doing business with russia prior to becoming secretary of state. ownpresident degraded our
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fbi director. and we know that the stories have now come out of what happened in the meeting. who is telling the fake news? it is amazing the christian base thatupport lies and hatred has permeated our country and call themselves christians. and that it split the country and have. -- in half and this meeting further proves that as a christian nation, we has -- as a non-right-wing christian i am appalled by what people call christianity. host: springfield, virginia, republican line, what are your thoughts about the meeting between president trump and president putin? caller: i founded positive. -- i found it positive. this is a fantastic opportunity
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that our president of the united states has a chance to meet mr. putin. at the same time, people sometimes call him racist but people against him are racist. we have to forget why we have to go and think like mr. trump said, let's do the best for america. let's find the positive reasons and be positive. do not be negative. host: one of the headlines of the meeting yesterday was the announcement of a partial cease-fire in syria. more from the new york times. a save the united states, russia, and jordan have agreed to foster a cease-fire and a limited area of southwestern syria that will begin at noon on sunday, rex tillerson said on friday after the first face-to-face meeting between president trump and president vladimir putin.
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the agreement came after months of negotiations among three countries, a senior state department who was involved in the talks said important pieces of the deal remain to be hammered out in the coming days, including who would monitor and policy.the our first indication of a u.s. and russia working together in syria, this is our first indication that russia and the u.s. can work together in syria, mr. tillerson told reporters on friday night after more than two hour meeting between mr. trump and mr. putin. arnett calling in from birmingham, alabama on the independent line. what did you think about the meeting? caller: i was appalled that for historical references it will not be recorded. there will be nothing said about it. only the he say, he say. an appalling way for the nation to be led that we would do
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diplomacy with no one knowing what it is. what will his staffers have to stay and how will they answer the free press? i may not agree with the left ring oh right-wing -- left-wing or right-wing press but i listen to them. but to blame all the press is fake as bad -- estate and bad, they are denying our constitution which guarantees the freedom of the press and the freedom of religion. we have people like one caller that you said this is a christian nation, but what about the morals and ethics? they are forgetting all this. they counted our last president oureight years -- hounded last president for eight years and do not say one word about this president. years of the last 16 the divisiveness thrown out by the left and right which is why
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i have become an independent and hopefully someone can do this for the nation besides seeing ,hemselves as -- i do not know kings and queens of different factions, i guess. instead of being for the people. host: william is calling from massachusetts on our democratic line. what are your thoughts on the meeting? caller: good morning. i think people are forgetting about donald trump, that he is first and foremost a salesperson. he spent his entire life building up report and trying to tell people that ideas and things he will give them are big and huge, tremendous, amazing. i do not think he will go to russia with intent of a political purpose that would serve america in a better way. his actual purpose which has been his purpose for the last several months is going back to the campaign trail, revisiting and bringing up rallies, trying
7:43 am
to get supporters fired up for him and trying to get them to pay attention how amazing he is, everything but what is happening within russia. he is trying to pass that off as nothing. like the big liberal story that hillary started and obama did not take care of. and then trying to move on through it before anybody has enough time to pay any attention to it. host: where you happy that the president pressed president putin on election meddling? caller: no. think it is all about getting to the bottom of it with him. i think he is mostly just trying to appease the people that he would lose at his base. as anyone can tell you, is tapering these days. host: we are getting your
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thoughts about the meeting yesterday between president trump and president putin. democrats call 202-748-8000. republicans call 202-748-8001. independents call 202-748-8002. the washington post today talks about the ongoing negotiations over the republican health care bill, the white house and senate republican leaders planning a getl urgent pressure to reluctant gop senators to pass this before the month-long august recess, where that the next 14 days probably represents their last chance to salvage their flagging endeavor. the president and vice president and senate majority leader and 10 to single out individual senators and escalate a broad dissent of the broad proposal, according to provoke wilkens -- according to republicans familiar with their plans. a change from a call earlier this week who said that the effort could fail.
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mary is calling in on the republican line from south carolina. what did you think about the meeting between president trump and president putin? caller: what i thought about the meeting between president trump and putin is that i do not know what happened in the beating that i am hoping it was something good. it was not recorded and i do not blame president trump for not wanting to be recorded because lead tong he does it the fake press to make a about what he said only they take it out of context. i love donald trump and them behind him 100% -- and in behind him 100% and hope he can do something because obama let this country go to the dogs, the worst president this country ever solve. wouldbody is listening, i
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like the president to get his son the dog. he needs something loving around him all the time that does not have to worry about what kind of food he or what kinds of shoes he wears, just that he shows love to him. it would be a great dog for that child. host: eric calling in from tallahassee, florida, on the independent line. what are your thoughts about the first bilateral meeting between president trump and putin? caller: i do not figure was a bilateral meeting, just a setup and for the caller who just dated the president obama was iser president, this guide not a president, i served in the military and the first time i have seen something like this happen, no national security adviser advising him. they are trying to get everyone to think they're working on
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syria but they are talking about lifting sanctions because there was oil, billions of dollars, mr. trump is in it for the money, not for the country. everybody knows that and the secretary of state, look at them -- if you look at them when they first meet, look at him and the other representative for russian, they are smiling and laughing because they are making a joke out of everyone because that is what they want in the meeting, they do not trust the national security agents because they've figured he would leak out they were trying to get sanctions lifted. meet sometimes leaders together without having a transcript or without having a full team, especially when they try to get to know each other and talk, maybe they feel they cannot be quite as free and candid to get to know each other if every word is being recorded or a lot of folks are in the room. do you think these leaders have the right to have a meet and
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greet and schedule other talks more formally down the line? look at most of the investigations going on surrounding russia, he says nothing happened. why would his representatives meet with the russians and not with other countries during the transition? have sometries, we type of engagement with. only russia keeps popping up. this guy has never been in the government and to pull him up and put him in there, trust me, years from now we will say, that is what it was all about, all about the oil, all about money, he is all about money and i am glad i am not in the military know more because he is not my commander-in-chief and i hope military people feel the same way, he doesn't care about the military. host: howard from fort lauderdale on the republican
7:49 am
line. what did you think of the meeting? caller: all these people calling in, why the negativity of donald trump? the only reason why people are angry, donald trump this president come is because they are lying, cheating, hillary clinton did not make it. the whole democratic party did all of this cheating to get voted but it did not work. they try to blame things on russia and still trying to blame it on russia. trying to say that donald trump has ties with russia which there has been no proof of. all kinds of proof of the corruption in the democratic party. they tried to sway this voting to the democratic party. that is the bottom line. stop warring about what trump is saying to putin and what putin is saying to trump and worry
7:50 am
about what you are doing in your life and what we can do to help each other change the problems in this country, stop relying on trump to do it all. you are an idiot if you think for one second that donald trump is in there for money come he doesn't need money, he wants his kids to grow up in a better life. that's all this is about. obama has destroyed what democracy is all about. i do not care what you say about obama that is good, nothing good about obama because he had nothing good when he started ., host: you talk about the democrats focusing on the election, what about the president tweeting about john podesta while at the summit? does that bother you? caller: not really. is not going to report that john podesta did it. he is just as dirty as hillary
7:51 am
clinton, every bit as involved in the democratic party, the hacking of the dnc server, that was all because of plans before donald trump got in so they could discredit donald trump. we have to concentrate right now on how do we fix the problems in our country. we have the snowflakes saying this that and the other against him and they are being paid by george euros to do it. -- george soros to do it. get the creatures out of the swamp and turn it back into this beautiful washington, d.c. lake we used to have. host: when is calling from illinois, democratic line, what are your thoughts about the meeting? caller: i do not think they should of gotten together without more people. he has lied about everything he has ever done. about a week and a half ago, they had on tv that he was told
7:52 am
almost 700 lies. and different truths about stuff he has done. and these people that all say they got his back, well, he has got their front. that is all i have to say. host: business insider has a recap of how russia is covering presidentng between putin and @cspanwj. in russia -- trump. in russia, the media coverage was different. rex tillerson said -- the state-owned said that the meeting would improve relationship which they said trump was seriously committed to building and in recent weeks the
7:53 am
narrative that donald trump has a desire to build a stronger connection with russia has been coming up repeatedly in russian media. pressure from the anti-russian-american establishment which unfairly accuses the russian federation of interfering in its presidential election in which donald trump is partly to blame, the article says. illinois,m madison, democratic line. caller: i did not think the meeting should of happened. no people there and you do not know what was said. trump, trump, that is all he is interested in, money, money, money. problems wherec one of them just resigned. because he cannot keep his money straight.
7:54 am
and he has got a son-in-law that was selling green cards in china for a half $1 million. he turned that over to his sister. claiming that it is going to another hotel business. hotel, get money in a they can claim a green card too. there is a lot of no goods going on with this thing. that is about it. i thank you very much for the chance to talk. host: rachel on the republican line from boulder, colorado. what are your thoughts? caller: i thought it was progressive and it is great because of what is going on. everyone isot --
7:55 am
being educated, not everyone, people who do not know as much and i suggest that people educate themselves from some sources from the left and right. it is progressive because what has gone on in the past, it is great that they're trying to bridge the gap. , people do not focus on what they did not like about it, they saw the bigger picture because that is what we are all fighting for, the greater good. and to bridge the gaps. host: it seems a lot of people wanted the president to project strength and stand up to vladimir putin. do you think the president was resolute enough, or was that not the objective? caller: i think he was resolute in some ways and did talk about it.
7:56 am
denya did the nine -- interfering with the election. i think he did make his case and we should respect that. and try to keep an open mind. host: mark is calling in from chico, california, democratic line. what did you think about the big first meeting between the presidents? caller: good morning. -- ink mr. trump believed that he would putin over our intelligence agencies. i can't understand, as a disabled vietnam marine, i do not know why people voted for this guy.
7:57 am
he lies when he wants. the only truth he has is that he wants money. he wants that gas, the north sea. they want sanctions dropped. hacked. hacke and itdgot will happen again unless we put a stop to it. donald does not care as long as he wins. host: what will it take to put a stop to it? anything president -- the president can do to stop engager
7:58 am
from rushing in these activities ? caller: yes, we need to get rid of the machines we have and we need to start having paper ballots. i do not know why we have to have machines, people can count ballots. triplicate, one for the state, one for the federal government, and one for you. it is not that hard to do. host: robert from greenville, north carolina. what did you think about the meeting yesterday? caller: it was bogus and that is why they did not have anyone recording. donald trump, mr. military men, who loves the military, who had four deferments from the vietnam war. -- theple that draftdodgers did not want to go to the war because they opposed to war while donald trump did
7:59 am
not want to go to vietnam because he is a coward. in the what you have office right now, a coward, a liar, a cheat. host: president trump is the president, would you rather he not meet with presidentp or how would you like him -- president putin, how would you like him to handle it? caller: meeting with president putin is fine but after all of the lies he has told us, donald trump has been a liar his entire life. nothing but a carnival barker who is out to make money and ruining this country. everybody is watching this. this is a hostile takeover come he is selling our country out for his family. host: coming up next, we will the herman pirchner, president of the american foreign policy council who will discuss the president first g 20 summit and his meeting with the
8:00 am
russian president. later, national immigration law center senior policy attorney discusses the travel ban implementation and legislative we will be right back. ♪ >> sunday on q&a -- >> i'm not asking anybody to compromise their values or beliefs. i'm asking them to open their eyes to other people's so you can figure out your place in this infinite world. >> brooke gladstone, to host and managing editor of wnyc's on the media. she discusses her


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