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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  July 10, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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to trump's friend quest on voter information as far as the connection to widespread voter fraud. we will be joined by stephen dinan. ♪ good morning, this is "washington journal," july 10. a story with donald trump jr. and paul manafort taking a meeting last year with a kremlin connected lawyer. --mising information compromising information about hillary clinton. if you turn your attention to the senate this week, they do come back. reports that efforts to pass and replace measures for the portable character are in trouble. is dead andit others are making an effort just
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to make a repeal bill. so in our first hour to you, we want a sense from you of what congress should do with the affordable care act. if you say a repeal bill should be passed, (202) 748-8000. if you hold onto to the idea of repealing and replacing it with a senate version? (202) 748-8001. and if you are one who says fix the portions of the aca that are .roblematic, (202) 748-8002 if you want, you can post your thoughts on twitter at specifically, what this will do about health care. stephanie armour writes, some congressional lawmakers say a closure of the legislation would give them a chance to return to ofir goal of her for --
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repealing the affordable care act, and putting it off until later of what it decision would mean to put in place. others are considering the possibility of legislation to shore up the laws marketplaces for an individual by health coverage action. he made statements to that last week, mitch mcconnell did. that something would have to be done to shore up the insurance market. when it comes to the idea of what the current senate version looks at, the wall street journal also -- how the republican bill stands up to the affordable care act. "it would repeal taxes, lower projected government spending towards american health care therage, while phasing out aca medicaid expansion and cutting medicaid more broadly. it would reduce the aca tax credits for low-income consumers and would let states obtain waivers from some insurance
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regulations. it would also scale back requirements on the 2010 aca that was imposed on employer-based health care plans." more than 22 to million more uninsured in a decade compared with the aca. farill go on with more as as these efforts are concerned but again, what to the senate do on this effort? you to callns for in. a repeal bill only -- (202) 748-8000. to replace, (202) 748-8001. fix portions of the affordable care act which mitch mcconnell alluded to and what democrats are also saying, as a track that should be taken, (202) 748-8002. on twitter it is and:// it did get traction last week.
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when it was talked about the efforts on the senate health care and it was said "if my side is unable to agree on an adequate replacement then some kind of action with regards to the private health insurance must occur." he said at a rotary club lunch in the deep red rural area of southern, and -- southern kentucky. after beingcall but asked if he needed -- if you envisioned needing bipartisan cooperation to replace obama's law. "no action is not an alternative," mitch mcconnell said. theng comments about current speed of draft legislation -- areas from yesterday. >> all right, the hot idea right plan that heuz's has been offering, under which
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each exchange and insurer could offer skinny plants. cheaper plants with fewer benefits that people could i said as long as they offer one plan that has all of the benefits under obamacare. is the argument against that that you get healthy people who buy the cheaper plan was less coverage because they are healthy. which means that the middle income people are not covered by medicaid, who have pre-existing conditions and serious problems, all have the expensive comprehensive plans they will be able to afford. you will have a two class insurance system and for the one who really needs it, no insurance at all. >> i am all for people being able to choose the insurance plan that best fit you need. he should do that. but you are right. , you havewn plan re-created the obamacare exchanges with federal taxpayers putting billions in to subsidize
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the expense of the few. we need to have a common risk pool, where if everybody chipped in a little bit who gets in a car wreck -- if we do that then it is a good amendment. i don't know the amendment. with to risk pools, and that is sad. because that is what he is described. >> he has not yet designated whether we have a single risk pool or a two risk pool. i do we need to do something different than obamacare. out.s. senators have come to express doubts about the mitch mcconnell plan as it was offered the last week in june. is the plan dead? it was submitted. has now beenplan
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seriously write it. and we don't know what the syria's rewrite is. serious know what the rewrite is. care on the table. again, lines are on your screen. let's go to add in georgia -- let's go to ed in georgia. caller: stop all of the fines anything thatthat is not properly written in the isginal health care bill changed. and they do what to tell you that the people who called in talking about single-payer, we tried the single-payer and it is a.lled the v host: do you think if a repeal portion is placed, do you think
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eventually a replacement plan is coming? will it end with the repeal? itler: it will come but won't be a giant government takeover. host: stay with us through the course of the morning. in the next hour we have guests talking about the idea of single-payer. minnesotao lauren in who says to fix portions of the aca. caller: good morning. my concern is how the approach of it will unfold. how i hear them talk about he thought covered and how to learn not covered, you are talking about single-payer later on in the program, i don't think that is right, i don't think that is the right option to pursue. because you violate principles process management and those types of things. because you try to keep everybody the same.
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and in my mind, if we go down that path then we will get to a position where we have government rationing the goods and services that citizens are -- you basically ruin the market. you are calling it on a market that says to fix the aca, what portion should you fix? caller: i probably had the wrong number. because i think this should be replaced. it should be replaced with something that is more state driven rather than federal driven. int: let's go to steve massachusetts who says the repeal and replace effort is best forward. caller: it is the best because we're dealing with a capitalistic system right now. that is what i would call it. and it is about five different systems all in one. and we had a headline here in
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the cape cod times that told us how much the ceo of a hospital was making. and it was about $3 million. and there was another report that there were a lot of doctors making $1 million, plus. and i think we have gone off the deep end. the: how do you think repeal and replace effort will fix that? with a u.k. or canadian system. they have been proven and they have pretty good care and i think it is just that simple. thank you. host: also, on twitter. a lot of viewpoints. a viewer says "the senate needs to vote on the bill, win, lose or draw. it is time to move on. ." ." "stop putting party above country." "start over with a
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clean slate." 52 republican senator's should be ashamed that we have not now.d reform by he has this saying "we will not be ashamed, we will go from majority to minority." that is what he is suggesting that tweet. we go to john next in wisconsin. he says we should fix the eighth day. what should we fix? caller: well, i think health care is too much of a business in this country. echoing steve from cape cod, the overhead is -- the overhead in my is -- overhead in medicine is unpayable. during the downturn, there was
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no downturn in construction spending for health care. which is fine. baby boomers need additional volume and capacity. my only a -- but my experience with obamacare has been good. i had private insurance before monthwas paying $510 a through humana. for health care plan that was a low deductible and had restrictions and didn't include the annual physical. with obamacare, my first year i was gundersenthat lutheran with a hospital group in wisconsin. 620?ext year it was i forget. a pretty loaded up will plan.
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and then the following year, this year, that plan did go up 25% but a new entrant came into the market that includes the uw system. and that plan was the $630 plan a month. so whatever needs to be done to obamacare, they should figure out what is going on in southwest wisconsin and do that. host: that was john. the president tweeting about the situation in the senate say "i cannot imagine that congress would leave washington without a new health care bill fully approved and ready to go." that is the president thought of the mother and now we're asking you. what is the best way forward? just the repeal effort? if you think that, (202) 748-8000. if you think repeal and replace, (202) 748-8001.
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if you think to fix portions of the aca, (202) 748-8002. and twitter and facebook are available to you. abby is in florida. replace.peal and good morning. caller: good morning. and putpeal and replace in a public option. you have to have a public option. get some kind of choice to get the cost down. contention is that i just heard mr. cassidy speaking and he made such an ignorant statement. he says that if you are a young person and you get in a car accident, you need some kind of insurance. but you have insurance. that is car insurance. hospital that a is the first thing may ask you. have you been in an accident and did this happen at work? they are so ignorant that they
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don't even know that much. which shows you that they have no interest in what they are doing. they have another agenda. i am for a single-payer system. host: hunter says repeal only. good morning. caller: there is a weird idea in american politics that it a free market, it is the best system for lowering costs. except forpect health care and insurance. they need to completely repeal obama care. it isn't working. it is raising costs. and we need to look at a free market system that will allow thatntense competition will allow carriers to sell across state lines. incentivesll give
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for people to become doctors and health care providers. and to lower and set new for insurance costs to bring down costs. we have overregulated the health care market. people tryingent to tweak it. and by doing that by overregulated we have a raise in prices. and that is what you see in england and canada. had a guy on saying that the canadian and british systems are tried and true and are working good but that is laughable because they are not. they really are not. health care is worse than it is in america. let's go to illinois.
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go ahead. caller: good morning. . think we should fix the aca to fix it, we have to figure out how to pay for it. and i believe a national sales tax would do that. i think everybody in america wants health care and is willing to pay for it. and a lot of countries have the national sales taxes to pay for care. think that you depending on the rate of the tax, people would still want to -- what do you apply that tax too? caller: anything that is a good or service? host: jed is next. fixing the aca. caller: angry with the last
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caller. -- i agree with the last caller. insurance companies are the problem. no matter how you look at it, they are profit organizations. everything i get, i raised by 200% to sell. if it costs me $.10, i sell it for at least $.30. here and it is a middleman. just selling you firemen insurance and all that. i was a fireman. insurance started because of that.
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people are not property. if you look at other countries, canada or britain, single-payer systems, it may be expensive that it does provide all the people. people go where they want to go to get insurance. they have the money to get any doctor they want. host: let's go to james. you are on. important that we fix the aca. because if you look at the reality of the situation, the aca not only helps you will who are not insured also people who help get insurance through their having a cap.
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keeping your kids on your insurance up to the age of 26. these are benefits for all americans. and it is important that we 60 aca -- that we six the aca because everybody in america needs health insurance. the old, the young and everyone in between. it is important that we have a way that everybody can attribute and he covered. host: or do you start, as far as the fixing it is concerned? caller: you start by prioritizing people. and if you concede to the fact careeveryone needs health insurance then everyone must contribute and pay. it is important that we understand that -- health insurance is not a privilege. it is a right. everyone should have the right to it. if you get hit by a car, you can get help. it is important that everyone helps to pay for it. the problem is, our priorities
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in other countries, people receive health insurance to matter what their income is. says we repeal and replace. go ahead? caller: yes, i thought we need to bring on the cost. i support ted cruz's plan. draw down the cost. the states decide how they want to finance their own health care. if they want to have a big welfare empire and give everyone free health care than they can do so. if they don't, if they want to encourage productive people and discourage parasites then i think those states will flourish and the ones that have the welfare systems will close. and that is my point. rick.georgia, this is
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you are next up. hello. caller: i want to thank you for your show. thatly, i want to say , themarket capitalists proposal is unworkable. capitalism has it works in any arena, that is why we have the bailout. between the financial industry and everything else. model of free markets is an illusion. i believe we should repeal the restructure our health care and with a view that it is a basic human right and model after the europeans and canadians, in a way that provides universal health care for everybody, regardless of the income bracket.
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gentleman who proposed a national sales tax -- sales taxes are inherently regressive. and the lower income brackets pay half a portion because the lower your income, the more you spend on everything. again, thank you for your show. host: we will continue on with these calls and video of what congress should do with the affordable care act. it is (202) 748-8000 two repeal only. repeal and collate -- repeal and replace, (202) 748-8001. and to fix the aca, (202) 748-8002. i want to point you to the cover of the new york times. about a meeting that did take place last year during the campaign featuring donald trump
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son. saying that he was promised damaging information about hillary clinton before agreeing to meet with a kremlin lawyer. the meeting was attended i paul manafort and jared kushner. they recently disclosed the anding but not the content documents that were described at the time. the times reported the gist of the meeting on saturday but another interview with advisors and others revealed the motivation behind it. it took place two weeks after donald trump won the republican nomination. and it points to the question of the kremlin meddling in the presidential election. about whether the trump campaign colluded with the republicans -- with the russians. it counts of the meeting represents the first public indication that at least some in the campaign were willing to accept russian help.
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outatement was put initially and this was a statement put out from donald trump jr. saying "i was asked to have a meeting by an acquaintance. whondividual with someone said they may have information that was helpful to the campaign. we were told nothing of the substance. we had a meeting in 2016. the woman did state that she had information with individuals connected with russia about submitting miss clinton. her statements made no sense. no details were provided or offered. it could be on the adoption of russian children. claimsme clear that the of the meeting were the projects for the meeting. it does go on from there to say that when it comes to donald added donald trump jr.
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that his father knew nothing of the meeting or these events. that is a statement from donald trump jr. on the sunday shows. reince priebus was asked about these statements and we are getting a response from him. here's what he said in park yesterday. reince priebus: i don't know much about it other than what i've can indicate with various members there on the screen. it was a short meeting. a meeting apparently about russian adoption. and after 20 minutes, the meeting ended and that was the end it -- and that was the end of it. jared kushner did put in his prematurely.ema he amended that. if you look at the article that circa put out. the individual at the meeting may have been affiliated with an opposition research firm that is being subpoenaed and talk to buy
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the senate judiciary committee about their role and putting together the phony dossier with regards to the president. so it is a developing story and i don't know much about it other than seemed seem to be on the end of the trump individuals but it may spin out of control. >> let me ask you about two aspects. in terms of the dnc, are you suggesting that this was a setup by democrats to try to link them or compromise them with the russians? and this is before there was any russian difference in the election so why would they have done that? reince priebus: why were they involved in putting together the dossier. ? i don't know and i don't think to medical know why or how the meeting came about. but with my communication on our team, there was nothing to it. it was a 20 minute meeting and it ended after everyone was decidedly sitting there saying
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there was nothing happening. they moved on. and i think in the end what he will find with the story is that there are more questions on the democrat side than anywhere else. >> one last question. why would donald trump jr., jared kushner and paul manafort all want to meet with a russian lawyer about russian adoption? reince priebus: you have to talk to them. but talking the issues of foreign policy issues related to our place in the world, issues that are important to the american people, that is not unusual. when you go through a campaign you are not just talking to one aboutular group of people adoptions in russia. you have politics in asia and china. it isn't unusual. host: that was reince priebus yesterday. he mentioned the
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they have commented on the story and it is the lead story there. president also tweeted about issues when it comes to information that was leaked, going back to james comey, saying he leaked classified information to the media. saying it was illegal. those were the events that took place over the weekend concerning that. that. cap to your cause about what needs to be done in the senate and congress about health care. again, we have three lines this morning. repealing the current aca, repealing and replacing it and fixing aspects. john in florida says to fix it. good morning, thank you for waiting. go ahead. caller: yes, sir. good morning. the problem with the aca, in my theion, is that it is on second bank bailout. to insurance be too big
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live? not fail. , my you look at insurance father and i had a conversation at my father is about 75 years old. and he was saying that in his whole life, he never can everber any insurance he's paid go down. car insurance, home insurance, health insurance for pet insurance. it always goes up, every year. so for people to be shocked that health insurance is high -- no duh. everybody keeps talking about health care and health care act that congress did try to repeal this. 50 times. i thought that was unbelievable but i had to look at myself. 50 times? nobody does something 50 times and not have a replacement.
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so you are trying to tell me you focused in on doing something? that shows me that you don't have a plan. host: will they have a plan now and it is being debated. they are not plans. they are a bluff. pass thisgoing to stuff because they've so many issues with the taxes and all of that. it is mind-boggling. they are not trying to help this country. they don't want people to live. you want people to die. you want people to be out here .ot able to have insurance are let's go to the line for those who say repeal and replace. this is don. caller: i have a couple of ideas. which is, these pharmacies are getting rich off medicine that we pay for through government. two people that don't have
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enough money to buy medicine. if you figure $1000 a pill? really? $1000? a pill? they bring that cost way down? from these pharmacies that are getting rich and use that money towards helping the poor, instead of helping the rich? i mean, that would make more sense if congress went after those people. these people don't say anything. and then how the american voter is stupid and votes things and without seeing what is in it. host: when it comes to the current efforts, if you say repeal and replace, what should it be replaced with? caller: replace it with indecent -- replace it with decent insurance for people.
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make sure everyone is covered. does the current version qualify as decent in your mind? would you say the current house and senate versions of these bills are decent insurance for people? caller: well, there are a lot of things they could do if they put their minds together. it isn't in the congress, it is in the senate. those are the big boys. those are the ones who think. let's go to the line for repeal only. caller: it is hurting the working people. -- i got a refund this year because the insurance company couldn't make a profit. area my brother,
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his employer is paying half his insurance but it wasn't so hot. they keep talking about people medicaid, going down. but how about those people who are paying like my brother? he has insurance he can't use. is he going to die? talking about single-payer's. single-payer does not work. they try to pass laws to straighten the veterans affairs out. we go to brian in massachusetts for the repeal and replace. caller: yes, i think we should have lifting of the cap on what people pay into medicare and social security to unlimited amounts. ok? this is how we pay for. it is very simple.
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we are trying to put it so pharmaceutical companies and hospitals do not give any money to campaign financing. toy can't give money nonprofit charities. ok? companies that , where the pain of politicians to make sure you can't do them. because our country has hundreds of years of research on how addictive opioids are. tradingto when we were soak with china. society.bout destroyed the way to pay for it is so these companies cannot make more
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than 10%. the yankee money to campaign financing. let the cap on medicaid and social security. start going after the companies that are paying people cash. are hiring illegals. host: let's go to dave in kansas. caller: a quick comment. people could buy into medicare if that is what they want people to do. welfarele who call it a -- especially policymakers, they are riding both sides of the fence because taxpayers pay money into the institute of health, which really benefits the pharmaceutical industry.
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hospitals get money for that. universities. so i just don't think it is fair at all the fact that we provide all of the drugs for the entire world and yet they hardly pay anything. we shoulder the burden twice. want to say. host: we will continue with the calls on this topic. we do want to let you know that president obama will be calling a fundraiser this week. he is set to appear thursday at a closed-door event. chairman, he wants to build a bench for democrats. it would not say how much obama's appearance is expected to bring in that he "still has the microphone to woo donors in
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investing in state-level races. the bully pulpit rests very much with him." looking at obama and the role he sees himself playing, saying he remains a central figure. and while some democrats have urged obama to get out recently -- they suffered a greater loss of power. than any other two-term presidents. on to say that because tomorrow's president is today's state senator, and he is referring to obama's experience in illinois, when you lose seats, they are people who could up in the next senators and governors and cabinet positions and that is something he is very committed to. again, that story is in the washington post. let's go to keith in arkansas who says to repeal only.
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one of the big arguments is that 22 million people may lose health care insurance and people will die. but the fact of the matter is that people are going to die nyway. it is a pre-existing condition, it begins at birth. jobs' family.eve he couldn't prevent death. it happened. it's going to happen. this idea of benefits for whatever happened, this country cannot afford that. we should just repeal this and let it go back to the way it was. that is it.
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we go to sue in pennsylvania. caller: how are you doing? host: fine, thank you. repeal andm for replace. the thing i like to say is that upfront pricing says we know what we're going to buy and all of the doctors offices and hospitals and things like that, you should be all to walk up and them, what is it going to cost me? so i could comparison shop? the other thing i would like is, ok, for the 65 years old and socializedave medicine which is called medicare. and what i would like to do is speak to the people who are below 65. a program where we can say to them, you pay the first $5,000 of your medical expenses for the ,ear and if it goes above that
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you are on medicare. the $32,000 astop day hospital cost in this country which is outrageous and ridiculous. see --ould just like to something that stops people from running their car into a ditch where they can't dig themselves out. if somebody gets cancer, they are done. but they are not just done, their families done. because it costs them everything they own. host: we go to kim in florida who says to fix the aca. yes, hello. think you for taking my call.
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i just want to say that i think what congress needs to do is make a decision on what the decision -- on what the country needs. and what the country needs in my opinion is national healthcare. are covered by work plans, they don't care. they have the best policy for that and their company pays most of it and maybe they pay a couple hundred dollars a month and they are fine with that. -- theyle on medicare have to pay a couple hundred dollars a month for supplement a plan to pay for everything. but it is everybody else -- small business owners like myself, who really don't have -- it isverage to $8,500 a year just for the base. and another $7,000 and up will -- that is not reasonable.
7:43 am
who can afford $50,000 or more -- who can afford $15,000 or more a year? i think we need to come up with one decision. does america get it? if they do, and if they do -- this is what america wants from what i'm hearing -- you need to focus on how to get there. but that is not what is happening. republicans are doing one thing and democrats are thinking the other. host: that was kim in florida calling in on the line this morning to talk about the best health care,untry whether it is repealing the aca and replacing it or fixing portions of it. all topics of discussion over the last couple of days, especially as the house and senate come back. this week on the senate side they will work on health care. it is expected to take place with issues related to that so
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stay close to c-span. the president we did several things this morning and over the weekend when ivanka trump sat in for him on a forum with african development, and that cause a lot of stir. the president did comment on that very anger tweet saying "when i left the conference room for a short meeting with japan and other countries, i asked if longer -- i asked if i'm good seat." hold my jeffrey says to repeal only. caller: hello, yes. i would like to mention to the people -- i wish that we would not allow her government to make decisions for us. people,that we, the should make decisions. i would like to throw this out there.
7:45 am
just for quick thinking. if there is one million people in the united states of america and we pitched in $200 and we formed our own health care insurance without the government , because our legislation and governors -- these people are wealthy. thethey have one thing on mind. keeping their jobs. so they keep their buddies in power. that i'm tired of paying for it. i want insurance. that i don't want to give it to their buddies for record profits. these guys are making billions of dollars off our heard -- off our hard-earned work. could build our own hospitals. i think we can build our own research facilities or whatever. message tocan send a our government and our state legislations to stop meddling in our lives. host: we go to maryland, sander
7:46 am
says to repeal only. good morning. caller: good morning. people in this country have drunk the nectar put out by the previous administration and congress because they think they want everybody to be under the impression -- everyone is under the impression that you want something for nothing. when you have a car, you get car insurance. , you haveve a home home insurance. people should be able to get insurance without driving other people into a ditch to pay for their health insurance. this is not a socialist country. and great majority of the people in this country do not want to live in a socialist country. if they did, he would move to one. this country needs to have
7:47 am
insurance that people pay for out of their pocket. now. all of this. there were people who do not have health insurance. it is about sacrifice. if you want health insurance, you pay for it. it is not a privilege. i'm sorry, it is not a right. it is not in the constitution that tells you that people should be paid for as far as health insurance. it is a privilege. .ost: ok area that is sandra several papers take a look at mitch mcconnell as to what he might do in order to get legislation passed in the senate side when it comes to health care. the wall street journal takes a look at some of his efforts. in a way to assemble the voters to pass a health care bill the 75the august recess, euros will rely on skills he has honed since childhood, including
7:48 am
keeping his cards close, using every tool to build a coalition and moving decisively when the moment is right. the distance he has kept from trump reflects the way he is sought political safety. leaving his options open by leaving his head down and his circle of confidence tight is congressional aides refer to him as the lockbox." 8:00 a.m. of what he might do on the effort. offerting them to sweeteners to his members. times asearly three much as the health care bill. according to the budget office area mitch mcconnell had enough room to throw some trinkets that legislators who are on the ends or a cover for their vote. thelegislation achieve his legislation achieves -- the legislation achieves these
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savings by dramatically slashing government spending on health care. let's go to virginia, fixing the aca. on, go ahead. caller: yes. i think that we need to roll was insurance to where it when president obama started talking about making an act. immediatelycause insurance company started jumping. prices started jumping. preventll it back and insurance in medicine from going more than 10% a year, it will help to save costs. they have to absorb some costs. some of the richest heads of business are in the medical field. they are getting more money than car companies.
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ceo of american cars -- they are not making what health care ceos are. and that is part of what is draining the american health care bill. host: we go to mclean, virginia on the line for repeal only. hello. ?yman from mclean, virginia? let's go back to christopher in florida. hello, christopher. caller: this is what you got to do. lower the price of prescription drugs. what did the affordable care act due to lower the price of prescription drugs? nothing. they haven't done it. pharmaceutical companies have been making a lot of money. it was only last year that we finally did something about the epipen.
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costs ofto lower the prices. lower the prices of the drugs. the second think you got to do is create a nationwide health care market. when you stop and think about it, people have car insurance. when you drive a car, car insurance is more unpredictable. and runtake your car somebody on the side of the road over and kill them or kill yourself but you can't do that with health insurance. markette a health that maybe aggressive and geico could so insurance. act nothingle care to lower the cost of drugs. that should have been number one. the second thing is that we needed to make a nationwide market but we didn't do that. politicians in d.c. have not
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been looking out for the american people. host: trump tweeting out this morning. another thing about his daughter taking his place in the seat at the g 20 saying "if it was chelsea clinton that were asked to hold a seat for her mother as her mother gave our country away, the fake news would say chelsea for president." we go to greg in north dakota who wants to fix the aca. tell us why? going to sayi was was that i think the politicians ought to give up health care and we charge them a percentage. i wound up getting a raise from $13-$16 an hour and they tripled my health care coverage. let's take one third of the total congressman's wealth coming in to pay for his health care and see if he doesn't start moving on it. everything is just as affordable
7:53 am
for them as it is for us. earlier oncassidy the sunday shows, talking over the last week as legislators were home. bill cassidy held a town hall and a topic that consistently came up was about health care. and what is going on in the senate. you can see the whole thing on our website at , youyou go to can find the town halls to get a sense of the flavor of what was going on back home and to give you a sense of what happened with senator cassidy, here is an exchange he had with a constituent. >> you say the people here who , who came heret to ask questions about health care because they will be mostly affected -- and will tell you what is rude. kicking 22 million people off health care in this country. you know you cannot afford this.
7:54 am
he worked at a hospital for a long time. you know what people are like at their lowest. to step on their next and kick them off health care is cruel. ishink what you need to do go back to washington, d.c. and stand up for the people who are here and say, we do our health care. [applause] cassidy: i am doing my best. to make sure that we continue coverage to care for those with pre-existing conditions. eliminate mandates. that is my commitment and that is what i am working for. again, if you want to see the town halls, several of them are on our website at and you can go there and see them all when you have a chance to. get a sense to see what is going on back home port some of these
7:55 am
legislators. ohio is next, this is catherine who says to fix the aca. decided as a nation years ago to take our tax dollars and give health care to federal employees, state employees, county employees, city employees, township employees. now the people in the united states who no longer have insurance through their health care are asking that they should only be allowed to take their tax dollars and pay health care for their family and what that is done is upset the cards. health carehey buy in their tax dollars then the spenders can no longer get health care with my tax dollars because i'm spending it on me. and i want all americans to stand up and say, i want my taxes spent on me. federalcare about employees. i don't care about state
7:56 am
employees. i don't care about township employees. let them pay their own way because we have paid their way long enough. when they retire, they must go on medicare like all the rest of us or else they can buy insurance or do whatever they want. but they should have the same rules that we go by. if we have to shoulder the responsibility, i want them to shoulder theirs as well. it is that simple. in the united states, you pay your own way. now all of you people who sponged off of me qu? i am almost retired and i am on medicare and i do not receive an entitlement because i worked since the way -- worked since the day i was 16. i paid my way. those who have not taking care of the money that we sent ahead, they should be held responsible. not us. we are the people who paid it. host: let's go to robert in
7:57 am
alabama who says to repeal only. good morning. yes, the government is the reason that the health care costs so much. to getmand millions permission. companies can charge whatever they want. input the ceo of health care jail because he wanted to build a hospital and the government said, you don't need a hospital. what happens to those who need health care and what avenues do they have? ander: you go to my doctor you pay them. insurance is not health care. you are getting major surgery every 3-4 years than it is cheaper to put the money and the bank and pay when you need to. host: let's take one more call. this is on the repeal and
7:58 am
replace line, bruce. caller: how are you doing? i agree with the lady who just called in before. if any of the federal government -- are they on obama care? no. because we pay for it. i am a-year-old and vietnam veteran. i paid into it for over 45 years and iamb on medicare. and i think everyone should get off the bus and get off to work and pay for it yourself. any insurance from anybody except for what i could pay for myself. if you can't afford it, you better get out it -- you better get out and get your butt to work. host: two more tweets to show you. saysays to repeal, but he if done collectively it is hard to lower prices anywhere else.
7:59 am
and on twitter, it looks like pulling is taking place to because of eight in if you want to on our twitter site. and patrick added "fix it with bipartisan support." what willking about happen with the senate and health care. c-span andto for more information. topics ofntinue on medical interest. and in the next hour we look at the idea of single-payer which some of our collars brought up this morning. to see if that could work in the united states. two guests will be joining us. dr. margaret flowers and michael tanner from the cato institute. later on this morning, upon his election, trump created a commission to look at voter fraud. we will learn about that from stephen dinan of the washington times. those topics are coming up when "washington journal" continues.
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