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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  July 14, 2017 7:00am-8:04am EDT

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and an update on the bastille day celebration. and then the updates on the senate health care replacement bill, which was released yesterday. mary agnes carey of kaiser health news joins us. ♪ host: good morning, the house hours atession in two 9:00 a.m. eastern time, on another round of spending pentagon, known as the defense reauthorization act. this new republican health bill was unveiled yesterday by republican leader mitch mcconnell, president trump in paris where the bastille day celebration, wrapping up a short while ago. he also defended his son again, a standard meeting
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in politics. it is friday morning, july 14. we want to hear from you on what has been a very busy newsweek. tell us some of your top stories of the week and join in on the conversation. , democrats.00 (202) 748-8001, republicans. if you are an independent, (202) 748-8002. you can also join the conversation on facebook and twitter. thank you for being with us. the parade in paris just wrapping up. president emmanuel macron, who had welcomed president donald trump on his very brief trip to paris. these are live pictures from paris, and the french president saluting french officers following the bastille day celebrations, which marks the start of the french revolution.
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let's turn to the news on friday morning. a story from reuters about event with twored last site former presidents, george w. bush and bill clinton. here is the headline. beesident bush and clinton humble and victory, responsible and power." presidents george w. bush and bill clinton mentioned that they were able to form a mutual bond of inspection -- respect and friendship because the other had been gracious in victory and respectful of presidential power. the two did not present -- mention president donald trump, indirect references that many in the crowd of about 300 people took to be references to the current president. think it takes for someone who says i want to be president? >> humility. it is important to know what you
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do not know and listen to people who do know what you do not know. >> i also think you have to be gin with the election. yeah, you have to win the election, but why are you running? againstran for governor ann richards, he did not say and richard -- and richards was a ut, he said there were things he did not agree with. he had an agenda. realize it is about the people, not about you. over, that is what a lot of these people who are arrogant and office, they forget. time passes. it passes more quickly than you know. saywant to be able to people are better off when i quit, things were coming together. you do not want to say look at all the people i have beat or worked over.
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the most important thing is to be humble, to listen, to realize everybody has a story. host: the former presidents in dallas, and now it's turned this headline -- let's turn to this headline in the washington post. we'll have live coverage on c-span2 of this headline from the washington times, "the senate immediately loses to republican votes in revised obamacare repeal bill. " hoping to win over conservatives, and mcconnell included a reiteration of the plan by senator ted cruz to let insurers offer both obamacare plans and skinnier plans that would be cheaper for consumers. the bill would also keep the three-part a percent -- 3.8% tax investment income and a .9% payroll tax on high earners.
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it also maintains obamacare's limit on the amount of executive pay that insurance companies candid up from their taxes. republican leaders used some of that to keep premiums in check. another $45 billion would be invested in opioid and heroin addiction treatment. that story from the washington times. our phone lines are open. what is your top story of the week? we will go to woodrow, joining us from california. good morning. comment onanted to donald trump's solar wall. if you are willing to build a power plant, you want to build it next to a major city. it is dumb to put it out all the way on the u.s. border. that is no good there. the call.ks for that story about a solar wall based on some comments president trump made as he met with reporters on air force one. we will have more because the white house did actually released transcript that was originally going to be off the record conversation.
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(202) 748-8000, democrats. (202) 748-8001, republicans. we also have an online -- a line for independents at (202) 748-8002. fox news is commenting on a conversation lindsey graham had with young republicans. he said he is -- it is possible that trump could appoint up to as many as four supreme court justices during his presidency. senator graham said do you understand how big that is for you all? by the way, he is a member of the senate judiciary committee. he made references to trump's replace antonin scalia up. he did not name a fourth justice who he thought could leave the court, but suggested that some of the older conservative justices could also step down.
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jerry on our independent line, delaware beach, florida. caller: good morning, thank you for taking the call. i just got to watch mike pompeo here on c-span. i had an idea that trump should go ahead and put an oversight on director, jim comey. gym -- excusethe me, i am at the gym and out of breath. who is the guy investigating -- robert mueller. i think he needs to nip this in the bud. this is going on way too long, and there needs to be an independent oversight, and it looks like mike pompeo maybe along with the senator to
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oversee and shut it down if there is nothing there. this is going on way too long. host: thanks for the call. we will go to ray in massachusetts, democrat. good morning. was undermines this friday? -- what is on your mind this friday? caller: my concern is what is it with this guy who is always tampering with people's wives and disrespecting this country? the president. what is it with him? that is my question. host: herbert from georgia, democrat. good morning. caller: the question i have is about the emails of donald trump junior, his son in law, which we have a nepotism law in government. i used to work for the government, but i retired. we had a nepotism law in that.
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let me say some to you. as a guy, i have been watching c-span for years. i do not see why they support him and do not see it for what it is. they accused him of being -- when it comes to putin, they call him a good guy. he has been playing his cards for a long time, and he blamed obama, you blame susan rice, and now he's blaming loretta lynch. as a black person in america, it is that race card he is playing, blame the black guy because most of his supporters are white. host: thanks for the call. -- timeger ali magazine, how donald trump email -- donald trump jr. xina is a quick of the heat on his family. with ally question is
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of the situation, a big deal is made about russia against republican party -- what about ,emocratic party and ukraine plus the enriched uranium that hillary clinton provided through russia during the campaign? the election campaign? i do not understand why it is all focused on the trump's. host: janet on the republican line, thanks for the call. speaking politics in virginia, corey stewart, the border supervisor/director in prince william county, this from the washington post. at virginias aim tim kaine. a quote from the prince william county supervisors chair. "i'm going to run a very written vicious and ruthless campaign against tim kaine and
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i'm going to win." they have highlighted that quote this morning. christi,pus independent. good morning. caller: good morning, thank you for taking my call. i wanted to deal with the issue of lock grants to the states. i have been a registered nurse in seattle and now in texas for a number of years. he had block grants in seattle, and believe me, many of the states could not make their budget carrier requirements because they had to cut health care drastically. what happened as a result of that was that many of us volunteered in free clinics to help those less fortunate who could not have access to health care. in the clinics,
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and educated them. me, it was not the most ideal situation. i have great concern that our government wants to dump everything back in the states, and the poor guy in the states that needs the most help cannot get financial assistance to deal with the problem. this from a french publication, donald trump, translated as a pariah in paris. heading to news jersey for the weekend following the bastille day celebrations, and as of washington post looking at the president's economic future. the forecast of growth raises questions about the populist agenda. his budget would not add to the
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economic growth or eliminate the deficit in the coming years. that is from the nonpartisan congressional budget office on thursday, casting doubt on a plan that the white house is touted as a essential to achieving the presidents to mistake agenda. the cbo projected that the economy would grow at only 1.9% under the white house plan, are below the 3% gold at the administration continue to outline as recently as yesterday. contrary tos that the white house claims, deep cuts in the safety net for the budget would lead to a financial surplus in the decade. the report one of the several big questions that emerged thursday about whether trump would be able to deliver on an essential promise on his populist agenda for governing. that story is online at washington good morning how will to the program. hello, i wanted to talk junior'sald trump
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emails and nothing is being done about this in the court, not doing anything. we will go next to eddie, virginia, republican line. good morning. caller: hi, my name is gary. i would like to talk about transit. 10% of the economy, health care is something like 17%, 18%, and president trump wants to .ncrease our gdp to 3% i think we could do that if we look with mass transit by and computerstes to analyze, subsidize, and design our transit infrastructure. one thing you want to do is optimize the efficiency of your expenditures to you get more bang for our buck. the reason we are still using
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the same transportation that we used in the turn of the last in 1975, general electric, u.s. steel, and the unions got together on the delmar peninsula, in the washington post in september or october of 1975. they all agreed to use solely railroad rolling stock and subways. those are the most expensive. the most expensive ways of mass transit. there is a lot cheaper and if we started using pylons and other those things were mass transit like in monorails, we would not -- we would need a lot of high-quality steel, which would mean we would need a lot
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of coking coal. virginia, thank you for the call. trump and mark krohn stressing the positives, including their new discussion on the paris climate agreement. we covered the news conference live yesterday from paris. here is a portion. >> president trump will tell you about it, but he made a number of commitments and we will be working together, and he is committed to work with the united states and the president on this major topics, and it is important to branch out. that being said, he shall leave the united states of america -- leads the united states of america and continue to talk about it. today, this is nothing new or unprecedented on why he would have told you about it, but i believe there is a joint willingness to continue to talk about this and try and find the best possible agreement. pres. trump: something could
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happen in respect to the paris accord. we will see what happens. we will talk about that over the coming amount of time, and if it happens, it will be wonderful, and if it does not, that will be ok too. we will see what happens. the: the president and friends president through a translator yesterday in paris, and just a short while ago president trump sent this tweet and a photograph with donald trump and emmanuel macron, the french president. "it was an honor to represent the united they said the magnificent distilled a parade. congratulations to the french president. one side note, the key to bastille is located in mount vernon, the home of george washington. it is located in one of the parlors inside george washington's home. washington -- roger cohen virginia, republican line. caller: good morning, i have a couple points i would like to
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make if i could. republican, but i am no longer a republican. and is soas changed far right i do not know where it is that anymore. donald trump talks about creating jobs. if you would bring back some of his jobs from overseas, that would be a good start for this country. he needs to be a leader. ,o some of these other people quit paying taxes to these foreign nations. that would be a big help. if at all possible. and then voting machines, i would like to talk about those. there were voting machines that were actually hacked" changed -- and votes changed. democrats and republicans should not tolerate
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foreign nations changing the tallies, and the tallies were changed. host: so far, there is no evidence that that took place, so what is your source? there were emails showing that there were photos of machines that were tapped. when they go back to get the machines they were gone. host: thanks for the call. this is a tweet from carol, who said "it appear that the president trump with mcgraw and macron in france has gone well. ." this is from a conversation that took place on air force one, initially off the record but then released at the presidents request. president trump backed off putin because "what do you do? end up with a fist fight? " mr. trump offered his first extended account of a dramatic closed-door meeting with mr.
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putin last week and homburg, germany. i said to him were you involved in the meddling of the election? he said absolutely not, i was not involved. he was very strong on it. i said to him later were you ? helved with the meddling said i was not, absolutely not. shiftednt, mr. putin the conversation to the war in syria. i can't believe that he would have been for me cap oh strong military, strong borders -- he does not care about borders. the whole stories online at arthur, tennessee, democrats. what is on your mind? caller: i want to talk about my two senators. there -- they are very weak. trying --d be in trying to impeach the president,
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i think. host: surely, florida, democrat. good morning. morning, hello? host: you are on the air. caller: i have two comments. the first one is about the election. they need to remove the electoral vote and let the people's voices who need to decide who is the race. the second one is yesterday on greta's show, they had a comment from president trump. he said that russia was the greatest country in the world. i have news for him -- the united states and its people are the greatest country in the world. i do not know what is going on with that government, but we are the greatest country in the world. that is my comments. thank you. host: thank you. we'll be on the line for independents, dan, new york. good morning. caller: good morning. i would like to comment on his trip to france, the president. that little embarrassed
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our country has to be represented by a coward, check his war record, and a liar. trump is a liar. hundreds of times. i do not know how these republicans can take it. i really do not know. thank you. host: thanks for the call. this photo from yesterday, little presidential pomp. what has been a whirlwind trip by the president. another article on a topic from the guardian in great britain, dealing with the issue of draining the swamp and the tobacco industry. here is the piece. movedco companies have swiftly to strengthen their grip on washington politics, ramping up lobbying efforts to secure significant regulatory wins in the first six months of the trump era. day one of his presidency started with tobacco donations. senior figures have put in place
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with the trump administration who have deep ties to tobacco, lobbying activity, which has increased significantly. as in so many areas, the promise to drain the swamp has been hypocrisy, that from senator richard lowenthal from connecticut. -- blumenthal from connecticut. many have ties to the tobacco industry." democrat, florida. go ahead lease. caller: i just wanted to comment on the health care bill. you know, they try to make it problem in the health care situation is very complicated -- it is not that complicated. think about this. 34 nations in the world offer universal health care. it would be very simple and easy to sit down, come up with a way in which everyone can be covered , but everybody participate and contribute to the health care
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cost. they are trying to eliminate benefits for the poor, give to the rich, and they really do not need it. this is not complicated, this is not rocket science. we are not going to the moon. 34 nations have solved this. why not use those 34 nations as a model? france, england -- there are so many nations that do this, and nobody is crying in those nations about contributing to health care benefits for everyone in those countries. host: our call from riverview, florida. trump's, page for the a day in the city of light as the president, first lady and the president of france and his country toward the tomb of napoleon bonaparte. they had dinner at the jules vern in paris, on the second level of the eiffel tower.
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entrees go for about $260 per person, and here's part of the ceremony this moaning -- morning in paris. ♪ ist: the french president joined by president trump to promote the bastille day celebrations, also the 100th anniversary of u.s. troops, general pershing's troops moving into france to help aid in world war i. joining us live on the phone is chtry,mike three -- mei
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following this all for the washington journal. thank you for being with us on this friday. guest: it's good to be with you. host: as we look at the palms and circumstance -- pomp and circumstance in paris, did any substance come out of these meetings? guest: for the most part, no. there was some general discussion about working more closely together on security, cooperation, terrorism, coming up with some sort of roadmap to .each a peace deal in syria there was also a moment where president trump dangled the possibility of rejoining the paris accord, but we interpreted that mainly as an olive branch, a gesture of kindness to the french president emmanuel macron , who feels very seriously about
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the paris accord. france having been the country that hosted and brokered it. host: if we look at the front page story that the washington journal, -- wall street journal, a picture of the two leaders. what about personal chemistry between the two? guest: you know during our first meeting in brussels, during the nato conference, there was that famous white knuckle handshake that many people zeroed in on as a sign of tension and conflict between the two leaders. this time around, they really seemed to go out of their way to bonate an air of amie between the two. you had the tour of the ethyl tower, the tour of the tomb of napoleon bonaparte, resell president macron taking reallynt trump and hosting him, going out of his way during the press conference
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afterwards. macron said he would be dining with mr. trump as friends, and president trump, in turn, said he thought that emmanuel macron, who has only been in office were a couple months, was described as a great leader. there has been an effort to improve perceptions. the parade look at in paris, which wrapped up a short while ago, this is a huge celebration in france, is it not? it is. it is done every year. they roll out all of the you havehardware, so everything from tanks, marching troops, flyovers by jets and helicopters, cargo planes, it is a very big deal here. you will recall that last you the bastille day celebrations were marred by the terrorist attack, which killed 86 people in nice. this year in france, there is an
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effort to turn the page, a new president, and of course they were hosting president trump, so that as well with a big deal. and yet there were protesters as well, certainly not as big as what we have seen in hamburg, germany for the g20, fromne of the headlines the liberations, a pariah and paris. how is he received among the parisians? guest: i would say that the average person on the street is do not feel particularly passionately about donald trump being in paris. obviously on the french left, there are some strong feelings about president trump, particularly his views on immigration, and also some of the things that he has said about france and paris, sort of being a den of terrorists. fromd some tough questions the french media yesterday at the press conference.
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he was asked whether or not his opinion of france in paris has changed, and president responded that he thought president -- paris with a beautiful city and he would love to come back. paris bureau chief for the wall street journal, this is the headline inside the friday wall street journal. "trump and cron stressing the positives." thank you for being with us on c-span. we appreciate it. let's get back to some of your comments on the news stories of the week. ofe says the obvious story the week is james comey leaking classified material to the new york times, trying to bring down an elected president. ed joins us, michigan, independent line. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, -- caller: good morning. hello. old, i gotrs medicare, and i will tell you we have to have medicare for
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everyone. there is a very strong independent department of the healthway from industries. they have controlled our health coverage even before obamacare, and i do not -- i did not have to pay anything, and you know what? the health industries did not get everything they asked for. they had to settle for what medicare provided them. is, for example with the prescription plan under george w. bush, at the same time congress voted to make sure that
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medicare could not negotiate with the pharmacies overpriced control -- over price control. host: thank you for the call. this headline from outside the beltway, the gop tweaks the health care bill. the senate isand not, but will be next week, live on c-span two. viewereet from another -- world war i winding down we joined and set the stage for world war ii, president wilson fire at republic with currency andiat electing senators. -- and "the cbo budget tells us what we need to know, you can shuffle numbers, but nothing changes until more money comes in then comes out.
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you are on with us, that morning. caller: i think everything has gone quite well, it looks area great. i'm a democrat, and i'm just worried to work my way through work myhis -- trying to way through all this. i'm glad for france, they have a great new president. host: bernard, new york city. republican. good morning. good morning, c-span. first, i think the paris meeting was excellent. i think he is doing an excellent job all around as president. i do not think people realize what is going on in this country and has been going on for probably close to 100 years. -- this is a worldwide movement, hoping to turn them into socialistic paradises like cuba or stalin's russia.
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the news media is in it up to their neck. cnn has already been proven by polls taken by harvard, no less, negative coverage is a president trump. this is a concentrated effort. it is an ideology: movement that is between the left in the right. what they are trying to do is destroy him by using live against him.- lies here are a couple of lies for you. began to run, and this is the way the news media works -- when he was running for president, he went over to , a brilliant political move to meet the president of mexico. back, the next day, cnn from mexico said well, the
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president, as usual, lied again. he claimed they did not discuss the building of the wall. so they called him a liar. and then it came out that president trump went over to mexico and the mexico president did say to him i'm not paying for the wall. and then president trump said back.hold i did not come to talk about the wall. we want to tech -- talk economics. he did not discuss anything about the wall, yet he was called a liar. this is the way that the distortions -- i would like to tell you ally every day regarding -- a lie every day regarding these two stations. if we allow lies in the sick ideology to dominate our thinking and we do not start thinking and examining and say wait, is this true? is this not true? host: thank
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you very much for the call. we appreciate it. color from new york on the republican line. time magazine, the cover story, redheaded, the russian story hits home. and we have this on national review's website. donald: collusion is still collusion. he writes the following. isis to sense -- defense weak for two reasons. first, they were telling us that collusion never happened, and now they say sure it happened, meanso what? what does it when you make such a casual about-face? russia as a hostile foreign power that has repeatedly invaded its neighbors, buzzes our planes and ships -- anational international waters, opposes our every move around the globe.
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u.n. killed -- the kremlin killed additional u.n. sanctions we were looking to impose a north korea for its icbm test. there is no statute against helping a foreign hostile power metal in american election. but it not only stupid, is deeply wrong, if on a mental violation of any code of city -- civic honor. they called it the height of sleazy stupidity. column can be read inside the washington post opinion page. yesterday, president was asked about his son. heis a great -- pres. trump: is a great young man, a fine person. a lawyer meeting with from russia, and nothing came from the meeting. i think it is a move that most people in politics would have taken. >> to answer your question, i , and i thinkerfere
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it is good policy not to interfere in that form of the mystic life. -- domesticick life life. only a few protesters in paris yesterday over a state of emergency that had been left in place. inside bloomberg businessweek, do you love it now? a look at donald trump jr.. asking you what is the top story of the week on this friday morning? we go to henry, michigan area good morning and welcome to the conversation. it looks-- caller: like a trump's are about to take another hit to their credibility as it seems like donald jr. neglected to mention that there was another person in that meeting with the russian lawyer. has been foundon
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to be a russian born lobbyist who is also a former russian intelligence officer. so this is the big story that is going out now. what the problem is is that it will not matter. it will not matter to trump voters because trump voters are people with the same character of the leader for which they voted. from voters are amoral, they do not deem to have any kind -- trump voters are amoral, they do any kind ofhave filter, anything goes as long as you can win. historically, what i think about are the american confederates and white supremacists who used ando to picnic at lynchings cut off body parts and send them to their relatives. this is a historical fact in this country.
7:40 am
if we have these kind of people who have made offspring, then their offspring are the trump voters. they feel like they can get away with anything. so they feel like they are rich, white,-- they're rich, white supremacist deconstructionist president right now who is anti-government should be able to get away with anything. host: henry, thanks for the call. this tweet, it does not matter what the facts are, democrats will believe whatever they like. another story from time magazine developing overnight, involving the president's plan to impose restrictions on those from predominantly muslim nations. a judge expands the list of relatives exempt from trump's travel ban. stories available at
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-- the stories available at in another setback for president trump, a federal judge in hawaii has already further weakened his diluted travel ban by extending thatist of relationships u.s. citizens and visa applicants can use to get in the u.s.. this is the latest piece of pushback in the fierce fight set off by the ban from donald trump , first attempted back in january. it will call made into arguments in front of the u.s. supreme court in october, u.s. district judge derek watson on thursday ordered the government not to grandparents,n on children, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, and uncles, nieces, nephews, and cousins of people in the united states. back to your calls. howie, republican, philadelphia. good morning. caller: good morning, thank you. president trump is our president, just for the record. he has signed about 41 bills now.
7:42 am
basically, this party is split up. in 2001 around this time, president bush has signed about 15 bills. he signed 15 bills around this time in 2001. i'm not taking anything away from donald trump, and will address and later, but my point is that this party i am in right now -- this is not the same party that is supposed to , thess the black wealth .5% for almost 200 years. that is how this party was formed. now we are a bunch of fdr reagans. i do not understand what is going on here. the police state has robbed more poor people and killed more people than terrorists. now our congress are productive. they are very productive and i think they are doing a good job so far, but we have to stop being sore winners in my party. and the democrats, -- i am just done.
7:43 am
thank you. host: howie, thank you. we are at, one vote away from obamacare repeal failure. that is, gop leaders unveiling a new plan to gut health care, but it immediately ran into near fatal opposition. from the senate floor yesterday, republican leader mitch mcconnell. >> consultation to cross the conference between the constituents and an intensive conversation with members on our conference has updated the last month's better care discussion draft with additional provisions to make it stronger. we just walked through that revised draft together. online, iavailable encourage everyone to review it. before, it aims to stabilize and reform the collapsing insurance markets that have left too many with no options, and it
7:44 am
aims to make insurance more affordable and more flexible so it is something that americans can actually want to buy. as for obamacare insurance they do not want or can't afford, we do not think they should be forced to buy it any longer. for those of you who buy insurance on a constraint -- exchange and continue to do so, we wanted to have more choices. for those tired of a health care being transferred to bureaucrats, which are -- we want to transfer those back to them and their doctors. and we want to strengthen medicaid by ensuring those who rely on this program do not have the rug hold out from underneath them. many states want the ability to reform and improve their medicaid programs, so they can actually deliver better care at a lower cost.
7:45 am
and we would like to dramatically expand their authority to do that. that couldea significantly improve health care in states all across our country. the draft we just discussed, like the one before it, addresses all of these objectives. it would again give americans more tools for managing their own care, and this time go even further. it would again devote significant resources to the ,ight against the opioid crisis and this time go even further. the revised draft improves on the previous version and a number of ways. this all all retaining the fundamental goals of providing stability and improving affordability. the senate floor yesterday, in case you are interested. the front page of usa today breaking down exactly what is in the new republican health care bill. how it affects you and our carey fromy agnes kaiser health news will be joining us in about 15.
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a full hour to explain the legislation and its impact. that will be 5:00 for you on the west coast. --9:00 for you unless coast 5:00 for you on the west coast, stay tuned. so nice to see you. i just came back from europe. i was there for one month. i want to explain to the gentleman from florida who is talking about 35 people and that the whole world has the same insurance and all of that. i sat there for and hour and a half in a hallway to see a doctor, and i was told i have to come back tomorrow because i cannot see a doctor. the whole hallway was full of people, and the one woman who was sitting there says you know, i have been sitting here since 12:00 last night. i have not seen a doctor yet. can you believe that? she was crying.
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we have the best health care in the world. what is the matter with the american people? they have no respect for our country. destroyed our system. way, weto change the have to all go to work to lift up other human beings. host: thanks for the call. respond to mitch mcconnell, saying "everything the, just said cannot be found in the bill being proposed by the gop." another viewer saying "both parties are for the wealthy. we need to remove money from politics." from another viewer, "a republican congress that cannot get anything done, a clown in the white house. as don junior says, i love it." this is a headline from wall the senate house to take it up before the august
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recess. befores to take it up the august recess. this would stop payment for sex reassignment surgeries, that was 209-214, so the defeat for house republicans on that amendment. we have coverage on c-span from the house floor yesterday. and marketwatch is reporting on amazon and jeff asus, the owner of -- jeff bezos, the owner of the washington post. amazon is getting too big and the government is talking about theincluding amazon being concern of two investor calls, that the concern is amazon is getting too big. one case, the hedge fund manager doug was cast said government intervention could be imminent. good morning, independent line. welcome to the conversation. caller: good morning, thank you for taking my call. my beef is with the pharma.
7:49 am
the health care issue is trying to figure out how to get more money for the opioid epidemic. but big pharma, 10, 15 years ago, was letting doctors prescribe these opioids for everything from a stiff neck to a headache. billions upon billions of -- they are there not the ones paying anything. the taxpayers have to foot the bill on this. so why is someone not saying why does not inform a poor in some money to recoup those costs? pharma not for in some money to recoup those costs? thank you. host: it takes one more vote if this legislation will be feted, counting on 50 senators and the tie-breaking vote of president vice president mike pence. in the other chamber, here is house speaker paul ryan.
7:50 am
>> with a house go look at any of these other options, or have you passed something and think you have done your part? >> as tempting as it is to comment, there have -- they had deliberations in progress. we kept that promise in the house. i'm looking forward to the president following the same. with the house stay in session through august -- >> if the senate will give us the health care bill, we will stay and finish it. philadelphia,, democrat. what is your story of the week? ,aller: mr. president [indiscernible] chairman angela merkel would be leader of europe, and if hillary one, two went and -- women running the world is a dealbreaker. host: johnny, washington, democrat line. caller: i want to talk about obama care.
7:51 am
obamacare, andn it is crazy, the amount of stuff that it covers, but what it does not cover is sudden infant death syndrome. will go to andre, columbia, good morning. caller: good morning, thank you for taking the call. a couple things. i heard this morning a lot from both sides about the health care but we need to understand that the bill is not about health care, but about health care insurance. that is where the disconnect is. we have a big issue in this country, which is how do we pay for the best health care in the world? i have been in the system in and out, i have a kid. it is not the best.
7:52 am
notof the best, but it is the best. the bill has nothing to do with health care, it has to do with how to we pay to make sure that folks that needed get it? i think the conversation needs to be a, clear on that. and be, i agree that whatever majority leader mcconnell is saying, it is not enough. even the insurance, and this is -- even the companies that will be receiving the money, they are telling the republicans that hey, this amendment will actually make the market worse than where it is today. host: thank you very much for the call, reacting to the republican bill. here is their democratic leader, chuck schumer. so, this morning senate republicans introduced their new
7:53 am
version of trumpcare. the meat of this bill is exactly the same as it was a form, and -- was before, and in some ways they have managed to make it even worse. the bill still sends out-of-pocket cost for the average american's soaring. it makes cuts to medicaid. these cuts are just as they were in the previous trumpcare bill. it still be funds planned parenthood. it still has the age tax that could force americans in their 60's to pay tens of thousands of dollars more than they pay today . it forces americans to pay more for less care. the fundamental reason for americans not liking trumpcare number one means they will like trumpcare number two even less. they have made some changes to
7:54 am
the bill. it is important for the american people to understand what they do. amendment isw cruz a dangerous bait and switch that will lead to jump insurance plans -- junk insurance plans that no american would want. this amendment would leave millions of americans with pre-existing conditions out in the cold, with virtually no real insurance for them. host: from the senate democratic leader, chuck schumer. franks, republican, fort lauderdale. your story of the week? commenti would like to on yesterday's wall street journal article that greta mention? it claimed that the russians hacked the dnc and gave that data to wiki leaks, who then released it on the 22nd of july.
7:55 am
ago,n assange, months claims the russians did not give him any information. employees that the dnc who was mysteriously murdered .ight have been the leaker and the dnc will not release their servers, so the f ei -- fbi can find the fingerprints there, whether the russians hacked it or whether it was a leak from an insider like rich. host: frank, fort lauderdale. this new development overnight. the russian foreign ministry saying today that they would have to expel u.s. diplomats and also shut down the u.s. compounds in russia if the united states does not reopen two russian recreational states that the u.s. shutdown last year with the obama administration in response to reports of russian meddling in the u.s. election. the outgoing obama white house
7:56 am
last year expelled 35 russian officials from the u.s. and shutdown the two russian estates spy were being used for operation. yesterday, reacting to the latest developments in russia, the house democratic leader nancy pelosi. asked over and over again what do the russians have, politically, personally, financially on donald trump? what should the american people now we? -- no? theead of defending integrity of american democracy, instead of holding the trump white house accountable for its complicity, instead of showing russia that there will be consequences, the house republican majority does nothing. the gop must immediately join us in a call for the release of all communications within the trump campaign, within the family by
7:57 am
email, taxed, twitter, or any other direct message. , twitter, or any other direct message. his security clearance must be revoked immediately. host: that from the house democratic leader, nancy pelosi. scott, maine, independent line. good morning. just wanted to make a quick comment about obama care and the insurance companies in general. everybody is -- i do not know, they are off track. obamacare is a piece of paper, literally that is all it is. that is a program or a policy. it cannot in its self raise itself raise rates. the insurance companies are the one doing that. they have been doing that forever. i remember what it was like before obamacare came into
7:58 am
is why it cameh into existence. the insurance companies were jacking rates every year. host: thanks for the call. linda, arkansas. good morning. weekr: the headline of the should be that jared kushner revised his security documents, adding more than 100 names he admitted. i have a comment to make -- and 1960's, it was more widely talked about the john birch association seemed to be propaganda from an outside country that seemed to be getting incorporated into the country. explored,d be more because we do have ingrained beliefs that we have had for a very long amount of time that pit each other against each other. host: lynn, utah. what is your story of the week?
7:59 am
caller: my story is the 90,000 byses that could be killed our government. yesterday, the appropriations committee -- there was about, 27-25 of reinstating the usda inspections of slaughterhouses for horses. passes,egislation 90,000 horses will be killed and inhumane way. i want the american people to hear this story and call their representatives and tell them that they do not want their senators to pass this immediatelyon the floor members and their senators because there are humane alternatives. there is birth control that can be given by the dlm in the western states to our wildhorse population. then, we will not have the accumulation of horses living
8:00 am
out of visible -- living out miserable lives. if this legislation passes, them being killed for horsemeat, for dog food, and for glue and so on. host: thank you for sharing that story with us. this is the headline from rollcall, speaker right on the have stress coat. time to modernize. cnn has this headline -- paul ryan has the woman's right to bear their arms on capitol hill. what is this about? [video clip] >> i will be honest, this is not something i was covered in my orientation ceremony. the sergeant of arms was enforcing the same interpretation of the roles as under my predecessors. it is nothing new and not something i devised. at the same time, it does not meet enforcement did not stand to be modernized. that is why we will be working
8:01 am
with the sergeant of arms to ensure the enforcement of appropriate business attire is updated. it is important, especially for this institution. the guest: makes sense -- the dress code makes sense. look for a change on it soon. host: also the story that made story when a reporter was wearing an outfit that did not meet the dress code. we are going to continue with more on health care. what exactly is in the republican plan? what would it mean for you if it is passed? mary agnes carey is here at the table from kaiser health news to break it down. you are watching and listening to c-span's "washington journal on this friday morning. we are back in a moment. ♪
8:02 am
>> with the help of our comcast partners, this weekend, the c-span cities tors take a look at concrete, massachusetts. then, less than a century later, a writer's revolution takes place as the town becomes home to rough water emerson, -- ralf waldo emerson. we will take you to the orchard house where we summit kolkata wrote little woman -- where louisa alcott wrote little woman. there, which sent transcendentalist movement. >> it is a house of two revolutions. the hill.s were down later, the second american revolution of intellectual some
8:03 am
and thought. it is a house that has such rate history to it. >> on sunday at 2:00 p.m. eastern on american history tv, we will take you to the northbridge, where the battle of concord began in 1775. >> this is what is considered to be the beginning of the american revolution because it was here that the americans, alone in a militia if you will, and british regulars will encounter each other. lives will be lost on both side. reportedly, it is where the colonial militia was ordered to fire upon the king's troops, creating an act of treason. >> see the world's largest collection of materials used in the early days of the revolution displayed at the comfort museum. watch c-span city tour of concord, massachusetts on c-span2's booktv and that sunday at 2:00 p.m. on american history on c-span3,


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