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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  July 17, 2017 7:00am-8:04am EDT

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trump's calls for border security. you can join the conversation on facebook and twitter. "washington journal" is next. ♪ ♪ it's the washington journal for july 17. the house considers a number of bills related to pipeline construction and environmental regulation. the senate is expected to take up a procedural vote for president trump's nominee for deputy defense secretary. voteafter a delay in the to move the gop health care vote forward. lobbying by senate leadership on that bill is expected to continue. a new associated press poll shows three out of four americans expressed that they have two little influence in the workings of washington, d.c.
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those with money had more influence than those with less money have less impact. we were going to show you the results of these polls and get your thoughts on who has influence in washington and what you think about what it says. democrats.000 (202) 748-8001 republicans. (202) 748-8002 independents. --t on twitter if you wish post on twitter if you wish for our facebook page -- or our facebook page. about 1000ked americans to talk about influence in washington, d.c. three out of four saying they have two little influence in washington. majorities also say that small
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businesses, working people, women, seniors and minorities like influence in washington and americans are split whether lgbt people and religious groups have enough influence. 76% said poor people had too little influence. working people 69% and small saying they had two little influence in the working of washington, d.c. they also track people who said they have too much influence. they say wealthy people is that category followed by large businesses. politicalnly 32% but lobbyists. 65% saying they have too much influence in the workings of washington.
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we want to get your thoughts this morning on what you think about who has influence in washington, d.c. you think other factors are to be considered in that. give us a call. for democrats (202) 748-8000. republicans (202) 748-8001. independents (202) 748-8002. postan also tweet us and on our facebook page. the poll takes a look at the person aspects of people who influence. the democrats and republicans generally agree that people like power,n't have enough but political lobbyists, wall street and large businesses have too much influence. republicans are newly twice as
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likely as democrats to say the news media has too much influence. that nearlyying three times as likely as republicans to say women and minorities have two little influence in washington and are five times as likely to say that lgbt people have too little influence. that poll was taken in june. we have tweeted copy of that if you want to look for yourself. you can let your thoughts known. you can let us know all of those things at (202) 748-8000 democrats. (202) 748-8001 republicans. independents (202) 748-8002. one of the other polls that came out was job approval. this was from abc news saying
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that when it came to recent poll, 36% of those expressing that have job approval for president trump at 36%. other factors as well. that was the poll from abc news. the president giving his thoughts on this whole as well saying the abc washington post poll even though almost 40% is not bad, this is just about the most inaccurate: around election time. to talk about political ray ince we start with pennsylvania. go ahead. caller: good morning.
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did you ever read a book called extortion? guest: i don't recall but go ahead. his book he explains how the politicians and democrats republicans, senators, congressmen how they extort money from these corporations and even newly elected congressman and senators. i guess the money has influence but the politicians do this with the type of legislation they craft. gives perfect examples with names. obama, you name it. boehner. they got iney checks and how they craft the legislation to have fundraisers and you better show up and give money.
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as far as influence it's all about money. on the lower level don't have that kind of money. host: is this money attached to corporations? caller: the corporations have to give the money. it's called pay for play. it's explained of the book. it's a great book. let's go to katie in new york. democrats line. caller: hello. i was looking at the data and i agree with it the previous caller that the influence the corporations have is so profound that people are unable to really get their voices heard. we had a representative here in new york. she is a law professor at fordham who was running against governor cuomo.
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if we don't have campaign finance reform what ends up happening is people with a lot incomer with very modest become easily corrupted and they do whatever the corporations want them to do in order to gain that funding they need to run for reelection. slide. is in a terrible unless there's some sort of campaign-finance reform. on thee limitation corporations. i can't imagine we could come to any sort of moral vision friday the right or the left because both parties are equally corrupt in selling out to the corporations. host: as far as the groups that fall somewhere in the middle of , they are churches and religious groups. saying to little influence. 46% saying neither too much nor too little.
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that's followed by the military, wall street. and then the news media. not too much nor too little. 48% saying too much influence. of this poll and you can find it on the associated press website. we will talk to keith in los angeles on the independent line. i would like to see a nationwide survey as to what's more important, popular vote or electoral college. you have all of your governors, all of your mayors. why can't we do that for the president? what do you think about these findings about who has to much influence or too little? i think a large
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companies have influence because they have large amounts of money . host: do you think there's any way to change that? caller: if the majority of the people want a change. i don't think they will. next inff is fayetteville, north carolina. republican line. 23% republicans. come on. fake polls. these are fake polls that had hillary clinton beating trump. these are fake polls that said couldhad no dutch way he -- these are the same fake polls. the media are out -- host: what makes this poll fake specifically? 23%er: they only had
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republicans. that's who they pulled. 23% republicans. look into it, have a. you will see. host: you're saying the results as far as wealthy people having too much influence and power people having too little influence you don't think there's any truth to that? caller: perhaps. look at what bernie sanders did. he tried glorifying socialism. look at socialism. look at venezuela. that's socialism. as a snowflakes want everything free. and that's what they are taught. are entitled to everything. i have a 19-year-old daughter. she thinks she's entitled to everything. she does -- she thinks she doesn't have to work. she wants to go to college free. because that's what bernie and the socialists are preaching to our kids these days in college. stephanie is next in martinsburg, west virginia. independent line. i do think that
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corporations have a lot of power. i read a speech by eisenhower in the 50's and he saw that coming. the corporations were going to rule the country. that was 60 years ago, 65 years ago. as there is and it's from both sides the little guy is never going to have any kind of pull in washington. things are going to be done the way of the money goes. people talk about republicans and democrats. matteresn't even anymore. people are so against each other. we should be working together because the people that have the power don't care if you are republican or democrat. they just care if you have money. you are saying there's no way to change that point of view
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. caller: yes. it's gotten to the point where they play us so much against each other. we sleep on what's really going on. we can't take time to look how things are going how can it change? if we don't work together against the people trying to control everything they have a free lane to do with they want to do. they have is arguing amongst each other. trump, hillary. we are not seeing what's going on and we don't understand money is power in this country and it always will be. allen in maine. go ahead. the term regulatory capture is what i would like to start with. regulators essentially
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are captured by powers outside of normal consideration. what we have now is not regulatory capture. just capturing the regulators with lobbyists and the revolving door and so forth. have a capture of the entire structure of our government. government which was a democratic republic has by atially been captured disguised empire structure. that's how the country runs. it's one which is not highly visible to average people. there has been a lot of research on empire since the american empire project. a number of imminent scholars and academics and experts on the field of empire. what we've got is an empire
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which is disguised. it is global. not just in the u.s. the u.s. is simply the nominal headquarters. and it is posing as the government structure is through government structure is no longer what most people would call government. empire is a form of government. moreomposition is much than money. got seven sectors. corporate, financial, militarist, media propaganda sector. host: to the individual doesn't rate in your opinion or this theory? caller: of course not. most people in the united states have absolutely no influence anduding when they vote
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think they have influence. absolutely no influence as to what goes on in the country or in the world. is very clear from a lot of research, academic research. host: we will leave it there. thanks. coldssociated press with a as far as abuse of power and influence in washington. if you go online you can find the results. some of the things you have heard this morning in terms of those who are wealthy saying they have more influence. those who are forced they have less influence. we're talking about the results of that and getting your thoughts on this idea of influence in washington. (202) 748-8000 for democrats. (202) 748-8001 for republicans. (202) 748-8002 independents. and post on our
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facebook page. it also talked about confidence in u.s. institutions. a list of 15 government and private institutions only the military is viewed with a great deal of confidence by the majority of americans with 56 percent. only three have a great deal of confidence in the scientific community and medicine. just one in 10 express a great deal of confidence in the press and many report that have hardly any confidence in congress. 40% and the executive branch 37%. dell is next in bethlehem, pennsylvania. totally agree with the gentleman from the main. although the people have had influence in the past some people need a good history lesson to show where all the benefits came from.
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social security and all of those good things came from the democratic party and were opposed by the republicans throughout history. anything good for the people they have always opposed to it and they strictly help the wealthy because that's where the money comes from. fighting wars that have no meaning other than oil and things like that. people have to learn in politics you can still have a great deal of influence. theave socialism for wealthy. it's about time we have it for the average person. think throught the political process any of this can change as far as influence? sure it can change. it's already changing in the wrong direction. the last 20 or 30 years, rush limbaugh and these people have confused the american people to a great degree. it got people voting on hatred instead of their economic situation. off of twitter from a
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political perspective, he says since i live in iowa and it is the first presidential contest have lots of influence in washington, d.c. philadelphia, pennsylvania. alfonso. good morning. caller: good morning. thanks for having me. it's not about democrats or anyone like that that you mentioned that has more influence in washington. greedy and corrupt people have more influence in washington. not their fault. it's our fault for putting these people in office. we keep these people in office but are fake. news, thosesay fake are fake people. and we continue to put them in office. it's not as dr. martin luther
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king used to say. it's not about the content of their character. it's about the content of their wallet. power are influenced by and prestige. it's about material things. have comeoney that we up more influence and power that we have. those are the people that are running government. those are the people that have more influence in washington. there's white people that are greedy. there's black people that are greedy and corrupt. those are the people that we are continually putting in office. we neglect our right to vote. this is the result. host: you are saying that through voting you can change some of this? caller: absolutely. we have to start tapping into -- we have to start from the bottom up instead of starting from the top.
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helen on twitter says, save the republic. people need to take back their power from the citadel. she adds, say no to the empire. you can express thoughts on twitter and facebook through the phone lines. we will continue to do so. and nbc street journal news poll takes a look at the research they have done what it comes to support for president trump in the counties that originally backed him saying in adultsounties, 50% of approve of his job performance while 46% disapprove. the president had a 40% approval rating while 55% disapproved. in counties where election day support was at least 20% higher than what mitt romney drew the
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president's approval rating is now 56%. higher than his disapproval rate. for those counties that voted for obama in 2012 the president's approval is 44%. seven percentage points lower than his disapproval. the nbcd you earlier recent poll. let's go to freddie in south carolina. go ahead. caller: how are you. i would just like to say that i'm really proud is a better view i'm 65 years of and i'm really proud of the media today more than ever. and i really see why the fathers put it in the constitution and i would like to see you guys show donald trump that he is not anger and better than america
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the great. there was a point in this survey that talked about the news media saying 14% of those that participate in this poll said the media had too little influence. 38% said they had neither too much or too little. do you agree with any of those findings? caller: yes. they do have too little. that's because they want to have something to do the next day. this is not c-span. c-span is like a gift to this often think about c-span. like if i want to call in and really give somebody the i think about this is c-span who's here for us every day. i want c-span to figure out how americans can really give somebody the business and not feel like i'm going to c-span.
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the language, i don't want that to be to c-span. what i really want to fuss about i just can't get it out however they really want to fuss about something. i would like to see c-span show why they put the media in the constitution. everything is the media. host: that's freddie's thoughts on the media. you can comment on that and these avenues of influence. dennis in washington, d.c. on the independent line. good morning. the empire is obviously controlled by money. control is privately held and the central banks. the corporations control our government by funding various campaigns. and that is the problem. when we fund our government with private money than we have no
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control because those in the , some say the rothschilds control the central banking system and nobody mentions them because they are forbidden. they're not even in the forbes 500 list yet they are the richest people in the world. this is the problem. my concern is your show is great and all. this is like a pressure release valve. therestruction and piping is something called a pressure release valve. shows like this allow people to air their grievances but nothing gets done. nothing will ever change the system that we have. crypto currency is going to put a dent in what's going on financially. these central bankers have builderg called meetings. they get together and it's like the steering committee for the world. the whole world is controlled by whatever these rich and
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corporate people decide. host: is there an example of that? caller: the meetings are highly secret. no information will be released. why isn't the media questioning these people from the group? because they control the media. is by and large a for-profit entity. their number one interest is to make money to the highest bidder. wealthy person which obviously people from the central bank are the wealthiest or corporations, they are going to control your agenda. whatever's on the media is through the corporate agenda. host: this is dating fredericks on twitter saying the only people that have hope is to throw the bums out and recycled.
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the wall street journal this morning takes a look at election day and hacking information that came out through us areas of studies done in several states starting with south carolina. thats on election day there were nearly 150,000 times to penetrate the state's voter registration system. south carolina wasn't even a competitive day. hackers were persistent against the state that president trump theyomfortably it suggests may have targeted political swing states even more. in harder fought illinois hackers were hitting the state board of elections five times per second 24 hours per day from late june until august the 12th 2016. according to an august 2016 report by the state's computer staff hackers ultimately
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accessed approximately 90,000 voter records. more from the wall street journal this morning. go to hell in a health or new. republican line. definitely take back the power. we need to take back our power. and get rid of the empire. i studied history and one of the classes was discussion of the evolution of the federal government since the 1930's and the professor i had talked about how during the great depression and world war ii coming on the heels of the great depression forced the executive branch to become more powerful because it was in a state of the. what also developed is that power was never restored to the municipal and state levels that was closest to the people. grow andt continued to become more powerful and more thate and its own entity
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when it moved the whole nation seems to have to shift with it. before president johnson's great society the department of education nearly took information and look at statistics. under lbj's great society where the national government was going to cure the ills of all , also known as the bread and bombs president. once he established the department of education became its own powerful entity because it was part of lbj's cabinet. it has never gone away and it is , i wouldgly mandated say ridiculous mandate that are so out of touch with what's going on. host: is there a way to change that? caller: you merely have to take
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back your power. you merely have to say at the local level, we're not going to have federal control. you're not going to have an executive branch. the minutiae of our lives. host: that helen in california. send way toos we much money to government. make them stop letting us police us with tax after tax and regulation. for mississippi, we will hear from charles on the independent line. caller: i was interested in saying that a lot of people not having enough to say about what's going on in their communities and the federal government. is the best way to do that by joining the political party
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of your choice and actually get active in campaigns. campaigns people listen to what you have to say. you can run for local office. and that way you can improve things. it's not like nobody counts. it's just how much do you want to give to get a voice? host: that takes a little for it the people's part. that's what you are saying. caller: that's right. but it does pay off. that's charles in mississippi. we are shown you the results of this poll from the associated press talking about levels of influence in washington doc -- d.c. you wanted tot if take a look at that for yourself and we are getting your thoughts
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on those who talk about who has influence. (202) 748-8000 for democrats. (202) 748-8001 republicans. (202) 748-8002 independents. we will take more of your calls in a moment. several people on the sunday show talked about a topic that is reflective of something on the hill this morning about jared kushner and his security clearance over the meetings that took place at trump tower. the report saying jared kushner is moving closer to the eye of the storm surrounding president trump and russia. : a cushion or to lose his security clearance have mounted as investigators probe whether the trump campaign's digital operation run by the son-in-law corded efforts with russian bots spreading fake news about hillary clinton. and paul manafort both attended the meeting as did a russian american lobbyist with past ties to russian
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intelligence. kushner reportedly left the meeting after about 10 minutes. the subject of this came up several times during the sunday shows. senator mark warner of the senate intelligence committee talked about on face the nation how the president's sons meeting changed things when it takes a look at the role of russia and that meeting. here's what you have to say. is the first time the public has seen in black and clearon the email thread evidence that the russians and there was a russian government effort to try to undermine clinton, help trump and what was remarkable was you saw not only willingness but actually glee from the president's son as well as involvement of the campaign manager and the president son-in-law to say in effect, bring it on. and obviously
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moves our investigation to another level. >> what is that level? the president's son says nothing came from the meeting, so no big deal. >> the president son has not been forthcoming about the meeting. at first he said it was about russian adoptions. there was indication it was just for people. it was actually many more people. we don't know what transpired in that meeting until we get a chance to talk to all of the individuals who participated. there may be as many as eight people in the meeting. all of this constant refrain fromthe president's son the president himself, that the whole thing is a witchhunt. these folks have been saying that for a year. over a year ago we know they had clear evidence as well that there was a russian government effort to undermine clinton and help trump. all of these denials over the past year are putting down as well. be calling the
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president son to testify and the others in that meeting? >> i want to hear from everyone in that meeting and get their version of the story. i think we may find out there may have been other meetings as well. is a constanteen effort to hide contact with russians. we have seen this pattern repeated itself. we saw general flynn lie about meetings and required. we saw the attorney general not disclose meetings and have to recuse himself. we saw the administration put out one reason for firing comey and the president himself said the reason they fired comey was because of the russian thing. host: that's senator mark warner. a member of the president's team on what he had to say. a few more calls. in ohio. talking about influence in washington, d.c. caller: thank you for taking my call.
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i want to thank c-span for express ourto opinions. the poor man has no influence in washington, d.c. hisoesn't have influence in hometown. most of the influence in washington, d.c. is by the rich and corporations. they have the lobbyists working for them. kind of funny that lobbyists were shot on the ballpark when they were practicing baseball. now they are stuffing money and the politicians pockets. the country was not formed by the poor farmer who was out there planting his crops. it was the wealthy people that came to philadelphia informed this country. and i am so happy that we now , not arich man politician in washington, d.c. host: republican line. tanisha. i have an issue with
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this whole scenario about adoption and everything has to confirm with it. when it comes down to it we have a scenario where we have influence in washington to the fact were people are giving federal grants for removing children from their homes when this man sits here and talks about adoption with russia and russia says they will never send another child to the united because of parents that had disrespect them and turn around and say this is what we're going to do. we're going to give you grant funds for removing children from their homes under a title iv funding. host: to our topic of influence in washington, what do you think? caller: that's the biggest influence. the human trafficking for you to have to pay for adoption. trafficking for you
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to take my child out of my home without my consent and tell me i have to pay for foster care. host: let's go to wisconsin. independent line. caller: thank you for taking my call. the influence in washington is basically all truth tellers are silenced. the irs office of chief counsel who spoke the truth. and was silenced. and all truth is silenced by washington. testimonyprehearing and if it doesn't agree with what they say or it proves that there has been interference in rights of people by the government like a cycle of structured nonsense by a russian blogger how he reported that carl icahn was allowed to file a
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andl suit in madison wisconsin had a secret john doe government all the and corporations criminal enterprise of embezzling workers retirement assets. there was the stock act secrecy where congress approved in 17 seconds flat the stock act. that is more of a conflict of interest than anything president trump is doing. host: a viewer says that influence follows the golden rule. he who has the gold makes the rules. and the supreme court has said that money equates with speech. robert in new york is next. in the credit line. go ahead. -- democrat line. go ahead. caller: thank you for taking my call. americans through enjoy many
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fishers control. the democratic government. regular election, freedom of speech. . we don't need to change anything. we should solve other problems. we have some other problems that we should solve them. we have gun violence. we have a lot of racism in our country. countries like saudi arabia and israel, we should solve these problems not another. david jackson writing and usa today, giving a response or at least talking about the response that one of the president's counsel had when it came to this meeting with donald trump jr..
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the president son took with russians who may have had links to the kremlin even as he insisted the meeting was perfectly appropriate during the u.s. presidential campaign. a member of trump's legal team was on fox news sunday. here is a little bit of that conversation. >> nothing in that meeting that would have taken place even if it was about the topic of an opposition research paper from a russian lawyer is illegal or a violation of the law. , i would say a vast majority of lawyers that you have interviewed and others have interviewed on your network having knowledge the meeting itself would not have been a violation of the law. the point is it does show intent, willingness, perhaps not actual collusion because none of us know what really went on in the meeting. assuming on that point everyone is telling the truth doesn't it willingness on
7:42 am
the part of donald jr. and jerrod and paul manafort to collude with the russians. she was not just some russian off the street. she has close ties to people in the kremlin. if the discussion was going to be about russian opposition research that a russian lawyer had you know that goes on in campaigns all the time. opposition research is a big heart of campaigning. >> it doesn't go on with the jay.ians all the time, the relevancy of the differential that you just put arward of whether it was russian lawyer or other individuals that donald trump jr. new the fact is what took place during that meeting even on the basis of the emails if donald trump jr. laid them out were not violations of the statute. when you talk about russian
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collusion, colluding to violate what law? on fox newsas sunday yesterday. one of the president's lawyers. abc has a follow-up story when it comes to looking at times to the secret service. saying the u.s. secret service pushed back on an assertion one of the lawyers made on abc news this week saying the agency should have prevented russians from meeting with the president's oldest son. i wonder why the secret service allowed these people in. the president had a secret service protection at that point and that raised a question with me. the secret service rejected his comment saying that donald trump jr. was not under a secret service protection in june 2016. we turned our attention this morning to this recent poll from the associated press.
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it talks about influence, especially of those who have the most influence and least influence in washington, d.c. there is a pole you can find online and on our website. on who hasr thoughts influence here in the district of columbia. from westminster, maryland. republican line. what do you think of the idea of influence in washington, d.c.? >> and for taking my call. i hope that you don't cut me off because sometimes when somebody about the beautiful family of the president of the united states because always cut off people. thinking likest
7:45 am
the media all the time like 90% if you turn the radio all the cnn formatter cbs, c-span. it's talking about russia. all the time. the beautiful family of the president of the united states. .ot right it's our president and he is and youwonderful job guys are trying to brainwash everybody talking about russia 90% or 98%. host: to the idea of the media's influence, what do you think? >> than media is influencing the you keepcause if talking about russia which is the only thing you guys talk and people start being
7:46 am
upset and thinking about not nice stuff about our president. go to david in yonkers, new york. thanks for calling. morning.ood most americans feel they have very little influence in washington. as a naturalized american citizen having been in contact with multitudes, hundreds and hundreds of naturalized american citizens that constitute up to 70 million american citizens in this country. group tell you that such even feels more disenfranchised and really having almost next to no influence in washington or in politics especially within the last few months because the country has been divided so much and every blame has been put on the so-called immigrants.
7:47 am
if you happen to speak english with an accent immediately in the eye of many around you you are portrayed as an illegal mexican who is involved with crime or drugs or what have you where is majority of the american immigrants, data has shown that they are among the and abiding -- law-abiding the most influence in terms of contributing towards the welfare and advancement of this country and all that has been washed into the basin. this is really unconscionable. i don't know how to correct it. the court has to really put a gag order on this administration to start governing rather than a theatrical show time on a 20 47 basis. at one point 20 years ago breaking news was once a month. now it's every hour. it is not breaking news.
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it has consumed us. one of the country's governor has been totally compromised. host: paul on twitter says the problem is the u.s. congress is too small. 535 people that decide the fate of 319 million people. it makes to increase in size. julius from chicago. democrats line. caller: i got it written down what i want to say. the reason we have the elected officials we have is because the majority of the people who vote are just stupid. they would lose their job if they were to say that the voting public is just plain stupid and that's why we have trump in office. it has nothing to do with how much money you got. the individual voters out there come the majority of them are just plain old stupid.
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is the line748-8000 you can call to talk about influence in washington for democrats. (202) 748-8001 republicans. (202) 748-8002 independents. the washington times this at the takes a look travel ban and the supreme court's other role in if. now a new role sing president trump's travel been is headed back to the supreme court after a hawaii judge late last week put severe limits on the administration's ability to enforce the ban, forcing mr. trump to seek again the help of the high court. derekessions called watson's ruling a severe blow to basic constitutional divisions of power. the judge was trying to substitute his own national security agenda for those of the president. mr. sessions said it would be of to the justices to revise policy and deliver yet another blow to who just last month
7:50 am
or a previous entry trump ruling on refugees and travel limits from six majority muslim nations overturned by the supreme court. it goes on to say the supreme court with already slated to take up the case in october. now the justice department says it should step in earlier and clarify how far mr. trump can carry the travel ban now. stephen in michigan is next. democrats line. caller: i would like to say this is kind of like an american version of victorian -- on steroids. it's stupid. we don't make nothing in this country other than floor mats and stupid things like that. when are you going to make sure that americans are hired in this country or are you going to sell andut to every third world
7:51 am
voting should be for at least 10 days so that the working class in this country can go and vote on a saturday and is sunday. it's crazy that we don't even have a chance to -- rent is going up. who can afford rent? my kids can't even get a full-time job because all they try and get rid of people that might have a medical condition. you put a lot out there. we are talking about the role of influence in washington he seems and who has it. what do you think? caller: i think the lobbyists should come to an end. at least the people that accept the money should have to be up front and show what they are getting paid and if they are paying taxes on that money that they are getting. lobbyist say it's the
7:52 am
strictly that the problem? caller: i think it's the lobbyists. our congressmen and senators can take money from foreign lobbyists to sway things in their direction. root of all evil. you've got to start making people happy in this country and that starts by giving people a job. mike in alexandria, virginia. republican line. caller: thanks for letting me be part of the show. in regard to influence in this country i think people are so negative. i cannot believe what i hear. i listen to c-span on a regular basis and i hear nothing but complaints. it's all the fault of the rich and it's all the fault of the whoever. somebody is at fault except us.
7:53 am
i think in america if we don't have influence here as citizens and we don't have it anywhere. nobody has influence. i'm an immigrant also. i came here legally. i work. i went to school. i work still. i pay taxes. i follow the law. i feel i have influence. i can participate in my community. i can write to congress. i can meet with my congressman. i'm not wealthy. i can exercise my right, my privileges to be able to communicate with leaders in the government at the local level, at any level. and anybody can do that if they want to. host: is it something you regularly do? engage with your local
7:54 am
representative? and what kind of response to you get? usually get a response. i engage when i see some issue me or the people around me. and i write a letter, i call. anybody can do that. it's not a special privilege that anybody in particular has. people just have to do it. country you do have that voice. let's stop blaming the rich people. there are rich usually in most cases because they worked hard. they came up with an idea. and they were able to do well. why do we look down on them and blame them for everything? ok.:
7:55 am
let's go to aaron in washington, d.c. democrat line. caller: thanks for taking my call. i just wanted to say i think it either feel people or don't have a lot of influence in d.c. residents included because we don't have representation in congress. what i would really like to add is that jonathan roche came onto c-span a year and a half ago and had a segment on how political parties used to be the vehicle through which local politics transitioned international politics and that just doesn't happen anymore. host: do you think that can't be recovered? could be.think it i think there a multipronged approach. political parties don't have the power that they used to which was a reaction in my opinion to
7:56 am
lobbying. lobbyists took more powerful individuals who would lobby their representatives. we don't feel comfortable with backroom deals anymore. that's how local politics used to get funding from the federal government. one other method i think would be interesting for recovering some of that local influence in the national season would be civics education for just about everyone in the country. it used to be a thing but we don't have it anymore. host: republican line. from greenville, new hampshire. jake coming our next. i would like to bring up a point. i would like to know what's the difference between the and the unions. unions as far as i'm
7:57 am
concerned is a corporation and they are influencing the congress and they have been doing it for years and years but nobody seems to make a point that the union is a corporation. let it gooing to there. i would like to see some kind of being brought up about the difference between the unions and corporations. , you saidar as unions they have a lot of influence. how do you see that? they go down to and they do a lot of lobbying which a lot of people who belonged to the unions do not agree with what they are lobbying for. host: go to shawn. in broad run, virginia. independent line. caller: good morning.
7:58 am
it seems like we all have our little issues and we picked teams based on the little issues that concern us as individuals. it seems like it causes a division between us and causes all of these small groups and teams. when you have several small teams you don't have one big strong team. it's like citizens are dividing and not working together so of course we are losing controlte'g strong team. of our country. of course the media is able to influence our government or people. of course big money is able to influence the government. because the people who are really have the most to lose can come together and agree on basic this country.own our tax dollars pay for this country. it pays for donald trump's flights. it pays for national forest.
7:59 am
this is ours. we have to work together to preserve it. host: one more call. on the florida. your last call. go ahead. thank you for taking my call. i want to say that we don't have influence in washington, d.c. because it's our fault. a lot of people say the voters are smart. ahead of put somebody the house of representatives and the head of the senate and we and voting them in and out the president, there's something wrong with the voters. the voters are not doing what they're supposed to do. they're supposed to vote those people out. and follow the money. of thesident put all
8:00 am
rich people in office. they don't care about poor people and we keep voting them in. we're not that smart. host: tommy, last call on that topic. we have lisa mascaro, who covers congress for the "l.a. times" and "chicago tribune." politico.almeri from later on, border security with rendon judd, president of the national border to troll counsel. we will discuss the trump administration's approach to border security. those conversations coming up when we continue.
8:01 am
"thenight on communicators" -- >> private sector ceo's recognize that your i.t. group is not just a call center, it is an entity that can help drive innovation and help improve your bottom line. we need the federal government to start thinking that way. >> the chairman of the house information technology subcommittee talks about his bill to upgrade technology in federal agencies, his opinion of u.s. cyber defenses, and his proposal for a cyber national guard. he is interviewed by the politico cyber security reporter. >> the idea of a cyber national
8:02 am
guard is this -- if you are in high school and want to study something around cyber security in college, we will find you scholarships to go to college. when you gradually -- when you graduate, you have to work for the federal government at the department of interior or at the census bureau or at social security, and you are going to do that for the same amount of time that you got the scholarship for. when you finish that time in federal service and you go work in the private sector, the private sector is going to loan you back to the government for the proverbial one weekend a andh or 10 days a quarter, this will improve the cross polymerization of ideas between the public and the private sector. >> tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span2. sunday on "una" -- >> when weight -- sunday on
8:03 am
"q&a" -- >> there are two things that are important when we look at the obama presidency that will have long-lasting, good consequences for the united states. and elena kagan, his two nominees to the supreme court. our two-part of interview with a pulitzer prize winning author, talking about his book, "rising star: the making of barack obama." >> i think the point to emphasize here is that over the course of barack obama's presidency, there were scores and scores of people in illinois who had known him years earlier who were deeply disappointed with introductory -- with the trajectory of the obama presidency, disappointed with


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