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tv   House Budget Committee Republicans Hold News Conference  CSPAN  July 18, 2017 6:56pm-7:18pm EDT

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>> good morning, everyone. and thank you for being here. today we are introducing the house fiscal year 2018 budget. building a better america. a plan for fiscal responsibility. mrs. black: in past years the budget has only been a vision. but now, with the republican congress and a republican white house, this budget is a plan for action. now is our most to achieve real results for the people that we serve in building a better america. this is a plan to balance the budget. it's for economic growth -- it spurs economic growth. it secures our national defense. it returns power to the states.
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and it holds washington accountable. a budget is also a vital step to trigger reconciliation. and this plan lays out reconciliation instructions to achieve two goals. one is pro-growth tacts tax reform. to build a tax code that is simple, fair and competitive. and, two, is to achieve $200 billion in mandatory savings and reforms to cut the deficit. this budget and these reconciliation instructions lay out a path to make real and lasting changes that will power our country forward. with deficits starting to rise again and our national debt becoming unsustainable, the status quo is no longer acceptable. and we must be bold and we must act. this budget lays out the steps and i look forward to a successful markup tomorrow. passage on the house floor and final agreement with the senate. if you want to read our budget, please go to
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it's now my honor to have here at the podium our vice chair, congressman rokita. mr. rokita: thank you, chairwoman black. good morning, everybody. todd rokita, indiana four. been on the committee for seven years now. vice chairman for three. i want to say how very proud i am of all the lawmakers behind me. we have some very articulate new members and some excellent veteran members who have come together. we've been debating this budget internally for weeks now. i think with very, very good results. some hard decisions were made. but decisions that at every turn were made in the interest of this country, and the betterment for -- of it for future generations. i want to talk a little bit about what this budget does for growing the economy. right now the american dream is frankly slipping away from many americans. the last eight years have seen
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slower than expected economic growth, stagnant wages, and millions choosing not even to look for a job. i'm going to repeat. that millions choosing to not -- repeat that. millions choosing to not even look for a job. what has become of this situation, of this environment, of this country? and for many, the sense of opportunity seems to be gone. there are a lot of people who this rejects the lose iing attitude and fixing our broken tax code, reforming legislation and returning trust to the entrepreneurs and innovators who make the country great. with these policies, our budget will increase growth by 2.6% and
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provide more revenues to help balance the budget and provide hope and opportunity for all americans and that's what we all should be about, republicans and democrats alike. thank you. mrs. black: i'm proud to have e of our freshman members, jason lewis. >> i would like to say how happy i am to work with these people and what a great job they have done. i came here to balance the budget and this budget does that through mandatory reducks. if we don't do it, we will have $758 pillion in interest payments and a debt crisis we have to handle. we took a bold action. and combining these bold
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reductions and 2. economic growth. but most importantly and this is what we are doing, we are deproge the economy and deproge median family incomes. that is our goal. to get more growth. so everybody has a rising tide of economic deproth. that's what i came here to do and that's what these folks came here to do and i'm proud to present this budget that builds a better america. thank you. mrs. black: another one of our freshman who has been involved congressman.tee, >> thank you, chairman black for your leadership and truly over the last month, chairman black's leadership going back and forth
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between the committee leadership, other groups, has been exemplary and innovative. the first and foremost responsibility of the federal government is to ensure the security of our country and our people. the last few years have seen our military underfunded and readiness and training suffer because of it. we need to ensure that our military is capable, trained and resourced to keep our country safe worldwide. this will budget changes those shortfalls. e increase defense spending by 70-plus billion dollars compared to last year's level to give our troops the support and training they need to defend our country
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worldwide and strengthen america's leadership role around the world. we called for increased accountability in the pentagon and in the veterans' administration to better serve those who have given so much to serve our nation. we have the finest fighting force in the world. it is our responsibility to keep it that way and this budget does that. thank you very much. plaque black one of my colleagues from 2010, someone who has served on the rules committee for a number of years, congressman rob woodall. mr. woodall: and i came in six years ago with the chairwoman in 2010 and i was on the budget committee on that very first sick call. and we all sat around the room
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and grappled with chairman paul ryan to turn the tide on the conomic outlook and reign in spending and we produced an amazing document. but if you remember that press conference, our spirits were high, but we weren't able to get it across the finish line. this is a beginning of a culture change. you won't know the difference. but if you have been covering them for years and decades, you would have been in this room. when president clinton in his first half of his first term came together to move the needle on spending. in $200 billion reconciliation said nobody gets a free pass. that is less than 1% of mandatory spending.
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to put it in perspective, nobody gets a pass and america deserves an accountable government. no committee gets a pass. no district gets a pass. we have to come together and make tough decisions. so often we have put together great budgets. but this year we put great budgets with the tools to turn that budget into action. and the culture begins to change on the budget committee. i think you will see it in years to come and will make a difference for those families at home for years to come. mrs. black: i thank all the members and members not standing with us for all of their hard work. we have been working on this for over four months. this has been a team effort and i want to say thank you to all the members of the committee.
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and i want to thank the house appropriations committee and the house armed services committee for bringing our conference together and all of the authorizing committees. as congressman woodal said we changes. ng these when we came here in 010, we wanted to and desired to change the culture here in washington and go after that mandatory spending. this is an opportunity to change the culture here in washington. this is a budget and now is the time to put this plan into action. thank you for being here and i'm happy to take some questions. reporter: this have the votes and how much is it?
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mrs. black: this budget will come out of our committee tomorrow and a budget will go to the house floor. we have been working our members that are not part of our committees to understand the vision that we have in this building better america. i love the work that has been done by our committee on this. and we will be working on all of the members and makeing sure they understand the significance, which is a vision of the future of this country. reporter: any conversations with your counterparts, senator enzi -- inaudible js mrs. black: he is the budget chairman in the senate and right now the senate is working on a lot of different issues and understands where we are going
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and carried that message back to the senate. reporter: did you ask the c.b.o. to do a macro analysis of this budget? mrs. black: the c.b.o. uses a static and something that the c.b.o. has done for years. we also recognize that the c.b.o. scores under current law. so there will be a difference in what we assume in our budget because we assume economic growth. getting power back to states. it's not that we are in conflict with one another. and as the vice chairman said, -- conomic growth of 2.6% and maybe jason lewis said it, it has been a historical
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average. our statistics are not out of line with historical averages. reporter: given the difficulties that have been been attend anti-for health care reform, you have a october 6 date for reconciliation, legislation to come back to your committee. how optimistic between what has happened in health care that that will october 6 deadline will be met? mrs. black: we will be op tom optimistic. and we will be able to work together for a good conclusion for getting this budget passed. reporter: just looking at it, is
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the judgment -- include the assumptions made under the affordable care act and the senate isn't going to move forward . how do you resolve that. is your budget out of whack because of what happened in the senate and the snap cuts and what will mean to people who get those benefits? mrs. black: we have to do our budget on the assumptions we know and what we have done in the conference here and if the senate is successful and able to give us another number, we will adjust our numbers accordingly. as far as the snap program, we will leave it up to the authorizers. each of the authorizers has worked with our committee with coming up with projections. when we set those numbers, those are numbers we set in
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coordination with them. but that will be up to them to make those decisions about where they will need those targets. snap is one of those programs that need to be looked at carefully, because every dollar that is being used is for those that are most needed. and we certainly want to take care of those who are in most eed. mrs. black: we show the sense we can do our work and will work
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with the senate because that is the process and that's what we will do, but we cannot not do our work dependent on what the other body is doing. the american people has wanted tax reform and it is part of our better way and we will work for tax reform in our house of representatives. one more question. reporter: you have talked about being part of the class of 2010, repeal and n on the replace obamacare, now that it has collapsed, it won't be revived. are you concerned about what that means for republicans in 2018? mrs. black: i'm not going to give up and we ought not to give p.
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we'll get something back from them and they will have suck cease. hank you all for being here -- success. here. eciate you being [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] nick nick nick >> and the chair represent tive plaque they'll pass that budget out of committee. all day session expected. that will be over on c-span 3 and listen live on the c-span radio app. the house is out. members passed a bill that obama-era rule. coordinatey, they'll ways to have a pipeline, a bill
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o establish a pipeline for importing or exporting oil and natural gas. the house is live on c-span on wednesday 10:00 a.m. for morning speeches and noon for legislative work. in washington this evening, a tweet saying the president set to john huntsman as russian ambassador. he former envoy is going to be named u.s. ambassador to russia. white house official telling righters. >> c-span "washington journal" with news and policy issues and coming up on wednesday morning. we'll continue our conversation on the budget. tom reed and efforts to boost .s. manufacturing and tim ryan
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on the republican budget of the and the future democratic party. nd the trump administration. watch it 7:00 eastern. join the discussion. > sunday night on "afterwords, a journalist influences public opinion in her book how fake news control what you see, what you think and vote. >> you don't stick up for mccain. you hammered the "washington post" who you feel has not presentence report reported on this incident. >> number one, no offense to
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you. but number two, i'm here to cheer on to defend john mccain or donald trump. en you criticize media behavior, it doesn't mean i support. i can see those as separate things. and read as must not like x or y because you said this. and has nothing to do with that and fair and accurate media overage and i have spoken out. book00 eastern on c-span's tv. >> today's state department briefing regarding the sanctions. iran was in compliance with the joint


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