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tv   Washington Journal Representative Jimmy Panetta Discusses National...  CSPAN  July 20, 2017 8:06am-8:37am EDT

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>> david talks about his book, "rising star." >> the point to emphasize is over the course of his there were scores of people in illinois who would know him who were deeply .isappointed disappointed that barack forgot the people, many of the people, most of the people, who are central to his political rights. host: freshman congressman jimmy panetta. many of you are thinking that
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last name sounds familiar. the son of leon panetta. thank you for being here. why start this task force? my cochairs approached me and said we would like you to be on this. we feel the democrats need to recapture messaging when it comes to security policy. the democrats need to make sure credibility is associated with national security. be it credibility with national security abroad. that is something we want to work out and make sure we obtain that information and that we are a forcefuliculate message.
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history of the united states is about making sure we get out there and promote the common good. we have done that historically by engaging with partnerships and other countries. countries look to us to provide that and we must continue that. is basically starting a discussion early on, yesterday was spoke with former secretary william perry, our first meeting , secretary albright, we have and we director basically start these discussions and make sure we're hearing from people involved in our national security structure.
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we start to obtain information and articulate a proper message. democrats do stand for the security of the united states of america. host: where do you believe the united states these to be tougher question mark what countries are adversaries? guest: we have the list out -- russia, north korea, dealing with terrorism. he takes outward thinking. we need to continue looking at partnerships with other countries in those areas to deal .ith it host: what about afghanistan and making decisions on this? times -- new york times the other day -- in afghanistan? guest: i served in 2008 what --
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under president bush. it is the longest war in our nation pauses history. it is something where we cannot just leave the country. no doubt. do, there will be a vacuum created in the noise will be filled mostly by an entity we don't want. we are guiding the country along ensuring that only their safety but our safety. that is an issue and i believe the white house does need to be involved in the decision-making process. we are fortunate to have someone in that position as part of this
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stash whenunderstand commanding general and general manager, as secretary of defense, i'm sure the children -- the general will invide necessary strategy how to deal with the future of afghanistan and our presence there. call it what you want. to put for that amount of troops, let's listen to it and hear why. of decision-making, you want to go through at least a couple of layers of vetting.
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host: on the government of bashar al-assad. guest: that obviously does not .ean we are leaving syria we have to be engaged, a country like syria. there in the south -- in the ceremony, what happened after that? needs to bea engaged in one way or the other. as a part of a special operations task force that focused on high-value targets, it gave me a sense of what was going on in the middle east and what has been going on in the sense it is very focused and targeted and we need to continue the strategy. let's hear what our caller has to say. caller: thank you for taking my call.
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i want to talk about civility. i stayed over to talk to you, sir, a democrat. the day after the election, democrats and certain societies trump toher to stop they have to do everything are in step with each other against everything he brings msnbc arethat cnn and going along with him. the only time i get any kind of good news, i feel like our government has fallen down because there is so much against trump. host: let's have the congressman
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respond. guest: this is an issue i have been dealing with as a new member for the past six months. walk and chew gum at the same time. of course there's pushback but i do believe democrats need to come with our own messaging, our own strategy on how to bring the country forward. coming into congress, sure, you saw a separation between democrats and republicans. the week after our election, we were separated. democrats went to one side and republicans went to the other. what we eventually ended up doing is kicking leadership out of the room, coming together, and talking together.
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we have more in common than we do apart. from constituents like i heard from the campaign and they sent us back here not to go our own way but to get it done and do it together. i was listening to the representative when he was talking about civility. there are times when we will have to stand our ground and pushback. to push backnue against president trump but at the same time, we need to work together. important in my neck of the woods. it takes humans to produce these crops. we need these workers coming to the country to help with our community and culture. when that message together
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freshman democrats and republicans came together to talk about immigration. he will see this more. the is why i'm a part of bipartisan working group that gets together every week. these are purely bipartisan groups, same number of democrats and republicans in the caucus coming together and talking about how to move the process forward and how we can do these jobs for the american people. you're on the air. caller: thank you for your service. ike -- i'm glad you guys are taking this up. this guy originated the birther. he was on alex jones. give me a break. but national security, the arms
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, the question i have is andwas qatar terroristic then we did a $12 billion purchase a day later? let's talk about that because it is one area where we see headlines in the paper but not a lot of discussion about the is happening with relationship between saudi arabia and other countries. guest: that is something to be mindful of but we need to also understand the historical relationship, what they have done for us in our ventures in the middle east. it is clearly one of the relationships like all relationships should be. trust but verify. understand what is going on. , we have aworks
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close intelligence sharing relationship with them. i hope we continue that aspect of. host: lori, independent. caller: thanks for taking my call to the trust but verify is a good, that we need to take heat today. -- take heed today. have such a hard time trusting what is going on with the white house. i can honestly say in the past i have leaned more along democratic side. time, i'm having a hard with both parties because of all the talk going on on both sides. with what isto do going on with the people of the united states today. because of the fact that you are noting such discord with
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each representative of each but some of them, you want to talk about what happened with the congressman who got i wish johnrd knows mccain well with -- well wishes. i hope he gets well. but you cannot throw fuel on the fire and then want to point at the media. and blame it all on the reporters and so forth and what is going on there. you have representatives in congress saying things about this and that. i do believe we need to investigate it with russia. it does not stop until we get to the end of it wherever that will lead. where do democrats agree with the president's
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foreign-policy agenda? guest: what she just said when she started off the, something people need to listen to. democrats and republicans need to listen. there is a growing frustration with the building that stands behind you with both political parties. number seeing a growing decline. i believe that is why we have president trump. he was the effect of dissatisfaction. we need to talk to roughly two people in here with exactly what is said. our job isunderstand to get things done and do it
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together. we will continue to push back on president trump especially when it comes to his dealings with russia, making sure that is appropriate and fully investigated. could never just stand up in court and say someone is guilty in and sit down. you prove your case. you present evidence, clear and concise evidence, that people can understand and that you can make a decision on. we have seen circumstantial evidence about meddling by .ussia it has been proven by 17 intelligence agencies that they have actually been involved in the elections or tempted to meddle in the elections. collusion, weto have to make sure there is evidence. i have the utmost faith in robert mueller.
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an attorney from san francisco, believe he will be able to present the evidence if it is there. we need to make sure we wait for that. host: independent caller, you are next. caller: good morning. if we pay off our debt with $100 bills and it takes us one dollar to produce, is in our debt 1%? maybe you could take that to the capital when you go over there. say question host: did you your first question was facetious question mark caller: -- facetious question mark -- facetious? caller: yes. my actual question is after the health care session earlier , 2ugh, john read off a list
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million last year just from the health department for legislation. now we expect them to draw a distinction for the american people. a thing called voting. why don't we come up with a plan to bring it to voters to decide what plan we want? thanks, congressman. the frustration is understandable when it comes to health care. examplek is a perfect of why people can be frustrated. you have to realize, though, the formal health care act has actually improve people's lives. that is not to say does not need improvement. that is what we hope to do. as democrats, we helped work on that.
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i believe democrats and republicans need to come together and work on this in a bipartisan way. i believe that is the only way to have long-lasting legislation where you can affect people's lives. the aca has sherman is the health people but at the same time, i've heard from people in my district on the central coast and they have said how it can be improved. we need to come together and stop talking about repeal and huge cats -- tax cuts for the rich. i we can comeways together. i look forward to working on it with republicans and democrats. host: welcome to the conversation. caller: good morning. i am concerned about health care.
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if it were not for my health care.", i would be dead today. i did not know i had a hernia. i look up three days later and i icu.ou -- in tennessee, no one is talking about this, people getting killed every day, even helping the people of in iraq and other countries, what about us? think that is some of that frustration your hearing with someone who may be frustrated with the affordable care act and maybe frustrated with the process with republicans try to repeal and replace it.
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like i said, it is where democrats and republicans need to continue listening to the american people and continue coming up with ideas such as reinsurance, reducing these co-pays and deductibles, making sure there are other affordable options to provide competition andhe health care industry making sure there is something like automatic enrollment. we need to continue discussing these options. as a former prosecutor in california, you understand islence on the streets something that needs to be remedied. in chicago ison something we need to look at closely. violence, gang violence, i was a prosecutor, it is something to address
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directly. making sure we understand what is going on in developing to get in toin or the factions committing violence, that is what starts about trust, making sure we have trust in the communities and the that is i work with, one thing they made sure to do because they know how important it was to develop that intelligence and stop the violence. host: bob in north carolina, republican. caller: good morning. i appreciate you being on the line and taking questions for us. ironic you are here talking about national security issues because you kind of pivot, and house democrats always talk about the need to
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open up the borders and let an everybody and lead in as many people as they can. you talking -- you talk about bringing in workers -- how can talkingify that with about national security? how are we vetting these people? are you addressing the concerns we have there? withtially not clear on the administration and other republican saying we need this border security. guest: i think we do need border security but we have to be smart and strategic about it. building a wall is not going to do it. believe if you look back to senate bill 744 passed by the gang of eight in 2013, he will see a smart and strategic way how they secured our border, not just building a wall but talking about cameras and more sound.
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him him -- more boots on the ground. i understand how important immigration is to our nation. said, this was discussed yesterday in the meeting i had and at the judiciary hearing where they brought in farmers, people who talked about how important immigration is to the economy, especially agricultural economy. with is farmsling that have 70% of their workers undocumented. reason is because congress has not said anything on immigration since 1986. it is incumbent upon congress to do something now when it comes to the immigration process.
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we need to make sure the people who are helping our economy are allowed to stay and contribute. i was a cosponsor of a bill that make sure people working in agriculture have a way to continue to stay here. there is a benefit but there are also obligations these men and women have to fulfill. it is not just about giving them citizenship here that is not what it is about. sure theyt making stay here and help the economy and our communities and the country. immigrants help our culture. we are people willing to take a risk to come to the country and give themselves a better lives and their children a better life. we can do that with proper immigration reform. a democrat, good morning. caller: good morning.
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i'm calling to ask the gemini question about new world order. isn't that where it is taking us, one world government? if so, how do we stand with other governments telling us what to do. second question is how many immigrants are enough in this country? not everyone can fit in the country. what are his comments on that? we have to make sure when we make promises to other countries and sign agreements, that we don't go back on our word. that is not what america does. why i think it is important to continue to focus on partnerships the it with dealing with diplomatic
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solutions, national security issues, that is important and we need to keep doing that. when it comes to immigration, there are 11 million undocked many people in the country. because people have come here to give themselves and their children a better life and they stayed here. we need to address the issue. what i have seen as people who come here and work hard, they actually contribute to the community. -- that is why there needs to be immigration reform. if someone comes a ticket that -- takes advantage of the nation and are violent criminals, then they should be deported. but there are millions and millions of hard-working immigrants who have come here to help themselves and help the country, helped the economy and , and we needunity to continue to focus on them. host: new jersey on airline for
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republican. are you there, henry? caller: i am. have got a question, he is talking about the fed defense on the wall and all the democrats are against the wall. are they against the wall just because trump wants it done? i think panetta and the democrats are obstructionist. trump puts it out there, they will have 100 reasons why it won't work. guest: building a huge wall, actually threatening to have another country pay for it, is not the way to go about it. there are a number of ways to make the border security. we have to be smart and secure
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about it. step.s the first your frustration talking about obstructionism, that is something we need to hear. if he puts forward a proper bill that is how we get things done for the american people. that is what i hope to continue to do. , democraty panetta from california, freshman, thank you very much. we will take a short break and we wanted to -- to get your reaction to the news last night.
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john mccain has been diagnosed with cancer. we want your thoughts on that this morning as we continue on the washington journal. we will be right back. ♪ >> sunday night, a report on how smear tactics are used to i --ence public opinion
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opinion. >> you hammer the washington post, who you feel is not properly covered this incident. as opposed to saint donald trump, why you smearing john --ain question mark guest: john mccain? guest: no offense to you. two, when i criticize media behavior for how it treats donald trump, it does not mean ice or him or i am cheering him on. i see those as separate things but it is read often as he must be supporting him or must not like x or y because he said this. it has nothing to do it that.


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