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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  July 21, 2017 9:32am-10:06am EDT

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based on -- it could be even worse if you are talking about boat and on a shrimp you are on the boat for a period of days or weeks, the work wages, ns, not just the it's the work conditions, the ours, the way the jobs are organized. regulation on certain industries in the u.s. and entertainment is, you know, the worst of them, they are exempted from minimum wage in amusement parks, for instance, until that is resolved, it will be difficult workers to take those jobs for good reason. who would want them? from another country where working conditions are worse will take them, but the united in states. and i think that is a really resolve, thing to we're in an era, more regulation we're on the table, talking about deregulation, that now and f the -- right
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i think that is going to make this problem persist. capps, u.s. randy program director of research at migration policy institute. at migration t thank you for joining us today. taking p next, we'll be more calls about the issues of the day. call, ats can 202-748-8000. republicans, 202-748-8001. and independents, 202-748-8002. first, this week newsmaker nterviewed house republican party policy committee chair uke messer of indiana, talking about agenda in congress and his thoughts on the senate failure to ass healthcare law replace the affordable care act. be sure to tune in for the full a.m. iew on sunday at 10 and 6 p.m. >> are you upset with the senate? >> absolutely.
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absolutely. upset with the senate. there are majority of senators promised the american people they would repeal obamacare and replace with something better. my house colleague passed a bill, sent a bill to the senate we've es that and so far gotten crickets, we've gotten nothing. that is not acceptable. understanding, the leader mitch mcconnell has said inimum there will be a vote on repeal only bill, bill that got before, i seenate no reason why that bill can't pass and i think that is where too, erican people are, they want to see something done. congressman, if senate able to pass repeal and replace, would ll has said they work with democrats, find a solution to shore up the place this arket year. do you think the house can pass something to temporarily show up individual market place and are conversations going on in
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leadership about what to do in if the senate doesn't pass their measure? > failure is not an option, president trump said we need to stay here until we get it done. they would,promised they need to do it, we've done it in the house. i don't at, listen, think bailing out obamacare and in ing a program that is death spiral is the right way to help the american people. time d have a hard supporting legislation like that, what i want us to do is keep our promise to the american people, repeal obamacare and replace it with something better. president trump said congress should stay in through august if soon, dosn't get passed you agree? >> i think we need to stay until major legislation passed. we have a lot left to do this have to get the government funding, need to taxal obamacare, have major relief, what we promised the
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american people. "washington journal" continues. host: we are taking your calls or the rest of the show, telling us what is on your mind, after this busy week, take a the look at some of headlines across the country rom montgomery, alabama, the montgomery advertiser, the big story on front page of that trump session spat felt in alabama. jeff session's ome state has headline when it comes to this week's news n. trump's virginia, lawyers taking aim at mueller at president ng contemplating whether there are on the s of interest part of the special counsel and lso in arizona, the arizona daily star says cancer isn't silencing mccain in latest stage of storied career.
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on s about senator mccain the vow to return despite diagnosis from brain cancer this week. mate on the line from alabama, home state on democratic line. hi. caller: hi there. are you ready for my question? ost: go ahead, what is on your mind, maddie? aller: this was regulated by the section on -- on immigration capps, randy capps. i didn't get through then, but question is about visas and i for somebody to that a foreign nvestor who spents 500 million -- excuse me, half a $500,000 in america can
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get visas with no opcasion for and their families? until never heard of that recent -- ntly host: where did you hear about it, what brought it to your attention? caller: it was on t.v., the trump's ated to ivanka husband husband, family business, and in china trying of their american one of the benefits selling to their the fact ustomers was visas and could get
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that president would be very interested in this. they didn't say he was involved, but interested. i would love for somebody to if i heard that the details what are. host: okay. lso calling from alabama today on the republican line is sandra, calling from alabama. am i saying that right, sandra? summerton.s, host: what is on your mind today? caller: couple or three things, media talk about the wanting donald trump to show his i.r.s. records and i recommend ex-president mr. obama
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record.t even show his and also, this drug thing going it -- out of ld, this country and we are reaping generation of people raised without god being tolerated in is my and places, that second question. i mean, comment. sorry. talk about the russians, i'm so sick of hearing about the russians, if people look back when they thought hillary clinton was going to be president, there was said, but as soon as it was shown donald trump was going all president, obama gets these truck loads of russians back home. think he and something to do , th that and i really believe
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all i have to say. host: matt from mechanicsville, maryland, on the independent line. hi, matt. caller: thanks for taking my call. topiceen listening to the and try to wrap this up. last caller has a good point, it frustrating, both parties are saying fraud happened in the both parties want to defer attention to the other. say it was fraudulent involved.ssians were and others say illegal aliens were voting. parties say nothing fact there was something wrong with the election, which it is you think -- the other the , easy thing to fix minimum wage is benefits to poverty, if you get wages, should be penalty for
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ompany employing somebody at the level to produce the benefits going into action. media, now both sides say it is media, easy to look at, though. you will hear when it comes to igration and refugees, they call it a ban on people from when ty muslim countries, they refer to the war and action of the military, they would years refer llion to it as conflict in majority muslim countries. you for taking the call. host: in today's "washington opinion page, ponders what normal would look "new york times" interview with president trump and reimagines what his answers the questions might be, for example, the actual president trump against -- by attorney general eff sessions should nover have recused himself, if he was going
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to recuse himself, he should have told me before he took the and i would have picked somebody else, it is unfair to the edterror yol reimagines the answer. jeff sessions was involved in my he had toso of course recuse himself from matters having to do with my campaign. came out after the confirmation, he had given accurate testimony about the with russian officials, it was doubly a no-brainer. did have to , he give me a heads up, attorney general is supposed to enforce a part of the e president's political team. interview f how that could have gone differently by the "washington post." houston, texas, on the republican line. what is on your mind today, tony? caller: i wish it would have been great if the president had responded that way. wanted to make a comment very quickly on the healthcare bill. i think republican colleagues
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realize that while people, including myself, ertainly feel obamacare was lacking in certain areas, the role simply is not the they are taking. too many people, republican and democrats and independents, will affected by this. and certainly is not the best of the party that the premiere and the principal act this legislation is that people will lose healthcare it is not possible at interstate o allow purchase of health care policy, ot set up that way, private health care company dos not have a mechanism for that f. it were a long,n, it would take long, long time. really i think the best thing to them to s time is for sit down with the democrats and see if they can come up with any of plan that allows more
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expansive coverage. tony, how big do you think odds are that lawmakers can bipartisan way, given the real issues, as you federal , that the health care law is causing -- likely?k it is caller: i do not. just from what i've heard this -- from your he program, i don't think it is quite this time because literally both sides of the each other go ee down. people who will benefit, who will not benefit are going to be people listening to this program that have a little child who has he needs treatment, but coverage will no longer be there. looking fore people health care, nursing home care grandparents, coverage may not be there. these are real issues people
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have to deal with on your block neighborhood and in your community, it is a crushing blow. are republican or democrat or independent, everyone will need medical care point in their life. to be rejected for that care that, is something that risk life, senator mccain, hero, he has excellent healthcare, if not a senator in ashington and he was on the -- losing healthcare, where do you glioblastoma would do to a man like that, he would be dead in six week? did a profile interview with white house deputy press secretary, sarah of abee sanders as part ongoing series highlighting key members of the trump airsnistration, the program at 8 p.m. tonight on c-span, portion.a >> so walk us through a typical day for sarah huckabee sanders. don't know if there is a typical day, usually starts
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retty early, around 5 a.m., i get up, i try to see at least, i ave one early riser, so hoff, my three year old, i spend time visiting with him in the morning before i leave. to the office early enough to try to read through any news that took place before i went to bed and then we start with a series meetings around 7:15, talking about the news of the what we want for the message of the day to look like and responding to any coming up t may be and, you know, from there, everyday is a little different which is ne before, one reason i love what we do is alike and days are everyday presents new challenges and gives us a new way to be administration. >> you get home when? > it varies, but usually anywhere between it could be 7:00 to 10:00 at night. take on this job,
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sean spicer has made a do you hanges, how approach relations with the media in general? > the same way relations with media the way i approach it, try to do that the same way i would any other relationship. i grew up in the south and so is something le engrained in me at an early age, something i take to the work and in everything that i do there and so i try even i try toen i disagree, be diplomatic and gracious about it. sometimes we have to be push back, but i try to do that in a way that is hospitable, and not weak.trong and host: catch the full profile secretary sarah huckabee sanders tonight at 8 p.m., you can also catch it of on or listen
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to it on c-span radio through app, that span radio ou can find on cell phone providers. pritchard.ling from how you doing, jeff? caller: thank you for c-span. of middle class, a lot of, you know, poor people in on this line and tony, the guy before me, stole a little of my thunder. i'm here in west virginia, as you know, we're an extraction tate or energy state and have been for the last 100 years. we are suffering greatly because of what energy, especially coal has done to us. nothing. us with our state is broken beyond belief. it didn't make any difference in of west virginia, which party was in power because the coal, oil or and gas and chemical companies. e have probably a higher
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percentage of any state on medicare. opiate storm n down here is the best way you can say it. were introduced mostly by the mining industry to avoid time injuries and we are suffering. we have no jobs. president obama, even though i campaign and voted for president obama, he didn't take the action decided to when he change the power plants, they should have retrained the offered us options. west virginia has carried merica around on its back for 100 years with coal. we deserve better than this. work in the d you industry yourself or peep nel your family? i did. retired disable the miner, i'm 67 years old. we just recently went to, i was
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union miner most of my career the e just went through thing our companies went bankrupt and they said, we the bankruptcy judge told them, they didn't have to honor hour ntract, that every that we worked, we gave up wages or healthcare and pension at a bankrupt , they said judges let them off, they didn't have to fulfill their commitment. we just recently got our health care guaranteed in 1946 by the u.s. government. our pensions are still in worked all those years, all those hours, the coal just went to bankruptcy court. that is one of the small things, so much environmental damage in this beautiful state down here. 100 empowerments and wo series of tests on these empowerments that say they were
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not built properly. hey were not built to minimum state require thament permits require. and that's just a little of it. host: okay, i appreciate the call. new york city, on the morning.nt line, good caller: hello, hi, thanks for taking my call. refer to the ffordable care act and the statements that are constantly eing made about the premiums going up and the cost of the affordable care act. that there is anything in the affordable care act -- causing premiums to increase tis not the affordable that is sort of the put out at is being here by politicians who are
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asically in the pocket of this medical industry. host: even if not mandated, increase if the system with its mandates cause insurance companies the cost to go up and the insurance companies have to prices or pull out of the markets, essentially if the the rules cause premiums to go up, is that still problematic? caller: well, it is problematic, medical act that sense ce almost in a almost utility, it is something is eventually everyone going to need for some period of time. could d be long-term, it be short term. here doesn't seem to be any regulation as to how much the
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general can charge the customer. new york city, if congress want to raise the rates there has to be inquiry, have to justify increase in raising that the bill so government, for lack of a better job i assume, he is to protect the american of the nd one protections that i believe the american people need is medical of unavoidable, it's nfortunate until someone comes up with a pill to give us at birth so we never get sick this, commodity everyone will need and i believe the government eeds to step in and stop toowing the private industry control a basically utility without any oversight. -- preciate host: troy, alabama, another
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the ma caller today on republican line, hi, janelle. caller: good morning. on your mind today? caller: i just have a comment. for t to say that i voted donald trump and i have tried to all of his through mistreated when he sessions,man, senator overt, good person, it was for me. in any way port him anymore. host: do you think that attorney -- ral sessions caller: fine senator sessions. host: do you think he should general?orney caller: yes, he should stay. yes. should stay. he will be the best.
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he's the best. host: okay. juan calling from chicago on the good morning.e, caller: hello, good morning. mind? what's on your caller: i'm talk being about the obama repeal. hello. host: go ahead. by not -- to ails wants is nce, what he evil, an evil man. nd he doesn't care about poor people. people cannot support him, poor people. he wants money for his -- rich that is my comment.
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host: okay. monterey, from california, on the independent line. what is on your mind, joe? caller: yeah, i got a problem me with.ll help question, bernie sanders says the government -- my dad a former sergeant in the decorated,ld war ii, bronze star, purple heart, he back with what they refer battle fatigue. there was a newspaper article i domestic st gave up violence went on for nine to 11 years. now my family disappeared after this, i've been trying to find out, help my story abused and neglected kids and i'm being ignored everywhere. news media, veterans
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organizations, because this is related. the government doesn't want the getting gun violence out. i want to know where i can go to help, i'm on myf own. family disappeared when i was a kid. host: and joe, have you -- you said you went to the they didn't offer help to you? caller: the news media ignoring two places that told me they were going to check it out and call me, never called me. national veteran's foundation, chad, works for the huffington post, trying to get -- his t this in the secretary told me, i told him trying to get my story out, told my story with the family and she told me, this is -- what boss does, public awareness of veteran stories. he wrote me after somebody else, he told me local news won't do
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current they want tragedies. i said, local news wants stories the community. host: joe, if anybody has tweet ions to help joe, it to c-span wj in an effort to help him. the line from lindale, georgia, democrat ig line. hi, carolyn. we have a minute left, what is on your mind? caller: okay. on earlier, social ecurity, medicaid, all that kind of stuff together, i worked worked , two jobs, i don't up as a nurse and i appreciate being cloned in with get -- they probably need it, too, i'm sure, but a difference, i paid my andy in for social security i deserve to get it out and the
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got to say is i trump more than ever.dy in the whole world thank ♪ c-span, where history unfolds daily. in 1979, c-span was created as a public service by americans cable-television company, and is brought to you today by your american cable or satellite
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provider. a number of media outlets are reporting that president trump is about to hire a new communications director. he spoke to reporters number of times from her -- from trump tower. right now, sean speiser has been filling the job on a temporary basis. tonight, look on the trunk communications office. we talked to sarah huckabee sanders about what it is like. here is a bit of what you will see tonight. >> when did you say to yourself that you are going to work for donald trump? after my dad got out of the race, even during the campaign, i noticed there were a lot of similarities in the rhetoric between my father and donald trump. populist,an economic so i found a lot of similarity in that. frankly, one of the things i loved about my dad is that even though he had been in politics,
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he was an outsider particularly to washington. i felt like that was something we desperately needed. i saw that same thing in donald trump, even when my dad was still in the race. i was able tout, get on board pretty quickly with now president trump. i felt like he was not only the right person to shake up washington, and i wanted to be a part of that. -- what dida juicy you see? >> i spent a lot of time talking to people in south carolina, iowa, new hampshire, arkansas, and everything in between, and they were hungry for change, for somebody to really come in and shake up washington. they wanted someone to come in and are in the place down. they were not even is focused as we were, they just wanted
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somebody to change it and burn it down. they just wanted a massive disruption. i felt that every single day on the tram pain trail -- campaign trail, whether it was a taxiaiser, state fair, driver taking me from point a to point b, this was something of the country was hungry for and donald trump had tapped into. >> you can watch the entire interview with sarah huckabee sanders tonight. she will talk about why she joined the trunk or president -- trump for president campaign. that is tonight, starting at eight: eastern. trump willresident take part in a commissioning ceremony for the uss gerald r ford in ne nor folk, virginia. live coverage starts to -- tomorrow morning at 10:00 eastern. and today we will bring you alive -- a lead look at the
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trumpet ministrations and trade protection ideas. coverage starts at noon eastern, also online at, where you can listen with the free c-span radio app. q&a --ay on >> when we look at president obama's domestic legacy, i think there are two things that are very important that will have a long lasting consequence for the united states that can be summarized in four words. sonia sotomayor and elena kagan. his two nominees to the supreme court. our two-part interview with the pulitzer prize winning author david gero. he talks about his book "rising star: the making of barack obama'swhich covers life up to winning the presidency. barack'she course of presidency, there were scores
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and scores of people in illinois who had known him in years earlier who were deeply disappointed with the trajectory of the obama presidency. two ways.ointed in number one, disappointed that barack forgot the people, many of the people, most of the to hiswho were essential political rise. >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span's q&a. >> the house ways and means subcommittee heard recommendations for civil fine the tax code. congressman bill archer, who wants chaired the tax committee was talking about proposals on updatingt income and to electronic filing systems. this is about two hours.


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