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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  July 22, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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data from states. later, a look at the challenges of providing adequate health care in rural america. the host: it is saturday, july 22, 2017 and we begin with the major shakeup in the west wing. sean spicer is out as press secretary after six months, he submitted his resignation minutes after anthony scaramucci , a former wall street financier, accepted the communication director job and replacing sean spicer is former sarah press secretary huckabee sanders. showing amp frustration over the russian scandal and anthony scaramucci will highlight what he sees as the advances the white house is
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making which he says the media's not paying attention to. taking your calls about that and the other news. democrats call 202-748-8000. republicans call 202-748-8001. independents call 202-748-8002. media atline on social and facebookanwj at this story is leading the front pages of the washington post and new york times. the headline from the post, abrupt reaction for trump. the times, spicer leaving, angry over pick made by donald trump. the president's health care efforts floundered in the senate
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and next week promises no respite with donald trump jr. and son-in-law jared kushner to testify before congress. more explanation about how these events unfolded, reince priebus and steve bannon both strongly oppose the appointment of anthony scaramucci because he enjoys an easy vendor and direct line to donald trump, threading their positions, people briefed , people closeion to both men and sister they have not oppose the move by the president, donald trump aggravated by the opposition, dressed them down in a test the oval office exchange around the time he decided to offer anthony scaramucci the job. the president said one of the reasons he hired anthony scaramucci was to cut down on anonymous leaking and took a swipe at his two advisors.
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sean spicer spoke with fox news last night and said the white house was at a point where donald trump could benefit from a clean slate. >> i went into the president after the discussion about what the president's desires were and i said, sir, i have thought about this and i think it is in the best interest of the administration and your presidency to give these individuals the opportunity to operate without me in the way so that they have a fresh start and i am not working over them. them.king over that is in the best interest of the presidency. there was a bit of a back-and-forth, he is a gracious individual and wanted to make sure i thought it was in the best interest of myself. he is always thinking of others and i made sure he knew i would be fine and he told me he would be as supportive as he always has been. i told him i would stay on for a few weeks to make sure a smooth transition. he accepted that and we kept
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working hard to advance his agenda. >> did you feel that your role had been diminished? you started sharing the podium with sarah huckabee sanders and anthony scaramucci comes in, did you feel this was against you? do you feel pushed out or totally your decision? >> >> the president wanted to thought itteam and i was any best interests of the communications department, the press organization, do not have too many cooks in the kitchen. that is a good quality. they need the team that works so hard and tirelessly to advance the agenda of the president and that is clear leadership and i thought it would be confusing having additional people at the top and i wanted to move on and give anthony and sarah the clear lane. host: joining us is the reuters white house correspondents jeff
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mason. good morning. what do you make of what you heard sean spicer said, he was not pushed out and he wanted to give anthony scaramucci a clear lane to do his work? caller: i do not -- guest: i do he think he was pushed out, believed he could stay in the new configuration with anthony in the role he was, he apparently had an opportunity to do so. it sounds like he did not see himself fitting in in at the opposed the appointment of anthony scaramucci to the communications director job which is why he left. host: what do we know about anthony scaramucci and his relationship with the president? guest: he seems to have a good relationship with the president. read about what the new york times reported and that was evident yesterday, even has he came out and did his debut in
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front of the press corps. and you very smoothly got the impression from the way he spoke that he will have a direct line to president trump. he said that specifically, though he would feel comfortable reporting to chief of staff reince priebus, the president told him that he would report directly to him. ist: sarah huckabee sanders the press secretary, do you think things will change in terms of how reporters work with this white house? guest: it is hard to say, based on the briefing yesterday, there is a possibility for a reset. anthony scaramucci indicated his commitment to being transparent and said he would consider making a briefing the on camera or be televised again. yesterday's was televised and said he wanted to check on that with the president. i think it is a wait and see
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time right now for the press. anytime there is a shift in staff, particularly those dealing with communications and dealing with reporters on a daily basis, there is an opportunity for a reset, if that is something the administration wants. host: you are the outgoing president of the white house correspondents association, what has it been like covering the white house the past six months? guest: covering the white house and serving in the correspondents association role sometimes felt like two different jobs. it has been a real challenge. both as a reporter and as a member of the association advocating for freedom of the press. sometimes the relationship between the press and the white house has been to motorists. -- tumultuous. the board and i worked hard to
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build a constructive relationship with sean spicer and his team. we had our ups and downs and the downs were sometimes public but we worked hard at it. say: i often hear people that when the white house says they will not do on camera briefings, this sense that, why does the white house reporter band together and boycott it or walked out and do something to make it clear they want direct access to the white house to be more of a priority? what do you say? guest: we made it very clear what our needs were and what our expectations were. sometimes, the public watching that may want to see or would be more satisfied by seeing something like a boycott. the correspondents association's board, our role is to be a behind the scenes actor and work on negotiations between the white house and the press corps. it is up to individual members, news organizations, to make
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choices about whether they attend a briefing, whether they follow the rules that are set by the white house, not up to the board to tell our members how to do their jobs. host: last question about mr. ,caramucci, that his presence will it have an impact on the way in which the press is able to work with the white house? guest: i think that is something we will have to see. seemed, in his debut briefing, to want to have a friendly relationship with the press. --t is based on a short time or longer time that he was out in front of reporters yesterday. it is too early to say what kind of a tone he will set and how sarah will operate now that she is the press secretary, as opposed to the deputy press secretary. as i said before, there is an opportunity for a reset, if that
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is what they want. host: jeff mason is the white house correspondent for reuters, thank you for your time. guest: my pleasure. host: plenty of reaction online to this announcement from sean spicer that he would resign effective august. this is from a former top obama communications advisor, he said that spicer was fine with all be lying, chaos, corruption, personal embarrassment but the new communications director was a bridge too far? marvin calling from philadelphia , democrat line. caller: i commend c-span for your news casting. i wanted to speak on the shakeup. i commend the news people for trying to get to the bottom of the truth. spicer could not handle all the truth that was covering him. he could not stand it no more, it no more, the
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way donald trump wanted so donald trump brought somebody new and the guy who is new, i do not know where he got the experience to deal with the media and i think we americans, not republicans or democrats, need to get to the bottom of everything that is going on before our country is in trouble. i am a democrat but i did like ronald reagan, he was a good republican, so was bushing your, i -- bush senior. i did not like bush. i voted for obama. congress did not allow him to do certain things. i do not think this president, there is something going on. hello? host: we are still here. caller: this president, there's something going on.
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josh froms go do seaside, california, on the line for democrats good morning? .aller: good morning, c-span i listened to your first caller and when he was talking about ronald reagan, it brought me back to some things that ronald reagan did, everybody is talking about how great this guy was as a communicator, which we all know he was just an actor. by the same token, the things he did to us in california was really, really bad and mostly republicans utilized this guy as a role model, which he was not. getting back to trump and, no one with any integrity will stick with them -- him. this guy -- he has absolutely no shame.
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i think it is what we will have to do as republicans and democrats, is start to push back with our congressman. representatives, because of the fact that, as long as they want to get certain bills signed, and do not give a damn if these people do anything they want to, then we will go ahead and get involved in one of the worst civil wars locally. host: walter from bridgeton, new jersey on the line for independents. maybe this guy can put a good spin on the communications but the president has to quit line,ining the party whatever the party line is. go with the script.
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evidently, that is not what is going on. he is going rogue. host: what did you think of scaramucci's appearance yesterday? caller: he seems to be on top of things. that sheown this guy comes from the rough-and-tumble finance world, i am sure he is up to his stuff. host: anthony scaramucci yesterday speaking about sean spicer, writes previous, and his new role in the white house? >> a military servicemen, great family, he has done an amazing is ahas sean spicer, this difficult situation and i applaud his efforts and i love them and wish him well. i hope he goes on to make a tremendous amount of money. as it relates to me in this -- aion, i will spend the
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couple of weeks getting to know the people here and be escorted as i can with the people inside -- as coordinated as i can inside the people of the west wing. reince priebus and i are personal friends for six years and are like brothers where we rub each other up every once in a while which is normal for brothers. each other up every once in a while which is normal for brother, he brought me into the republican network and we spent many times together socially. a lot of people are not aware but after the mitt romney campaign, i invited writes ince to be the chief operating opposite, and i want you to know that my first call this morning was him and i met with him before we sat in
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the oval office. we are committed as true professionals to the team and the process of getting the administration's message out. i said during the transition and i will say it here, the spin -- there has been a disconnect at times between the way we see the president and how much we love the president and the way some of you are have see the president, the american people probably see the president the way i do and we want to get the message out there. host: tennessee, arnold on the line for democrats. caller: good morning. host: do you think this will make a change in the way the white house communicate with the press? caller: i think there will be a change. -- who is taking over the role of sean spicer, is it the woman named sanders? host: yes, sarah huckabee sanders. caller: yes, she will be
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different than him. there will be a change, i think it will be subtle and not much. whenhing that struck me anthony scaramucci -- that statement that you just showed, he revealed what he believes, having a successful life is all about, he hoped sean spicer would make tremendous amounts of money. i believe this anthony fellow is a wall street banker and i am sure he made tremendous amounts of money. the problem with the united states right now is that the people who are leading the united states are serving mammon, you cannot serve god and mammon, you have to choose, if you are serving mammon, you are
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going down a road probably that will lead you to hell. host: the politico writing about that a sympathetic to sean spicer said he had an impossible job, difficult to respond to donald trump's and the statements without contradicting him and no communications plan to stay on track because of the twitter of the president and the warring factions of the white house made it impossible to ever know exactly what was going on. spicer never was going to fully understand donald trump, donald trump wanted him to become better and and say he was too combative. several white house officials said that spicer could never get breakingfirst day's when donald trump forced him to falsely boast about the inauguration crowd size. other embarrassing moments were being kept out of the loop on white donald trump fire james comey and giving an explanation the present later contradicted. illinois, donna on the line for republicans. caller: good morning. host: what is on your mind?
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caller: i want to say that i think the media has been so disrespectful to president trump. understand all of this garbage about russia. president obama whispered into vladimir putin's ear that he can do much -- more when he is reelected, more what? hillary gave russia our uranium and no victim was made over it. deal was made over it. it is disgusting. jim says what is the point of being firmly with a press only aligned in their desire to report nothing but bad news.
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kevin calling from maryland, on the line for independents. caller: i am an independent and thank you for c-span. informativet program and you do a great service for america. i think this has been planned for quite some time, sean spicer had two hats to wear. he wanted to be communications director and did not get the job. , he has wanted to be in the white house for some time but had to wait until his affairs got cleared up. he has loyalty that he demonstrably stated several times. he loves the president and
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revealed his ultimate motives which are wishing mr. spicer the best and making -- hoping he makes tons of money. fragmentation,of in the white house there is two different camps, but i think and is a planned position mr. scaramucci was waiting in the wings until he cleared his own affairs, i do not think it will make it better. host: is the issue a problem with the messaging or a problem with the policy? caller: both the messaging, the twittering is an interesting aspect, i do not think the president can get on top of and it makes it difficult for anyone, sean spicer, sarah huckabee, scaramucci to get rid of the disconnect, saying one thing and doing another. in the same moments, practically
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, same day and it takes away from the focus of what the president should be doing, taking care of issues that pertain to america. having not done anything in his agenda that he wanted, not my agenda, he has not been successful with any of the issues with creating jobs, health care, this is becoming debacles and the woman from orerville said the distrust about the russians, these are pertinent issues. duty to is -- has a investigate these things thoroughly and make sure our system has not been corrupted. branches and each one should be doing their job. host: here is a poll conducted by monmouth university in late may that says donald trump is his own worst spokesperson,
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spicer, conway, not much better and president trump may not be well served by his primary spokespeople that is his own worst mouthpiece, according to the latest poll, more americans a donald trump, sean spicer, and kellyanne conway, 10 to hurt rather than help the administration's cause when they step in front of the media reviews are mixed for sarah huckabee sanders, mike pence is the only official tested in the poll who has a net positive impact when he speaks on behalf of the administration. christine calling from westminster, maryland, on the line for republicans. good morning. caller: the statement you just read sums it up, they are not smooth, polished, many years in office politicians. in a way, a lot of people have the idea that politicians are
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practiced, studied, and accomplished speakers. , as a definition, could possibly be stated as people who have learned how to speak very beautifully and they know how to say things very smoothly. they can change on a dime to not , but ask them a question and they can talk for a long time and no branch of the question. -- never answer the question. trump and his people, in my is.ion, say it as it sometimes, people will say that trump and, especially him, he's be from the heart, he does not -- he speaks from the heart, he
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does not in my opinion say what you want to hear and you may have to think it over again and say a different. he tells it or perhaps, in my opinion, he says it and to hear it. -- you hear it. host: a tweet from a viewer who writes, we will see no more truth out of this new white house communications team than the previous, more likely, much less. william is going from michigan on the line for democrats. caller: good morning. i wanted to comment on trump. appealing toaps that group of what i shall call, 40% of white people who simply ignore the facts and want to live in the 1950's. it is a very dangerous situation, in my opinion, because his method of appealing
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to the raw emotions of this group of people is reminiscent of the guy who started in the late 1920's come early 1930's, peeling 2 -- appealing to the hatred starting with the arabs. i imagine it will get to other shall i call it people of color. for me, i am very, very, very fearful. i hope the thinking people out there who are listening to this broadcast is aware and no one analogyngs it up, the between he and the other guy i am referring to, i do not want to use his name because it would not be proper for the presidency. host: sean spicer was made
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famous by the characterization of him by saturday night live melissa mccarthy, her character, let's look at it. >> why is everyone saying he will fire you and replace you with sarah? >> this is the first i am hearing of that. [laughter] >> i got to find trump. i am going to new york, this is over. ♪ [laughter] >> i need to find trump! i promise i will talk better! ♪ >> i can go back to the navy, i can't swim -- i cannot go back
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to the navy, i cannot swim. ♪ >> ♪ i honestly shine, shine, shine >> i want to talk to president trump, now. >> he doesn't come here anymore. host: sean spicer apparently tried to load -- lesson his profile after this. columbus, georgia, republican line, hello, betsy. caller: i wanted to comment on the sean spicer issue, as well as jeff sessions. i have been following donald trump and i believe everything he says. heas pleased with the people
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chose for his cabinet. we know what happened with michael flynn and his reputation is ruined. i feel like the same thing will happen to jeff sessions should he have to step down. i think that is so wrong. i am a republican but i no longer trust trump. it is only because of this fact, when he let sean spicer go or started putting sarin on camera, , donald in on camera trump is a little bit envious of other people who get attention because sean spicer was absolutely popular and everybody started their day, i did, to watch a segment on what was going on in washington and around the world. that is my comment.
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just cannot care anymore because what will happen will happen. thank you. host: maxine waters from california said, congratulations on sean spicer, you have more guts than just session, referring to what betsy mentioned about the potential for jeff sessions to step aside. gail calling from secret, new york, on the line for democrats. caller: good morning. i will comment about donald trump and his new communications person but first i want to say that betsy, who just talked, gave me hope. i am sitting here in sea cliff and i lose hope every day for our country because it concerns me that there are so many millions of people who think our president tells the truth and tells it as it is. take the health care piece that
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happened this past weekend. he had a different position in the morning, the afternoon, and one day, and the next day he had another position. , heoes not tell it as it is just talks off the top of his head. and he lies so much. it is so concerning to me that there are so many people in our country that do not see through him. he is a con artist and a salesman. he does not care about us, he cares about himself. the gentleman he just selected for communications person says he loves the president. that is what the president wants , he wants everybody to love him, even though he behaves like a bully. , the moste truth important thing for us as a country is to have truth and to have a common sense of what is going on in terms of fact.
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the thing that bothers me the most is what it is doing to our country. i am a democrat but i voted for republicans in the past. i have never been ashamed of our president. nixon, maybe, but no president i have not respected even though i may not have voted for them. anathema to our democracy, he wants to be a king, a dictator, but we are not that, we are not a banana republic, so betsy, thank you so much for calling and you given me hope that maybe people will start waking up. that is my comment. host: it reminds me of what morning,nan wrote this the headline is donald
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trump-obamacare, and the art of the failed, she writes that presidential leadership involves to some degree an institution man of holding not only a presidency but a government, even its other branches. he does -- he does not understand this or does not do it, all personal drama, this aspect of his nature will probably link for the legislative leaders in a verbal and no one in the white house seems to fear this that it will lead to his diminished support, his supporters will never fade him and never be severely disillusioned because they were not all that illusion and probably always appreciate him for blasting open the system and saving them from normality, i.e. the dumb going to the motion cynicism of washington, they are sympathetic because of everything he is up against, every established power center in washington. no one behind him but his original supporters but at some point baseline political competence will become part of the story. if the president continues to show he does not have the toolbox for this job, he will go for not getting support where he is now, to losing support, not magic, and they are not stupid.
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robert calling in from lynchburg, virginia on the line for independents. caller: good morning. the lady stole some of my thunder from new york. , believe that donald trump since he has been elected, did nothing but lie. hello? caller: you are still with -- host: you are still with us. caller: nothing but lies since he has been in office and a lot of people will walk the plank with him and how can you trust a liar when he tells you if a missile is coming from north korea or from the soviet union, then, you do not know whether to believe him or not. everybody takes him for his word but i have never taken him for his word that i pray for him because i am a christian but i
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do not believe anything he is saying. if people walk the plank with him, you have pretend democrats that go along with him, like that democrat from west andinia, joe manchin, others, and they turn around and bite us in the back, always talking about the democrats holding up the progress of this resident, what did they do for president obama? every turn of the corner, they were holding him up, not approve anything he did, in the legislation he sent forth they will hold up t. he was the most truthful president we had in a decade or so. host: a tweet from president trump come he says the failing new york times spoils u.s.
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attempt to kill the single most wanted terrorist. a sick agenda over national security. let's go to mary from fort washington, maryland, on the line from democrats. -- for democrats. caller: i want to give all progressive people hope. the people band together, we are the power and the government. we saved the aca. no vote to repeal. that is gone. somebody needs to tell donald, excuse me, mr. trump about, i will not think of him as a president as there's something wrong with him and his whole family. we have wall street and the -- this is, we have like flashcards in high school with the communication people. the new guy will not do better than sean spicer and i agree with maxine waters that spicer has more guts than sessions who is a puppet.
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we know that everybody in the white house is donald trump's puppet and it if they do not march he will yank the strings. people are not tolerating this, not a democrat or republican or independent time, a people time and we will come together, this will not last. i thought he would be out of office and six months but it may take one year. the moves he is making, he has not one of our allies trust us anymore, we are the laughing stock of the world because of this person that considers himself president and he is referred to in this neighborhood as 45 with a red tie and no clue. the white house will be shaken up by the people, indeed out and replaced with progressive people and we will put good candidate out here who will win in 2018. i have no doubt. people have the power. you want to give a message to the corporations, stop shopping.
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take a date you all need by what you need and do not be the first in line for an iphone because what else can apple do for you now, the phone cannot cook. host: a tweet from alton come he says because of scaramucci's background come he can craft a message that reads -- reached the middle class, donald trump can secure his face. warned, massachusetts, republican line, good morning, keith. caller: good morning and thank you for c-span. i see this happening more. waylieve that -- the only trump can keep ahead of these guys is to bring somebody in, they will trash him no matter what after time and he is moving people ahead. i truly people believe he is the most transparent person that ever survived. any political office. i was 55 before the first time i voted.
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are you there? host: you were 55? caller: spicer is not upset, they know what is going on, the democrats will trust them until the very end. the media gets a hold of somebody and they trashed them. we move onto the next person. these guys all of this guy and so do we. -- all love this guy and so do we. vote?what took so long to caller: last year, when we got donald, i did not see difference in any of them. i thought they were idiots. this guy is real. he makes mistakes, everybody makes mistakes. he is not hiding from them. probably the last chance we have to turn the country around them -- country around.
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the democrats with the groups they put together and they play around like terrible commercials with the baby talk. this is the real world. alan froms go to virginia on the line for independents. caller: good morning and thank you for taking my call. i would like to make a few quick comments and do not cut me off. here since sitting -- seveni've listed democrat calls, four, independents, two or three republicans. i would like to remind the callers of one thing, you lost the election. we live under obama for eight years and let's be fair and move on. , withcond point, c-span all the respect i have for you and the good work you do, this is the sign to put people
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against one another. having said that, the news media, the news media, 93% of the time is always trashing donald trump. all they want to do is trash, trash, trash. let's talk about things going on in the country that is good for the people. let's talk about subjects that help people. a lot of these things, i do not know why we're talking about , the the democrats: independents call in, and republicans but we are all americans and we should be working together and making it brighter for everybody, it should not be about anything but that. the idea that president trump, the democrats they cannot get over the fact that they lost the election. let me say it one more time, you lost. you did not win. wait until next time and good luck. god bless you, god bless the country and thank you very much. host: sean spicer was on fox
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news, sean hannity last night, let's see what he said about media bias. >> i do not want to paint everybody with the same brush but you are accurate in terms of the majority of able now in this briefing room that are going to journalism, not therefore the facts or pursuit of the truth, rather trying to figure out how to get on tv and become a youtube star. but there are some good reporters that still spend time getting to know and learn the facts, getting the story out. they should be rewarded and praised for their journalism, it is not about easy, hard, right, it is about being right and trying to get the facts and the story correct and inform the readership or viewership and some reporters do do that but by a large more words about the clip or the click. host: carol wrote, the press corps was a lapdog for obama who seldom got a tough question and when he did come he got mad, got biggs consulate from
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the press. president new communications director went on the twitter approach friday, deleting years old treats bashing his new boss and supporting gun control. one of the deleted tweets refers to the trump campaign as a spectacle which was pointed out by reporter swiftly blocked by scaramucci. another deleted tweet praised hillary clinton and a deleted tweet from 2012 he calls the former democratic secretary of state incredibly competent. another deleted tweet includes statistics of gun ownership in the united states with a direct statement of support for strong gun control laws. sam calling from florida on the line for republicans. caller: good morning. host: good morning. caller: hi. i would like to make a few
7:44 am
comments, president trump is the best president of all time and he won. democrats lost. why don't they give him a chance? the country does not belong to the democrats. stays in d.c. to cause more trouble, it all was planned. this country was very horrible and because of the democrats and some republicans. they were not faithful to this country. we are blaming congress. , hascountry was sold out gone down so badly and president trump is trying to bring about and he is fighting and he is a fighter. we are very appreciative of him. he is shoveling his white house people which he has the right to do. he is a businessman, he wants
7:45 am
the work done, he does not take crap, he wants to make things right. i would like him to change all of obama's appointees. letse give him a chance and him fix this country. host: linda calling from texas on the democratic line. caller: good morning. what isling to say wrong with the american people today. i cannot understand that they cannot see what is going on. situationng into a throughout the world that the people are hating our president. he is selling us down the river to all of these foreign countries. he owns so much property in these foreign countries that they own him. --o not understand which
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what is wrong with americans who cannot see this, these people calling and talking about mr. trump, our president, they talk about how good he is but they better look and see what god says about being a con artist. what god says about being who he is, who he is, they better read their bible because the day is coming when they will have to wake up, they will have to wake takingrealize that he is advantage of all of us come all these years, he had these millions of dollars that he took advantage of these people by not paying them. what is wrong with americans? host: james comey from flint, michigan, on the line for independents. caller: good morning and thank you for taking my call. i want to start off by saying that we need to really put a
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perspective of what is really going on with this country. i want to first give thoughts and prayers to senator john mccain and what he is going -- i have beens a lifelong democrat but with republicans like john mccain and hatch, graham, and orrin those republicans actually make me think about switching party affiliations. i like the way they are forward thinkers, independent thinkers. i want to offer my well wishes to john mccain. that being said, i have been a follower of donald trump for a lot of years. i certainly loved him on the apprentice. but i do not love him as my president. host: why not? caller: he has made missteps.
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the russia situation. where there is smoke, there is fire. i just think that, before it is all said and done, we will find the drip isterms of going to becoming a gush with all of this coming out with the russian investigation. to take intoed consideration the lesser of the two evils. impeached,rump gets you would have mike pence. that we would really need to worry about. i have never affiliated with the republican party but some of the ieas of the republican party agree with, i am an independent thinker and have been a democrat my entire life but i like some
7:49 am
of the ideas that president trump has in terms of making america first. host: you mentioned the russian investigation, sharing the front page of the washington post, is the story about jeff sessions, the attorney general, a report implicate jeff sessions. an ambassador -- former ambassador to russia to the u.s. accounts of two conversations with jeff sessions, then a top foreign-policy advisor for candidate donald trump during the campaign were intercepted by u.s. spy agencies which monitor the communications of senior russian officials in the u.s. and in russia and jeff sessions initially failed to disclose the context and said the meetings were not about the trump campaign. one u.s. official said session to testify he had no recollection of an april encounter provided misleading statements that are contradicted by other evidence. a former official said the intelligence indicates that jeff sessions and the ambassador had
7:50 am
discussions on matters including -- as we jump to the next page we have lost the rest of the paper. we will get back to that story and now let's go to gary calling from atlanta, georgia, on the line for democrats. caller: good morning, c-span been i hear people talking about how the democrats lost, but i remember when obama was in, did not nobody worked with him, they were against obama from the very start. he turn this economy around and fought two wars while donald trump denied the fact that he was an american citizen, that he was from another country. i remember when they were doing it to obama, people were saying the same thing, we told them, we will not forget the way you treated him. now they cannot take it and they cry about how you lost the ,lection, you lost the election but for eight years, all they
7:51 am
did was whine. they went against everything that man tried to do. even though they went against them, he turned the economy around and got the unemployment rate down to four point something and then donald trump said it did not mean anything and he got it the same numbers mean something. thank you and thank you for letting me share, c-span. the session story i tried to read a minute ago, the president said again, a new intelligence leak from the amazon-washington post, this time against jeff sessions. these illegal leaks by james comey must stop. comey's must stop. the intelligence official quoted in the story anonymously writes that jeff sessions and the ambassador had discussions about matters including the trunk position on russia related issues and prospects for u.s.-russia relations and a trump administration.
7:52 am
jeff sessions said that he never discussed campaign related issues with russian officials and it was only in his capacity as a u.s. senator that he met with the ambassador. ss russian and other foreign diplomats in washington and elsewhere have been known at times to report also or misleading information to bolster their standing with their superiors or to confuse u.s. intelligence agencies. the u.s. and specials -- u.s. officials say that the ambassador whose tenure as ambassador to the u.s. ended recently with known for accurately relayed details but interactions and officials in washington. john calling in from tennessee on the line for republicans. caller: i am glad i am following the last caller, the department of labor puts statistics and the obama administration left us with massive national deficit and massive net trade margin deficit, $20 trillion.
7:53 am
the last caller, tell the truth. rated underemployment every year, it increased under obama. the last caller mentioned unemployment. underemployment means those in the labor force were working beneath their skills, those in labor or those in the labor force working beneath their educational attainment status. income at household the end of 2014 was less than the median household income at the end of 2010, four years later. 2010 was the end of the great recession that was from 2006-2010. from was president 2008-2016. the great recession occurred under him and obama blamed bush for the recession but who is obama going to blame for all of that?
7:54 am
he has to take credit for that. , large factor pharmaceuticals, large consumer products organizations, they their manufacturing and distribution centers overseas to asia and europe. 75% of available jobs have gone overseas. because of that, i am talking about your bristol-myers, merck, nabisco, 75% overseas of lost jobs. , by has -- donald trump has the business regulations he did by executive order, what he did, he decreased cost for big business, corporations, that helped increase net income and taxable income by putting more taxes that degrees our national deficit, by eliminating economic deficit treaties, the pacific treaty and other treaties. your i think we understand
7:55 am
point. we have a few more callers. john calling in from california on the line for independents. caller: thank you for taking my call. there are so many things i can talk about but i do not have enough time. we as a nation, we are in trouble, we are going down the wrong path with our president trump. i believe that he has been lying all this time. he is dividing our country, not uniting our country. republicans are blaming democrats and democrats are blaming republicans. forget about this. callers are still defending this guy who blatantly lies every day and puts out tweets on purpose. disrupting our mind. u.s. hard-core white people in the southern states that support
7:56 am
him, stop defending him. if they cannot see what he is doing, he is helping his own family, promoting his own brand. this thing is a joke and when will people wake up? republican congressman are in denial. he has not done a darn thing. host: charles calling from georgia, a democrat, good morning, charles. caller: let me start off by saying my has off to you for sustaining such a straight face with these callers. i will piggyback off the previous caller. one question for every republican who has called in, show me the progress? what progress has been made? gerry calling to from fargo, north dakota. a republican. caller: hello. all i have to say is this -- i
7:57 am
am afraid, i am scared, that our president is colluding, i know that he is, obviously what i've face, i amt his scared. our president is colluding with north dakota, i mean russia, and i am scared. i am afraid of what will happen to our country and our grandkids come our kids. i have children i am trying to raise. i am afraid. host: all right. coming up, the weekly standard senior writer philip terzian joins us to talk about rising tensions between the president and press, not unusual in the modern presidency. later on, the integrity commission kicked off, jonathan brater will be here to talk
7:58 am
about his concerns about potential voter suppression. stay with us. ♪ our live coverage of the commissioning of the uss gerald r ford is today at 10:00 a.m. eastern, the super. named after our 38th president is the navy's newest nuclear powered high-tech aircraft carrier, president trump will attend the ceremony at the naval base in norfork, virginia and deliver remarks to the more than 14,000 people expected to attend . today at 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span and and listen live on the free c-span radio app. tonight on cue and day. -- q&a. >> when we look at president obama's domestic legacy, there are two things that are very important, that will have long-lasting good consequences
7:59 am
for the united states, they can be summarized in four words, sonia sotomayor, and elena kagan. >> the second of our interview with pulitzer prize-winning biographer david guerra come he talks about his book "rising star: the making of barack obama" which covers the present life up to winning the presidency. >> the point to emphasize is that, over the course of the barack obama presidency, there were scores of people in illinois who had known him years earlier, who were deeply disappointed with the trajectory of the obama presidency and disappointed in two ways, number one, disappointed that barack forgot the people make -- many of the people, most of the people who were essential to his political rise. >> tonight at 8:00 eastern on c-span's a
8:00 am
>> washington journal continues. here toilip terzian is discuss his recent piece that looks of the historical relationship with the washington press and presidents. guest: good morning. host: with unico sean spicer's short tenure? guest: i don't think it was a success. often times new presidents have pressed spokesman -- press n who are veterans of the campaign and not as skilled as making the transition for spokesman a president of the united states. i don't think he was very effective. he was argumentative and easily baited by hostile reporters. job is to make his boss look good.


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