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tv   President Speaks at USS Gerald Ford Commissioning Ceremony  CSPAN  July 22, 2017 10:12am-11:52am EDT

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] ♪ >> we are live in norfolk, virginia waiting for president donald trump to speak at the commissioning ceremony for the navy's newest aircraft carrier, the uss gerald r ford. the crowd waiting for the president, just seeing a video helicopterident's landing on the aircraft carrier. we expect the ceremony to get started shortly. we are expecting to hear from james mattis and regina governor
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terry mcauliffe today. -- virginia governor terry mcauliffe today. president donald trump in the navy's leadership will usher in a new era in naval aviation today. a large cloud of uncertainty still hovers over the $12.9 billion ship. the nuclear powered ship them the first in a new class of carriers, joins the fleet after spending years over budget and behind schedule. it is unlikely to the plate -- deploy for another five years. that is from the commissioning germany for the uss gerald r ford. -- the commissioning ceremony for the uss gerald r ford. live coverage on c-span.
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>> we are live in norfolk, virginia, waiting for the commissioning's our money to begin for the navy's newest aircraft carrier, the uss gerald r ford. president trump has arrived. the crowd waiting for the ceremony to begin. we also expect to hear from defense secretary james mattis today, as well as virginia governor terry mcauliffe. the president has arrived and the ceremony should get underway shortly. live coverage on c-span. ♪
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waiting for donald> trump and the commissioning ceremony for the uss gerald r ford. the presidential helicopter has landed on the deck. defense secretary james mattis and virginia governor terry mcauliffe also among the speakers scheduled at the commissioning ceremony today. m writing about the
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$12.9 billion ship -- it has not yet launched or recovered any live aircraft. the most visible difference ford and her predecessors as the island superstructure, nearly half the size of past ships. there's also new technology for fueling and weapons handling. the commissioning ceremony for the u.s. is drilled are poured from -- the uss gerald r ford from norfolk, virginia. live coverage on c-span. ♪ ♪
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>> using the ground that is closest to you. thank you. at the conclusion of the ceremony, we will ask the rest seated in the hangar of aid to remain in your seats while the president of parts. for those interested in seeing more of the ship, we'll be
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offering tours. there will also be a reception of light snacks, hosted by gerald r. ford -- uss gerald r. ford's committee as you leave the pier. as you leave the ship, we ask you follow the directions of the pressures. for those of you who wish to, aboard, please use the two bows closest to the back of the ship. was builtrald r. ford in newport news, virginia, and is the most advanced and powerful warship in the world. she is the lead ship of a new will of supercarriers that defend american interests and that of her allies in an unprecedented scale for decades to come. nuclear --
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1000feet long, displacing times, this brings over six acres of sovereign american soil and 75 combat ready aircraft to any troubled area in the world. generation carrier, she brings a significant new technologies, improvements over the nimitz class carrier she replaces, including a space array radar, and electromagnetic aircraft launch system, which will replace the steam. president gerald r. ford was born in omaha, nebraska and michigangrand rapids, as an infant. the future president excelled scholastically and athletically in south high school and achieved the rank of eagle scout
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, the only u.s. president to do so. he graduated from the university of michigan, where he majored in economics and political science. he was an extremely gifted athlete and captain of the michigan football team. he was voted most valuable player. after graduation, he received offers to play professional foot all. instead, he chose the legal profession and graduated from year loss in 1941. after the united rate entered world war ii, he received a commission as an ensign, eventually achieving the rank of lieutenant commander. he served aboard the uss took part in major operations in the south pacific. forg them were battles saipan, guam, the marianas, and the philippines.
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wastenant commander ford honorably discharged in 1940 six, having been awarded numerous campaign medals. returned tor, he grand rapids and resumed his law practice in a prestigious law firm. 1948, he married betty bloomer. their fournriched by children, michael, john, stephen, and susan. soon after their wedding, voters in michigan's fifth congressional district said the ford's to washington. the new congressman quickly established a reputation for unbending integrity and west trusted with growing responsibility, from national defense. president lyndon johnson appointed him to serve in the
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commission that established the assassination of president john f. kennedy. "the war and commission report will always have a definitive say on this tragic matter. why? because gerry ford put his name on it, and gerry's ford's word was always good." history and the american people were not ready to part with gerald ford. in december, 1973, he was appointed vice president of the united states. just eight months later, on august 9, 1974, vice president the presidency admits the greatest constitutional crisis since the civil war. upon taking the presidential
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oath, he spoke to the american people -- "i am acutely aware you have not elected me as your president by your ballots. so i ask that you confer me as your president with your prayers." not only did the new president confront widespread public disillusionment in the wake of the watergate scandal and the vietnam war, he also grappled with the devastating economic recession around the world. the president, who never sought the presidency, resolved his time in office would be a time of healing. he announced clemency terms for vietnam era draft of aiders and part in his predecessors, an act that historians recognize as one eous inmost courag u.s. history.
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as vice president dick cheney observed, president ford restore trust and confidence in the presidency and the white house, simply by the sheer force of his character. as president jimmy carter graciously acknowledged on january 20, 1977, the gentleman from michigan has healed the land. in 2006, ford died having completed a lifetime of integrity at the helm, first in a grandn him rapids house hold more than 90 years before. thank you for allowing each of us the privilege of serving our nation while proudly bearing the name of gerald r. ford. [applause]
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today's ceremony is a time-honored tradition that began with the commissioning of -- first navy ship in 7075 1775. since that time, thousands of ships have gone from silent hulls to a fully alive warship. our commissioning crew are in remission among you and ready -- are in position among you and ready. [applause]
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>> thank you for your patience.
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[no audio] attention.ompany, guests please rise and remain standing. military honors for the president of the united states,
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our national anthem, and the invocation. we welcome and thank the united for assistingan us today. ladies and gentlemen, our platform guests. commander stephen barsow, chaplain of the united states navy. baldwin, president and ceo of hampton roads navy lake. mr. greg miller, white house staff assistant to president ford. cavanny, cochairman. savon, committee cochairman. angled shipton
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building, mr. matthew mohair and, who most recently served as president of newport news shipbuilding. admiral bruce lindsey, united states navy, commander, and naval air forces atlantic. rear admiral brian antonio, united states navy, program executive officer, aircraft carriers. thomas more, united states navy, commander, naval sees shipments command. vice admiral michael shoemaker, united states navy, commander, naval air forces. admiral frank caldwell, united states navy, director, naval nuclear propulsion program. philip davidson, united states navy, commander, united
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states fleet forces command. admiral john richardson, united states navy, chief of naval operations. the honorable shawn statically, secretary of the navy, acting. honorable donald rumsfeld, former secretary of defense. [applause] the honorable scott taylor, united states representative, second district, commonwealth of virginia. honorable robert scott,
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united states representative, third district, commonwealth of virginia. cheney,rable richard former vice president of the united states. [applause] [cheers] the honorable rick snyder, governor, state of michigan. [applause] gary peters, united states senator, state of michigan. [applause] roger wicker, united states senator, state of mississippi. [applause] honorable james mattis, secretary of defense. [applause]
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the honorable terry mcauliffe, governor, commonwealth of virginia. [applause] ladies and gentlemen, our ship's sponsor, mrs. susan ford bales. [applause] she is escorted today -- she is escorted today by command master s --uss gerald r. ford. ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states,
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escorted today by captain richard mccormick, united states navy, perspective commanding officer, uss gerald r. ford. [applause] ladies and gentlemen, arms to the president of the united states. platform. hand salute.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, the national anthem will be performed by gerald r. ford's own chief petty officer. advance the colors. ♪ >> platform. and salute.
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>> ♪ oh, say can you see, by the dawn's early light, what so proudly we hailed, at the twilight's last gleaming? whose broad stripes and bright stars, through the perilous fight, o'er the ramparts we watched,
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were so gallantly streaming and the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night, that our flag was still there oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave, o'er the land of the free,
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and the home of the brave ♪ [applause] >> retire the colors. ♪ >> platform. ready. two.
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gentlemen, the chaplain will offer the invocation. >> please pray with me. we gather together here today as one body, though we come from many different backgrounds, representing many different religions and from many different cultures. today, we gather as one. we are here to celebrate together. we gathered to celebrate the commissioning of this mighty shift, the uss gerald r. ford. here to celebrate the accomplishments of the united states navy, to living out our code of honor, courage, and commitment. we gather here to celebrate the greatest nation in the world, the united states of america. prayervoice, we lift our together, invoking that which is beyond us, in the realm of the
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spiritual and supernatural. we invoke your blessing on all we do here today. and we pray for your continued protection upon the ford and all the ford-class carriers to follow. bless this crew, bless this ship we all be worthy and faithful to the mission for which we have been called. we pray this in your mighty name. amen. will the guests please be seated. ship's company, parade rest. ladies and gentlemen, the honorable terry mcauliffe, governor, commonwealth of virginia. [applause] good afternoon, everyone.
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first of all, mr. president, the cabinet, to our fellow guests, governor snyder from michigan, susan ford bales, let me be very clear, mr. president. worry about 50 states, but let me tell you, you are here in the greatest state in the greatest nation on earth, the commonwealth of virginia. [applause] [cheers] great because of the 9000 individuals who built this beautiful ship, the uss gerald r. ford. a round of give applause for the 9000 shipbuilders who made this possible today. [applause] mr. president, if you want to save taxpayer money and help our
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military, you keep investing. but all of the military contracts here and the commonwealth of virginia. we will deliver on time, ahead of budget, because we are the greatest workforce in america. the largest naval base in the world. let's hear it for every man and woman here who wears the cloth of this great country. [applause] [cheers] and finally, to the state, the number one state in america for veterans. we have more female veterans, more veterans under the age of fastest-growing veteran population in america. we love our veterans here in the commonwealth of virginia. last year, the first state in america to be certified to veteranally end homelessness, the commonwealth of virginia. we love our active duty. we love our veterans. what an honor, susan, to have
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after youramed father. a man who, after pearl harbor, enlisted in the united states our countryk over at a very difficult time and lead our nation with dignity. we are so grateful for president ford and to the ford family for being here today. enjoy yourselves if you are visiting. spend every penny in your pockets before leaving the commonwealth of virginia. thank you. go navy. [applause] thank you, governor mcauliffe. ladies and gentlemen, mr. matthew mohair, former president, newport news shipbuilding. >> good morning.
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ladies and gentlemen, and most especially our ship's sponsor, susan ford bales. i always start my speeches by saying how privileged i am to be here, representing that women and men of newport news shipbuilding. today, these words take on even greater meaning, as they are the last time i will be saying them beforefficial capacity my retirement. while today is a wonderful day for the navy, i would like to reflect, for just a moment, on the builders of this magnificent aircraft carrier. shipbuilding is not for everyone. yet i am proud to say we have 20 sad -- 20,000 of america's finest shipbuilders across the news, proudly building the aircraft carriers and submarines that serve and protect our great nation.
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they come to work each day to do their best and be their best. president ford embodied this work ethic. he once said the harder you work, the local year -- the luckier you are. and i work like hell. our ship builders work like hell every single day. and we are lucky to work in an industry that allows us to be part of something greater than ourselves. we are lucky to carry on president ford's legacy for future generations. and we are lucky to work alongside the best and brightest . when it comes to building the most complex ship in the world, luck has little to do with it. it is skill, craftsmanship, and an unwavering commitment to quality that gets the job done. building cvn-78 has been an
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exciting journey, from the early design concept to our keel-l aying to the sea trials. we put her through the paces and tested all of our systems. her,ove her like we stole and she performed like a chap. -- champ. has innored to say we here for every step of the journey. this represents the best of american manufacturing, innovation, and experience. of represents the best captain mccormick and her fine crew. she represents the courage and integrity of the 38th president of the united states. reign over the seas, just as her predecessors have
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done for decades. thise her sister ship, ship has a sick or weapon. her name is susan. susan ford bales has redefined what being a sponsor is. her love for this ship, her ,ather's legacy to this nation is inspiring. she has provided a living connection to a great man, husband, president, and bad. we will always consider her our fellowship builder and friend. to everyone who made this incredible ship possible, congratulations on the commissioning of uss gerald r. ford. thank you. [applause] >> thank you, mr. mulharin.
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admiral john richardson, united states navy. >> good morning, everybody. tons ofaboard 100,000 made in the usa. [applause] celebration. it feels like it is starting to get a little warm in here, so i will keep my remarks short. family is the ford celebrating today. what a fitting tribute to their legacy. president ford, a man of humility, integrity, and body, perhaps asked, and our sponsor, susan ford bales. ma'am, thank you for bringing your spirit to this ship.
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mulharen clearly and concisely said, a day of celebration for our shipbuilders, here in newport news and throughout the nation, who worked so hard to bring this ship together. definitely a day of celebration for that captain and crew of the gerald r. ford who, from this day forward, will no longer be a shipbuilding project but a and, finally,crew a great day of celebration for the navy and the nation. movesen gerald r. ford forward, starts cutting into the be protectingl our interests and defending our nation for years to come. to give you a sense of what we are talking about here, the last person to command the gerald r. ford has not even been born yet.
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that is how long this ship will be around. it is a great day of celebration , but not for everybody. those in the world who wish to terrorize us here in the united states and abroad. those who wish to challenge our shores, planning attacks. those who may challenge our prosperity and our trade. those who challenge our values -- this is not a day of celebration for them. this is their worst nightmare. they will lie awake at night, fearing that they may one day come and appear on the target list of the uss gerald r. ford. and so, god bless the uss gerald r. ford of the united states navy. [applause] god bless the ford and the navy, a comfort to our nation and our
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allies and a nightmare to our enemies. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you, admiral richardson. ladies and gentlemen, the honorable shawn statically, secretary of the navy, acting. [applause] >> susan, you have built well. of shipbuilders, they are tremendous workmanship, is only exceeded by their tremendous pager design. your father would be very proud. mr. president, one of your predecessors famously remarked, "speak soflty and carry a big stick." we offer you, sir, a big stick. [laughter] [applause]
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so many distinguished guests, officer, and crew, who proudly call yourselves the gerald r. ford. history will remember him as the man who, in the great constitutional crisis of the last century, would be chosen by congress to lead our nation. today, we remember him as the man who, when the seas were at tempest-tossed, gave the order study she goes, and, in doing so, restored trust in our government. as we consider this ship his ship, which will serve our country throughout much of this century in our navy, we take pride in knowing long before he became our commander in chief, before he rose to the ranks of our congress, he served in our
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navy. in war inars at sea, the pacific, taught him the most fundamental truth. a truth that would serve him throughout his time at the helm of our congress and of our country. that we are a maritime nation. that the freedoms we cherished so deeply here in america, that the blessings of these freedoms and the strength of our navy -- they are one. in his time, president ford commissioned what was then the navy's nearest aircraft carrier, the uss nimitz. his remarks kerry truth through this day. a single thought must sees our mind -- that only the united states of america can make an machine like this. there is nothing like it in the world. wherever she shows her flag, she will be seen as we see her now. a solid symbol of united states
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strength, united states resolve, made in america, manned by americans. isit is today the uss nimitz underway in the arabian sea. and her sister ship, the george h.w. bush is turning into the wind in the mediterranean, while the you ronald reagan stands watch over the western pacific. these ships stand as a symbol of united states strength and united states resolve. they are our nation's great fisherman of security and goodwill. so, skipper, as we marvel about the technology, never lose sight that, in time of crisis, you will be the first to respond. and, when called upon, you will deliver the final word in the bidding of our nation. whenever you sail, wherever you sale, you will be a symbol of
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united states resolve, and you will be a symbol of the man whose name you bear. so, steady she goes. there is truly nothing like it in the world today. godspeed, gerald r. ford. god bless her sponsor, who gives you strength. and god bless these united states that you will defend. thank you. [applause] >> thank you, secretary stackley. gentlemen, the honorable james mattis, secretary of defense. [applause] [cheers] well, ladies and gentlemen, today, a magnificent warship
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joins the best navy in the world. after a triedd and true member of the greatest generation. that spirit will permeate this ship so long as it sails the seas, as long as the u.s. navy spirit. mr. president, you will send this ship in harm's way, and they will happily sale in harm's way to protect our nation. ladies and gentlemen, our commander in chief, donald trump. [applause] [cheers]
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>> thank you very much, secretary mattis, for that wonderful introduction and your devoted service to our nation. nobody's done it like you. i'm thrilled to be back on this magnificent ship for this historic moment with the amazing men and women of the united states navy. [applause] i was with you four months ago, and on you that i had to be here today. and i told you i would be back to congratulate you and the crew and everybody involved on commissioning the newest, largest, and most advanced aircraft carrier in the history of this world. that's a big achievement. after today, wherever this ship ails, you will all carry
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proud title. plank owner of the uss gerald r. ford. for the rest of your lives, you will be able to tell your friends and family that you served on the greatest ship in the united states navy and, in my opinion, the greatest ship anywhere in the world. everyone should take a moment to celebrate this incredible achievement. i want to thank the many public servants who have joined us here today. treasury secretary mnuchin. governor snyder. governor mcauliffe. sen. wicker:. and members of congress. secretary stackley. admiral richardson. senior military leaders. and, of course, the great captain mccormick.
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[applause] captain, i know you will exemplify integrity at the helm. and have a good time doing it. thanks to the entire ford family , for all that you have done to support this ship on its voyage. thank you, susan. [applause] i also want to recognize to other people who are very special to president ford. thank you, vice president cheney and former secretary of defense rumsfeld. [applause] they look great.
11:13 am
they look great. as we put this stunning ship in the service of our nation, we must also pay tribute to the thousands of citizens, military and civilian, who helped design and build her. their love of country has ported to every rivet and bulkhead on this vessel. you hammered, chiseled, and sculpted this mighty hull. you were there when the first steel was cut, when the turbines first lord to live, and when the beautiful bronze propellers first began to spin. and spin they did. and now you are to witness the moment where your incredible work of art becomes the pride of the united states navy and a symbol of american power and prestige, no matter where in the world you go.
11:14 am
american steel and american hands have constructed a 100,000 ton message to the world. america might is second to none. andwe are getting bigger better and stronger every day of my administration, that i can tell you. [applause] wherever this vessel cuts through the horizon, our allies will rest easy, and our enemies will shake with fear, because everyone will know that america is coming, and america is coming strong. [applause] to every worker from newport
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news shipbuilding and every craftsman and engineer who helped build this incredible fortress on the sea, today, we salute you. thank you. [applause] your skill and your grit built the instruments of war that preserve peace. this ship is the determinant -- deterrent that keeps us from having to fight in the first place. this ship also assures that if the fight does come, it will alwaysend the same way. we will win, win, win. we will never lose. we will win. [applause] when it comes to battle, we do not want a fair fight. we want just the opposite. we demand victory, and we will
11:16 am
have total victory, believe me. [applause] having the best technology and equipment is just one part of american military dominance. our true strength is our people. our greatest weapon is all of you. our nation and errors because we have citizens who love america and who are willing to fight for america. endures because we have citizens who love america and who are willing to fight for america. we are so very blessed with warriors who are willing to serve america in the greatest fighting force in history, the united states military. today, this ship officially begins its role in the noble military history of our great nation. in a few moments, i will commission this wonderful,
11:17 am
beautiful, but very, very powerful worship. captain mccormick will assume command. he will set the first watch. and then, the crew of the gerald r. ford will man this ship and bring her to life. [applause] a ship is only as good as the people who serve on it, and the american sailor is the best anywhere in the world. among you are great welders, radar technicians, the scene operators, and pilots. you take pride in your work, and america takes pride in you. we love you, we are proud of you, thank you. [applause]
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but that is why it is so fitting that this ship is named after a sailor of tremendous character, integrity, and wisdom. you know that, susan. gerald ford was raised in american heartland. he grew up in grand rapids and became an eagle scout. he played football at the university of michigan. national that won two championships. and, listen to this, on that great team, he was named m.v.p. not bad. law schoolt to yale and, after pearl harbor, he volunteered to serve. president ford joined the navy and asked to be sent to sea. he wanted to do that very badly. --hever really knew why
11:19 am
felt it was a calling. he was assigned to a new carrier, the monterey, becoming a plank owner himself on its commissioning in 1943. from there, he sailed to the pacific and saw action, and a pacificction, in the war. like so many others of his generation, gerald ford returned home and started a family. he ran for congress, where he served the people of michigan with honor for many years. from there, he became vice president, and then president of the united states of america. with this ship, we honor him for his lifetime of selfless and distinguished service. we also remember his wife, betty. well.mber her and we honor the bravery she showed in living her life so that her experiences.
11:20 am
help others -- could help others. susan, she was a great woman. a great woman. [applause] ford said that his time in the navy convinced him that our lack of military preparation before world war ii had only encouraged our enemies to fight harder and harder and harder. he learned a lot. said, iuture, ford thought the united states had to be strong. never again could we allow our military to be anything but the absolute best. he could see-- if this ship today, president gerald ford would see his vision brought to life. and he would see his legacy of service being carried out by each and every one of you.
11:21 am
[applause] gerald ford embodied american values like few others. love of family, love of freedom, and, most of all, love of country. kenya that patriotism is the heartbeat of a nation. he knew that we must love our country in order to protect it. he knew we must have pride in our history if we are going to have confidence in our future. america'sd women of armed services are part of a living history. you uphold timeless customs and traditions, and you protect our nation and our freedom for the next generation to come. to are filling your duty
11:22 am
this nation. and now, it is the job of our government to fulfill its duty to you. [applause] for years, our government has subjected the military to unpredictable funding and a devastating defense sequester. you remember that? not good. this has led to deferred payments, a lack of investment in new equipment and technology, and a shortfall in military readiness. in other words, it has been a of timery bad period for our military. that is why we reached a deal to billionn additional $20 for defense this year, and it is going up, and why i asked congress for another $54 billion
11:23 am
for next year. now, we need congress to do its job and pass the budget that provides for hire, stable, and creditable funding levels for our military needs that our fighting men and women deserve, and you will get, believe me. you will get it. don't worry about it. at i don't mind getting little ham, so call that congressman, call that senator, and make sure you get it. [applause] by the way, you can also call those senators to make sure you get health care.
11:24 am
we must end the defense sequester once and for all. we must also reform acquisitions to ensure we are getting the best equipment at the best prices, so that our dollars are used only for the best interest of our country and those who serve. we do not want cost. we want the best equipment, but we want it to ahead of schedule, and we want it built under budget. [applause] least we can do for the patriots who have volunteered to give their sweat, if they must,nd, their very lives for our great nation. the commissioning of this new american carrier marks the renewal of our commitment to a future of american greatness. greater than ever before.
11:25 am
remember that. just moments from now, the captain will set the first watch on the uss gerald r. ford. grace, a watch will stand until the day she is missioned, 50 years or more from now. most of you who will man this about 20y are just years old. together, you are embarking in a truly great adventure. the journey will require all of your talents, all of your efforts, and all of your heart. as you know, the sea holds many challenges and threats, but ship,er, aboard this which is your responsibility and home -- three generations of
11:26 am
americans will eventually manned perhaps even some of your own children and grandchildren someday. to is by many more americans follow your lead and serve. one day, when you are old and have lived a long and, hopefully, happy and successful life, you may find ourselves back aboard this ship, surrounded by your family, to mark its decommission. day, our entire nation will honor not just this carrier, it will honor you and the role you will have played in keeping america safe, strong, and free. to every patriot who will serve on this ship today and throughout history, i say this -- keep the watch.
11:27 am
protect her. defend her. and love her. good luck and godspeed. andk you to the ford family thank you to every sailor in the greatest navy on earth. god bless you, god plus the gerald r. ford -- god bless the gerald r. ford, and god bless the united states of america. [applause] >> thank you, mr. president. i would be honored if you would place gerald r. ford in commission. will the guests please rise.
11:28 am
ship company, attention. i hereby place the united states ship gerald r. ford in commission. may god bless and guide this shallp and all who sail in her. god bless you. thank you. [applause] >> thank you, mr. president. executive officer, voice that c -- hoist the colors and commissioning pendent. >> i direct your attention to the ship's mast. quartermaster, hoist the colors
11:29 am
and the commission pendent. >> aye aye, sir. ♪ >> will the guests please be seated. colors and the commission pendent are flying over united states ship gerald r. ford. farewell. >> i will now read my orders. to captain richard mccormick of the united states navy.
11:30 am
order of 06, january, 2016. reportingted by senior, detach from present duty and reports are free commission unit gerald r. ford,duty and thg unit gerald r ford. upon commissioning the uss gerald r ford report for duty as commanding officer. gerald r ford is in commission and i am in command. [applause] >> executive officer, set the first watch. >> aye, aye, captain.
11:31 am
>> officer of the deck, set the watch. >> aye aye, sir. plow on watch the officer of the deck is responsible for the safe operation of the ship and crew. the long glass is the official symbol. we are pleased to have mr. greg willard with us today. he was the white house staff presidentwhile he was and served him after he left office. greg will pass the long glass to sailor from south orange, new jersey, the first officer of the deck.
11:32 am
officer. the messenger of the watch. the bus made of the watch. [whistle] >> set the watch. >> on deck, section one. >> sarah, the watch is set. -- sir, the watch is set. >> very well. captain, the watch is set.
11:33 am
>> very well. we are delighted to have our sponsor with us. susan christened gerald r ford in 2013. susan, i would be honored if you joined me at the podium to give the order to man our ship and bring her to life. [applause] >> mr. president, ladies and gentlemen, in the twilight of his life dad learned of the to be theo name it uss gerald r ford. that was one of the highest honors he ever received was to wear the uniform of lieutenant commander in the united states navy.
11:34 am
name aarning the decision, dad wrote a letter bm 78 and concluded "thus indescribable pride and humility to know that an aircraft carrier bearing my permanently associated with the valor and integrity of the men and women of the united states navy." , absolutely no one, who would be prouder of the commissioning of this mighty ship than the president of the united states, gerald r ford. therefore, on the behalf of the 38th president of the united states and your ship's sponsor, i am honored to give the command . officers and crew of the united states gerald r ford, man our
11:35 am
ship and bring her to life. [applause] [cheering] [anchors away playing] ♪
11:36 am
11:37 am
♪ [siren]
11:38 am
horn] >> ladies and gentlemen, please be seated. ladies and uss gerald r ford salutes you. we are proud to serve in your great navy. [applause] >> captain, the ship is manned and ready. >> very well. gerald r ford is manned and ready and reports to duty to the fleet. >> welcome to the fleet.
11:39 am
>> very well. mr. president, request permission to break your flag. >> permission granted. executive officer, break the flag of the president of the united states. >> quartermaster, break the flag of the president of the united states. >> aye aye, sir. captain, the flag of the president is flying over the ship gerald r ford. >> very well. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, captain richard mccormick commanding officer uss gerald r ford. [applause]
11:40 am
>> ship company. morning, mr. president, secretary mattis, secretary statically, admiral richardson, susan, distinguished visitors, ship mates, family, friends, welcome and thank you for being here and breathing the heat as heat asreathinaving the we commission the ship to a capital asset. the commissioning is best described as like this. as each of us looks upon this great ship, a single thought must sees our mind. seize our mind.
11:41 am
only the united states of america can make a ship like this. we witnessed the magical moment cable, engineers, marvels, becomes a living thing with a unique personality. these words were spoken over 42 years ago by then president gerald r ford as he delivered his keynote address at the commissioning ceremony. how fitting it is then that the the firstesided over in class commissioning ceremony is recognized today as the namesake for our great ship and the first in the ford class. [applause] much has been said about the first in class technology aboard ford era technology that like
11:42 am
nemesis in the 1975 exist nowhere else. flexibility into the carrier platform to accommodate future systems and technology. to ensure that the navy is ready to conduct prompt and sustained combat incident to operations at sea for decades to come. as groundbreaking as this technology is, it will never supersede the quality of the sailor who operates it. the sailors aboard today are among our nation's finest. driven, talented, ,nnovative, dedicated passionate about what they do and i'm very proud to be there captain. -- their captain. [applause]
11:43 am
james e horne fisher the author of "the last stand of the 10 can sailor" said it test, a fighting force cannot be reduced to its order of valor i any more than a ship can be reduced to the number of guns it carries or the horsepower it can generate. from thel has life spirit of the crew, which derives in large part on the leadership quality of her chief and officers. morale defies quantification. it weighs significantly on the ultimate tools of war. asking theucceed strength and skills of our sailors and the dedication they bring to the fight. our sailors will ensure the gerald r ford remains mission
11:44 am
ready and prepared to execute national taxing for decades to come. i want to thank legislators, and sailors for your efforts in taking the uss gerald r ford from concept to delivery. least, i would like to express my gratitude to the families of our servicemen and women who supported their loved ones as they worked hard to prepare this ship for sea. your devotion and sacrifice can .ot be understated i want to thank you personally for your support. [applause] team wolverine, i have the utmost confidence in your ability to handle any challenge ahead, and i can think of no
11:45 am
better team to take the uss gerald r ford to sea. got bless you, your families, and our navy. thank you. [applause] ship company, attention. rise.he guests please we will be led in the benediction. >> let us pray. thee prepare to end celebration we pause to ask for
11:46 am
a going away blessing, a sendoff , a plea for continued blessings, protection, and a success. we ask, may our effort to reach this point and beyond continue to be rewarded. may reexperience protection and safety for this crew and the sailors that will follow it. be with us, strengthen us, encourage us, guide us. may we be granted wisdom for the journey and integrity to follow. we pray for the leaders of this ship, the leaders that will follow come the leaders of the navy and the nation this ship serves. us. us, go with us, be with in your mighty name we pray. amen. ♪
11:47 am
>> thank you. ladies and gentlemen, please be seated. seated until the president and the official party have departed the ceremony. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, we had but -- we invite you to our large tent located in the parking area as you leave. for those interested in a closer look at your great ship,
11:48 am
several tour routes have been established. minutes.l start in 20 for your safety please remained where guides route are stationed to assist you and answer questions. for those with a blue and white tickets turn to your left as you depart. or those with red, purple, gold tickets, turn to your right and proceed to your working area or buses as appropriate. redred ticket holders, the buses will return those guests to vista point. buses run until 3:00 p.m. this concludes our ceremony. it was truly an honor and privilege to have you join us. ship company, dismissed. [applause]
11:49 am
>> you can see the entire event with president trump speaking at the gerald r ford commissioning ceremony for the uss gerald r ford nuclear powered aircraft carrier tonight at 8:00 eastern on c-span. park you look across the now, it is hard to believe this was once a thriving and booming business district. there were stores owned by black, white, you name it. a lot of people did business here. before you knew it a rock was thrown, glass was broken, fires started. it was one of the most integrated incidents that ever happened in detroit. >> a special on the 50th anniversary of the 1967 to try riots. on american history tv on
11:50 am
.-span3 -- detroit riots on american history tv on c-span3. >> on key land a -- -- on q and a. >> when we look at president obama's domestic legacy, two things will have long-lasting good consequences for the united states. 2 nominees to the supreme court. >> our interview with an -- d-winning emphasize isto that over the course of his presidency, there were scores of people in illinois who had known him years earlier who were deeply disappointed with the trajectory of the obama
11:51 am
presidency in 2 ways. 1, disappointed that barak many of theeople, people, most of the people who were central to his political rise. >> sunday night on c-span's q and a. republican senator tom cotton of arkansas talks about russia's military strategy in europe and the trump administration's policy to russia. this is just under one hour. >> good morning, everyone. i senior fellow here in the am a national security program. i run the missile defense project here.


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