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tv   Washington Journal Spotlight on Senate Health Care Bill Collapse  CSPAN  July 28, 2017 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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we get an update on the senate health care bill and take your calls. and the houses in this morning at 9:00 eastern and will work on intelligence programs for 2018. lighthouse coverage here on c-span. -- live house coverage here on c-span. ♪ morning on this friday, july 20 8, 2017. in just -- just a few hours ago, the senate narrowly defeated the skinny repeal by a vote of 49-51 with arizona republican senator john mccain casting the deciding vote. tobrought a dramatic end efforts by republicans to revamp and serve care law, as a seat for president trump and gop lawmakers who campaigned on the promise to repeal and replace obamacare. today, we are asking for
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opinions on the gop rejecting the health care repeal. .emocrats, (202) 748-8000 republicans, (202) 748-8001. and independents, (202) 748-8002 . you can also reach us on facebook and twitter. for more on the latest on that health care vote, we will go to our newsroom. >> we will be looking for the latest from members from the president all morning long on our program. senatorsnted out, collins, makowski, and mccain voted no, but as the wall street journal pointed out this morning, the senate skin and repeal bow -- skinny repeal was all about john mccain because no one knew how he would vote before he headed to the senate floor. he headed there about 1:00 a.m. last night. he was back about eight hours before though to get an
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understanding on where he was throughout the day. if i :00 press conference where he joined a group of four other senators, lindsey graham, ron wheren, bill cassidy, they talked about their concerns with the skinny repeal vote. lindsey graham called a disaster approach" wasd what he called it, and they would work toward a final bill that they would need reassurances on it. if the skinny bill had been taken up by the house they could have passed it, the president would have signed it, and the skinny bill would have become law. those senators saying they need assurances that that conference committee, those further negotiations would happen. fast-forward to 7:30 last night, the speaker of the house releases a statement to try to assuage some of those concerns.
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requiresmoving forward a conference committee. that is something the house is willing to do. but the rise reality -- but the reality is that the repeal of obamacare needs 51 votes for an actual plan." between those, senator graham and johnson and cassidy all said they would support the skinny repeal plan. mccain did not say whether he would support it or not. fast forward to the vote in the last ditch effort on the lore of the senate, once it became clear that he would probably be voting no. mike pence,ng with phone call to the president, and mccain voting no. here is a statement. he said "i believe obamacare should be repealed and replaced with an -- a solution that decreases cost--
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and increases competition for the american people. this would not call list those goals. speaker's -- the statement of the house does not dissuade my concern. i have said time and time again that one of the major failures of obamacare was that it ran onough obamacare -- congress a strict democrat party line vote. we need to return to legislating and send the bill back to committee. -- work on it -- unity." committee." and one more comment from mccain last night, he was asked why he voted no and said "i thought it was the right thing to do." host: we are talking to you today, getting your thoughts. owen, republican, victorian texas desultory a, texas. -- victoria, texas.
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caller: i was the democrats and would listenns for me closely. president trump -- i voted for him. i was to turn around to tell the house and the senate that it is time that you people get rid of your golden, platinum plated insurance policies and go ,irectly on obama health care which you all discreetly snuck around, calling it a small business to get to your platinum plated health care. out here,t people including me, that cannot afford this. let's put it back on your shoulders and see how quick it would be fixed. if people would stand together, republicans and democrats, we would get this stuff -- we have to start telling these people in washington that they work for us. we are not slaves for them. host: owen, how confident are
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thatfter this vote republicans and democrats can come together, that is sending that senator mccain called for. do you think it can happen? caller: what is going to happen, and you can etch this in stone -- they are going to take a break and call the insurance companies, and the insurance companies have to gamble our money on wall street. when they figure out what is going to be best for the insurance companies, they will tell the politicians that we vote for every time to go to washington and write this up, where they can make more money and let us die. maria, south carolina, democratic line. what do you think about the vote? saying,what i am president trump and mitch
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mcconnell, we have succeeded -- if -- maybe we can get something done. host: what about the argument by all three of those leaders you named, pointing of the problems he ever premiums are rising, viewer insurers -- fewer insurers are staying in the market. what should we do? obama started over with the health care. they should have gotten together then and work it out. mitch mcconnell was so fixated on trying to get him to be a one term president he did not even think anything else, except they are trying to destroy whatever obama tried to do. but we have to realize that god is in the equation. host: let's take a look at what majority leader mitch mcconnell said after the sales vote for a skinny repeal -- failed vote for the skinny repeal. >> this is clearly a
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disappointing moment. sufferedituents have through an awful lot under obamacare. we thought they deserved better. why i and many of my colleagues did as we promised and voted to repeal this failed law. we told our constituents that we would vote that way, and when the moment came -- when the moment came, most of us did. commitments, we worked hard and everybody on this side can certainly attest to the fact that we work really ard to try and develop consensus for a better way forward. and i want to thank everybody on
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this conference for the endless amount of time they have spent trying to achieve a consensus. i also want to think the president -- thank the president and the vice president, who could not have been more involved and more helpful. yes, this is a disappointment. a disappointment indeed. tricia, independent, warsaw, indiana. what are your thoughts? caller: good morning, thank you for taking my call. my thoughts are that up until recently, i did not hear a lot from the republican party about a replacement plan. their main goal and focus was repeal. that is why they have nothing to replace this, because that was never the goal of what the
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republicans wanted. i am very proud, however, of , lindsey graham, susan collins, senator murkowski for standing up for what they believe in. i think it is insane that our other senators and congressmen -- they need to pay attention to them. if they are all about their personal values and beliefs, you need to stand true, regardless of the pressure that is on you. what youro stand for personal values and what you believe in. i believe that is what they are doing. what would you like to see happen next? caller: i would like to see them go to the insurance companies and the pharmaceutical companies and say what you are doing is not working.
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you cannot continue to raise costs on the american people. hard-working, taxpaying american people. you need to find a way to cut your cost, you need to find a way to make your business model more successful because what is making the insurance company sustainable is the rising cost, the big profit margin that these companies feel they have to have . there has been talk about taking on the prescription pharmaceutical companies and .etting them to reduce costs i have not heard of that recently, i do not know if there was anything like that in the , butthat was proposed ,nstead of blaming barack obama instead of blaming the democrats, we need to start saying look, insurance companies, if you want to stay in business, and you want to be successful and thrive, you need to find a way of doing that and make it so the american people can afford to buy your product.
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host: reagan, new york city, democratic line. what are your thoughts about the vote? caller: good morning, and thank you for c-span. i was listening to the senators talk, next plane -- and explain what happened. is brown, he is a senator from i do not know which state, but he was standing near the wooden doors and saying write-down that hallway that -- right down the hallway that 12 men, mitch mcconnell, they were with the health lobbyists, the insurance lobbyists, pharmaceutical lobbyists, and the wall street lobbyists. it did not make sense to me. i would imagine that a lot of people like the out there -- me out there did not understand why it was in secret and why we could not get a good bill, and
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maybe it is common knowledge and i was just a fool, but the way he explained it was that it was only a few hours to consult with these insurance lobbyists and the pharmaceutical lobbyists that were behind why we were getting a bill that was not good for health care consumers, for taxpayers, people like me. i was in an express orthopedic room when i had a bad knee and couple of months ago. i was getting -- i have insurance through work, and i was getting such a hassle. but the older women with medicare that were in the room that word taken right in to see -- that were taken right in to see the doctor. ,hen you need to see the doctor
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use medicare. i believe that is the answer to your problems, even if you have to charge people to get people to buy into medicare, to take the insurance companies out of it. host: shirley, new castle, pennsylvania, republican line. good morning. caller: good morning, and thank you for taking my call. it is just a shame what happened in washington, d.c. these people are sent there, voted in by we the people to do a job that they certainly are not doing. now the obamacare, i do not know why the democrats cannot face reality. done and overis with. the insurance companies have bailed out one by one by one. they do not want to bother with it. they notice failing, it is over. there are only one or two insurance companies even it ised in it anymore, so over. they need to get a grip now and
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face reality. the second thing is the republican party. makowski -- ind do believe, because i watch fox news all day, i believe those two women are democrats dressed up in republican clothing and they are only there to cause can confusion chaos -- and chaos. they will never work with the republican party. i hope that the next time they are up for election that their constituents vote them out. good realwo republicans that are going to work with the party and get something done in washington dc. host: ok. john is in our newsroom with more of the latest. hi, john. >> we will be looking for the latest reaction from members and the president himself. he has not tweeted yet, although this is the time of day he is known to send out new dante
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tweets -- new tweets. just before midnight, just before the vote took place, the republicans saying "go republican senators go, this the president -- the president saying "go republican senators, though. get there after waiting for seven years. give the american people great health care." and then another, "three republicans and 48 democrats let the american people down. as i said from the beginning, let obamacare implode, then deal. watch." and other members are taking to express their opinion. here is what luther strange tweeted out last night. >> i have been fighting for obamacare -- against obamacare for years.
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i expected to see my colleagues deliver on the promise they made to the american people. yourabama, your word is bond, and tonight i kept my promise and i was glad to do so. express my disappointment enough that if you republican senators failed to keep theirs. for me, the fight goes on in the attempt to repeal and replace the disastrous to obamacare law -- and it has not diminished in any way. >> david perdue, a republican from georgia. he says "we have witnessed everything that is wrong with washington. now, due to an unworkable budget process and politicians who put their political self-interest ahead of the national interest, obamacare remains the law of the land. that means the poorest among us will continue to be fine because they cannot afford obamacare. " here is a picture of senator jeff merkley from oregon, and
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this was a picture of the amendments he was hoping to --er in the vote a rom a a-rama, saying "i'm am glad i do not need to use them." here is burglary addressing this crowd late last night. erkley addressing this crowd late last night. senator warren also posting her "the nightmare is over, at least for now." and mark warner with his statement last night. >> [indiscernible] rejected -- we rejected the attempt to repeal obama care.
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[indiscernible] coverage for all americans. and that is of the latest reaction from members. we will show you more as they come in this morning. continue to get reaction from our viewers. tim, independent, wilson, north carolina. good morning, and good morning america and c-span. thank you for taking my call. you giving mete the time that you gave other callers. this proves that the republicans never had a plan. .t proves they cannot govern they are good at getting reelected and putting labels on things. the first thing they did was put a label on it and call it obamacare. alienate that it would a lot of americans to make this personal. it is a lot of the democrats they do well, because
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not know how to stand tall, but was amended by the republicans from the beginning. they made sure that it would not work. so it was bound to be a failure, but i guess the democrats are planning on getting elected and making it better. it was a good plan from the beginning until it was knocked down and they had to negotiate and take out the better parts of it. but the simple way to give everyone health care and to make it affordable is to mandate that everybody pay in and take out the -- out of it. i do not understand in a country where if i get hit by a bus, i do not have insurance. i go to the hospital. they cannot turn me away. if i go to the emergency room right now, they cannot turn me away. host: what about the people who may have difficulty paying into
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the system? it is a lot of money in america. we own 25% of the world's wealth . we only took a fraction of that wealth, but we got to get that wealth into the system. if you make a lot, you pay in a lot. ownn a business on -- if i a wall street, i'm going to pay a lot of taxes in rent. in america, you should be able to pay for that. we are selling america out to people and we are not getting any taxes and you get the gop saying oh, we cannot have too much taxes. no. if you can afford to make money in this great country, you should be able to support the country. host: ok. gary, democratic line, indiana. caller: i want to say one thing to start off with. i wanted to laugh my face off when i heard mitch mcconnell
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expressing his regret about the skyrocketing costs. are you kidding me you go those skyrocketing costs are what support the insurance companies that they are working in unison with. another thing i want to point out as i find it very astounding that one of the richest countries in the world -- we are the only country in the world that does not express health care is a right, and it is a right. the health care system is profit driven, not people driven. let me tell you something. humanity should not the plate is a gold mine. -- be played as a gold mine. at whatt's take a look mitch mcconnell said. his message to democrats last night. many of ourhat other colleagues on the other side are celebrating. they are probably pretty happy about all this.
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but the american people are hurting and they need relief. our friends on the other side decided early on that they did not want to engage with us and in a serious way. in a serious way to help those .uffering under obamacare they did everything they could to prevent the senate from providing a better way forward, including such things as reading amendments for endless amounts of time. such things is holding up nominations for key positions in the administration. because they were unhappy. that we were trying. find a way to to something better than obamacare. expect that they are pretty
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satisfied tonight. i regret to say that they .ucceeded in that effort so now i think it is appropriate to ask what are their ideas? see.ll be interesting to it will be adjusting to see what they suggest as a wave -- interesting to see what they suggest is a way forward. look atd now it's a go what minority leader chuck schumer said in response to leader mcconnell's statement. >> i would suggest we turn the page. it is time to turn the page. i would say to my dear friend, the majority leader, we are not celebrating. that millionsd and millions of people who have been so drastically hurt by the three proposals put forward will at least retain their health care, be able to deal with pre-existing conditions, deal
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with nursing homes and opioids that medicaid pays for. we are relieved. not for ourselves, but for the american people. as i said, over and over again, obamacare was hardly perfect. it did a lot of good things, but it needs improvement. and i hope one part of turning that page is that we go to regular order, work in the committees together to improve obamacare. we have good leaders, the senator from tennessee and the senator from washington, the senator from utah, the senator from oregon. they have worked well together in the past. they can work well together in the future. there are suggestions that we are interested in that come from members on the other side of the aisle.
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the senator from maine, louisiana. so let's turn the page and work together to improve our health care system. host: and we continue to talk to our viewers about the deceit of the gop -- defeat of the gop health care bill early this morning. william, or new york city, republican line. caller: hi, and thank you for the good job that you personally do. saying somebody before was saying that the republicans -- the ones who enabled this obamacare -- i have seen obama himself call it obamacare. that so many kids can get aborted because of this. people always overlook that, but -- abortions have been drastically reduced in this country. let me give you real examples of what obamacare does.
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for me, i am about to be 70 years of age, in new york city. i can make a deal with any city hospital so that they will charge me less based on what i earned the previous year, but i do not know any worlds you can do that in -- anywhere else you can do this in this country. at age 65, i went to the website for obamacare, and i got turned down. i was told you are already covered, assuming that medicare, where you have to pay 20% of your bills, is something you could afford. how can i afford it when an ophthalmologist charges $650 for one visit. 20% of that is something i --not afford what i do not when i do not get retirement. i get $930 a month on social security. host: how do you afford your health care now? caller: i go to a lincoln hospital in the bronx, i have an arrangement with them, and i pay
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, because i earned so little last year, i use up my unemployment, i only paid $15 to see a doctor and two dollars to get medicine for the last two years, but that is how i live from day to day. i provide my tax return each year, and they base with a charge me on that. any other city in the country, you would probably not be able to do that, so i cannot live anywhere else. i want to point out one thing -- i have a friend in her 50's who has been working in a museum in new york for 30 years. she works fewer than 30 hours a week because of obamacare. she cannot get medical benefits. $300 byfined last year the federal government because she could not form -- afford obamacare. $600,ar it will be
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the next year it will be $1200. i would like all of the senators who have different plans and we do to put that in their pocket. host: we will go back to john mcardle in the newsroom after this early morning boat -- vote. >> viewers might have missed a vote that happened yesterday afternoon on a single-payer health care system. that vote eventually failed, .hey called it a sub vote it was offered by senators steve gaines of montana, a critic of single-payer health care, as all republicans have then. they used the opportunity to put democrats on the spot over the issue of health care. here is bernie sanders, a strong supporter of single-payer, just before that vote that happened. -- senatorgames has a medicarentroduced for all bill, and i congratulate him.
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it sounds like mulligans are getting to catch on -- republicans are getting to catch on. i say to the senator today, if he is prepared to vote for this legislation, and if he can get 5, 6 more republicans to vote for this registration, -- legislation, i think we can win it, and the united states can join the rest of the industrialized world and aaron t health care for all people. so senator gains, five or six , we can provide health care for all people. but if senator gains is just game -- ipolitical would ask for 30 seconds more -- if he is playing a political , no other up vote for -- or public in -- republican vote
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for it, i would suggest all members of the senate vote present on this bill. present,ny did vote not voting yes or no. calling it a trick is senator bernie sanders. the vote total, 0-57, the single-payer amendment was defeated. some democrats joined republicans in voting no. joe donnelly of indiana, heidi heitkamp of indiana, joe manchin, west virginia, jon tester, montana, and angus king no, 0-50 thevoted final total on that vote. one note from the pure research organization, a poll that they did last month -- pew research organization, a poll that they did last month shows that totals for single-payer 33%.
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among republicans, 12% supporting single-payer. democrats, 52% supporting single-payer. there is a stark divide there. bernie sanders continuing the fight there. host: we are continuing to talk to our viewers, getting your thoughts about the vote, the defeat of the gop skinny repeal plan. lynn, texas, democratic line. caller: hi, good morning. host: what did you think about the vote? caller: i am very relieved that senator mccain stuck by his principles to make sure that our of --y are taking care taken care of rather than being let out to die, and we need to push all of our representatives up there to work together, come up with a plan that does take
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care of everybody. we need to also make sure that they take the profit out from underneath the insurance and , hospitals,al doctors, everybody who is making andofit off of the illness death of the united states , because that is not the way it should be. have, from the outset, make sure that the aca would not succeed, and every time they went to try to change notthey are objective was to change it, it was to repeal it. -- their objective was not to change it, but to repeal it. they did make sure it would fail when they removed the risk putter payments, this was
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forth by representative marco 2014. and in immediately, they made sure that it would not succeed. theird to get people in who are wanting to make it work and not just to make sure that everybody dies because they came
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.e is an ignorant president >> larry calling in on our republican line. >> i am so happy that a few republicans made the right choice. it is never a good thing too -- >> i think we may have lost larry. let's take a look at what viewers are saying on twitter. three gop, thank god senators finally decided to put country before party when dealing with health care for americans. and someone says, mitch
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is too quiet, at least he said a little now, good. we are getting information on the skinny vote to repeal the affordable health care act. josephine is calling from livingston, new jersey. josephine: i try to stay up listening to what was going on in the senate. very disappointing. very disappointing. it saddens me to think we pit people against people on health care. health caree say, is not a right, but in the bible brother's keeper. christians,led especially evangelicals, they always put in front of me the bible, the bible, and yet, you
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are not your brother's keeper? the way they had it configured towould take 850 billion give to the rich as a tax cut. needed it, they because they now have to go to the reconfiguration for the tax laws. they needed that for that $850 billion. i hate to say it, but steal from the poor, give to the rich. how sad is that? putting your pockets in front of the well-being of people that have to be cared for, because the insurance is failing, insurance is failing. what mitch mcconnell forgot to tell you was, when the law was passed -- if you don't know, when you pass it you have to put money in the pot for the law to function. they took the money out, because a lot of people
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went into the insurance business, because they were encouraged -- give them a stipend to keep them going. what did mitch mcconnell and the republicans do? they took the money out and all fell on their faces. like people going to you cannot operate. -- when do not know how you take the money out of the program, that is how the law operates. host: i think we get your point. we will head back to the newsroom, where john mcardle will give us more about the latest in the aftermath of this. just then was talking about what republicans were trying to do. i wanted to talk about what was in this skinny repeal plan and tot eventually made it this pared down legislation. i wanted to share this story just out from the wall street journal on reaction to the
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failure of the skinny repeal plan. the story noting that the failure to pass the plan is a relief for health insurers, but it leaves the country struggling with increasingly urgent questions as they participate in-- the obamacare insurance exchanges. they have likely now moved into the spotlight with the collapse of the republican effort to repeal the aca. the insurers are watching this repeal, which was being called a lowest common denominator bill, a bill that was pared down to get as many republicans as possible on that legislation. cnnmoney talks about what would have been in that legislation if it was passed. with the bill that was unveiled late yesterday, here is what was in it. it would have included a repeal of the individual mandate, would have gotten rid of the employer mandate for eight years, would have provided greater flex ability for the states for
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waivers to give them flexibility on what insurers had to cover, 10 essential health benefits and other issues. it would have defunded, illuminated funding for planned parenthood and similar providers while giving more money to community health centers. it would have eliminated medical for three years. it would have put more money and a health savings accounts and allowed senators to be in control of prevention for public health fund. some critics of that fund called it the slush fund spent on things like sumo classes and massage sessions. classes and -- zumba classes and massage sessions. some 60 million fewer people having insurance by the year 2026 -- 16 million fewer people having insurance by the year
7:46 am
2026 had that gone through. senator john mccain joined senators colin and makowski. host: evelyn, what you think about this morning's vote? caller: i think it is great. i am so proud of john mccain, and i cannot say that very often. but he would stand up and say no. and the rest of them -- you know what? this is the greatest country in the world. i'm not going to argue that, whether it is or is not, you have other countries that are less industrious than us and they can give insurance to all of their people, but the united states cannot? .hat is really sad we are citizens that help build especially our veterans. i am thrilled. host: rogers on our republican we lost roger.
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we will move on to jerry, independent, kentucky. what did you think about the vote? caller: i think everyone should have a single-payer insurance, and i think that john mccain, mitch mcconnell, and the speaker .f the house should be replaced they do not know what the heck , and no oneng should be elected in any of those positions over three terms. thank you. host: ben, indiana, democratic line. good morning, ken. caller: good morning. i am pleased with the results of the vote from yesterday. i hope the discussion will now progress to a greater focus on
7:48 am
universal health care. i think health care should be a right, we have gone through a aggressive tax system -- progressive tax system. health care is not like any other commodity. it is not like any other product you can buy with competitive pricing or specific knowledge on quality and other factors. it is a very unique aspect of our civil society. like every other industrial .ountry, we recognize this to build a healthy, frightening company and -- thriving , and a country that has the freedom and aspirations for freedom and liberty that this country does should make health care a fundamental part of our culture and recognize that it is not something you can bargain aboutaggle with doctors pricing. it should never be about making
7:49 am
it a business. i have the discussion progresses more and we are looking at a real universal health care plan, that provides a -- everyone with access to health care and looks as a way to bolster and promote liberty. health care to everyone is very expensive. is that something lawmakers can get behind, and had he propose we pay for that? caller: that is a very good question. my response is as follows. a should pay for it through progressive tax system, so illuminate insurance companies that many -- in limited insurance companies that many pay for now. if you illuminate that and revise the tax system as -- eliminate that and revise the tax system to fund it, that is number one. and i think we will find that when we really make health care a right and embrace it as an
7:50 am
enabler for people to really live out their liberties and pursue their interests, we will find it will boost our economy, people will be healthier and people to work more effectively, which helped our economy and we will have a multiplier, if you will, in our economy. so i think we look at it wrong. we look at it as if it is any other product, and it is not. the patient cannot bargain for health care. it is a very specific sector of our society that we need to look at and particularly the u.s., since we have expirations -- aspirations for liberty and freedom. we need to look at it as an enabler of those things. republican line, charlotte, calling in from washington, pennsylvania. good morning. caller: good morning, i'm calling because i want people to realize how much the health
7:51 am
insurances are getting compensated, a, with the taxes, premiums, deductions. the ceo of aetna, in 2016, had $41 million. -- $17e salary was seve million. all of the other five or six, they have like amounts of money. $21 million, and then they get stock compensation. our taxes, premiums, and deductibles are going to support guaranteed income for the health care industry, and we are getting very poor quality in return. --ple should realize that there is a law, mccarran it keepsact of 1945,
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the health care companies from antitrust legislation. so the competition is limited from the get-go. host: do you think that is what the lawmakers should focus on when they return as opposed to -- caller: yes. we should make it competitive. when i was born in 1955, the doctor's was $52 to deliver me and take care of my mother through the pregnancy. they could pay that in cash. and now they started the health care insurance industry, and everything is unaffordable. you have to be able to know how much a hospital charges for what, what the tests are, for the scans, and this stuff ought stood and put on the internet so people can compare cost -- stand and put on the internet so it can be comparable. host: three republicans joined
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the democrats in voting against the health care measure early this morning, including republican john mccain from arizona. let's take a look at what he said before the vote yesterday. majorelieve one of the problems with obamacare was that it was rammed through congress by democrats without a single republican vote. i believe we should not make that same mistake again. if necessary, this is -- you are now about to hear from antique phone that very few americans -- [laughter] americansre very few anywhere in the world. there is a person and tells who also has this phone. -- in tulsa who also has this phone. [laughter] make the samennot mistake we inflicted in 2009. we have to have some bipartisanship. all of you sauce my speech -- saw my speech, which i would be
7:54 am
happy to provide you with a recording of in case you missed it or have insomnia. but the point is we have to have republicans and democrats sit down together and come up with a bill that gets a majority in both houses. otherwise we will see this continuous gridlock, and i do not want to go on and on, but when we passed obamacare in .009, it split us dramatically it split us for years. it is time we sat down together and came up with a piece of legislation that addresses this issue. mcardle is in our newsroom. what is the latest? more on john mccain and his thoughts on what happened on the senate floor from three of the congressional reporters, the many congressional reporters that were on capitol hill late into the night last night. these three from politico, they have a story on how mccain upended the obamacare repeal.
7:55 am
some details from that story -- the president made a last ditch effort, calling the arizona obamacare repeal as the fate hung in the balance. after pence had spent 20 minutes working the game, the senator went off to speak with trump iphone. whatever the men said, it did not work. before 1:30 a.m. on friday, mccain gestured his hand downward to vote no. inside theoting that chamber, mccain was surrounded by a rotating cast of senators, including graham, murkowski, collins, and senator dan sullivan of alaska. he spoke to murkowski, and flashed a thumbs down as he did it. others try to prevail on mccain, but his mind would not change. he walked over to a gaggle of senate democrats at one point and told them they would be that she would be voting no on -- he
7:56 am
the repealting no on measure. "let's get this over with" mccain told the democrats. --really want to do and daa ndaa." senator from delaware, "i was trying not to jump up and down." host: talking to our viewers, getting your reaction to the vote early this morning. ruth, democratic line, jackson, mississippi. caller: good morning. they knew that that was not going to pass in the beginning, but they were trying to have with our president, because he wants them to push something through. they knew it was not going to work. but they were going to try to do what he wanted them to do.
7:57 am
he does not care about us as a people. he just wants to win what he wants to win, and that is not good for this country. he keeps telling people, the american people, this is for a few people that like him, not the majority of the people because there are 70 people at their fighting for their insurance. they need this insurance -- so many people out there fighting for their insurance. they need this insurance. if the republican people at think about the people instead of the party -- would think about the people instead of the party and stop trying to kill the affordable care act because it is called obamacare -- it is still the affordable care act. put your money where your mouth is and fix this thing. they could work together if they wanted to, they do not want to work together, and they do not want to fix this because it is all about money. republican, ann
7:58 am
arbor, michigan. what are your thoughts? caller: so many things to say. one is that i applaud mccain for his stand up this, but i am also disappointed in him. the other thing i would like to -- is that as a capita capitalist country, not a socialist country. if we go the way of europe, we are going to be like -- socializedif we health insurance, which is 1/6 of our economy, it will be a case of the -- wrecking the dog. and we also need to get pricing into the equation. -- we needy support to know what we are paying for and the cost is. everybody has a right to health care. make no mistake, everybody has a right to health care.
7:59 am
but we do not have a right to government funded wholesale health insurance. host: what would you like to see? caller: one other thing i would like to say is one thing about john mccain is he said what whenned in 2009 is that aca came online, with the vote , nohe democrats republicans supporting that is what split our country. no, that happened in 1973, when the supreme court made abortion wholesale -- abortion legal. that is the whole thing. that is where it all stands. when abortion was made. the dems are lockstep for abortion. republicans, by and large, are not. that is where the whole thing stands. this is only one indication of
8:00 am
vote our country is, this on health care. i wish we could get democrats on board to try and do something that would benefit all. independenton the line from pennsylvania. caller: how is everyone doing? good morning, america. c-span, you are doing a good job . i cannot believe that mccain was the changing vote. i think you need a hybrid system. have a hospital system for people that can afford that, then another for medicaid, single-payer, whatever you want to let together. i don't know trump saying he wasn't going to touch medicaid, he is now going back on his word.
8:01 am
i think they need term limits in the senate. five in the system. the amount of money they can get into the campaign. three different symptoms. when i was in the union i got hurt. i couldn't get insurance through blue cross and blue shield in pennsylvania. $600 a month i offered him they wouldn't touch me. then i got obamacare. i didn't even sign up for it. they just sent it in the mail. then i went and saw 40 people in the meeting. some worked in the industry, the rest had kids with leukemia. i felt pretty good with that with just a back injury, i saw have medicaid would help people. i wish they would work together. it has been so long since they worked together. i wish the baby boomer
8:02 am
generation -- i think america will be better off when they are finally gone. they want young people to pay for their health care now. there is no responsibility. smoking, drinking, drug use. people should start taking personal accountability. host: we are talking about the health care vote in the senate early this morning. the vote for the skinny repeal to strike down parts of the act and othere regulations went down in a closed vote -- close vote of 49-51 with 3 republican senators, susan collins, lisa murkowski, and john mccain joining all democrats to vote against it. democrats can call (202) 748-8000. republicans, (202) 748-8001.
8:03 am
independents, (202) 748-8002. democratic line from florida. hi, barbara. morning.ood good morning, america. we need universal health care in line with all of the other civilized countries in the world . i think it is important. many people are unaware in the last year in office obama had a abstractt he wrote an on the affordable health care for the american medical journal. the jama. internet.line on the looked atroup that the years the affordable ca re act, they picked it apart,
8:04 am
found the things that were wrong and possible solutions. look atan go in and their suggestions. they did a lot of research, a lot of work. it is a brilliant people for the american -- paper for the american medical journal. the subject of the affordable care at, there were many papers written about this on how to , etc., etc. by the health care industry, doctors, whatever. ,hat is one of the sources we or that senators and congressmen, should use in coming up with a better system. a good health care bill. host: let's go to our newsroom where john mcardle is giving us more. in the wake of the
8:05 am
failure of the effort, there are questions for senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. the first from senator john kennedy, republican from louisiana, a freshman that took office january. [video clip] he has been a champ. he has had the patience of job. i don't know how he did it. everyone bet against them, saying we wouldn't even get to bill. the never underestimate mitch mcconnell. teak. tougher than a $3 s here is a republican looking to be a member of the senate republican conference. mo brooks from alabama is one of the republicans running for jeff sessions' seat.
8:06 am
a thing the anti-writing in the crowded republican field calling for mitch mcconnell's ouster, calling him the head of the swamp. he is challenging the incumbent. he is furthering efforts to who pourednnell, money into supporting luther strange's campaign. "inside the republican conference mcconnell has to go, brooks said. he is absolutely the head of the swamp in the united states senate." this morning's vote against the gop health care plan. thomas on the independent line from tennessee. caller: some of the crazy things they will do, i have a friend that works in the hospital.
8:07 am
she says people come in four times a day and the doctor will ask, "what changed since this morning?" he will come in and get pills. came into the emergency room and they told her they could not see her because other people were first. that was not acceptable. these people do not pay one penny. i had surgery on monday. i had to pay $2200 up front. my health insurance is $12,000 a year. host: radio get your insurance? is it provided by an employer? caller: i have to buy it myself, out-of-pocket. i could not do death it out of my income tax because i did not make enough money to claimant. it.o claim i am having to pay every penny out of pocket, then 20% of my
8:08 am
hospital bill. they will not even take you to do surgery until you pay up front. host: what would you like to see lawmakers do? caller: if they would make these people pay money before they walked in the hospital door -- there are jobs out there. don't want to work for $8 an hour. they have to pay something before they walk into the hospital. host: what are your thoughts? caller: a couple of basic .acts for people to remember medicare is socialized medicine by definition. it is single-payer, the government paying the doctors. every civilized country in the world pays between 5% and 6% of their gdp by using that type of
8:09 am
system. they cover everybody. we pay 13% of our gdp and we don't cover everybody. a matter of -- if i sell insurance in those countries i can sell car insurance, robbery insurance, fire insurance, but not health insurance because it is taken care of by the government. you eliminate the middleman. it is cheaper, they get better results. if you are a conservative, doesn't it make sense to save money and have everyone covered? i am not anti-republican. but fiscally conservative socially liberal. i think people should do with they want to do as long as they don't hurt anyone. as far as the money goes the country will be down the tube if we keep running up
8:10 am
deficits and we should be fiscally conservative and socially liberal. host: we have some of our viewers chiming in on twitter on universal coverage and single-payer. do not always get what you pay for and shouldn't get what you don't pay for. single-payer elsewhere isn't gold standard. robert, the reason these countries have universal health care -- they are not spending trillions on multiple wars. getting your opinion on this early-morning vote against the gop's skinny repeal in the senate. democrats can call (202) 748-8000. republicans, (202) 748-8001. independents, (202) 748-8002. what would you like to see lawmakers do next? what are your health care stories? harrisburg, pennsylvania, on the
8:11 am
ke.ependent line, hi, mi and socialicare security are paid for by fica taxes. there is a ceiling at $113,000 of income. taxy like trump, that one return he came out with showed $134 million in one year. he might have paid fica when one day out of 365, regular working people making $60,000 pay fica taxes on every bit of their income for the year. it is a simple thing to me to eliminate -- why they cannot eliminate the ceiling on fica payments and have everyone pay the entirety of their income during the year.
8:12 am
medicare forfunds all, a single-payer system, and social security. you never hear anyone talking about the ceiling on fica taxes. host: rose from chicago on the democratic line. caller: hello. good morning. i have 4 points to make. first, john mccain when he mentioned 2009 when affordable health care was passed in 2010. that no republican voted for the were 181 there republican amendments put into the affordable care act. vote was part of the plot republicans had on inauguration night 2009 to sabotage anything
8:13 am
president obama wanted. ron johnson stood up and lied. he was on c-span many times wisconsins company in offered employees a $10,000 deductible for their health care pre-obamacare. ron johnson come you understand what i mean. trump in florida in his campaigns, he promised the seniors to reduce medicare drug costs to them. what has trump done for the medicare drug costs. did this skinny bill have anything to do with pharmaceuticals? do the seniors know there is a mandate and penalty in the med d
8:14 am
in 2003 by all republicans at 4:30 in the morning? points, you think these the policy of this, was driving lawmakers. you think the votes were more motivated? how likely are they to come together now to find a solution to the problems? caller: something has to break. let's look at if it is political or policy. look at kentucky. kentucky is the highest recipient of obamacare. they just do not call it obamacare. are the ones most fortunate from the affordable care act. you have the senate majority leader and rand paul wanting to repeal this. what about the people in kentucky? what about the people in mississippi?
8:15 am
.hat is the poorest state it fluctuates between mississippi, alabama, and louisiana who is the poorest of them all. look at the mall. -- look at them all. host: and emotional speech about health care yesterday. [video clip] i would say that i am probably the only senator here who was not born in a hospital. i was born at home in rural j apan. i lost a sister to pneumonia when she was two years old in japan. she died at home. a hospital where maybe her life could have been saved. it is hard for me to talk about this. i think you can tell.
8:16 am
give me a moment. when i came to this country as an immigrant, my mother brought me and my brothers to this country so we could have a better life. we came here with nothing. she had no paying job, no health coverage. growing up as a young girl in hawaii my greatest fear was my mother would get sick. if she did, how would we pay for her care? how would she go to work? if she didn't go to work at they would be no money. i know what it is like to run out of money at the end of the month. that was my life as an immigrant here. now i am a united states senator fighting kidney cancer. i am so grateful i had health insurance so i could concentrate on the care i needed rather than
8:17 am
how the heck i was going to afford the care that would probably save my life. at?ss wh when i was diagnosed with kidney cancer facing my first surgery i heard from many colleagues, including so many on the other side of the aisle, who wrote wonderful notes sharing with me their own experience with major illness in their families or with loved ones. you showed me your care and compassion. where is that tonight? herano talkinggeral before the vote. guest: is congressional republicans move on, the next big issue they are owing to take up is tax reform. for news on that front, it is on
8:18 am
the border tax. something we have talked quite a bit about on cnbc with the the death ofring the border adjustment tax. it is going to be a general revenue when it came to the house proposal by the ways and means chairman. about howhad spoke useful it would be. in a joint statement from those key leaders working on tax reform, paul ryan, mitch mnuchin,, secretary the chairman of the senate finance committee, brady of the house ways and means committee, in this statement yesterday, "well we have debated the progrowth benefits, we appreciate there are many unknowns and have set this policy aside to advance tax reform."
8:19 am
other news we have been following on the washington journal is the status of the attorney general in the wake of the president's tweets about jeff sessions. some of the criticisms the president put publicly on twitter. a response from sessions yesterday reported by "the hill" in an interview with fox news. sessions says he does not regret his decision to recuse himself from the federal investigation into russia's efforts to meddle in the 2016 election despite criticism from the president. "i am confident i made the right decision consistent with the rule of law. and attorney general that does not follow the rule of law is not very good at leaving the department of justice." sessions has indicated he is not going to step down. yesterday the associated press
8:20 am
said he would serve as long as trump wants him to serve. from jeff sessions in "the hill" there is a press conference next week to combat intelligence leaks according to jeff sessions. i've not been happy with the persecution of criminal leaks. we already have multiple numbers of prosecutions compared to last year at this time." again, that interview with fox news. lots of different stories besides the health care debate. we tried to stay on top of all of them. host: talking with viewers about the defeat of the skinny red appeal plan in the early hours -- of the skinny appeal plan in the early hours of the morning. democrats, (202) 748-8000. .epublicans, (202) 748-8001
8:21 am
on the republican line is cheryl from saint augustine, florida. up to watch how this went last night. have been a nurse since 1970. i am retired now, but i am thankful that the bill failed. medicare and medicaid has helped immensely. i remember when i was a child and there was no health care except for blue cross blue shield, which was started by the doctors. now, if people would just call aarp and get on the united healthcare, we could have a single-payer plan. i am fighting breast cancer. it costs $15 to see my doctor. everything is covered. they just need to pick up the
8:22 am
phone and follow through in finding the coverage. has been trying to help solve this problem. they will help solve this problem is people will just be smart enough to pick up the phone and call. calling from arizona on the democratic line. what are your thoughts, rex? caller: thank you for c-span. health care is very complex. there are basic questions to ask. is this a commodity or a right? if you think it is a commodity, you should vote republican and you will get your paul ryan health.
8:23 am
if you cannot pay for it and you believe it is a commodity, you should not get it. if you get sick coming you should get well fast or died quickly so you don't suffer. if you think it is a right, there is only one solution. that is a comprehensive medicare for all. a single-payer system. they need to fill in the swiss republicans have punched into medicare and make it comprehensive to the day you are born to the day you die. host: how do you think the government should pay for that? health care for all is expensive. caller: you have to pay for it. nothing is free. offneed to take the cap the fica tax. it will have to be paid for and taxes, but the amount will be less than $12,000 a year to united healthcare.
8:24 am
people who say medicare for all is a socialist system has a fundamental misunderstanding of what socialism is, and what i suspect capitalism is. and a fundamental this understanding of risk mitigation. to answer that simple question, is it a right or commodity? host: annapolis, maryland, on the independent line. caller: i largely agree that the aevious caller said it is commodity or a right? we have decided it is a right. look what we do for people that show up at emergency room's. we cover them. doing under the present system we do it in the most expensive way possible. you ask the right question. if you go with the universal
8:25 am
system, how do you pay for it? you can actually reduce or sustain the present level of expenditures by participating in welfare programs. if you have the diseases -- if you treat the disease for they become so inflame that people go to emergency rooms. host: are you still there? what would you specifically like to see lawmakers do now now that the bill is defeated? do you think it is up to democrats to offer a plan? do you think bipartisanship is possible? caller: i think john mccain was one of the most sensible voices on the floor last night, which is a call to bipartisanship. it cannot be done any other way. if each side's purpose is to defeat the other, we will never come up with a plan. i would put down the sword, pick up the pen, and work hard.
8:26 am
from south milwaukee, wisconsin on the republican line. caller: good morning. thank you for your time. i appreciate the ability to express myself as an american. i would like to address many issues, but we are discussing health care. i believe the health care system has been failing for more than the obama generation as far as how do we afford medical for americans is as simple as this. as with many other americans have expressed on this dismay,he disappointment, and absolute chaos in the u.s. house amongst our elected officials is unacceptable. i believe there is corruption on many levels where money has been pandered from medicare,
8:27 am
medicaid, the states. this is absolutely what we are doing to our own country is unacceptable. there are so many things changing with the repeals of amendments. if you put an amendment and, you take 2 out. we supposed to keep up with everything going on and make sense of anything to come up with a decision as to how we are supposed to take care of our own country? what was uncovered yesterday was we have a huge problem with russia. we do not know where our alliances are. these things are shadowing so many of the issues that are plaguing our simple citizens. i am an american woman who makes all her life and
8:28 am
779 dollars on disability. am disabled because of a bat infestation that is federally protected. what i can tell you. it took me down. i was able to support myself. now i am terminal with no health care. i have medicare. i am watching my country go down the tubes. host: heading back to the newsroom where john mcardle is. guest: one other story getting attention that started last night when the story broke was the comments that anthony scaramucci made to new yorker -- a new yorker reporter with the wrapup of the the latesting it episode of "survivor white house" as the white house
8:29 am
descended into chaos as president trump and his top aides turned on each other like vicious reality show divas. scaramucci launched into a vulgar tirade against reince priebus and a phone call. is a paranoid schizophrenic," he ranted. scaramucci wanted to know who leaked a story about him having dinner with a fox news host and former fox news executive. suggesting that it was priebus. scaramucci threatened to fire his entire staff. here is how it played out in breitbart, one of the news organizations seen as one of the most empathetic to this white house. newscaramucci show:
8:30 am
communications director unloads nasty attack on white house colleagues to opposition party. did focused on steve annan, formerly the head of breitbart -- it focused on steve bannon, formerly the head of breitbart. the president's son is shocked the media is going after scaramucci to cut off sources and leaks. all i know is that he isn't/wasn't the leak. .ost: the vote in the senate the skinny repeal offered by republicans seeking to repeal and replace obama care. getting your thoughts. democrats, (202) 748-8000. republicans, (202) 748-8001. .ndependents, (202) 748-8002 nancy on the democratic line from north carolina. caller: hello. i have been enjoying listening
8:31 am
to this. a few callers back someone mentioned personal responsibility. i wanted to talk about that. is, they will be squabbling about these things forever: climate change, health care, the wars. greed is at the bottom. if you want to complain about the price of gasoline, get a fuel-efficient car or bicycle. if you are going to complain about the cost of health care, unless you have pre-existing things like genetic diabetes or have been in an auto accident, people could do a lot to prevent illness. when they say shop the outside i'll of the supermarket, a lot of people come out with buggies full of soda, pork rinds, full of junk, junk, junk.
8:32 am
the chemical industry is entrenched in our food supply. if you see "monsanto" on anything in your garden, do not i. they invented agent orange. they are genetically modifying soybeans and corn. it is in all of our food. host: what should lawmakers focus on now? you are correct. there are people who have ofnesses due to a lot causes, but you need healthy people to buy into the health care industry to make it affordable for everybody. how do you think lawmakers should do that? caller: i am very skeptical it is ever going to be done because of the lobbyists. we have big pharmaceutical companies. the medical industry is a billion-dollar business, the
8:33 am
cancer industry is a billion-dollar business. i was diagnosed with cancer once. they do not offer nutritional advice, ever. they should, but they do not sell vegetables, they sell chemo and radiation. it is very profitable. i'm sorry to sound so horrible, but it is the truth. the oil companies will keep fracking until there is not an inch in this country that is unspoiled. all we can do at this point is if you have a backyard get organic seeds, do not eat beef full of antibiotics. if you eat chemically-flavored chips, down the line we are seeing increases in autism, adhd, depression and teenagers. this did not exist when i was a kid to this extent.
8:34 am
host: midland, texas on the independent line. what are your thoughts about the early morning vote? caller: good morning. want thisle who those subsidizing collect taxes by printing ballots. that is where subsidize money comes from. who callede wasident bush when he the reporter, my question on
8:35 am
this, told president bush rebate, is it really your idea? yes.ident bush, latera minute [indiscernible] host: what would you like to say lawmakers do after this vote failed? them since president clinton fail them all. [indiscernible] clarksville, tennessee on the republican line.
8:36 am
what did you think about this morning's vote? caller: i was watching some of off, as much and as i could stand. i don't have a clue with the difference is between medicare and medicaid. during the debate it was mentioned by someone that if the bill was so great, why did the previous administration have to issue executive orders and change it 70 times before the president left office? such a wonderful thing. i could not get that out of my mind. it must have been like a movie, it must've been a doozy of a bill. host: what would you like to see lawmakers do now? there are problems with the health care law, premiums are rising for a lot of people. this plan didn't work here and
8:37 am
should come next? caller: it didn't work. it obviously isn't going to get any better or they wouldn't even be doing this. 3 republicans and all the democrats who just want to let it go on, anything that has to do with repeal they won't touch. hey, let it go on. eventually, it is a bad bill that has been changed 70 times, eventually it will just go away. you, i am not changing the bill that was changed 70 times, you voted for it, now democrats do not want to admit it is bad and get rid of it and eventually get something better. let it fail. what else can they do?
8:38 am
host: in "the washington post" a piece about the debate leading up to the vote this morning. women in the senate facing health care backlash from men. maine has beenf challenged by a male lawmaker to a duel. she and senator murkowski were told that she and others deserve a physical reprimand for their decisions not to support the republican health care bill. murkowski was called out by president trump on twitter and told by cabinet official that alaska would suffer for her choice. murkowski were two of the three republicans who voted against the gop measure this morning, along with senator mccain to defeat the proposal by one vote.
8:39 am
joyce, from new jersey. what did? you think about the vote this morning -- did you think about the vote this morning? caller: it was good. .e need this the only reason why people are saying that this obamacare at -- when you put anything in to work on, you will have to make a lot of changes. the same way they did with the constitution. they had to make a lot of changes. they put in put out, did this, did that. anything you want to put out there. i have cancer. know about people with inion is thereop
8:40 am
are people that really need this. why can't they just move one? they can't move one because they want to wield anything obama did. they want to move it all out. host: how do you get your health care? do you get it from an employer? caller: i am 72 years old. ok, in 2015 i had my stroke. 2016 i had cancer. i got sick again. then i get social security. that's it. i don't get nothing else, alright. that isake this away,
8:41 am
like killing people. rich, everybody doesn't have that kind of money. instead of bickering, just leave it alone. host: homewood, illinois on the independent line. caller: this is what happens when you have a president that has never held office. i hope after this administration there will be some thatistration passed requires any president to have served office. the republicans do not feel mandated to support him because he is so unpopular. it symbolizes how unpopular theident is, and how senators are concerned about their own agenda and their own status in the senate. host: can i ask a question? just the president who
8:42 am
campaign to repeal and replace obamacare. republican lawmakers have been campaigning on that for the last 7 years, before president trump even started his campaign. is it their fault, too? times the political term is coattails. when the president is so unpopular you don't do that. the fact that bill failed symbolizes how unpopular the president is. they're saying i will not support legislation the trump agenda is specifically for you to have been campaigning for seven months, but the devil is in the details. it is easy to say what you are not going to do, what is not right, but it is hard to come up with your own thing and push it forward. withyou are at the helm the ability to do something,
8:43 am
that is when it gets more murky. host: hi, john. guest: the house is expected to come in at 9:00 a.m., 15 minutes. they will be considering a bill to extend private medicare access programs for veterans and an intelligence moderation bill. billsuse will take up 4 under this is pension the rules, including on on physician .ssistants at hospitals though it was a late night last night, it is not in session today. it will reconvene for :00 p.m. on monday and hold a vote on the for an 11th circuit court. that is the schedule on capitol hill today. plenty of reaction after last night's drama in the senate.
8:44 am
the vote on the skinny repeal. reaction from senators, orrin "i amfrom utah disappointed there are things that republicans and democrats need to be fixed. up."nnot give from minnesota, "let's come together on health care. bills, for of them bipartisan to lower prescription drug costs." republicans pushed two takeaway care from tens of thousands rhode islanders. senator harris of california went to the crowd that gathered late last night at the capital and gave remarks. t from one ofwee the congressional reporters on capitol hill filming the scene outside last night.
8:45 am
we will look to play that for you and a little bit when we get twitter working. continue to look for reaction. look forutes -- reaction in the 15 minutes we have left. host: then the house gavels and. getting your thoughts on voting down the so-called skinny repeal of the affordable health care act. what do you think? watched everything last night. that was the first time in a was proud to be a republican. combat brother john
8:46 am
mccain did the right thing. and of course citizen collins did. senatory threatened the and the interior that they were going worse, you do not threaten a western woman like that. i knew that she was going to vote along with mccain. we do have republicans in maryland. we have a good governor. thank you. anne from desoto, texas. what do you think?
8:47 am
caller: like others i stayed up and i thought god bless senator mccain. republicans talk about right to life, but they do not want women to have maternity care. how do you knockout maternity then talkf insurance, about right to life? like theazing, gentleman before me, think god for senator mccain. car, i have to buy car insurance. i buy a home, i have to have house insurance. it should the everyone has insurance, bottom line. i don't care if you pay $2 for it, you have to have it. host: back to john mcardle. caller'se caller to
8:48 am
back was talking about with the alaskan senator lisa murkowski, here is the story yesterday from npr. hours after president trump criticized murkowski's vote, secretary zinke he called alaskani and a fellow senator to say that there is state could run into trouble with the trump administration. markowski said i will not go into the details, but the strong energetic growth, pro-jobs, pro personnel part of those policies will stop. to the dispatch's reporter that rutkowski put alaska's future with the administration in jeopardy. lisa murkowski is one of the three senators voting against the skinny repeal sinking the republican repeal health-care effort.
8:49 am
we are expecting a meeting of the house republican conference, a closed party meeting, at 9:00. there should be news from that as paul ryan meets with his conference. host: the house will be gaveling in any left in minutes. minutes.n -- in 11 until then, the health care bill in the senate defeated by 1 vote to pass the skinny repeal. the deciding vote from arizona senator john mccain. mark from wisconsin. what did you think? caller: i am glad it did not pass. i have a question for trump, 7 years to come up with a plan. trump promised the best plan. obviously, they don't have it. where is it? for obamacare failing come the only reason it is failing is
8:50 am
because republicans refused to pay their bills. if you don't pay your bills come it fails. host: what would you like to see happen now? what next step? caller: they have to come out.her and take the greed we know that big pharmacy and the insurance company is running them, that is where they are getting too much support. they should not be able to give their support. earl from redford, michigan. ? when did you think? would like to say good morning to america and the congress doing their best to get a health care plan that is comfortable. i am an obama supporter. the gop had to recognize the rhetoric trying to solve the health care problem, there was no solution on the table so it
8:51 am
had to lose. trying tod trump is propose is a selfish business aspect of the government that doesn't work. checks and balances has to come from everybody. down.hing has to go i personally think obamacare is the program that was supposed to help everyone in the country. it has its problems. it should be improved and amended by both parties. one party trying to run the government isn't going to do it. it is a unified country. everyone has to be involved in resolving issues for the american public. host: in other news, nebraska appublican senator ben s called for the president to forget the idea of a recess appointment should he fired jeff sessions and try to replace him. [video clip] >> today, i have come to the
8:52 am
floor to keep my promise and offer humble advice to the president. if you are thinking of making a recess appointment to push out the attorney general, forget about it. the presidency is not a bull, and this country is not a china shop. mr. president, you are a public servant in a system of limited government, with a duty to ourld, defend, and teach to kids the system of checks and balances. this is the world's greatest self-government. it works only if all of us, president, senators, republicans, democrats, judges, if weand keep our faith to the rule of law. our oath is not to popularity, not to polls, not to political parties.
8:53 am
our oath this to the constitution and the rule of law. host: hey, john. the washingtonom " examiner" story. republican members want the justice department to appoint a second special counsel to investigate actions taken by hillary, james comey, and 2016ta lynch during the presidential election. a letter was written to jeff theions and the deputy attorney general requesting the appointment of a new special counsel. "democrats called for a special counsel to investigate russian interference on the president trout campaign. their pleas were answered. there may be questions outside investigation." . coming out amid developments on the health-care debate.
8:54 am
we will see if there is more on that. host: talking about the health care debate after this morning's gop skinnyg down the rep appeals plan. from massachusetts on the republican line. caller: thank you for taking my call. a couple of comments regarding the rest of the world having universal coverage for everyone. none of those countries have a population the size of the united states so it is not a fair comparison. the standards by which they measure health care are not the same standards all over. it shouldn't go to universal health care. the bureaucracy in washington will explode like nothing we have seen before. instead of 200 pages of regulations, we will probably have 10,000.
8:55 am
it isn't every single person hospital will be obliged to follow the government which makes them a government employee. think about it. we have enough government. ne proposalu think o by republicans was to give more authority to the states, more freedom for the states to implement their own health care plan. forachusetts was a guide the federal health care bill. do you think this should be more -- that the states should have more of a stay in how health care is augmented? caller: i do. but in massachusetts mitt romney had support of both parties. the bill passed in massachusetts was 70 pages, as opposed to the government and aca proposal. is huge difference when people compare what romney did, with
8:56 am
massachusettsre . it was because both sides worked together. host: dennis from alabama. caller: thank you for allowing in about health somethinglthcare is we can check out wikipedia. there are alot of suites. the home state in new york with jeff sessions and the like. the other caller from arizona who thought we might need a national tax, sales tax. did he think that would stay at 2% and never rise? tax?any other
8:57 am
who would that tax mainly affect? something i hope other people also think about. thank you for letting me call to explain this. host: charlie, what did you think about the early morning vote? is good to see someone blocked it from happening. things would have snowballed in a bad direction if it had not. going forward they need to work together. republicans, they never seem to contribute anything that really helps the people in any of these issues. if they supported something like lowering the age for medicare to 55, which would take a lot of people off of medicaid. it may decrease the cost there.
8:58 am
with medicare trying to decrease buying is a block and decrease in the custom croaks, if they used the power of more people and it, they could negotiate for prices.rug there are ways to make it happen and make things better. with people from 55 and up getting onto medicare, that would help decrease the premiums for the younger people, because there would be a block of older people who might be on a lot of drugs that would not be causing the health insurance policies to be higher. if they redistributed the pricesion, got better with medicare, with another block of people, they could do good stuff. from burlington, new jersey on the democratic line. caller: good morning. i wanted to set some of the
8:59 am
record straight. i'm glad to see that john mccain, senator john mccain, voted no. i wanted to fall back on some of the republicans when they say rammede democrats just aca through. this is not true, because there was over 15 months of open .ebate and discussion and the republicans added 140 different amendments to the aca. they still voted no. only because obama's name was to it. i just wanted to set the record straight that the democrats did not just run this through. the republicans have a chance to americans --e democrats and republicans can
9:00 am
fix the aca, which would be beneficial for all people. host: that is going to have to be the last word on "washington journal." the house is about to gavel in for a session. we'll take you there with live coverage from c-span. the speaker: the house will be in order. the prayer will be offered by the guest chaplain, pastor scott poling, harvest new beginnings church, oswego, llinois. the chaplain: lord, i pray for these who serve this nation for they ultimately serve you. there is no authority except from god. in these gathered here whether they realize it or not are your ministers for the good of the people of the united states of america. i pray for the men and women in this room and those who will soon fill these seats. help them to acknowledge you, come to faith in you, look to you, and live in the fear of god and not the fear of men. embolden them to make good godly decisions that


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