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tv   President Trump Vows Crackdown on MS-13 Gang Violence  CSPAN  July 28, 2017 11:32pm-12:17am EDT

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president trump was in new york on friday where he talked about the steps his administration is taking to fight gang violence and organized crime. held just before the president announced on twitter that he was replacing his chief of staff with john kelly. this is 40 minutes. >> good afternoon, i'm the director of i.c.e. as a career law enforcement officer, i want to begin by saying thank you. the work we have chosen, the job
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we do is tough and i'm honored to serve along side so many patriots. to my fellow i.c.e. officers and agents in this room, thank you for the privilege of serving alongside you. i want to recognize the suffolk county p.d., nassau, nypd for operation matador, which is dedicated to combating ms-13 in new york city and long island and has resulted in over 100 arrests. here in long island, i.c.e. agents collaborate to work gang cases, share intelligence and develop cases for prosecution. we're here today to send a clear message to ms-13, and all other criminal gangs, you are not welcome here. and you will not find safe harbor. president trump has made it a
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priority to get these criminals off the street. and if they are in the u.s. illegally, out of the country. that's exactly what the men and women of i.c.e. are going to do to keep america safe. our efforts to dismantle ms-13 without strong partnerships between law enforcement agencies at the federal, state and local levels. let me be clear. we will be relentless in our pursuit of every member, associate and leader of ms-13. from the command and control element in el salvador to the lone gang member walking in our communities, we will target all of you. we will bring a laser focus to the absolute destruction of this cowardly organization that terrorizes the most vulnerable in our country.
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[applause] >> at this time, it is my privilege and honor to introduce the tremendous advocate for i.c.e., for the rule of law, an advocate for everybody in law enforcement, your congressman, peter king. [applause] mr. king: thank you very much. thank you. what a great day to welcome president trump to long island. thank you for your great work and the work you are doing.
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we acknowledge the members of congress who are traveling with me, one you know from the neighboring district, congressman lee zeldin. [applause] mr. king: another guy almost up in canada, chris collins. [applause] mr. king: and if you take the ferry boat over to staten island, dan donovan, a great guy. [applause] >> and let me acknowledge all the men and women of law enforcement, the local police, state police, federal law enforcement, to the outstanding job you do, we thank you for your service. and let me tell you you could never have a greater advocate than president trump.
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[applause] mr. king: president trump knows that blue lives do matter. president trump will always be in your corner and will always have your back. ms-13 is a brutal gang of vicious murderers. and we have several family members who have personally gone through the horrible anguish that resulted from these vicious murders that have been carried out. but i can tell you personally from my conversations in the white house, from president trump, to phone calls that he makes from his kitchen on sunday morning, that he is committed to destroying ms-13. this is an absolute obsession he has. i have talked to him about it. he is absolutely dedicated about it and he is going to get that job done. ms-13 is going to be destroyed and we aren't going to be
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worried about political correctness. [applause] mr. king: president trump stands with the good people of brentwood and the people of long island and the people of america. he stands with us, he speaks for us and he fights for us. and now, ladies and gentlemen, from one guy who grew up in queens to another, it's my privilege to introduce the president of the united states of america, donald trump. [applause]
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[crowd chanting u.s.a.] president trump thank you very much. this is certainly being home for me. i spent a lot of time right here. i was in queens and i would come here and this was like the luxury location for me. and i love it. i love the people here, even coming in from the airport, i sat with nikki haley who is here someplace. ambassador nikki haley who is absolutely incredible. [applause]
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president trump seen crowds in her life, but seen those are big crowds. and it's really a special place. i said i want to do that one. but i wanted to do it not because of location, but because as you know, i am the big, big believer and admirer of the people in law enforcement, ok, from day one. from day one. [applause] we love our police. we love our sheriffs and we love our i.c.e. officers. and they have been working hard. thank you. they have been working hard. together, we're going to restore safety to our streets and peace to our communities and we're going to destroy the criminal cartel ms-13 and many other gangs.
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but ms-13 is particularly violent. they don't like shooting people because it's too quick, it's too fast. i was reading one of these animals was caught and explaining they like to knife them and cut them and let them die slowly because that way it's more painful and enjoy watching it that much more. these are animals. we are joined today by police and sheriffs from suffolk, nassau, duchess counties. state police from new york and new jersey. many of you, i know, great friends. immigration and customs enforcement officers and law enforcement personnel from a number of federal agencies that were loaded up with great people. that's what i call it. i just want to tell you all together right now and the reason i came is the most
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important sentence to me, on behalf of the american people, i want to say thank you. thank you very much. [applause] thank you. thank you. i don't think you know how much the public respects and admires you. you save american lives every day and we have your backs, believe me. we have your backs 100%. not like the old days. not like the old days. [applause]
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when you want to take over and use military equipment and saying you couldn't do it. you know what i said? you can do it. in fact, that stuff is disappearing so fast, we have none left. you guys know it. you really knew how to get that. but that's my honor. i tell you what. it's being put to good use. i especially want to thank i.c.e. director who has done an incredible job in a short period of time. tom, get up here. [applause] president trump tom is determined to rid our nation of cartels and criminals who are preying on our citizens and i can only say to tom keep up the great work. he is a tough guy, a tough cookie.
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somebody who saw him on television, they said he looks very nasty, very mean. i said that's what i'm looking for. that's exactly what i was looking for. and for that, i want to congratulate john kelly who has done an incredible job as secretary of homeland security, incredible. one of our stars. truly, one of our stars. john kelly is one of our great stars. you know the border is down 78%. under past administration, the border didn't go down, it went up. if it went down 1%, this was like a great thing. down 78%. and in fact, the southern border of mexico, we did a big favor, believe me, they get very little traffic because they know they aren't going to get through the border to the united states. so that whole group has been incredible led by general kelly. let me also express our gratitude to the members of the
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new york delegation here today, congressman chris collins. where's chris? where's chris. right from the beginning trump is going to win. trump is going to win. that's why i like him. i didn't like him that much before, now i love him. dan donovan. thanks, dan. thank you, dan. [applause] president trump and lee zeldin who i supported right from the beginning when they said he didn't have a chance of beating a very popular incumbent. and i saw him at a debate and i thought he was going to win but he fought a pretty popular guy and i said i think he is going to win. and he won pretty easily. pretty good.
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i'm proud of you. great job. and, of course, a legend, somebody that we all know very well, sort of my neighbor, as i consider him a neighbor, but he is a great and highly respected man in washington, congressman peter king. [applause] very respected guy. he is a respected man that people like to ask opinions of. i do. congressman king and his colleagues know the terrible pain and violence ms-13 has inflicted upon this community and this country. and if you remember just a little more than two years ago when i came down the escalator with melania and i made the speech people coming into this country, people said what does
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he know? what is he talking about. they said he is right. but the suffering and the pain that we were going through and now you can look at the numbers, it's a whole different world and it will get better and better and better because we have been able to nip it in the bud. we have nipped it in the bud. let's call it start nipping it in the bud. and ms-13, the cartel has spread gruesome bloodshed throughout the united states. we have gotten them a lot out of here. they will be out of here quickly, right? quickly. good. [applause] so i asked tom on the plane, he was never on air force one, i said how do you like it? he said i like it. i said how tough are these guys? he said not as tough as my guys.
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that's what you need. for many years, they exploited america's weak borders and lack immigration enforcement to bring violence and drugs across america. because of weak political leadership, weak leadership, weak policing and weak because the police weren't a loud to do their job. i met police that can't do their job because they have a pathetic mayor or a mayor who doesn't know what's going on. [cheers and applause] were you applauding for someone in particular?
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[laughter] it's sad. it's sad. you look at what's happening, it's sad. but hopefully certainly in the country those days are over. you may have a little bit longer to wait. but from now on, we're going to enforce our laws, protect our borders and support our police like our police have never been supported before. we're going to support you like you have never been supported before. [cheers and applause] fewer communities have suffered worse at the hands of these ms-13 thugs than the people of long island. hard to believe. i grew up on long island. i didn't know about this. i didn't know about this. and then all of a sudden this is
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like a new phenomenon. our hearts grieve for them. since january 16, think of this, mis13r gang members have brutally murdered 17 beautiful young lives in this area on long island alone. think of it. they butchered those little girls. they kidnap, they extort, they rape and they rob. they prey on children. they shouldn't be here. they stomp on their victims and beat them with clubs, they slash them with machetes and they stab them with knives. they have transformed peaceful parks and beautiful, quiet neighborhoods into blood-stained killing fields. they're animals. we cannot tolerate as a society
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the spilling of innocent young, wonderful vibrant people, sons and daughters, even husbands and wives. we cannot accept this violence one day more. can't do it. and we're not going to do it. because of you we aren't going to be able to do it. we aren't going to allow it to happen and we are backing you up 100%. 100%. remember that. [applause] it is the policy of this administration to dismantle, decimate and eradicate ms-13 at every other -- and i have to say -- ms-13, that's a name, rough groups, that's fine.
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we have a lot of others. and they were all let in here over a relatively short period of time. not during my period of time, believe me. but we're getting them out. they're going to jail and then they're going back to their country or going back to their country, period. one by one, we're liberating our american towns. i'm talking about liberating our towns, like a movie. they are liberating the towns. like in the old wild west. we are liberating our towns. i never thought i would be standing up here talking about liberating the towns on long island where i grew up. but that's what you're doing. and i can tell you, i saw some photos where tom's guys, rough guys, they're rough. i don't want to be -- they'll
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say that's political incorrect. you can't have rough people doing this kind of work. like they don't want to have rich people at the head of treasury, ok. like i want a rich guy at the head of treasury, right? [applause] i want a rich guy at the head of commerce, because we have been screwed so badly on trade deals, i want people that made a lot of money and make a lot of money for our country. and by the way, as i was walking up, they just gave me the numbers. our numbers just came out this morning, g.d.p. is up double from what it was in the first quarter. 2.6%. we're doing well, really well
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and took off those restrictions and some we are stuck with for a little while and when that statute come up, we will cut a lot more. but we are creating jobs like you are liberating us and the people that live in areas. but i have to say one by one, we are, indeed, freeing up these great american towns and cities that are under siege from gang violence. look at los angeles. look at what's going on in los angeles. look at chicago. what is going on -- is anybody here from chicago? we have to send some of you to chicago, i think. [laughter] president trump what's going on? i mean, you see what's happening there? do we agree? is this something maybe -- is this something -- [applause]
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president trump i have to tell you one chicago story. chicago is having this unbelievable violence, people being killed, four, five, six in a weekend and i'm saying what is going on. and when i was running, we had motorcycle brigades take us to the planes and stuff. and one of the guys, a really good -- a really respected police officer, he was at the head. he was the boss. and you could see he was the boss and talked like the boss. come on, i always take pictures with the police. my guys said, don't do it. don't do it. other candidates didn't do it that i was beating by 40%, can you believe it? maybe that's why i was winning by 40 points, but i always took pictures with the police. we were in chicago and those people have to volunteer, but from what i understand they have
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to volunteer. and i had the biggest brigades with almost 300 motorcycles. i was impressed and i looked ahead and nothing but motorcycles. but one guy was impressive. he was a rough cookie and really respected guy. i could see he was respected. and he said, come on, get over here. get over here. are you from chicago? yes, sir. i said what the hell is going on? and he said the problem could be straightened out. i said how long would it take you to straighten out this problem? he said if you gave me the authority, a couple of days. i really mean it. i said you really think so? he said a couple of days. we know them all. he said the officers know all the bad once.
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he said we know them all. a couple of days. i said you got to be kidding. this is a year and a half ago. i said give me your card and i sent it to the mayor. i said you ought to try using this guy. guess what happened? never heard. and last week they had another record. horrible. but we're just getting started. we will restore law and order on long island. we'll bring back justice to the united states. i'm very happy to have gotten a great, great justice of the united states supreme court, not only nominated but approved. and by the way, your second amendment is safe. [cheers and applause]
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your second amendment is safe. feel very good about that. wasn't looking so good for the second amendment. your second amendment would be gone. but i have a simple message for every gang member and criminal alien that are threatening so violently our people. we will find you, we will arrest you, we will jail you and we will deport you. [applause] president trump and we had some problems with certain countries >> we had some problems with certain countries and still do with a couple, don't worry about
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it. any time we have a trade deficit, it's very easy, which is almost everywhere. we have trade deficits with almost every country because we had a lot of really bad negotiators. it's almost everywhere, that takes care of itself. but we had certain countries in south america where they wouldn't take the people back. i said that's ok, no more trade. all of a sudden, they are taking their people back. it's amazing. they used to send to the former secretary of state, please call. ,nd they used to tell her, no we won't take back. they take back with us, every single time. are we having any problem with that, huh? you better believe it. give me the name of the ones with a few problems, we'll take care of it. it's unbelievable. [applause] one of the people that represented the other
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administration, i said, why didn't you use the power of economic -- -- sir, we think one thing has nothing to do with the other. i said really? we have big deficits and they won't take back their criminals? to me, everything matters, but they are all taking them back. i saw this is recently conducted offices recently conducted the largest crackdown on criminal gangs in the history of our country in just six weeks. i.c.e. and our law enforcement partners arrested nearly 1,400 suspects and seized more than 200 illegal firearms and some beauties and nearly 600 pounds of narcotics. the men and women of i.c.e. are turning the tide in the battle against ms-13. but we need more resources from congress and we're getting them. congress is actually opening up and really doing a job.
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they should have approved health care last night, but you can't have everything. boy, oh, boy. they have been working on it for seven years, can you believe it? the swamp -- but we're going to get it done. we'll get it done. as i said from the beginning, let obamacare implode. and then do it. i turned out to be right. let obamacare implode. [applause] >> right now, we have less than 6,000 enforcement and removal officers in i.c.e. this is not enough to protect a nation of more than 320 million people. it's essential that congress fund another 10,000 i.c.e. officers, and we are asking for that, so we can eliminate ms-13 and root out the criminal cartels.
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we are getting them out and only -- getting them out anyway, we would like to do it faster. when you see the towns and thugs being thrown in the back of paddy wagon and thrown in, rough, i said please don't be too nice. like when you put somebody in the car and protecting their head the way you put your hand -- like don't hit their head and they have just killed somebody. i said, you could take the hand away, ok? [applause] >> it's essential that congress fund hundreds more immigration federal judges and prosecutors and we need them quickly, quickly, if we are going to dismantle these deadly networks. and i have to tell you, the laws are so courageously -- so her
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horrendously-- stacked against us. they have been made to protect the criminal. not the officers. if you do something wrong, you are more in jeopardy. we are changing those laws. and in the meantime, we need judges for the simplest things. things you should be able to do without a judge. but we have to have those judges quickly. and we are working with chairman bob goodlatte on a series of enforcement measures, he is a terrific guy, to keep our country safe from crime and terrorism. and in particular radical islamic terrorism. [applause] >> a term never uttered by the past administration, never uttered. did anybody ever hear that term, i don't think so.
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you heard it from me. that includes cracking down on sanctuary cities, shield visa overstays and that release dangerous criminals back into the united states communities. that is what is happening. they are releasing them -- so many deaths when they release somebody back into the community and they know it's going to end that way. they know it's going to end that way. we're ending those procedures. we have to secure -- [applause] >> i spoke to parents, incredible parents. i got to know so many parents of children that were so horribly killed, burned to death, beaten to death, just the worst kind of death, stuffed in barrels, and the person that did it was
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released, and you look at the file and there were letter after letter after letter begging not to let this animal back in society, that this would happen, it would happen quickly. it's not like it would happen over a long period of time. they said it would happen quickly. they said he is a totally violent person. you cannot let this person out. they let the person out and sometimes it would happen like on the first day. and then you have to talk to the parents and hold the parents and hug them and they're crying -- i mean crying, their lives are destroyed and nobody thinks about those people. they don't think about those people. they're devastated. but we're ending so much of that. we're ending hopefully all of that. the laws are tough. the laws are stacked against us, but we're ending it. [applause]
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>> so we are going to secure our border against illegal entry and we will build the wall. that i can tell you. [applause] >> in fact, last night -- you don't read about this too much, approved, $1.6 billion for the phase of the wall and start of construction over a period of two years, but the start of construction for a great border wall. and we are going to build it. the wall is vital and vital is a tool for ending the humanitarian disaster brought and brought on by drug smugglers. and a new word that he haven't heard too much of, human traffickers. this is a term that's been going on from the beginning of time and they say it's worst now than it ever was. you go back a thousand years when you think of human trafficking, 500 years, 200
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years, 100 years, human trafficking, they say, think of it what they do, human trafficking is worse now maybe than it has ever been in the history of this world. we need a wall. the drugs aren't going through wall. especially the ones i build. i'm a very good builder. you people know that better than most. you live in the area. that's why i'm here. we'll build a good wall, a real wall, a wall that works and going to have a huge impact on the inflow of drugs coming across. the wall could be one of the main reasons you have to have it. it's an additional tool to stop the inflow of drugs into our country. the previous administration enacted an open-door policy to illegal immigrants from central america. welcome in. come in, please.
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please. as a result, ms-13 surged into the country and scoured and absolutely destroyed so much in front of it. new arrivals came in and all made recruits of each other and fought with each other and then fought outside of each other and it got worse and worse and we've turned that back. in the three years before i took office, more than 150,000 unaccompanied alien minors arrived at the border and were released all throughout our country into united states communities at a tremendous monetary cost to local taxpayers and also a great cost to life and safety. nearly 4,000 from this wave were released into suffolk county,
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congratulations, including seven who are now indicted for murder. you know about that. and in washington, d.c., region, at least 42 alien minors from the border search have been recently implicated in ms-13-related violence, including 19 charged in killings or attempted killings. you say, what happened to the old days when people came into this country and they worked and they worked and they worked and had families and they paid taxes and did all sorts of things and their families got stronger and they were closely knit. we don't see that. failure to enforce our immigration laws had predictable results. drugs, gangs and violence.
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but that's all changing now. under the trump administration, america's once more a nation of laws and once again a nation that stands up for our law enforcement officers. [applause] >> we will defend our country and protect our communities and put the safety of the american people first. and i'm doing that with law enforcement and we're doing that with trade and we're doing that with so much else. it's called america first. it's called, an expression i'm sure you never heard of, make america great again. has anybody heard that expression? [applause]
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>> that is my promise to each of you. that is the oath i took as president. and that is my sacred pledge to the american people. thank you, everyone here today. you are really special, special americans. and thank you in particular to the great police, sheriffs and i.c.e. officers. you do a spectacular job. the country loves you. the country respects you. you don't hear it, but believe me, they respect you as much as they respect anything there is to respect about our country. you're spectacular people. [applause]
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>> [chanting] usa! >> because of the danger of your job, which people also understand fully, i leave with you the following. thank you and may god bless you, may god bless the united states of america. thank you very much. thank you. thank you very much. ♪ [applause]
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♪ >> after that event, president trump announced a staff change in his administration, naming homeland security secretary john kelly as his new chief of staff. he replaces reince priebus, who has held the position since the start of the administration. on twitter, the president -- thanks for his
12:14 am
reince priebus for his dedication. >> mr. president, why john kelly? >> he is a good man. john kelly will do a fantastic job cured general kelly has been a star cured he has done a -- has been a star. he has done a great job and is a great american. reince priebus is a great man. >> sunday on american history tv on c-span3. we look at two u.s. presidents.
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at 6:00 p.m., john f. kennedy's life in photos at the smithsonian's collection of images. thing about the kennedys is they never pushed photographers or writers away. they did not care how they work photographs, they did not care was they knew they would be published, and it was a groundswell. there's no question about it, the media coverage of the jfk the first time we had seen anything like it. >> that will be followed by a look at ronald reagan's discussion with pope john paul ii. john paul ii sent a cable to reagan when reagan was shot saying, i praying -- i am
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praying for you. then reagan sent one back saying i am praying for you. as for moscow, if they are worried about a kinship at this and thetween the pope president, now they have to really worry about it. allmerican history tv weekend, every weekend on c-span3. senate minority leader chuck schumer held a news conference friday after a failure to repeal parts of the current health care law. he talked about a possible way forward that would include working with republicans. yes the commented on tweets sent by the president shortly after the vote. this is just under 20 minutes.


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