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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  July 31, 2017 9:33am-10:02am EDT

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airport? high-value targets? if you monitor when traveling, fake stations, amtrak station, dc has a fake outside of it a couple that, this is just the way it is. if you are a criminal and could uild a backpack to intercept information and leave the backpack plugged in, that is opular low risk than robbing a bank. >> watch communicators monday night 8 eastern on c-span 2. >> "washington journal" continues. ost: again, in this open phones, 202-748-8000 for democrats. 202-748-8001. and independents, 202-748-8002. john kelly being sworn in at the white house as new white house chief of staff, on this morning, president trump will meet with his cabinet. "washington of post," profile sort of jeff
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sessions, the attorney general, horowitz, for souring, they t met a decade ago when the thetor from alabama invited real estate mogul to testify about renovation of the united nations. sessions was taken by donald trump calling him a breath of fresh air for the senate, but was cemented when trump began to move toward a bid.dential trump saw sessions as similar immigration,iner on far from beloved by elite and wealthy donors of the republican party. "he saw sessions as someone he could develop natural rapport said in sessions, immigration, trade, veteran's to engage.willing that was start, although sessions was first politician to and back him to to multsuous moment, the support the now.
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session was confirmed as remove general to himself in the russian nvestigation was a breech of trump apparent. again, that is just one of the pieces in the paper this morning. reference that. segments we have done today or phones.g else in open start in wyoming this morning. goodis bernie, bernie, hi, morning. caller: good morning, partner, how you doing today? you, go ahead.ank caller: good. what i'm wondering, years ago, the north against the south. war.we had the civil that's what i see going on in washington, d.c. rather dumb. let's come together and work. work on the can heal fantastic. correct it and vote on it and go on, you know, the amount of
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money we have to use and then go on with general, it is their job there. host: why do you think republicans and democrats and other forces, why can't they together on these type of issues? caller: because they have been it now for what? three to four months, like on bill, and they only then vote and stopped and do a vote and stop. itally, they voted on it and passed and then they try to again. on what it will conta contain. they voted on if it failed. come together, both of them go into a room. democrats, five members of republicans, five members of the neutral side and sit at a table. i don't care for 48 hours, i don't care a month. pittsburgh, pennsylvania, republican line.
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bruce, you are next up. comment around the taxes in pennsylvania are the top 10 in the nation. host: okay. tax they is new shell wanted was tax on the poor, turns on a slight switch or heats their house will this time and the democrats call sideways now. people don't realize how much car is paid over entire lifetime from new to the junkyard. go to the store and pay on food and dollar other things. eople have to comp that up and really taxes are school tax,
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lower school taxes for more education. comes to en it ducation in pennsylvania they actually suck at mom r amount of kids that don't graduate. 40% in harrisburg, higher in philadelphia. but yet, they don't want to take responsibility for it. larger federal issue, what would you like to see republican dos when it comes reform?idea of tax caller: oh, he's gone. democrats irginia, line. hi, oscar. caller: good morning. the federal side. i really think that bernie is on point, the medicare tax, everyone pays up unlimited. but yet, if we have social unlimited, we pay
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180,000. should be make less increased to unlimited. it would not affect the middle stops about class 140. sharing the you're wealth with the risk. tax means social security is increased or completely emoved, everyone at as unlimited, didn't have minimum, maybe 2-tenths, shouldn't stop $210,000 income as medicare tax does. it is unlimited. way, when bernie is talking about reducing age of medicare everyone to age 55, it makes sense because everyone pays a premium. medicare, premium $135 a month. everyone knows that. well, let the 55 year olds, baby boomers all over the place, they let them get medicare card, age
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and above. host: to steven in flatwoods,, independent aller: yes, sir, i was highly enthralled and thrilled to death speech in mccain's the senate before the final health care vote. cooperation in the senate is broken. the president has promised o many things he can be the gets through because of opposition with democrats and republicans. resident trump promised to put hillary clinton in jail and i cell ueller puts him in a beside her, all i got to say. thank you. host: steven in kentucky on this of open phones. if you want to join and give topics oughts on these and others, 202-748-8000 for
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republicans. 202-748-8001. and independents, 202-748-8002. kansas is next. sheila on our republican line. go ahead. caller: good morning. hello. host: you're on, go ahead. caller: okay. are 't know if most people aware 1 million private foundations and charities in country sitting on $11 rillion in nontaxed funds and what i would like to see is at havend of the year, if you not spent your money finding a feeding ping the six, the hungry, i think you should pay taxes on it, not just the brother, that is bloomberg oundation, the gates foundation, the clinton foundation, it goes on and on taxes on.ould pay it host: if you go to pages of republic, easy
9:42 am, a story about flake. and this is the republican ask figure they can change the u.s. senatorshey write, two are making bold moves to combat u.s. lity that permeates politics today. senator mccain, both word and struck a blow last week for the bipartisanship and spirit of ompromise that once characterized the senate and jeff flake under pressure from the d trump, right wing of party and left as he seeks second term next year, has that promises rejection of politics and return to principle. week, mccain and flake thrust themselves into the heart of a national discussion political psyche and what can be done to change it. mccain ts expressed by on the floored were applauded, reversing seem bleak, especially if mccain is sidelined for treatment for extended er for period. missouri is next, this is jeff.
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democrats, line for hi. caller: good morning. wonder comment, i what's happened to the c-span directory?nal i don't hear more talk about that at c-span. a matter of funding or maybe -- give them space for ads there. host: you mean facebook with the names of the legislators and and information like that? caller: well, you mean it is all on facebook now? no, no, we call it the peopleshows faces in legislator. the directory? spiral bound -- host: yep, still got it. caller: there is good information in there. i'm reaching for it less because -- the d as it is, but
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idea, you are not selling enough sponsor necessary there. host: i have a copy of mine. we can dig up information on that information. anything else you want to add? if you would bring in an expert on economics, i'm00 mean i'm a 1%-er and i have in the stock ts market. i think that is a good place for it. this country in and creating jobs and creating growth for the country. why e, i'm not convinced economics, that better distribution of wealth to all than giving big chunks to for them to t inadvertent and efficient way to redistribute the wealth. host: okay. valley, new york, republican line, ed, good
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morning. morning.yes, good how you doing? host: well, thank you. caller: okay, like to make a comment. upstate new york. our taxes are out of control. thinkingnor just keeps about raising taxes, our school tax, i'm a homeowner, can't tax, i'm retired, 63 years old, work in new york life, lived here all my life. the funny thing, people are the geese york like do every fall. hey are going south and taking public money, retirees that are public servants, school retirement money is going out of the state. the only thing we'll have left rich, the really rich, and the poor. all.that's basically i'd like you to do a segment on new york alone to see what is happening here in our state. that is ed in new york. if you go to the pages of the talks treet journal," it about an event that took place
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las vegas and integrity of voting machine. voting technology put to the test. voting machine used in 2014 was hacked in 100 exploiting a windows xp flaw that was a decade old, demonstration on security vulnerabilitys and election technology. carston sherman with a university of copenhagen, computer hacker invited to def on in las vegas to test integrity of voting technology, many of which merchandised a rapidly becoming obsolete, within hours of the doors opening friday at the village, hackers penetrated the voting machine an gained access to electronic poll book. declined corporation to comment. elsewhere on the story, says, evidence ials said no uncovered in the systems
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involved in both casting or ounting were hacked, but researchers say tampering with touch-screen screens wouldn't be detectable. the machine was decertified and not used in last year's according to mr. sherman. apology for shifting that under camera. from john in pennsylvania, thanks for calling on open phones. democrats line. hello. caller: yes, good morning. just wanted to say good morning and i want to be really frank in what my opinion. senior citizen. 'm worked all my lifelike many americans in this country. it seems to me that entire system, the and not only my opinion, but years, for years and that we're making, no one gets only ones to get ahead are the ones who get rich, they are getting paid, they are their money and not earning it, in washington, and
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paying taxes up the -- yingy for services, they are not getting together. if i were to run my household the government is running theirs, i would be in the poor house the next day. with the great minds in this country, that we have, and country, and i'm sorry to say, but i don't have figure out lege to that the system is so corrupt away eople are getting with -- only the people that have money, not the poor people, ones paying their axes and those are the ones supporting washington, d.c. and these people can't get together. suffering asns are hell if this policy with our medicare, i mean, it is a nightmare. and i -- not that i'm against whatsoever, ates
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i'm proud of being an american, run.ot proud in how it is it is really shameful. the 21st century nd we can't get anybody together in the white house. host: okay. city, o to keith, valley north dakota. independent line. there. hi i -- the show, by the way. tax system generally. goes 30% of taxes, uncollected because of underground economies. pay their fair share in this country are typically owners, who some reports earnings and incomes in -- and solidly middle class folks, in the long run, who able to cheat. culture in our country is such you're kind of considered to be a chump and you feel like
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a chump if you can't brak about own personal tax avoidance scam. taxes own and listed all i pay in this country and i'm but when y taxes, you -- truthfully add it up, 65% income. and anybody who took the time to think about that would and also, that, corporations are taxed, but collect t, they only taxes from their customers, if you follow the money, consumers corporate taxes, every last ime, it is the best kept secret, our congress loves hidden tax on our consumers and called corporate tax. it is a shambles and reform it.'t fix host: okay. that is keith. about, where :30, president trump welcomed and of staff,is new chief john kelly, him taking over for
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remember that announcement last week, took place in the white house. here is a little of what in that event. >> just swore in general kelly, spectacular job, i have no doubt, as chief of staff. done in terms of homeland security is record shattering. at the border and the tremendous results we've had and ook at the spirit and with a very controversial situation, there has been very little amazing by, which is itself. i want to don gratulate you on fantastic job, general, we look forward if it better job as en chief of staff. >> thank you. trump: thank you very much, we'll see you in the board room. ost: again, the president having that event, meets with the cabinet later today and at the ook for more
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website at the viewer that called about the directory, al facebook, we called it, this is what it looks like, 2017 version c-span congressional directory. it lists cabinet officials, it it comes rmation when to senators, legislators, detailed ontacts, information, go to our website for a copy. website and go to the shop section, you should pick nformation on how to up a directory for yourself, good resource as far as information when it comes to capitol hill, the federal government and white house. emmett, from louisiana, hello, you are on next. caller: thank you. to , i've been listening y'all all morning about tax reform and i really don't taxeve there is going to be reform. trictly because democrats just don't have any plans on putting trump orm through until discloses his income tax.
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i watch that ways and means committee meeting and you could the hate those folks had for trump and their voices. get rid of hate, there will not be any tax eform, there will not be any healthcare, forget it. he couldn't get an ice cream cone through congress right now wanted to. have too muchiful, they animosity toward the president and they're starting to get a republicans to come over to their side and they really feel it is just hat, but a terrible situation and i just be t think it is going to remedied until the democrats drop all the hate. it in pelosi, green, they can't stand him, gosh, i've never heard anything like it in my life as have.s animosity they host: with republican majority
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on both sides, you don't think hey can manage to go through that and get tax reform done? caller: well, you know, i really don't think so. unless democrats have to feel like they are winning, if they they are not g, happy. host: that is emmett, in louisiana. new york times this morning takes a look at hurricane sandy specifically distributed in new jersey shore relief effor th efforts. after the storm, the towns have been propped up by federal aide by the state, including $132 million for grant services suchtral as police and fire protection and trash pickup. ast year the grants were distributed for half the year, this year funds dried up as urban ment of housing and development rejected request
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from the state leaving short scrambling to provide services during the busy season. meansck, new jersey, that elimination of parks and recreation. andatory budget cuts for every municipal department and state monitors overseeing every expenditure. economically starting to ickoff now because you had all these programs and subsidies and suzanne fated away," martcheck from ocean county nonprofit help area. he adds, you are kind of left with the dust settling and we'll really see the impact, that is new york section of the "new york times." rob in austin, texas, democrats' line. caller: yes, good morning. going back to regular
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order, working together on to get things through, i think it is time this country comes together and work quit this one and ing. biting and act ing am so tired and a lost americans are tired of it. we are tired of this back biting saying, they are wanting to it their jobs and blaming n the other party when it is both parties. the guy, a minute ago, i went through eight years with obama, obama and thought he was a great president. in the eight years
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obama was in, there was a lot of on.e going they were hating when obama came to them and kept asking them, if better idea, bring it to me on health care, bring it listen.'m willing to that is what we need, people to sit down and listen to each best and come up with the plan. social programs, yes, they need to be cut some. we don't need to cut it drastically. jamestown, kathy in rhode island, republican line. caller: hi, i would be seeing graduated flat tax. i think it is fair. think it would eliminate the loophole which basically president trump said during the less tax because legal take advantage of loopholes. that should be the philosophy. loopholes, everyone pays fair share. this is your rate. pay it. and you could probably get rid of three quarters of the irs and toward saving the deficit because you wouldn't
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need all the lawyers or people, would be pretty much put in the computer, this is your income, this is your rate, let's the check. that would be so much simpler and fairer. host: jeff, from falling waters, west virginia, republican line. how are you doing? go ahead. caller: good, good morning, c-span. i hear so many of my colleagues who watch c-span talking and omplaining about their congressmen and hear good ideas from fellow c-span viewers on do about taxes and good onservative measures to take, but i don't -- i'm 56 years old nd most of the people my age, who are also college graduates, i think we're all complaining are, but nonehings of us talk to our congressmen. people i y 99.9% of talk to my age, have you called your congressmen? they say, no, it does no good.
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i believe the corruption and of our country, we can find the problem with that y looking in the bathroom mirror, that is the problem, we don't communicate. i won't believe that calling our congress, i hear from people my calling my congressman does no good. i say, have you called your congressmen? no. i say, i cannot believe that communicating with our does no good until 80 million viewers call our can our respective congressmen after, if 50 million their congressman and it does no good, i will believe that is true. waters, f from falling west virginia. last call on the topic and last couple of moments of this program. forget, another edition of the program comes your way at 7:00 tomorrow morning, if you stick to the latest what is going on in washington, d.c. and surrounding area, go to thanks for watching today, see
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you tomorrow. >> the washington institute for policy today is hosting discussion on the threat of lone terrorism, see that live at 12:30 eastern here on secretary state. coming up later today, president trump will be awarding first presidency, r for risked his life.
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mr. hite house says that ceremony is at 3:00 eastern. it will take place in the east room. also, the president has been tweeting. c-span, where history unfolds daily. in 1979, c-span was created america's cable television companies and is brought to you today by your provider.


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