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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  August 2, 2017 7:00am-8:07am EDT

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national commander of the disabled american veterans talks about health care and employment issues affecting veterans. " washington journal" is live now. host: good morning on this wednesday, august the second. the fbi has a new director, christopher wray. the vote was 92-5. the fb -- the five was democrats and was the largest no vote for an fbi director ever. some statesrs in are seeking premiums as high as 30% for the affordable care act of 2018 as of the same time designate health committee chairman has announced hearings
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to hear bipartisan legislation to strengthen the individual health insurance markets. duewashington post reports to the need to consider the debt ceiling and the budget issues this fall, in republican tax package may be delayed until next year. over at the white house, president trump's tweets in defense of his habit of tweeting continue to make the news. the president said it is the only way for him to get the truth out and do some critics say the truth to it or have it -- the trump twitter habit stabilizes the world. here are the numbers to call. republicans, (202) 748-8001. democrats, (202) 748-8000. independents, (202) 748-8002. your view of president trump's use of twitter. or you can use social media or leave across -- comet at
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facebook -- a comment at we begin with one of the tweets the president left earlier yesterday and put it this way. andy the fake news media truck haters want me to stop using social media." he points to 110 million followers. the president reminded us in early january that he is in use of social media is not presidential, it is modern day presidential. same time, some of the critiques, one of them from bloomberg editorial-page and they wrote in late july that "the president's tweets have recklessly of ended policy from qatar to china to north korea."
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but, that benefit needs to be balanced against the public discourse, the political culture, the global stability of this presidential tweeting is the view from bloomberg that in july. -- back in july. we have james from atlanta, georgia on the line from democrats, good morning. caller: good morning. trump, iting back to is in the scripture where the trumpet has sounded pretty -- has sounded. you know, these are signs of the antichrist. lives on twitter and seems like somebody who has dementia or something.
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observe what the person says, he says one minute and the next minute he tells a lot and then he tells a lie to cover that up. i feel like he is the antichrist and a 666 is in and the republicans will keep a backing and this man, they call themselves christians. define what a christian or evangelical is to me. these people are wolf in sheep's clothing. host: thank you for calling. dave is on the line for democrats. what do you think about the president's use of social media to get his word out? he say it is the only way in his view. he makes think f, i don'tff the cuf know how he would say he is getting the real news out when he is caught in so many lies. he is a hope which will liar. habitual liar and that is
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documented. i do not know how he is saying he gets the real news out. the other day he was talking about the speech he gave you for the boy scouts and they called and said they gave -- they called and said he hadid a good job and that was a lie. host: thank you for calling. we will get some more of your calls. you calling,rd to we have heard from a couple of democrats so far. a little more context on that million that the president put out in terms of number of followers. some write it is total reach on social media, he has 35 million followers on twitter on his personal account. nearly 23 million lights unfazed look and 7.2 million on
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instagram. that does not quite reach one twin -- 110 million. it is worth noting, writes newsweek, that president obama's twitter had 92 million followers about one 8s 44 had million total. -- 108 million. they say he is misrepresenting who would like him to stop using the platform. more on that in a moment. on the a democrat from laurel, maryland. good morning. caller: good morning. i am calling because obviously his tweets are disrupting the nation. if you look back, all of his tweets contradict everything he is doing, everything he said obama had done is contradictory
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tweets saying, hey, this is what i am doing now which he does not reflect what was previously spoken. host: thank you. jim is on the line from newcastle in delaware on the line from republicans. good morning. caller: i think of this is troops only option because -- trump's option because of the swamp is fighting back and their creatures and the people in the media will not give him a break for anything else. they have remade all of the stuff from russia. is atk it is stuff that the point where the democrats are trying to blame the trump administration for their own sins to deflect and is on the way he can go through with a loud and clear picture is to tweak. tweet. -- is to tweak. -- the only picture is to tweet.
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like ronald reagan could reach through tv and a donald trump cannot do it because of they will not get him the proper coverage and they do not give him any respect. this is the only solution. host: do you think all issues should be on the table in terms tweets? some suggest the stay away from certain national security items and those rings. is everything fair game? caller: i think if he wants to make a point, he should use it and he does. i do not think he has harmed his admin is ration and he is made of the opposition -- administration and he has made the opposition mentally ill and each roll them crazy which is fine for me. host: thank you for calling. a couple hundred folks posting, lisa writes, i like it regarding the tweak because of all the
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fake news, this way i know the truth. ann reported i love it. the media is out to destroy him. b writes -- b[no audio] we are also taking your comments on twitter about the president's tweeting. we will get to those in a moment. a couple of independent callers. dennis is first. go ahead. caller: yes, i don't care for his tweets very much, but i would rather read those than listen to him talk. host: why? caller: i just can't stand his voice and the way he repeats just spectacular,
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just spectacular and stuff like that. he is our president so i will reserve judgment on his performance so far and about the russian a deal, or hillary clinton, and to this point, what difference does it make? and her remarks about the benghazi. i guess that is about all i have. thank you. host: thank you for calling. henry is another independent in new york. go ahead. caller: good morning. how are you today? host: doing well. how are you? caller: i am all right. the president's use of twitter is hypocritical because he used free media during his campaign. think, if he should do anything, he should address of the nation and not just using
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twitter. if he does use twitter, he should use the white house account, not his personal account. ok, divorce of hillary henry. stella writes this this morning. good god, when is enough enough. every damn day. ok, this was henry. stella.e bs, writes good morning. caller: good morning. just in time for stella because i agree with stella. i have questions for you to answer without beating around the bush or talking points. voices after a certain amount of time as we listen to your program, ok. you still have the same people own anti-bashers, and tightrope and others -- anti--trump.
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the same people are on. do they have special people on the phone that they get through? they seem to be on constantly. and would you going to change subject? three weeks or more, every solitary day on your program, anti--trump bashing. there are so many things going on in the world and so many things happening and it is so much anti-trump bashing. host: give us some ideas of topics you would like us to discuss? caller: anything. good things happening and the world. good things going on. good things in a the country. taxes, reform, other people you can be talking about besides drug. -- trouble there. it is every day about anti-trump bashing. who ared the folks getting on quite a bit, i ensure
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you they do not have separate phone lines. it it it about the question, your view other presidents use of twitter? we have had supporters, anything you would like to say? caller: i think, leave the man alone. if he wants to tweet, let them tweets. he is not hurting anybody. just a lot of whining. he is doing something and they do not like them so they are complaining about his tweeting. let him tweets. anybody orarming killed anybody. he is just tweeting. host: thank you. willie, cincinnati, democratic caller. caller: i am sorry about the lady, she is in the dark and does not understand. the guy is a habitual liar and the tweets are not helping because he keeps appropriating these lies. he does not want to get in front
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of a live audience and answer questions. if he does that, the tweets can be supported but since he hides behind at the tweets and mislead the public and tried to make up something to compensate for what he is not doing, and if he is going to be a president, be a president. stop being a -- they accepted the fact that he lied, they know that. they do not want to address it openly and wants to cover it all. if you do not have a trustworthy person in the white house, how can you trust his agenda? host: willy, thank you for calling. in flint, from alex michigan, independent caller. what do you make about this conversation and the use of twitter? that it isot an idea kind of like my teenage daughter who has been in her bedroom that notand i told her
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to use her phone after 9:00. can i make a statement about the job market? the economy? host: sure thing. caller: how can, i am 69 years old, i have never been involved in anything for six months and everything changed. economy and the stock market and all of the growth we have had, it has to be done at least a year and a half out, not six months. that's a let's you owe that trump is taking to the credit and is -- that lets you know that trump is taking the credit. and the people who believe it, what is wrong for them? have they lived? host: a sampling of the president's tweets and he wrote just yesterday about economics and wrote so corporations have
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never made as much money as they are making now. jobs are starting to roar. and he wrote the wall -- of the stock market hit an all-time high. more about what the president has been tweeting. late last week after the senate to vote, he said do not give up on health care, the world is watching. votes,said go to 50 the so-called nuclear option. senator majority leader mcconnell replied to the tweet yesterday in which the president blamed democrats and he urged them to get rid of the threshold. here is what mitch mcconnell had to say. our problemnnell: on health care was not the democrats. we do not have 50 republicans.
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there are not the votes in the senate as i have said to the president and it to you to change the rules of the senate. there are not enough to require 50 or 51 republicans to agree to do that. the votes are simply not there. the good news is the top two priorities of the president do not require anything more than a simple majority, tax reform and health care. there is an opportunity where we will continue to score some of the options of health care that senator portman the senator cruz, senator graham, senator cassidy wanted to take a look at and a reconciliation vehicle for health care has not yet expired and there is an opportunity. i told you what i have told the president on several occasions. host: the new york times pick up .n trump's party bypasses him
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they are making to the point that republicans in congress have moved to defuse the president's direct to cut out -- threat to cut off critical payments to health care and trying to come up with bipartisan support under the affordable care act. lamarck alexander, chairman, announced his panel would have hearings starting in early september. he is looking for bipartisan legislation and there are other acts in congress and we will hear more about it. at twitter, as we talk about the president's tweets, trump's tweets smoke out the crazy, i like it. here is cj on the republican line. what you make about the president's use of twitter? is -- thank you. i wanted to say i think what trump is doing is presidential
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style. every president has their own style. don't you think? came, he praised the stock market up, too. it went from 14,000 to 18,000. what trump is trying to break on -- brad on -- brag is raising it to 21,000 and that is something. came in at 18000 and obama at 14,000. let's not forget that. host: thank you. michael, independent caller. hey, michael. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. we are talking about tweets. i think what he does, unfortunately, it's further divide the country. it is really unfortunate because were already divided, no matter who is in office, we are divided.
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no matter what he is doing or what our senators are doing or whatever is going on in washington, we have to remember -- treat eachr other with respect no matter what color or gender or whatever. if you have someone different from you, it does not mean to treat them with disrespect. the news and what is going on with the people, we, the people, the working class have forgot to treat each other with respect because of our political views. it has gotten scary. his tweets, no matter who you are, you read them and depending on your political views, you see it one way or another. we need to remember to treat each other with respect and that is what has been lost in this country. host: michael, thank you for calling. back to our viewers at twitter.
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she said at the president is working against himself. would likeites she few were tweets. fewer tweets. there was an earlier poll that talked about this and published in the politico and they want voters or voters want trump to get off twitter. earlier thisll summer showed a vast majority of voters, 69% says trump uses twitter too much. 'smajority of voters say trump tweets hurt the u.s. nationally every on base, they say 53% of republicans say he tweets too much for -- he tweets too much. say. hear was larry has to democratic caller.
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caller: hello. i think the president tweets because he is not familiar with reporters and if he went before the reporters, he would not be answered the questions the way they need to be answered so he tweets and he does not have to go back with reporters. that is all i have to say. host: joys from houston, texas. good morning to you. caller: yes, i said, let him keep tweeting. the liberal media hates him. what is he supposed to do? citizenlack senior grandmother going on 85 and i am a republican and all of you democrats who have called in with hatred and called a stupid because we voted for trump. let me say this. i have never seen such hatred in
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all of my life that i see today. were our people that would rather see this nation fail than succeed?is man and the democrats are low done enough to bring something against him to bring him down and i guess so tired of talking to impeach, impeach. youou bring this man down, will do nothing but injure his it go. you will do nothing to as pocketbook. he will go back to more casinos, more golf courses and go on and live. especially in my community, we are living in the ghetto where the crime and the murders are taking hold in our communities and we are here, stupid enough to talk about bringing trump down and we are living in the ghetto from paycheck from social security checks, social security
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check, disability check to disability check and we want to bring a billionaire down. how stupid is that? let us stop this foolishness! and the people who want to kill us am a we are giving this information. -- kill us, and we are giving this information. all of these refugees, somebody is here that wants to kill us and we are stupid enough. host: the words of joyce. even john kelly cannot stop at the president from tweeting says "usa today," he is the new chief of house -- chief of staff. here is the tweet that he put out yesterday. only the fake news media and truck enemies want me to stop using social media. 110 million people and the only way for me to get the truth out. his latest message seems to be a message to commentators to
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wonder if the chief of staff would seek to cut back the president's views of twitter. orderedident last week a significant change in the military's policy toward transgendered people and 32 is a use the social media platform today announced his own attorney general and tweeted to war times on tuesday but were relatively noncontroversial about the economy. -- tweeted aersial two times on tuesday what were relatively noncontroversial about to the economy. i wanted to say you can tweet what you want so as long as it is the truth, and not a distorted by the media. unlike quite a few democrats, my democrat friends and myself voted for mr. trump because of the fact that the media were pirahnas feeding
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on him and he had nowhere to go. unfortunately, the media proved they were bullies and were picking on him and all of our democratic friends were voting for him and that's the way it goes. that he had tote resort to tweak -- tweets to make an honest press of the media. heart'sweet to his content and i will listen to him and i believe he is telling the truth and the grandmother that just called, the 84-year-old wonderful woman was so truthful when she said what is in her heart. and i believe mr. trump is saying what is in his heart. let's believe in him. let's be together. let's get this country rolling. get the criminals and people who want to take advantage of our
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way of life, get them out of here. they should not be here anyway if it is against their way of life. i am so happy this man is in office. i just want the truth, that is all. given the media could give us the truth, i would listen to them. it is unfortunate. host: thank you. alex, independent color. caller: good morning. it is incredible to follow those 2 calls. sentiment, ily my am much younger. think, you know, reading the base wants to see his tweets, that is a lie. it is the only way we are going to literally hear what he has to say without any interference and obviously, i mean, it is
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definitely catching on. soldier, not want a matter how sometimes, he is no scaramucci, right? yeah, yeah, keep the tweets comment. host: thank you for calling. no tweets from the president today what we will concede to check. other headlines. -- we will continue to check. the washington post writes that he promises a bright future to small businesses and imports of the stock market near 22000 and that was the dow seconded all new record high. that is an "the washington times. usa today, lawmakers scramble to avoid shutdown. they are talking about a spending bill in the budget process is underway and they
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have until the end of september to complete our work. has decided to make it though lead a story and steve mnuchin, they added warned congress that the government would run out of money to pay its bills unless lawmakers voted to break -- raise the debt ceiling. the washington post says the republican tax package as a result might have to be delayed. the debt ceiling and budget comes first. could be tax packages pushed into early 2018 is the lead story. tampa, florida. republican, what you make of the presidency use of twitter? he tell usview is what we might not normally know. i do not understand why obama, you said he has 93 million
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followers in the eight years he was in office. i never knew he had a twitter account. why didn't it all of the media jumped on him? host: anything else? nothing else. host: thank you for calling. allen from brooklyn, new york. democratic caller. hi, alan. are you there? one last chance, are you there? let's try david, flint, michigan. david, good morning. caller: good morning. tweets areink the that helpful or helpful for him calling all of our news, i have enjoyed cnn, all of the stations for years, like 20 years. i hate it that he is telling all of his followers that all of this is fake. i do not believe they are fake. i believe they try to be fair.
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and to the grandmother from houston doing all of that carrying on, didn't she listen to the news this morning about trump is trying to find ways to block her grandchildren from going to the colleges? we need to come together. she tried to stop the block students from going to the college, did she see the news why she is doing all the rambling about how good he is? host: we will get to the story in a moment. froml in from tony washington, d.c., independent caller. what do you think? caller: good morning. twitter is a tool and is only as good as the person using it. unfortunately, i feel with this president, he has managed to put himself in quite a few untruths or what have you. the message is not clear, it is
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unfortunate that is the way in which he uses the platform. i believe obama tweeted and say what you say about obama, but at least he had the presence of somebody in that position and he handled it in a presidential manner and this current president does not seem to do it. unfortunately, with this 84-year-old grandmother, with no disrespect, i cannot imagine how things were less hateful over the course of her lifetime. you can pick up a history book and see that might not be the case. that you for taking my call. host: thank you. we will do this for about 25 more minutes and blend in lots of other news included this. trump admits coaching sons answer on russian inquiry. and notd up yesterday illegal but could give mueller
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an opening. the white house said that trump "weighed in." a move that could fuel and expansion into the campaign dealings. here is what sarah sanders happy to say yesterday. asthe president weighed in any sun would on the limited information he had and this is all discussion of no consequence. there was no follow-up. to the propered parties which is how the new york times found out about it. the democrats want to use this as a pr stunt and continues to keep in this story alive every day. the president, the american people voted on america first and now russia first and that is
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the focus of our administration. john? dictate but like i said, he weighed in and offer suggestion like any father would. >> did he not know? was he aware at the time that don jr. had a meeting that he would be promised information that would be negative of hillary clinton when he set the meeting was primarily about russian adoption? >> a statement issued was true and not inaccurate. what the bigger question is, everybody wants to make it a story about misleading, the only misleading is the year's worth of story fueling this false narrowness of russian collusion based on anonymous sources. talk about misleading, that's only thing misleading about this entire process. host: from the white house yesterday. back to the issue of the presidents use of twitter to get
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his message across. the democratic line. good morning. caller: good morning to you. it seems as though there was a time in this country where you would go with months and never see the president, hear from the -- now, we hear from the president every hour. i do not think it is good for our country. host: how is it not good? think back in- i the day when you wanted somebody to be presidential, you would say to down in the evening and watch the president on the television and see him sitting at his desk and talking get a presidential way. did i know if it is some tweaking half the time. -- tweeting half the time. that more of a problem than anything right now?
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cordova, tennessee on the line, patricia. independent caller. good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. the reason i am calling in is because what people do not understand is, we, as americans, we have to look after our country, ok? what president trump distorts our country is horrible. in all of my years of voting, i have never seen people against each other and hate each other as much as they have now. with the republicans or with a democrat or whoever else. i do not understand what we are doing. what we have to realize is this is abnormal. when have we ever had russian influence in our election? i can think back far enough that when president kennedy was in office and he stepped up because
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of russia was getting ugly during the cold war. and we have to stop and look at what they have done to us. we are all the different. i don't agree with a lot of things, but i am not mean to people about it. since this election has transpired, there has been more hate crimes, more everything. what people must realize is that people cannot help what color they were born or will they were born to. there is a lot of us were not born with silver spoons in our mouth. with that being said, we need to and the antics and go ahead try to work together as much as possible and not to hurt our neighbors. sayinghearing tweets what he is wanted to do, threatening congressman and all of that kind of stuff and
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threatening of the american people who cannot help themselves. just stop. whenca, stop and think, have we ever had a leader, anybody who comes out and says to helpy do not want anybody, they do not want to help fellow americans. they want to take everything away from old people and everybody else, disabled people. it was horrible how those people came and blocked their wheelchair's about to the american disability people. and john mccain being the maverick that he is and i am so proud of him stood up for the american people and they were mad at him about it, but he did what was best. and i applaud him. enough of my rambling on, you have a good day, but people, please, think about what is happening to our country. it is our country. much.thank you very
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some other calls. david earlier mentioned a story in the new york times, the lead item today, u.s. right see unit ships study and white bias. the trump administration according to reporter says they are preparing to direct resources from the justice department toward investigating and assuming universes over affirmative action due to discriminate against white applicants according to a document obtained by "the times." to civil rights division or the division six correct lawyers interested in working on new project on investigations and possible litigation related to intentional race-based discrimination in college and university admissions.
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the phrasing it uses "intentional race-based discrimination" cuts to the heart of bringing more money to minority students to university campuses. it is a lot and i'm sure will will more about it in the days to come and we haven't about this and perhaps get reaction from the white house. gina from louisiana, democratic caller. what do you make of the president's use of twitter? caller: really, i think that trump is mentally ill. and i would like to respond to the african-american caller, the 85 year old from houston, texas. she calls in all the time and she is always bashing the
7:41 am
democrats and the blacks. i am a 72-year-old african-american grandmother also. really, you are 85 years old and you never seen such hatred and especially towards somebody like trump? i would like to say to you, really, you must have been living under a rock all of your life. this man is mentally ill, he is tout a you are a disgrace your children and your grandchildren. thank you. host: ronald, go ahead. you are on the independent line. caller: how are you doing? he should quit tweeting. here's criticized everybody, republicans and democrats, independents and everybody. talked about john mccain like a dog. now the everybody sees who he is and he is ripped off people and have not paid off people, i hope seeking tweeting so he twin his ass- so he tweets
7:42 am
into jail. host: liz writes i cannot start the day until trump tweets, it in her jive is me. a couple of recent tweets by the president deals with china and north korea. a look at what he had to say three days ago. i am very disappointed in china and our foolish leaders have ofowed them to make hundreds billions a year in trade and they do nothing for us with north korea, just talk. that was three days ago. china's state media came out after that to slim trump's emotional venting as they called it in the times put it this way accusing president -- china feeling to tame neighbor and out like north korea, beijing issued a rebuke in a
7:43 am
cutting editorial of 1000 chinese characters, the official news agency. that was written in "the new york times." rex tillerson came out yesterday, he showed up at the top to talk about north korea and its relationship with china. here's a look. the optionsllerson: available to us as you all understand is limited. if we think were operating under a short pedal of time and we
7:44 am
felt the appropriate thing was to seek peaceful pressure on the regime in north korea to have them develop a wilderness to sit and talk with as a wilderness to sit and talk with us that an understanding of addition of talks is a there is no future nuclearh korea holds weapons or deliver nuclear weapons to anybody in the region, much less to the homeland. partnero, we sought to with china and china accounts for 90% of economic activity with north korea. the chinese has been very clear with us that we share the same nuclearization- and they do not see it in their interest for north korea to have nuclear weapons. puta has ways they can pressure and influence the north korean regime because of this economic relationship that no one else has. we have been clear with the chinese and do not blame the chinese for the situation in
7:45 am
north korea, only the north koreans are to blame. we do believe china has a special and unique relationship because of this significant economic activity to influence north korean regime and ways that others cannot. that's what we continue to call upon them to use that influence with north korea to create the conditions were we can have a productive dialogue. host: back to your calls and the president use of debt'-- presidents use of twitter. inky for waiting, mary. caller: thank you. i wanted to say during the election, i would watch the news and i would watch trump speak and then the news media what a change every word and twist it into something else. watched onen -- i day and they played a tape of and theng trump said
7:46 am
it was two seconds later and the guy asked him to play the tape andn and they cut the tape just played in the end of it. he said, no, play what you had a minute ago and it they said we do not have to that. they are cutting their tapes. they change words. if he did everything the news said, he would've already been impeached that people need to thank, are you being lied to -- think, are you being lied to or not? you are being lied to. media, when they ask questions, it is always something stupid. they do not ask anything important were reportedly think important about what he is done on america. they do not tell people what he has done for america. he has done so many great
7:47 am
things. he is a great man and i likes his tweets because when the media is lying and he tweets, i know they are lying. he has already been gone. say,had one good thing to he has been impeached every day is all they can report. he is still hanging in a there, he has a strong backbone to put up with a crappy is put up with. the news media is wiping their feet all over him. he has done so many great things for america. and the people, you have to dig into your computer to find the truth. you cannot get it off tv. and the people, i don't have the internet. knowend of his tweets to and the people that are on the .nternet with him who love him you just -- it is disgusting, the news, i cannot see why everybody, the republicans or even democrats who are for him,
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why we cannot all get together and sue these news and media people. it is discussed what to are doing. he is a great president and is doing such a fine job. host: thank you for calling and abc news thatd by attorney general sessions and other doj officials are going to make an announcement regarding efforts to fight the leaks to the media. we have? writing in on twitter -- we have jack writing in on twitter -- some of the other news out there today "washington post" writes d ea is countering trump. the head send out a twitter that brutality.nes
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chuck rosenberg wrote he felt obligated to respond to the president's comments because we an obligation to respond -- it to speak out when something is wrong. eugene is on the line, democratic line. good morning. caller: good morning. i am calling because i hear a lot of people call and they keep democrats did this and republicans did this. this is neither a republican or -- yes, good morning. host: we can hear you. --ler: it is go ahead and turn down the sound on your set. caller: i am sorry. it is neither a republican or democratic situation when you have a president that is tweeting in moral stuff. --
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immoral stuff. he is lying and he tells lies and everything else. it is ridiculous that people can knowt, you know, i do not where their thoughts are. telling lies, making all of a whole lot of things in creating a lot of hasek and people -- havoc and people are going along with it like it is nothing. people needed to wake up. wake up, people. host: thank you for calling. let's hear from rob, the line from democrats. good morning. i would like to say we have the same problem and we have had the ,ame problem with the sheriff they are working off the same a model, the showboating, the posturing, the use of media to
7:51 am
divide the people and to take that they are strong and they are really just show boaters. movie "the watch the joe show" on youtube and other outlets and it is a full length documentary about how joseph pio uses the media to get himself elected and divide the public $300ost the taxpayers million or $400 million. host: let me get you over to the question before we run out of time about the president's use of twitter to make its case to get his word out. what do you think about that? caller: it is clearly the same model. he shows a few division every dish division -- divisionary
7:52 am
phrases and keeps the show going. it is just wrong, all wrong. host: ok, thank you for calling. the new york times, the president will sign that the sanctions bill soon according to vice president pence limiting his ability to lift the sanctions although he has concerns about the measure according to vice president pence who was in the nation of georgia to make that announcement. also, climate change and isis are seen as the world's greatest threats and climate change is tied as the islamic state excelled in the u.s. were cyber attacks are considered a greater danger. this from the pew research center poll.
7:53 am
both of those stories in "the new york times." "the washington post" follmann ,n a major item from yesterday the white house link to the rich story -- [no audio]
7:54 am
that is and the washington post and another exchange at the white house briefing yesterday on desperate sarah sanders and the new york -- briefing yesterday and a sarah sanders and the new york times accused of coordinating that and here is how it plays out. >> there is report based on the lawsuit that a campaign donor and a journalist from fox news were pushing around the story that set the rich, the dnc staffer murdered was responsible for the wikileaks briefing. two questions. sean put out a statement and said it was a briefing meeting. the lawsuit alleges the president knew about it and had enough was on the story. did the president know about the story and did he have an influence? >> the president had no knowledge that it is completely untrue on white house involvement in the story.
7:55 am
beyond that, it is ongoing litigation and i refer you to the parties involved and it is not the white house. >> the press secretary, this incredibly passionate push back on focusing on russian, does it disturb you that you said right now, does it disturb you that it is an allegation and sean spicer's admitted admitted this was discussed in your white house? >> he met with members of the white house and i do not find it that -- you guys are all members of the media. >> it was made to be retracted because it was false. does it disturb you? does it say anything about the white house you would entertain this story? not bother me that the press secretary what it takes a meeting with the media about the story and none of that was disclosed and that was the end of it. you guys come to us all day. i have taken leaders -- i take
7:56 am
in meetings but it is my job to talk to you and listen and i am responding. host: more from the white house briefing yesterday. downtown last couple of calls for the subject of twitter and the president's use of it to get his message out to the people. connie, california, independent line. caller: i think it is wonderful because i lookts every single day to see what is going on and this is a modern day and age. times, welikely all got information right from the president himself of what is going on, how he thinks, how he feels. it is wrong keep us down other people in his tweets and it is a good thing that he lets the people know that the congress -- that the senate was getting an insurance deduction of 70%.
7:57 am
people don't know these things. people don't know what is going on. i know a lot of people is wasted on them. it is ridiculous and trump is bringing that out. his tweets needed to be more focused on what he is doing and how things are going and the white house. i think it is wonderful because it is a modern age. he is the first president to do this. he can reach out to people and and let us know what is going on and how he feels about things and i think it's a wonderful thing. you for calling. back to our facebook page. more than 800 comments at this hour. tony writes -- i keep hearing how the mainstream media -- roberts writes that all of this
7:58 am
lowers the ratings for folks like cnn and msnbc, love it. ray writes -- and deb writes -- calling from creston, pa, independent caller. caller: i think it is fine if he uses twitter. it is the message that counts and his message, obviously, he is resounding the many americans. ,he people that agree with him either overtly, covertly are totally subconsciously wanted to be just like him. but that is about all i have to say. host: thank you.
7:59 am
stephen in alabama. republican caller. good morning to you. caller: thank you, c-span. i don't watch, read his tweets every day and i do not much, occasionally, i do. responsesit is always from opposing viewpoints, opposing party that really degrades him in a lot of ways and they have a voice that is a lot more harsh and content than what he literally puts out. i support the president. i pray that we all get along. host: thank you for calling. ken, you are on the line from out his injury a independent caller. caller: good morning. -- you are on the line from alexandria, virginia. independent caller. isis and do not think
8:00 am
climate change have to do anything with over 2000 shootings in chicago. and his use of twitter, he tweeted at one point that former president had wiretapped him in the middle of the night and sometimes, you should be more focused on your job. what he does more often than not is he is dishonest. he uses lies as a tactic. way toust another distract. if you do something that often, it makes you a hit pitching liar. he uses it as a tactic and it is very unfortunate. it should stay on course. talking about how you won the presidency again, how you had the largest audience ever. i was there, it was not the
8:01 am
largest ever. thank you for your time. from greenville, mississippi, hi marie. democratic caller. a lot of people are saying because of the titular receipts, that is why there is so much tweeting. no one mentioned obama during his administration, his wife was actually talked about on national news. it -- orren was even even attacked 21 the administration. people talk about how the dog was going to mess up the white house. tweeted one time to defend his family, his wife, and his children. presidency, won the we saw large campaigns and commercials on tv about teenage bullying and cyber bullying tweeted. it is one of the biggest
8:02 am
campaigns going on. after trump won the presidency, i haven't seen any teenager commercials about bullying. how can he represent -- how can he recommend -- how can you when tweetingdren these things out? how can you recommend -- reprimand children and teenagers when you have the president of the united states that tweets out different things like that on the twitter. i have not seen one commercial since he has been in office. thank you. calvin writes about all of this. -- and carly writes --
8:03 am
as we begin to wrap up here, dennis is calling from north carolina. go ahead. caller: i think trump tweets so much because he just puts something out there and let's people do whatever they want to do with it. he is probably the worst president we have ever had. he is talking about bashing peoples heads against police car doors. maybe his head should have been dashed when he groped all the women. sexual assault on them. he stood on the campaign stage
8:04 am
and called for hillary's's assassination and said that was a joke. he said the white house was a dump, then he ought to get back to trump tower p or the man says he has done so much. he has done nothing. nothing but steel and she people out of money. two idiots, he made the country look like it is the worst country in the world. just walking in and out of here, he used anything racial guest a bunch of racial people to turn everybody against the united states. did not do nothing but call names. he wants to put hillary clinton in jail and now he is talking about the attorney general soon
8:05 am
enough to get hillary clinton, a political rival. he is forced to do it here he is a disgrace to the united states. he is a disgrace to the whole world. that we put an ignorant, stupid, richman, he calls himself and he might be lying about that. he is probably living on our own money. he is a no good man and i would never call him president. words from dennis in north carolina here that is the last call for this segment. we spent just under a full hour on health -- we will spend just under a full hour on health care. our guests will be to health care specialists. later in the program, the group, disabled american veterans have a new national commander. a disabled veteran herself and the first woman elected to lead
8:06 am
a major veteran services organization. she will join us to talk about her priorities and issues facing veterans. we will be right back. ♪ >> we have been on the road meeting winners of the studentcam video documentary competition. prizenecticut, second winners were handed money for environmental justice videos. winnerse mention received $250 for their documentary on health care.


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