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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  August 5, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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and later, a person with inside higher education talks about affirmative action in the college admittance process. ♪ host: good morning. it is saturday, august 5, 2017. the headlines focus on the economy as newly released data shows the jobs market on the rebound and unemployment at a 60 or low. are rising, consumer confidence has improved and even wages are growing steadily. tosident donald trump how these economic numbers yesterday, although some experts question whether the president can take full credit. today, we are asking our viewers for your views on the economy. if you are optimistic, you can call 202-748-8000.
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if you are pessimistic, you can call 202-748-8001. if you are not sure, call 202-748-8002. you can also reach us on social media at twitter and facebook. let's start the show taking a look at what president trump said at a rally in west virginia on thursday about the new economic numbers. [video clip] >> the stock market reached yet another all-time high today. [applause] boosting the retirement savings, hopefully, everyone in this room. have you all been helped? [applause] >> i think so. unemployment is at a 16 year low. forget -- and i will never forget -- the millions and
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millions of people out there who want jobs that don't register on the unemployment rolls because they gave up looking for jobs. so, i accepted the number, but honestly, we all know there are millions of people out there that we love, the forgotten men and women, and they are looking for jobs and they will have them because i have factories coming back into this country. you have seen that. [applause] >> they are coming back. we have auto plants expanding and coming back. they are coming into michigan, they are really coming into michigan, and they are coming into ohio and pennsylvania. [applause]
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>> economic growth has surged to 2.6% nationwide. you have to understand what that means. nobody thought that number was going to happen. virginia -- iest wonder how that happened. 3% growth. host: more on this economic numbers on the front page of today's "wall street journal." the u.s. economy is hitting a sweet spot seldom seen in past expansion. 82ndng in july a record of job creation and an unemployment rate at a 16 year low, despite slow growth in output.
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we are talking to you, what are your views about the economy? if you're optimistic, pessimistic or not sure. dave calling in from pennsylvania. you are optimistic. tell us why. caller: because we finally have an actual president who believes in america and is working to get more jobs in the country. if they repeal and replace obamacare and allow companies all across the country to compete, it will help with the health care and bring health care costs down. i want to get an idea if
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you have felt the impact of the economy. caller: i did with my 401(k). the last quarter of the obama administration come i lost between $300 and $400. in the first quarter, i gained over $400 and the second quarter gained $300. host: jim is calling in from chicago. you are feeling pessimistic about the economy. why is that? caller: very pessimistic because you have over 94 million americans who cannot find work. is atal unemployment rate 33%. half the jobs in america are either part-time, temporary or just not full-time jobs.
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me, personally come i'm doing fine. youngerconcerned for people and minorities and people who finished college and can't find jobs. the jobs that are coming back are fake. they are jobs that pay on average $12 an hour. how are you going to make it with $12 an hour or working part-time? three hours a week, that is considered a job. the holding is a scam. -- the whole thing is a scam. you are just fooling people. the stock market is about to crash. take a look at these numbers in today's "washington post." it is an important milestone for the job market, but over the past decade, the recovery has
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not only lifted the economy but resultingformed it, in dramatic changes in where and how americans work, greeting substantial benefits for some and harsh consequences for others. automated forces have eliminated good paying factory jobs in united states. states.e united we are asking for your views about the economy. callu are pessimistic, 202-748-8001. optimistic, 202-748-8000. not sure, call 202-748-8002.
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sylvia is on the line from oklahoma. you are optimistic. tell us why. , forr: thank you, c-span accepting my call again. i love c-span and i love the different views and topics you talk about. the reason why i'm optimistic is because i believe in jesus christ and i know these owners turn it around and pull together a strong workforce. i believe they will supply the to thesere insurance individuals with degrees or not having a degree or some type of training in that background. and i really feel optimistic because i know they will turn it around with the help of the lord as we look for jobs and training in different fields.
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this will be all right. individuals will overcome as they graduate from college and pursue different types of backgrounds, fields, what have you. all i want mr. trump to understand is to provide the tools and benefits to our veterans and also our police officers for more training and cameras from city to city, state to state. that is where my heart is and i believe in jesus christ that the job will get done. host: steve is calling in from missouri. what questions do you have? one, i don'tr believe anything trump says. he can't take no credit for anything. once they have these big tax cuts they want to do that to what happened with george w. bush. the economy shrank.
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hopefully his agenda is to make the rich get richer and the poor get poorer and all these people who voted for him, i hope you get exactly what you asked for. you ask for the devil, you got the devil. host: when it comes to the economy, have you personally felt a change in the last six months in how the economy is affecting you? caller: i've been a truck driver for 30 years. i have no pension, i have no retirement. i probably won't have social security. that's how the world has changed. during the 1980's when they were having the drug war, they were shifting cocaine with old man bush. at the same time, they are giving the death penalty to people who done less than they did. i'm very mad at the democrats, too.
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they haven't given us nothing. universal health care, none. they didn't give us the popular vote through the leadership of obama. it's not because he's black -- i will vote for someone who's purple. all they gave us was gay rights, which is against my christian beliefs. you cannot depend on none of them. i don't have much confidence in it. i want to think c-span for giving me the chance to speak. host: pamela is calling from maryland. you are pessimistic. why is that? caller: good morning. i would be more optimistic if president trump wouldn't derail -- he may say something that's somewhat encouraging and then turns around and just derails what he just said. i don't really
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agree with is the fact that it was funny when president obama , when hisent employment ratings came out, president trump said they were fake. now that he's president, now, all of a sudden, they are legitimate. i am trying to be optimistic but i wish he would just do less talking and let the economy speak for itself. little more from "washington post" about who is being helped with these improving job numbers and who is being left behind. among those not feeling the increase is much our men and white workers. men continue to lag behind women in recovering prerecession jobs
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in part because the recession hit the male-dominated industries of manufacturing and construction particularly hard. data show that whites are also in a worse position relative to their prerecession employment rates than blacks and hispanics. even so, african-americans still experience much higher levels of unemployment, 7.4% in july, then whites at 3.8% in july. a caller from washington state. good morning. optimisticm very because that is my nature. the glass is either half-full or half-empty. it is a glass of water. it is a moot point. you have to be optimistic because you want everyone to succeed.
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this man who was president right now is trying -- let me ask the democrats a question. so, you don't want more people to work? you don't want better security on our borders? you don't want better security with other nations against us? i have to be optimistic. dos doing everything he can and the republicans and democrats right now are trying distort that because he's not part of their establishment. i don't trust the ruling class. i don't like a-- lot of stuff he says, but he's trying to do something. he is a businessman and a tie you get things done. -- and that is how you get things done. he's trying to do everything he can do, so i'm optimistic. att: let's take a look
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democrats when they announced their job agenda on wednesday. a democratic sender from michigan discussed the impact of unfair trade practices on u.s. workers. [video clip] >> if you are working in a factory or farm or on your phone , you should have the confidence that our country works for you and that our train laws work for you. you should have the confidence that we are exporting our products and not our jobs. but that is not the reality for the majority of americans. for too many american workers and small businesses, the rules are rigged against them and that has to change. many people are working harder and longer than ever. in aheir jobs pay less race down to the lowest wage in another part of the world. up.workers deserve a raise
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a good race that allows you to raise your family and have a good life. onare offering a better deal trade and jobs. in michigan, i know our workers and small businesses and manufacturers and farmers can compete with anybody. anybody in the world. if we have a level playing field. that means creating a trade prosecutor who will be laser focused on going after countries like china that manipulate their currency, which has cost us 5 million jobs, steel error -- steal our technology and sheet with unfair trade practices. thatng the loophole incentivizes companies for taking jobs overseas. american companies deserve a better deal. that is what we are committing to make happen. host: joe is on our optimistic
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line. good morning, joe. caller: good morning. those are good comments by the senator. we do need to level the playing field. i was trying to leave politics out of this when i called, but yeah, let me tell you, i'm in south carolina in 1992 when meta was signed by clinton thousands and thousands of jobs in our state just disappeared. they just went away in the blink of an eye. leaving people unemployed. the portable care act stifles small business that should be affordable care act stifles small business. -- the affordable care act stifles small business. it created a lot of part-time workers. there is politics involved. --the trump side of the coin
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there's no secret to how the economy works. , people to spend money have to have money to spend to buy stuff. that's what fuels the economy. inventory offkes the shelves and some factory has to reproduce that item. it helps the stores, the shipping industry, logistics industry, it helps the factory create more products. host: what would you like to see officials here in washington do to encourage people to spend that money on that stuff? caller: what i think we have to do -- by the way, i'm a fiscal conservative leaning independent who didn't vote for trump, but i do think we need to have a tax policy that is business friendly companiesmake stay in the united states. foxconn is investing $10 billion
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in the economy of wisconsin. down in south carolina, we are a right to work state. we've got boeing, mercedes, the biggest bmw plant in the world. we have samsung relocating a plant from mexico to hear. -- to here. we have to be business friendly. we just went through earnings season. the big corporations beat earnings. things are happening in a positive way. i'm not a big trump fan, but he is business friendly and he's trying to enact policy that will attract companies here and encourage companies to stay here to create jobs and have that circle of spending money that creates revenue and helps people in social programs. we have to have money to spend
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to keep it in united states to help everybody. host: let's take a look at what nancy pelosi tweeted about the economy -- the view of nancy pelosi, tweeting in about the economy as we continue to talk to you come asking you if you're optimistic, pessimistic or not sure. cameron calling in from nevada. what are your thoughts about the economy? issue, on this economy my thoughts on this, i think if we take a stand and somehow cut offers for credit cards so there's not as many credit cards offer to people -- credit cards alone contribute $1 billion in our debt every year.
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i don't think we should be focused on anything with the wall being built, the war we are getting ready to go into. it's all a big thing we should avoid. can get view is, if we together and become more equal than fighting against each other and having all this craziness ,oing on throughout our country i believe our economy will become stronger and more efficient. host: mary is calling in from wyoming. what are your thoughts about the economy? i am an almost 80-year-old navy widow. and i'm worried enough so that i have sold all
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my mutual funds because i see october coming, i wasn't around in october of 1929, but my parents were, and i know what it's like to grow up during hard .imes i was really proud to be able to vote for john mccain when he ran for president. i wasn't proud to vote for donald trump. that makes me really sad. and i praychristian for him and i pay for his success. -- pray for his success. host: what caused you enough concern that made you sell your mutual fund? caller: the market is too high.
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we are in a bubble. that is frightening. host: you are worried about a crash? caller: i'm worried about a crash. exactly. i'm worried about korea. i'm extremely worried about north korea. hasink our president appointed good people to work for him. general mcmaster, general kelly -- i wish there were an admiral or two in there. our attorney general is doing a fine job. about the stability of our president. i'm worried about his mental stability. and i so hope for his success.
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patriot and as the wife of a deceased patriot, we have to get behind our president and support him. we also have to hope and pray he finds the wisdom to listen to the really good people that he has, that he's hired. host: in "u.s. news & world the donald trump stock bump may mean little when it comes to the economic numbers.
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mike is calling from north carolina. you're optimistic. why is that? caller: good morning. we have abecause president that is optimistic. business friendly. not embarrassed about profit. these are things that are fairly common on the right side of the political spectrum among conservatives and republicans and it always has been pretty much going back to calvin coolidge. all the way through ronald , who is notow trump
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a traditional republican, but it is mindset. the american economy towards the rest of the world. dwarfs the rest of the world. even after 9/11 how resilient it is. i'm not worried about the accusations or concerns by many that what trump says, what trump does in terms of his personal tweets and stuff like that. that is like a fly hitting the windshield of a semi truck at 70 miles an hour. those things are not going to have any impact. what does make an impact, his willingness to embrace business and encourage it. a couple of colors back from south carolina -- callers back from south carolina, i have to echo what he said.
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the boeing facility in trust and where they make the 787 dreamliner is a client of ours they makeleston where the 787 dreamliner is a client of ours. here in north carolina, we have a wonderful, diverse manufacturing and product development sector. -- volvo,caterpillar caterpillar, the military is spending money again. he mentioned also the foxconn facility that will be going in wisconsin. mazda just announced a partnership with nissan. they will be building a $1.6 billion facility in the united states. mississippi nissan plant just voted down unionization. , there is you look things happening that reflect the republican attitude toward business.
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regulation --ess i don't mean a new regulation. republicans don't want dirty or dirtyer the air -- air or anything we are accused of. that toyota deal this morning from "the financial times." the deal with toyota and mazda to build a plant. toyota and mazda will join the build a $1.6 billion simply plant in the u.s. it is part of a deeper partnership between the two japanese carmakers.
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patrick calling from salem, new hampshire. you are pessimistic. why is that? long-term, i've seen something that disturbs me. we have a new high in the stock market. people said the wealth of the stock market and all its companies is now $4 trillion. in comparison to a debt of $20 trillion, that is scary to me. i don't know what the crisis will be, but someday, there will be a crisis. sovereign world's wealth funds will decide the risk of having treasuries is too high.
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when that happens, the bubble will burst. that's what i see coming. that debt ratio to the wealth of this country is crazy and unsustainable. debt that is five times what my net worth is. it just doesn't make any sense. host: what would you like to see lawmakers due to address that? caller: there's many things. we have to get serious about cutting that. -- cutting debt. if you want to be an employee of the federal government, you have to take a 20% pay cut. you do that 5% a year for the next five years. there's several things you can do to help stop spending money we don't have and start educating people borrowing 30%
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of what we're spending. trumpone thing president has promised is 3% rate of growth in the gdp. the federal reserve chair janet yellen told the senate banking committee her thoughts about the likelihood of achieving that 3% mark. [video clip] >> how much would productivity aowth need to be to achieve stable economic growth of 3%? >> i don't have the precise number for you, but it would probably have to rise to something over two. >> productivity over two to get economic growth to three. these are not leading questions. we could have a significant debate about that. do you think it is achievable for us based on all the things you see right now to even
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achieve a 3% growth in the near term, in the next five year period? >> it would be something that would be wonderful if you could accomplish it. it is challenging. >> you think that would be very difficult? >> it would be quite challenging. host: orlando. good morning, philip. caller: good morning. the last caller and the caller from south carolina, if you fuse the two comments together, it will lead to -- first of all, if pocket of thee economy people are really making the money and supplying the jobs, they are not paying enough for the people who are doing the jobs to really take items off the shelf. number to, our economy is based on an old model. the model we are currently working on is a model that is not the way to be futuristic in
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terms of what we really and truly need to improve the environment and cut down on pollution that is affecting our health and is not motivating the youth who are coming up with many social problems. there's a lot of white-collar crime, scams going on, taking money out of people's pockets -- i've personally been scammed for by a group claiming to be doctors without borders out of columbia, south carolina, trying to use my passport. under thepolice force current regime that is going after people smoking marijuana. you hear very little about white-collar crime. our logic is old and broken. and wenot recognizing it
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are continuing down the same path that will not lead us to nowhere. that's why i'm a bit unsure. maybe recent economic trends will show up and they will make a lot of hoopla about it, but at the end of the day, you have to look at where we are going and what we are doing. if you cannot get it right, there's a lot of pessimism. there's a mass extinction level -- we have dead zones, we have fukushima, we have chemtrail poisoning. what are we really doing to improve those situations? they are the ones hitting us square in the face. robots are coming. these people touting what trump is talking about and all this, it's a short-term situation. it is not a long-term situation
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to help all people. look at china's pollution. host: marcus is calling in from texas. you say you're not sure about the economic numbers. what questions do you have about it? caller: i'm not sure about the i'm not sure which way the economy is going at all. right now, we have a president in office who is not doing anything. whilel miss four years he's in office right now. i think our focus is on the wrong thing as far as health care. i don't think health care is the main reason we are in the situation we are in. , theybama was in office said we were lending money to people we knew could not make their home loans.
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and forced foreclosures. that brought the economy down with everything else. guys that were talking about bringing jobs to north carolina with these automakers, you don't have jobs, we are right back to the same thing. we don't have the money to purchase a car. what do they do to their employees? that's where i am. we are doing a repeat and we need to do something different. host: we are talking with our viewers today, getting your views about the economy. if you're optimistic, you can call 202-748-8000. pessimistic, 202-748-8001. if you are not sure, call 202-748-8002. , overall,to bloomberg americans say they feel pretty good about the economy. the same cannot be said about how they feel about the president. about 58% of americans believe
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they are moving closer to realizing their own career and financial aspirations. tied for the highest record in the polls since the question was first asked in february of 2013. majority expect the u.s. stock market to be higher by the end of the year while 30% anticipate and decline. yet, they don't necessarily think president trump deserves credit for rising markets and falling unemployment. 40% of americans approve of the job he's doing in the white house. 55% view him unfavorably. in, also froming texas. what are your thoughts? are you there? caller: yes, i am. host: what are your thoughts about the economy? caller: i don't think were going to make any type of change right now with donald trump in office.
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we are doing some of the same stuff we were doing when we crashed. lending money for people to buy homes that they know they can afford. -- can't afford. they are letting people buy cars and things that eventually they are not going to be able to pay for. we are building jobs, but because we are on this bubble, we are not going to be able to sustain and keep the jobs. that will put us right back to where we were before. we have to make a different change and look at some other avenues to go down. host: jerry is calling in from stafford, connecticut.
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what are your thoughts about the economy? likes trump.d he voted for him and he won. from tim is calling in michigan. you are pessimistic. why is that? caller: how are you this morning? host: good morning. i'm great. go ahead him attempt. -- go ahead, tim. caller: i'm very pessimistic because we've got a party in charge -- i worked in a machine shop. we have a party in charge of -- if you have a
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401(k), you can kiss it goodbye. they will deregulate banking just like they promised. pension, it'sy going to get stolen again. do you know why john dillinger stopped robbing banks? -- because he went to jail they finally killed him. there was no punishment for the last great robbery they committed. nobody went to jail because they got appointed to the cabinet. things areeregulate, going to hit the fan. they are smart and brutal and just greedy. they want everything. that fellow from florida, you are right on, my friend.
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i would go fishing with you or that guy from -- any time. we are headed for a crash. you watch. 401(k)st people's are going to mature, bam, that's when the market is going to crash. mark my words. i'm no nostradamus, but i've seen it before. if you don't put these banks are's in jail -- banksters in jail -- in iceland, they did. did we do it here? nope. host: let's take a closer look at the numbers from the bloomberg poll that measured how americans are feeling about the economy. when it comes to the market value of your home, 40% said it was better. 9% worse.
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27% about the same. householdmes to income, 36% said better. felt theworse and 45% same. overall financial security, 35% said it was better. 16% saying worse and 42% the same. retirement savings and job security of workers in your household, similar numbers there. 30% or so said it was better. around 14% worse and 40% or so said it was about the same. saying thingscans are better over the past year. mary is calling in from virginia. what are your thoughts about the economy? i think we lost mary. we will go to michael calling from new jersey. what do you think, michael? caller: the morning.
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thank you for c-span. i think it's great the stock market is going up. who there's a majority don't hold stock -- i'm concerned about that. the rich will get richer and the poor stay the same. see: what would you like to lawmakers do? what would you like to see the president or members of congress do to ensure the improvements we see our are-lasting? -- long-lasting? caller: thinking about the retirements of everyone in the economy, including low skill and low-wage workers. that's important for long-term success in the economy. host: on wednesday, president trump touted economic growth,
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saying the united states picked up $4 trillion in net worth. let's look at what he said about that. [video clip] that, as want to state you have probably noticed, the stock market hit an all-time record high today come over 22,000. we picked up substantially more than $4 trillion in net worth in terms of our country, our stocks, our companies. we have a growth rate, a gdp that has been much higher than anybody anticipated, except maybe us. it is going to go up and it is going to go higher. jobs are pouring back into the country. factories and plans are coming back into the country. we will start making product in america again. that is happening all over.
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foxconn is going to spend $10 billion in wisconsin and other places. i think that will end up being $30 billion -- they make the iphones for apple and others. it is a truly incredible company. we have a lot of things happening that are really great. today come of stock market hit the highest level that it has ever been and our country is doing very well. i want to thank you all. host: george is calling from new york city. you are pessimistic. why? caller: i just can't see how the market could be growing where no american is getting a raise. i believe it's a lot of foreign money coming into this country. that's what our institutions are looking for to prop up the market. do you trust the people running the financial institutions? the gentleman who called for michigan was correct. there was no federal prosecution.
7:46 am
case working a federal where they did go after people and i got a chance to be in a jury trial for four months to see how the government operates and how these boards of directors at these company's operated they are stealing our money, stealing our wealth. companiesrs at these operated. they are stealing our money, stealing our wealth. i don't see anything for our future other than trouble. they paid off congress to protect their derivative trades going forward. in the future, there will be a crash. i don't see how this market works with no average american getting an increase in pay, thus putting market into the market -- putting money into the market. someone explain how the market could be growing at such a rate when the average american is not making a dollar.
7:47 am
extra dollar. -- is not making an next are extra dollar. host: if you're optimistic about the economy, call 202-748-8000. -- if pessimistic, call you are pessimistic, call 202-748-8001. if you are unsure, 202-748-8002. goesn's cities tour to tacoma, washington. all of our programs from city will air together. talks about how his personal convictions led him to becoming tacoma's first african-american mayor. [video clip] >> you have to start screaming at the council or you're not
7:48 am
going to get anywhere. you want to get on the other side of that bench, you're going to have to calm down. i got that from whites and blacks. i had to change my attitude. that you onlized the other side of the bench, you that isg up the issue pertinent and important to all of us. but, you have to cut it out, you have to come down. you have to reach the stage where you can take a blow and realize it ain't a death blow. you keep right on pushing. host: make sure to tune in this weekend on book tv in american history tv as our c-span cities tour travels to tacoma, washington. to see where we are going next, go to
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we are continuing to talk to you, we want your thoughts about the economy. if you are pessimistic or optimistic about it. chicago, you're optimistic. why is that? 90ler: i think because i'm an ipod fought in korea and i was wounded twice. fought increased and i was wounded twice. it will take time. it may happen after four years. , theousing has improved price of your house has improved. when they were sold for crazy better, it hasot gotten better and it will get better. , youement funds are tight have to be able to diversify.
7:50 am
i'm 90 years old. if you understand what i'm saying -- people don't understand that old folks had some rough days. i remember when my dad came home five pounds of greece and we used to burn it and it came out on crackle and we ate that. you have to tighten your belt and make substantial deposits and make good deposits. the housing industry is getting greater everyday. you don't find no cheap houses anymore. people have to shop around. host: in some other headlines trump from "the hill,"
7:51 am
touts historic bill to curb legal immigration. just this week, we announced the historic immigration bill to create a green card system that ends the abuse of our welfare system and protects our workers and our economy, the president said in his weekly address. -- kevin is calling in from pennsylvania. you feel pessimistic about the economy. tell us why. caller: this 22,000 on the dow, this is crazy. it's going to be a big bubble and they will suck in as much money as they possibly can and when it gets up to a certain
7:52 am
level, they will short sell it and take the middle class' money and cash out and nobody is going to go to jail. we will end up in the same problem we had in 2007. there's no underlying strength in the economy. there's no way to growth. consumer confidence is down. there's no money at the bottom. they are pushing it to the top and that's where it will stay. host: what do you think can be done to reverse -- wages are rising slowly. there a slow increase in consumer confidence. anything lawmakers can do to change that? caller: they are going to have to bigger out a way to push wages up. the economy doesn't work if the money is not circulating. nott of the money is circulating, it's going to the top and staying there. if they would find a way to push
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the money back down, when it percolates backup, it creates growth and creates all kinds of stuff in the economy. until there is money down, you cannot get money back up. the economic growth is all a charade. it's just not there. you come to the street commit nobody's doing well. the only people doing well is wall street. --t: some other headlines the trump administration is warrantyslashing -- mortgage deduction.
7:54 am
he overwhelmingly won a straw poll by the national association of realtors last year. santa monica, california. you are pessimistic, cynthia. why? caller: we have seen this movie before. unfortunately have to see it revealing itself again with trump. ist,p is such a hyperbol if someone says one little thing, he blows it up 3000%. he's going to deregulate so much that once again, the corporations, the banks commit etc. are going to have a field day.
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he's not investing in anything that really helps people, such as renewables, infrastructure. he doesn't seem to be even thinking in those terms. as far as the stock market going to the highest limits that it has been so far, that's nice for the people who have money. what about the people who don't have stocks? the people who are struggling and working very hard to just put food in their children's mouths. you read that article about slashing the mortgage income -- reducing the mortgage interest. ofre is a perfect example the way this administration is thinking. who is that going to hurt? and yet, they won't do away with that,tate tax because
7:56 am
they want to protect people who already have the money. trump is just working for the people who already have, just like himself. he's a surrounding himself with people who are all doing the same thing, deregulating things that protect consumers and union busters, people just putting money in the hands of the people who already have a lot of money. they are doing nothing for the middle class and especially the people below that. i'm very pessimistic that things will get worse and worse as trump's stay with us continues. host: columbus, ohio. you are not sure about the economy, bill. what are you unsure about? caller: what i don't understand say orpeople will not ask for the truth.
7:57 am
not file that i can't my taxes and they cannot be president of the can not fileates his tech-su tax report. has beenthe dow jones going up since 2009. that was because of obama. but, we don't want to hear that. we don't want to talk about it. trump has nothing to do with the economy rising. rich people keep getting richer. i have nothing against rich people. i would hope that we would all be rich. can't just sit here and
7:58 am
ignore what's going on. host: roger is calling in from bedford, ohio. you are optimistic. why is that? --ler: let's be for real donald trump answers to one person, the rich. nobody else. what is he talking about? health care, taking step away from people. tax breaks. that is the second biggest thing on his agenda. because it is for the rich folks, the ones who got him in office. helped get him in office. why doesn't he raise the minimum wage for people? but won'tugh money show his tax returns. mitt romney told you all from
7:59 am
day one the men was nothing but a front desk the man was nothing but a front -- from day one the man was nothing but a front. this is something barack obama started, not donald trump. go back and check that. host: coming up, we will have a former nypd officer and john jay college of criminal justice lecturer eugene o'donnell here to discuss donald trump's recent comments seeming to encourage rougher treatment of people in police custody. and the human rights attorney discusses what happens when rogue nations sees american citizens. -- seize american citizens. we will be right back. ♪ >>
8:00 am
today on american history to do history tv, we are live in spotsylvania with daylong coverage of a civil or symposium. we will look at defensive strategies employed by the union and confederate armies. we will talk about important battles here it sunday, at 6:00 p.m., american presidents: life portraits. we tour the portrait exhibits at the herbert hoover library and museum in west branch, iowa. >> linda was always on the telephone. a telephone and stalled his bathroom. it would talk with people. he would bring it in their and talk with people in the bathroom. he also recorded telephone conversations he had and those were supposed to be not open to tub


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