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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  August 11, 2017 9:35am-10:05am EDT

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else. boy, i remember those requests and going through every document to find that thing that week.arr wanted that , i get to do now my job. > watch our interview with omarosa manigaults, on c-span, radio and , on c-span, c-span radio and g, on c-span, c-span radio and a, on c-span, c-span radio and u, on c-span, c-span radio and lt, on c-span, c-span radio and >> "washington journal" continues. open. our phone lines are send us a tweet at c-spanwj. the president early this morning tweet.his "military solutions are now ully in place, locked and loaded should north korea act unwisely, hopefully kim jong-un find another path." morgan from nashville,
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tennessee, independent line, your story of the week? guest, it would be your erik prince. betsy devos. very disturbing. wants to privatize public education and her brother, erik prince, wants to military.the so are we in a middle of some of cue. this, i rn body in gnize erik prince was hired, the cia they blackwater and
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believe a problem and i tbl had with abu ghraib or something obscene. mention that erik prince is involved with the uae, nited arab emerites, has private military organization with them. i don't know why this is allowed of america.d states we are in the middle of a military coux. military, but our and we are tutions under attack f. we don't stand going to have any, this is a warning, folks. morgan from nashville, tennessee. org, army a news dot chief pledging what he's calling iserable punishment on the u.s., in a rally in north korea opposing sanctions implemented
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u.n. toward pyongyang "scheme of america's pressure." to lee joining from brooklyn, democrat's line, your top story of the week, what is it, lee? caller: the idea they took a poll of republicans and the republicans agree if 2020ident trump cancels the elections, they are okay with that. this sort of -- what poll, lee? who did the poll? caller: in the msn news, i don't know who did the poll. msn news, microsoft news. host: we can show it to you on the screen. caller: right. they said the majority of surveyed about canceling the 2020 presidential agreed with the president with that idea, if president trump wanted that.
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are we in the d ironic,of a coup, it was i was on hold waiting for this going, yeah, seems like it. the way, i'm in brooklyn and elections, we had but rudy giuliani was our mayor to cancel the d elections, but we resisted and had the elections and michael bloomberg was elected. thank you for the call. weekly standard reporting on raid and paul manafortchanging lawyers. federal investigation by special counsel robert mueller digs deeper into the business dealings of paul mannafort, has changed his legal team. spokesperson saying he's oing with miller to represent him as office of special counsel investigates robert mueller. wilmer hale will
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no longer represent mr. manafort. host: good morning, welcome to the program. yes, i won't take as much time as the last caller did and everything. trump, when he run on his campaign back last year, he coal would come back and coal miners of eastern entucky are struggles and coal miner i won't take your time. we love trump and think he will work for us. for taking my okay. host: glad to hear from you. ricky in new york city, morning.n line, good caller: good morning. fury to suggest fire and and see how that correlated to as madman theory doctrine, well as some ideas of how we're -- ng in the age of host: john is next, fairfax, line.nia, democrats'
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caller: good morning, steve. host: morning, john. again, i am most important story is voter suppression. is a lot that was the american and -- instead of joining with the people, stop decide ppression, they they were on the other side. in is so important because 2000, there were orders, 40,000 of rs to change the outcome the election and that would have saved millions of lives and of ions and trillions dollars and it is most important going on. chris kobach, with his
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cross-check is trying to eliminate democratic voters. penalties d be more voters.le who purge i wish the congress would enact try to curb this for american ate democracy. host: john, thank you for the call. front page of "washington post," and vice president in new jersey yesterday. he president travels to trump tower on sunday for a couple days. this headline, north korea scenario, here is portion of what the "washington post" is reporting. heated moment of belligerent rhetoric, planner necessary and out of government decades of plans and projections, playing war engaging in the estimating death tolls and adversary how an might behave. nside washington's what-if
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think tank, consultants and businesses spent four decades that the t scenarios trump administration faces a new. into thways examined fall four main categories. doing nothing, hitting kim regime, tougher sanctions, pushing for talks and military confrontation. the morning from "washington post." ray, asheville, north carolina, morning.nt line, good caller: good morning. something to ing the attention of america. i'm a homeless veteran in a asheville, north carolina, sharing a shelter with here.eterans the shelter is running under a v.a. program called the grant diem program, a very program.onate the policy of the local nonprofit that runs this offers policy that rs requires veterans to perform unpaid labor.
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now just propose that idea with prisoners in a prison facility, facility areprison often have to work at the laundry or maintenance and stuff. they actually will earn a minimum -- not minimum wage, but a wage of some sort, but the eterans here in the homeless areas like work in maintenance, laundry, housekeeping, the kitchen, the desk, do not earn a wage. as a me do get employed employee, formal employee where is taxes are taken out of their are barred from reporting actually the time hours.ervice i tried to talk to the u.s. epartment of labor and they seem to like to point to each other as having jurisdiction. of congress embers
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v.a., they all seem to point back to the u.s. labor.ment of now, my profession, my skill, in been involved communications and advertising i creative end and well, thought it was up to me to bring this issue to the forefront and if i couldn't get myself and the other veterans paid for labor. i started reading case law. to ook me eight months actu actually read case law, federal and u.s. code, to become encouraged enough to file complaint, which seemed to be my only forum left at times. filed a complaint, along with motion to prevent myself from being kicked out of the homeless
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shelter. host: thank you for bringing this to our attention. another headline from the "new york times." the threat ofsays tepid, his too comments yesterday, reporting of peter baker. here is part of what new york saying.stem president trump's rhetoric on north korea reached level that has alarmed ally necessary asia many at home. investors were unnerve the on hursday by increasing tension, democrats complained that the president was inflaming the onfrontation and called for diplomacy, instead. more than 60 house democrats sending a letter to secretary of state rex tillerson asking him to restrain the president, administrationhe over north korea. again, spilled over into public iew on thursday, speaking with reporters en route to seattle, mattis said the president could use whatever language he thought appropriate. was not elected, the american people elected the president.
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about his less colorful statement on north secretary mattis said the rhetoric is up to the president, this is my rhetoric. "new york ory at times," front page this morning com.y times dot riley, your top news story of the week? caller: hi. bring to ke to attention, i don't know whether theot this was this week or week before this. rump's transgender ban in the military. i've had a lot of friends of mine who have talked to me about this and for some reason, they ave been very -- how do i say, like offensive or very defensive about the subject. and now -- say here host: allen in little rock, morning. depend caller: hi, good morning. host: good morning. aller: i have a challenge for the democrat viewers and your on two quick wers
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points. one is, russia story that keeps and on. i never hear anyone discussing technology giveaway to russia where we're relying on astronauts toh our the international space station, incredible giveaway. i recall the soviets linking back years ago where we did the the russians, never hear that discussed. nd the second quick thing on immigration is and i never hear ither side discussing the key element to immigration, which is country, aath to the basic knowledge of fundamental country and our then a sworn oath to loyalty to the country. so, legal residents required to have that and display that that, but i don't ever hear anyone commenting on that. thought your astutely audience
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that.comments on for c-span, i hear people about thankg c-span you. i think c-span should turn around and thank your good because your viewers are customers for cable for nies that are paying c-span and paying for all the fine services. host: you are absolutely right so, good opportunity for us to say thank you. each month from your cable bill provide money for this network. and c-span radio and you are right, we couldn't do it without your support. we appreciate it. allen joining from little rock, arkansas. cq role call,from president trump floging mcconnell over health care, he time for senate republicans to go back to work and he was disappointed in mitch.
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the full statement available on our website at democrats lwaukee, line, top story of the week? caller: well, i'm a holdover debate r health care earlier health care debate. host: we like holdovers, that's okay. i tried to call in then, couldn't get through. they were, it is when talking about discrimination in terms of health care, conditions, etcetera. my main concern and maybe i'm a i didn't realize until i got on medicare that are having to pay a opay to see a provider, we're paying a specialist rate to see our og-gyn provider. may have been the case, i know from the time you leave females atrician, most i'm n ob-gyn provider, wondering why is that all of a sudden a specialist category, we're overpaying, i think, i something that
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most women should contact their older women bout, maybe contact the aarp, a big of getting ridor of pre-existing conditions, i think this is something that needs to be for, equality in copay, consumers of g health care. big difference in health care consumers. host: thank you. headline from associated press, postal service more ready, missed payments as mail slumps. service warning yesterday it will likely default n up to 6.9 billion dollars in payments for future retire health and pension benefits for a row, citing in oming cash crunch that could disrupt mail delivery. cash balances are expected to to avoid october and
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bankruptcy would not make requirements as required under law.ow host: olan, on the democrat's line, good morning. morning.good first of all, thank you for c-span. really appreciate your programming. siriusxm.u on you are not. ost: it is in the 400-channel neighborhood, we are still there. check out our free c-span radio streamed on the web, as well. app.can listen to us on the caller: oh, very good, very good. i will try that. host: okay. caller: i would like to suggest business with north to a is spin from the trump get away from having to deal investigation.n i think that is his main concern i think that he thinks that
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these tweets and all of stirring up are pivoting away from that. that is my opinion. i seem to feel this thing came and it popped r up. orth korea hasn't been doing anything more thab they have been doing for years and -- ost: experts say they are getting closer with nuclear capacity in terms of the weapons. caller: this is true. this is true. they've had hand, missiles and capability for months, if not years, who knows. host: thank you. "new york times," fire and fury may have been too tepid,
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reporting of peter baker in new jersey. joining from oak lawn, illinois. good morning. on the air. caller: i'd like to say that i i wish r program, but the national news doesn't south me, i'm on the side of chicago in cook county, illinois. biggest topic the that everybody wants to hear about every single day since outside of the sanctuary city, being chicago, there seems being done to ffect us on a local level and most people, the area i live in called little palestinian, which doesn't make us happy, those who have lived years. i wish you would onsider more programs focusing on immigration since on the local level, it is the biggest as far as crime
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doubled.ust more than are you going to have more program fos cussing on changing n and neighborhoods like outside of sanctuary cities? host: most definitely. the suggestion to go back to that issue. we have done a number of programs and will in the future. edison star. congressman mike rogers, health over.epeal is he made that statement in a town hall meeting. other headlines from outside the beltway. star advertiser in honolulu, guard units alerted to deploy in event they need to with regard to the situation in north korea. the star ledger in new jersey, nation's opioid crisis is a national emergency and ahead of commission is the new jersey senator, new jersey governor chris christie. next from staten island, new york. republican line.
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caller: hi. -- in 1983, nobody said that. trump should say that. guam,le defense in hawaii, japan and south korea before it hits california. thank you. host: thanks for the call. want to read a story that has been getting a lot of attention, posted early this morning on the reuters.eport from based on a statement by the hinese-run news organization, writers the following "if north korea launches attack that united states then china should stay neutral. if the u.s. attacks first and overthrow the north korean government, china will stop them. state-run he chinese newspaper earlier today. ratcheting up p the rhetoric on thursday warning pyongyang against attacking guam
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u.s. allies after disclosed lans to fire missiles over japan to land near the u.s. territory, china, most important has and trading partner, reiterated calls for calm during the current crisis. frustration sed with both pyongyang's repeated missile tests and the behavior korea and the u.s. it sees as escalating tensions. the widely read global times, daily, d by people's wrote in editorial that beijing persuade e to washington or pyongyang to back down, china has long worried any conflict on the korean peninsula '53 war could he unleash wave of refugees into with rtheast and end up reuniified country aligned with the u.s. global times said firmly resist any side that wants to change the tatus quo of the areas where
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china interests are concerned. tony joining from pleasantville, democrats on the line. depend morning. caller: good morning, steve. i just want to call in real say, i know you are out of time, but that caller a couple calls ago that said, all is deflection because we got more countries that is more north korea.n this guy has been doing this for years, this is all deflection russian investigation nobody n't care what says, since they raided paul mannafort's home, he sees the tightening around his neck, if i can use that term, it wash.come out in the he don't like it, but it ain't no fun when the rabbit gets the gun. ost: tony, thank you for the call. thank you from new jersey. politico, former house speaker, in this gingrich saying trump is handling the senate badly, in part to what the donald trump said about senate republican leader mitch
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mcconnell. read it at carol from pittsburgh, good morning. morning, c-span. i'm sorry, got the wrong wanted to sayw, i gung-ho about o ing.and battle as long as i've been alive, 74 isrs, i've felt that the war an old man's game. it is easy for trump to say that he has not been in the service, his own children have not gone to war. for me, very difficult as a mother of ex-veteran or retired veteran to say my son have to go off to war for somebody who didn't learn how to the right way. so that is my comment on mr. trump. host: thank you. for all your calls and comments morning, every sunday on c-span radio, we carry the five sunday programs this week, i s
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ention that pause in the "washington post," scaramucci interviews includes this sunday. anthony scaramucci kind in case you missed it last night, anthony scaramucci kind of sort of appeared on "snl" thursday edition and the spoof on the former white house communications director. >> just some more scaramucci. >> i've got to admit that we did hope that you would stick around a little bit longer, but the
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marriag. >> the mitch has no regrets. the mooch is loose. just a portion of a much longer skip that appeared last night on "snl." ask for being with us on this friday morning. we are back tomorrow and every day for c-span's "washington journal. rest of youry the friday and have a great week. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] >> the net roots nation international conference is going on this week in atlanta. a are live this morning on panel on progressive activism.
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live coverage on c-span takes up at 1:00 p.m. eastern on a discussion on how to promote progressive values led by democratic congressman could that i. that is today at 1:00. keith ellison will lead a discussion on how regressive can win back political power through grassroots efforts. he will talk about plans to win at the state level, where democrats have lost 1000 election since 2008. mr. ellison ran for democrat national committee chair, losing to tom perez. we will finish up our net roots nation coverage of the day as how movements are changing democratic principles. president trump commenting again on tensions with north korea. the president retweeted this message from the u.s. pacific command. standds, "bombers on guam
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ready to fulfill the fight tonight mission if called upon to do so." we will continue to monitor the situation and bring you the updates and latest tweets on the matter unwarranted. -- when warranted. >> every week in the clinton white house, there was something in gauge. it was a very tense environment. had a special prosecutor -- i don't know if you remember a guy named ken starr. he was like a bogeyman back then. i spent more time in that white house responding to foia requests the doing anything else. and going those through a three document trying to find that thing that ken starr wanted that week. now, i actually get to do my job. >> watch our interview with omarosa manigault on
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c-span, c-span radio, and c-span >> now a discussion on the future of american political parties. townhall political editor guy benson and other commentators participating. this was part of a world affairs conference hosted by the university of colorado. this is about an hour and 10 minutes.


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