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tv   Open Phones on President Trumps News Conference Part 2  CSPAN  August 15, 2017 9:54pm-10:14pm EDT

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important, i believe wages will start going up. they have not been up -- gone of for a long time. because the economy is going so well with respect to wages and employment, wages will go up. that will have a tremendously positive impact on race relations. >> [indiscernible] >> is there going to be a wiretap? >> back to back for security purposes, we want your reaction to the president's remarks as we come up on 10:00 here. in the east, you could see our phone numbers. republicans give us a call at --
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if you are a democrat collett -- , your reaction, your thoughts to the remarks of president trump today. we will start out in arlington, virginia on our line for replicants. you are on c-span. caller: i lived through carter, reagan, george eight w bush, will claim in, it george h bush and obama. i have never heard a president be scrutinized over every word he speaks, humiliated by the public to wanting to hurt someone, slandered, ridiculed, like to -- lied to. truly a shame's me the people in this country. hate and have no morals and news reporters who feel they have the right to purposefully lie and do the things they are doing.
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every other president after they were elected was left alone. ,hey weren't on the news 24/7 or being dissected with every word out of their mouth. they are never being given the support to do important work. enough is enough, leave the man alone and let him do his job for god sakes. >> we will go to julie calling from new york. wine for others, did i get the name right? caller: yes you did. when you think about the president's remarks? caller: i thought he was making a very valid point. charlottesville is a hot spot right now. on.e is a lot going what i thought he was trying to had usthat both sides all. we as a nation have a habit of
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jumping on one bandwagon and that is not the case here. host: i think we might have lost julie. let's go over to oklahoma, line for democrats. what do you think? caller: hello. hi,dmark cases" -- host: you are on c-span. has saidverything he and done he has brought it on himself. thank you. host: that was short and sweet. janet in fremont. where are you calling from, line from republicans. you're on c-span. ashamed with the republican party. he needs to confront the nazis. in germany you don't see monuments of hitler's because it is history, but it is not good
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history, it is not something you celebrate. don't celebrate and have it standing for people to keep the hate. you have to get rid of this hate. hate does not do anything but bring evil. 45 has donel that better for make that both sides. republicans need to get their act together and put country above party. host: janet speaking of country first. that was the slogan when senator john mccain ran into those thousand eight for president. you may have heard president trump call out senator mccain during this discussion with reporters. john mcqueen -- john mccain pleading, "there is no moral equivalency between racists and american standing up to defy hate and bigotry. the president of the united
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states should say so. " senator from arizona tweeting, "we cannot accept excuses for white supremacy and acts of domestic terrorism here and we must condemn, period." let's go to massachusetts. our line for others. it is january, is that the name? hello, i am january from boston, massachusetts. thank you very much. i think president trump handled everything fairly -- very fairly with the way he reacted to the situation that happened in charlottesville. i believe that he has done a in his timeb so far as being president of the united states. i think the news channels are treating him extremely
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negatively. he is making a wonderful president, i think he has done a great job with what he is trying to do for the military. and for what he is doing for the united states of america. that people can pull back with their negativity and allow him to do his job. what i get completely concerned and worried about what the hatefulness that he is being treated with, that he could be dangerousurt with a way. i am really, really worried about his safety. go to charleston, south carolina. natasha on our line for democrats. what do you think? the way i fill about it with two sides.
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we want to look at history. they history that the neo-nazis and the kkk, what they represent is not what we are for in 2017. thee statues, and all statues coming from west virginia all the way down to the carolinas, even down to atlanta and georgia need to be down. ers wereike the protest protecting their city. it is their what -- it is their right to come in march, it is our right to stand up for what we believe in. history needs to be changed. those statues need to come down. it needs to come down. host: we will go to new hampshire. it is diane, on our republican line. what are your thoughts and reactions to president trump's remarks. he is trying to make
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points, nobody is listening to him. i think we are in a dangerous situation overseas and everything else. we are in a dangerous situation. but, let him do his job. he is trying to do a job. he got voted in. people have to accept that. not everybody is going to be happy, of course. country can get back into loving one another, not this hatred. of course there are bad groups, we have a long way to go. every country has them. host: tell you what, you are breaking up to her and we are going to have to let you go because we cannot hear you. a lot of reaction on capitol hill. let's take a look from majority leader kevin mccarthy writes " they did not reflect the ideals enshrined in our constitution
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that treats and respects every american equally." the minority leader and a house, nancy pelosi a statement tonight remarks onresident charlottesville. "the president's press conference made plain that the statement he gave on saturday is what he really believes." that is minority leader nancy pelosi. it's get back to the phones. statementart of that "from the beginning, president trump has sheltered and encourage the forces of bigotry and discrimination." that was part of the statement from nancy pelosi. we will go back to clinton from rockford, michigan. thank you for taking my call. i am rather appalled by president trump's comments. i know people are questioning the media, whether they have the right to question him. yes, they do have the right.
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the media can help uncover things that politicians are not going to present. the sickly did not want to address any questions that they asked, he just wanted to make a statement. which back to the original ,tatement that he made --ginally talking about well, i am so upset and his response. now he is trying to say that both sides were at fault. problem was, in charlottesville, many people showed up from out of the city, from out of the state with weapons. are calling from michigan, which president trump was carried by a small margin last fall. how do think the president is
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doing now where you live in michigan? how is his support in the state of michigan? asking thank you for that question because, i don't the key would win the state if the election were to be held this year. people were trying to choose between what they might have considered two evils -- the best of two evils. i chose the other route, i did vote for clinton, even though i am an independent. i voted for reagan in the past and many other republicans in the past as well. i voted for clinton because i felt like trump, based on his the political -- he made too many negative comments. and racist comments. i did not appreciate that at all. host: thank you for your insight. we will go to kelly in missouri on our line for democrats.
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you are on c-span, your reaction to president trump today. .aller: hi for one, i can honestly say i did not vote for trump. i am not a trump fan, but, and i do not agree with everything that has been going on in the white house because it is too much drama. the white house should be pretty much invisible. but his speech he said tonight, i just heard it, i just got off work. someone must've been talking to him. i agree with him on a lot of it. there was violence on both sides . that is wrong. definitely wrong. how do i put this?
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he needs to get a little stricter on the part. i am afraid to even say that part, people will take that the wrong way. heaney should just do his job. what he was saying. some things were very interesting. very interesting and i agreed with it. you do have to look at both sides. host: we are going to jump ahead here. let's show you a picture taken by new york times photographer this afternoon at 4:00 eastern in the lobby of trump tower in manhattan. the president making his remarks in there. you see john kelly, the white house chief of staff as he listens to president trump this afternoon. let's go back to the phones, we will pick up with virginia calling from ohio, our line for others. what you think? caller: i have been wanting to do this since that man became president. democrats do not
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seem to get it. i used to be a democrat. those people thought it those who retired for independent. there were more of us than democrats or republicans. we are a split nation, republicans and democrats. and america is one nation. we are not all going to agree. we don't need republicans and democrats, we need to vote back to the people. ast: let's see if we can get couple of more folks on the air here tonight. we will go to nina in mississippi, our line for democrats. what's on your mind? caller: well, i am calling from a place where a lot of what is going on is really relevant. it happens on a daily basis. proud to be and what -- i am a democrat and
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proud to be one. we have to think about where we are in the world today. something that happened the comments, i think his should have been a little bit he should have hit the target. secretly praises these things. our president should be someone we look up to. we should not have feelings of, he is on one side one day and on the other side. i think that our nation looks pretty weak. i know that there are other countries looking at us like we are at a bad spot. if our president cannot display the power, and the security for the people in this world, what can he do for the structure of
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our government? .t is just like a circus since day one it has been so many issues. fiddles and not tries to walk the walk of our past presidents. always, and is should be a man of stature and someone republicans, democrats, and any other society should look up to. right now, as a nation, we do not have that. host: we are going to move along here. tonight, and election there. whoee the current senator is nominated to replace -- or is the replacement for senator jeff sessions who became the attorney general. in a runoff with former alabama chief justice roy moore to run for that senate seat in the fall.
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that special election tonight. we see luther strange and alabama former chief justice more and to a primary runoff for that senate seat. moreget back to a couple calls, maybe time for one more. kelly from west virginia on our line for republicans. you are going to get the last word this time around. caller: thank you. today and he was stating exactly what a lot of people are thinking, is this to go back so far us to washington and jefferson owning slaves? that is our history, you cannot erase our history. it is part of america. war, he tried to help rebuild our country. he supported the reform.
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i'm just tired of everybody attacking our president. respect thesed to people over top of us. people need to try to settle down and get along a little bit. host: we are going to leave it there, we will give you another chance to weigh in, whether on the phone or on facebook or twitter tomorrow morning at 7:00 eastern time. also a reminder, tomorrow morning here on c-span at 11:00 a.m. eastern, we will bring you the memorial service for the young woman who died in the protest there and charlottesville over the weekend. service.eyey memorial we will have coverage here on c-span. >> c-span's washington journal, live every day with policy and stash issues that impact you. we start with the center for urban renewal and education founder star parker on president
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trump's reaction to events in charlottesville, and the larger issue of actions by alt right groups. talks about the historical parallels between the current nuclear standoff with north korea, and the 1962 cuban missile crisis. and the executive director discusses countering hate groups and shares his experience as a former organizer for the white area and resistance. be sure to watch c-span's washington journal, live at 7:00 a.m. wednesday morning. join the discussion. the los angeles times reads, state report on religious persecution accused as islamic state of genocide. secretary of state rex tillerson made that accusation at a press conference for the release of the international religious freedom report. he will talk for 10 minutes.


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