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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  August 23, 2017 7:00am-8:04am EDT

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institute on the future of the children's health insurance program. at 9:00, a look at a report on shrinking the executive branch. ♪ good morning. 23,s wednesday, august 2017. president trump wrapped up his latest rally at phoenix, arizona. this comes after the nation was stunned by a violent white supremacist protest in sharpsville, virginia. presidential after approval ratings dipping below 40%. this morning, we will show you moche -- we will show you much of that event.
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onublicans can call in 202-748-8001. democrats on 202-748-8000. independents on 202-748-8002. you can also catch up with us on twitter at and on facebook. you can start calling in now. we want to hear your reaction to the rally last night. we also want to see -- one to show you some of the headlines which were generated after that rally last night. we will start with the drudge report this morning. "powerhouse trump battles in arizona." "wsmax what with the headline trump slams media at rally." the daily beast this morning headline, "donald trump goes
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scorched earth in wild, angry arizona speech." here is a newspaper out of arizona. "president trump lists his accompaniments while taking on his critics at a rally in phoenix." another out of arizona. "trump blames the media with a condemnation of comments out of charlottesville." we will show you some of the highlights from that speech, some parts which are making news this morning. the president began that speech talking about the direction his administration. here's what he had to say. pres. trump: our movement is a movement built on love. a love love for us it is for fellow citizens, for struggling americans who have been left behind. love for every american child who has -- who deserves a chance
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to have all of their dreams come true. from the inner cities to the from the sunbelt to the rust belt, from east to west and north to south, our movement is built on the conviction that every american from every background is entitled to a government that puts their needs first. you much moreshow of that rally over this first hour of the washington journal this morning. we want to hear from you. we will start with jerry in detroit, michigan on the line for democrats. good morning. caller: good morning. greetings again from mighty motown. what i just heard from the president so far -- i think it is indicative of just how much i need to know about his predominantly white supporters. i say that, because the people who listen to president trump seem to be clueless about us as
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people of color. most of the white people who support trump have a hard time admitting that they hate people of color. i know i'm going to hear from a lot of what people, older white people on either the republican or independent lines probably slamming me for saying this, but i really do believe that president trump feeds off of d of usite peoples' hatre in a sense. he is trying to draw parallels and make up some sort of equivalency between the white supremacists he calls very fine sople and the antiracists who howed up. your comment,in
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you said "most white people" feel that way, and then you said "some white people." thatr: what i mean is white people of a certain age, that archie bunker type of white people. -- theye a top time have a tough time admitting that they hate people of color, and they will continually deny that they do. i think that is who donald trump feeds off of. to eric this morning in white plains, maryland on the line for independents. caller: i watched it. i am very proud of the president. i want to say something very important. i am black, and i voted for trump. all these narratives that the offerl media is trying to
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, portraying him as a racist. that is not healthy for the country. we need to accept reality. white people, there are bad black people, there are bad people of every race. i do not like the narrative that all black people are good in all white people are bad. the president is doing his job, so i am very proud of the president. if i had to vote for him again, i would do it probably could -- probably. host: what promises is he keeping in your mind? started with the wall. he is trying hard to have his wall, and no one would vote for it. with obamacare, he tried to repeal it, and we saw all his
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effort. he said that he is doing. he is the first politician who said something that he meant, because most politicians say one thing and they do something else when they get there. host: let's go to leroy on the line for democrats. caller: good morning. yes, i listened to the speech last night. here it is. i do not care if you are black and white, but for our president to address us and say that he will shut down the government if he does not get his wall -- what does color have to do with that? this is a man of shutting down the government. that affects us all. how his believe supporters can stand up behind him on tv. i say to myself, "are you crazy?" he is saying he will shut down the government if he does not get his wall. it is mind-boggling.
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-- that is my comment. here is the president last night in arizona talking about that wall. pres. trump: we are building a wall on the southern border which is absolutely necessary. [cheering] >> build that wall! bill that wall! build that wall! build that wall! pres. trump: build that wall. now, the obstructionist democrats would like as not to do it, but if we have to close down our government, we are building that wall. let me be very clear to democrats in congress who oppose the border wall and stand in the way of border security, you are
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safety all of america's at risk. you are doing that. host: as we take you through you canht's rally, watch the entire rally on our website, we want to hear your reactions this morning. what stood out to you in that wide-ranging address from the president which ended at about 11:30 eastern time last night. steve is on the line for independents. go ahead. caller: first of all, thank you for c-span. you are a national treasure for us. it is the only way we can halfway get to the truth. i called in, because the first caller asserted that elderly white people who are latent racists constitute some sort of core support for donald trump should that is not the case.
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elderly white people are the only group of voters in this country who seem to care anymore about the constitution and the idea of limited government. this threatens the power of the ruling class in washington, d.c.. they have gotten away with governing this country in a thoroughly unconstitutional fashion for the past 30 or 40 years. they hate donald trump, because he threatened to take away their power and restore us to the rule of law and a limited government defined by our constitution. it has nothing to do with racism. take this latest example. mediaws you how the elite distorts and undermines .verything trump says
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host: what is an example of that, steve? caller: the controversy after charlottesville. he made a fair, balanced, evenhanded comment which was to say that he condemned violence on the right and on the left. we knew who he was talking about. he did not have to use the words not these and ku klux klan -- kkk. nazi's and had said thema same thing, everyone would have praised him for being evenhanded and bipartisan. stop and think about this. the elite media is trying to tell the president of the united states what he must say but also the words he must use. host: we want to play the president in the city of arizona
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and his reaction to that last night. first, i want to get in a few more calls. surely is on the line for democrats in texas. go ahead. caller: good morning. i watched the rally last night. donald trump -- i do not understand things about him. he seems like he is crazy, but he is not crazy. he is just doing what he likes to do. it is not so fake news, because of the news people do not tell us what is going on, then we would not know what is going on. we would not know anything about russia or anything like that. news telling us what is going on.
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at the rally last night, they had this black guy sitting in , and he was holding a campaign sign. he was paid. some of those people in the back were probably paid. host: debbie on the line for republicans in westminster, maryland. go ahead. caller: good morning. thank you for my call. i just want to say that i think the rally was kind of neat and cool. one thing i would like everybody to take a look at is that ever since that man has got into the oval office, our bank accounts and 401k's have risen.
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that.appreciate just look at our bank accounts. thank you, donald trump. thank you, c-span. host: we are taking your calls this morning, your reactions to the president's rally in phoenix last night. here's the president talking about the violence in charlottesville. pres. trump: the dishonest people in the media and fake media, they make up sources. they do not have sources in many cases. they do not report the facts. just like how they do not want to report that i spoke out forcefully against hatred, bigotry, and violence. i strongly condemned the neo-nazis, the white supremacist, and the kkk.
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called for unity, healing, and love. they know, because they were all there. so what i did -- heering] pres. trump: so what i did, i took just a second -- and i am tong this more than just show you how dishonest these people are. [cheering] pres. trump: here is my first statement about charlottesville. charlottesville, and i'm surprised many people do not know that. well, now they finally know. i do not want to bore you with this, but it shows just how dishonest they are. most of you know this anyways.
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here is what i said on saturday. we are closely following the terrible events unfolding in choteau, virginia. we a -- in charlottesville, virginia. we condemn in the strongest possible terms the hatred, bigotry, and violence on saturday. [cheering] pres. trump: so, i'm condemning in the strongest possible terms hatred, bigotry, and violence. i do not think you can do much better. said he one day they did not do it fast enough or on time. why did it take a day? he must be a racist. cnn reporting overnight "donald trump' defense charlottesville response, but
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/m -- reference to sides." 'many a lot of focus on that this morning in response to what the president had to say. we want to hear what you think this morning. republicans, 202-748-8001. .emocrats, 202-748-8000 independents, 202-748-8002. the dirt on the line for independents -- victor on the line for independents. good morning. i think the president is very frustrated with mitch mcconnell. he loved everything that obama did. he is partisan, and he cannot
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work with anyone. all he can do is block things. , all they do 97% of the time is negative. nothing good. they do not tell the truth. according to political act, 65% itifact, 65% to pol of what they put out is misleading. so, he has every right to be frustrated with the media. the republican party is not backing donald trump. he may have to get some folks from the democrats to get health care done. we have the highest prescription drugs in the world. we have to get those things done, and he cannot get any help there or on the border wall.
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he cannot get anything done from congress who takes large contributions from lobbyists. story in the new york times noting that the relationship between the president and the senate majority leader has disintegrated to the point where they have not spoken to each other in weeks. mitch mcconnell has privately expressed uncertainty if the president will be able to salvage his presidency after a series of summer crisis. we are going to be talking about president trump and his relationship with republican senators later on in the morning. we will ask only republicans to call in and talk about what you think the president's role should be in primaries. he has personally expressed support for a challenger to jeff flake. he did mention jeff flake last night and some of his actions.
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-- for the next 45 minutes, we want to hear all of your reactions this morning to the president's reality -- rally last night. good morning. caller: good morning. a lot of your numbers are out of sync -- host: let me help you with that. we switch up the number lines for each party every month. republicans, democrats, independents, we switch the lines of every month to try to and-- keep things moving allow every color we can each month. we do not want to show favorites. caller: my comment is that this look like a clan meeting to me. donald trump was lying. he was lying to these voters.
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he is like jimmy jones leading them to the kool-aid. he does not want to lead this country. he does not even want to be president. i hope mitch mcconnell comes to his senses, and they start the movement for the 25th amendment now. he needs to get out of the office before he just ruins everything. who makeching msnbc sure we do not have to listen to him screaming the whole time. when he started lying about what ,e said about charlottesville they put it right up there. he did not say what he did not want to say. right now, the media is telling the truth about him, and he cannot stand it. host: why do you think he does not want to be president? look at what he is doing. if barack obama had done one thing that he has done, he would be put in handcuffs with a muzzle on.
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what is good for the white man is still not good for the black man. donald trump is proving that. if you want to start a race war, there will be multiple types of people fighting. there will be black, asian, white people, lgbt, native americans, everyone is banding together right now. he is in a corner right now. the republican party hates him. they just have to be on cowardly and send it. uncowardlyas to be and say it. host: lisa is up next. trump is embarrassing. he is a racist. his comments on charlottesville were very embarrassing. the 25th amendment needs to go into affect now. he should not have a nuclear
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codes. say i am aassed to republican, and i do not think i can be a republican anymore. host: lisa, did you vote for him? caller: i did not. i saw that he was a ridiculous, self-serving liar. i voted for hillary clinton even though i am a republican, because i saw what donald trump really is. host: our next caller on the line. good morning. caller: good morning. how are you doing? host: i'm doing well. caller: i just woke up two minutes to 7:00. i cannot believe i got through. your piece is very different. when we call in, and sometimes sounds like someone is not talking on the other side.
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i was watching last night at home, and i -- i make sure i hear him, because i want to hear what he says. after that, i can barely even listen to the clips you guys have on. all that kept coming to mind -- he justt night sounds like a drunk at a bar stool at a bar. he sounds like one of those know drunks. -- know-it-all it is just unbelievable. he sounds like a drunk at a bar. i want to piggyback on what the previous caller said. he is out of his mind. we need the 25th amendment. this guy is scary.
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i worked 43 years to get my , andl security and pension i am afraid that the stock market is going to crash and bottom out when things start happening. he is out of his mind. he is dangerous for this country, he really is. i do not know what else to say. host: you mentioned the stock market, and what is happening with the stock market. we will talk with the chief economist of moody's analytics. we will talk about the debt ceiling and wall street. the deadline is coming up to raise the debt ceiling. stick around. that is coming up in about a half hour this morning on the washington journal. dave is on the line for republicans. go ahead. caller: yes sir. i've a statement to make about charlottesville.
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if no one from the left had shown up in schulz felt and just let the idiots do their little rally about the statute, it would have been a fifth page story in a local newspaper, and you would never have had any of this. that is it. plain and simple. if you do not show up to protest these dummies, they do not get national press. you show up in protest, and they have national coverage all week now. host: alan is up next on the line for republicans. caller: yes, thank you for having me. i am listening to all these people call in. they are obviously not watching true news. they are watching editorials, peoples with opinion -- people with opinions. the fact of the matter is that this man did not need the job as president. he is not a racist. i'm offended when people throw
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the word racist around without any facts at all. i have worked near trump. i have seen the diversity of his employees. what do you mean when you say you work near him? caller: i worked in manhattan. i see trump employees working and building structures. they are hispanic, black, white, italian, irish. he did not make his millions and billions by being a racist. he is a businessman. mitch mcconnell, the rallies, these people are attorneys. as far as the democrats go, i have not heard one idea of their platform. no" toear is "no, no, everything trump says. i want to hear ideas from these people on the left. host: before you go, we will
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talk about this later in the show, but what do you think the should be inole the republican primary races? be to: his role should let the people speak. abolishho vote to obamacare, the affordable care at which i know is a disgrace because i tried to enroll. who follow the president's agenda will be reelected or elected, and which mcconnell is going out. he is going out. paul ryan is going out. donald trump has ideas. you hear them every day. he is promilitary and pro-police. we need law and order. he is law and order.
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guff not going to take from the punk in north korea. host: here is the president last night indirectly going after members of his own party. away.trump: one vote we were one vote away. republicans -- and again, you have some great senators -- but we were one vote repealling. chanting]
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pres. trump: you know, they all yourthat mr. president, trump -- your speech was so good last night. please, do not mention any names. so, i will not. shouting] one vote away, but i will not mention any names. the very presidential, isn't it? nobody wants me to talk about the other senators who are weak --border and week on crime the other senator who is weak on borders and weak on crime. so, i will not talk about him. no one knows who we is.
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mentioned any names, so now everyone is happy. we are going to get rid of obamacare. i will never stop. one vote. i will never stop. we are going to get rid of obamacare. host: the president's comments from last night. his indirect comments coming just weeks after his comments about jeff flake's primary challenger. this is a tweet from the president last week. this was back on august 17. we are taking your reaction this morning to the president's campaign style rally last night. we are looking at your responses on twitter.
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the conversation is happening over on forill continue look out your tweets this morning. our next caller is on the line. good morning. caller: good morning, america. good morning. thank god for c-span. we have goinging is the electoral college. donald trumps that is not realizing that we were given the electoral college, because you have to govern both sides. that is the point of the electoral college. mr. trump decides he does want , butvern from one side this is america.
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you cannot just go one-sided here. even with the context of fake usinganybody going around obamacare is demonstrating racism in america. there is no such thing as a. it is called the affordable care act. they use the word obamacare to keep everyone afraid of it. there is nothing to be scared of. america is beautiful. stop being scared. you, are yousk concerned about the term "trumpcare" when democrats were using it to talk about efforts to repeal and replace the affordable care act? caller: it is used, again, to get people riled up. create ang was used to
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stereotype. in manyre using it forms today. act, anyonele care isng "obamacare" demonstrating racism. host: leslie is up next from illinois. caller: good morning. how are you? host: i am doing good. caller: i saw the speech last , and i cannot believe how much he spoke about charlottesville but only mentioned heather heyer once. he then went straight into the economy. -- whatat would he have would you have liked him to say? caller: i would like for him to say that a white supremacist was her murderer. talk about the two police officers who lost their lives in the helicopter.
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it is amazing to me that he did not mention them. host: he has mentioned all of those individuals the for in various statements and tweets. why was it important to bring it up at the rally last night in your mind? happenedecause it just not even two weeks ago. if you are going to talk for 40 minutes about charlottesville, he needs to mention them more than once. president did talk about charlottesville for quite in the beginning of his speech. it is about 75 minutes in its entirety. you can find the entire speech online at gary is on the line from hoboken. gary, what did you think? gary, are you with us? we will go to diane from woodstock, georgia.
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diane, go ahead. caller: yes, i would just like to say that i agree with the caller who asked about why he is still holding rallies. it is just ridiculous. there is the reason for it and heto stir people up, seems to be very good at that. i just think it is ridiculous. he does this for attention. he does it, because he is a narcissist. he craves adoration and attention, but it is just absolutely pathetic. host: when would it be ok for him to start holding these types of rallies again? caller: i would say closer to election time. did you ever have concerns about fundraisers by president
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obama or public events with his supporters? caller: i never noticed him .olding political rallies a fundraiser is one thing, but these types of things where he is getting up there and riling people up and everything like just shades of the nuremberg rallies. use working people into a frenzy. neo-nazi'sthese kkk, out of their hiding holes. like ae a p -- he is pied piper, and they are all coming out now because of him. host: president trump toward the infrastructure -- toured the
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infrastructure at the border wall. there is a story in the washington times about it. he did speak with several border of thewhile on the tour infrastructure there between the united states and mexico. he looked at some of the fencing that was there in yuma. an op-ed.ay, we have it is talking about why border walls work. thewriter talks about bipartisan fence act which was supported by hillary clinton, barack obama, joe biden, and others. hundreds of miles of additional fencing in the yuma sector. while there is still work to do, she writes that there is still
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more work to do. lawmakers should come together on both sides of the aisle to give the men and women of homeland security the resources they need to defend our borders. op-ed inead that full usa today. our next caller on the line for independents, go ahead. caller: please do not cut me off. this is a message to all black americans. all this outrage over these statues, where was the outrage eight years ago? please do not cut me off. host: i am listening. caller: where was all the phony outrage eight years ago when obama was resident -- president? the statues were there then. as far as the border wall, killingimmigrants are
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america. they are taking our jobs and keeping wages stagnant. something needs to be done. illegal immigrants are killing the working class of america, especially the blacks. with everything donald trump is doing, i am not a donald trump fan, but the media is totally against him. obama wanted a wall built, but donald trump says the same thing, and he is getting a different response. we need that border wall, because millions of people are coming in illegally. at the rate they are coming in, what you think is going to happen? everybody is going to criticize donald, but obama asked for the
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same thing. he nominated a white woman and a hispanic woman to be federal bench. host: next is tobias. good morning. caller: good morning. how are you doing today? host: doing well. caller: my thing is that -- i do not care if you are a democrat or republican, you should vote your conscience. the american people deserve that her. i do not care if it is a republican president or -- american people deserve better. i do not care if it is a republican president or a democratic president. bes is a call to all senators and congressmen out there. we deserve better.
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that is my comment today. host: our next caller on the line. good morning. caller: hello, i just feel we have lost our morals. we have no morals left. we are allowing a man to stand up there and spout names, and we are trying to raise our children and tell them that you do not do this or that. but when you have a man who is supposed to be the top person in the united states of america doing that, how do you tell your children that you cannot do that? everyone is going back to school, and it is the second or third day of school, and we are already having problems in our schools here in texas. i just feel like we need to find our morals again, and we need to go back and find out what we really want to teach our children.
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the whole thing last night was nothing but a bunch of name-calling. that is all it was. about 15 minutes left in this segment of the washington journal. i also want to keep you updated about some other non-politics news this morning. the story was in the front page of the new york times and several other papers as well. the navy is set to remove the commander of the seventh fleet after eight ship collision -- after a ship collision. there is a photo of him there in the new york times story. navy's command -- the commander of that seventh fleet is set to be removed in the next few weeks. he had been expected to retire in the coming weeks, but they have accelerated his departure date after leadership has lost confidence in him.
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another story about troop levels in afghanistan. investigation by the wall street journal reporting that the united states actually undercuts its number of troops in afghanistan. this coming after the president announced his afghanistan strategy in a national address earlier this week. in afghanistan, there are currently about 8400 troops that the pentagon publicly acknowledges is being deplored -- deployed in the country. 3500 areanother deployed as part of specialized units which are rarely if ever disclosed which brings the actual number in afghanistan up to about 12,000. that report is in today's washington journal. our next caller on the line for independents. go ahead. caller: thank you for taking my call.
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a couple of things. wonder why people give him credit for the economy being so good. .he stock market being high unemployment being low. they forget that this was already happening before he took office. the last six months of obama's presidency, we saw a sharp rise. people forget that this economic markets, and stock the prices. people forget that the economy was already on the rise. give hime going to
7:46 am
credit for that, then you do have to give him credit for the bad stuff, too. there are some things that are still bad. take credit for the economy, but he does not want to take credit for north korea. at what point do you think you should start receiving credit for the current state of the economy? caller: trump's budget does not take effect until 2018. so, we are operating right now on a budget passed by the obama administration. had you take credit for the economy when you have not yet passed a budget. we have not yet gotten to that point yet. someone mentioned political fact fact's rating of msnbc.
7:47 am
they should check his rating for trump. practically everything they rate him four is pants on fire. for is pants on fire. he said that the white supremacists had a permit to protest, and that the counterprotesters did not, that is a lie. the counterprotesters were actually heard by the white supremacists there. to blame them for coming out and having that happening, it is horrible. year the 2018 fiscal
7:48 am
begins later this fall. somethingt is --ected to be on congresses congress' agenda when they return. also, there will be the debate over the debt ceiling. we will see if the publicans and democrats can agree to it without -- if republicans and democrats can agree to it without further attaching anything else. stick around for that discussion. texas,s on the line from a republican. go ahead. caller: good morning. i'm a black man in america, and i want to applaud donald trump for sticking up for americans. agenda,d him and his and everything he is trying to do for america. stop looking back in the past. obamay clinton, president
7:49 am
-- host: now to dale on the line for independents. caller: good morning. for the few comments people who are for trump. there are several things. number one, he cannot shut down the government. only congress can do that. the other point i would like to make is about his tax reform. notle need to be aware that only do small corporations get a tax break, but also the large companies such as walmart and the pharmaceutical companies, etc.. the tax break is never going to go away. it will be enforced for forever. the other thing people need to understand is that someone needs
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military, for his daughter and son-in-law for their security when they go on numerous vacations, they have to ,ay for him and his security and his daughter and son-in-law live in the white house for free. there is a movie theater in the white house. the daughter and son-in-law do not actually live with the president in the white house, they have a house in washington, d.c. to your point, are you ok with the amount of money being spent on protecting the president at these different residencies? caller: it is almost unmentionable.
7:51 am
a home in washington, a home in florida, a home in new york. he is costing the american public a lot of money, and people need to be informed. host: we got your point, gale. what are the stories about potential news coming out of the president's rally. yesterday, there was some speculation he would pardon joe arpaio at a rally, because he was in phoenix, arizona. he did not do that yesterday, but he did signal that such a move could be coming. saying "i think he is going to be just fine." that former sheriff was convicted last month after being convicted on a federal order telling him to stop racial profiling in his detaining of suspected illegal immigrants.
7:52 am
here is the president last night talking about joe arpaio. pres. trump: do the people in this room like sure joe? [cheering] [crowd shouting and cheering] pres. trump: so, was sure joe -- sheriff joe convicted for doing
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his job? jury, but,ave had a you know what, i will make a prediction. i think he is going to be just fine, ok? cheering] but i will not do it tonight, because i do not want to cause any controversy. is that ok? all right? joe can feel good. host: that was the president last night. we are getting the reactions in these last few minutes on this segment of the washington journal. we are reading your tweets this morning.
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liz says, i am so happy to be on the winning side where people arenot he felt that hat -- not hate-filled. our next caller on the line. good morning. caller: it was awful seeing the criticizing john mccain. he is trampling on our house. he is like a third world dictator. he was advocating for a convicted felon while he was
7:55 am
attacking the freedom of the press. ashamed. host: randy from greenfield, indiana on the line for independents. go ahead. caller: i was going to make a comment. it has come to my conclusion, and i might be wrong, but we need to have a national referendum on defense and health care. the people of washington do not have a clue, and the people need to make their voices heard, because i do not think they represent the people. host: randy, where do you think the american people would come down on that referendum? caller: i think the public would overwhelmingly support a wall and single-payer.
7:56 am
that is what is good for the country. debbie is in oceanside, new york on the line for republicans. go ahead. caller: i just want to say that i live in new york, and i am happy to have a businessman in office to balance the budget. i see welfare being used as a cash machine for immigrants who come here just for that purpose. be protected from islamic aggression in this country. of --ot happy with son some of the actions and words that come out of the president's mouth, because he is not a polished politician. he does not carefully choose everything he says and does, but i have confidence that his goal
7:57 am
is to balance the taxpayer money that i paid him, and that he to protect our country and give that money to people who truly need it to survive. not just people who are coming off the express, going into the hospital's for their free entitlements. host: one of our twitter followers mentioning about where the president stands in the polls. we have a look at some of the latest polls out there. in the latest poll, they found approvalpresident's rating was now below 40% in three of the key states he had won in september. 35% approved in pennsylvania. 34% in wisconsin.
7:58 am
that is what is being reported in today's wall street journal. john is up next on the line for democrats. caller: good morning, washington journal. you guys rock. i love the show. host: we appreciate that. donald trump will never be the president to me. he is about as much of a president to me as barack obama was to him and the rest of the republicans which is zero. actually kind of comical. the only thing he has drained out of the swamp our republicans , and republicans who are in his interest. he wants to replace them with far right republicans so that he can continue on with this devastation of our politics and of our country.
7:59 am
everything he is doing, it is just destroying our whole country. he hates democrats in the media more than he hates north korea and russia. as far as fake news, i would rather listen to msnbc's fake news than fox news' com mentaters. host: our next caller on the line for republicans. go ahead. caller: we are so emotional in this country. these people, you hear these people crying and whining. it is almost like we are breaking up. we are going nuts in the streets. host: how do you fix that? caller: education.
8:00 am
we must be doing something wrong in education. it seems like a lot of these generations coming up are not getting it. trump possibly is going to run for a third party. host: according to what source? caller: sunglasses. he's not getting anything from nowhere. the democrats -- it could've been marco rubio up there. would you support the president run for reelection under a third-party? caller: yes. paul ryan, why is he on cnn the same night trump was on the speech? these are established people who have been here for so long. they are there for themselves.
8:01 am
look at nancy pelosi, even hillary. they don't care about you and i. i can guarantee that. will have a:30 we discussion with republicans only about what the president's role should be when it comes to republican primaries. that happening at 9:3. up next week talk about the upcoming debate about the debt ceiling. mark zandi will discuss the debt limit and what it could mean for wall street. we will look for another item on congress's fall agenda. kelly whitener will be here to discuss the deadline for the children's health insurance program. all coming up this morning on washington journal. c-span's voices from the road at the national conference of state legislatures summit in what'sasking attendees the most important issue to your state.
8:02 am
what's really important to our state is that washington makes sure we maintain health care for the poor, elderly and the infirm. we have to make sure if we replace obamacare we replace it with something smart and reasonable. and an issue that we are struggling with right now is theerty tax and because of fast real estate properties in rural areas. rural farmers are struggling to fill a very high property tax. how do we prop -- balance that with the property tax and the needs for schools am -- i'm on the appropriations committee so those of the issues we're dealing with. how do we balance out and give that across our state. >> the most important issue facing our constituents today is
8:03 am
unfortunately the open your crisis. i'd like to talk about children how they are the collateral damage. one day they will need therapy to explain how they lost their education, family members and how they lost all -- loved ones. we are talking about a neglect issue. we need more money and a declaration of emergency. thank you. >> it seems to me the most important issue facing our state is the partisanship that keeps us from making any progress. i do not believe in putting allegiance to a party over my -- of the people. r at can leave the d and the door, there is no issue we can -- we can't complete. -- will be here to his policy. this is an issue that we


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