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tv   Senate Warren Meets With Constituents in Massachusetts  CSPAN  August 27, 2017 6:31pm-7:28pm EDT

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about space cent candidates in 2018. be sure to watch c-span's live 7:00 journal" a.m. eastern monday morning. the discussion. thursday, senator elizabeth warren and representative bill keating in ed a town hall meeting mar marshfield, massachusetts. this is just under an hour. . pplause] beingnk you very much for here. this is a terrific crowd and the crowd that we just spent a few overflow th in the room is here and excited as well. senator warren and i are here, no. 1, to thank you because i look backyou, if they historically at this period of time in our country, they're back right now
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through a lens of activism, and tonightism that is here that's in the overflow room that's spreading across the an activism that stopped the repeal of the worst that i haveislation ever seen in all my time in government. . heering and applause] rep. keating: senator warren and both represent the united states and the commonwealth of also husetts but i represent marshfield and this region and in the course of the going to talking about not just national issues nd international issues, but also national issues that affect our region proportionally, and terrible piece of of the ion, the repeal to rdable healthcare act,
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$2.1 billion in cuts, that means services and nd out of pocket costs. things i'll just mention through the course is his: people say we're reducing the cost. they're reducing the cost in the federal budget. but in my district, our district, if you're 55-64 years f age, it would have resulted $5269 on average out of pocket. if you were on medicare with it cription drug costs, would have been another $1100 out of your pocket. so tonight is a night for us to picture, the international picture, the global picture, but also the here in our neighborhoods and our towns. greatwanted really with a deal of excitement to talk about the person i team up with in the side, along with senator marky, and that's senator arren, who's a terrific
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fighter. who's there on fishing issues with us, who's there on flooding issues with us, and in the biggest coastal district in the entire country is there on as ronmental issues for us well. i want to say this, it also ives me great pleasure to say i'm introducing the person who is actually on the cover of "time magazine" and who leads us well, and who is a fighter for us every day and is there on healthcare issue. let's get excited and welcome our senator, senator elizabeth warren. . heering and applause] sen. warren: thank you! thank you, woo!
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you guys are ready! that's terrific. thank you very much for the introduction, congressman keating. he's out there working for you for all of us. i couldn't ask -- i could not partner. etter so here we are. beautiful, beautiful summer afternoon. is marshfield fair practically within walking all of you came to a junior high to be inside to talk policy. massachusetts,om yes, woo! my massachusetts proud. and all you in here he people who don't have air conditioning over in the school k cafeteria, can we hear you? yeah, i hear them.
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anyway, we've got 200 people over there as well. i am so pleased that you're here with us tonight. here's what we're going to do. to try to here is answer as many of your questions, take as many of your comments as i can, and i think numbers, if you wanted to ask a question when in. me so we'll do that in just a minute. i'll stay in the end if anybody picture, do a a selfie, a little dance. okay, anybody who wants to do that. 'll do but what i wanted to do first just for a minute before we got to talkis i just wanted to you a little bit about what's in washington. [laughter] sen. warren: it really is, you know, it's like things that six months or a year, like that was yesterday, and now we're on to -- it's like are going on or something now, but there is.
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there's a lot that's going on, afghanistan, charlottesville, orth korea just in the past couple of weeks. but one thing, in particular, i want to talk about just for a is about healthcare, because it touches every one of us. it touches everyone we love, it touches everyone we know. just want to remind everybody in this room where we were. in the house of representatives for the past with republican majority, they just keep voting to repeal the affordable care act. is that right, congressman? about right. in fact, i called the congressman and said, what are you all doing? we're just over here repealing obamacare. voted to they did, repeal, and it's important to remember this happened. lso voted to repeal in the senate with the republican majority, president obama had to
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veto it. took en last november, we a look at this after the election and said my god, with epublicans in control of the house, with republicans in control of the senate, and with of the ans in control white house, they're going to roll back healthcare coverage, and they're going to do it fast, they didn't. didn't. [applause]. sen. warren: now, i want you to think about that for just a because, first of all, i want you to think about how it is. how many people in here have private health insurance? a lot of folks have private health insurance. most of the repeal efforts would raised your insurance by 20%. that was the best estimate on it, and that was in one year, from there. how many people in here know
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-- know a baby or someone who had a baby that was born with complex medical needs, maybe needs breathing tubes, maybe needs special therapists, else, special therp piists, continued special help. else know someone who needs continuous care, maybe to a wheelchair and lives at home instead of an institution. anybody in here knows somebody in a nursing home? nana who lives in a nursing home. hat's the face of medicare and medicaid in america today. that's the face of healthcare in america today. we're a country that has said we who's going to have a baby, that's suddenly going to $2 million in healthcare old. efore three weeks
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we don't know who's going to be n a terrible accident and have to get by with a wheelchair. we don't know who's going to end a nursing home and outlive savings they and tried to put away in their lifetimes. us know exactly who that is, but here's what we do know, in a all going to pitch little to make it work, and so that everybody in this country has a shot at healthcare, a shot at being able to create a future for themselves, a shot at being able to live with dignity. together, and do that is what the republicans put on the line. when they said we're going to back healthcare, and what was their replacement? heir replacement was only 25 million people will lose their healthcare coverage. their replacement was the cost go up. nsurance will therereplacement was that
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will be tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires giant corporations paid for on the backs of people who will lose their healthcare coverage. i'm telling you this, we didn't have the votes in the united states senate. we didn't have the votes in the house of representatives. but enough people in this country tweeted -- how many of you? people in this country made phone calls. enough people sent emails. people showed up for marches and said, an american, i believe healthcare is a basic human right, and i will fight for rights. n [cheering and applause]. sen. warren: and that is why we won. that is why we won. yes. yes. yes. to say i e tonight
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draw two lessons from that. he first one i draw is that it matters when you speak out. it matters when you use your voice. engaged,s when you get and the second is to say, i hear it. i hear it. democracy is changing in this country. democracy is no more. off and you body hear from them years later. ou get involved maybe during a presidential election, maybe an between. n democracy has become what we, do every rass roots single day. a personal s become commitment to yourself, a commitment to your family, a commitment to your a commitment to your country, and i'm here tonight to say just two words to you. hank
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thank you for what you have done. . pplause] sen. warren: thank you, yes, thank you. so we're going to do this. nd what we're going to do now -- jim, where are you? jim is in here. out, cantwell, come on representative cantwell. guy. he is, my [applause] sen. warren: jim cantwell. is going to be our master of ceremonies tonight, and he's oing to keep us going on the questions. so make it happen, jim. this works. em how rep. cantwell: first of all, how this works, by the way, 1100 out tonight.
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we'd like folks to come down when you get to the microphone, state your name and where you're from, ask your senator. n to the please no speeches as we mentioned before. get through as many questions as we possibly can. let's start with the first three numbers. number is 149. 149!warren: where's 149? there will be stuffed animals, where's 149. rep. cantwell: second number is 179. 179. rren: they're laying low at this point. think 179 is moving back there. rep. cantwell: and 177. going back-to-back. are those things stuck together? up, jim. okay. come on down, and make it a good one. >> thanks for the pressure.
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tim williams from marshfield. i'm the vice chair. tim williams from marshfield and chair of the marshfield coastal coalition. okay, jim.n: ah, >> many constituents are proposedd that the bill to authorize the flood program could provide a lower premium to the right things in the past years. this plan on preserving critical part of the program going forward? sen. warren: yes. [laughter] . applause] can we say a little bit more? i have been talking to the flood control experts. we have been working on this bill. do you want to say a word about it, congressman? coming out of the house did not have that. we've been trying to get votes that forward and we will fight together to do that. louder. just got a lot
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[laughter] that as well but as the percentage increase is also important. e're also doing things we've learned from this district and we have a provision in the house sure we'll be able to make we have a cost savings of anywhere from 10 to 50 percent regionalizing -- which jim cantwell has been very involved with the community rating system, and making sure that smaller communities can benefit from this. so there's a lot going on we health side the when it originally came out, but as we orcing changes speak. sen. warren: only other thing, that's right, i would add to this, we're about to take this in the senate, is that there's -- as well, just like in house, there's a proposal already on the table. bipartisan amendment. it includes senator rubio and menendez, and two of the
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things we're looking for in this put a cap on o increases so that annual as they cannot go up can under current law by as much as 25% a year. on e trying to get a cap that. trying to thing we're do is get long-term stability under the program. trying to or people buy houses, sell houses, trying to borrow money against their banks. or they're doing mortgages on the house, so what we're really looking for is long-term this program, and the kind of reforms that will ake the programs sustainable over a long time, because we all know, there's going to be a lot of call on this program and we've got to make sure it's financially stable. for the very much question. great question. [applause]. james shannon from rocko, massachusetts. y question is a month ago,
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trump enstated a ban on transgenders in the military. yeah. t >> what i'm wondering is what are you doing in washington to the rights of transgenders in this country? . heering and applause] jim, arren: that's okay, stay down here if you want to. let's start with values. right. if someone wants to serve in the united states military, and they qualified, then we want them to serve. matter,dentity does not you bet. i talked to our this, andeaders about this is, again, one of these to make clear the states, f the united people. i don't believe when donald trump says he wants to prevent
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from serving ople in the military that he represents our values. are about people who are patriotic, who are willing line for all on the the american people, and what we should say to people who want to whether they are transgender people or not, thank you very much. respect your service and we want your service, thank you. thank you. applause] >> and i've organized with my house colleagues a letter going to president trump telling him how upset we are with his ecision and urging him to change it. i can't imagine -- and i come from a family of veterans, but i imagine a veteran who's transgender, how they feel, they've had toce their country or how the people that are actively serving feel. a disgrace, and our delegation is there, and we're strong, both in the house and and we're doing everything we can to have our and s be heard to try
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change the policy. sen. warren: yeah, so we're there. we're there. [applause] [applause]. >> i'm kate from hanover, assachusetts, and my question is, what are you doing in the the 93 o help prevent unnecessary gun deaths per day in this country? [cheering and applause] . you know, i just spoke about this a couple of weeks ago. i gave a speech about this. i think it's time we around. oeing there are sensible regulations that would help save lives, that overwhelming majority of let's start t, so there. sensible gun reform, and let's country. ll across the that's where i start on this one. we've got to speak out.
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cannot simply hold back on this issue any longer. got so close a few years ago, and now we've reached a watched this in the united states senate -- where the bills we on the or in the senate democratic side. if you were on a no-fly list -- think about who's that if it list -- was no fly, no buy. a should not be able to buy gun. if you are too dangerous to get on an airplane, you are too angerous to go out and buy an assault weapon. -- we just need to start bringing this together sensible reforms. i understand there are hunters. there are sportsmen who use guns. in fact, i grew up in a family with guns. gun, i was i shot a probably 8 or 9 years old. understand that, but that
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doesn't mean that we can notinue as a country to have regulations or so few guns and s over the who can purchase them. we just need some sensible reforms here, some sensible reforms supported by the overwhelming majority of americans. thank you for your participation on this. you.k [applause] rep. keating: and tonight is about democracy. need is a vote. put it on the floor, if that's way you believe on those issues, let your voice be heard and be accountable for your but we, as you know, an't get a vote in the house even on the most basic issues. we had a sit-in. we couldn't get anything to the floor, we put ourselves on the floor. sen. warren: i brought the donuts. rep. keating: this senator came over from the senate and brought to everyone nuts
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and we still can't get a vote. that's the basic issues. stand on of how you these issues. shouldn't it be a vote? shouldn't it be a democracy? we have that, we'll take our chances. common sense prevails on these and i think we'll have a great chance of winning those issues but if we can't, we can't to 1st base. the activism we're seeing i hope [applause] [applause]. sen. warren: jim, what you got. our next three picked richard graham number 44. we have number 122. 113. sen. warren: somebody's out of game now. ep. keating: jim, you've got one job. laughter]
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>> thank you. marshfield, massachusetts. sen. warren: nice to see you, john. > i'm vice president of the fishermen's association. sen. warren: i eat your product. >> thank you. sen. warren: lots of it. i will hat's one thing say, since you brought that subject up and that is that seafood consumed in the united states is imported. so that is something that should and we're trying to industry-wide an goal. the point being is that we have massachusetts captain ron based onman using the fishing vessel justice doing research in to videoing ground fisheries to get a more accurate of the biomass of ground fish, and the association i get a nt was able to grant from the massachusetts nvironmental trust to work on
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vertical line constraints in egards to trying to coexist with the north atlantic wright wheel. my statement or question is is hopefully, if the people representing massachusetts could more support in a ew areas, one of which is the director of the eastern fishery service, john bullard, is going replaced. with the industry input trying to do collaborative research scientists, we'd hope our able entatives help us be to gain input on who the next director is of the fishermen services. the answer is, yes. this one. our best on we know how important fishing is, not just to the economy of massachusetts, but it's a way of life. a part of massachusetts and part of massachusetts heritage, nd both of us are here as
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strong we as we possibly can to fishing industry and i want to make a small point to the side. proud of our fishermen, because our fishermen with the scientists to get the best possible information so that we can have oceans and sustainable fishing over time. and i'm just really proud of the you do. i want to say thank you for all do. ork you thank you. they have been terrific partners, fishermen and the fishing industry have more at stake with sustainability anyone else, because that's their livelihood, and they're partners. we had a district-wide meeting yesterday with all the the input s, and we've received has been tremendous and i think it's made a difference. sen. warren: good. who's next? here we go.
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here we go. [laughter] sen. warren: i can do that, uh-huh. nicole from marshfield, massachusetts. sen. warren: hi, nicole. >> hi. you tonight. sen. warren: i'm doing pretty good. >> i'm questioning in this time at our federal government, what are you both going to do at a state level to and protect residents and marshfield citizens? sen. warren: oh, i'm doing my best. you know what, it's everything there and fight for. when we're fighting for healthcare, we're building alliances as best we can all this country because we need the votes in the united senate. and when we do that, we protect families right here in massachusetts. when we get out there and fight or our values, that's the best way i know to make us strong, to heard, and to rotect us here in
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massachusetts. in fact, i'm just going to take one part on that and say, i hear point. it's scary about what's going on in washington, and i hope everyone hears this. you know, donald trump got elected promising that he was going to work for working people. and then he turns right around in, efore he's even sworn he puts on the team from goldman to run the economy. unbelievable. they have enough goldman sachs ankers now in the white house o open a branch office of goldman sachs. these are the guys writing the rules. those t to guess what rules are going to be? roll back those regulations, those regulations. if we had fewer regulations over goldman sachs, what could possibly go wrong in the economy, right? no one remembers what happened in 2008. and keep going from there. it's been the same thing with
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know, the promise, we're going to help workers, we're going to be there for workers. donald trump was barely sworn in before republican congress said, let's change the laws to make it easier for federal contractors to steal wages from their employers. then the next week, i know do, let's roll back the rules that protect employees silica andexposed to barilium and things that cause really, really horrible diseases, and one after another, that they've rolled back employees, put people in charge. at the department of education. [crowd booing] sen. warren: yeah, say no more. are in a public school. building that shakes to its foundation. kubl someone who doesn't believe is now the ucation secretary of education. so, yeah, i'm worried. worried about what happens
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to us in massachusetts. because in massachusetts, we get it. you've got to make those investments. you've got to make those investments in education. make those o investments in infrastructure. you've got to have some rules in level playing field, so small businesses at at trying to ot grow and build something themselves. e need those kinds of rules in place and right now, donald trump and the republicans are can in everything they the opposite direction. but i'll tell you this, not only up, the peopleing of massachusetts are not giving up. we're not backing down. whimpering and whining, we are fighting back, nd that is our best defense is to go on offense and say we will e out there every day to fight for our values, to fight for our future, that's why we are here. bet. that's what we're going to do. [applause].
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i think in terms of the public safety side of that which, i think is i had the privilege to being the ranking member on foreign affairs on terrorism and nonproliferation, so we're concerned in our whole country, including this region, about threats, and it's important that we deal with soft power and diplomacy. from the cut so much state department that would prevent conflicts and wars that we're in danger right now. in one d be speaking voice. we shouldn't have the secretary of state saying one thing and the president of the united another. ng that's dangerous and upsets our security. i just came back just a while and i know the dangers there. but i'm also on the homeland know ty committee and i the dangers of some of the cuts being proposed. of the most important grants we had to train and prepare for tragedy with the boston marathon is a grant that has regional training for all
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the police, the fire, the medical responders. incredibly cut. so we're fighting to restore also, in the first line of defense in homeland security, i always ask what's the most important issue of all the issues we have? and the answer is almost the same every time. your frontline police, fire, and emergency responders. police officer, my brother was a police officer, my was a police officer. i was a d.a. it's so important to have grants and those available. and i worked so well in region ld and the whole with your local fire and police. you have terrific people here, but they need help. there's training grants that the towns can't afford themselves or when they have to us safe,alized to make those grants should be there, and they're being cut, and we are going to fight to restore grants. [applause]
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>> lynn white, from hanover, massachusetts. sen. warren: what's your name? lynn white. i'm from hanover, massachusetts. i served on a lot of committees. now, i'm on the emergency preparedness committee. sen. warren: good. work, lynn.or your [applause]. that.question isn't about it's a concern. it's about giving away the store. e're basically giving away the store of so many things, ncluding things like privatizing the air traffic ontrollers, thinking about privatizing military operations, thinking about cutting back on our national monuments and giving them to our corporations able to expedite and use. sen. warren: mining and drilling uh-huh. lands, >> it's very concerning to me that we don't have enough time stop this. sen. warren: so let me start by saying, i agree with you, lynn. worried about this.
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there are things that -- there's no doubt about it. absolutely, best done by the sector, and the excitement and the change and he discipline it can bring, fantastic. but there are also things that are public. hold our public lands in trust. we all have to breathe this air drink this water. we all have things that we need we haveogether and that a moral responsibility to take care of together. ultimately, it is about what makes us richer. investments together. and it's what gives us an to build a future. i think that one of the biggest we have going on right now in washington is this notion somehow, whatever it is government does, business could do it better. and the answer is for some
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may be true. but for many, no, government is a profit. to make we're not here to make a profit. let me give you actually an example of that right now, one infuriates me. i'm a kid who grew up in a family without much. daddy had a lot of different jobs. he ended up as a janitor. working minimum wage jobs at sears. brothers joined the military, eldest was career military. econd worked construction, had a good union job. that's why he has a pension today. bet.rks for unions, you [applause]. sen. warren: third one started his own small business. started failed, he another one. when that failed, he started another one. retired and he lives on his social security, and it eminds me, we have a moral obligation to protect social security and medicare for people who worked hard all of their bet.s, you
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[applause]. sen. warren: and for me, i knew what i wanted to be. rom the time i was in 2nd grade, what i really wanted to be was a public school teacher. school ear from public teachers? [cheering and applause] sen. warren: you bet. but you don't get to be a public school teacher unless you can go college and by the time i was a senior in high school, my family did not have the money college application, much less money to send me to ollege, and it's a long and complicated story and i was a scholarship, and i got married -- smart -- at 19, school. ut of thought i'd lost my dream forever. second chance because college a commuter nearby that cost $50 a semester, that that how it is
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door opened for me, and i got to public school teacher. once one door opened, another door opened and another door today, and i stand here who aughter of a janitor, is a united states senator, because america invested in public education for a kid like and i am grateful. [cheering and applause] sen. warren: i am grateful. you bet. here's where the wheels have off. my story can't be replicated today. out there. that $50 option, that option you ould pay for on a part-time waitressing job, it's not out there today for our kids. where i - and this is want to go back to lynn's point. turned ont's all been
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its head so there's less investment in higher ed. got toeans families have pick up more of the ticket and where does the united states government stand on this? united states government we'll lenda kid said you the money and helped subseidize it and would forgive parts of it. today, the united states government is on target to make billions of dollars in profits off the backs of young people trying to get an education. that is obscene. that is obscene. [applause] [applause]. when people talk about, we want to let business the over or we want to run government more like a business, i've got to say, the first thing my hand on my wallet. to understand what exactly you have in mind here. if what you have in mind is that
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we are no longer a government for is about opportunity kids who otherwise wouldn't have hose chances, if we are no longer a government about building something for everyone, but we are only a government that works for the richest, that works for those at the top, that works for the giant orporations, then we are no longer the america of opportunity, the america that we in, the america that we inherited. i am in this fight. i ran for the united states senate, and i'm going to run again, because i believe that we that works for its people. so i'm with you on this, lynn, bet i am. you [applause] [applause]. sen. warren: what have we got? rep. cantwell: we have three chosen. ers here sen. warren: i'm just warming up here. [laughter] ep. cantwell: number 209, number 25, number 109. 25, 109.
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sen. warren: 25, 109. come on down. . [applause] sen. warren: don't make this too hard, okay. >> my name is slovenia clayton, question is, what is your favorite part of your job? sen. warren: ooh. [applause] sen. warren: thank you, lo venia. let me tell you one favorite part, is that okay? i actually have lots of favorite parts, but i'm going to tell you one favorite part that like, and that is i never planned to run for public office. teacher,to be a school law ended up teaching in doing a lot of
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research on what was happening to working families. the more i studied, the more i working families were just taking one punch after another and i reached a point where i i'm just going to have to get in this fight and start fighting back. 2011. s back in how old were you in 2011. do you know? you born? ere 2000? when you were four years old, i was thinking about running for the united states senate and a lot of people oh, you and said, should definitely run. if you alled and said, run, i'll help you. and there were people who called and said oh, you're terrific, don't run.erful, but nd i said -- because massachusetts is -- they said massachusetts is not ready to
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a woman to the united states senate. that's what they said. some people. not everybody, but that's what said, lo venia. so the way i heard that, i huh, i think i better run. so i got and applause] out over a year campaigning and running for office. out and met a lot of people, shook a lot of hands, and every time i met a girl like shake hands and say elizabeth, and i'm running for the united states enate, because that's what do. . heering and applause]
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en. warren: can you pinky promise to remember that? good, thank you, lovenia. thank you, sweetie. bye-bye. know, that is one of the best parts of the job. laughter] rep. cantwell: last two questions. number 25, 109. sen. warren: okay. last two. >> so good evening. i'm al green. sen. warren: al, nice to see you, al. rceste r. ng: from wo sen. warren: i heard a little rumble over there. director ng: and i'm force. lgbt asylum task sen. warren: all right. >> we're the only organization and the people that we support are queer, mostly black, and sometimes muslim, and who have fledants
7:14 pm
iolence in their home countries. with the president, his outright upporters, and his g.o.p. enablers, creating an atmosphere restrictions on minority queers and immigrants, those of us ay to who are just as scared here as in our own countries. ooh.warren: [applause] look arren: so i say, al, alone. ou are not [cheering and applause]. guys. rren: come on, alone. t to know. you need
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okay. we're with you, al. you're never going to be alone. ever, not here in massachusetts, not here in the united states of america. . heering and applause] one more? : we have rep. keating: 109 here? 109, anybody? can i ask a question? okay. i could do one. rep. cantwell: the last one is 137. 137, make it a good one. 137? rep. cantwell: nobody wants to the last one. sen. warren: try another one. rep. cantwell: all right. 142. a bashful crowd. sen. warren: do we have 142 moving back there? one. y another >> 123. right. ren: 123, all
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come on down. end up with two more? come on down. i'm william fin from marshfield. fin? warren: william >> aka, bill. sen. warren: i got it, bill. >> good. wondering if you could update us on your hearing aid legislation. sen. warren: oh, you bet i can! so bill is not a plant. we have never met before tonight, right, bill, you'll say that? all right. we have never met before. the deal. there are 48 million people in have hearing ho
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oss, and only about 1 in 6 actually gets a hearing aid to be able to deal with that loss, principle reason for costs. because of hearing aids cost thousands of dollars. most people need two when they eed them, and they're not covered by medicare or medicaid, they're not covered by most insurance, and a lot of people just don't have that kind of money. everybody to understand hearing loss is serious. it's not just about you can't ear the television without blasting everybody else out of the room. it's about that you can't talk can't goamily, and you to the grocery store because you an't hear what people are saying, that it's dangerous to drive. isolation,ss is about it's about living by yourself, and there's a reason that people with hearing loss tend to have medical problems. they don't go to the doctor. hearing loss is serious in this
7:18 pm
and it's something we correct perfectly but could do a lot about. why the heck do hearing aids of dollars? s you ever think about that? look at the electronics now in and music and so on, tomin minn minniaaturization. i'll tell you why it costs a lot of money. the reason is not hardware. reason is because of a bunch of regulations. there are regulations at state that who everywhere got it nicely regulated? produce ndustries that hearing aids. and it means that to buy a massachusetts or anyplace else, you've got to turn, go over the hill and around to the right and do this and over to the other part until you get it all done, and end s what makes the cost up up here. very high profits on hearing aids that are sold but not many sold as people need. so i sat down and i thought, i
7:19 pm
coming on. law [laughter] sen. warren: ooh, what could we do about that? got the team together and we sat down and write a bill. simply says hearing ids can be sold over-the-counter. right, hello. [applause]. same way you can buy glasses over-the-counter, same way you get your blood pressure checked at the drug store, right? you just should be able to buy hearing aids over-the-counter. eah, we'll need the fda to do things about warnings and make sure when you should see a doctor, okay, they'll have a comes information that with them but how about we just sell them over-the-counter? what the experts told me, if we do that, the price is likely dollars m thousands of to hundreds of dollars, and it's going to be a huge difference a lot of people. [applause] sen. warren: so all right, i
7:20 pm
coming on, andaw then i thought, how do you get right? passed, you can have a lot of ideas in washington today but not get them all the way through. i need. what i need a republican partner. i called chuck grassley, and a republican from iowa, and i said, chuck, and he said, what? [laughter] sen. warren: i said, chuck, i want to do a bill on hearing aids. what? d i said, i want to do a bill on hearing aids. me about it. we talked for about two minutes. that makes a lot of sense to me and said, count me in. it went from there, johnny in georgia, maggie hasset in new hampshire. mccaskill in missouri. maine.collins up in [applause] en. warren: and so we got a bipartisan group together. you're going to like this part -- before the industry even
7:21 pm
we were up to. [applause]. sen. warren: kept it on the down low, kept it all quiet. bill en got the introduced, and here comes the best part, there was a bill moving. in the health education, labor and pensions committee, committees i the sit in and there was a bill that had to move. about fda reauthorization. both sides had to go through it. it's like a train coming through the station. this is how law really gets made. coming this train through the station and we had in the eople interested hearing aid bill and we just hooked our little car, our hearing aid bill, on the back of train as it came through, and said, as long as we're doing reauthorization, let's do this. so it made it through the committee and, oh, by the way, need some help over in the house
7:22 pm
side. joe kennedy said i'll take a piece of that and run it through on the house side. bill through. unanimously. house it passes the senate and just this past weekend, donald trump signed it into law. . heering and applause] sen. warren: so can you get something done? bet you can. yeah! sometimes, we can get something done in washington, right, and we can get a good thing done. are we caught up now, jim? rep. cantwell: we are caught up, senator. thank you very much. to mention the other moskino is here and murphy, all three of them came along. so thank you so very much. sen. warren: let me do a couple here. big thank you to jim cantwell who helped organize
7:23 pm
this. it up. [applause]. say a rren: i want to very big thank you to my artner, congressman keating, and all that we get done. of all, i want to say a really big thank you to you. hard right now in washington. it is really hard. scary hard what's going on in washington. donald trump promised to drain swamp, and it's getting there. an ever down we have a government that is orking great for the rich and for the powerful. we need a government that works us. e rest of will e only way that happen is not just from the leadership, not just from the people who get elected to the but for d the house, all the people across this commonwealth and across this country who say, i'm going to
7:24 pm
this country work for me. and ed you in this fight, we need you in this fight not just on the first day. how many people went to the women's march? how many went to the rally for immigrants? science march? whoa, that was a good one, okay, good, and peace this past weekend. for dy go down to boston that? good, lots of folks. >> climate change. en. warren: climate change, that's right. climate change. in these fights, and i know it's hard, and i know some people are saying, oh, but getting tired and the answer is, you didn't make a commitment because it was easy. ou made a commitment because it's right. being being here tonight, part of this town hall is a way of saying we come together do believe in ly the people and for
7:25 pm
the people and of the people. that's why we're here. privilege to represent massachusetts, a great privilege to represent you in united states senate. but more than anything else, it great privilege to fight alongside you, to build a future our country where everybody gets a fighting chance. thank you. for being [applause]. sen. warren: thank you, thank you, thank you. thank you. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. . sit]
7:26 pm
the cer: tonight on "q&a" lives of winston churchill and rwell. we talk with thomas ricks about "the fight for freedom". >> they never met, for example, his name, winston. churchill read it twice and loved it. interestingly, o rwell, a socialist, a real leftist across his life, admired churchill the political chasm and wrote he was the only conservative he admired. at 8 eastern ght "q&a." n's c-span's "washington journal" and policy ay news issues that impact you. coming up monday morning, news white house tolusolo runnipa
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