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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  August 29, 2017 6:59am-8:04am EDT

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people come in and celebrate reading. you, any reader that wants to get inspired, the book festival is the perfect place. --booktvcoverage coverage. former secretary of state condoleezza rice. the national book festival, live saturday at 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span two's book tv. c-span,today on washington journal is next. eastern, naacp interim president derek johnson speaks at the national press club. an hour, a look at
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the president -- eight: 45, we get quick square one american family . we heard together, we struggle together and we endure together. we are going family. to the people of texas, we are 100% with you. ♪ host: that was trump at the white house on monday. today he is headed to texas to as the relief effort remnants of tropical storm harvey continue to pummel the gulf coast. with that storm expected to bring more water to the houston area, another day of rescue efforts is likely in store. we want to hear from you about the deadly storm as the economic
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cost of harvey begin test begins to be tallied, what do you make of the response and recovery effort? phone lines split up by time zones today. you can also catch up with us on social media. on twitter -- a very good tuesday morning to you. you can start calling you now. phone lines split up by time zones. that special line for texas and louisiana residents. the white house has put out the president daily guidance. -- the president's daily guidance. chop scheduled to visit -- trump scheduled to visit corpus
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christi. the president will get an update on relief efforts with state leaders and relief groups. he will head to austin where he will tour the emergency operations centers and receive a briefing there with milani and set to join her husband on the trip. greg abbott to accompany president trump on his swing through texas. austin -- expected to depart around 4:20 for the trip back to washington, d.c. here are some of the headlines that americans are waking up to this morning. all focused on hurricane harvey's impact.
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some outlets reporting that number even higher. next is the washington post focus this morning. the economic cost, the houston floods could cost insurers up to $20 billion. the story noting that industries face one of the 10 costliest storms in u.s. history with more hundred four -- with more than four to 50,000 people expected to seek disaster relief -- more than 450,000 people expected to seek disaster relief. this morning we want to hear from you about the impact, about the recovery efforts that are still underway. eastern essential time zones -- we will start with ron. california. caller: good morning.
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thank you for taking the call. this is such a tragedy. it is an amazing tragedy because of the fact of the impact to the entire region. there are several things that have not been addressed. come, in the days to especially the people you have on the show that they will start addressing some of these environmental impacts that are going to happen, because of what harvey has done. general whober the was in charge of the katrina helping, when he was people survive. keep brought up some important points yesterday on a variety of talk shows. he said, in texas they don't have a generator so they can't
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stations the gasoline or restaurants in business. there are so many people involved in this process that were involved in katrina that that is going to be a very good important side story. second, the keystone pipeline connection that no one has talked about. all of the impact to our gas and whole infrastructure, that is going to be a side story that i hope the press will cover in great detail because if they president trump is trying to put lipstick on this page -- on this pig and say it is all going to work out fine. this is going be years of free have. -- years of rehab. host: you did a good job of previewing the guests we have coming up. thank you for that.
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florida.n good morning. that --i want to say donald trump and say that climate change is fake. [indiscernible] he will not say those words. they will throw tomatoes at him 99.7 of scientists believe in facts. fakedonald trump say it is , because he believes in oil companies like exxon, i mean, we need to get real.
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host: the president tweeting about hurricane harvey over the weekend. we heard his first comment yesterday at that white house press briefing -- not a press briefing, that white house press event he had yesterday. here's some more from that event . >> protecting the lives of our people is my highest irt. every -- highest priority. every asset is at the disposal of local officials. tragic times such as these are not the best of america's character, strength, charity and resilience. we see neighbor helping neighbor, friend helping friend and stranger helping stranger. you see that all over. you watch it on television. he see such incredible work and love and teamwork. we are one american family, we
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heard together, we struggle together and we endure together. we are going family. to the people of texas, and you.iana, we are 100% with host: we are going to talk a lot more about the president's visit to texas. 11:20 side -- 11:25 is the expected arrival. we are going to be talking with tevi troy. he is an author. we are going to be talking about the president's trip down there. what it could mean and what the president could be doing. daniel is here in washington, d.c. good morning. caller: good morning. the weather reports are interesting because the gulf of mexico is two degrees warmer than normal.
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it is a seven degrees -- it is 87 degrees. it is very hot. it is interesting how few people are saying this is exactly the model of climate change and global warming. we need to stop these oil industry ads on tv that are massaging us. we are not wasting energy. we are doers. we have got to get rid of these tv ads, just like we did for ads for cancers cigarettes it went get rid of tv ads for the cancers oil industries. there setting up fossil fuel usage for the next 200 years. now you know what it is like to have a sociopath in the white house and that is another thing that needs to reform. it is insane the power we have given to this presidency. the "questionfrom
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times," folks inc. from the "washington times -- "washington times." nearly 19% of all oil production in the gulf have been temporally stopped. that region a central hub of all refinery -- refining. .tacy and mclean, virginia caller: thank you for taking my
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call. good morning, america and what i find most disturbing is that our so-called political leaders, the climate deniers, they should have been preparing their .itizens for such an event by denying this stuff could ever happen, they endangered the lives of millions of people. it is only because they were giving campaign money to spread these money -- to spread these lies. they've all got blood on their hands. trump going down there is not going to make the situation any better. it made it worse. he added to the problems by not addressing them from the beginning. we need a real leadership. we need people who are going to protect the people, not their political campaigns or their donors. host: a special line for
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residents of texas or louisiana this morning. ben is in texas. it is 46 miles from houston. .exas is taking care of itself trump don't need to come out here. he is taking away from our resources. i just like to say the flood -- texas, two houses down for me it is over the mailbox. i am not worried about it because i am back up the hill so the water is not going to get to me. i'm going to go out right now and try to help somebody.
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thanks for talking to me. host: what are you planning on doing? go help some robert is in garland, texas. caller: good morning. thank you so much for c-span for being such an informative, educational for us here in the united states. other things, my prayers go to all of the victims. fellow citizens for helping out with the tragedy that occurred here in southwest texas. looking at some aspects of the fact of urban renewal or building homes in the houston area. that was something that was discussed in other media thinks, whether or not there was enough outlets for water runoff.
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also i heard there -- the state of texas has a $10 billion rainy day fund that they may tap into to help with the release. i want to look at the tremendous amount of thrift businesses in texas, especially goodwill industries and also up in dallas. they get donations that are free and they have a lot of apparel that could be used for relief efforts for the victims down there. to look into that to see if those nonprofit organizations are contributing to this relief fund. the other thing about the oil thing, for a year and a half on another station, cnbc, i have glut.earing a nationwide that is the refineries has stopped working because they
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cannot store these gas or oil in a sense for use. in texas, i know the major oil companies are starting to raise the price of gasoline at the pumps. it is something for you to look into in terms of how to help the rest of the people of texas who are in this tragic time. thank you for the wonderful job. host: robert, on the first part of your comment about what we should look into on the growth and development of houston. let me show you this from the wall street journal. this map showing the population growth of the houston at your area. from 1990 metro area to 2015. the darker green is the population density of those areas. you can see the growth from 1990 to 2015. the story noting the population
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to 4.6 more than 12% million from 2010 adding about 100,000 residents every year. the influx of people requires for housing and more infrastructure, that led to more development. there the drainage system in the houston area. the drainage system built for tenure flood. -- for a 10 year flood. houston officials have been trying to build up existing networks but is a costly process. city geography inhibits proper drainage. the wall street journal going through the growth and the drainage all leading to where we are now, what we are seeing in houston. we've got phone lines this morning. a special line for texas and louisiana residents.
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want to get your thoughts on the impact to the region on the recovery effort, the expected years long recovery efforts. want to see yesterday's desk yesterday, greg abbott will be joining president trump today spoke about the performance of the federal government in response to harvey. here is what he had to say. >> the state of texas have been dealing -- has been dealing with the federal government for about seven to 10 days before the hurricane hit. wrigley multiple times during the day. -- frequently multiple times during the day. i have spoken to the president, with his cabinet members ranging from homeland security, check rotation -- transportation, energy.
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also the fema administrator. i would have to grade the federal government's response as an a plus. --s is -- if not the largest has to be categorized as one of the largest disasters america has ever faced in to see the swift response from the federal government is pretty much unparalleled. we are grateful for what has happened so far. we know we are still early in the process and we need to maintain this. a major years since hurricane made landfall in texas. that was before harvey hit as a category four last week dumping 20 trillion gallons of water on texas, especially houston in surrounding areas. the highest recorded gusts of wind during the hurricane, 132 miles per hour. that was friday night, maximum
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sustained winds 130 miles per hour. we have been seeing the fallout since then. getting your thoughts on the destruction, the recovery effort, the rescue effort, especially the effort of the federal government and state government. randy is in ohio. caller: how are you doing? host: doing well. --ler: i am getting people i'm getting tired of people down in trump. these people need to understand that they are lucky to have a president who cares about everybody. the guys coming down there, he didn't want to go down there to interrupt things, but these same people complain when bush flew over new orleans. these people need to get over it man. they lost.
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america voted for trump. he is doing a lot more than obama ever did. obama never liked america. .e wanted to give us over trump is trying to do everything he can and these people want to just blame him for everything. texas.own in we lost randy. james in florida. good morning. caller: good morning. i just wanted to say, i was in mississippi for hurricane , and i don't know exactly what they are going through but i can say my heart and thoughts are to those people in texas. i don't have a political comment, i just wanted to say
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that this is a time for everyone realize what they are going through and it is going to be a long recovery so i wish them nothing but the best and hope the federal government and all of the nonprofits can do everything they can to make it as quick as possible. call.thanks for the we have been showing you some the getty images that have been released. here are some of the still images from various newspapers this morning, including a page here in the new york times showing summary various images of the recovery and rescue efforts. linda, houston. -- brenda, houston. where are you? i-45 and im on the hate to say this but i am feeling bad and i am going to follow the later that called earlier and go out and see what i can do because i got maybe a
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puddle of water outside of my french doors. i have been very blessed. that is not the reason why i called it i wasn't going to call because i didn't think this is time to be political but the elderly guy that you just had but he was articulate enough to want to batch of the woman who called in and didn't want trump to come. i too would rather he didn't but he can do whatever he wants. i want to comment. don't bring president obama's name up. if you think this president cares about you, you keep watching how he does. test start using your brains are not your hatred. that is all i have to say. i wanted to correct you. last week a woman called in saying why are the numbers switched every month?
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i want to tell the lady it is exactly what you think pete i have been watching c-span since brian lamb was in a small room with no windows. februaryhat was in 1979. i started my career and i am now retired. they were complaining. they drove brian crazy and they agreed to switch those two lines. they don't switch the independence. host: i know brian lamb always loved taking calls. it has been several years since will before i started doing this that they have been switching those lines. it just to try and keep the numbers moving, to
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try and ensure that nobody feels that one side is on top more than the other. i appreciate the call. thanks for bringing up the topic again. bob, trenton, new jersey. caller: this is some food for thought for all of the political minded that are doing the criticizing. how much money is hillary -- how muchdation are they sending to texas? food for thought. they are sending zero p to wake up, america. hillary is crooked. host: what you think about the president's visit to texas today? caller: why not go down there? every other president does that. all of a sudden trump does it, it is no good. the hypocrisy stinks so loud. he is a builder. he could have ideas. he could get things done faster. look at what he did for the skating rink in new york. every project he does in new
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york, he brings it in faster and under budget. like the hell up. -- wake the hell up. host: mandy is an washington this morning. caller: the idea that trump cares about the american people much more than obama did just because trump helped the coal , let's take of a private industry that has been backing him. his private interests and this special interests. throughout this entire presidency. ok, irene, tennessee. good morning. we have lost irene. we have a special line for texas and louisiana residents because that is where harvey is headed to next.
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the white house and federal emergency officials turning their focus to louisiana in the past 24 hours. president trump declaring several parishes in southwest louisiana a federal disaster area on monday and said he may visit the storm damaged areas in that state this coming weekend specifically on saturday. if you're in louisiana, give us a ring. we want to know how you are preparing. allison, baltimore, maryland. caller: thank you for taking my call. i am driving so i want to make this brief. is ushering iny many miracles as well as tragedy. the pressure change calls many women to going to change as it has done for my client. i wanted to say a couple of things.
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if you and not mentioning where people can make donations to help those in need and also the pressure change does cost labor. there are probably a lot of expecting mom is in texas who are going in labor. with the flooding, it may be having problems getting to the hospital. anyone who can densely volunteered to help get the mama's to the hospital, i'm sure the hospital would appreciate it . they can probably call and see if any volunteers are needed to drive anyone. host: thanks for bringing it up and the look with your very important effort this morning. you mentioned donations. yesterday we were talking to sheila jackson lee who is encouraging donations to the american red cross. there make it across encouraging -- the american red cross encouraging donations on their webpage. let's show you some the getty images from the destruction in the houston area.
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getting your thoughts and reaction to the federal response, the state response. what is expected to be a years long recovery effort. the washington post in their lead editorial calling it "a flood of courage." the efforts of those individuals who are helping out, not just those on the federal level or state level but those who are volunteering their time. also a story on the economic costs. usa today focusing on some of the estimates that are already out calling that part of the country a key cog in the economic engine.
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still more that in today's usa today. william, florida. go ahead. caller: i just want to comment and i hope people will learn a lot from this particular incident. infrastructure and rebuilding the infrastructure after this flood clears out is going to be extremely important so i think it is vital for the president to be there. he is a guide they can take a look at things and tell you how to fix them. i think it's important for his trip and the texans learn
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something. here in florida we are required to have annex amount of land -- land for theunt of amount of land usage. they might learn something from this and help our infrastructure project because it is not -- it only not have to do with building bridges and highways but things like water and sewer runoff. that is what i think we should learn from this. host: thanks for the call this morning. in terms of what this will mean for the folks who work in that building behind me on capitol onl, new york times focusing the hurricane harvey adding to the urgent problems in the already full plate facing congress. congress already contending with the potential government shutdown deadline on october 1. they must pass a measure to raise the government statutory borrowing limit, the debt
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ceiling. theave also talked about tax reform effort that is underway, very busy september coming up for congress. with efforts are ready to move the bill to shore up the national flood insurance program . a lot being added to congress's plate. we will be talking about a lot of those programs coming up today. jean is in louisiana. good morning. are you preparing for harvey's impact? caller: i live in the northern area. we probably will not get it as bad but in the southern part, it is already flooding. i want to say, yesterday i was listening to fox news and they were very critical of the democratic mayor of houston who is a democrat. he is also black. they were suggesting that the governor of texas, governor
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abbott, wanted mandatory evacuation. i spoke with my sister who is in texas, texas -- houston, and she said the mayor of houston made the right decision not to have a mandatory evacuation because they were not .ure it would've been a catastrophe try to get all of those 6 million people out of houston. she lives on the north side and she has had no flooding. mayor of houston made the right decision. she suggests that anybody that does not live in the houston, texas, keep their comments to themselves. one thing about president -- what he has done is asked the people to donate to the red cross so these people can be
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held. i should say this, as far as number 45, he he cannot fix his way out of a paperback. thank you. host: that is jean in louisiana. whether to be evacuated not, the editorial board of the usa today noting that they believe local officials were correct and not ordering a mass evacuation, sending their lead -- spending their lead editorial focusing on the efforts from past storms.
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the lessons from past storms. we are going to be talking about natural disasters and help presidents handle those disasters and the lessons. tevi troy coming up in 30 minutes from the washington journal. nicole, texas. good morning. caller: good morning i want to say that i feel bad for the people in houston. it is so weird to be here in mesquite and see so many people suffering down below us in the
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south. it seems like there is nothing going on texas. it shows you how big texas is. storytime i see a sad new but i also don't think -- i was watching the news and they had president trump about the pardon and he said, he believes the pardon at the time of hurricane because he wanted to get invigorating. should stay awake -- stay away. i wanted to go to his golf resort. i want him to completely stay away because he is a very negative force. i feel like he is doing it for popularity. go to mar-a-lago, go back to trump tower page stay busy for the next 2.5 years.
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stay away. don't do anything to the country, don't touch anything. host: you bring up the president's comments about pardoning of joe arpaio for those who missed it. here's the president's comments from yesterday. >> president obama commuted the sentence of chelsea manning who late countless sensitive documents to wikileaks, perhaps and others. horrible things that he did, committed the sentence. perhaps pardoned. president obama commuted the sentence of oscar lopez rivera who is charged as a part of a violent independent group from puerto rico responsible for 28 chicago area bombings and many deaths in the 1970's. patriot, sharea of joe loves our country,
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sheriff joe protected our borders and sheriff joe was very unfairly treated by the obama administration, especially right before an election, and election that he would've won. he was elected many times. i stand by my pardon of sheriff joe and i think the people of arizona who really know him best would agree with me. host: an interesting story out of arizona yesterday after receiving president trump's pardon, joe arpaio's plans of going from prison to another possible run. told ther sheriff media that he is -- insufficiently supportive of the president recalls -- whom he calls a great man.
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he pointed to the jeff flake seat, i'm sure getting a lot of people around the state to challenge me. the doors opened and we will see what happens. i know what support i have it one other non-hurricane harvey story but also getting a lot of attention today. north korea launched a blistering missile over japan on tuesday in the latest in a string of direct provocations. triggered global alarm. the missile, the first song yang has fired over japan's main island prompted a prompt response from japan's prime minister. phone withke by president trump for 40 minutes. the white house today putting out a statement about that missile launch by lot -- launch
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by north korea. the statement from the president reading -- andre and mccormick, south carolina. we are talking about hurricane harvey. the rescue efforts. your thoughts. caller: good morning. i'm a member of justice democrat, is a new movement that hope your listeners will look into. host: what is it will quick? caller: a lot of this is because of climate change and what is going to happen, all the companies have been knowing about this climate change for
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years and they are going to end up getting the biggest tax breaks. that is my opinion. host: what is the goal of justice democrat. caller: to hold accountable these oil companies that have known for years that there has been global warming and they did everything in their power to from doing their in the poorest of our people is not to pay first. host: is this a grassroots organization? caller: yes, a lot of people are joining. q i.t. is the ones that started this. i'm a member and i hope your listeners just look into it. that is all i ask. just join if you like what you hear.
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i hope everybody the best. host: diane is up next. because it calling is just like when katrina happened. [indiscernible] texas, you are try , heelp him and donald trump is a racist, sexist big it. i didn't vote for him. i voted for hillary because she was the best president for that office. will you listen to the president if he speaks in texas today echoed what do you want them to say? him.r: they did not help that is all i've got to say. host: kenneth, also, oklahoma. -- tulsa, oklahoma.
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caller: i have a few things to say. i give my remembrances to the people in texas. my brother lives in waco. thing, these people come on here and they say that trump did this and it that. local.alk about administration, they were the ones that started that. [indiscernible] trump just came on his coattails. that is all he did. echo -- whatone has he done? he just came in on his coattails. only thing that chavez did his
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calls -- that trump has did his calls rate falls -- has caused racial strife. trumpat what point should get credit for the economy? caller: he don't start nothing on other people sweat. he comes into office at an opportune time in take credit for it. now he wants to shut down the government because mexico is not going to pay for the wall. pay.e going to make them stupid. thing. last year -- what was that? sandy? obama was in office [indiscernible] he comes down there and he interrupts. suvs goingne and 45
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through the country and what did he do? did he help anybody? there was one guy talk about what did hillary clinton do? what did trump do? all he did was passed out campaign pamphlets. host: arthur, memphis, tennessee. caller: what goes around comes around. member those two sentences. -- remember those two sentences. aboutyou are talking senator cruz in texas. caller: now they need help. what are they going to do? and don't pay to be so low down. thank you. -- it don't pay to be so low down. thank you. host: the senators were talking
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about what faces the state of texas after harvey. a lot of discussion about the vote in 2012 after superstorm sandy and the relief funding for that, comparing who voted in who did not vote for that relief to the folks who are now speaking out for harvey funding. here is senator john cornyn yesterday about what texas needs now. >> i have to say that governor abbott and his team working out of the emergency management operations center in austin, texas have done a chairman's job. it would not be possible word were not without the support of governor abbott but also folks throughout the state and local government. you will hear from the fema administrators federal emergency management agency, this is going to be a long haul. we are trying to save people's lives.
7:46 am
we are try to make sure they have a place to live, safe water to drink, sewers, electricity and the like. this is going to be a long challenge. host: that was john cornyn yesterday. he was one of those who didn't support the final bill for superstorm sandy funding. a lot of focus on those votes. here's a story from the burlington times out of new jersey. we will be talking about it more in the coming days as that package comes together. what is expected to be in their. -- to be in there. we will talk about it as it develops. want to get your reaction to the devastation, the recovery efforts. more rain expected for the houston area. derek in houston.
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good morning. how are you doing? caller: i am doing great. wife and me had to flee houston. host: how was getting to dallas? did you have any help in that effort? caller: we are staying in a hotel. we didn't have no help at all. we are try to find out who is want to pay for this room because we have been paying for room since we have been down here for the days. today we've got to pay for the room and nobody is helping us. austin.y is in everybody's helping people from houston. the hotels, the restaurants, everybody's helping them. nobody is helping in dallas. host: if you had a question for the mayor of dallas, what would you ask? caller: when are you going to
7:48 am
start helping people from houston? we call these numbers, 211, 911, there is no help in dallas. host: how long do you think you'll be staying in dallas that go -- in dallas? caller: six months to a year. host: can you stay out the long? my work -- my wife is a work for the state and i am a certified truck driver. we have a kid. my kid is in austin with my mother and we need some help. we are down here right now. everybody that we talked to from used in the came here, they say they should not have come to dallas. dallas is not showing no support . none at all. host: stick around. we are going to be talking to the mayor of dallas who had
7:49 am
scheduled a phone interview with him to talk about with the city of dallas is doing it stick around for that. i'll ask him the question that you brought up. do you know about your home in houston? how it has been impacted? sider: we are in southeast , that is in the metropolitan part of houston. everything in that area is destroyed. everything. only thing we have is the car. that is the only thing we have. that is it. i don't know what else to say. i don't want to tear up and start crying. host: did you go to dallas with neighbors? are with your family? host: -- caller: i'm here with my wife and she is in the other bed and now she is just looking.
7:50 am
do you know where your neighbors went? caller: i don't know where nobody yet. -- where nobody at. host: good luck in dallas it i will ask the mayor of dallas some of those questions. thank you for calling us. randy, chicago heights. caller: good morning. i would like to say that no one is bringing up our allies in the world. it seems like when there is a overseas, america is number one to donate money, to donate food and donate water. where is our allies? i can see that maybe they cannot donate water or food but their government -- especially the send $5ntries, they can
7:51 am
million to help us out. where is our allies when we are number one to help them out on the ground when disasters happen over there jack o has mentioned our allies helping us. it is time for them to give us a hand. give us money. maybe not the food and water like we do. we are on the ground there when it happens. usbe they could start giving money because those arab countries that all that oil and all that money. where are they at? host: paul is in san antonio, texas. regards. am calling in my family is in the galveston and texas city area. i'm just think for that all my
7:52 am
family down in galveston and san -- speak -- caller: speaker your phone. caller: i am think for that anything is all right with my family. i am think full for my pastor calling yesterday concerning about them. as far as we talk about donald trump, i don't worry about the president, because god has the less say so in anything. all this bickering about this and that with donald trump, you know what i'm saying? because he put on his pants is like me. each one of us, you know what i'm saying? es to live with whatever decisions he has to make -- he has to live with whatever decisions he has to make. as far as the racist stuff, that
7:53 am
is on donald trump. with live right now in the here and now -- we have to live right now in the here and now. we all have folds and we all make mistakes and we all have to learn from these mistakes. i am think full for greg abbott, for what he has done -- i am thankful for greg abbott, what he has done. they stepped up to the plate. they are helping people. i heard the brother from the houston area that is stuck in dallas and i'm hoping that some kind of way after you talk to the mayor of dallas, they can come together and help those people that have lead from houston. also, i commend the city of dallas least department, they came to the city of san antonio to thank our police department for come down there and helping them.
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you have to give that severe chance. just give that city a chance. you have to talk with the city of -- the mayor of the city of dallas. i am going to pray for him and his wife and their situation and whatever you talk to with the mayor, hopefully it will work itself out. we will continue to pray. host: thank you for the call. you bring up the president. one other story about the president and the presidential campaign that is getting a lot of attention. it is on the front page of the new york times. a business associate of president trump promised to engineer a real estate deal with the aid of the president of russia with help -- would help president trump when the presidency.
7:55 am
if you want to read that story, it is in the new york times. time for a few more calls. john, good morning. caller: good morning. -- this houston flood is going to be worse than katrina. there are hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses destroyed. this place is underwater.
7:56 am
i don't think the news and the weather forecasts have done it justice about how horrible this is. that is the only thing i've got to say. the last thing we need is a pos like trump coming. let's hold off on the name-calling and have a thoughtful discussion. kathy is in fairmount, indiana. caller: thank you, sir. good morning. interesting was from the washington post. i believe that was the newspaper the watergateon incident is ago. you're talking with the branch investigation.
7:57 am
i was listening to two conversations. host: that is ok, go ahead. what i had to say about this. the first thing that i heard when i woke up was about the trillion gallons of water. that? -- who counts that? why is that important? , note seen isolated video a scam from up above. i believe helicopters can fly and rain. -- can fly in rain. what do you want to hear from the president today? caller: that is good. host: we lost kathy. judy, east lansing, michigan.
7:58 am
caller: yes. hello. excited here in michigan in lansing, the state capital, they are talking about the red cross getting out there and helping. is itd like to know father nature of the whole family don't bring this rain. host: ok. joy from state college, pennsylvania. caller: good morning good hour to send my thoughts and prayers to the people in texas and houston. are the president is going there at the request of the governor and i think it will bring more attention to it. is -- isian thing, and think it is time for it to be put to bed.
7:59 am
russia did not vote for donald trump. american people did. all this pollution, we need to focus on getting our country united and back together again. we need to support all the good causes to help those people in texas. i have relatives there. my thoughts and prayers and the russian thing, it needs to stop. thank you very much. host: our last call in the segment. as promised, i want to bring on michael rawlings joining us by phone, the mayor of dallas. thank you for joining us. i don't know if you are listening about 15 minutes ago, we had a caller named derek from houston and his wife who fled the storm. there any hotel room in dallas. -- they are in a hotel room in dallas. he was frustrated because he didn't think there was much help from the city of dallas. can you talk about what houstonians should do? with the
8:00 am
city is doing for them? guest: we are welcoming everybody from houston. we are so sorry that they are going through the difficulty they are. we've got currently in the about sixt worth area shelters open. we have 1400 people in those shelters. they started to fly in being airlifted from galveston yesterday. about 50 or 80 people at a time. we are opening of our convention center this morning. if he doesn't want to stay at a hotel there will be plenty of beds for him. beds.l have 5000 salvation army will be feeding people. we will make sure that we have all of the medical needs met for each and every individual. this is a terrible devastation
8:01 am
and we want to make sure we make the lives of these individuals as easy as possible as they try to get back on their feet. for in factories coming into the city is there a place they should go to get access to these ?ervices guest: yes. just come to the k bailey hutchinson convention center downtown. it is easy to find right in the heart of downtown. just come in and register and we will start to take care of you. host: you tweeted a picture of beds in the convention center. what do you think is the biggest challenge for the city of dallas in the coming days? in katrina we had 28,000 individuals come to the dallas and they were here for
8:02 am
months and so making sure we integrate them into the schools and making sure we integrate them into housing. is goingedical needs to be of utmost importance. right now we're just focused on getting the center open and the state has asked us to start lining up other messengers. we may have as many as we had in katrina again this year. thoset to be prepared for tens of thousands of people that come in. right now it's a trickle. we have to get ready for an onslaught. host: the caller says he expect to be in dallas two to three months. to stay thatas long in dallas is the convention center going to be the place for them? what is the long-term plan and
8:03 am
how is the city of dallas paying for this? are you getting help from the federal government? guest: they will be able to stay at the convention center. i don't think that is the right decision for somebody if they are going to be here for three months. the city will work with housing options to try to get them into something more comfortable. the state has assured us that all of these expenses that we will incur will be paid for and so money is the big issue right now. long-term these folks are going to need help. housing supplies, the rest to get on their feet. that's where giving comes in. dallasody wants to help saving is where we are out -- at.


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