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tv   Louisiana Governor Briefs on Tropical Storm Harvey Response  CSPAN  August 29, 2017 4:24pm-4:44pm EDT

4:24 pm that is the fema system. to help. ways also within the state of texas, onestar and red cross, as well. that concludes this press briefing. >> thank you very much. >> the president and first lady are now in austin, texas, getting a look around the emergency operations center and getting an update from texas city officials. we will take you live to austin as soon as that begins. governor john bel edwards met with officials today to get an update on the effect of theurricane in his eight, where a federal declaration of emergency was instituted in several parishes.
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here are his remarks. >> good afternoon, and thank you for being here for this press briefing. as you know, we are gathered ominously on the 12th anniversary of hurricane katrina. currently, harvey remains a tropical storm. while it did reenter the gulf and is sitting in the gulf right now, it is strengthening slightly. it is not going to turn back into a hurricane or anything of the sort. but the winds are picking up a little bit. the most concerning aspect of this is what we saw over the
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gulf, more moisture will pick up. we do not want any more rain than is absolutely necessary. a heavyl continue to be rain and flood event. although i do not want people to totally discount what can happen because of the winds because the ground is very saturated and has been for a long time. certainly the trees can be uprooted. any time that happens you will see more outages in terms of electricity. we are starting to see that across southeast louisiana -- across southern louisiana, including southeast louisiana. that is because of those winds. but we do not have widespread outages yet. we can be thankful for that. we do anticipate over the next 24 hours they will receive an additional 10 to 24 inches of rain. this is in concert with the
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storm surge that remains in the one to two feet above ground level, which will prevent rivers from draining, as we would want undated -- want them to, which will exacerbate flooding problems. the storm will make landfall sometime tomorrow morning, to noon tomorrow. it will be a tropical storm and track back across louisiana from southwest louisiana up through the northeast corner. supportve tremendous from our federal partners, including fema, who you will hear from in a minute. pss conference yesterday i was able to speak with president trump again. he did announce there is an intention -- i do not know if this is final -- that he would visit our state on saturday. but the communication and partnership we have with our
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federal partners has been excellent. the state continues to lean forward in working with our local first responders in offices of emergency preparedness as well. certainly we have personnel and assets spread strategically across the state of louisiana, in terms of law enforcement wildlifere marshals, and fisheries, and louisiana army and national guard, with the vessels and the high water vehicles, to be prered for whatever might come our way from harvey. louisiana national guardsmen working on harvey operations. many are on state active duty. the national guard with high water vehicles and boats in conjunction with the state fire wildlife office and and fisheries did assist local first responders last night with
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rescues in three different locations across the parish, starting at 6:00 last night, finishing at 1:00 or 2:00 this morning, making about 500 rescues. we have 15 louisiana national on state active duty assisting in new orleans by monitoring and reporting on the status of the various pumps in operation there. individuals were in shelters across southwest louisiana. 200 of those were people who were asked -- actually rescue last night. know,jun navy, as you all employed to assist in search and has had tremendous result in the houston area. earlier today i authorize the state to provide fuel for them
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that the louisiana-texas border so they would not have to continue to search for fuel and take more time out of their operations of and was absolutely necessary. four alpha teams of from louisiana wildlife and fisheries, 40 individuals with trucks and boats, remain in the houston area, and are partnered up with counterparts in texas, affecting search and rescue. today, there were 17 state office closures. added to that list today were terrebone and lafouche. the state of louisiana is tracking them as they declare state of emergency and suspend school. they are making it administration decision in those particular parishes. i want everyone to stay informed and be patient and diligent.
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the storm will play out over the next 48 to 72 hours. it has tremendous potential to continue to drop heavy amounts prevent people from gog about their normal daily business in a safe manner. that is especially mindful of the danger posed by high water on the roads. i'm encouraging people not to drive throuh water standing on the roads if you are not sure it is safe. you do not know the depth and the current. i would encourage people to stay informed by visiting the current. i would encourage people to stay there is real-time information on road closures. will -- go too to you can also provide assistance
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to neighbors in texas. and you can also go to emergency -- he willollowed by be followed by builder ran from an from the bill dur fema. >> thank you, governor. we are getting a lot of calls from great citizens of louisiana but want to volunteer and also donate stuff. of the governor said, you can click "how to help." outur website you can find what they will accept. there will be a time in place to ship that stuff to texas.
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they are limiting things they will accept at this time. we will be adding look -- 10 courts around the i- or to make it more convenient for donations. you can sign up, we will need many volunteers in louisiana to help those families that have flooded. >> thank you. >> good morning, governor. as the governor said. folksarts go out to the in texas that have robust capability with fema supporting the state and local emergency managers and search-and-rescue and activities going on there. that does not diminish what we have going on in louisiana. herehas sent a management as welas equipment across louisiana and baton rouge and alexandria. a dangerous storm. it can bleat -- it can bring
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flooding and tornadic weather. local officials and weather warnings a watches and maintain vigilance. we appreciate the partnership with the state. it is not their first rodeo, it is not ours. -- we aree with the here for the duration. a thank you, bill. >> what questions do we have? fema's firstt rodeo. last year, fema did not fund louisiana -- this coming on the anniversary of katrina and everything going on. about theou doing ability for first responders and the president to be able to have someone to talk to? >> the doctor at the department of health is working with
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various human services parties to make sure it those services are available, as possible. one good thing that is happened but is not the answer for everyone, the medicaid expansion lives --ed 444,000 louisiana and -- louisianans. whether that is through the expansion or traditional population, it is a benefit from the managed-care administrations as well. we will work with fema and the federal government about funding for opportunities going forward. i can tell you when it comes to funding they had to pull based on the enormity of this disaster accumulated and projecting costs in the future not just in respect to the response but the transition from response to recovery and the
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recovery itself. you are the president say yesterday anticipates a bipartisan effort in congress to make sure funding is available for this particular disaster. he was talking about as it relates to texas, i expect we will get our share of that funding, as well, here in louisiana. [indiscernible] gov. edwards: what the state is doing for the cajun navy? . do not want to overstate it we have someone designated a will interact and mmunicate with the cajun navy so we would know what their plans were but also to try to coordinated said he did not just show up in texas at a place that was not expecting them or get the best routes into texas.
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he has been doing that but we were able to -- i was able to talk directly with individuals from the cajun navy this morning. that is when they requested the make fuel available to them. we were able to do that from a fuel truck in the department of agriculture and for street. i have the commissioner here. if you have additial questions about that. the coordination is not so much we are in control of what the cajun navy is doing in texas. we want to make sure they are talking to authorities in texas so efforts can be coordinated so they don't get in the way that alsoo the most good. by all reports they are performing very, very well. their services are invaluable with the rescues they have been making. texas, both government officials and
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individuals in texas are very, very thankful for them being there. if you still want to talk to the secretary or commissioner, we can do that. yesterday somed have been staying overnight in shelters in louisiana. ?ny developments on that any official plans? gov. edwards: we just have the one family. havei can tell you is, we offered to stand up shelters specifically for individuals who would be transported out of texas, so they could be housed in shelters in louisiana, particularly louisiana and shreveport area. we expect a decision on that in the next 24, 48 hours, as to
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whether they will take us up on that offer. what we are planning now is that they will, so we can execute that mission, should they take advantage of that opportunity. >> [indiscernible] they have not received a school request or money from congress. how does the president speaking to recovery aid for harvey [indiscernible] gov. edwards: it is too early to know. you are not talking about damage we are seeing because of harvey, but previous damage? this is historically how it has worked in the past and assumedly how it works going forward -- anytime you have an appropriation by congress for disaster assistance, for example for the program administered by
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beenwhenever need has shown, they take it into consideration for the next appropriation. to the extent we have a documented, unmet need that hud agrees with, that will likely be taken into consideration. them as weing with have been now for well over a louisianaenting in what that unmet need is as it relates to housing and business loss and to infrastructure enhancements. >> you are headed to lake charles later today. can you give us a preview as to the communications with officials there? gov. edwards: we have had about 65 web eoc requests from across
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the state. the majority have to do with sandbags and those sandbags are , asg delivered or used needed. i was talking to the manager -- he was telling me the were used down there and protected a number of businesses and houses. the biggest request for assistance, up to now, has been the pre-staging of assets and people. having high water vehicles, boats, close enough to the areas where we anticipated it was needed, has been updated -- the biggest request up to now. we got into the actual search and rescue mode, anticipating some additional need for that. this opportunity we will have today to meet face-to-face and talk to these local first responders and directors of the office of emergency
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preparedness, sheriff and other law enforcement agencies in southwest louisiana will be invaluable. that is why i am taking the leadership team with me, including the colonel, and general curtis from the national from and colonel reeves the state police, as well. governor, you talked about ,he shelters being available with more from -- with more expected from southeast louisiana. the shelterspate will be used for any of our own residents? gov. edwards: the shelters we are going to make available to texas we do not anticipate we would need. we have tremendous sheltering capacity. it is a facility that can easily accommodate 2000 people but would be available for folks
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from louisiana. we have much more capacity for that in central and north louisiana, in munro, for example. we are making sheltering available to louisiana citizens in trying to be good neighbors to texas and understanding we have this additional capacity. need, wely have the will make that available to the folks in texas. i want to thank you very much for being here. we anticipate having another unified command group meeting tomorrow at 11:00. it will be followed by another press conference. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> hearing from the governor of louisiana. andexas, the president first lady are visiting the emergency operations c


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