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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  August 30, 2017 9:32am-10:00am EDT

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feraovnmt p-ler ty pplwh iishe tu tgeso meyfr u omotr ors ate llenono u is rng,alngbo aems , iss he shgtxane" yi th ty e inannhce miiltoho dn e rg ones yteayonda afr rtkoa stach a mir sse atleov jan hemplex missile ig den test -- host: that, from the missile defense agency, a release they put out on that topic, on that test. "new york times" highlights the , whathafrom that test analysts are saying about it, saying that if the previous luncheons were for testing --
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launchings were for tesng , then this test -- the president, also tweeting about nth korea this morning, saying that the u.s. has be talking to north korea and paying them extortion money for 25 years and that talking is not the answer. in our coverage of hurricane harvey and the events relating to it, we have been talking to legislators fm texas and other areas about what's going on in their state and the active they bring. joining us on the phone, a republican from texas who serves the seventh district. congressman, thanks for joining us this rning. ppreciate your coverage. want to thank you also for getting information out to the public.
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we are just now seeing the sunshine. the sun came out this morning anthat's good news. host: from the area you are covering in the district, give us the state of damage, what's going on, what you see of the recovery effort, give us an update. the firsts will be day that most of us will be able to get out and assess the damag because the rain didn't let up until yesterday afternoon and overnight there was a press conference just held by the army corps of eineers who said that the good news is that all the rivers and creeks have crested and that they expect water levels in west houston to stabilize and not increase anymore. the rivers have crested and they pect the rain to finally have cleared out. we have two large reservoirs in west. those reservoirs, they expect, to crest sometime today.
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our first responders have just performed magnificently. we have got terrific support, neighbors supporting neighbors. i just got off the phone with a couple of constituents to reported in their neighborhood that they had votes and trucks from people from micgan from people to help us. we have had neighbors helping neighbors pulling together an extraordinary way. there's an area that has been flooded, you are concerned and it's a great way to keep up with what's going on. there's an app called next door
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that can be downloaded on your ,hone, your iphone, your droid the neighbors have been using it to communicate with each other and ordinate of actuations. using -- coordinate evacuation's. crowd have been using saving techniques, social media and next door to help each other. one of the storylines we have been reading about this morning's housing for those were ste -- displaced. what is the role of the federal government in this case? guest: right now, we are focusing on saving lives, getting peop out area there is a good website that people can ,o to, disaster it's all one word. there's a great list where people canse their smart phone questionnaire,a
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for an application, you canee the different varieties of help available. people who were unable to get into a hotelfor it ample, we have got shelters open across the city. they can go to the harris county flood control district website. hcfc they can connect qckly through that website to see where the evacuation center is for temporary shelter while they make arrangements for more permanent housing. moving in with family, friends, neighbors. we are, alof us in the entire city, mobilized to help each unparalleled,this unprecedented disaster, looks like 52 inches in some places. does that mean for what congress will do when they come back as far as disaster
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relief is concerned, highlighting the fact you were the only texas republican to vote for relief for hurrica sandy? congreswill return next week. i have been in close communation with the chairman of the appropriations committee, who represents new jersey. i served as the chairman of the subcommittee and i will be democrate lead with and republican colleagues. there are no party labels in this disaster. we are all americans, texans, working arm in arm with the chairman and members of the congress from across the country to pass a supplental emergency appropriations bill to ensure that texans and people from louisiana, for now being hit i this storm, will make sure that americans get the help they need from congress as quickly as possible. we first started to get accurate numbers with harris county to get accurate numbers on the
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scale of the damage and today will be probably one of the days we can actually start to get our arms around the scale of this. on we get accurate numbers of what we need, i am confident we will get emergency appropriations passed quickly wi broad, bipartisan support. host: $50 billion for hurricane sandy. do you see those kinds of numbers, or even more, when it comes discussions about the dollar figure that might he attached to bill? we can get accurate damage estimates from areas , -- the by the warm storm, it's catastrophic situation. it has been called the 1000 year storm. it is impoant enough that we should not speculate on how much is needed. numbers get accurate
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from local and state oicials on what is necessary, i will be working -- i have ala been in communication with my colleagues in e houston area. j green, al green, kevin brady, our entire delegation going to pull together, democrats and repuicans, to help the people of texas and louisiana recover have you been in touch with the administration? guest: i have been in communication with the administration throu fema, we have been in a lifesaving boats for the last several days. it has been endless. it feels like friday or saturday. i know it's only wednesday. we have been focused on saving lives, getting people out of their flooded homes and into a safe pce. right now, probably this is the first day we will be able to assess this, today. i have been working closely with
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county and state officials and administration officials. there has been gre cooperation. i can'say enough good things about our first was honors and the people across the country who have come to our aid here in houston and louisiana. it really is a great testament the american spirit of self-reliance, of how we look after each other. now the federal government is going to do our part and support with financial help whatever is cessary. it will be done by congress, rapidly, in a bipartan way, arm in a. that is e way we should be. host: congressman john culberson, thank you so much for your time. guest: thank you. host: let's go to dave in new york, independent line. go ahead. call: with regards to mexico, texas, the wall, and
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immigration, maybe it's time that bin texas back to mexico. that's all i've g to say. is in glenn's mills, pennsylvania, republican line. caller: i have a global perspective and a loal perspective. years inor 30 california, 30 years in pennsylvania. seems to me that this flooding is tied to the water situation in the west and how were running out of wer and i think it should be a cohesive plan on both fronts. locally, my family has a 100-year-old cabin on a lake in maine and a long time ago the city on the lake decided there would be no dishwashers, no more building. zoning at the local level is really key, key to preventing these kinds of things. as long as greed is not involved in the nation. thank.
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-- thank you. st: donna, hampton, independent line. i had a question for the congressman who is no loer on. can you check and find out information about what happened to all of the mobile homes left empty and sitting after katrina? thousands of them were never used. why they could n transfer these do to the people in texas. host: one of these stories this morning highlights that issue, talking about the issue of formaldehyde in some of them. that is o of the stories that played out today, when it comes to the housing piece of it. when it comes to hurricane harvey, those who have been left homeless, it's going to be a long process. lisa, in chattanooga, tennessee, independent line.
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i was rponding to the gentleman who said we should love each other and in the next breath starts spewing hatred about muslims. i'm very concerned when people call themselves christians, but are spewing hate. we have christian preachers talking about war and impeachment. god is not a god of w or hatred, or evil. he is a god of love. i'm not a democrat or a republican, i'm human. we are made of g and we are made to love. these are american values. that these so-called christians, many of who stop saying they are christian because they are not. i call myself a true believer now. christian should mean christlike. christ is love. we need to start displaying love. we can't love one person and
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hate the other, that is the devil. that's not god. , beingarah palin reported on this morning, the judge on tuesday dismissed the defamation lawsuit filed by the former alaska governor against " e new rk times." we have an editorial written and rewritten rapidly in order to ice opinion and which included a few factual inaccuracies, but are very rapidly correct host: here is carmen, boston,
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ssachusett go ahe. hi, this is for the governor who is no lonr there. the sue thai have a frnd who son movedoexas and apparently, i don't understand it, of the peop who arjust placed, they are paying staytels r them to in. i don't unrstand how they are able to do that. know, is that going on in texas? that is the lt call on this topic. the last call of the program. we invite you to tune in tomorrow for more coverage of tropical storm harvey and other issues. right now we take you to the


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