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tv   Washington Journal Niall Stanage Discusses President Trumps Handling of...  CSPAN  August 31, 2017 2:51pm-3:02pm EDT

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michael brown, form of fema director, author of the book deadly indifference, the perfect political storm. andk you for being with us have your conversation with our viewers. guest: you have been great, thank you. a live picture from the white house briefing room and washington, d.c., awaiting a briefing with sarah huckabee sanders. it is expected to start any moment. bit late, but we will have live coverage when it finally does get underway. we will get a look now at the government's response to the rain and flooding in the gulf coast with today's "washington journal." lets tell our viewers what he had to say when he visited corpus christi on tuesday. >> we love you. we are special.
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we are here to take care. it is going well. we are going to get you back and operating immediately. thank you everybody, what a crowd. governor,thank your governor abbott has done a fantastic job. thank you very much. we just want to thank your governor, senator cruz, everybody, we want to thank the whole group. this has been a total cooperative effort. we will see you soon. epic, itistoric, it is happened in texas and texas can handle anything. thank you all. thank you. [applause] host: the president in corpus
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christi on tuesday. is he meeting the moment? better momentsthe as president, much more in the lines of presidential behavior. he has portrayed himself as unifying force. he has seen himself as a very divisive figure. there is a huge test still to comp. we are only beginning to come to terms with the magnitude of the damage caused by this storm. there will be pressure on the president and congress to step up to the mark and facilitate the amount of aid that is going to be necessary to the people of texas and louisiana. george w. bush, politicians and presidents get lamed when things do not go well. guest: people expect a president to be in control things. could argue that
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is an unrealistic expectation if there is a natural disaster or something that there is not an president obama during the gulf oil spill would've argued there was something that could not be done for a period. he took some of the blame for that. if, in the days and weeks to comp, things begin to go wrong, or the economic effects of this begin to be felt in other regions of the country, for example gas prices, all of those things can have a negative political impact. warren buffett said after hurricane harvey, we are looking at 2% economic growth. scale arengs on that difficult to grapple with. it is going to be a big test as we have mentioned for congress. can the president and congress come together to at least ameliorate some of the worst affect?
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aligned for texas and louisiana residents. you think the federal government is doing a good job that also the president and also your state and local officials? that was one of the lessons of hurricane katrina, that is is the folks on the ground to give orders to the president -- guest: that is a lesson that was learned in katrina. i was speaking to someone in the bush administration -- they were talking about the importance of cooperation between the federal, state, and local levels. they feel that broke down during katrina. the relevant authorities in this case would be hoping they can make those efforts mash in a more effective faction. -- in a more effective fashion. how does the impact and recovery of tropical storm
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harvey affect things in washington went lawmakers are returning? guest: there is one obvious way it affects them, and that is how one gets legislatively through the aftermath of harvey. this could have some political elite -- politically advantageous of fax. that is some suggestion aid for texas and louisiana could be wrapped in a package to maintain something for the government and to raise the debt ceiling. those issues have been politically vexing in recent years. wrap they is if you aftermath of harvey and with the rest of those, it becomes more difficult to oppose politically. harvey's today puts impact at $160 billion. guest: the exact estimates are still being worked out.
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republicans had a phone call last night when they were talking about this. it is still too early to put an exact price tag. that price tag is going to be huge. before this tropical storm rolled in, what was the agenda? what needed to get done? it depends on the issue -- tax reform was a big issue for him. one of the things that had roiled washington in recent weeks was the idea that the president might try to force a government shutdown to get something for a border wall. that is in a state of flux right now. a very conservative member of the freedom caucus has come out and said that his members would not support forcing a shutdown in order to get wall funding right now. that is one example of a way these of vents have -- these
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events have tweaked the agenda. host: you can find that reporting on the website. your phone calls. tony in maryland. speech was a campaign speech, when he was thanking everyone for the turnout, they do not have a choice but to be there. at the end, instead of saying something like god bless you, he says thank you. it was not a campaign. i think what the guy just said about the wall, this is going to put the wall on the back burner. theseuld take care of people, that is a lot more important. subjects, if we want change, people say call your congressman or right -- or
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write your congressman, but you petition yourould congressman, that says what the american people want to do. you can change the agenda. take the first part of his comments. some critics agree with the caller that the president was when heng presidential was not talking about those who had suffered loss. tony: i think the comment made is reflective of critics of the presidency. the middle of a disaster area was a discordant note. it came in the middle of a trip that was more conventional and
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more politically successful, if we can call it that. tot moment threatened overwhelm the rest of it and got a lot of pickup in social media. caller: i was worried about the larger issue of repeated .urricanes it was 45 to 55 inches of rainfall. that is larger than any hurricane on record. this might be related to the -- wehat global warming have former water temperature in the gulf of mexico, the sea rise,jeeps continuing to we get more flooding in new
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beeans, maybe there should at national -- a national policy on sealevel rise and flooding. ask?at too much to harvey dropped record levels of rainfall in houston. press sec. sanders:


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