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tv   World Leaders Address Day Two of U.N. General Assembly  CSPAN  September 20, 2017 12:28pm-3:02pm EDT

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assembly is meeting this week in new york. yesterday, president trump addressed to the gathering. today, british prime minister theresa may will be addressing the assembly. right now, we will go live to the u.n. generals someday for remarks for -- remarks from the president of ukraine. >> this is time to act and we have a very narrow window to avoid the sliding down into irreversible hell. nations should be at the forefront and ukraine has always advocated the need to reform the united nations to meet the most urgent global challenges timely and adequately. in this regard, we welcome the efforts of the secretary-general . since the first day of his
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mandate to develop and implement a robust, copper has of u.n. reform agenda. no less, we support the u.s. promote a to meaningful reform of the united nations. mr. president, let me take this chance to stay clearly that ukraine cannot agree more with the sovereignty to be universally respected and guaranteed. this very conclusion was timely and arrived yesterday from this podium. when the united nations was set up, it was designed to maintain peace and security in the world
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based on the principle of respect and border. was aimed ation securing the world where the sovereign rights of free choice was to be respected. regarded inrincipal the name of sustainable peace and security by the p5. that's why the principle that happened to be so blatantly violated against my own country by one of the p5 member states. this was the principle. hand the tools we have in this noble endeavor is in the name of sustainable peace and security. that is what millions of ukrainians have struggled with since the beginning of the
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russian aggression in the year 2014. a three-year long war with russia has resulted in 10,000 people killed, 7% of ukrainian territory occupied, 20% of ukrainian economy and industrial output is destroyed or simply stolen. however, the most horrific thing in this situation is that the kremlin has constantly chosen the tactic of increasing human suffering. ,he occupied crimean peninsula according to the human rights activists, has stood in for the territory of repression. anyone who disagreed with the kremlin lost their freedom and even their life. ukrainians and crimean's get arrested even for posting to the social network or, as it was in the case of the crimean farmer,
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in december of 2016, for just putting a ukrainian national flag on their private residence. the representatives of the crimean activists that were banned by the russian occupied continues and only a week ago the deputy head of the middle east was sentenced to eight years in prison for standing up against russian occupation. with a deputy head serious health problem remaining under house arrest, not even allowed to leave for medical treatment. russia lately violates the it --tion 70 when-twos 71-205. keeps ignoring all requests
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of the office of the u.n. high commissioner for human rights to ensure proper and full access to the mission to crime area -- crimea. the kremlin has no respect for the provisional measures of the international court of justice. fromge russia to refrain maintaining or imposing limitations on the ability of the community to conserve its representative institution equal in the middle east and to ensure the rights for ukrainian citizens to study in ukrainian language. such disregard of russia's international obligations must receive the appropriate response of the international community. the international community has to keep a close eye on crimea to preventing huge genocide sponsored by the proponents of stalinist totalitarian ideology
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against the crimean tartar. with the support of your delegation for the ukrainian initiative to ensure the observance of human rights in the temporarily occupied crimea, the generalr for assembly resolution. theeed to strengthen de-occupation of crimea. the fact that at the highest international level the u.s. general assembly, -- you one generalist -- u.n. general assembly proves that we are absolutely right, correct. the time has come to establish a to international group coordinate and promote common steps and we count on coordinated and targeted support for our international partners. -- militarization of crimea is another threat that
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affects eastern europe, as well as north america and the middle east. ukraine strongly condemns humanist military exercises conducted in the occupied crimea as well as the close the border of ukraine in particular. together with our neighbors and partners we urge russia to ensure full compliance with its commitment under the lec documents and other international rules concerning military activity. the security and human rights interactions may -- or may no less traumatic than in crimea. this year ukraine initiated three major cease-fire attempt. yet again, russian occupational proxies violated them almost immediately.
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russia continues to supply heavy weapons and ammunition to the occupation troops in certain areas of the region. it flatly denies that the establishment of the lec permanent control over the ukrainian russian border and the release of the hostages is completely deadlocked. hostages with the people captured deliberately, their only fault is that they have up pro-ukrainian position. remember the fate of the , shotr-old who was killed in the head, after russian soldier saw him wearing ukrainian ribbon. another example, igor kieslowski is in jail for two years under the false accusation and the private of any communication with family and friends. russia still keeps at least 16
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ukrainians as political prisoner. director and journalists, in the most prominent cases. just think about it. kidnapping people, conducting hidden war, downing civilian aircraft. is this the kind of behavior that we expect from the permanent security council member? russia is not a contributor to international security, but its biggest threat. russia is perhaps the only country in the world that has a conflict, hot, frozen, or potential with almost all of its neighbors. the key problem is that ukraine and russia thrive on completely different things. ukraine once peace and restoration.
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russia wants control of ukraine and undermines every effort to restore -- restore sovereign control within the border. tried to exchange peace in ukraine for their freedom. and i'm going to make a very strong message. ukraine would never accept that kind of deal, nor will the international community. [applause] the latest hybrid peacekeeping proposal from moscow is yet another example of russia's real ambition. to legalize its proxies and to freeze the conflict forever. we would welcome any proposal that would bring an end to this in my country. a full-fledged u.n. peacekeeping operation is the only viable solution to deescalate and protect the people of ukraine
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and to get us closer to a political solution. that is why the peacekeepers mandate should cover the entire occupied area, including the ukrainian and russian state borders. this is a must. aslong as the border is used the means supply route with the manpower and weapons, there will be no peace in my country. should respect basic u.n. peacekeeping principles and guidelines. one of them is that u.n. peacekeepers should be impartial. there is no place for the aggressive personnel. they cannot be part of this, by definition. and let me stress, any abuse of to peacekeeping toolbox secure the gains of aggression is absolutely unacceptable. if you have an opportunity to bring peace to the heart of
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europe, you should get the condition right. an international presence that is robust can help us to cope with the risk of terrorist activities in the conflict affected areas. the component in the russian hybrid war against ukraine is clearly visible and has become a reality of everyday life there. wase years ago the world stunned when the malaysian airlines flight 817 carrying 298 people on board was blown up in the skies over the dunbar. in a mind to do everything to bring justice against those responsible for .his mess -- this mass murder two investigations, technical and criminal, have been carried out. those who were behind this horrible crime came from russia.
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the missile came from russia. victims is onhe russia. comprisecountries that the joint investigation deal have decided to prosecute those responsible for downing within the jet -- dutch judicial system. this year the international court of justice has started a hearing in the case brought by ukraine against russia in the violation of the 1999 financing of terrorism convention. we hope that the decision by the united nations highest court will help to bring the russian federation to justice for its numerous violations of international law and for financing crimes committed in 2014. [applause] and as the process begins, we
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support facilitation for all u.n. member states. for years ukraine has served as a resident contributor on global security. in the name of peace and exchange for the security assurance, ukraine gave up its nuclear arsenal, the third largest in the world. 20 years after ukraine was invaded by one of those who were ready to protect and respect, as they remain the resolute advocates of global nonproliferation and disarmament. this is why we strongly condemn nuclear tests and multiple launches of the ballistic missile by north korea. and we are deeply concerned about the continuous day version of the resources from the critical human needs to feeding pyongyang's nuclear arsenal
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coupled with serious human rights abuses. we resolutely stand for reinforced measures to stop the illegal activities of pr and yang and bring north korea in line with an international legal framework. at the same time, let me reiterate the called upon the un security council to undertake in-depth investigations into developments of the north korea nuclear and missile program in order to expose any possible foreign assistance to pyongyang in this area. we also express our deepest concern for the current situation in syria, as we believe that full limitation and 2012 securityhe council resolution is absolutely vital for the settlement in that country.
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what draws our special concern with regards to these bloody conflicts is the russian view of as accupied crimea military outpost for projected power in syria. as the war there rages on, a huge number of russian military assets are deployed to syria by ship based in the crimean harbor. it is also deeply disturbing that the african continent continues to suffer from the numerous unresolved conflicts. my country has spared no effort to support the african continent in safeguarding the main principle of the international border. serenity, noninterference in domestic affairs, rule of law, and peaceful settlement of the district. chair of the committee established by the council
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resolution 2127, we have actively supported regional and international efforts to stabilize the situation in central african republic's. as of 2017, january, you can and we arermanship data mined to contribute the international efforts to resolve the conflict and -- conflict in darfur. we can fully count on ukraine as a reliable friend. my country is fully committed to implementing the 2030 agenda for sustainable developments and the achievement of sustainable development goals. despite heavy defense expenses, more than 5% of gdp, ukraine keeps going through this fundamental transformation, fighting corruption, promoting judicial reform, improving the business opportunities.
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in -- and a half ago the economic situation in ukraine people onlythat dreamed about proper economic stabilization. to stateve all grounds that economic recovery is in place in such an area as ensuring sustainable energy supplies, food security, promoting innovation development and sustainable infrastructure, as well as promoting effective public health systems, affordable education, and decent worker priority within 20 to 30 years of the development agenda. i am convinced that no country alone can achieve sustainable development without sustainable peace and sustainable security. there is also no doubt that mitigation of global warming remains one of our indispensable elements of sustainable development. i am proud that ukraine is fully
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committed to our obligation under the paris climate agreement and our intention in this regard is race serious. ukraine was the first european which demonstrated its instrumental is him to the united nations. the united nations has always played a leading role in ensuring that the crimes of the past could never happen again. the 72nd session of the general assembly coincides with the 85th anniversary of one of the deadliest crimes of the 20th century. it was man-made in 1932, 1933, organized by the stalin totalitarian regime, killing from seven to 10 million ukrainians. convention forhe the prevention and punishment in the crime of genocide, adopted by the u.n. general assembly in
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1948 described the destruction of the ukrainian nation as a classic example of genocide. i appeal to their historic judgment and making decisions by recognizing this as an act of genocide. mr. president, this is a challenging time for all of us. wars than inie in natural disasters. is divided again, between those who believe that anddom is indispensable those who believe that freedom is expendable. one group who wants to reach a , it's time for those who believe in freedom to come together. it's time for freedom to be strong, convincing, and convinced.
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let's be that way. thank you, all of you, for your attention. [applause] >> on behalf of the general assembly, i would like to thank ukraine forcy from the statement that he has just made. wease remain seated while escort the head of state.
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>> we will now hear the statements of his excellency, mahmoud abbas, president of the state of palestine. i would request the protocol to escort his excellency. [applause] [whistling] [applause] >> on behalf of the general assembly, i have the honor to welcome to the united nations his excellency, mahmoud abbas, and to invite him to address the assembly.
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>> in the name of god, your excellency's, secretary generals of the united nations, presidents of the united nations general assembly, ladies and gentlemen, peace be upon you. passed since the signing of the oslo accords and the entrance into the agreement that finds time to bring an end to the israeli occupation. granting hope to the palestinian people that they would soon achieve independence within their state and achieve peace between palestinians and israelis. what is left of this hope today? president, ladies and gentlemen,
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we recognize the state of israel on the 1967 borders. to refuselis continue to recognize these borders. put into question the mutual recognition that we signed in oslo in 1993. first, my speech before your i appealedmbly, when for 2017 to be the year for ofing the israeli occupation the territory of the state of palestine, the israeli government has relentlessly pursued its settlement campaign on our land in contravention of andinternational convention
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the relevant resolutions on the question of palestine. --has also resisted persistent with -- persisted with its flagrant disregard for the two state solution, using tactics and devising tactics to evade responsibility to end its occupation of the territory of palestine.f instead of addressing the underlying issues and addressing the root causes of the conflict, they have tried to diverge international attention to secondary issues actually caused by its colonial policies. just as the international community continues to look for an end.
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this insights into makes false accusations, there is no palestinian partner is what it pretends. it imposes unreasonably constrictive regulations. as you are aware, israel's occupation breeds indictment and violence. this military occupation by israel of our land has now lasted for over half a century. ago, we agreed agether to establish committee comprising the united israel.palestine, and layng that the decision with the united states. this committee has worked for some time.
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but then it was canceled and we have been calling for the revival of this committee. what is strange, very strange, is to hear some of those who hold the responsibility to end referring to it as a half occupation or an alleged occupation. so, what do you mean by an alleged occupation? for 50 years we have been languishing under occupation and now someone responsible says it's alleged? i believe that this is unfair, incorrect, and unacceptable.
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the continuation of this is an affront to the people of our community. the united nations there is a legal, political, moral, and humanitarian obligation to end this obligation and enable the palestinian people to live in freedom and prosperity. japan, with east jerusalem and the occupied east jerusalem as its capital, on the fourth of june 1967 borders, this is your responsibility and the responsibility of the international community. beyond those, training the colonial occupation from our land and ending an unjust,
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oppressive, and even legal practice against our people told have a great bearing fight terrorism and deprive terrorist groups of one of their key rallying cries that they exploit to promote their of secure ideas. of urgency. and it is needed to supplement that we are all undertaking to prevent such a move. we are an international organization and regardless of its nature, we are a source for character.
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going up against terrorism, we are fighting it. [applause] gentlemen, at present we have explored every avenue and exerted far-reaching efforts to achieve peace with our israeli neighbors. together with the arab islamic adopted an invaluable initiative aimed at resolving the palestinian and arab israeli conflict. resolution, this upon the withdrawal of israel from the palestinian territories and inied since 1967 1967 and it lies with relation to it.
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in terms of this arabic and that you are 19 and there's -- 67. these states will immediately normalize relations with israel. israel is not interested. quartets also the roadmap in 2003 for forward by the quartet for peace, endorsed it was also rejected by the israeli government. israel is about them. to break this stalemate in the peace process to ensure success for the peace efforts, there came it, aimed at salvaging the
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peace and state solution. holding the paris conference earlier this year, which was attended by 70 states. 70 states, i repeat, and for international organizations. were metese efforts with the rejection and boycotting by israel. president vladimir putin of xi jinpingpresident of china have launched initiatives for peace. the latest of these peace efforts, all of which we are thankful for, is eating led by the united states president, donald trump. where are these initiatives? why is israel not accepting these initiatives? we have repeatedly tried to
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revive the peace process and call on the prime minister to affirm his commitment to the state solution and sit with us. to deal innate the borders -- to borderse the between palestine and israel, ton a path for meaningful -- resume all final issues. sitting together, resulting the issues of border, and discussing other matters, unfortunately, it was rejected by the -- by -- it was rejected. we continue the success of the peace process. despite these efforts, israel continues to reach its0 continues -- continues to breach .
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they built settlements everywhere. there is no place left for the state of palestine. this is not acceptable. for us and for you, we have the responsibility. rejects the two state solution and this poses a threat to both people, the israelis and palestinians alike. to understate a review of the entire process. gentlemen, commitment to peace should be from one side. a commitment by one side to peace is never enough to achieve peace. won in the past and continue to warn of israeli
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policies, either we are free or not free. past andarned in the continue to warn about -- in eastern jerusalem. -- we these policies they could policies, lead to a religious conflict. we have called on the israeli the statusto oppose of the holy sites in the city. these are israeli government , since its occupation in 1967 of east jerusalem, it is an occupying power. jerusalem is occupied. [applause] repeatedly annexed
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by a unilateral decision. andel decided to annex -- did so. we rejected it. we still rejected today, alongside the whole international community, including the security council. the resolutions adopted by -- stating this annexation process is illegal. to whom should we go? the resolution of the security council and those of the u.s. emily are not implemented -- u.s. assembly are not -- the u.n. assembly are not
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implemented, where should we go? jerusalem is an occupied city. practicesecisions and are no and void. -- are null and void. null and void and a legal in their entirety. the same applies to a israeli settlements in eastern jerusalem and the rest of the occupied territories. it is an occupied territory. israel attends to change the status quo. in particular, the status and integrity of the mosque can be described as laying with fire and infringement upon our responsibilities, as well as will arebrotherly -- responsible for the city -- both are responsible for the city for
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the implications. we hold it fully responsible for the consequences. ever try to go to a religious war, it is really and for us,or you we do not want this. our conflict is political. let it remained political. stay away from religious issues. presidents, ladies and gentlemen, despite this ongoing occupation and its oppressive policies and practices, we have been able to build the institutions of our state completely. it has been recognized by a majority of states of this organization. states among you, the
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majority of the membership has seized this opportunity -- membership. i have seized this opportunity to thank those who recognize palestine and have voted for theading the status of state of palestine and the united nations. are you are you restoring the political injustice inflicted on our people and endured by our people. it supports the perspective of peace in the middle east and the world at large. last year, before the august assembly, i said in my speech, the status quote in palestine is not sustainable.
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as the situation has deteriorated due to israeli's insistence to its occupation and endless violations of international law. again -- if this is israel is the occupying power. [applause] >> also, bear the consequences. continue to be an authority without authority. we cannot remain an authority without any authority or to allow this occupation to continue without cost. we are fast approaching this
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point. if you do not want the two state solution and if -- if they do not want the two state solution and peace, let them bear their responsibilities and consequences of these responsibilities. we are not going to bear any responsibility. the two state solution is in jeopardy. we cannot stand still in the face of this threat targeting our national, political, and social existence on our land. original and international peace and security. we will have to take steps or look for alternatives. to preserve our national keep the and to prospects for peace and security.
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all of the options we are seeking will be peaceful. peaceful, peaceful. in such a situation, it is our right to search for alternatives preserving our right and protecting our land and people system.entrenching it ended in south africa years ago, but still exists in palestine. is this acceptable? can the world except this regime in the 21st century? in palestine? why? have -- onr hand, we the international court. this is our right. if nobody wants to suggest, then we us seek all avenues so have called on the courts to
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open an investigation into persecuted israeli officials for their involvement and aggressions against our people. we continue to pursue international conventions, protocols, and organizations. palestine has observed status in accordance with the united nations' general assembly resolution. in the near future, to opera i-- to operationalize this. thees and gentlemen, we ask whole world has the choice of the international law. forill grant every chance
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the efforts by president donald trump in the international community at large to achieve a historic agreement or deed. we have heard they are seeking historic deal. we would like to thank them, we hope it will take place. solution the two state , enabling the state of palestine to live side-by-side with the state of israel in security and peace. in the two state solution were to be destroyed due to th one state's reality with two systems, from the check in position of the occupation rejected by our people and the international community, this went the a failure.
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neither you or we will have any other choice but to continue the struggle and demand equal rights for all inhabitants of historic palestine. this is not a threat, but we are warning of the realities and consequences as the result of undermining -- ongoing israel undermining -- what do they want? let them talk about other issues. our choice will remain the two state solution. problem, ladies and gentlemen, is with the israeli occupation among with judaism as a religion. palestinians, christians, and muslims, we will never be considered a threat.
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religion --eement it is a religion, like sanity. god almighty -- like christianity. establish between his messengers. all messengers are equal, mohammed, jesus, and others, all of these religious are equal. we are not distinguishing between profits or messengers -- between profphets or messengers. on this, we are congratulating the jews for the occasion of the new year. we will also congratulate muslims for the new year starting tomorrow. ofs is a demonstration
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rapprochement between religions. beautifully upheld our responsibility towards our people. in spite of the division since 2007, we have provided all forms of support on our own to our people, who are gravely suffering from the cruel israeli blockade. thatve repeatedly affirmed about is more conscious the interests of our people. trying to achieve the people and gaza. there will be note -- people in gaza. there will be no people -- the state of gaza is a forced dream.
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our state will only complete the gaza strip. i must express my relief with the agreement reached in cairo as a result of egyptian efforts. we are thankful for these efforts aimed at nullifying the measures taken by, lost taking -- taken by -- including the formation of the government. been canceled has and there are commitments to the national unity or national consensus government to enable us to exercise our authority in the gaza strip into allow general elections to be held. this agreement has been reached and we are fine with this agreement. next week, our government will
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assume its responsibilities. we wish the government success. i appeal to the british government -- i appealed to the british government to rectify the grave injustice inflicted upon the palestinian people when in 1917, a declaration promising jews a national homeland in palestine. despite the fact palestine was inhabited by the palestinian people, 97% of the population were palestinians. we were disregarded. -- again,assad was palestine was inhabited by the palestinian people. it should have not been
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colonized or placed under the mandate of a great hire. the british government has not taking any steps -- has not taken any steps to correct this historical injustice. they should apologize. they should provide us with compensation and recognize the state of palestine. we talked to them at length and so far, they have not responded. , in november, they wanted to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the crime against our people. the silence of the international community adds to the israeli aggressive policies.
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you, israel has violated international resolutions since its establishment. it has violated the united nations charter and continues to do so. 242,ll as resolutions 181, dividing palestine. articles 42, it says those rules kunda aggression against the land of others will be .efeated by force israel has taken a large part of our territory. 194, is also a resolution providing for refugees at the time. the united nations has not
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adopted any resolutions. there is another resolution calling for withdrawal, 338. 2334 of theon security council last year, where is this resolution? if the united nations cannot , whoment its resolutions will implement the resolutions? israel does not want to. israel is above the law. is it above the law? gentlemen, there is a double standard in dealing with countries. this is your responsibility. presidents, solve the peace process.
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i urge this organization and your honorable states to do the following -- first, actively pursue efforts to bring an end to the israeli occupation of the state of palestine. say within this timeframe, the occupation come to an end. it is no longer enough to issue generic statements calling for the end of occupation and achievement of peace. implement thee to air of peace and -- the arab peace initiative. it should be in accordance with resolution 194, the arab initiative was with refugees. agreed uponing solutions, not opposed on a certain party.
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where is the mistake? were resolutions disregarded by israel. overrode these resolutions? -- to should we can plane who should be complain? second, bring all activities in the past and in territory, as demanded in numerous united nations resolutions, including 2334, in addition to the fourth paragraph of the geneva convention. an occupying power should not expend the people from their land. this is the text of the fourth geneva convention. who is responsible for implementing these? israel says no. what are we saying, as an international committee?
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third, ensure international protection so the land and people of the state of palestine , until the end of the occupation, we are unable to provide protection to our people. all the forces, the arms we are facing everyday, who would protect us, if you do not? draftedtable resolutions and these go in vain. fourth, demand israel endorses and commits to the borders of 1967 as the basis of the two state solution and send such borders in line -- and set such borders in line with resolutions. each party can act in its
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territory as it pleases without affecting or damaging the rise of the other party. israel does whatever it wishes. they demolished houses every day, even schools are being demolished. eyebrow.ises an -- fifth, i must ask you, those love recognize israel -- those who have recognized israel, they on the basisisrael of the 1967 borders, aligning themselves with the resolution and committing themselves to these resolutions. even those who recognize israel on the basis of 181, it was violated. allow me to ask a question -- where are the borders of israel
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you are recognizing? where are these borders? recognize a state that has no borders? it is not even decided on it own borders. the international law states the state is a land with borders and israel has no borders. how can you recognize the state that has no clear borders? sixth, i call all states to end direct and indirect involvement to support the eva igo israeli settlement -- support the illegal israeli settlement in accordance with you and resolutions and the positions of states in this regard. similar to the international theunity's approach to
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apartheid regime in south africa. we should not deal with settlements. we should not condone settlements. the black list of countries who withealing illegally settlements should be exposed. i urgewho have not recognize the state of palestine to do so. i do not understand how recognizing the state of ofestine, on the borders minor amendments between the two parties. ourfoundation is 1967, borders are well known. where are the borders of israel?
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i do not understand how recognizing the state of palestine harms the chances of peace. eighth, we look to the security council to -- to the united nations. what do we lack? but is there that is missing -- what is there that is missing? arey day, we prove we eligible for such status. [applause] >> all of those who support the two state solution should recognize states. -- recognize all states, not one state. if you recognize israel, should recognize palestine.
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ninth, we urged international community to continue to provide economic and financial support to the palestinian people to achieve self-reliance. if the occupation comes to a and we will be self-reliant. unfortunately because there is occupation we can only seek assistance and we are grateful help us to and we would thank you for your help. we also urge you to continue to provide support through the theed nations relief and agency for the palestinian refugees. in order for this to continue
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rendering humanitarian assistance. that there are events on the human rights council. -- ourhange the mandate effort to obstruct those operating israeli settlements. why should we hide? it is similar to terrorism. listbody should see this to recognize international law and respects international law. the black list of companies operating in the occupied state of palestine we reaffirm our commitment to respect human
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rights and the international conventions. to assist united nations development. as well as agreement on climate change. as well as all other treaties and conventions. adopted these and we have respected the international community. president will reflect on these imperatives and appropriate to the united nations general assembly. you to vote inof favor of these resolutions. with the clear aim of preserving a two state solution and promoting a chance for achieving
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peace. to achieve prosperity for the israeli and palestinian people alike. as well as the peoples of the region at large including -- allow me ladies and gentlemen to salute our great people who remain steadfast in their homeland. for all those who are struggling against foreign occupation peacefully. is amongre of peace our people. who are those people who joint isil? none of them are from palestine. that -- the people who against the israeli
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occupation. when they prevented them from praying they prayed outside. they were praying and they were victorious. i salute our people in exile. i salute our people who remain steadfast. and also the besieged gaza strip, i salute our besieged martyrs and our courageous prisoners. who are there in israeli jails. that freedom is coming. it is inevitable. occupation shall come to a end. it will either be the independence of the state of with the state of israel on the 1967 border or if they want and if they wish equal
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inhabitantsl of the of the land from the river to the sea. when south africa was liberated from the apartheid regime nelson i am grateful for the entire world and the united nations. contributed to and supported the end of apartheid in south america. nelson mandela added that our complete until the victory is rendered to the palestinian people. so we are entrusted and you are
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interested in palestine. superpowersen the should stand by us. you should fulfill the trust. are you going to do so? thank you. [applause] >> on behalf of the general assembly i wish to thank the president of the state of palestine. i would ask everyone to remain seated will be greeted the heads of state.
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>> we should now continue the general debate. the assembly will hear a theement from donald tusk president of the european council. his excellency. great opportunity to
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welcome the president of the european council to address the general assembly. pres. tusk: thank you mr. president. gentlemen, the european union stands for freedom. is the real condition for peace and a global economy that works for everyone. alternative is chaos. nations is the best tool we have on the global scale terrorism.against states eu and the member it is imperative that the u.s.
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rise to this. together we contribute to one third of the peacekeeping contributions and put in half of all voluntary contributions and progress. we also expect the u.n. to become less of a bureaucratic operation in all of its actions. would you consider the reform idea currently on the fore as a necessary minimum what is needed for our mission. vital tool tons a implement our collective rule. in the it has declined recent years. action on the security
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council to sanction north korea for more nuclear testing as a sign that the capacity for real leadership is present. it is still too little. be allowed toould undermine the regime of all those who threaten peaceful countries. bans togethernion with south korea. for a peaceful organization of the korean peninsula. wholso call on those withhold the joint resolution with iran that is delivering more security. we would like to work with partnership with african countries on challenges like security.
1:39 pm
as well as economic growth. we look forward to advancing his at the african summit in november. the eu is already cooperating with u.n. missions on activities innd other conflict zones. toare also doing our best alleviate a humanitarian crisis affecting more than 20 million people in the south sudan and somalia. more needs to be done. up to the time to wake the situations before it is too late. when it comes to the global refugee crisis we continue to assume our responsibility. by assisting those in need of protection.
1:40 pm
for three years now the eu has appealed to the international protectionor refugee and migration. we are doing the same today. in that context the european union is actively supporting the united nations progress to develop global strategies on refugees and migration. your engagement is needed right now. money assistance, byanitarian assistance -- conflict in myanmar and africa. at the same time we should crack thaton human smugglers exploit people.
1:41 pm
i welcome the international prosecutors investigating the smugglers trying to hurt humanity. onshort we shall put sanctions as those engaged in terrorism. the european union calls for the international agencies to increase their presence on the ground in libya so that we can work to help those victimized by the smugglers. 2017 showed us this entity is slated for defeat. that is good news. europe this demonstrates that the threat continues.
1:42 pm
strengtheningp on the global fire against terrorism. in short we must be more determined as they are. doing more on counter radicalization is badly needed. the industry to work in tandem with the u.n.. has called onnion this is a priority. that means for automatic distribution immediately. to the muslim leaders of the appeal i made the after the london bridge attack in june. againstalways stand
1:43 pm
this as a fight for terrorism. finally on climate change. the paris agreement is the tackle climate change and implement the 2013 agenda. the eu remains determined to implement the agreement swiftly and to support our partners. in particular the vulnerable countries in the fight against climate change. partnersork with all who share our convictions that the agreement is necessary to protect our planet. turn it is good for economic growth and future jobs. time when the world is poised with fear.
1:44 pm
the global economy and trade are expanding. security tensions are rising as corporations are becoming increasingly questioned. making international action robust and credible is the challenge. the european union will never give up working within the united nations as a meet this challenge. the european union and the work against the atrocities of the second world war. this is why our european priority will always be to vigorously react against evil, violence and threats against international life. in confrontation with evil the eu and the u.n. cannot hesitate.
1:45 pm
life needs to be black and white so it is crystal clear. all of the aggressions on the ukraine and terrorism. we need to demonstrate that we are still able to distinguish between good and evil. sometimes the u.n. is not there to look for a compromise. we need to mobilize the communities in this fight. therefore a moral judgment of reality needs to be clear and focal -- that should be the first principle of our convictions. many people in the world still believe that in this room there are those gathered who have not
1:46 pm
politics in the name of global interest. them thatlet us show is foolish. thank you very much. [applause] >> on behalf of the general assembly on would like to thank you for the statement just made. i would ask for a escort for his excellency. statement from the kingdom of the netherlands. i would ask for a escort for his excellency. i have great pleasure in ofcoming the prime minister the kingdom of netherlands, i invite him forward. mr. president, your
1:47 pm
excellency, fellow delegates, ladies and gentlemen -- every era every decade has its own problems. face now seeme overwhelming. these days many people worry about the future. that is understandable. the last few years have been marked with terrorist attacks all over the world. syriantries like myanmar, , the central african republic the populations are suffering as a result of war and conflict. more and more people are fleeing their homes because of violence. literallyhind everything they have. last event claimed in the united states and asia. has made arma
1:48 pm
significant impact of the caribbean. this is a major concern. geopolitical tensions are increasing. that is the picture today. if you take a long-term as a historian highly to do that. there is still grounds for optimism. this building here in new york the u.n. headquarters is great proof that nothing is impossible. here in this vital international zone every country works to foster peace, justice and development in the world government. that is no easy task, far from it. sometimes it is three steps forward and two steps back.
1:49 pm
if you take a long look you can see clear progress. think back to when they u.n. was established in 1945. europe lay in ruins. two nuclear bombs had been dropped on japan. the cold war was around the corner and it would hold the world it is good for decades. the destruction comes with two world wars united the nations of the world in a shared belief that it war should never happen again. the point in history that which the world's leaders working towards unity and shared prosperity or a jumble the park. is indeed a today much better world. not just geopolitically.
1:50 pm
we took stock of progress and the millennium goals. extreme property and mortality have been have. children in developing countries now receive primary education. of the problems that confront us today i still feel grounds for optimism. we cannot change the world overnight. we can improve the lives of those step-by-step. .e are doing so the u.n. plays a crucial role in these achievements. the onlyis organization where everybody sits at a table and remains there. where other institutions struggle with the increasing lack of credibility the u.n. remains strong among the world citizens. act -- we must not
1:51 pm
falter. always attached great importance to appropriations in the u.s.. our smoking and could not exist without strong institutions and eight effective border. our trading nation prosperity depends on a stable world. disaster that affected the people countries of the netherlands are increasingly aware that our domestic security rest and corporations with other countries. victims that justice is done for those who perished. it has been agreed that the next step is prosecution for those
1:52 pm
responsible will take place in the netherlands. to make this possible we are of course working with all of the countries involved. the problems in confronting the world, climate change, immigration, terrorism and cybercrime are by definition international. no single country can tackle this. we need each other. so instead of becoming more weroverted as united nations need to take a step outwards. in this turbulent world the proposal of the u.n. is growing every day. next year the king of the netherlands will be even more focused on the u.n.. takenuary of 2018 we will over for italy with the security council. this will be a good example of the european partnership with
1:53 pm
organizations. even sharentries some of the same minorities. we have people smuggling and libya the issue for great concern of europe. next year as a temporary member of the security council we accept three priorities. a strong u.n. and a secure and sustainable world. we will work in a transparent way. that each this goal is equally important. is a strongiority u.n. is essential. reform and modernization are crucial. as the new secretary of general -- security general has said. on working totive
1:54 pm
adapt the u.n. on the realities. his agenda inspires confidence for the future. netherlandsthe accepts his approach and would like to take this opportunity to call for a joint effort on these reform plans. it is going to follow soon. i do not just me but netherlands but all of us here in this recall. saying the onus falls to the u.n. is that it falls to us. of the netherlands was to see a more effective u.n. with more cooperation with the agencies. after all the fields in which it provides peace and security as well as sustainable development goals are all inextricably linked. the netherlands already worked
1:55 pm
on this, we call it a three tiered approach. with defense and diplomacy. see thisalso like to reinforced. we will need to work in a results oriented way. bolstering the internal transparency and accountability. these are all issues which we shall see in the coming time. our second priority is of course security. the keyword is prevention. we are not devoting enough attention to this development. for a organization that must look at the conflict. this is already happening in they continue to talk
1:56 pm
participate in 2018. we are using intelligence to engage long-range missions. anticipate can conflicts and set up for to come our way. we see this as a model for future missions. for this however we need better intelligence but also task oriented training for you and personnel. hybrid equipment as well as a nuclear mandate. this year the king of the villains is coordinated the u.n. peacekeeping conference. we will ensure timely deployment for personnel and material. this will make countries were willing to participate and extend the lifespan of a mission. another issue in which they u.n.
1:57 pm
is focusing more attention on his counterterrorism. after all the u.n. is the prime form good global setting. it comes to preventing terrorism, cooperation is key. a good example of this which the u.n.-- cochairs with morocco. in a 29 countries work together to achieve a single goal. to keep our citizens safe. it is producing concrete results. for instance at least 60 countries and the u.n. now contribute to enter go. 60,000l already has profiles. when the gct was set up there were fewer than 1000. this work is not high-profile. most of it goes on behind the scenes.
1:58 pm
it works to save many lives. a topting violence is priority and sustainability. with the implementation of sustainable development goals. this precedes everything i have just discussed. they are the ultimate prevention agenda. investing in human dignity, eradicating poverty, fostering resilience and promoting economic and social progress with instability and despair. development and lasting peace. partnersds and their are working together to implement this. we believe that the key to these goalsbtaining
1:59 pm
is a willingness to form partnerships with international doubles. with business, civil society organizations, no institutions and local organizations. working across as part of our traditions. our most important area of expertise is one of management. the netherlands lies below sea level. we have experience in technology as well as maritime technology. expertise that we are keen to share with the rest of the world. on moderngether issues is more crucial than ever before. it has been five years since thousands of people had to flee their homes as the streets flooded because of hurricane sandy. by destruction caused
2:00 pm
hurricane irma in texas and asia has only grown more urgent in the last five years. the impact of climate change is home to us every day all over the world. martin in thest. caribbean part of the kingdom are struck with the devastation cost of hurricane irma. by 2050 now predicts 2000 people will have become displaced because of climate change. therefore this plays a key role in all entities. you learn most by sharing knowledge. to the point our expertise all over the world. -- example in vietnam myanmar and bangladesh. member of aam a
2:01 pm
high-level team. mr. president, ladies and gentlemen this goal, this building, all of you represent one of the greatest achievements of mankind. all the nations working together for justice peace and development of the world. this is a unique organization. that has a heavy responsibility. in these troubling times the u.n. is to focus now more than ever. a american politician who experienced two world wars and died when the cold war was at its height once asked, the united nations is like a state. it is not self operating, it is what we make of it for the purposes that we can find and comment with our neighbors of the world. i could not agree more. we face great problems in the present age. natural disasters affect the lives of many and caused
2:02 pm
widespread disaster. in this unstable world we represent stability and a chance to shape the world. should we need to make progress with the reforms proposed by the secretary-general. consider what we have achieved in recent decades. nothey say test results are key to performance. if they do it represents a promise for the future. we must do all we can to make good on this. together we can make the u.n. a success. kingn one year perhaps the of the netherlands will commit himself to this endeavor. thank you. [applause] on behalf of the general assembly i wish to thank the prime minister of the kingdom of the netherlands for the statement just made. we would like to escort his
2:03 pm
excellency. the assembly will hear a statement from shinzo abe the prime minister of japan. his excellency. i have great pleasure in welcoming the prime minister of japan, his excellency shinzo abe. we invite him to address the general assembly. : [speaking japanese]
2:04 pm
>> please listen to channel seven abe: our determination for a steadfast that our policy of weressing global interests japan wasreover what to do is a free international order. world certainly holds high expectations as a flight bearer for upholding these.
2:05 pm
that is exactly why the security council should be reformed in response to the demands. we will strive together with our friends and achieve these reforms. role inl quite a active the security council. however i have no choice but to focus my remarks on a single issue. president, north korea conducted a nuclear test whether or not it was a hydrogen bomb exceeded thatfar of previous tests. on august after that
2:06 pm
29 and on september 15 before the resolution passed by the security council to impose sanctions on north korea. missile.ea launched a were launched to fly over japan and make a display announcing the range. the gravity of this thread is unprecedented. it is indisputably a matter of urgency. korea is attempting to disarm the merits of disarmament we have taken over the years. this regime is about to suffer a its mostlow from confident disruptor ever.
2:07 pm
president, to sing with colleagues, this crisis is a altogether different dimension have acquired weapons of mass destruction. weaponsrea's nuclear already are or are on the verge of becoming hydrogen bombs. will beans of delivery icbms. over one and 20 years since the how have weold war allowed such self-indulgence? it is only towards north korea that this is allowed. that is the situation we face before us.
2:08 pm
was absolutely not the lack of a rise to the situation. we need to stop them from persimmon -- pursuing the nuclear ambitions. us have felt relieved not once but twice. 1990's,s in the early at the time the north korean otheras openly displaying were felt by those of us who felt the impact of that. the twists and turns -- in october 1984 the framework was
2:09 pm
realized between the u.s. and north korea. korea would make its plant in exchange we would provide for north korea. u.s.hat and, japan and the formed the korean peninsula energy commitment which launched the next year. we made a pledge to hand-deliver like to north korea. as provide fuel as a measure for their demands. this was all carried out. however it came to be known that north korea had been continuing steadily on uranium enrichment. they had never intended to abandon their nuclear ambitions.
2:10 pm
after he does suspended their intentions. defrauded the u.s. and japan. country that recognize the gradually begin to join kito. the european union, canada, new zealand, argentina, poland, the czech republic and more. north korea made. all those members. one of the founding members, japan had to pledge to pledge a
2:11 pm
not interest loan. roughly 40% of that. the pledge amount was one billion u.s. dollars. in second crisis occurred 2002. disbanded ande north korea announced a freeze on their nuclear ambitions. again that north korea was continuing their uranium enrichment. again we chose the path of diffusing the situation through dialogue. russiaorea, china, and joined the japan and the u.s.. they launched the six power that was in august of 2003. subsequently after two years 2005the twists and turns
2:12 pm
the six parties reached a agreement. needed to commit to abandoning all nuclear weapons turningr program and them over to the safeguards. that in two years after 2007 there was-- a discussion about what to do with the joint statement. hadoup of ita inspectors entered north korea and verified they shut down their facilities and in return north korea received heavy shipments of oil.
2:13 pm
the series of events show the continuing dialogue cousin to change their actions. but what actually happened? 2005 talks were underway north korea announced that they were already in position of nuclear weapons. 2006 theyn october of openly carried out their first nuclear test. it second nuclear test was in 2009. ultimately that same year north korea announced their withdrawal from the six party partnership saying they would never again take place in this. furthermore around this time they were firing ballistic
2:14 pm
missiles on a repeated basis. mr. president, distinguished colleagues, over the course of more than a decade beginning in 1994 the international community to work in dialogue with north korea. however what we had to learn is that during the time this dialogue madrid had no intention of abandoning their nuclear missile movement. for north korea the dialogue was instead the best means of deceiving us. elsethan anything
2:15 pm
following demonstrates that. north korea had no nuclear weapons in 2004. their nuclear technology was far from mature. they are now working to obtain hydrogen and icbms. attempts to resolve this through dialogue have all come for not. we are now repeating the very same failure for a third time. we must make north korea abandon all hopes with a irreversible manner. what is needed to do that is not a dialogue but pressure. president, distinguished
2:16 pm
15, 40ues, on november years have passed since a 13-year-old girl was abducted by north korea. she and many other japanese from abducted in north korea. allll continue to do get themefforts to back on japanese soil until they can finally be in the hands of their family members. theirwill face up to nuclear threat through the u.s. japan alliance. acting in unity. support thetly status of u.s. states all
2:17 pm
options are on the table. also i appreciate the unanimous adoption of the security council on september 11 which imposes strict sanctions against north korea. that clarified our intention to further intensify pressure on north korea. to force them to undertake a fundamental change. but i must make a appeal to you. has artiea demonstrated their disregard for the this resolution by watching another missile. the resolution is nothing more than the beginning. prevent people and
2:18 pm
technology necessary from having to north korea. we must make north korea complied with these repeated resolutions. we must ensure district bylementation of the series all human member nations. necessary is action. not we can put a and to the provocation is dependent upon the solidarity of the international community. there is not much time left. mr. president, ladies and is it an, north korea truly fortunate location. i joined to asia and the
2:19 pm
pacific. they have a industrious labor force. as well as many underground resources. thosewere to make use of there can be a pass towards north korea grow their economy. north korea sprint future lies. by failing to resolve these bite becoming a iseat on humanity there absolutely no future north korea can open up for itself. in order to change these policies we must strengthen our unity.
2:20 pm
thank you very much. [applause] >> on behalf of the general assembly i wish to thank his excellency shinzo abe the prime minister of japan for the statement you just made. i have great pleasure in theoming his excellency prime minister of portugal. i invite him to address the general assembly. >> members of the general
2:21 pm
assembly, ladies and gentlemen let me start by expressing portugal's condolences and solidarity to the people of mexico for yesterday's violent tragedy. to congratulate you mr. president on your election. i welcome the priorities that you have established, portugal fully supports a agenda centered on the right that we all have to a dignified life on the sustainable planet. i also wish to express a word of appreciation to your continued success if we must readily acknowledged. i have been deeply moved today by the people's assembly in the portuguese the first secretary-general of the united nations. i solemnly swear
2:22 pm
portugal's commitment to the founded onons international law and the principles and values of this. your priorities are the same as ours. solidarity greater and ending the suffering of human life and building peace and prosperity. as well as making united nations more effective and to adapt to a ever-changing world. we welcome the support of dynamism that you have shown startedom this debt was so that they better serve their goal. respond with the member
2:23 pm
states to the increasingly rules. it is the absolute priority. a culture ofting conflict resolution requires action across the board. rights andn sustainable development. as well as a closer institution of cooperation between the security council and the general assembly. willving sustainable peace require greater synergies in the organization structures and missions on the ground. alsongoing efforts should to theesh evidence members to ensure a better
2:24 pm
present -- representation of the world. the african continent can not be denied a permit presidents that presence. examples ofo representation. on the other hand the complexity of the global problems we face require us to foster a with civil evolving society and international financial institutions. recall the general assembly resolution on appropriations between the united nations and the community of a portuguese speaking community a few days ago. complimentsns the between the two organization. i would also like to underscore
2:25 pm
the importance of the portuguese language which is a instrument of communication with the global dimension. itthe middle centrally should reach 400,000 speakers. this will lead to the adoption of the national language and several organizations. this will be just one of the official languages of united nations. president, the expressedgeneral has their diplomacy for peace. us when weill guide react is a international regrettablyat will occur today. firmness of the
2:26 pm
international community gathered in the nation as a notion for security and stability enables fairerove towards international order. today,e crisis we face the north korean threats, the situation in syria, instability and libya, the israeli-palestinian conflict and so many other cause for transportation and a security risk. the global threat is terrorism. they strongly condemn all terrorist attacks. fightingpreventing and radicalization by extremists and
2:27 pm
as well as actively participating in the struggle against terrorism. this within the framework of the theal -- we welcome military success and to have the best year. know that promoting peace and security comes hand-to-hand with promoting the development. complementary are and strengthen each other. for this reason diplomatic in concept requires humanitarian support to the about the operations and institutions for a affected population. portugal is one of the clear as the participation for a peacekeeping operation and
2:28 pm
this building from the framework of the united nations. there are cultural links to retains artugal partnership with the new continent. the first summit between europe and africa took place in 2000. union withuropean the african union will be held next november -- it will be a excellent opportunity to better define the priorities of this partnership between the european union and africa. allows a muchme needed integrated approach and addresses issues of education
2:29 pm
and unemployment. look at gender inequality and participation. madefrican continent has important progress in recent years. ofwelcome the strengthening the operation of united nations and the act if european union. politically and economically. of an agendaation will be another step. disturbancesous still need to be overcome. fortunately they have tried to do their part. first through the participation up theious stitching framework of united nations and the european union. therefore we have reinforced our
2:30 pm
president without ever restricting the use of troops in mali and ris central african republic. secondly, through cooperation with many african partners in promoting maritime security, in particular in the gulf of guinea, to combat trafficking people, drugs, weapons, to protect international trade as well as from the strategic point of view, both for africa and for europe. mr. president, peace and andtainable development respects and rights for the human person. which will defends the human rights diplomacy. for us, several, political,
2:31 pm
social, and cultural rights are inseparable and interdependent. and doply universally not depend on place, history, or religious or civilizational matrix. upholding these rights is a task for all of us requiring dialogue and concerted action. that is the only way these human rights will be universal. our mandates at the human rights council was guided by these principles, and they will continue to guide us in the future. 7, we celebrate 150 years of the evolution of the death penalty in portugal. we have been pioneers in this cause, and we will continue to abolition ofversal
2:32 pm
capital punishment. also, the situation of migrants and refugees remains on the agenda. we have a moral obligation to protect and promote the rights of those who like so many others before them are forced to leave their homes and families in search of security and a better future. this is the principle that should serve as the base for the global compac contract which wee here. the work of the global platform for support to syrian students and initiative -- an initiative of the former president of articl portugal. this is to guarantee access to higher education for those young syrians because of the conflict
2:33 pm
in the country have been deprived of the universal right. i invite all of countries that platformyet told the and support the rapid response mechanism for higher education. cannot make us lose another generation of syrian youth that have the right to education. mr. president, for peace and development to be truly sustainable, we must show common home and for future generations. to protect and to preserve the planet is to nurture peace and prevent potential new conflict caused by competition in excess to diminishing resources. in this regard, the paris agreement is a milestone in reducing the impact of climate change. we cannot do without this
2:34 pm
universal instrument if we are to achieve the objectives of environmental pillar of agenda 2030. portugal will comply with european union's voluntary commitment to reduce 40% of green gas emissions by 2030 compared to 1990 levels. we looking for good as well to the green climate fund meant to help developing countries to adapt to climate change. agenda 2030, the sustainable development objective, is the most powerful statement of our to thement future of our planet. portugal stands for these goals, which guide us both in our
2:35 pm
domestic policy, and our foreign and cooperation efforts. for us come all 17 goals are very important -- for us, all 17 goals are very important, but we believe because of our history, international action on the preservation and enhancement of marine reinforcements, the ocean goal is one in which we believe our participation can bring greater added value within the framework of the united nations for supplies, knowledge, and so many resources. the oceans, which occupy 71% of the surface of our planet are a top priority in any strategy for sustainable development. of the need for action is pressing and wide-ranging as it in another meeting
2:36 pm
of the oceans which portugal promoted with the participation of dozens of countries and which was dedicated to the same ocean and human health. in 2017, the first conference of the united nations dedicated to conservation and sustainable explication of the oceans took place. it was a privilege for portugal to participate in the process for the conference in the position with singapore as cofacilitator of the political document that resulted from it. our ocean, our future called for action. i reiterate here my country's willingness to host the follow-up efforts in 2020. in our view, the sustainability of the ocean requires a strengthening of the government.
2:37 pm
for this reason, we believe the general assembly should formally decide on the beginning of ofotiations starting in 2018 a new legally binding instrument for the conservation and sustainable use of a marine biodiversity in areas beyond the limits of national jurisdiction. ladies and gentlemen, mr. president, however varied the challenges we face today, however serious the risks and threats, we are certain to make progress when we have clear how to establish partnerships to reach them. it is the only framework for the defense of the common good of humanity and the collective promotion of peace, security, and development. does multilateral
2:38 pm
diminish the sovereignty of each nation, nor the capacity for the decision of their people and institutions. by the fraternal cooperation ismoted by multilateralism to our own strength, the strength of those will follow the same path and direction. we know the way and the direction. our way is the united nations. our direction is the agenda of the united nations. diplomacy for peace. diplomacy for human rights. the climate agenda. and the agenda 2030. my country is parked and contributes to all of them and to all of them, portugal contributes for the sake of humanity, which is our common condition. thank you very much for your attention. [applause]
2:39 pm
on behalf of the general you,bly, i wish to thank prime minister of the republic of portugal. i have great pleasure in welcoming your excellency theresa may, prime minister of the united kingdom of great britain. i invite her to address the general assembly. prime minister may: mr. ies,ident, excellency ladies and gentlemen, i would like to begin by expressing my sincere condolences to the people and government of mexico following the devastating earthquake. i also want to redirect my sympathies to those affected by the recent hurricanes in the caribbean. our thoughts are with them all at this time. as we meet at this general assembly, we face challenges that go right to the heart of
2:40 pm
who we are as nations. challenges that test our values, vision, and resolve to defend the rules and standards that underpin the security and prosperity of our fellow citizens. as i argued in my speech here last year, many of these challenges do not recognize or respect geographical boundaries. the terrorismrse that has struck so many of our countries, including my own five times this year. fueling that terrorist threat, the increasing numbers being drawn to extremist ideologies not only in places driven by conflict and instability, but many online in their homes thousands of miles away from those conflicts. i think of the climate change, which is the pleading and degrading the planet we leave to our children. as i think of the vast challenges that come from the mass displacement of people.
2:41 pm
many are refugees fleeing conflict and persecution. others are economic migrants prepared to risk everything on peerless sea crossings in a desperate search for better life for them and their children. through this migration, we also see the challenges of economic inequality between countries and within them. this inequality together with weaknesses in the global trading system threatens to undermine support for the forces of liberalism and free trade that have done so much to propel global growth. it is pushing some countries toward protectionism and the belief that the best defense is in the interest of their own people. as the global system struggles to adapt, we are confronting by deliberately flouting for their own gain the rules and standards that have secured our collective prosperity and security. the unforgivable use of chemical
2:42 pm
weapons by the syrian regime people.its own and perhaps foremost in our minds today, the outrageous proliferation of nuclear weapons by north korea and the threat to use them. i believe the only way for us to respond to this vast array of challenges is to come together and defend the international have workede all so hard to create in the values by which we stand for it is the fundament of values we shar, values of fairness, justice, and human rights, that has greeted the common cause between nations to act together in our shared interest and form the multilateral system. it is this rules-based system which we have developed, including the institution, the international frameworks of free and fair trade, agreements such as the paris climate accord, and laws and conventions like the nonproliferation treaty, which
2:43 pm
enables the global corporation through which we can protect those values. indeed the defining purpose of the u.n. charter is to maintain international peace and relationsto develop among nations, to achieve international cooperation in solving problems of an economic or social, cultural, or humanitarian character, and be a center for harmonizing the actions of nations in the attainment of those common ends. i do not see these as wanted ideals to be held for their own sake. these values and the rules they imbue our central to our national interest, to our security, and prosperity. as the international system with the you and edit heart -- the lives up toheart the words in spirit and the two-hour collective and individual benefit. system we have created
2:44 pm
is now no longer to be capable of meeting the challenges of our time, it will be a crisis faced in multilateralism and global cooperation that will damage the interests of all our people. those of us who hold true to our shared values, who hold true to that desire to defend the rules and high standards that have shaped and protected the world we live in, need to strive harder than ever to show that institutions like this united nations can work for the countries that form them and for the people who we represent. this means reforming our united nations and the wider international system so you can prove its worth in helping us meet the challenges of the 21st century. and it means ensuring that those who flout the rules and spirit of our international system are held to account. that nation's honor their responsibilities and play their part in upholding and renewing a
2:45 pm
rules-based international order that can deliver prosperity and security for all. first, we must ensure that our multilateral institutions can deliver the aspirations on which they were founded. hcr looking after those who haven't driven out of their homes, striving for a world free of chemical weapons, unicef helping children in danger. these are all vital missions where the u.n. as a surely unique role to play. that is why the u.k. has over 70 years been such a pioneering supporter of these organizations and more, but we should also acknowledge that throughout its history, the u.n. has suffered from a seemingly unbridgeable gap between the nobility of his purposes and the effectiveness of its delivery. when the need for multilateral action has never been greater, the shortcomings of the u.n. and
2:46 pm
its institutions risked undermining confidence of states as members and donors. even more importantly, they risk the confidence and faith in those who rely on the blue helmets, who rely on that sign i stand in front of today coming to their aid in the darkest of hours. so we must begin by supporting the ambitious reform agenda that secretary-general gutierrez is now leading to create a more agile transparent and joined up organization. much of this work will be tactical and unglamorous. it will require the u.n. to deliver better cooperation on the ground between agencies, remove competition for funding, and improve gender equality. but it will also require real leadership to confront damaging issues that have beset the u.n. i welcome the secretary-general's new circle of leadership on preventing sexual explication and abuse in u.n. operations, and i am pleased to be part of this initiative.
2:47 pm
,e, the nations of the u.n. need to give the secretary-general our backing for these reforms, and as an outward looking global britain and the second biggest funder of the u.n., the u.k. will sending military and support. we will use our military t for peacekeeping and tackle conflict and support peace building. and its the u.n. agencies must win our trust my proven to us and the people we represent that they can deliver. that is why we remain generous in our funding, but set aside 30% to be paid only to those parts of the u.n. that achieve sufficient results. this is about more than technical reform. important as they are, it is also about reform that enables the united nations to truly respond to the global challenges
2:48 pm
of the 21st century. at last year's general assembly, we undertook to do far more to resolve the challenges of refugee and migration flows. we agreed to develop global compact, to address the causes of the consequences of the mass movements of people we see today. this was an important step to elevate significantly our global response and enable us collectively to tackle the challenge of our time. so in the year ahead, agreeing to the rituals of the contracts, we must be sure they can be applied in practice. we must do more to identify, protect, and support refugees and those posting them near conflict. our starting point must be that migration can benefit countries and migrants themselves, but only when it is safe, orderly, well-managed, and legal. this do not manage effectively, we will fail both our own citizens and those taking these dangerous journeys.
2:49 pm
we will push more people into the curse of modern slavery at the hands of the human traffickers and organized criminal groups that drive this in human industry. agreeing ins we are these compacts alone will not be enough. people cannot find jobs, opportunity, and hope for themselves and their families where they live, they will continue to look elsewhere. as the united nations and as members, we must work hard to combine the efforts of our development program with the private sector and the international financial institution to support the creation of jobs and livelihood that will address not only the consequences, but the causes of this great challenge of our time. for the truth is that despite our best efforts, we are not succeeding. we must do more. the same is true with terrorism. again, the challenges we face today are vastly different from those of previous eras.
2:50 pm
when terrorists struck london and manchester this year, the world saw our cities come together in defiance. our parliament carries on. ariana grande came back again. the bridges were rebuilt again. londoners got back on the tube. the terrorists did not win. we will never let anyone destroy our way of life. [applause] prime minister may: but defiance alone is not enough. as leaders, we have all visited too many hospitals and seen too many innocent people murdered in our countries. in the last decade, hundreds of thousands have been killed by terrorist across the world. this is a truly global tragedy
2:51 pm
increasingly touching the lives of us all. this year is the 10th anniversary of the deat of the woman who introduced me to my husband, who was known well to many of us in this united nations. by was brutally murdered people who actively rejected the values that all of us here in this united nations stand for in a country that has suffered more than most at the hands of terrorists. murdered for standing up for democracy, murdered for espousing tolerance, and murdered for being a woman. when i think of the hundreds of thousands of victims of terrorism in countries across the world, i think of their friends, emily's, communities -- families, communities. devastated. i say enough is enough. we must continue to take the fight to these terrorist groups on the battlefield as the u.k. will remain at the forefront of this effort while also helping to build the capabilities of our alliances and our partners to
2:52 pm
better take on this challenge, and we must also step up our efforts as never before to tackle the terrorist use of the internet. as the threat of terrorists has evolved, so has our cooperation. that is why today for the first time in the u.n., government and industry through the global internet forum for counterterrorism will be coming together to do just that. the tech companies have made significant progress on this issue, but we need to go further and faster to reduce the time it takes to remove terrorist content online as we increase significantly their effort to stop being uploaded in the first place. this is a major step in reclaiming the internet from those who would use it to do us harm, but ultimately, it is not just for terrorists themselves and we need to defeat. it is the extremist ideologies that fuel them. it is the ideologies that preach hatred, division, and undermine our amenity.
2:53 pm
we must be far more robust in defeating them across all parts of our society. as i said in the aftermath of the attack on london bridge this summer, we have to face the fact that this will require some difficult conversations. we all need to come together to take on this extremism that lives among us and to nurture the common values that was ultimately win out. these are the values of this united nations. yet despite our best efforts, we as nations and as a united nation have not found the ways or means to truly take on this threat. that is why today as i talk asked the reform, i secretary to make this point against terrorists and ideologies that drive them a core part of his agenda at the heart of our development, peace building, and conflict prevention work, and to give
2:54 pm
this effort the prominence it surely requires, and calling on the secretary-general to make this a theme of next year's general assembly and use this to harness the efforts of governments, the private sector, and civil society so that we can truly strike the generational blow against this vile evil in , and as we do so, we was clearly strike a balance between protecting our people and protecting their freedom, and we must always guard against those who would use the fight against terrorism as a cover in violation of human rights. as we look at the situation in northern berm, i call on the burmese authorities to put an end to the violence and fully implement the commission recommendations. we can strengthen their ability to deliver to the people we serve, protect the vulnerable and fight injustice.
2:55 pm
we can enable multilateralism to enable the effect of our multiple commitments to its convening power and spending for the economies of scale it can bring, the standards of consent, the leadership can harness and the legitimacy can confirm, but multilateralism can only reflect the values that individual states project and can only multiply the commitments that they are prepared to make. it is strong nations that form strong institutions and which provide the basis of the international partnership and cooperation that bring stability to our world. so it falls to us all to decide whether we will honor the responsibilities that we have to one another. i have talked about the role of the u.n. in stepping up on counterterrorism, but this is an area where we have critical response abilities, which the u.n. cannot itself address alone for it is inescapable that the
2:56 pm
terrorism conflict and instability that we see across the world is in many cases driven by the actions of states acting through proxies. hezbollah tolike increase instability and conflict across the middle east, support so-called separatists in onaine during instability europe's eastern borders, or groups launching cyber attacks against our countries and institutions, they call into question the very rules and international systems that protect us, and that is why both globally but also in our own continent of europe the u.k. will remain steadfast in our commitment and responsibility to ensure the security and stability of our friends and allies as we have done for generations. just as it is the responsibility to advancenot to see the interest of terrorists or proxy groups, the for the
2:57 pm
response ability of each of us to act together in the face of the most egregious violation of our common rules and standards. clearly, response ability for the chaos and tragedy we see in syria lies firmly at the floor of assad. the and his backers have continually frustrated the efforts of the u.n. to act as a broker a peace through the geneva process. as responsible states, we must not abandon our support for the u.n.'s attempt to secure peace and stability in syria and indeed we must continue to call on all those with influence on the regime to bring them to the table, but in recent weeks, the u.n. has confirmed what we all knew, mainly that the syrian regime has used chemical weapons on its own the face of that , we have irresponsibly response ability to stand up, to hold the syrian regime to account. this responsibility sits with us all, but a particular social responsibility lies on the shoulders of the permanent
2:58 pm
members of the security council and has one of these five members, the united kingdom takes our social responsibility seriously. i am proud we have used the full rate of our diplomacy to ensure that we have not had to exercise our veto in a generation, seeking to foster international cooperation, not first-rate it -- not frustrate it. others have not done so. one country has used its veto as many times in the last five years as in the whole of the second half of the cold war. and in so doing, they have prevented action against the despicable regime that has murdered its own people with chemical weapons. as a result in syria, the united nations has been blocked. this undermines the values we hold dear and the international rules-based system that is the basis of security and prosperity around the world. now, we face an even more immediate global danger in the
2:59 pm
activities of kim jong-iun and his regime. time after time, he has shown contempt for the international community of law-abiding states, contempt for his neighbors, and contempt for the institutions that have preserved piece and security. on this challenge, the u.n. has shown it can step up to the task. security monday's regulars in creating the biggest package of the 21st century. we are seeing regional and global powers coming together with a charter putting aside their own interest, but despite these efforts, they continue to provoke the international community and threaten its neighbors. unless all security council members continue to live up to the special responsibilities placed upon us and in seeking to resolve this crisis, be prepared to take all necessary measures to tackle the threat, we will
3:00 pm
not be able to bring stability to the korean peninsula. as the world looks on, i am calling for further steps and for nations with this special response ability to work together -- with possibility to work together to work together to change kim jong-iun's way. whatever message be clear. -- let our message be clear. countries have shown time and time again, by being true to our values, rules and standards, it is possible to come together and to deliver in ways that have the most extraordinary impact on the lives of the people we serve. i believe we can do so again. .e must do so again and we will do so again. thank you.
3:01 pm
[applause] >> on behalf of the general thankly, i wish to theresa may, prime minister of united kingdom in northern ireland for the statement just made. >> speeches online, president trump attending a number of meetings on the sidelines of the united nations general assembly in new york, quitting today's meeting with palestinian president mahmoud abbas -- including today's meeting with palestinian president mahmoud abbas. president trump: we're happy to have mahmoud abbas here with his representatives, working with everybody involved toward peace. we are


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