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tv   Aung San Suu Kyi on Ethnic Violence  CSPAN  September 21, 2017 3:04am-3:38am EDT

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students can work alone or in a group up to three and produce a five to seven minute documentary on the provisions selected. 100,000 dollars will be awarded in cash prizes. the grand prize of $5,000 will go to the student or team with the best overall entry. 18,deadline is january 2018. mark your calendars and help us spread the word to student film makers. for more information, go to our website. announcer: myanmar's military has been accused of an ethnic cleansing campaign against the country's muslim minority, which has caused 400,000 refugees to flee to neighboring bangladesh. chief -- aung san suu kyi addressed criticism after canceling her trip to speak at the u.n. this is half an hour. aung: excellency's and
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distinguished guests. aung: excellencies and distinguished guests. last year, when i address to the united nations general assembly, as a representative of the newly established government of myanmar, i renewed our confidence in the charge of the -- charter of the united nations. it is in this enduring belief in nations to unite to build a more peaceful end prosperous world, a kinder, more compassionate end a , kinder, more compassionate home up for all mankind, that we wish to share with members of the international community the challenges the country is now facing and the steps we are taking to overcome them. this year, as i shall not be able to travel to new york for the general assembly, i have arranged a briefing. when our people voted for the natural leader of democracy in the elections of 2015, they in
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fact entrusted to us the task of carrying out three responsibilities. democratic transition, peace and stability, and development. none of these challenges are either easy or simple. transition for us is the transition to democracy after half of a century or more of authoritarian rule. now we are in the process of nurturing our nation, and yet imperfect democracy. arece and stability something we had to achieve after nearly 70 years of internal conflict that started on the day of our independence back in 1948. development has to be achieved within the context of the first two, nurturing democratic values
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and establishing peace and stability, and achieving the kind of sustainable development seen as equitable by all our people. -- burma is a complex nation, as all of you know. its complexities are compounded by the fact that people expect us to overcome all these challenges in as short a time as possible. it is only fitting i should remind you that today, our government has not yet been apart for 18 months. it will be 18 months at the end of this year. 18 months is a very short time in which to expect us to meet and overcome all the challenges we are expected to do. this does not mean we are not ready to go on with our task of overcoming these challenges.
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because i believe in the community of nations, i am prepared to share with all our friends who wish us well and to understand our problems and sympathize with us, what we have been doing to achieve democratic transition, peace and stability, and development. i am aware of the fact the world's attention is focused on the situation. as i said at the general assembly last year, as a responsible member of the community of nations, myanmar does not fear international scrutiny, and we are committed to a sustainable solution that will lead to peace, stability, and development. -- development for all communities within that state. on to give a brief outline of our plans to achieve this end.
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on the ninth of october, 18 days after the delivery of my address at the general assembly, three police outposts were attacked by armed muslim groups. there were further attacks on the 11th of october in the 12th of november. these resulted in loss of life, injuries, the burning of the villages, and the displacement of people. many muslims fled to bangladesh. since then, the government has been making every effort to restore peace and stability and to promote harmony between the muslim and rohingya communities. even before these outbreaks took place, we had established a central committee for rule of law and development with the invited dr. kofi annan
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to lead a commission to help us with the long-standing problems of that state. but in spite of all these efforts, we were not able to prevent the conflicts from taking place. throughout the last year, we have continued with our program of development and the establishment of peace and harmony. after several months of seemingly quiet and peace, on the 25th of 30 august, police outposts, as well as the regimental headquarters were attacked by armed groups. consequent to these attacks the , government declared the rohingya salvation army and its supporters responsible for acts of terrorism as a terrorist group in accordance with the counterterrorism law, section six, subsection there has been
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five. much concern around the world with regard to the situation in rohingya. it is not the intention of the myanmar government to apportion blame or abdicate -- abdicate responsibility. we condemn unlawful violence. we are committed to the restoration of peace, stability, and rule of law throughout the state. have beenty forces instructed to it here strictly to the code of conduct in carrying out security operations, to exercise due restraint and take full measures to prevent collateral damage and the damaging of innocent civilians. human rights violations and all other acts that impair stability and harmony and undermine the rule of law will be addressed in accordance with strict norms of justice. we feel deeply for the suffering of all the people who have been caught up in the conflict.
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those who have had to flee their homes are many. not just muslims and rohingya, but also small minority groups. of whose presence most of the world is unaware. humanitarian assistance has been provided to assist communities in a team led by a minister of resettlement from the 27th of august onward. details of humanitarian assistance programs will be made available to our -- to all our guest in due course. the final report of the advisory commission on the rohingya state chaired by dr. kofi annan was made public on the 25th of august.
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in fact the very day on which , the last round of attacks took place. we are determined to implement the recommendations of the commission's. those recommendations that will bring speedy improvement to the situation within a short frame of time will begin priority. other recommendations will have to take time over. every single recommendation that will benefit peace, harmony, and development in the rohingya stage will be implemented within the shortest time possible. the government is working to restore the situation to normalcy. since the fifth of september, there have been no armed clashes, and no clearance operations. nevertheless, we are concerned to hear that numbers of muslims are fleeing across the border to bangladesh.
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we want to find out why this exodus is happening. we would like to talk to those who have fled, as well as those who have stayed. i think it is very little known that the great majority of muslims in the rohingya state have not joined the exodus. more than 50% of the villages of muslims are intact. they are as they were before the attacks took place. we would like to know why. this is what we have to work towards, not just looking at the problems, but also looking at areas where there are no problems. why have these problems -- why have we been able to avoid these problems in certain areas? for this reason we would like to , invite the members of our diplomatic community to join us in our
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endeavor to learn more from muslims who have integrated successfully into the rohingya state. if you are interested in joining us in our endeavor, please let us know. we can arrange for you to visit these areas and ask them for yourself why they have not fled. why they have chosen to remain in their villages, even at a time when everything around them seems to be in a state of turmoil. apart from what we are doing in the matter of soothing the ourllaying the fears of people, i would like to say we have been continuing with our social economic development programs in rohingya. let me outline a few of them. the rohingya state's economic development plan has been drafted to boost regional development in various sectors.
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hundreds of new jobs and opportunities have been created for local people through private-public partnerships. the viability of a new special , economic zone to bring new jobs and businesses has been assessed. in terms of infrastructure development electrification has , been expanded, with new roads and bridges built, including a new highway connecting remote areas previously only accessible by boat. all people living in the rakine states have access to health care services without discrimination. health care been provided throughout the state, it including hard-to-reach areas with new, mobile clinics. the government has upgraded 300 schools in rakhine.
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muslim students have access to higher education without any discrimination. humanitarian aid reached all communities in 95% of the affected areas before the recent attacks on august 26. we are starting another round of humanitarian aid endeavors, which we hope will take care of all the people in the region. with regard to idp, they have been closed with necessary assistance provided, including the building of new houses. there is more to do in the area. we are aware of the challenges and we are facing them. with regard to citizenship, as allergy with a specific timeline has been developed to move for the national verification program -- process. this is a process which needs cooperation from all communities. in some muslim communities, the leaders have decided they are
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not to join in the verification process. we would appreciate it if people -- if all friends could persuade them to join in the process, because they have nothing to lose. we are trying to promote intercommunal religious harmony, by engaging interfaith groups. a new curriculum is to be introduced in school with a , focus on moral, civic ideas, and peace and stability. a new fm radio channel has been setup up to provide information on, among others, health care, national verification process, and education to all communities. it was broadcast in the rakhine , then golly, and myanmar -- b enghali, and myanmar languages.
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the capacity building for police and security forces are being provided in cooperation with the e.u. and united nations agencies. since december 2016, local and foreign media groups have given access to areas previously off-limits in rakhine, even after the outbreaks on the 25th of we arranged for several media august. groups to visit the affected areas. the government is working hard to improve existing relationships with bangladesh. the minister of state for foreign affairs and the national security adviser visited bangladesh in january and july of this year. we were also hoping for a visit from the minister of bangladesh, but it had to be postponed for reasons of other commitments on the part of the minister. we welcome them anytime he is able to come. we are hoping to take forward
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the arrangements with regard to the security of the border, which we are trying to implement together. there is been a call for the repatriation of refugees who have fled from myanmar to bangladesh. are prepared to start the verification process at any time . of verification process set up as early as 1993. and based on the principles to which both countries agree at this time we can continue with , the verification of those refugees who wish to return to myanmar. we will abide by the criteria that was agreed on at that time. as our national security advisor has assured bangladesh, i can confirm now, we are ready to
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start the verification process at any time. those who have been verified as refugees from this country will be accepted. without any problems and the full assurance of the security and the access to humanitarian aid. i understand that many of our friends throughout the world are concerned by reports of villages being burned and hordes of refugees fleeing. as i said earlier there have , been no conflicts since the fifth of september and no clearance operations. we are concerned and want to find out what the real problems are. there have been allegations and counter allegations. we have to listen to all of them. we have to make sure that these allegations are based on solid evidence before we take action.
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action will be taken against all people, regardless of religion, race, or political position, who go against the law of the land and violate human rights as accepted by our international community. we have never been soft on human rights in this country. our government has emerged as a body committed to the defense of human rights. not of any particular community's writes, but the rights of all human beings within the borders of our country. as we concentrate on problems in the rakhine state, i would like to take the opportunity to
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remind you that there are problems as serious for us as what is happening in the west of our country. we have been trying to build peace out of internal strife. a peace that must be lasting and accompanied by sustainable and equitable development. we would like to invite you to take part in this peace process, to join us in finding lasting solutions to the problems that have plagued our country for years. the peace process that we started last year in august is continuing and we are having many difficult issues. i am not surprised by this, because it is the way of the peace process anywhere in the world that they come across difficulties.
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sometimes, the processes stall, sometimes they come to a dead halt, and sometimes, it seems as if everything is falling apart. yet, in the end, we all gathered together and move forward. because all of us want peace, rather than war. we want harmony, rather than conflict. this is the aspiration shared by all our people. peace, stability, harmony, and progress. it is not a large agenda, but it is a difficult one. as we go forward in our efforts to redress the ills of this nation, i would like to ask our friends who understand our -- understand and sympathize with both our aspirations and problems to join us.
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we would like you to join us in a positive, constructive way to find new paths to peace and stability, toward harmony. we would like to think of our country as a whole, not just as little, afflicted areas. it is as a whole only that we can make progress. i would like to use an analogy of a healthy human being. a healthy human being is healthy -- has to be healthy all over. you cannot neglect his general health, just a concentrate on one particular ill. i use this analogy because our sector is one which has made the greatest progress since we came into the administration last year. by concentrating on public health, we have found other health problems can also be better addressed.
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for example, within one year, deaths from hiv were halved, not because we were concentrating on just hiv-aids, but because we were concentrating on public health as a whole. the health of all our people and communities. this is how i would like you to look at our country. we are young and fragile as a democracy, facing many problems. but we have to cope with them , all at the same time in the way that we have to cope with all our health problems at the same time. we cannot just concentrate on a few. i would like you to join us in answersnew ways, new come more constructive, more positive, more innovative, and possibly more daring. if we cannot resolve our problems quickly, it does not
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mean we will never be able to resolve them. it just means the suffering of our people is extended. we would like to bring an end to the suffering of our people as quickly as possible. we would like to make our country a nation within whose borders everybody can live in security and prosperity. this is a large order, a big ambition. but it is not impossible to one fulfill. we all have to join together. i accept that the responsibility lies with us, the people of this country. all the people of myanmar, from the government to each and every individual within this country, has a responsibility for the development and the progress of this country.
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but we would like our friends to join us in our great endeavor. this is certainly a big endeavor and an ambitious endeavor. a determination to build our country, beset by many problems. a state that is healthy and strong and can look forward to a secure future. it is sad that in meeting our diplomatic community, i am obliged to focus just on the very few of our problems. when there are so many which we could resolve together. that is why i am opening the door to all of you who wish to join us in our endeavors. we invite you to join us, talk to us and discuss with us, to go
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with us to problem areas where we can guarantee security for you. because we do not want the added problem of anything happening to any of you. join us and then, and see for yourself what is happening. and think for yourself. , what can we do to remove these problems? also i want you to take special , care to study the peaceful areas. how have they managed to keep the peace? how have they managed to preserve harmony? why are they not at each other's throats in these particular areas? it is not just a matter of removing ills, but of promoting the positive. we have to remove the negative and increase the positive. we would like to do that together with all of you.
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as you are probably aware, our minister for resettlement and rehabilitation is meeting our humanitarian assistance program. we are very happy that the international community of the red cross is joining us in this. we would welcome others who would like to aid us in our endeavors. many have already committed to help us by donating generously in cash, as well as in kind. we will make sure everything they give towards the promotion of peace and harmony in the rakhine is used in the best possible way to benefit all communities. we don't want myanmar to be a nation divided by religious beliefs or ethnicity or political ideology. we all have the right to our diverse identity.
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and we all have the right to strive to fulfill our lives in the way in which we believe are right. we also have to work together, because we belong to one nation. as we belong to one nation, we also belong to this world. it is for this reason that we put great importance on the role of the united nations as an assembly of nations, created to promote peace and harmony, to ensure that our world should not ever again, in future, fall into the suffering we all experienced during the second world war. it was with the intention of putting an end to wars, putting an end to conflicts that the united nations was established. i would like to think that what
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we are doing here today may be the beginning of a truly strong and effective movement to bring an end to all the conflicts within myanmar, the conflicts between our communities, between our peoples, and also, the conflict of ideas with regard to how we are to go forward. but conflicts of ideas can be sorted out, and removed through discussion and dialogue and through open-mindedness and generosity and courage that enables us to see other people's point of view. i would also like to say, the generosity and courage that would enable other people to see our point of view as well.
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it is by cooperating only that our world can go forward. by attacking each other, either in words or with weapons or even with the motions, will not help us. hate and fear are the scourges of our world. all conflict arrives under hate or fear. it is only by removing the sources of hate and fear we shall be able to remove conflict from our country and from our world. as you know, there are many allegations and counter allegations. i have not gone into any of them, because it is not my purpose to promote and encourage conflict, whether of ideas or arms.
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but, to try and promote harmony and understanding. i hope you will understand us in
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and the faa,nd, -- you will can watch our live coverage of the cows here on c-span, the senate live on c-span two. afterwards, new york times magazine contributor suzy hansen on her travels abroad in her book "no son a foreign country: an american abroad in a post-american world." there is definitely the question of are we exceptional? but also the very question of why had i never thought this was a form of propaganda. why had i not thought to question where was this concept coming from and what was the job it was doing for individual americans?
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andthing i was realizing this took a longtime to realize, in fact, is that the very language we used when we talked about foreign countries had been kind of determined for us a very long time ago because we tended to look at muslim countries and especially countries in the east ends, were they catching up with us or were they behind us? is preventst does you from being able to see the country on its own terms. announcer: watch afterwards sunday night at 9:00 p.m. eastern on c-span two's book tv. c-span, where history unfolds daily. created as aan was public service by america's cable television companies and is brought you today by your cable or satellite provider. >> in a news briefing, secretary
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announcedex tillerson that iran was in technical compliance, but went on to say the agreement had not brought security to the region. he also confirmed that president trump has decided to withdraw from the deal, but did not make his decision public. this briefing is 20 minutes. sec. tillerson: good evening all. sec. tillerson: good evening, all. i want to begin by extending our condolences to those who have suffered and continue to suffer from the devastation from the natural disaster that we are witnessing around the western hemisphere. f massive hurricanes in the caribbean are testing the will and spirit of the people that live in that area.


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