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  President Trump Meets with President of South Korea  CSPAN  September 21, 2017 3:13pm-3:21pm EDT

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targeted at north korea, and anybody that wants to do trade or business with them. we appreciate the relationship with china and we look forward to working with them. thank you, everybody. >> treasury secretary steven mnuchin, on u.s. plans to apply new sanctions on north korea. president trump announced those new sanctions in new york earlier today. here is the president, with the president of south korea. president trump: it is a great privilege to be with president moon of south korea. as you probably know, we have had discussions over the last several months, and i think we're making a lot of headway and a lot of different ways. very friendly basis,
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working on trade and working on trade agreements and we will see how that all comes out. but much more important and trade, is the other aspect of our relationship, that has to do with north korea. so, we are meeting on a constant basis. we will be meeting in a little while prime minister abbe of abe of- prime minister japan. that will be a joint meeting. we are making progress in a lot of different ways. stay tuned. stay tuned. korean speaker]
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president moon: [speaking korean]
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reporter: mr. president, i have met you several times and have had several conversations with you. over the years, north korea has continued to make provocations and this is extremely deplorable . this has angered me and our people. but the united states has responded firmly, and in a very good way. coordinationclose between korea and the united states, and because of this i'm very satisfied. mr. president, at the u.n. general assembly, you made a very strong speech and i believe the strength of your speech will help contain north korea. thank you, very much. secretary mnuchin: thank you,
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very much -- president trump: thank you, very much. and i'm very happy that you used the word deplorable. [laughter] [korean speaker] president trump: that has been a lucky word for me, and many millions of people. so, because of the fact that our bad, for the so united states, and so good for south korea, we are going to try to straighten out the trade deal and make it fair for everybody. but our real focus will be on the military, and our relationship with south korea, which is excellent, which is really excellent. so, we are hard to start that process right now. thank you, very much. thank you, everybody.
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[shouted questions] more about those sanctions as u.n. ambassador nikki haley holds everything in new york city. you will see her comments come alive in just over an hour, at 4:30 eastern, right here on c-span. senators want to bring the new health care proposal to the floor next week for a vote. c-span will look at the measure. it will change health insurance funding into block grants for states. we will also look at another proposal to change the individual insurance market. you can see that tonight, beginning at 8:00 eastern. this weekend on american history tv on c-span3, saturday at 8:00 history,on lectures in a temple university professor, on the environmental movement of the 1970's. the noble savage and
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environmentalist was a kind of -- product,hat was sold to americans just like big macs or cars. airline a former captain and a former f-16 pilot talk about their experiences during 9/11. >> we take off and we had northeast, into a serene and peaceful and silent sky. there is no one airborne. out to the northwest and we never find anything. we were not heroes that day. the passengers on flight 93 with the heroes -- were the heroes. on sunday, two or the harriet tubman underground railroad center. >> it opened up a whole new
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world for her. epilepsy, which allowed mnazing visions and had these visions and saw these amazing things. it was absolutely amazing for her faith. histories,on oral our series on photojournalists continues with eric draper. >> that image that shows dan bartlett, that was the first time that we started seeing the replay of the second tower being hit. tv, allcan history weekend, every weekend, only on c-span3. joining us is cal with the washington examiner would -- cal with the "washington examiner." what has been the reaction to his speech?