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tv   Senate Health Care Proposals  CSPAN  September 21, 2017 8:46pm-9:07pm EDT

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vote in the house that props up obamacare because that is not why i came here and that is not what the majority wants to do. the president of the united states is committed to repealing and replacing this bill, not propping it up. >> three have it, ladies and gentlemen. -- there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. >> i am proud to be joined by my colleagues. hey, folks. tickets were else. [laughter]
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-- take it somewhere else. [laughter] ok. i am proud to be joined by my durbin,es senator senator, to talk about health care. we heard a lot of talk about the state and governors just released was a letter. governorsts, five posted the so-called graham-cassidy bill and more in favor of a bipartisan negotiation such as that of senator alexander and senator murray. i heard our republican colleagues speak. there was a word missing. people. patients. care. all this stuff, democrat,
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republican, governors, washington. how about how this will affect people? millions will lose coverage. no pre-existing conditions. an end to medicaid as we know it. tens of millions of people could well lose coverage. people who desperately need financial services would lose it. our republican colleagues do not seem to care about how this affects the average american. that is why trumpcare -- previous trumpcare bills were so unpopular. that is like this bill is unpopular. despite all their efforts, they are struggling because their own senators know that the public dislikes this bill. latest version of trumpcare may live under a new name of graham-cassidy, but no matter how many ways they try to dress it up and hide it, it is even more dangerous and reckless than the previous bill that was
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defeated. simply put, trumpcare is a sham. they are crafting in the dark of night. pne hearing on one day without a twoscore and only witnesses, that is a hearing? come on. ashamed of this they are afraid to find out what it actually does. and so we get another bill in the dark of night. the process is awful. we heard of justice being blind, our republican colleagues should be walking around with bibles because they do not want to see the bill we're -- they are being forced to vote for. with all the cuts for people and unpopularity and meanness. they don't want to go home and taliban who lives or. or son has
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cancer that an insurance company can make insurance unaffordable. they do not want to tell them that. they do not want to tell middle-class families in the suburbs that mom or dad in the nursing home may no longer get coverage. they do not want to tell whoear-old young man desperately needs opioid treatment that it may go away. this isn't simply making the decisions at the stake. they make the cut. washington that hurts average people and then tell the states to tell who's a cuts. this is not a neutral bill that simply devolve power to the states. it is a bill to end medicaid as we know it and let the governors do the dirty work. 10 governors from the state of colorado, ohio,
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alaska, montana, pennsylvania, virginia, nevada, message is in message -- massachusetts and vermont said do not do it. do not do graham-cassidy. our budget and policy priorities will result in about $700 billion in cuts to health care by 2027. it would cause millions to lose coverage. it would deeply cut medicaid. would bring us back to the days when companies could discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions. they could get rid of consumer protections that give americans access to maternity care and substance abuse drugs. intos her the markets chaos, resulting in 15 million people losing coverage. do its work,he cbo
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if it were not pressured to put out something that is just a few lines, this would all be told by cbo. how do we know? bills in the past have been scored by similar provisions. they are afraid the public will hate this bill so they are trying to rush it through in the dark of night. we want, above all, a bill that protects average americans, not slashes the health care they need, whether the governor or washington tries to do that. it is wrong. we want to work in a bipartisan process to make things better. we want the house, the president, republican leadership to stop pressuring those who want to come up with a to refrainsolution
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from doing so. we can make it work in a bipartisan way. the final thing i say is this. we have seen very hopeful outs of bipartisanship in the last month. andg back to this trumpcare graham-cassidy which set down -- which shut down the bipartisanship. >> thinking for you must all my colleagues. thank you to everyone who has email, to call, to be involved in this effort one more time to have a form of trumpcare, which is actually worse than the last one. said, we willumer not have a full cbo score for weeks of the provisions have been scored into different ways.
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we know what is coming. do know it is disastrous for people in michigan across the country. it is disastrous we talk about the law of basic health care provisions for people percent -- people. essentially, it would let states give insurance companies -- because this is who we are talking about making decisions -- insurance companies a bright green light to the prophets before patients. when does stopping health care? -- when does health care stopping health care? when it doesn't cover prescription drugs? when it doesn't cover maternity care? when it doesn't cover emergency rooms? when it doesn't cover people that have pre-existing conditions? is a health insurance if it doesn't cover mental health or substance abuse treatment in the middle of an opioid epidemic?
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republicanemind health care is a political, it is personal. the way they were talking about it, standing right here, was very political. for all of us, for our families and the people in this country, it is very personal. when a young cancer patients cannot afford the medication that keeps her alive. because her insurance won't .over it, it is personal when a mechanic realizes his lifetime dream of owning and own shop has to pay more for insurance because he hurt his isk a few years ago, that very personal. when a woman has to pay more for her health insurance just because she is a woman, that is personal. you know what? i take it personally. people in michigan take it personally. all of my colleagues take it personally.
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that is why we will fight this in every way possible on behalf of the people we represent. >> senator durbin. >> face, check. we were watching in the -- thanks, chuck. we were watching when the republicans gave their press conference. they said this is about the great national debate between socialism and states' rights. really? it is not about the debate between this. it is about basic health care for the families of america. if this is a hot deal for governors across america, how do you explain five republican governors, like the governor of alaska and the governor of nevada, coming out publicly against the notion of states' r ights? why would they be turning their back to make this decision locally and be popular for votes? because they can count.
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and when they counsel they realize there is not enough money under this plan coming from washington to sustain health care in their states and to keep up with the cost of health care in the future. realists. they understand its full well. it is not a question between socialism and states rights. basic't we will provide care. i don't you people talking about social security because it is a washington program. they realize it has liberated them in their senior years. the same is true for medicare. the second issue i want to raise was one raised by the other sponsor of this legislation. the jimmy kimmel test. the member when he referred to that? you know what that is all about. this gentleman with well-known on late-night tv had a tough time. his baby was born with a serious problem. he raised a question on his tv show. what will happen to families like mine under all this talk about the new trumpcare?
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under this version, it is not a good outcome. first off, if the family happens to be under medicaid, there is a question as to whether there is enough coverage. born in babies illinois are covered by health care -- medicaid. when you cut back on medicaid, you listen the opportunity. once the baby is born, left the family has a child with a pre-existing condition, under this trumpcare bill it will not them the rest of their lives when they try to buy health insurance. ort is one thing we stood up on the affordable care act and said we're not going to give in on this at all. we do not want people discriminated against because they have a member of their family or with a birth defect or because someone has survived cancer care or someone has diabetes and their family. they walk away from it in this bill. they say that is one of the options insurance companies can
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play with when they decide what your premiums will be. when you look at this bill, there is a real reason why they do not want the american people to take a hard look at it. the race will go up for senior citizens, that is why aarp is opposed. the reimbursement that hospitals will go down. that is why the american hospital association and the state chapters of those it. carell not provide quality that nurses and doctors note we need. this is a rally point. many people thought july this battle was over for this year. it is not. it will pick up and team and in importance. >> i am going to make a couple of additional points. my colleagues said it very well. the first point is right after graham-cassidy-heller passes, health-care markets will enter --
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the reason that is the case, and i urge you to talk about state insurance commissioners about trump 2.0. you have a combination of no cost sharing plus a rollback in consumer protection so that you will have a particularly large number of people who are frail invulnerable. make no mistake -- frail and vulnerable. make no mistake with what will happen. the second point i want to mention is several of the republicans talk in the press conference -- talked in the press conference about how great their proposal will be for chip. a money0 uses chip as program. the reality is you cannot have a young chip program if
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decimate medicaid. two are that directly links. the idea that somehow this bill is going to be good for chip is just absurd. this is a bargain, basement block grant. we will pull out all the stops to derail it. beat trumpcare before. we will be using people power to beat trumpcare again. about the groups being reengaged, are you concerned about the speed this has regained? >> a week ago, no one solve -- this hadn't even raised its ugly head. now, the groups are mobilized. he will find the hospitals, the aarp, the nurses, cancer care, and all the societies, they are all mobilized. they realize it is even worse than the last one. this weekend, you will see huge
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mobilization. >> in the earlier press conference, they said it would be a tough vote for senator it -- for the senator and misery. are you confident this will not get any democratic votes? >> i am. it hurt people in every state. of insuranceprived if you have a pre-existing condition in every state. >there are dramatic cuts to medicaid in every state. whether you are democrat or republican, if you are presenting your people, you do not want this bill. >> senator graham laid out a campaign ad against a lot of your democratic colleagues saying put natural interest ahead of people in your state. >> i don't even get what they say.
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we are talking about the people. their conference with simply about state, national, washington, federal, socialism, states' rights. they didn't have about people because the turks people and they know it. we are this because we care about people. a the 2018 election as reference mantra care, they will get clobbered and they know it -- is a referendum on health care, they will get clobbered and they know it. >> to you think the united states should stay in the iran deal? >> i do. i have the agreement was a bad agreement, but i also sent that letter c once it passes -- but i also said once it passes, let us give it a little time to see if it works. if iran violates the deal, let that is one thing. thank you.
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by the way, unlike our republican leadership, we are not trying to hurry to get out of here. we're happy to talk about this issue. do you notice? [laughter] because youoncerned say the bill had only raised its head a few days ago? you talked about groups mobilizing this weekend. because there is a degree of uncertainty, do you believe people are so nervous on your side? >> what we have done it looked at what the bill does and then we looked at how cbo has scored previous bills with similar precision -- provisions. we have strong numbers. if they dispute our numbers they should wait for a cbo score. >> you're talking about how this came up subtly. you think that was a republican strategy to let things go quiet for a while then bring this up? >> they have never been willing 4 totrumpcare 1, 2, 3, or
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have to pay for discussion. they know well they have been pushed with some of their , they know it is a popular. the last trumpcare bill is not even as severe as this one. you are of 20% of americans supported it and a majority of trump voters were against it. they know this is a very bad medicine vote for the american people and politically for them. that is why they try to rush and hide it and they don't want to have the russians -- discussion. s. that is why they were so quick to get out of here. discussiontalk about by the senate? bigger mcconnell said some senators -- senator mcconnell said they --
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using these talks are stalled -- do you think the talks are stalled? >> i spoke to patty murray. the response she said was genuine. i have good faith and senator alexander's believe in bipartisanship. i hope you won't let those partisan pressures get him off course. know how much senator alexander admires howard baker. >> a hearing looking at the latest republican health care plan is getting old for monday morning. republican senators lindsey graham is expected to testify. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >>. . senate majority leader mitch mcconnell.


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