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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  September 23, 2017 7:00am-8:04am EDT

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of an article on predatory mortgage practices. we will also speak with michael berg about ♪ host: good morning on this saturday, september 23. the end of a busy news week that's all donald trump make his first appearance before the united nations and it an escalating war of words with north korea. disasters,natural spurring federal relief efforts and new revelations and the ongoing investigation into the russian election interference and fallout from russian bot political advertisement from facebook and a major blow to the latest gop effort to reform the affordable care act. ,e are asking our viewers today
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what was your news story of the week? democrats call 202-748-8000. republicans --202-748-8001. 202-748-8002. andh us on twitter @cspanwj facebook at let's begin with the latest news on the gop effort to repeal parts of the affordable care act. senator john mccain has said he will vote against the measure. according to the your times, -- new york times, it was less dramatic of his middle of the night thumbs down that killed the last repeal effort in july. , he said, the senator he could not vote in good
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conscience support the proposal from senator graham and bill cassidy. democrats united in opposition. center republicans can afford to only lose two other members. -- senate republicans can afford to only lose two other members. president trump responded, saying john mccain never had any intention of voting for this .ill, which is governor loves he campaigned on repeal and replace, let arizona down! % increaseent said 116 in obamacare premiums last year with deductibles very high. chuck schumer sold john mccain a bill of goods. bad. more about what senator mccain said in his statement yesterday.
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opposing the bill, he said i cannot in good conscience bill for the graham-cassidy proposal. i believe we could do better working together, republicans and democrats who have not yet really tried, nor could i support it without knowing how much it will cost and affect insurance premiums and how many people will be helped or hurt by it. john mccain opposing the health care effort by the gop, one of many news stories this week. we are getting your thoughts on what your story of the week was. brad from international falls, -- minnesota, republican line. caller: i am pretty happy about hillary not being president. most people are. even though you are on msnbc a lot, even you. that a great saying hillary is done and so is the democratic party. it was a good week.
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host: what was the top story? are you happy with the president's response to john mccain? president's response to north korea? what was the biggest story of the week for you? me,er: it does not interest the smear merchants trying to push down trump. that is the real story but nobody talks about it. wisconsin,ton, democratic line, good morning, paul. caller: good morning. i want to talk about the health care vote. the news media keeps talking about pre-existing conditions. that is not the whole story. the whole story is lifetime caps.
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that is what the insurance companies want to get rid of. they want to get rid of those, because, if you have cancer, it can cost $1 million or whatever. that is what they want to your rid of, it is not about pre-existing conditions. it is about lifetime caps does it in -- it costs insurance companies a lot of money and that is the biggest guarantee under obamacare. both insurance policies cut off or $120,000 and your insurance company shuts off. people do not realize that. that is the bigger guaranteed and pre-existing conditions. people need to realize that and the news media does not cover that. they just do not. that is the biggest guaranty under obamacare. , are you worried about the coverage caps? caller: i do not have insurance.
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i have been out of work for eight years. i do not have insurance. insurance, do have they have to realize that. working atwhen i was even salarymill, people, they would have drives with family with cancer, they could not cover the cost of the cancer care. then, i am just saying , that is the biggest guarantee under obamacare, lifetime caps. host: they are a part of what is known as the jimmy kimmel test, after the late-night show host spoke out against the latest effort to repeal and replace obamacare. jimmy kimmelrts
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has gotten help in his effort from chuck schumer. opposition to the latest republican effort to repeal and replace obamacare has been driven by a late-night talkshow host who has little interest in health care policy prior to the show. , heays, behind the scenes and his team were in touch with health care officials, charities, and advocacy groups. this is the daily beast, i apologize. he also was in touch with the office of senate minority leader according to, sources from the your with the conversation, provided technical guidance and information about the bill, and staff from various think tanks and experts on the effects of graham-cassidy appeared -- where-cassidy. -- graham-cassidy. republican line, california, good morning. caller: good morning. host: what was your new story of the week, al?
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caller: let's be realistic. first of all, we do not have a health care system anymore in america. the obama administration, democrats, is gone. way thisnowhere -- no thing will survive. it is done. mccain, ajohn republican, and the lady from alaska and the lady from maine, get on board? they are not interested in americans, they are interested in their own political beliefs or dislikes. can getree republicans this bill passed. can change itey
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as time goes on. we all will have a health care bill. it would go to the states and the governors will run it. the federal government would be out of it. does not want to do it because he has a problem with trump. this is not american -- this is listen, weican -- will all be in the dump. host: senator mccain, he cited his opposition based on the fact that the bill has not gone through regular order and there have not been hearings, input from both sides of the aisle. ,hat do you think about that him calling for the process to be different? caller: no more than what the said,ats did when pelosi we will take care of it -- we
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will pass the bill and read it later. come on. we have to do this now. get it done. republicans and democrats get together. you know what, if we do not do this, how are people going to survive with all of the storms going on? he is an american. i was in vietnam and suffered, not like him, god bless them. let's get something passed. host: that's what -- look at what the president said, large block grants to states is a good thing to do. better control and management, great for arizona. on mccain let his best friend, lindsey graham, down. let's look at what lindsey graham said about the bill. >> it is well clear to me where the country is going under obamacare. it is going into further
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bankruptcy. more decisions further away from where you live. in 1996, we blog rented money for welfare reform and it worked like a charm. we put governors in charge of the program and held them accountable. here is the choice for america, socialism or federalism when it comes to your health care? get 40% of the money under obamacare, new york, california, massachusetts, maryland, they represent 20% of the population. our goal is by 2026, every patient in every state gets the same contribution roughly from the federal government and allow people in your states to make decisions that would have been made in washington. the most beneficial aspect of this bill is follows -- if you do not like obamacare, who do you complain to? you can complain to me but i do not run it bid if i can get south carolina in charge of this
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money, that would have been spent in washington by a bureaucrat not elected, i promise every south carolinians the following, if you do not like your health care, somebody will listen to you. your governor and state house representative. host: fort lauderdale, democrat line, hello barry. caller: getting past all the hyperbole. the reality is that if this is such a great plan, this republican plan, why doesn't lindsey graham and all of the other republicans say they will give up their free, federally provided health care with no deductibles, no co-pays, and sign on to this? second of all, i would like to say, get past the hyperbole and look under the covers. spain,tries like italy, if they canry poor,
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provide universal health care for all of their citizens, why don't these brain-dead americans demand, why as a citizen of the united states, can't we have health care for all of our citizens? all of the stories about how we are going broke is a republican line. the government can borrow all the money they want at historically low rates. lies and a lot of people are too stupid to separate the facts from fiction. host: what do you think the fix should be? universal -- single-payer? caller: i would like a single-payer but i am also realistic. i do not deal in hyperbole. if you have a leak in your bathroom, you do not tear the house down, you fix the leak.
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obamacare is not perfect but provides things you did not have before, namely, preventive care. if you are a woman or a man, you can go to the doctor, was not subject to co-pay or deductibles. of obamacareantage , it provided health insurance for millions of people that could not afford it before with subsidies. it may not be perfect, it needs -- you have a leak in your about the, you do not tear the house down, you fix the leak. the recalled -- the problem with the republicans, they are on a crusade, repeal obamacare and a lot of the people do not understand that use the term socialism and timing is a, but that communism, but we are the only industrialized nation in the world that does not provide health care for all of its citizens. host: in some other headlines today, the new york times talks
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about the ongoing verbal sparring between president trump and the north korean dictator, is as the war of words between on fridayd concerns that it could escalate into a new and more volatile phase as weighste house ways -- the next step. trump derided kim jong-un as a madman hours after the north korean calls him mentally deranged u.s. dotard, a sort of name-calling exchange most presidents have avoided. president trump seems to began pulling that the same style that put is domestic opponents on the defensive could work on the diplomatic front, but foreign policy veterans said the
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president was playing a dangerous game. at the very least, it complicates his own efforts to find a diplomatic solution to the dispute over north korea's nuclear missile program. kevin from burlington, new jersey on the democratic line. what was your story this week? caller: good morning and thank you for taking my call. it is the health care debate. i would like to make a couple of quick points. first of all, this is not about health care for america. racing --ly about a erasing president obama's legacy. donald trump has reversed everything president obama did. secondly, if this is such a good bill, that the republicans are offering, why won't they open it up for a debate in the senate?
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when obamacare was passed, there were 350 amendments accepted by aca or obamacare. it is the same thing, if people do not know. thirdly, i just lost my train of thought on the third one. it is ridiculous they are trying ridiculous they are trying to get rid of this man's legacy to get a win. host: let's look at what barack obama set in new york this week about the efforts to repeal the affordable care act. >> the legislation we passed was full of things that still need to be fixed. it was not perfect but it was better. undoi see people trying to the progress for the 50th or 60th time with bills that would raise cost and reduce coverage
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or rollback protections for older americans, or people with pre-existing conditions, cancer survivor, the expectant mother, the child with autism, or asthma, for whom coverage once again would be almost unattainable, it is aggravating. all of this being done without any demonstrable economic or actuary, or plain common sense rationale. it is frustrating. at it is frustrating to have to mobilize every couple of months to keep our leaders from inflicting human suffering on our constituents. typically that is how progress is one. -- won and how progress is maintained. for eacho stand up other on every issue and recognize that progress is never inevitable. that it often can be fragile.
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it is in need of constant renewal. our individual progress and collective progress depends on our willingness to roll up our sleeves and work. [applause] >> and not be afraid to work. host: taking your calls, asking what is your new story of the week. democrats can call 202-748-8000. republicans, 202-748-8001. independents, 202-748-8002. jack from oklahoma on the independent line. caller: good morning, how are you? host: i am good. caller: i have a couple things i would like to talk about. one is insurance. health care. why don't they did the pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies out of it and give us something we need? year, io know why, each
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am not a republican or democrat, the republicans think they have does that make them more intelligent? why do they think they have to do that? president trump started it. why do they give korea so much television coverage? them they know that makes go further with what he is doing? cut him off. thank you very much. have a good day. host: brenda calling in from indiana, pennsylvania on the democratic line. caller: good morning. i am calling in about the health care debate. it is interesting, everybody is playing the blame game. there is not an elected
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politician that has the guest to get on stage and explained why -- got to get on stage and explained why we have a problem with the health care system. the reason they cannot repeal and replace obamacare is because the snacks in the obamacare -- snags in the obamacare are created by the american citizens themselves. signedugh young people up to water down the risk pool and people took advantage of the pre-existing condition clause and waited until they got sick to sign up for medical insurance. you can be diagnosed with cancer in the morning and have medical insurance that afternoon. third, americans want medical miracles. medical miracles cost millions of dollars. people do not want to pull the plug on their loved ones. we caused the snags. republicans can fix the snags,
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because we caused them. if we have the money to send a satellite to mars, how can we not in sure our people -- insure our people? they talk about states rights, states have rights to administer the health care program now and that is why there is such a large variation from state to state. because states are exercising their right. costsyou talked about the created by people wanting to use every day for ordinary measure for their loved ones -- extraordinary measure for their loved ones but how do you regulate against that? caller: you don't regulate against that. of course you want to save your loved ones. do not complain about the high cost of medical insurance. you want to save your loved one, it will be expensive and stop complaining about how costly it is. host: let's talk about other
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headlines in the news today. the latest on the travel ban. president trump will be replacing it soon. with severeace it restrictions on visitors from due to he has determined little to protect against terrorists and criminals coming into the united states. the new travel restrictions sould include an definite ban on entry until vetting procedures and security cooperation improved. it will go into effect as soon as sunday, after the conclusion of a 90 day policy review undertaken as part of the administration's original travel ban. the story says it could impact the supreme court case taking up the travel ban. arguments are scheduled next month. al calling from pomona, new york, on the independent line.
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caller: good morning. host: what is your new story of the week? caller: president trump could not shine president obama's shoes. any human being, politician or anybody, that puts money in front of human life needs to go find another job and get the hell out of the country. that is it. host: sandra calling in from denver, colorado on our independent line. what is on your mind? caller: a couple of things. the guy that just talked. the basic thing we need to be able to perform, to be a part of society, to bring up society, this is basic, we know we are nationy industrialized
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that does not have -- everybody has health care. media not take down the north korea thing more? we are not going to war with north korea. we are getting enough coverage to what has happened in the past. not just in korea, but vietnam. we could talk about iraq. countries that run on a different system, they will never come to a democratic system. the vietnam war, year after year of slaughter of americans. we know it was for nothing. another point we can bring all these people who have to go to the health care system because they went to a war that has no point. calling out for what north korea is, be more
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quiet about it. host: ok. joyce is calling in from omaha, nebraska on the democratic line. what is the biggest news story for you? caller: the states right with the medicaid going back to the states. the governor should be a friend. with medicare going back to the states, they will have to operate it and keep from going over the state budget. they will have -- the next question would be disaster. they -- these states would have to take care of their own disasters. if that happens, they will not have the money. other states will not have the money. because they will be too busy trying to keep the medicaid going. that will be a problem. the governors should think about
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it. donald trump will say he will not finance a disaster. thek what would happen with because the states cannot pay for the disasters, other states are helping. if there -- if they do not want to run over their budget, they will not have -- host: the new york times reports about president trump's trip to alabama yesterday to campaign in favor of senator luther strange. keeping the seat formerly occupied by jeff sessions. president trump through a few hedges in his endorsement of luther strange, at a rally that he admitted he would rather not have had to attend. donald trump offered a rambling tribute to luther strange, arguing he had been unfairly tag
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as an establishment lackey and ally of mitch mcconnell. allies have bankrolled much of the strange campaign. even with the phrase, president trump -- praise, president trump said he was conflicted about getting into the primary contest to be held on tuesday which puts the senator against a foreign state -- former state supreme court justice roy moore, who has the backing of many of the president's antiestablishment supporters. the president got into the controversy over the nfl, and colin kaepernick at the rally. iesident trump: luther and are unified by the same, great american values. we are proud of our country. we respect our flag. [cheers and applause]
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president trump: wouldn't you love to see one of these nfl owners, when somebody , to say getour flag off son of a bench -- bitch the field, you are fired! [cheers and applause] crowd: usa! usa! usa! usa! usa! know, somerump: you owner will do that. he will say, that guy that disrespects our flag, he is fired.
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that owner, they do not know it, they are friends of mine, many of them, they will be the most popular person for a week. in this popular person country because that is a total disrespect of our heritage, a total disrespect of everything we stand for. ok? everything we stand for. host: bernie on the independent line from bradenton, florida. caller: good morning. my story of the week was friday. six months ago, i said on this program that russia did not only interfere with the election, they hacked e-voting machines. -- the voting machines. a lot of people in this country are morons. i believe in the next i've years
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, when they release -- in five years, they will say, when they release the documents, that russia changed the votes. we do not want to admit that russia beat us and we have a more on in the white house -- more on in the white house -- moron in the white house. host: reports that russia attempted to hack voting systems and most states say they were not successful. does that change your view? caller: no, it would be embarrassing for them to admit russia changed the votes. do you really think the people who voted for a man like that, do you believe it? host: more of the usa today story he was talking about, saying russians attempted to hack election systems in 21 states in the run-up to the presidential election. u.s. department of homeland
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security notified states of the attempted breach on friday, said the director of the wisconsin elections commission. the attempt in wisconsin was not successful. homeland security officials said the effort was conducted by "russian government cyber actors." which statesnow were part of the hacking attempt. gloria is calling in from bridgewater, new jersey on our republican line. good morning. caller: good morning. i am calling in regard to health care. i listen to the senate hearings quite a lot and want to make a comment. talking lot of people about how wonderful the health care system is in canada, that it is much better than ours. we have a different system. and also, england. when those people have serious problems, they come to the united states for assistance. i have friends in england who
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had a problem with his neck and he came here for surgery. friends in canada that were pregnant and the weight is -- wait is long. the one in canada were pregnant and would have to wait several months to get care. i wanted to put in that comment. i want to complement john mccain for his stance. i am a republican. , when they were working on obamacare, the head hearings open for a year. the republicans did not participate. they could have participated but did not. host: the senate finance committee is scheduled a hearing for monday on the graham-cassidy act, under the gun, if they want to pass it with a simple majority. the you think that is enough to
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vet the bill? caller: absolutely not, i was a republican committeewoman for 37 years and john mccain is correct, these things need to be worked on bipartisan and all of our program should be bipartisan. everybody makes mistakes and this is a big mistake. host: in other headlines this tremor, north korea -- a was detected in north korea, a sign of a possible nuclear test. the earthquake is reported to have occurred near a nuclear test site and previous earthquakes have occurred during weapons tests, according to the bbc. chinese seismologists say it was a suspected explosion at a news agency reported but south korea says it could be a natural earthquake rather than one caused by a nuclear test.
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augusta, georgia, good morning, chaz. caller: i want to talk about health care. i work in health care and wanted to explain why our health care is the most expensive and we have the poorest outcomes. most people do not know that, in the united states, if a doctor performs a procedure on you and you have insurance, the insurance company has the ,bility to come after the fact negotiate how much of the procedure they feel like they should pay. most times doctors do not recuperate the full cost of the procedures they perform on people in the united states, they only get a portion of it because the insurance companies have the ability through their lobbying in congress to have lost set up in a way that come if they do not agree with the cost that a doctor is charging for something, they can say we will only pay you this amount.
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that causes doctors to have to raise the price of their services, higher and higher, so they can recuperate the cost of the surgeries they render. most of the money, even though we pay a lot of money to insurance companies, it goes into the hands of the insurance companies and they make a profit off of us paying them. host: is that what you think legislation should target? shouldn't -- should it target insurance companies or prevent doctors from altering the price they charge? caller: that is why i think we should go along with the birdie plan and get rid of insurance companies, profiting off sickness is not moral. instead of wasting a lot of money on the salaries of bureaucrats to manage our health care system, when their only incentive is to make as much money as possible, we should pay
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the real cost of health care, pay the doctors for the services they render. and we would see a decrease in the price of services, if we did that. and the doctors would make more money. if we just cut out the middleman, we would make sure -- ensure everyone for any tax up.d -- the tax would go calling in from lake charles, louisiana on the democratic line. what is your story of the week? caller: i am also concerned about the health care program. i watch c-span every morning. i love the program. thank you for the program. it bothers me and confuses me, because i'm from louisiana, one of our senators is leading the battle against health care.
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i do not get it. all the money we waste on military, the united states, we have the strongest military in the world. passed 700, we something billion dollars for more military. i used to work in health care. sometimes i look at people and say these people are really suffering, having a bad time. we, as americans, i am an african american but we as americans, i do not know what is happening in congress. host: let me ask you -- bill cassidy of louisiana is one of the sponsors of this bill. he says the state of louisiana would get more money under his plan then it currently gets -- getsthat it currently
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because it does not have the medicare expansion. caller: i am just not looking at louisiana. as a veteran, i look at this country as america, i am not just concerned about louisiana. it is good that we will get additional money. what about the other states? and the other poor people? people are suffering. how can you pull money from one state to give to another state? these dates if they wanted to participate in the program, the medicaid program, a lot of them said no. the republican governors said no. the ones who said yes received some of the money. to come back and say, what we will do now, and it has nothing to do about health care, it has everything to do with politics. we will pull money from one
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state to give to another state. what is trying to happen in alaska. buy are trying to bjuy -- congresspeople, i think that is disgusting. bennybetty calling -- calling in from charlottesville, what is your story? caller: my news story of the week is donald trump went to to campaign night for strange. he is talking about the football players ownership, throw the players off the field and say you are fired. we stand for our flag. i am a u.s. veteran, donald trump ran from the draft. he could never tell one of my kids or grandkids to go to war.
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in my eyes, he would never be qualified to be president. if you are a draft dodger, you are not qualified to be the president of the united states. host: greg calling in from mechanicsburg, pennsylvania, independent line. caller: good morning. i have a couple of comments and i will first start with the caller who just called. let's talk about barack obama, let's talk about bill clinton as far as draftdodgers. whether the color who just called in allow his sons and grandsons to go to a war that barack obama authorized? i am certain he would. that leads me to the next comment. five of your last callers are african-american, they self identified. i wonder about that.
7:42 am
is there something going on in the screening. ? does the independent line not get rotated to the top at least a third of your callers? self identified as independents. if you will rotate republican and democrats, put the independent line at the top every three months. do you know why that is not happening? can you give me and the other listeners answers? know?u do not somebody should look into that. at least a third of your callers self identify as independents. the president last night, no doubt he is different. but the public voted last year for different. they are tired of the same old crap coming out of the same old
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people you see time and time again for the last 20 years on tv. i think he is doing a great job. is he perfect, no. is he a politician, not in the classical sense. do i think the united states will be better because he was president, absolutely. the united states of america will be better accustom donald j. trump was elected president. host: banality calling in from -- penelope calling in from san antonio on the republican line. caller: i am thinking about the health care. a lot of the reason it is so expensive is because you do not know the price. if i go to a restaurant and i see a list of food that i have no idea of what they cost, i will not order. i will tell them to tell me what it costs. if i buy a car, they will have to show me a price.
7:44 am
you go to a hospital -- a doctor, you have -- they say you need a ct scan, you do not know. you get two weeks later a bill for $7,000. one of them, $17,000 for a 20 minute ct scan. if somebody would have told me it cost that much, i will have said no. you find some other way or i will find some other place to get it but they will not let them tell you how much it costs and you are left hanging. that is why we need insurance companies. host: let me ask you -- have you seen that happen? have you seen an increase in your out-of-pocket costs? caller: i am 72 years old, it is your out-of-pocket. it makes me mad. because i would never have done
7:45 am
that to my fellow citizens for $17,000, if they would have told me at first it is how much it would have cost and they still do not know what the cause was after that. you have no choice. you go to a hospital and they do not tell you, they just say the doctor tells you you have to have this and you do not find out until weeks later that the doctor was maybe lining his pockets. the insurance company will fight that, it ridiculous for that much for something that lasts a total of 30 minutes. host: other headlines today, the hhs and specter general looking into the private -- inspector general looking into the private jet use of tom price. investigating secretary tom price's reported use of chartered planes for two dozen
7:46 am
flights at taxpayer offense -- expense. investigators will seek records of his travel and reviewed the justification that he and his staff have for the trips. a spokeswoman for the inspector general said. it focuses on whether travel with federal travel regulations but may encompass other issues related to the travel. that we take said this matter very seriously and when questions came up about inappropriate travel potentially we assessed the issue and i confirm work is underway and will be completed as soon as possible. taking your calls about your news stories. keith from arkansas on the democratic line. caller: how are you doing? host: good, what is on your mind? caller: i would like to talk
7:47 am
about single-payer, people do not understand single-payer -- i am a marine, you take away the taxpayer, all the other expense with other health care, if you pay more taxes, ok, all the money goes to the insurance companies. all that stuff will pay for single-payer. i love you and appreciate it. they do not explain it right. all the money that goes into health care, that would pay for single-payer. i love you and appreciate c-span, god bless you. host: anthony calling in from houston, texas on the republican line. how are you recovering from the flooding? caller: i am doing fine.
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it is a very traumatic place at this time. it was. it is not now. we all worked together in texas. in texas, we work together and do not need help from -- we just help ourselves. host: what is your new story of the week -- news story of the week? caller: i used to be a democrat. over the years, the democrat party has changed very much. the democrat party is now a socialist party. free.ts everything for meeting you do not have to work for it. up that ifbrought us you need something, you work for it. you did not say i am entitled to
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it because i am in here in the united states. we have too many illegals getting free health care. if we do not take care of that, that is one reason our health care is in such shambles. tooave to many people -- many people who do not participate in our society and think they are entitled to everything. if you do not work for it, you do not get it. that is one reason i went republican, because too many people want everything for free. it is wrong. we need to change it. that is why donald trump is in the presidency. because it is america first. we need to stop sending all of this money all over the world. we need to take care of ourselves. we need to take care of our own
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backyard before we go to others backyards. viewerseets from our about the health care debate and the john mccain vote no. " i want to applaud senator forin, michalski, compassion and strength in standing up for the people." another says mccain suppressing the economy by not replacing aca, the mandate was unconstitutional, high insurance rates. responses from our viewers on twitter. maine,alling in from independent line. caller: good morning, how are you? host: good, how are you? caller: i am getting through it, sneaking through it. it just started. are you still there? host: i am, go ahead, what is on
7:51 am
your mind? caller: your last caller -- i wanted to reaffirm that i am an independent and i always get through on c-span. i thank you for it. one of the other things i needed to ask or make a point on, the senators, the republicans are going to do away with obamacare, call it what you want. people forget that the insurance companies before obamacare was just absolutely out of this world. no one could afford it. that is why the system was created. to get a grip on what the insurance companies were doing. it is not necessarily all the costs. you will never get a grip on it until you can control what a doctor and hospitals charge.
7:52 am
insurance companies do what they do, they always? berates. -- they always jack up the rates. that is why obamacare came into existence, somebody had to do something. as far as the senate and the new bill, i do not understand how someone who has their insurance and medical paid for, subsidized by the american public, how they can just pass a bill. i do not understand it. it will take insurance away from everybody and throw us right back on the system that we were in back in the 1980's and 1990's, when no one could afford it because the insurance companies were making dollar over dollar. host: in the latest news from that, we do not have a congressional budget office gram-cassidy bill.
7:53 am
bloomberg politics -- the bloomberg -- brookings institution say 21 million fewer americans what have health care coverage from 20 20-2026 under the republican latest plan to repeal and replace parts of obamacare. according to the brookings institution would be number likely underestimating the reduction in insurance covers because it does not take into account difficulties states may face setting up their own health care system. says the nonprofit policy group which has been supportive of the affordable care act. one estimate about the potential impact of the measure. while we wait for the congressional budget office to get a score. john calling them from the walkie on the democratic line -- from milwaukee on the democratic line. i have three points i
7:54 am
would like to make and will try to make them as quickly as i possibly can. the first one is regarding all of the rhetoric i have been hearing about north korea. please educateu the american people about north -- wareing the oldest or america has been involved in. they have invaded korea, divided the country, the same thing they did to be a novel. -- two vietnam. kick the united states out of the country and north korea is trying to do that after america killed millions of north koreans. my second point, you just had a clip about president trump glorifying the american flag. yet, he can sympathize with
7:55 am
people marching down the street with a confederate flag and a nazi flag, which is vulgar and disrespectful to the american flag. my last point, if america can send tens of billions of dollars to israel so their citizens can have health care, why can't we can afford to provide health care to the american people? hypocrisy. host: numeric, south carolina, independent line, what is on your mind? can you turned on your tv so we can hear you -- turn down your tv so we can you are you? caller: why people in south carolina cannot get obamacare? when nikki haley was governor, the stimulus program came down from obama, she did not sign it.
7:56 am
when obamacare came down, she did not sign it. i am trying to get health care in south carolina and i am an independent. nikki haley did not sign it. we have to be taxed for what we cannot get. everybody in congress wants to they vote for the care to come through but i thought everybody was against it. host: i will ask you the same question i asked the louisiana your. south carolina is set to get more money with this bill according to senator graham, does that affect your view of the republican effort? caller: say that again? host: south carolina will get additional funding with the bill, does that affect your view? caller: i do not know, he did
7:57 am
not come through. the minimum wage, she did not sign that, nikki haley, she used to be the governor. this guy, i do not know about him, he is the governor now. no one in south carolina can get obamacare. host: on the issue of russian backed ad on facebook, let's look at what mark zuckerberg said about what facebook is doing. >> we will strengthen our own advertisement review process. it has always been against our policy to use any of our tools to break the law and we have many controls in place to prevent this. we can do more. a robot without an advertiser speaking to someone at facebook. that is what happened. even without our employees directly involved in the sale, we can do better. i will not tell you that we will
7:58 am
catch all that content in our system. we do not check what people say before they say it and i do not think society should want us to. freedom means you do not have to ask for permission first. by default, you can say what you want. if you break our community standards or the law, you will face consequences. we will not catch everyone immediately but we can make it harder to try to interfere. host: this marks the 30th anniversary of c-span's video library and to watch this or any other event over the last 30 years, go to, whether it is 30 years ago or 30 minutes ago, you will find it in our video library at we want to bring you the latest on bob dole at a message from dole has dole, bob been hospitalized lately because
7:59 am
of low per pleasure -- blood pressure, said i am with my husband, please pray for his speedy recovery. that is the latest as bob dole continues to be hospitalized. christina calling in from charleston, south carolina on the republican line. good morning. caller: good morning. host: what is your new story of the week? i am a health insurance, 26 software tester who worked on obamacare and i do not have health insurance. i was in a situation where i missed out on open enrollment. my husband should have benefits soon but i have no health insurance for the rest of the year. it is ironic. with republicans and independents, the democrats can all agree that the price of health agree the price of health insurance is because of the markups in the system.
8:00 am
everything is expensive. the health insurance part is just a symptom of what is going on. host: ok. coming up, we will be joined by ron myer, the editor of the website red alert politics. he will be here to talk about free speech on college campuses. later on, chuck collins talk about his recent piece entitled, "private equity, the new neighborhood loan sharks." we will be right back. ♪ >> sunday night on after words, susy hanson on her travels abroad in her book notes on a foreign country.
8:01 am
she is interviewed by foreign policy interrupted co-founder. >> there is the question, are we exceptional? and why had i never thought this was a form of propaganda? why did i never think to question where this concept was coming from? i wask one thing realizing, and this took a long time to realize, the language we use when we talk about foreign been determined for us a long time ago. we will get muslim countries and countries in the east as were they catching up with us or behind us? that prevents you from being able to see the country on its own terms. words sundayr night on c-span twos booktv.
8:02 am
on when is early believe trump had just announced, and they were worried that he is going to be bad for them in terms of voters. andly, you are worried now sit during how far back they have had an anti-woman platform? >> sunday night on q&a washington post pulitzer prize-winning cartoonist. >> i don't remember who did the interview, but vice president pence said something like he never goes to any washington dinners without his wife. ok, this is a gift. i thought, you don't have any problem voting about a woman's personal reproductive choices, which is probably the most
8:03 am
personal and intimate thing a woman can deal with, but you won't go to a dinner with a woman fully clothed at the same table. >> sunday night on c-span's q&a. >> "washington journal" continues. host: we are joined by ron myer, the editor at red alert politics . he is here to talk about free speech on college campuses. thank you for joining us. guest: thanks for having me. host: remind our viewers what is red alert politics. what is your mission? >> we are the millennial focused publication under the arm of the washington examiner we focus on younge campuses or professionals from health care to free speech issues, we see what is happening with the economy and student loan debt. host:


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